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Nufcblog.org is the ‘Special Forces’ of Toon blogs. Staffed by ex-KGB agents, MI5 whistleblowers, Mossad operatives and pre-op transsexuals it hopes to provide diverse opinions and promote interesting discussion about Newcastle United Football Club. Well strictly, only one of those things is true.

Spawned in the midst of the Mike Ashley melodrama, the blog is the brainchild of Workyticket and it came about when a certain ‘other blog’ threatened to close down. The ‘other blog’ didn’t close down in the end but nufcblog.org continued anyway and now aims for nothing less than world domination. In fact the blog’s owner can frequently be heard muttering “prepare my bath-o-sub immediately“, whatever that means.

The article authors on nufcblog.org have a disparate set of views about Newcastle United – particularly where the politics of the club is concerned – and can often be found bickering amongst themselves in the comments, but they are United by a passion for the club and a desire to see it succeed.

So what is the purpose of the blog? Well, we don’t have ‘sources close to the club’ or ‘insiders’ and none of us are professional journalists, so it is not the primary job of this blog, thankfully, to report the news. We may do that in second-hand fashion as a lead into an article of course, but the primary purpose of a blog is to offer opinion and promote discussion. It therefore follows that the people who comment on articles are just as important as the people who write them, so please feel free to tear into an article or express your support as you see fit (but please keep racism, personal abuse and swearing out of it or we’ll send the heavy squad around).

Blogs are a bit like pubs – places you can come to have a chat and catch up on the local gossip. Unfortunately you’ll have to provide your own beer at nufcblog.org.

Howay the lads!

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