Scunthorpe v Newcastle United League Cup match banter!

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Scunthorpe v Newcastle United match banter.
Pardew: it's a tough place
Hello, good evening and Welcome. Newcastle United are in action in the League Cup tonight away to Scunthorpe.

For a more in depth analysis, take a look at Jimbob’s excellent match preview but let’s catch up with what Alan ‘The Quiet Man’ Pardew has been saying ahead of tonight’s game.

First up, after losing to Stevenage in the FA Cup last year, he’s keen to avoid another cup defeat at the hands of the underdogs:

It’s a tough place – the crowd at Scunthorpe will be buoyant. It’ll be what I would call a proper English game of football, and we can’t get caught out by the passion of the opposition.

We need to match that, which was something we didn’t do at Stevenage.

I was a new manager, and not particularly familiar with the squad, and I was disappointed that day. I don’t want to be disappointed on Thursday night.

Pardew is keen to build on our decent results against Arsenal and the Mackems, but also sees this an opportunity to try out a few players who have been unused so far:

I’m caught between a couple of things. Obviously I want to keep the momentum we’ve gained.

I want to keep a clean sheet, if we can. But I need to see some of the ‘squad’ players, but they’re not squad players – they’re potential first-team players.

Some of them haven’t had an opportunity, and some could be involved on Sunday if we get an injury and someone needs to play.

It is obviously a game where we will look to make sure the squad is in good shape too, because we have had almost 14-man games this season.

There’s one or two who I definitely need to rest, and there are one or two who I need to give games to because I want to keep them up to speed.

There’s not a lot of difference in this squad between the top and bottom of it, and everybody plays their part.

Having been ‘giant-killed’ a few times ourselves, it’s probably wise not to be over-confident, even if it is against a League 1 side without a win to their name yet this season. On paper we should be able to dominate this game from the off but, alas, football is played on grass rather than paper and I don’t think we’ll have things all our own way.

Still, I’ll go for a win to us and suggest a 0-2 scoreline.

Team News

Scunthorpe United: Lilis, Nolan, Nelson, Canavan, Wright, Togwell, Ryan, Norwood, Dagnell, Grant, Barcham.

Subs: Slocombe, Palmer, Thompson, Duffy, Collins, Godden, Thewlis.

Newcastle United: Krul, Coloccini, Simpson, Williamson, Raylor, Cabaye, Gosling, Marveaux, Lovenkrands, Ba, Best.

Subs: Soderberg, Saylor, Abeid, Smith, Vuckic, Ferguson, Sammyobi.


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138 Responses


  2. just thought I’d repeat Hoolie’s warning here for anyone searching for a link for the game.

    “Earlier this evening, I was trying to get onto the footy streaming site “MYP2P.EU” site – but to no avail. Like many readers, I have often used this site to watch the toon as well as plenty of other games. Tonight, I was looking forward to seeing the mackems losing (again).

    Not being satisfied with this, I searched and came across a similar site called “MYP2P.BIZ”.

    Please be advised that MYP2P.BIZ is a VIRUS SITE and should be avoided at all costs. It took out my works laptop (corporate mcafee is sh*t and endpoint encryption means even the function keys are disabled on boot up – clever C*nts!

    Just thought it might be a good idea to spread the word.”

  3. Toon>

    Working on it m8. If u find one post and I’ll do like wise.

    More difficult without but its on sky sports 1 so there will be streams

  4. i got linked to ad fly from another site, but cant rememeber the name and dont want to go back a page cos my computer has aids at the moment, and might just try and f**k me if i stray away….

    if my link doesnt work, there’ll be loads of other ways of finding it…

  5. I am from the US and was wondering if there is link to watcht he prem league games. Any suggestions. I used to watch on or but they were taken down






  7. Dan says:
    August 25, 2011 at 7:36 pm

    “I am from the US and was wondering if there is link to watcht he prem league games. Any suggestions. I used to watch on or but they were taken down”

    Alot of ’em have Dan, including the one I used most often.

    This one looks very good for this game though:

    and if you check the homepage, it has links to lots of other games too.


    HWTL !!


  9. workyticket says:
    August 25, 2011 at 7:40 pm

    “Alot of ‘em have Dan, including the one I used most often.

    This one looks very good for this game though:

    and if you check the homepage, it has links to lots of other games too.”

    Thanks a lot man I really appreciate it.

  10. Dan says:
    August 25, 2011 at 7:43 pm

    “Thanks a lot man I really appreciate it.”

    Nee botha Dan!

    I really wanted to see Vuckic starting.

  11. Thump says:
    August 25, 2011 at 8:10 pm

    “We put a long ball in… a long ball out…”

    They are doing a very good job in stopping us from playing some proper passing football Thump.

    Get Vuckic on!

  12. Thump says:
    August 25, 2011 at 8:22 pm

    “@worky: I’d agree if I had seen us trying to play it on the ground.”

    Aye, fair point but Scunthorpe have been bloody good so far. They seem to be a bit of a bogey team for us.

  13. Its ok putting good balls in like we have been doing, but naebody even close to being on the end of it , we need a big strong tall player to monster their box , someone like….. eh …i know Andy Carrol that guy from Liverscum….

    Anyway Marveaux and Cabaye have not looked too bad but it’s only scunny for pete’s sake , sorry we look pretty one dimensional , need to see all pardoo’s notes, he needs to really shake it up , does he ever really throw a tea cup in the dressing rooms do you think ??

  14. Demba Ba is s**t he is worse than ameobi im watching it on sky we really need to improve in the 2nd half and whats with this long ball crap all we are doing is kicking away possesion on another not mareuex is class our best player by far best is trying but BA ooo my fucking Gooooood he is useless really dissapointed with him i thought we had signed a at least a half decent player but i was wrong never thought id say this but i wish ameobi was playing

  15. Got one for ya …

    Muammar Gadafi left his compound in Tripoli and has gone to ground .. in his compound is this huge statue of an american war plane being crushed by a giant fist !..

    look at scunthorpe’s badge at top of blog … is gaddaffi scunthorpe’s secret moneyman , and hiding row 22 , seat C !!

  16. so close a decision to make , feel like it’s not oor night already , need someone with better finishing than leon best

  17. nzedtoonman says:
    August 25, 2011 at 9:02 pm

    “need someone with better finishing than leon best”

    well he did finish once nzed, it was just the bastad linesman!

  18. MrMojoRisin76 says:
    August 25, 2011 at 9:12 pm

    “Please take gosling off,he’s having a mare”

    Do you have a hotline to Pardew Mojo? :-)

  19. Couldn’t have timed that better,there’s nobody on our right side midfield because mcloven won’t stay in position,he’s next

  20. Quite funny really ..two adverts for new shirts with Bartons name on back retailing at 49. 99 SORRY dont you mean …4.99 !!

    ugh nearly 2 again….

  21. nzedtoonman says:
    August 25, 2011 at 9:17 pm

    “Quite funny really ..two adverts for new shirts with Bartons name on back retailing at 49. 99 SORRY dont you mean …4.99 !!”

    Oh shite! Keep forgetting about that. There’s a Nolan one too I think nzed if you fancy one? :lol:

  22. @nzed: Did it not have the Nolan shirt next to it? They always come in pairs with me.

    Sadly girls and goals tend not to come in pairs. A shame.

  23. Yissss, saved ooor bacon big time , told you we need a big player in the middle , stevie should play up front !!!!!

  24. Ref lost it out of control , must have seen the contact on Ryan there , blatant pen ….

  25. sorry but can we really get up and fight 30 more mins for this or will scunny think they can have us, its in the balance …

  26. sorry seen the offside and penalty claim , stinks we had 2 goals this half and a pen!!

  27. nzedtoonman says:
    August 25, 2011 at 9:45 pm

    “sorry seen the offside and penalty claim , stinks we had 2 goals this half and a pen!!”

    I agree about the offside and the pen nzed, and I don’t think it’s just us just being biased!

  28. @worky: I admit that the offside was probably right, but the pen was stone wall. Defenders do not touch the attacker from behind (no pun intended).

  29. There’s a perfect example, worky – yellow card anywhere else on the pitch, but in the penalty box it’s fine.

    1. The ref didn’t see it properly.
    2. The ref has money on Scunny.
    3. It wasn’t a penalty.

    Hint: It’s not 3.

  30. @worky: You said you agreed with both decisions?

    Either way, the laws state that any part of your body that can score a goal (ie: head, feet, chest) that is beyond the last man is ‘offside’, his head looked to be offside, thus it was a bloody good call.

  31. Loven has been a disgrace today,won’t stay in position,left simpson to do his work for him,gave him no support whatsoever.

  32. think both sides starting to look a bit jaded , spaces opening up everywhere, if we lose a goal here, it would be due to tiredness !

  33. You don’t need to play rw to help your full back out bud,ameobi’s helping simmo now,loven’s supposed to be on the left now but he’s gone up front again

  34. sorry to talk skills but that was just scunny being tired and spaces opening GREAT for Ameobi tho….

  35. Feel like this commentator wants scunny to score !! the way he’s almost urging them on…

  36. Have to say, this is one of the best cup ties I’ve seen in a while. A ‘lesser’ team giving a right go at a match – everything you’d want in a cup game.

  37. Terrific game , and great finish by , ameobi, full credit to scunny .
    Sorry to finish on a negative note, but Leon best , is he premiership class ?????

  38. Fank thuck for that!

    Aye, it was a very good game ib the end Thump. It took me a while to realise that Newcastle got much better in the second, after the first bit anyway, but that was Scunthorpe as much as anything. As you write, they gave it a right go.

  39. @nzed: He definitely is. His problem is match sharpness, give him a good bite of the cherry and you’ll see last season all over again. (Hopefully without that injury…)

    Men of the Match:

    1. Krul
    2. Sameobi
    3. Vuckic
    4. Raylor
    5. Best

  40. Really good game to watch. Youngsters did well when the came on and I think given time Gosling will come good the poor lad as had a long time out with a bad injury,but Ba looks like Shola without the pace and enthusisim.

  41. well, best held up the ball well, certainly should’ve finished better but putting shola and demba ahead of him in the pecking order gives him absolutely no confidence. Seriously, i thought he played as well as he could have and worked his socks off, i say with match sharpness and confidence he’ll get us a decent return, certainly worth putting in ahead of shola and demba, holds up the ball better and wins inportant headers too… i like the way he puts himself about and keeps his head up even after missing chances…. sammy,vuckic and krul were excellent, brilliant magic from raylor, certainly should start ahead of simpson, his set piece ability makes him a lethal threat for us…

  42. I thought Cabaye and Marveaux , played pretty well considering never played lower div stuff, they looked pretty sound, give ten games . and their linking could be class !!

  43. GD / Nzed

    Sorry a couple of comments were held up in moderation. I think it was the curse of S-cunt-thorpe again. I’ve published them now.

    I hate that name!

  44. Another cracking goal from Raylor.
    Marveaux was popping up all ower the place first half, did well.
    Poor 1st 20 mins, but credit to scunny, they also had some good break away’s & deserve some great credit, they did well.
    Krul made some excellent saves, kept us in it.
    Sammy did well & made a difference.
    We were much more tuned in second half, but yet again a few dodgy ref ricks, ho hum!
    We made hard work of it but deserved the win.

    Howay the Lads!

  45. Aye,
    Best did well for me too.
    Had a couple of decent chances, good hold up, dropped back & started things off, good shift from the lad.
    Like sunny says it’s his 1st game, as it was for a bunch of our lads, different team set up.
    Give ’em a break, it’s way too early to be judging anyone.

  46. I thought Sammy, Vuckic, Best and Marveaux had decent games.

    Ba, Gosling and Lover were the let downs.

    Raylor’s free kick was quality.

    But as a unit, for the first hour and a bit they were dreadful: misplaced passes, terrible ball control, forgot their specs in front of goal etc.

  47. Hugh,
    give scunny a bit of credit mate, they played their ass off, got out of the blocks really well & quick, didn’t allow us to settle. We had virtually a new team out.
    As we found our game we started to dominate & by the end we were never gonna be beaten.
    But to say we were dreadful does scunny a big disservice mate.

    They gave us a tough game at their place & have a bit of recent good history v us & i think we gave ’em a bit too much respect early on, but ultimately wouldn’t be denied.

  48. Just got back, Hugh has it relatively spot on with his analysis.

    Clint mate, we didn’t play “virtually a new team”, it was virtually our strongest eleven.

    Cracking game, real cup tie and great atmosphere.

  49. jimbob,
    Willo, Gosling, Marveaux, Lovenkrands, Ba, Best, S. Ameobi, Vuckic?
    Hardly wor first choice there like.

  50. I think it all depends on ya’ basic view point though.

    Plenty of people just seem to think we will just walk all over teams & when we don’t, we’re shite!
    When actually, sometimes you just have to give credit where it’s due.
    As you say yourself mate, a cracking cup tie.

    Nowt wrong with a tough game.

  51. Clint, I agree that Scunny played well, but – even taking that into account – I still think we were dreadful for an hour or so.

    We picked up though and won the game and I suppose that’s what counts.

  52. Discount Sammy and Vuckic, they didn’t start the match. Gosling or Marveaux will replace Barton’s position, so Willo in for Saylor and Lover in for Jonas. Hardly call Shola a first teamer, though unbelievably he is at present.

    I know what you’re saying, it was a cracking game but dreadful in the first-half. Cabaye had a mare but got better 2nd half. Gosling was awful and I’d say Marveaux was our best player. Best did well. Simpson is poor, how anyone can think he should be in the England team is beyond me…

    But what do you expect? They were a plucky side.

    Krul’s save looked brilliant and if it was not for that, it would have been 2-0 (I think) and game over.

  53. Fans were great too, though they only broke out a “spend some fcking money” for about a minute.

    It was all “ohh Ryan”. :-)

  54. They defo had the lions share of the first half, but not all their own way, as we carved a few decent openings. Second half we flew outta the blocks, had a goal disallowed, a pen denied, scored & had a bag full of chances. we must have had 25+ shots in that game, 20 of ’em in regulation time.
    They still had a handful of decent shots themselves from break outs, but they faded badly second half.
    Had the decisions gone our way, early 2nd half, we’d have walked that game. But as it was the ref gave them a bit of confidence to hang in there.

    Good game though, got the auld temples pulsing.


  55. Yeah, first-half though was poor.

    That’s all 3 of our games this season where our first-half performances have been abject, but with considerable improvement in the 2nd half.

  56. Cabaye really struggles at the 100mph starts in English football, when the games inevitably slow down in pace, he gets chance to distribute the ball better. He just needs a bit of time and he’ll be OK.

    Marveaux was a real plus though, looked controlled and at ease with the ball.

  57. Cabaye looked alright on tv like mate.
    I think y’right though, that he’s still getting his head ’round english football & tonight will go a long way to get him used to it.
    He made a couple of top deliveries that no one got on to.
    As you say though mate, he’ll be just fine.