Kids to get their chance against Accrington.

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Andy Carroll - In his earlier early days.
Andy Carroll - In his earlier early days.
It looks like Newcastle will be turning to the younger players in the Carling Cup tie against Accrington Stanley on Wedenesday.

Players like Haris Vuckic, Ryan Donaldson and Kazenga Lua Lua among others will get their chance to shine as Chris Hughton rings the changes.

That should please a lot of fans, particularly those fans who want to see more of young Haris Vuckic and to see if he really does live up to the big billing he is currently recieving. Now we know the kids and fringe players will feature think it is fair to say that Newcastle aren’t taking the Carling Cup too seriously again this season.

Much like last season, Chris Hughton has other aims. Last season we got knocked out in the third round after fielding the youngsters against Peterborugh as the sole focus was on gaining promotion. This time out the focus is on survival, and playing the reseve and youth players will mean that there wil be no risk of injury to key players, like Andy Carroll for example.

“It’ll be a very changed team. As I say, it’ll be a changed side, and I don’t mind that going out. It’s quite important that the fans know that,” Hughton told The Gazette. “It’s a great opportunity for the young players here that we have hopes for – it’s very much the development squad.”

The game will also give Hughton the chance to ease some of those players who have been lacking in fitness back into first-team action. Players Like Peter Lovenkrands and Sol Campbell have the oppurtunity to get some minutes on the field and build up their fitness levels, although Danny Guthrie is still rated as ‘touch and go’ for the match.

I can’t say I am surpirsed by this move, in fact I was expecting it and agree with Hughton entirely. Realistically, staying in the Premier League is the most important aim of the season, and whilst a cup run would be nice, I wouldn’t be too happy if we picked up injuries to our first-team players along the way.

It’s a common theme in the Carling Cup and most Premier League teams send out a second string side. Whether or not that devalues the competition is a question that is open for debate, but now we are in the position where a couple of injuries in certain areas could affect our chances of in the Premier League I fully understand, and support, this move.

The second string still have the potential to win at the Crown Ground, and if they do they should get another chance in the next round. If they don’t win then at least gives us a glimpse of the youngsters and we can see just who looks like they could turn out to be a decent player.

Just don’t be too harsh if we lose!

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103 Responses

  1. Yep, play the fringe players and youngsters, if we win great but no disaster if we get beat IMO.

  2. Not chowed about this cup, although it’s probably the easiest to win.
    Suppose we’ve gotta try out some bairns sometime.
    Ok let’s see what they can do this year then.

  3. ——————-Krul————–

    Based entirerly on who needs protecting and who needs a match.

  4. ——————-Krul————–

    Based entirerly on who needs protecting and who needs a match.

  5. Excellent blog, Toonsy. And I totally agree. The team should be a mix of youth, game time for the unfit and a couple of regulars to keep the cohesion.

    I won’t make any team selections as the Fantasy League proves I’m hopeless at that.

  6. I’d love to see us win a cup, so I hope it doesn’t backfire.

    Picked a bad time to stick my correct score bets. I went 1-0 through to 5-0 thinking they wouldn’t score. Then the news came out about the kids…

  7. Hughton specifically mentioned LuaLua and Donaldson so they will start probably before going on loan in the near future.

    Anyone know Donaldson’s best position? He came on at right back last year and for England he played centre forward, right wing and left centre midfield in one game I saw.

  8. Not sure about Donaldson like. I think that Connor Newton is an absolute cracker to keep hold of though. Future paul scholes honestly even has the righ hair colour. :)

  9. good idea.lets ree how good this harris vucik is..and play campell to and lovenkrands.who agress

  10. Newton did look quality when I saw him and Inman can’t be too shabby with over 15 goals from midfield last year.

    I think we’ve got real talent to come through in the next 3 or 4 seasons.

  11. Give them all a chance – If they cannot beat AS they shouldn’t be at the club!

    Dissapointed Haris didn’t get a kick about on Sunday like…

  12. DJG,
    so long as Newton doesn’t develop scholes penchant for horrid tackles from behind, ending in a free kick that lead to goals against, hey?

  13. Krul

    Tavernier Campbell Centre half Left back

    Donaldson Newton Inman Ferguson



    Not sure what fit youngsters we have for centre half and left back?

  14. Jeff Henderson looked good in the FA youth cup semi final last season but I don’t know if he is back yet.

  15. Really looking forward to this. A bit of ‘real’ footie outside of the showbiz crap of the prem..

  16. My team would be:

    Xisco, Vukic, R. Taylor
    Tiote (if cleared to pley, poss Gootrie if not)
    Kadar, Tavernier, Campbell, Perch

  17. Whumpie says:
    August 24, 2010 at 2:43 pm
    Really looking forward to this. A bit of ‘real’ footie outside of the showbiz crap of the prem..

    Why don’t you go and watch Dunston Fed on a Saturday then, instead of Newcastle and the glitz and glamour of the PL?

  18. Mark, we could put Lualua left wing and Ferguson left back. I think it would be sensible to have one experienced in defence, midfield and attack.

  19. Toon Chicken says:
    August 24, 2010 at 2:44 pm
    *play, not pley

    Just replace the ‘y’ with a ‘b’ and you got it right first time.

  20. bowburnmag says:
    August 24, 2010 at 2:04 pm
    I’d love to see us win a cup, so I hope it doesn’t backfire.

    Picked a bad time to stick my correct score bets. I went 1-0 through to 5-0 thinking they wouldn’t score. Then the news came out about the kids…

    Fancy another 6-0 Bowburn? Why not, dafter things have happened

  21. I think Tiote wont be available until saturday were still awaiting this bloody work permit, scum utd had to wait ages fir chicharito hernandez.

  22. Stu – you after taking over Simon Amstel’s job on Buzzcocks? :)

    Yep, fair point – I just miss the CCC a wee bit; it just left a bit more focus on the footie.

    I would go and support Lympstone FC… but it’s just too depressing. Exeter may get me now and again – at least I get to go to St James’s Park a bit more often that way, albeit the wrong one…

  23. I do miss going to reserves matches when I was in Cumbria. Got to see the talent early on. Can’t forget a 16-year-old long streek ‘o piss called Carroll lolloping about. Made Shola look like Martins by comparison!

    Kaz was brilliant even back then; hope he gets a decent run tomorrow and makes good use. He seems to have dropped off the radar a bit. I’d also like to see Donaldson, Vukic, Donaldson, Newton, Inman, Ferguson.

    Praps not all at the same time, mind! I’d like to win, y’knaaaaa

  24. I imagine Stu as more of a Jack Dee character…

    …just without the sense of humour!

  25. I’ve just walked into a room and said “Can anyone else smell air freshener?” and the response I got was “That’s my perfume, you cheeky sod!” Ooops!

  26. I agree whumpie i think we need a misture of youth n experience , i dont see the point in sending out a youth team they get beat then fans turning on them ( such as post 19 )

    Also it be good for the team to go on a bit of a winning streak , for me wiining breads winning

  27. xisco is out tomorrow night. Groin strain. Seems to get quite a few niggly injuries

  28. mmm_pease_pudding says:
    August 24, 2010 at 3:23 pm
    xisco is out tomorrow night. Groin strain. Seems to get quite a few niggly injuries

    Didn’t know he hadda one..

  29. Not sure I can get shore leave to nip to the pub for this one yet. Wifey went for a walk last night, leaving me to get wor chava to bed. When she got back two hours later we were still watching the highlights from the Villa game over and over again…

    Ooops. Still – at least we got a lie-in this morning :)

  30. Right lads, have you heard the latest from the twitter boys??? You know the ones who are accurate as Robin Hood with his bent bow…………

    Here goes

  31. Mark Scott says:

    ‘Not sure what fit youngsters we have for centre half and left back’

    Paul Dummett is a good strong LB who can play at CB aswell. Steven Folan is a canny CH and an international I think for Ireland at youth level. I would like to see Patrick Nzuzi play at RB so we can have a look at him coz I though he looked decent brief time I saw him. Don’t rate Tavernier much.

  32. From the posts on here (including my own, I admit) you’d think CH had suggested an entire field of reserves players, which won’t happen. Hopefully it’ll be about 60/40 experienced to fringe players, with subs used to blood as many as possible.

    I know it’s “only” Accrington Stanley, but I would like to win this, and they are not going to be a push-over!

  33. A team that I would pick to have a look at players that interest me and see how good they are is this………


    I think that team would suprise a few people how good it is even though a lot wouldn’t recognise many of the names.

  34. DJG: I like the look of that, but if I was CH I wouldn’t do it. Too likely to get taken apart and beaten up by Stanley, who may lack skills but are far older, wiser and more likely to get physical. It could backfire and ruin the confidence of some.

  35. Where is Kadar,where is Kadar??? Where Are you?? Where are you? :lol:

    Anyway,Lads….Let’s make a guess,who do you think will come in next??? Let’s take that ben arfa is done deal…

    I would wish CH brings in A LB,either a cover or a challenger…Then we can finally conclude our summer transfer.

    I know is a wild wish,what do you all think about Wayne Bridge on loan?

  36. How could I forget Airey and Adjei? Definitely like to see them.

    This reminds me: need to log on to NUFC TV and watch highlights of the reserves matches. Ususally a good watch.

  37. LOON we would have as much chance of saying whats going on as those 2 on Twitter… The press are’nt allowd in SJP and CH/MA are not FFS they do not do their business in the press.

  38. Whumpie….
    I told you!!

    NOWT, they have disappeared back under the rock from which they emerged…….

    They bullshitted for a week and then went back into hiding along with the agents they know, the scouts they know, the reporters they know and the people in the know!!

    Low lifes………….

  39. Angel – I’d still love to see van Arnie back. Not gonna happen.
    Apart from that, it really is hard to see where we should spend any money, assuming our AM person is coming in. I’d be tempted to keep my wallet closed until January and see where the real gaps are.
    …or is that just the remnants of rose-tintedness after Sunday?

  40. Adjei probably won’t be fit for a while yet I don’t think. He had a groin operation over the summer.

  41. Whumpie

    Quite possibly, and anyway it seems Folan and Adjei are injured according to, I don’t know though I think thats a canny little team that wouldn’t be worried about the likes of Accrington. Certainly Dummett, McLaughlin Vuckic ect are all quite big strong characters already and wouldnt get bullied by some league 2 mugs.

  42. Loon – yep, sad lot. Taking some sort of weird satisfaction from starting footie rumours is like taking satisfaction from beating a 3-year-old at basketball.

    So – any predictions for tomorrow, given CH’s comments?

    I think it may be a tricky one, and Stanley will try to use their experience to nick a result. 2-1 the Toon – Airey and Ferguson to score.

  43. WhoTheVuckicHaris

    Sub Henderson for Folan and Edmusson for Adjei. ;)

    I think it would be a good even game aswell with a team like that rather than a total arse spanking.

  44. DJG – I think Hughton will put in a couple more old-heads and personally I’d start with Ranger.

  45. does anybody have any reliable links for tonights cup ties, theres loads of carl cup nd uefa play offs.if i could find a scum link id go to bookies and plot their humiliating defeat, nd profit in cash lol ;) myp2p doesnt have the CC ties ;( think ill go 3-2 colchester, might c wats odds on scum gettin man sent off n all lol, gotta enjoy it whilst u can ;)

  46. I was wondering,since CH knows,we only have Alan Smith as our supposed DM,he brought in a REAL DM.

    So Maybe he knows about the LB position after all,and either go buy or loan?? Also he admit looking at some Man City players. hmmmm.. That’s why Wayne Bridge came to my mind. ;)

  47. LOON – I did try and warn everyone but nee fecker would listen. I hope they are happy that they have just had the piss ripped out of them for the last week or so! Mugs ;)

  48. Yeah man!

    People are underestimating our young talent, certainly the likes of ranger and vuckic will take Accrington apart. Look what they did to Carlise in half an hour!

  49. AOD – Wayne Bridge wouldn’t be hapy sitting on the bench I would imagine. Likewaise, Jose wouldn’t be happy sitting on the bench I would imagine. It’s hard to find a back-up would want to try and breal into the team whilst being happy to play second fiddle for a while, particularly eith experienced international players with Bridge.

    Plus he got all huffy with Terry over that bird, how would he deal with Steven Taylor? :lol: Joke btw ;)

  50. Not always as straight forward as that tho, DJG.

    Burton Albion managed to hold a Man United side that contained the likes of Rooney and Ronaldo to a draw a few years back.

  51. TOONSY you been a bad lad again?reading eds blog at 10.28,starshite and hitman joined forces even worky got popped,and wor battys in love lol,he will tell you how easy it is to write blogs

  52. not sure which side the young uns kadar n vicuk play, but put them at favoured side.


    perch, collo, williamson, kadar

    routledge, barton, loverlands, vicuk,



    subs, strolla, best, carroll if needed lol

  53. I think we’ll win but I certainly don’t expect us to batter them.

    I’m assuming AS will be going all out for a money-spinning replay at SJP (and rightly so) and will probs set themselves up with 9 men behind the ball for the majority of the game. Even the best teams struggle to break those kind of opponents down.

  54. Hmmmm,correct me if i am wrong,but i hardly see Bridge playing nowadays,especially they brought in that new LB,which seems to me,Bridge going to be 2nd choice?

    Since we got 3 RB already fighting a spot there,why can’t we have competition at LB???

    I thought of bridge with 2 reasons.

    1) Based on what CH says,looking at Man city players.
    2) He got enough experience

    I don’t meant we get him permt,but maybe as a short-term good cover for Jose,since i don’t think that young Chelsea player will come back anyway.

  55. His positional play is ropey, so we decided not tpo string him along and released him.

  56. Stop it; you’re giving me stomach-ache with those gags! :)

    Anyway – back on thread: I really don’t think we should underestimate the ability of a team of under-talented but older, harder and more experienced players to frustrate and bully a team of teenagers. It could seriously damage their confidence and be very counter-productive.
    I think we’ll see at least seven seniors start, and with subs CH will get a look at six or eight fringe players over the 90 minutes.
    Hopefully we’ll see Sol, Lover, Ranger, possibly Guthrie if fit get some minutes, to be replaced by younger models later on. But if we’re losing, expect the likes of Shola to do his usual rabbit-out-of-hat trick to save blushes.

  57. Ok, I give in…

    Will we get Knott? Nobody knows; it’s all just string theories and long yarns. The scouts are going loopy for him and he’s bowline them over, but there’s a hitch somewhere along the line.

    Ok, that’s better. :)

  58. thats om confirmed gignac and remy,could get our hba in after they had tied up these 2? seems as though he has agreed terms somewhere according to his agent,just wish he would go somewhere soon though because its driving me mad,i dont want to post about it anymore but i just cant help it! come on hatem man,get it sorted

  59. icedog says:
    August 24, 2010 at 4:30 pm

    “TOONSY you been a bad lad again?reading eds blog at 10.28,starshite and hitman joined forces even worky got popped”

    He’s spreading lies to try and drive a wedge between myself and Toonsy, Icedog. He’s so poor at it though.

  60. Apparently Billy missed training on Monday. The doctor said he had pulled his hamstring. His hands were tied. :)

  61. WORKY,i just laughed at it m8,why doesnt he just do his own blog,just reading later one seems there fed up with him on there now.
    what a surprise

  62. French news papers reports suggest West Ham United have had an £6million offer for striker Hatem Ben Arfa Accecpted by Marseille.
    Hammers boss Avram Grant is in the market for attacking reinforcements after his loan move for Felipe Caicedo reportedly fell through.

    Ben Arfa has emerged as a prime target for the Premier League club after His On Going Problems with marseille The talented winger has made it clear that he wishes to move to England.

    The France international was a top target for Premier League newcomers Newcastle,and has been throughout the summer.But supremo Jean-Claude Dassier accussed Newcastle United of trying to take advantage in their attempts to sign Hatem Ben Arfa.

  63. icedog says:
    August 24, 2010 at 5:48 pm

    “WORKY,i just laughed at it m8,why doesnt he just do his own blog”

    Because he doesn’t understand about websites, Icedog. All that stuff he was wrote about how easy it was just bullshite.

  64. WORKY dont like hard feelings between,anyone just hes a hard person to try and get on with,hes at it again in reply to you on eds blog 15.07,when will he give over no need for it imo

  65. icedog says:
    August 24, 2010 at 8:09 pm

    “WORKY dont like hard feelings between,anyone just hes a hard person to try and get on with”

    He does amuse me though, Icedog. Spoiled brats can be such drama queens when they don’t get what they want.

  66. WORKY wouldnt mind m8 but he knows dog shit about footy,WHY come on a footy blog,over my heed like