Newcastle shouldn’t go anywhere near Roque Santa Cruz.

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Stay away Cruz!
Stay away Cruz!
Newcastle are apparently looking to bring out of favour Manchester City striker, Roque Santa Cruz. Why?

People will no doubt disagree with me over this, but I just don’t see the point in bringing him to Tyneside, even if it would only be on a loan basis.

It is my belief that the wages we end up paying for the player could be put to better use elsewhere in the team. We showed yesterday that we have a big striker who can play up front pretty well, then we have Nile Ranger, Shola Ameobi and Leon Best who are of a similar stature. If we are to get another attacker I would like to see any wages spent on a smaller striker in the Peter Lovenkrands mould, or perhaps a more ceative player such as Ben Arfa.

Still that is just my opinion, but the stats seem to back me up. I have no idea where this notion came from where some people suggest he would be a great signing. He wouldn’t, he would eat up wages and we would see very little return for that wage. I think people are just going off the name, and the fact that he scored a few goals for Blackburn Rovers just over three years ago.

The stats suggest that Roque Santa Cruz only has a marginally better scoring record than Shola Ameobi has. I’m not making that up, have a look for yourself. They are both not very prolific, both just about the same age, both have had injury problems, in fact they are even exaclty the same height!

Anyway, lets look at Santa Cruz’s goal record. It takes him just over three games to score a goal on average, and apart from that one season at Blackburn where he scored 23 goals, and one season whilst he was still a kid in South America where he scored 18 goals, he has failed to hit double figures in any other season. Prolific!

Then there are his injury problems. What good would this less than prolific player do for us whilst sat on the treatment table? If we are going to splash a bit of money from the little that we have then shouldn’t we try and spend it on a player who will actually play for us and not just keep the physio occupied? Let’s face it, he is busy enough at the moment.

Then you have to look at where he would fit in the team. Any suggestions? Would we play with two big men up front? Surely Andy Carroll can’t be dropped, so why pay oiut the wages on a player who will only actually be a back-up or be very very similar to what we have already?

I ususally like getting linked with new players, new names. It stops people frothing over something somebody says on Twitter, or on the ‘blog comments or whatever. I don’t like this link though, not one bit. We could do with someone mobile, not another big lump to play up front.

That is what I think anyway!

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305 Responses

  1. aye toonsy,we shouldn’t get him.the funny thing is that in those fifa manager mode games newcastle keep buying him.happened on mine quite a bit.
    hope we can get some nifty little striker who can play behind carroll.

  2. Don’t forget Xisco! I honestly think he could do a decent job alongside Carroll if given the chance.

    RSC had one good season and played next to no football last year – so I have to agree he would be a pointless and potentially destabilising addition to the squad.

  3. Xisco has shown some great qualities in pre-season and in the last 10 minutes against Villa. He isn’t afraid to run at defenders, he can dribble well, spot a pass and isn’t afraid to fight for the ball. I think he has a lot to offer and would provide great cover for Jonas this season. I also think he should be given another chance up front.

  4. I agree Toonsy – based on yesterday’s performance it’s hard to imagine why we would tinker with the dynamics for the sake of a big name. Actually we were playing so well yesterday that – as good as AC was – all of our strikers would have got amongst the goals:-) It’s interchangeable when you’re playing well.

    However cast your mind forwards to a tight and difficult encounter against an organised side – we will need a spark of magic from a deep sitting playmaker role and I’m not sure that we have someone like that – to create a magical moment against arsenal, for e.g.

    I would be tempted to go back in for Moses if Wigan continue their awful form.. EXACTLY the pacey creative versatile forward we could use.

  5. has about the same fitness level as m.owen,def not for toon imo,dont think he even had a pre-season,please to say ashley wont even pay half his wages,dont need this type of player

  6. why dont they post ur blogs on the Villa blogs guys?? would of been so funny if they did. what a day yesterday, am still buzzin, must say CH has turned this club around, a year ago we were a laughing stock, even the fat controller deserves credit too.

    TOON ARMY!!!

  7. I’ve never seen what Hughes and others find so interesting about Santa Cruz. He wasn’t impressive at the World Cup recently, so quite why we should be looking at him now is beyond me. I’m probably in the minority here who thinks Loverboy should be playing regularly. He’s probably the most accomplished striker we have and yet he’s on the bench (I know he was injured but at 4-0 up surely he can be brought on for some match training??)

    p.s. first post! That 6-0 yesterday has got me tingling with joy still!!

  8. In fairness I would rather we look at a creative centre midfielder than a striker.

    On some occasions we did still lack creativity in the middle. A player like that and we’d be in good shape.

  9. Hope he was lookin at caceido instead of cruz. You could probably get adebayor for the same money but no way hope this is another tale spend his money on ben arfa imo

  10. We dont want any trophy Signings FFS. There isnt one in the team we have. So forget Sant Claus, forget asamoah Gyan, i mean you lot who keep crying for gyan, he is pants….look at his league scoring record….so he had a decent world cup?? he is a tall target man type striker who we dont need.

    Both are pants. We need a young hungry playmaker and a young quick hungry striker,. we are building a very good young team and we dont want to upset the applecart with big names who are either unproven, injury prone or innit for the cash!!!

    2n 2n

  11. “However cast your mind forwards to a tight and difficult encounter against an organised side”

    This is when we cal on our trump card, the Set Piece.

    Hughton has put together a side that can attack and defend very well from set pieces. This isn’t all we are about though, if the game opens up we can play football just as good as 70% of the Premier League. Add to that how ridiculously hard our players work off of the ball and we have a recipe for success.

  12. Stuart79 says:
    August 23, 2010 at 3:35 pm
    In fairness I would rather we look at a creative centre midfielder than a striker.

    On some occasions we did still lack creativity in the middle. A player like that and we’d be in good shape.

    Totally agree. I have said that, in my opinion, given the chances, I think any of our strikers will score goals, we don’t need another striker, what we need are the players who create the chances. Routledge and Gutierez, for all their running and endeavour yesterday, were at times frustratingly indecisive with their final ball.

    Some competition for them would be great, Ben arfa is perfect and I was gutted when we didnt get Moses, he would have been fantastic too.

    Someone who can operate behind the front man or as equally as effective on the wings.

  13. Stuart79

    “In fairness I would rather we look at a creative centre midfielder than a striker.”

    You really think we should buy another central midfielder even though we have Nolan, Gosling, Barton, Smith, Guthrie, Tiote and Vuckic. No point stick to what we need which is a striker even if their isnt a real ‘creative’ midfielder in their

  14. LS@14 to be honest I think it’s only Hughes who has rated Cruz.If we are going to get anyone on loan from citeh I think we should try for Lescott.

  15. LOON

    I agree with you in regards to Gyan. I have several Ghanian friends and not one of them rate the guy.

  16. like gyan,but we can forget him his club want 20mil for him,can anybody se us paying that

  17. Yeah Hughton just go out and get us two young hungry players who are sh*t hot and come on a free transfer. Now where did I see them last week ? Oh thats right I didnt :)

    Agreed Santa Cruz is not what we’re looking for but (as I’ve just said elsewhere) we need competition for Routledge and Jonas come the time when they get injured as they undoubtedly will at some point. IF we play with one up front for most of this season then AC, NR, PL and even Stroller are all capable of putting in a shift although in Stroller’s case he wont shift too far

  18. “Stuart79 says:
    August 23, 2010 at 3:35 pm

    In fairness I would rather we look at a creative centre midfielder than a striker.

    On some occasions we did still lack creativity in the middle. A player like that and we’d be in good shape.”

    Agree with you Stuart…

    We now have competition at DM position with Smith and Tiote, CM with Guthrie and Barton but what we need is someone who can perform Nolans role sitting just behind the striker, but also offer us a bit of pace through the middle.
    With pace through the middle, we’ll have Jonas on the left, Routeledge on the right and we really would be a dangerous side on the break.

  19. ~ El Toro ~ says:
    August 23, 2010 at 3:48 pm
    “However cast your mind forwards to a tight and difficult encounter against an organised side”

    This is when we cal on our trump card, the Set Piece.

    Hughton has put together a side that can attack and defend very well from set pieces. This isn’t all we are about though, if the game opens up we can play football just as good as 70% of the Premier League. Add to that how ridiculously hard our players work off of the ball and we have a recipe for success
    Something I mentioned yesterday after the match, have you noticed how tall of a side we are now? Coincidence that Williamson got two assists? Carroll lost one header yesterday against Dunne, and that was a free kick!

    We can cause some serious problems this season with corners and free kicks. With Barton, Raylor and Guthrie capable of putting in great balls, watch out for us scoring from free kicks and corners, especially away from home.

  20. I Love Mike/ El Toro – I agree entirely with both of you actually. We were more organised than the opposition – a surreal scoreline made even weirder that we trounced a top 6 side without playing THAT well. If ye knaa what I mean. WE just did the basics effortlessly and carried on the home match momentum from last season.

    My point is about scoring goals against the run of play. To improve our all round footballing options – I would like us to sign a gifted and elusive no. 10 type – in the martins/tino/beardo mould. Easier said than done I know – but like I mentioned if we are to bring in a forward – I would like it to be someone along the lines of Moses.

  21. just read that HBA is wanting £80,000 a week which has stopped a deal. however just paper talk so might not be true.

  22. all we need a speedy forward who can pass and isn’t afraid to work hard. is there a poor man’s tevez out there?

  23. Nolan is an enigma – from a purist point of view we all want him replaced with a flashy, fast younger model – but lest we forget his contributions. It’s surely a question of finding someone who offers something different and compliments his game (albeit including his lack of pace).

  24. power Ranger – there is Park chu-young at AS Monaco – who for some reason liverpool didn’t snap up despite courting all summer: a technically gifted, lightening fast, hard working no. 10 who would be available at 5mil. Scored 14 last season – and voted player of the season. Perfect clever, silky and fast addition to what we already have.

  25. Dont want Santa Cruz
    Dont want Gyan

    Would like Hatem Ben Arfa
    Would like a pacey striker who can bag a few, Bellamy would have been good, or Robbie Keane before ‘Arry decided he liked him again.
    We also need some decent cover for left back, and possibly cover for the wings.

    Tell you what aswell, why dont we try and get Ryan Babel on loan, that kid can play a bit, can play upfront, is quick, can also play left wing.

    Ben Arfa (just off front man, wings), Ryan Babel (striker, winger) and maybe somebody like Van Aanholt again, I think he looked good.

  26. poprobson

    I can’t really argue with the whole no.10 thing. I said before Tiote was signed that we only really needed a good quality DM and AM to not only survive, but do well this season. We have one half of it, if the other is recruited soon I would expect a decent mid table finish.

  27. Nolan has a fantastic football brain, which means he anticipates well, and he always pops up in the right positions. Kinda like a slower version of Frank Lampard.
    But I think he is underated. Much like Gary Speed was.

    But it would be nice to have a different pacey player as an option too.

    Poor man’s Carlos Tevez = Craig Bellemy (we missed out there).
    Anichebe? Maybe a sly bid for Podolski?

  28. And Lescott, if we got him on loan, our centre backs would be; Taylor, Sol, Colo, Williamson (who has impressed) and Lescott, granted, we dont really need him, but he can cover left back, and is decent quality, especially if Taylor is out for a while, and Sol may take a long while to get fit, then a short team deal could be beneficial.

  29. Tbh I don’t think CH is interested in RSC, I think that his name has been linked to us because CH told the press that we were looking at Manc Ali Citeys fringe players for loans & 2+2=5 in the press… lol :)

    He was a decent player in his day but he’s 29 so he doesn’t fit the profile, I would prefer Johnson from Citey if we get any of their players in on loan but then again, we don’t really need anymore midfielders or strikers have 8 & 6 respectfully…

    I think Xisco could be turned into a AMF as he’s that sort of player, could save us some dosh too :)

  30. Keep Santa Cruz away, he’s certainly nowt to shout about. I’d like Benny but it’s gone on for so long I’m almost past caring now like. As for the creative role, he might not fit the mould perfectly but he stays fit and I could see Barton being like a new signing this season. He was the best player in the centre of the field by a country mile yesterday, even in injury time he was picking up the ball and bombing forward looking to score more goals and we did, in Carroll’s third. Very impressed with him.

  31. Having said all that – if we were to sign Vuckic based on his reputation now – we’d all be doing cartwheels right?

    Just read a rumour that fergie will be lining up a bid for Carroll in the x-mas window – as rooney’s striking foil. Ha, would love to see them try and fail to get our no. 9 again wouldn’t yees? Thank goodness for that contract,,, phew. As much as I’m the realist I can see Carroll going on and bagging a hatful this season, and being and being the england no.9 in 12 months… I knaa keep calm. Pretty sur ehe won’t be the only other call up n’all

  32. let’s hope that’s true waddles, btw, do y’think you can ‘have a word’ with that divvy brain below your folicals? I bet ‘waddles 80’s mullet’ would talk more sense as a pundit. What an ultramaroon.

  33. arfa aint coming! he aint in newcastle it would have been picked up, werder probably denied they wanted him coz they were after wesley now they have him there back in for ben arfa.

  34. Toro-what’s the crack with Tiote? I haven’t seen much of him bar a brief WC. In an ideal scenario he’d end up like a (very) rough round the edges, cheaper Essien esque player. Obviously not saying he’s anything like Essien, I’d just love a player in that mould, lol.

  35. I was hoping Xisco would join in with the little Spanish quarter of our squad. He’s another one like Nolan who we will have to keep for contractual reasons for the next few years so, like Nolan, might aswell try and get the best out of him.

  36. DJG – have to keep Nolan.

    FFS Shuttup idiot!

    Nolan has been one of our best three players over the last two years and the massive change has been under his leadership in the dressing room.

  37. Nolan has been one of our best three players over the last two years 8O

    Are we watching the same player. exclude his tap-ins for a second and what you have is a painfully slow and skill-less AM for this league. We need someone like BA or Tevez to play off Carroll ffs not Kevin Nolan.

  38. People don’t like Nolan because he’s slow.

    But then, why can’t people appreciate Nolan for his influence, his attitude… not to mention the amount of goals he actually scores for us?!

    Granted I myself wish wor Kev would shed a few pounds and try to gain that yard of pace back… (though at his age it’s a .. fat .. chance ;) ha, but you can’t deny he’s a leader on the pitch for us and has a big influence on and off it too.

  39. and the massive change has been under his leadership in the dressing room.

    Oh yeah the self proclaimed Mr Newcastle. lol dont make me feel sick. Harper has served this club for 17 years and is knowledgable and loyal. This guys been here 1 1/2 seasons and everybody is saying he was born under the tyne bridge with a bottle of broon in his mouth. He’s a scouser ffs grow up man.

  40. We can’t afford Tevez or Ben Arfa, we’re not Man City or Chelsea. We’re Newcastle… Get out of dream land.

    Nolan has to get himself in the right positions to score those tap-ins, which very few players can. To score 19 tap-ins in a season (I don’t mind that) Didn’t see many complain about Shearer’s tap ins.

    He shows a leadership in midfield, shouting instructions, organising the players on the field. Something we’ve sorely lacked since Shearer retired.

    Nolan’s skills go unnoticed by people with poor football knowledge like yourself because you are only impressed by flashy dribbles and step-overs. You fail to see the bigger picture…

  41. “Oh yeah the self proclaimed Mr Newcastle. lol dont make me feel sick. Harper has served this club for 17 years and is knowledgable and loyal. This guys been here 1 1/2 seasons and everybody is saying he was born under the tyne bridge with a bottle of broon in his mouth. He’s a scouser ffs grow up man.”

    Ok, well if you’re going to make things up to win your argument then I don’t feel the need to carry on debating. You obviously speak a load of sh!t often… Go play FM 2010 and by Tevez if it makes you happy. Ok laddy…

  42. Ross

    I watched him a few times on ESPN last season because he caught my attention when i went to the Emirates with the missus to see Arsenal thrash Twente. He is just what we need, fast, aggressive and often in the right place at the right time to break things up. What i liked about him is the kind of Zokora-esque style to his game. Unlike Smith who will break up play and look for a short pass, Tiote breaks up play and will make a good run forward. Good player

  43. Nolan could score a perfect hat trick against the Mackems in the FA Cup Final and there’d still be some people on here focusing on his flaws.

  44. cheaper version of tevez,,,,,,,,hmmm
    LAVEZZI is the answer
    lightning fast…..
    can certainly dribble…..
    kinda 2 footed….
    25 years old…..
    and maybe available at 8 million…..

  45. Haha `El Toro `

    Marislav Torochogowski – new Tevez from outer Mongolia. (recommended by Tom Toon).

    I see he still comments on Ed’s Blog now and then.

  46. Does anybody else feel we should be introducing Vuckic into the team more. He’s on the bench but seldom used. Bit by bit, he could be the player we need and would negate the need to buy or loan someone like Ben Arfa.

    Potential is no use unless you turn it into talent. I’d like to see him being a regular starter before the next transfer window.

  47. Nolan is going to be a really important player. He’s a good captain and in terms of ability he is our Tim Cahill. Really sharp in the box which will make up for times he goes missing in the middle.

  48. WTVH

    I was just about to say that exact same thing about Nolan. He is our Cahill. Awful at most, but exceptional at a few things, namely scoring goals and leading as captain.

  49. to be fair i think CH will bring Vuckic into the team when he feels the time is right and he is ready.

    im desperate to see what the lad can do but i’m of the opinion that CH has a better idea than we do of who to use and when.

    he’s doing a good job and i’m sure we will see vuckic soon enough when CH feels the time is right!

  50. What r ppl on bout hba wud b a loan deal so he wud b gettin the same ages as he is on at om we wud hav full season to discuss wages for permanent I kno personal terms agreed om r holdin deal up, nicky maynard to come aswell

  51. saroof says:
    August 23, 2010 at 4:41 pm
    cheaper version of tevez,,,,,,,,hmmm
    LAVEZZI is the answer
    lightning fast…..
    can certainly dribble…..
    kinda 2 footed….
    25 years old…..
    and maybe available at 8 million….


    bloody hell man, how man times do we need to be told we’re not going to be buying players this expensive any more!

  52. Just lay off Nolan wot has he done rong. He felt embarrassed getting relegated so he wants the best for the club, make a mends? But no he’s sht,too slow and his goals don’t count haha u r pathetic honestly anyway away from the pond life make a cheeky bid for moses cos he can’t be happy there or caceido good fast strong powerful striker and sort ben arfa out ffs


  54. Matt, Gosling’s out till December. But ye, I’d also like to see the youngsters. Ranger, Kadar, Vuckic get a run.

  55. perch alright against Villa then I have`nt seen too many wanting his blood. It does`nt matter what some players do they can`t do right, they play or the toon man!


  57. Yea I think everyone needs to get off Nolans back he was solid yesterday and has was all last season, he is an intelligent footballer he knows he aint gonna rattle anyone with pace so he monitors the game and gets into positions where he’s gonna get an oppertunity for himself or make space for someone else coming deep.

    On the Ben Arfa situation I think the move is still on and because the media cant find a concrete story on him they’ve resorted to making one up! He said when the move first came about that money wasn’t an issue he just wants respect, he wouldnt have mentioned the toon if he wasnt sure a deal would go through as for CH’s denial of a move didnt he deny any interest in Tiote a couple of weeks ago and now hes set to pull on a toon shirt!?!?!

  58. matt lister says:
    August 23, 2010 at 5:03 pm

  59. I Love Mike says:
    August 23, 2010 at 5:13 pm
    matt lister says:
    August 23, 2010 at 5:03 pm


  60. I would say Carroll deserves BIG credit for yesterday, and it was Big Andt who Keegan said was ‘world class’ to knock the ball back unselfishly to create Nolans first goal. Villa fell apart and you have to say it was a keeper error really for his first and surrounded by 4 defenders who really should have done better for his second but hey yeah he had a decent game in the end, I just thought he looked a bit static at times but I suppose not all teams are as fast as Villa.

  61. matt lister says:
    August 23, 2010 at 5:15 pm

    hahahaha oh dear, someone showing their age.

    hang on, you say something ridiculous, and you have a go at me?

    Lets calm down eh Moaty

  62. I Love Mike says:
    August 23, 2010 at 5:19 pm
    matt lister says:
    August 23, 2010 at 5:15 pm

    hahahaha oh dear, someone showing their age.

    hang on, you say something ridiculous, and you have a go at me?

    Lets calm down eh Moaty


  63. howay lads we are just trying to have a bit crack about the toon lets put the hand bags down and get on with the convo!

  64. Nolan brings a lot to the club, it’s not only the goals he scores but he’s a leader both on the pitch and in the dressing room – thats going to count for a lot this season

    I would like to see Vuckic coming off the bench and replacing Nolan especially when we’re pretty much safe in the game like yesterday
    Hopefully we’ll put a few of the youngsters on the pitch on Wed, start with Vuckic, Tavernier and then bring on Ranger etc when we’re 3-0 up :-)

  65. LOL at comment 79.

    Matt Lister is obviously 12 years old like.

    And JJ, Comment 54, couldnt put it better myself.

  66. i though personally that the booing of Heskey and Warnock was v harsh considering Warnock didnt get a kick and Heskey was one of the few you could say genuinely tried.

  67. i love sunderland cmon the mackems we love the mackems geordies smelll cmoooooon the mackems

  68. ————-Urgent———–

    morale officer to matt lister, stat

    we’re loosing him…


  70. Agree with most on here about Nolan. CH is using him in his best position, backing up the striker(s) in either a 4411 or if we are against poorer opposition, we can drop a DM and play 4312. as long as he is used as an attacking MF or a second striker he doesn’t have to worry too much about defending, and he is charismatic enough to lead the team and give them confidence and inspiration. Never thought i’d see the day when someone started knocking a 10-15 goal-per-season midfielder ffs.

  71. ark scott

    how did the mackems get on this weekend then??

    have ya just came on to congratulate us on our fantastic 6-0 win yesterday????

  72. speedy forward who works hard and knows here the goal is? wont cost a bomb? one player-kenny miller at glasgow rangers.honestly lads i said this earlier on another thread,i think he is the perfect strike partner for carroll,he wouldnt cost much as rangers are desperate for cash,has bags of experience,is as quick as a mackem in a dole queue and scores alot of goals.

  73. For Wednesday I would like to see

    R.Taylor on the right
    Guthrie if fit

    Gives games to Krul, Tavernier and Raylor, chance to get fitter for Guthrie and Lovenkrands, give a game to Shola, purely just to keep Carroll fresh for Wolves, as with Nolan, Barton and Smith. Debut for Tiote in what should be a comfortable game. Wish we could rest Gutierrez aswell but no one else could play there.

    I would like to see Vuckic on at some point. Not Ranger though, hes just a little moron who’s ego is as big as Andy Reids belly.

  74. Mark Scott @ 96….
    McLoven could push out to the left wing, rest Spiderman, and play xisco behind Amoeba. McLoven has played left side in the past.

  75. We could play Sammy Ameobi on the LW at the same time as Xisco and Shola upfront and would still win, doesnt really matter does it. :)

    Wonder what little accrington thought when we beat Aston Villa 6-0. ;) Its gonna be a cricket score.

  76. I think that little 12 year old Matt Lister has given himself away as trying to impersonate me, by commentating almost immediately after he fake one.
    Note that in my other comments I talk properly, not “shouting” with capitals.

    Time to grow up Matt.

  77. Markaccus, I forgot Lovenkrands could play Left wing, that would be decent for weds, give Xisco a full 90 to show what he can do. Good idea

  78. plz stop saying rubbish about kevin nowlan,he is fantastic,be grateful for what he done for us in the championship,f**k all of u hu criticised nowlan,(STUFF YOU BRAINLESS IDIOTS).

  79. @100

    aye looks like his it class havn’t got to learning how to turn the cap lock off!! haha

  80. all of u hu criticised nowlan stuf u,luuk wat he dne for us in the championship,all those goals,u ppl are not thankful,u selfish idiots,all of u hu said coments on nowlan,open your eyes boet,stuf u and wake up

  81. Knew i should have been a manager lol.
    Yea we could even play it as a 433 with using vuckic instead of Raylor

    Perch colo wlmsn taver

    vuck tiote guth

    xisc amoeba lover

  82. I would like to see a draw on Wednesday for stanleys sake. It will give them a chance to play at our place a pay day for them cos let’s face it we should be lookin after these sort of clubs. It also gives our kids two games to impress

  83. was reading the blogs and there was a mackem on b4 lol just thought i would give him my pridition for the end of the season

  84. Markaccus

    the signing of Tiote is subject to him obtaining a work permit, he cant play until then.

  85. yes i knew that ILM. Just put him in there on the off chance we have it sorted by then, as the sooner he gets a run out under his belt the better. If he’s not sorted then we can put smithy in instead.

  86. anyone’s seen this lads? off one of the villa boards…absolutely hilarious!

    Hercs in The Dressing Room post Newcastle
    *We join the lads after their woeful performance at St. James’ Park. A smiling Stephen Ireland is talking excitedly.*

    Ireland: Wow!…. I mean I know I barely know you guys but that was a fantastic performance. Andy, Kevin, brilliant!

    *The lads all look at each other*

    Ireland: Where is Andy anyway? Still getting the man of the match champagne? So are we partying tonight then? Do we do that here?

    NRC: Dude, we just lost 6-0.

    Ireland: Lost …. 6-0?

    NRC: Yeah we were terrible, I mean look at Brad.

    *Brad Friedel is curled up in the foetal position in the corner shaking*

    Friedel: They just keep comin’! ….and comin’!

    *Kevin MacDonald enters, his hand covering his face*

    MacDonald: Lads, what’re you doing to me out there? this is my ‘live application’, I may as well have just marched into Mr.Lerners office pulled my pants down to my ankles and sang ‘Yankee Doodle went to town’ whilst saluting.

    A.Young: You mean like Steve just did for 90 minutes boss?

    Warnock: Hey!

    MacDonald: Yes. Steve I told you to pull up those pants!

    Warnock: Oh…. I thought you meant the other Steve boss.

    (Warnock pulls up his pants and shorts)

    MacDonald:(Sigh) Enough about pants. Ireland, you were supposed to be a make weight, not a paper weight!

    Salifou: Yes, that job is taken.

    *Salifou adjusts himself on the pile of documents he’s sitting on. Ireland chuckles*

    Ireland: Good one boss, you too Moustapha!


    Ireland: OK. Wow, calm down.

    MacDonald: ….and defence, Dina Carroll and the Nolan sisters would’ve put six past you today! What’s going on!?

    Dunne: Now hang on… Was I supposed to be marking Dina Carroll out dere bass? Cuz I was tinkin’ when a few of them went in ‘Jaysus, I hope I’m not supposed ta pick up that lady dere’

    Clark: Who’s Dina Carroll?

    *MacDonald rests his face in his hands.*

    Read more:

  87. Coozy has been on the .com blog and says artha went home last night and said I may be back. Then craigcoozy goes onto say, doesn’t sound good does it.
    Probs the real craigcoozy there and not trying to say things he doesn’t know about. Just have to wait and see I suppose

  88. i am not worried about it still think he be back b4 the deadline to sign lets hope its b4 wolves game lol

  89. So after all of that, Craig coozy has told people the sum of nothing. Keep beleiving fellas. For all you know it could be me winding everyone up ;)

    i mean anyone cud tlk lyk this if the wanted to

  90. Where did all this about Vuckic being a CM?

    I honestly think he’s our man to play off Carroll. The boy is our brightest prospect, and would be completely wasted in CM.

    Note; I’m STILL smiling toonsy, even with my lack of voice from all of yesterdays shouting!

  91. I just hope the 6 goal performance doesn’t blind the club to thinking they don’t need an Arfa-type player. If it doesn’t work out with him I’m sure CH has a backup in mind…

    For once I am fairly confident with a manager making personnel decisions. Getting Gosling, Campbell, Tiote and Perch for 5M, following a window that added Williamson, Routledge and Simpson for about the same is good business no matter how you slice it.

  92. I would love us to sign someone like Neymar of Santos. Watched him play a few times on Betfair and he was more than special. Otherwise I struggle to think of a player we could afford or attract to the club.

  93. he is not goingto bremen because they dont want him he be back here by the end of the week :)

  94. TOONSY this new guy might be a canny player,saw him knack kaka in world cup,maybe we might hang to smith because wont tiote guy go missing for the african cup for a while

  95. Daverism, I watched Neymar makes his Brazil debut against the US the other week, and all I can say is WOW. I figured he must be special when you have clubs talking about a 20M purchase for a player that has never played out side of Brazil, but it was clear why after watching him for 5 mins.

  96. TINO,dont know what will happen,but cannot see him going to W.B.if hes asking £80000wk german clubs dont pay that kind of cash

  97. Aye you are right, Daverism. But I remember Ronaldinho signing for PSG from Gremio and allow myself that little dream. We really need to cement ourselves in this league before we can really hope to improve on what we already have. If reports are true, Ben Arfa was merely looking for a pay day.

  98. MDS, he’s quality mate, unfortunately the swearbox in here won’t let me express how very good he is.

  99. tino i like your confidence and i really hope your right as id love it if arfa came, but being realistic it aint guna happen, bremen denied it to try and get the price down and om are probably waitin on a panic buy.
    ashley wont pay his wages.

  100. We all know reports are very rarely true.

    If you hated your employer would you ask for almost 3 times your current wage from an employer looking to hire you?

  101. Yeah Dave, he really reminds me of a young Ronaldinho. Just ridiculous all around skill with a good bit of that Samba swagger to him.

  102. Ice you have mail ;) well lads I guess everyone is still on cloud No9, I couldn’t get over that total gob sh1te Knobby Savage he is a real waste of space

  103. MDS, that’s exactly what he is, only with go faster stripes and a spoiler. And bling-bling rims.

  104. Carlos Eduardo, Michel Bastos and Nilmar stood out in recent Brazil squads. But I have no idea on their value. The French and Portuguese leagues probably pose our best chance of recruiting better players but I honestly think most players are pipe dreams. I wanted Ben Arfa but he comes across as an absolute cocksucker. So probably for the best we don’t get him.

  105. Waddles – I heard that on Twitter about two hours ago, but disregarded it pretty much straight away.

    I just wish the window would shut so all of these “in the know” fecking twat wind up merchants can fook right off!

  106. waddles caicedo wud b great but did he not west ham aknow he had a medical, hes the type of player you cud sign on a permanent after the deal coz i doubt he is on huge wages at city

  107. Saw this on another blog, possibly the greatest opening sentence to a match review: “With Steve Bruce looking more and more like the fat lesbian love child of Pat Butcher and Clare Balding…” :D

    Nolan is certainly slow, but you can’t argue with his
    Poacher goals and dressing room influence. He wasn’t made captain for nothing after all. I strongly doubt the toon team spirit would be as strong, or exist at all, were it not for his influence and attitude. Surely he’s proven himself invaluable by now? I’m not saying he’s irreplaceable, because he isn’t the greatest midfielder going thanks to his lack of speed and sometimes positional awareness, but I tell you what – if for just this season – I’d have him first on the team sheet every game. I might also sub him first too but there’s no shame in that if you do what you do so well up to that point

  108. Work permit criteria as follows

    A player must have played for his country in at least 75% of its competitive “A” team matches he was available for selection, during the 2 years preceding the date of the application;

    The player’s country must be at or above 70th place in the official FIFA World Rankings when averaged over the 2 years preceding the date of the application

    Tiote made his debut for Côte d’Ivoire 2009 but has only played eight games. Whether thats enough depends on the number of games the national team has played since the beginning of 2009 ?

    Personally I’d have preferred Gilles Yapi Yapo :)

  109. LS- Classic about Bruce ha ha .I would take caicedo over santa cruz any day of the week .younger ,not injury prone ,powerful and pacy ,strange the west ham deal didnt materialise hmmmmm

  110. tiote shud get work permit no problem he has played in europe for 5years now, its much harder for players to get permits if there playing ther football outside of europe so shud be ok, i c caicedo deal to west ham hasnt gone through as i thought it did maybe we hijacked the move bcoz they had a loan with option to buy

  111. Felipe Caicedo does nowt for me I’m afraid……again no better than what we have imo

  112. thats jus what i was saying maybe we hav hijacked deal loan with option to buy that the hammers had, andy gray kn*b said we beat a very poor villa team they werent saying that about them when they beat west ham 3-0 the other week

  113. RICHIETOON with you on that m8,here we go again feel a bit like toonsy wish window would close.

    with 2 in like :)

  114. caicedo better than santa cruz id take him over cruz anyday, hes never really had a chance at city he look ok to me very strong n very quick n he is only 22

  115. Bloody hell, the “@SJP on sky” crew have invaded within the past few hours, either that or a bunch of daft mackems!..
    Back to the football. Can’t see Benny arriving now. I’m excited to see whom else arrives (if anyone)..but will be staying well clear of rumours. Yes they’re entertaining but the believable ones, are the ones to steer clear of!

  116. davy……I’m better than Santa Ctuz tho mate ;-) but Caicedo is another big bustling centre forward with a not very decent scoring rate.I know he’s young and will improve but we have enough of those type players imo.

    Aye ice…just want the window to shut and then get on with it

  117. I’d love to see Vukic(sp.) play, but i do trust CH on this one, however I think we may already have our #10 a quick, creative player. Xisco, when i’ve seen him play recently he looks to have his head screwed on and is trying his best to get his career back on track & tbh he looks pretty good :)

  118. RICHIETOON how many red cards do you think this new guy will get lol,hes some boyo in the tackle,just about crippled poor kaka in w.c.hope it was the ball in his passing was a bit iffy

  119. Hope xisco makes it is pass for carroll yesterday ws brilliant, as for caicedo yes agree he is similar to what we hav but from what I’ve seen he is very quick

  120. “After Sporting decided to end Caicedo’s loan spell at the club other clubs showed interest in the Manchester City striker. Málaga and Hull City amongst them, on the 8th of January 2010 Caicedo decided to join Málaga on loan, rejecting an offer from Hull City”

    Hmmmm Malag or Hull, well at least he’s no mug :)

  121. was Carrolls pass to Xisco…cracking game cracking 3rd for Andy C

    Xisco,Best,Carroll,Ranger all 6ft plus really don’t see the need to add another.Money spent on him would be money that can’t be spent elsewhwere.

  122. Anyone consider Sturridge from Chelsea? Seems a canny goalscorer and looks quick. Remember a city game I saw where he came on with them losing and changed it. Scored one set up the other. Hasn’t looked bad when I’ve seen him briefly play for Chelsea aswell. In saying that, it’s been brief. A loan deal obviously. Anyone else seen more of him than me?

  123. Correct me if am wrong but was r new head scout graham carr not the scout chief scout at city when they signed him so he will kno a lot about the lad alredy

  124. richietoon. i agree,i dont think we need any more strikers, i would say we need another player or two, but i dont think the players we are buying are going to be big impact players in their first few months or season, not with the money we are spending on them. i recon our money is best spent on future talent, Enrique is a perfect example and if we could buy more like him that will develop into a player as half as good as he is now it is worth the wait, i dont think Enrique is at his best yet either.

  125. ya could be right Davy tho can’t say for sure.I know he was scout at Citeh previously

  126. Windsor….I wouldnt mind a pacy skillful num 10 type forward but think we have enough big lads and not much cash to play with so would prefer to strengthen elsewhere.

  127. Good interview that.

    Always rated him football wise and he didn’t try to bite anyone or put cigars out on the interviewers eye.

  128. we dont need santa he’ll spend 75% of the season on the physio’s chair so it wouldnt make much sense and would be a rather pointless signing

  129. I am done with worrying about who we will get in, come close of business next Monday I have faith that MA and CH will have got the necessary players and if HBA is looking for a big payday with us then let him jog on he would probably go on strike in the winter anyways :)

  130. We’ll probably loan a squad player from Citeh..not sure who though. They’ve got more than enough players to go round the idiots.

  131. Toonsy-

    Can you moderate for incorrect use of the English language (proper Geordie slang excluded, naturally)?

    Freakin’ great win yesterday. Couldn’t believe my eyes when I woke up in the morning. I’m still grinnin from ear to ear!

    For all you lads takin’ the piss on Nolan, lay off like! He’s got a brilliant football mind and excellent positional abilities. Not to mention, he never misses a sitter. Combine that with his massive influence on the pitch and the dressing room, and you have an instrumental player. Must keep him on the pitch.

  132. Ice ….no mate he was quite as a mouse………….had a little bit outside some tw@t caught wor lass with his car wing mirror!!

  133. OHurley…does one mean as in when someone misses the g of the end of the word grinning? ;-)

  134. Everything was agreed with HBA remember until O.M pulled out so he cant be wanting 80000k a week HBA said chris houghton understood him?? his agent said everything was agreed with newcastle united and newcastle had done everyting asked of them Then he went and played for france scored a blinder O.M Started playing funny buggers its these french clubs murder to do business with OM had promised HBA that the deal was done b4 he went to play 4 france so i still think he will come to newcastle

  135. ”If he kept his mouth shut, Andy Carroll could quite easily pass himself off as a South American or, possibly, southern European. With lustrous dark hair, olive-tinged skin, saturnine eyes and a face that looks far older than his 21 years”.

    I thing Louise Taylor’s in love. ;)

  136. JBNUFC,its all paper talk,its just what the lads see on rags/blogs ect,the only sauce and comment on it maybe what you say could be “paper”talk we fans dont really know to be honest m8

  137. RICHIETOON when i told you a couple of days ago about F.F.what did you say?o ye of little faith

  138. Cheers Big Dave. I just watched the fan video in YouTube too “You’re not laughing anymore!”. Time to watch the highlights again.

  139. I’m still at an absolute loss as to why these so called pundits think that Liverpool will be better than last year..

    They won’t be in the CL and if they don’t get bought out their fcked!

  140. Can anyone tell me WHY we are only getting 43,000 fans , so we were 9000 light at SJP , must have been a few gaps, is this bad marketing by Nufc or are we still refusing to put money in Cashley’s pockets ??

  141. “I would like to see any wages spent on a smaller striker in the Peter Lovenkrands mould”

    Lovenkrands is 6ft, Toonsy, yet you make him sound like Ronnie Corbett!

  142. This is someone’s response to Louise Taylors article in todays Guardian. Top Class!

    You never miss an opportunity to have a go at Newcastle, do you Louise ?
    Is there an outside chance that we can ever have unbiased reports about Newcastle instead of this constant sniping and backstabbing ?
    After your efforts to portray Barton as a Nazi (he is a lot of things, but no one in their right mind would think he was giving a ‘seig heil’) I came to the same conclusion as many up here. In that you dont mind how low you have to stoop to have a poke at Newcastle.
    Were you frightened by black and white stripes as a small child or did a Newcastle supporter knock you back one night ??
    I would love to know, because the lengths you have taken this to are now beyond local rivalry, and just pure spite and hatred

  143. OHurley says:
    August 23, 2010 at 8:49 pm


    Can you moderate for incorrect use of the English language”

    We’d have to ban all the Yanks for starters, OHurley. ;-)

  144. nzedtoonman – holidays, TV coverage, the Level 7 membership scheme and poor away support are the main factors in my opinion. Although it still looked more like 46-47,000 there from where I was standing.

    Blackpool will be around 48-49,000 I think.

  145. worky – nee way is Lovenkrands 6ft. He’s allegedly 5ft 11 and a half but I reckon he’s added the half to make it sound better.

  146. Worky whats the craic still hammering away at the b/end lol. TBH I didn’t think he was 6ft I thought he was a few inch’s shorter :lol:
    OHurley sort yersel out man coming on here to complain about language when half the time we dont know what yer talking about ;)

  147. By the way, what was I saying before the big kick off?

    Europe here we come, I said. Don’t say I didn’t say so. I also said Perch was a great buy, Williamson and Colo would cope in the Premiership, Barton would come good and I’ve always had the utmost faith in Andy Carroll. Best £20 I’ll ever spend, when I put it down on 6-0.

  148. Think alot of people were in ‘wait and see’ mode. This result and maybe a couple of new signings will add a few thousand on I imagine for the next home game.

    On a lighter note – I notice someone has Tweeted Andy Carroll and said “What would you do if I told you Man City wanted you and were offering you 10 times your wages”

    He replied “Stay at Newcastle!”

    Good lad!

  149. Ice.. :-) If I remeber rightly ya said I was great and would walk the league ;-)

    bbm……aye I can remember you saying all that……….I assume my cheque’s in the post ;-)

  150. Liverpool look useless. Torres isn’t fit but losing Mascherano is just leaving a gaping hole in their midfield that they can’t fill. They sold Alonso, huge mistake. Now Masch going, they’re getting weaker every time.
    As for a striker, lets just take Adebeyor on loan from City and let them pay 100% of his wages? Lol

  151. Nice to see Liverpool done 3-0 at City. Puts our loss at Man U into perspective doesn’t it. ;)

  152. Not really, we haven’t been there yet.

    But the Mackems are there on Saturday! Taxi for Bruce, your mission is nearly complete!

  153. icedog says:
    August 23, 2010 at 9:35 pm

    “WORKY the human one,otherwise it makes it harder to shift the computer one i think m8”

    Icedog, Human one’s gone more or less, server this site is on is ok now (touch wood) and finally, my computer at home has no power supply ATM.

  154. Don’t worry hba will happen don’t believe what u read in papers,its jus om messing bout prob go to last day of the window, gotta say if hba does along caiecdo n we’ve got perch,gosling,campbell n tiote that wud b a amazing bit of business for this window

  155. really dont think we should be too fussed on getting a striker in,unless he is able to double up as a winger/playmaker coz thats about the only place we are desperate for a is fine i think,same as rb,cd,cm,st, just need a boost in numbers on the am front in the mould of hba,though not neccesarily him by the looks of it.peter beardsley of 1983 would do nicely….

  156. so hughton is looking at man city. And everyone is saying that mancini is trying to trim his squad. My last count was 26 players. In regards to the cheap mans tevez… He’s playing for Cardiff.

  157. looking at the man city players i would take richards on loan. We seriously need cover on our wings. Happy in most departments now we got a dm to push smudge to up his game… O wait we still havent signed a left back cover for the last 10 years

  158. Taxi for mr Bruce, if you look at the fixtures after 10 games they could be in the relegation zone and we could be in the top half. :)

  159. Were sky planning on televising our spectacular downfall? Man u, then espn get villa and now we’re on the box against accrington Stanley. 3 times in the first two weeks of the season. Would love plenty of kids to get a run out on the telly so we get a canny look at them like. Vuckic, Ranger, Tavernier, Ferguson, Krul and others

  160. Ross

    As long as we dont send out a complete team of infants that just get bullied off the ball like they did last season at Peterbough. But hey forget about them, where are they now? Ill tell you hang on… Their 6th in league 1 lol

  161. Question for you lot.

    This pertains to the new 25-man squad rule thingy. So how exactly does this work?

    CH submits his 25 man roster:
    Harper Krul
    Perch, Colo, Williamson, Jose, Staylor, Simpson, Campbell, Kadar, Tavendier(sp)

    Smith, Nolan, Routledge, Jonas, Barton, Gutrie, Tiote, Gosling, Vukic, RTaylor

    Ameobi, Carroll, Xisco, Lovenkrands, Best, Ranger

    This is 27 people. So, 2 are dropped fromt he 25 man squad. What happens to them? How do they get to play in the league? Or is it the case of when there is an injury, a player can move on to the 25 man squad?

    I only bring this up because on this thread, people are still hoping for HBA and another striker. We’re already past 25 based on my list…would that mean we have to sell some of the people, or would we loan out or relegate to reserve usage?

    I am just a bit confused on how that works.

    Cheers in advance for the answers

  162. sky know we pull in the viewers, simple as that. We’ll be their viewhorse, they love to slag us cos they know we’re watching, mongs. See they’ve skanked the freeviewers on ssn. Sly sports. Vapid money grabbers.

  163. Ross, enjoy it while it lasts…there may be a dry spell or two and you’ll be calling for a return to early days of this campaign

  164. Norcal, a team can have any no. of under 21’s as well as the 25 i think, hope that helps mate.

  165. AHHHH….

    So Kadar, Carroll, Vuckic, and a few others would help there as well as the home-grown rule…brilliant.

    Ok, i did not realize it was over 21’s that only counted to the 25…no wonder youth is somewhat king these days.

  166. oh, and thanks, CLiNT…still loving the moniker by the way. Now it reads like I am insulting you when I say thank you…hmmm….

  167. DJG-aye I’d like to see a blend of youth and experience in the cup game but my thoughts on the cup are the same as last season. Last time out promotion was the main objective, this time out it’s survival. P’boro are a better team that Stanley, I’d like to see plenty of kids get a run out as I reckon it could be a confidence booster and they could get a win.
    Nowcal-I don’t mind being on the box like, just find it amusing we’re on so early. Any of the other games I’ll be at or I’ll have the radio so I’m good to go!

  168. Norcal, nice one. Y’see, if y’take the piss outta yerself…… Like i always say: y’can’t take the piss outta shit. Cut to the chase, n’all that. Lol.

  169. DJG says:
    August 23, 2010 at 5:36 pm
    I smell mackem

    DJG does it smell like S**t?

    I would love to see Vukic given a chance ahead of Xisco. Might be in the minority here but I wasn’t impressed when he came on apart from the assist. The rest of the time I saw him was to give away 2 sloppy fouls in our half and there was also an oportunity form him to start a counter-attack when he got in the Villa half he seemed to lose composure then played a shocking pass. Hopefully if we are going to stick with him he will improve.
    Still buzzing with the game though yesterday can’t believe how well the lads done. Is anyone else getting a bit fed up of seeing Joey Barton’s goal celebration linked to a Nazi Salute???

  170. DJG says:
    August 23, 2010 at 5:36 pm
    I smell mackem

    DJG does it smell like S**t?

    I would love to see Vukic given a chance ahead of Xisco. Might be in the minority here but I wasn’t impressed when he came on apart from the assist. The rest of the time I saw him was to give away 2 sloppy fouls in our half and there was also an oportunity form him to start a counter-attack when he got in the Villa half he seemed to lose composure then played a shocking pass. Hopefully if we are going to stick with him he will improve.
    Still buzzing with the game though yesterday can’t believe how well the lads done. Is anyone else getting a bit fed up of seeing Joey Barton’s goal celebration linked to a Nazi Salute???

  171. There is still 2 spaces available for are 25 man sqaud so I think there will defo b 2 come in sqaud as follows harper,krul,simpson,perch,rtaylor,stayor, colo, williamson, campbell, jose, jonas, routledge, smith, nolan, guthrie, barton, tiote, xisco, best, carroll, shola, lovenkrands that’s 23, 2 more in, ranger, vukic, kadar, gosling, traviner n anyone else under 21 don’t need to b named in sqaud but can play at anytime

  172. gettin xisco high wages off our books would be nice!! giving vuckic some game time would also be nice

    team for wed


    tarvenier williamson colo kadar

    r.taylor smith guthrie xisco

    ameobi lovendrands

    my team


    r.taylor williamson colo kadar

    lovendkrands guthrie vuckic xisco

    ameobi ranger

    id like to get inman & donaldson come on and get some game time too

  173. I think sol campbell mite play Wednesday, id krul, traviner, perch campbell, kadar, rtaylor, guthrie, vukic, xisco, ranger, lovenkrands

  174. Would be nice if Sol got the nod along with young kadar and tarvenier…I’m sure theres plenty he can teach them on the training field, but watching a former (and hopefully still :) ) great and his decisions/positioning in a real game (dare I call Accrington a real game?) should do the young lads a world of good, as well as giving them all a run out.
    Would like to see Xisco start up front, up with vuckic or Shola..I know most of the lads on here aren’t fussed on Ameobi but if Andy does (god forbid) get himself injured or serve some time at her Mag’s pleasure he will be our big man up front, and we need to keep him sharp. Then maybe sub Ranger on at half time after we’ve seen what either of them can/can’t or are not doing etc.

  175. davy – Carroll also counts as under 21 I think because he was 20 during this calendar year. Do you NEED to register 25 – could some of those be u21 to make up numbers?

  176. If a player is 21 or older at the time sqaud is registered than they hav to b in the 25, if they they r under 21 they don’t hav to b but can still play even ig they turn 21 after regitration, under 21s won’t b put on sqaud list, sqauds hav to b registered after summer window n then again after jan window

  177. More I think about who we cud loan from city the more I think caicedo makes sense he is 21 so lots of room for improvement ryt age doubt he is on huge wages n I think there willing to sell on permanent, if we can’t hba id swp instead

  178. My 2 in from City would be:

    Shaun Wright-Phillips. Another winger. Has pace. Is more effective than Routledge.

    Wayne Bridge. Cover for Jose (or as a defender while Jose plays wing as cover for Jonas)

  179. I am not sure about SWP to be fair, and I wonder if someone like him will be kept in the squad just to make up their numbers.

    Also, I cant see Bridge coming to sit on the bench when he can do that there.

    I do like the thought of getting Johnson from Man City but I just dont see the point when we have so many CM’s already, though he would improve the squad IMHO.

    I think it is fairly likely they will trying to get rid of a forward or two as they only play 1 up top. It is a shame to see them playing Kompany and Lescott as they would be ideal players to take from them.

    If we are to bring in players I would like them to be experienced, I dont see the point in bringing in other youngsters when we want to blood our own like Vuckic and Kadar.

    I am pleased that Forster is going out on loan, I think it is needed for him and for us, he will then overtake Krul in the pecking order IMHO

  180. aye Stu what a load of crap…….we may as well get used to it…………great weekend for the team and still at least 2 negative articles :roll:

  181. just posted a comment on that mail story, doubt they will publish it, they didnt with the nazi one!

    embarrassing that paper like

  182. i do om are only holdig the deal up because of remy but that should be cleared up by the end of today and om will sign the deal off

  183. I think we will get Arfa Fowler, but I think it will go down to the wire. Seems OM are the ones being sauasage snoggers, and we wont budge, and good on us I say, long time coming!

    Dont forget the loan window closes a couple of weeks after the transfer one, so still fancy us to get a couple of players in like.

  184. The loan period you referring to Mike only applies to football league teams so all business be it loans or permanent transfers coming in, will have to be done before the close of the window.

  185. We would still have the option of loaning some of our players to football league teams after the transfer window closes though.

  186. From the rumours site…

    ’24 Aug 2010 01:05:07
    Some Spurs ITK’s (who have an appalling record) are convinced…..

    Harry is obviously going to try and get Diarra.’

    Why try to get Diarra? He talks it all the time!!

  187. Rumours that get around are ridiculous aren’t they. I think someone should make up a rumour and see how far it gets. How about it toonsy, maybe an article on ‘Toon in Shock Robhino Loan Deal’ ??


  188. rumours!keep it up media and the players said after villa they print each article up and pin it on the match day when they go out and play for the shirts..we must be the best squad for togetherness in the league that will get us very far..we beat a very good villa side 6-0 and they fell apart..liverpool will do well this season becasue roy hodgson has gone their..that what the media and punters have a crap team this year..we have got a better defence then them….carrager slow and crap gone at the game..lets them talk about them after thier hammering last night..lads it was good against wasnt just the first half..i wonterd to see how u play in the secound half and we were better and that is the plus side more.

  189. why do these papers need to find bollocks to write about us can they not praise us for once in there lives 6-0 villa your not laughing any more haha

  190. And more from the Daily Snail

    This guy Ouazine seems to be happiest toting HBA around (likely see him pitching on the quayside next Sunday?).

    And the for the Mail, well FFS and as kentonmags says, why can’t they focus on the + bits and why is it always NUFC that’s the subject of mischief making? Why not ‘Arry and his dodgy dealings?

    Talk Sport’s amother one that always seems happiest when they’re ripping the p*ss out of us. Needless to say that’s part of Murdoch’s stable!!!

  191. I thought TalkSport was owned by UTV Media? The equvilent of ITV in Ireland? I know News Corp use to have a interest in them but I thought that was long gone?

  192. UK press are just utter scum. Read a book called “Flat Earth News” for a good explanation of how they got to be that bad.

    That SMB Louise Taylor is the worst of the lot: just cannot bring herself to write a ‘nice’ article about NUFC. All that crap about the Nazi thing was an attempt to keep stabbing at Barton but I think it just dented her own reputation further. Then her article yesterday which started out lauding Carroll… but soon descended into dirt-digging and finding reasons why he won’t succeed.

    Pathetic. The public has forgotten how to be interested in good news and the press certainly think it’s an oxymoron.

  193. Great example from that book: big news story during Euro 2006 (I think) of a bloke who got insurance against mental anguish if England got knocked out early.

    It got syndicated. Went worldwide. Nobody – NOBODY – checked the story, even once. Didn’t even put the names into Google to see what came out, just printed it.

    The author DID look into it and found:

    1. The name of the supposed insured (he didn’t even bother changing it) came up as the PR agent for the insurance firm.

    2. They’d pulled exactly the same stunt for the world cup six years earlier.

    Less than 15% of BROADSHEET content is original; the rest is unchecked stuff from syndicates; primarily the Press Association. Even the BBC has an “assume it’s been checked” policy, and another saying they have to get a headline on the ticker and 1st para on their website within 5 minutes of a story surfacing. Checking time? Zero.

    And the red-tops are far, far worse.

    So depressing, yet it explains so much – including how players’ agents can start huge rumours around the press so easily.

  194. The daily snail is just playing to their core readership which is largely based in the south of england, hate everybody & who consider themselves to be better than anybody north of watford.

    There football coverage is crap & have you seen that bumbling twit steve currie on ssn? he’s like the uncle knowbody talks about & their main man, Martin Samual makes ashley look like an adverd for special K. Nothing that bigoted rag publishes should supprise anybody.

  195. The daily fail are KNOWN NAZI’s, they SUPPORTED HITLER in WWII.

    No thanx to SWP, Routledge is way better.
    swp is an absolute headless chicken. Steer clear. FFS.

  196. I think Routledge is overrated. In the two games he’s played so far this season he’s rarely managed to get a ball into the box.

    He has won corner’s, though, and has run down the wing a bit, and against Villa he got a few balls back to his support player to get the cross in.

    His passing is poor and his decision making is erratic at best.

    Hopefully he’ll improve in time, but he has a long way to go.

  197. CLINT my thoughts to on swp dont know how he made the w.c. squad,nice to see good comments by wenger on toon/ground,on world cup bid,thinks they will be blown away,makes a change like

  198. Santa Cruz hey not bad, Maybe a bit like what we have but a lot better, Certainly give us a bit more punch on set pieces.

    Maybe Greg Cunningham is the other player CH is targeting on loan from Citeh, Left back, who can play left wing, 19 year old and already capped twice for the irish…

  199. Brisvegas,
    behave man, that just sounds exactly like that mackem twaddle on espn the other day. Which was an extension of his bullsh v rangers.
    I understand your reservations mate, but those shitty pundits just say any old crap that pops into their head. I’ve watched it several times now & it just highlights what bullsh they come out with. The guy was slagging us while we were hammering a top 6 team into the ground.
    Aye, we all want every player to have the perfect game, every game, but sadly, that’s not possible & completely unrealistic, so they can do one. If they have some sort of agenda, they should not be commentating on one of our games.
    Thuck Fem!

  200. i think hba will sign on with in the next few day
    i just karnt see man u or liverpool going in for him he will sign for us got a good feeling about him signing

  201. BTW,
    whilst watching it again, right now, it’s f***ing unbelievable how biased the ref is, yet again. Can you get anti-homer refs, you can with us.
    He took every opportunity the yellow card any of our players, throughout the game, yet let them(villa) get away with all sorts of cardable offences.
    Even when we win 6-0 we still get no breaks, weird.
    Their pen was a skank, & we shoulda had one.
    So, the pressmongs, pundits, & even the refs hate us.

  202. CLiNT
    Brisvegas does have a point, though I wouldn’t have been as harsh, however a point all the same.

    I was saying to the bloke next to me at the match I just wish Routledge would be a bit more decisive with his decision making, for me, he is either going to me man of the match, or non existent.

    It is this inconsistency which he needs to work on.

    Saying that however, improved or not, I still think he is going to be central to our success (if any) this season.

  203. ILM,
    weird mate.
    The lad adds excitement, upsets the oppo, gets crosses in, etc.
    Just cos he doesn’t get everything perfect, everytime, he’s shite & wants shooting & must die horrendously in a long drawn out fashion, whilst his direct & indirect family & friends are systematically exterminated.
    That’s a bit harsh like.

  204. I think Routledge is underrated. In the two games he’s played so far this season he’s been the main outlet from defense to attack.

    He has won serval corner’s, and has run down the wing a drawing defenders onto him and creating space for the likes of Nolan and Barton to push forward.

    Against Villa he started to forge a partnership with the right back Perch which gave us far more balance.

    His passing is good but his decision making needs work.

    Hopefully he’ll improve further and become a true asset as he already has more assists to his name that the more showy but less productive Jonas.

    He is still young though and has time on his side.

  205. i hope we bring in another englishman in, i like the fact we dont have a team full of foreign players. im looking forward to gosling and big sol coming in and steven taylor lets not forget…i think were heading in the right direction. fair play Chris Hughton

  206. CLiNT FLiCK

    I think the ref was looking the wrong way to see the Smith pen and I think it might have been slightly outside the area but I think their pen was very soft, especially away, any team outside the ‘top 7’ (traditional 4 and new 3) would not get those’s away from home I think, which is a disgraceful inditment of the standard of refereeing in this country. He went over to quickly and easily, his touch ment he had lost control of the ball and it was going to a safe area before he dived.

    Adam Johnson’s pen last night was also played for and won. At least they were at home though!

    I deffo think the refs are scared of the big managers in this league. I mean at Old Trafford it’s like your playing 11 men plus the ref.

  207. jj,
    aye mate, & he’ll start to feel more at home in the prem as we go along. So, if this is him a little nervous & feeling his way, then i can’t wait to see him settled in.

    couldn’t care less where our players are from personally.

  208. He just needs to put the ball into the box instead if bottling it. Otherwise he was great.

  209. The problem with Routledge is he gets himself into good positions but then either doesn’t make the right decision or if he does, he doesn’t execute it very well.

    He also makes some great off the ball runs.

  210. DJG,
    aye mate, without doubt.
    Also, young did the old, kick the keeper then make a good dive routine.
    If a player has his leg dragging behind him, it’s rarely anything but a dive. I’m amazed that refs still fall for that shit. They need a class at ref school just to learn what a dive is & what’s not possible.
    Refs are ruining the game, that’s why we need more of them, so therefore more objectivity, &/or tech brought to bare on the game.

  211. I dont think crossing is Routledges strongest asset. I have noticed on a few occassions now that Perch is actually a better crosser of the ball. What Routledge does well is run with the ball and I was pleased when he won that corner, his run turned into a stalemate, I didnt think he could have got a very good cross in but winning a corner was the best thing he could do for the team I think. Im not sure if that was the one Carroll got his first from it might have been I think.

  212. If you watch the game carefully again, you’ll see that Routledge gets plenty of crosses & good lobs in, not always, granted, but who does?
    He also is great at going past a defender from a standing start & frequently has 2 players on him so therefore is creating a space for one of ours.

  213. CLiNT FLiCK

    Yeah mate, I just think in my book if a pen is ever played for then it shouldn’t be a pen. Only when a player is really trying to shoot or cross in the box and they are completely illegally taken out shout the ref put his whistle anywhere near his lips. I mean you wouldnt deliberatly dive over someones legs in the center circle trying to win a free kick would you!

  214. Stuart79 says:
    August 24, 2010 at 11:46 am
    I thought TalkSport was owned by UTV Media?

    Stuart79, I’ve just checked and you’re 100% correct. Thanks for pointing that out.

    tino says:
    August 24, 2010 at 9:03 am
    he should sign by the end of the week u will see

    Aye tino, you’re an optimist – your glass’s obviously Arfa full when most others’ are Arfa empty!!!!

  215. CLiNT – Not sure what you’re on about at 278. Haven’t a clue, in fact.

    Not saying Routledge is hopeless or a waste of space, just saying he’s not as effective as he could be – or as fantastic as some people make him out to be. He has some redeaming features, sure, I agree (and said so).

    Getting crosses into the box is certainly not one of them.

  216. Brisvegas,
    i’m suggesting that people pay lip service to the crap that pundits spout.
    It’s not that esoteric mate.
    Not necessarily you like.

  217. wayne has been a great outlet so far but yes his crossing is pretty bas just now,but if he improves just that aspect then he would be a hell of a player,but he aint exactly a youngster anymore so you do have to wonder if he will ever improve it? i hope so coz if he and jonas could just improve that part of their game then they would be amazing players,they can both beat a man for skill easily but when it comes to putting crosses in its dissapointing more often than not.think with time after a few games it may get better once used to speed of pl? also the ref was very biased against use in reference to yellow cards,the one for perch was just an awful decision! several villa tackles were much worse and went unpunished.i think some refs try so hard to prove they aint a homer that they end up at the other end of scale and we suffer from that too much imo coz of the size/noise of crowd

  218. “DJG says:
    August 24, 2010 at 1:34 pm

    Do you ever accept any critism of any our our players be it constructive or whatever.”

    Yes, but only when I agree with it ;-)

  219. see hba agent has said that they have an agreement with an un-named club and evrything will be sorted in next few days….lets hope its us as those twitters said we have agreed everything with hba