Could Ben Arfa sign today?

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New arrival?
New arrival?
Something strange is going on with this Ben Arfa malarkey. The most on/off deal off the summer so far looks like it could be back on at the minute, especially after the player was photographed, or photoshopped, at Newcastle airport yesterday.

I personally thought that the deal was off, or at the very least highly unlikely to happen. But the arrival of Ben Arfa in the North East yesterday changes that a little.

The official line is that the club are refusing to talk to the player as they don’t yet have permission from Marseille to enter negotiations. I don’t buy into that however and believe that conversations will have taken place, perhaps not directly, but maybe through a third party, like an agent for example.

We are starting to hear more about the whole saga from the players representatives, and they claim that Ben Arfa is angry after Marseille reneged on a loan deal between the two clubs. This has led to the player refusing to train, refusing to play, and eventually, turning up in Newcastle.

On the surface, it appears that Ben Arfa has turned up in Newcastle of his own free will, but do you really believe that? Personally I don’t.

I firmly believe that the foundations would have been laid before he even stepped foot on the plane. Unless of course he just wanted a change from the warm climate of the South coast of France and chose Newcastle as a destination for a mini-break? Given the way that this transfer story has gone so far, I wouldn’t rule that option out!

Questions will be rasied over the way the player is acting, which I can kind of empathise with, but if what the agents are saying is true (don’t laugh) then there does at least seem to be a reason why the player is angry with his current employers. Look on the bright side, at least he is showing a desire to play for Newcastle!

It appears that I called time on this rumour far to early, which has meant that I have had to scrabble through the trash bin like a hungry tramp looking at where I left off. After binning the link off yesterday and disregarding it as a move that is off, it now appears to be very much back on.

More to follow, no doubt.

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166 Responses

  1. This would be one in the eye for all those who think Newcastle are a small team and I really do believe he would be the difference from struggling to stay up and us reaching 12-13th. Would be just our luck for him to break a leg against Man u, lol

  2. That’s what the club say, but they will hav paid for the flight n hotel n there will b non stop talks, he didn’t jus turn up here on is own free will this deal is surely just a matter days if not hours away, its great whatever happens, I said the other marsielle will b forced to agree deal, they’ve got cheek calling us n they go n put in was described as a ridiculous offer for fabiano bcoz it was so low

  3. cornish-magpie says:
    August 14, 2010 at 7:40 am
    This would be one in the eye for all those who think Newcastle are a small team.

    He is a decent player from what I have heard but is hardly a major signing we where spending almost 3 times that on players like shearer and Owen.
    So I don’t see it being one in the eye or changing anyone’s opinions on Newcastle anytime soon.

  4. Really? I would say he is a huge signing, one of those players that only seems to go to a top 4 club. For example I can hardly see him pitching up in Stoke or Birmingham. I’ll be delighted and amazed if Chris ties this one up.

  5. Anyhow, I’m looking forward to being number 1 in the fantasy football league tonight!

  6. Ssn reporting that Seville have knocked back marseille for fabiano. Toonsy- am I right in thinking this strengthens our case?

  7. Yeah, SJT and owen was great :roll: price isn’t everything. 8 mil for boumsong, 500k for bassong, who was best SFB?

  8. once the deal is agreed with OM this is jus gonna b case of a medical as he is here u hav to think personal terms will b agreed
    we paid 17mill for owen n he was a flop

  9. Off-topic, my fantasy football league team

    Koscielny – Samba – Sagna – Terry
    Bale – Lampard – Essien – Bilyaletdinov
    Bent – Defoe

    Subs – Harper, Etherington, Carroll, Collocini

    You can all quit now

  10. Cornish u r spot on!

    Arfa might be nothing but trouble once he’s been here a season or 2 but until then he is an absolutely cracking player and a genuine ‘Top 4’ quality signing WHEN we get him (thinking positive-u taking notes sirjasontoon?)

    Who cares if he isnt costing what Shearer/Owen costs us. Shearer was a one-off ‘bring a legend home’ fee in 1995 and Owen was a complete waste of money and was never worth that much when we got him so thats a crazy comparison.

    Get Arfa on Tyneside: if we only get 1 season on magic from him and sell him on after at a big profit or if we loan him and send him packing at the end of the season either way he’ll excite us all this season and his quality could make the difference we need.

    No brainer for me this one. In contrast to sirjasontoon I think he’ll be an instant eye-opener on Toon. Perhaps not one in the eye to opposition immediately but once he starts playing they’ll realise what they missed.


  11. What does it matter if we are a big or small club? this constant “we’re a big club” crap just makes us look stupid & certainly doesn’t guarantee success.

  12. 12 – thx! 13 – I’m not saying we’re a big club I just think it might prove Andy Gray and others wrong and that it will shock a few people that we can sign players of this ilk.

  13. I agreed with you Toonsy and said it wasn’t going to happen, but, unlike most people, I’m nearly always wrong. So I won’t say anything more about Ben Arfa and I’ll tip a toon loss on Monday.

  14. Cornish…unless ya changing your name to richietoon I’m afraid you wont be top of the fantasy league tonight !!! ;-)

    Is Drogba defo out today still,if so I’ll have to change my formation :-(

  15. ben arfa is a toon fan that is y he want to sign he supported us since he was a kidd and its a dream for him to sign for us

  16. Bris……..toon fans usually believe the worst news,natural instinct honed over years of dissapointment ;-)

    I couldn’t understand people believing he was going to stay at L’OM though,that was never going to happen.

  17. Clubs have agreed thats why he is in Newcastle.
    Medical than a little more thrashing out terms.

  18. Waddles…still in Italy,p!ssing doon here……….dya know if it’s permanent or a loan?

  19. On way home now.
    All I know is clubs have agreed.
    Once Ben arfa goes, marseille will go after Charlie.

  20. apperntly he has spoke to robert about the toon which part of the reason why he wants to come, as for monday am not expecting us to get anything from the game all am looking for is a statement of intent a good performance n make man u work for win rather than giv him an easy we cud sneak a draw, waddles u cud b ryt they hav agreed a deal

  21. wow this is a surprise and great thing to wake up to ! he must be on the brink of signing if he is here? got a feeling its going to be a permenant transfer too? anyone agree?

    if we get him,as long as ash dont offer stupid wages,then ma deserves full credit for this along with ch,this is type of signing i never thought id see in a long time from us.well done if its true

  22. cheers Waddles,aye I said last week they were after Zog.Think I said it,I defo meant to say it honest guvnor :-)

  23. Davy, don’t know about the deal. But will be amazed if we got such a class player on loan.
    Sneaky feeling 2 still to come in one a striker.

  24. If we get Ben Arfa and if it’s true he’s been promised to play the number 10 role where would another striker fit in would be my concern.Lots of ifs tho,of course there’s another if,we don’t know yet if either of our wingers might not be up to it so he may have to play there…..that is if he is up to it :lol: now I’m all if’d out ;-)

  25. thats better toonlad,cos if he has a good season and does a zog and wants to go to a ‘bigger’ clyb we’ll get our money back + more

  26. Latest from the French Press. “On a vu Hatim Ben Arfa dans un kebab shop au coin du Marche Bigg”

    Hope the weather doesn’t put him off if he is in Newcastle!

  27. toonlad how do u know its a permanent deal i hav to say i agree i think it will be i cant c us getting him on a loan deal

  28. wow, all I can say is I don’t think anyone could have predicted this route with ben arfa. between sevilla rejecting the lowball, ben arfa walking out on OM, amazing, the frenchies are reporting his walk-out/being in newcastle, just a matter of time again. amazing.

  29. Dont get your hopes up lads, I think Gravity is one of the most predictable forces that surrounds us and, correct me if im wrong, but Ben Arfa is pointing in a different direction to the rest of the airport! Photoshop i’m afriad!

  30. he is definetely in toon a lad on eds blog who is spot on with every transfer says he is here n he never posts unless he has got 100% info, he has called every deal a few days before it happens

  31. James…..don’t know if the photo is real or not,but it’s defo(well 99%) arrivals at Newcastle airport),but if you put it with the French reporting he’s here and everything else then I’d say there’s a good chance he’s here.

  32. I’m not saying we wont sign him, I really hope we do as he is the sort of creative player that could be the difference between a relegation fight and safe by February! I just think that photo is fake!

  33. We won’t get Arevelo … or Kevin Prince … or Robbie Keane. No. No. Definitely not.

  34. As I said could be fake mate but it is Newcastle airport and it has arrivals in the right place,I do believe he’s here tho.hers’s hoping eh?

  35. am i the only one that thinks that the lad at the airport has an uncanny resemblance to kieron dyer???

  36. Can’t see us ever having this team:

    STaylor Campbell Colo Jose
    Aravelo Boatang
    BenArfa Barton Jonas

  37. Someone confuse we’re still big club or not. Here’s my thought.

    Big club = big attendance, large capacity stadium, great loyalty (die hard maybe) supporter, good attraction city, great history and past trophy.

    Better club = Great result making, competition challenger, Europe class squad, best manager, good backroom staff support, Good financial and management.

    So I think we’re still ‘BIG’ club. Bigger club than most of team in England BUT we’re not better club than them. Bigger but not better.

    Hopefully we can end the Arfa story soon because I want to see him against ManU TT+

  38. big club = big players = sol campbell kevin nolan = big club = big owner = wide-load = big club.

    gink – i reckon we’re a big club.

  39. Simon Katich, the Australian cricketer, is a Toon fan. He was on telly this arvo saying he owes it to hanging out with Steve Harmison. Who would have thunk it.

  40. On the surface, it appears that Ben Arfa has turned up in Newcastle of his own free will, but do you really believe that? Personally I don’t.

    Toonsy are you suggesting we have kidnapped him? Or holding his family hostage until he signs? :)

  41. Divvent worry lads, I just read it in me tea-leaves…

    Ben Arfa will sign over the weekend, but too late to play against Man Ure on Monday. Nowt wrong with that though, because although all the fans want him to play on Monday, it makes more sense to hold fire a bit so nowt daft happens, gets injured or owt, he’s heeds probably all ower ther place anyway, I mean the lad hasn’t even trained with us, apart from maybe a secret kick-aboot on Leazes Park…

    That would leave the whole of next week for CH and Mike Ashley to play the big media game, new signing makes his debut in Toon in front of home fans against Villa…blah blah…nowt wrong with that either though…

    If he doesn’t sign then we need to hope that CH has a few more irons in the fire…still two weeks to go until the end of the transfer window at the end of the day…

  42. Are we sure this isn’t another prank by those ‘unwashed’ from down the road again?? bit like that guy who was gonna buy the club but turned out to be a muckem???

    IF is it cosher, then fantastic but until I see him in a B&W shirt in the TOON, I’m not holding out for this!!!

  43. is that the Bruce Forsyhte saga?

    Cyprus………possible with the photo but not the rest imo

  44. I used to love Soccer AM….sob… is that blonde totty who supports Torquay still on it ?

  45. We’ve got 12 hours of football happening at the moment. Started at 4pm with a silly chat show (with Simon Katich as guest), then 2 A-league games and 2 PL games.

  46. Munich….Helen Chamberlain……..yep,she’s starting to fray around the edges a bit now

  47. I don’t want to trawl through the old blog posts, but did Toonsy get a sensible response from NUFC to the question of the disappearing away ticket allocation ?

  48. Helen Chamberlain…aye thats her… Shes been at Sky longer than English Andy Gray…she must know summat about someone in high up places…

    The blonde gadgy who follows Chewlsea used to front it in my time…he’s toast now though I believe..

    Doesn’t sound as if I’m missing much now though CC ?…all gone down hill..

  49. From what I know, we can’t sign him as a player unless L’OM agree as Ben Arfa is contracted to them & until that contract is concluded in some way, he’s still their player & unable to sign for any other club…. a bit like Sol Campbell leaving Notts County, he wasn’t able to play for any club until both parties agreed to the split!!!

    So guys, don’ get too excited just yet as it could be some time, even months if L’OM decided to play hardball!!!

  50. Munich,this was the first laughable reply

    “Hi there,”

    “Opposition clubs offer a number of ticket options to us – some on a sale or return basis and some on a sale only basis. The Club makes a decision on a game by game basis regarding how many tickets it forecasts it can sell based on demand at that time.”

    “It is a careful balance between ensuring that supporters have the opportunity to buy tickets for away matches (and having a strong vocal support for these games) and ensuring that we mitigate the risk of being left with unsold tickets that we have to pay for. If we are left with a remnant of tickets this is wasted money that cannot be spent elsewhere, for example, player investment

  51. @54, I’m not saying we’re not regarded as a big club, I’m saying it doesn’t really matter & does us no favours, my opinion is that some of our supporters seem to have some sort of infatuation with being called a big club & the size of our ground, which just gives the media another stick to beat us all with.

    We’re still regarded as a big club (as long as its not measured by success) with a proud (rather ancient) history, fantastic ground filled with a large passionate & loyal support.

  52. Cyprus….some saying its all agreed with L’OM……….but if not as I said the other day they have to reduce their wage bill and desperately need cash for their own transfer target so whether he comes to us or not he’ll be gone from L’OM by the end of the month imo

  53. Thanks Richietoon. I actually read that response myself in the blog post. What a load of absolute garbage coming from the club.

    I really cannot understand why the club and supporters don’t have a better bond, and actually all pull in the same direction. I mean this is not something particular to the MA regime. In fact apart from the golden days of KK and Champs League etc, the club has always “distanced” itself from the supportets. Surely a word from the fans rep to the club would let them now that this response regarding away tickets is senseless ?

    Or do the other groups, The Mag, Mark Jensen etc and all the other supposed fans reps have a different opinion ?

  54. noir9…thanks mate, thats the gadgey in question..gone on to bigger and better things obviously..

  55. I don’t know Munich,it puzzles me.They do nothing to help themselves………..Danny Simpson’s a guest on Soccer AM

  56. morning lads grt news if it comes off innit ;) just spent 30 mins on youtube checkin some vids out ;) looks a very exiting talented player. just the type of dynamic attacking midfielder/winger. am hopefull tho, i think lol.
    have u heard about given being replaced by hart at citeh, so apparantly celtic nd fulham chasin him. reckon bellamy might go to fulham, how many clubs has he played for now ? lol must be right workyticket ;) talented, but a bit of a brick

  57. I think Eds getting ahead of himself “Now that the excitement of signing Ben Arfa for Newcastle for next season will die down” :eek:

  58. Toonsy may have dismissed the transfer too early but now Ed’s blog is reporting like its a done deal which makes me sure it is off again.

  59. Not convinced yet, we’ve had too many disappointments – but from reports of his abilities I’d be happy if he comes.
    Don’t get the “he could be another Insomnia” bit? Yes, I was disappointed with Zog’s attitude towards the end – but he did play some good games for us, had pace and skill, and we made a few million profit out of him. I’d settle for that these days.

  60. richietoon…dead right mate, maybe I’ll get Sky now that we’re back in the PL… What does it cost now per month just to get the footy package ?

    There’s also a German version of Sky which shows 2 games at the weekend, plus an hour of PL highlights on a Monday neet for nowt…I’m too much of a tight ar*e to pay for it though…

  61. Helen might be getting a little frayed but she’s trying to make up for it with some clevage & “basic instinct action”

  62. it could be some random arab lad walking through arrivals,or a photoshop fake,until it is on the official club website,i aint holding my breath.hugh pinches of salt are required at this stage,could be a sunderland prank.

  63. all in all, regarding French players, apart from Guivarch and perhaps Domi, the majority of wor French players all started well, Robert, Ginola, erh…the other lads I’ve forgotten there names…but…then after a couple of years went a bit pear-shaped…We would probably all feel that way, need for a change etc…especially if the player seems that the club isn’t developing in the right direction, a footballers career is short….

  64. Aston Villa 1-0 West Ham
    Blackburn 1-2 Everton
    Bolton 2-1 Fulham
    Chelsea 4-0 West Brom
    Sunderland 1-1 Birmingham
    Tottenham 2-1 Man City
    Wigan 1-1 Blackpool
    Wolves 0-1 Stoke
    Liverpool 1-2 Arsenal
    Man Utd 0-0 Newcastle

  65. Munich…..think ya have to get a basic pack which is about £20(I think)….then about the same to add sky…not cheap

  66. My god there is always some tw@ like James Emsden. Get a grip you ‘know it all’. If you can find the original image of Arfa that this “fake” is taken from then I’ll give you £10,000.

  67. Skysports just reported the L’OM sporting director warning against discussing personal terms before a deal is agreed. Isn’t this what they said last night – they were slow on putting it on the website but I think he’ll sign eventually and that Marseille are run by bigger clowns than Newcastle.

  68. Seen all the moustaches on skysports. They’ll be the pictures used before all the matches this season. Carroll’s is a weak effort but I think Raylor and Smudge’s devil beards are ace.

    Hopefully we beat Villa at least and they can all shave pretty soon though.

  69. I think L’OM r just trying to hike up the price on this one whothevukicharis to be honest , didnt Arfa do the same thing when he join L’OM from Lyon? Im sure if he does sign he prob do something similar with us when he wants to go

  70. dicktoon – its all in the name.

    i’m not a know it all, just wondered why his body is facing a different direction to the windows and doors?

    You go and find this original instead.

  71. Marseille’s officals have come across as being just as unprofessional, petulant and disrespectful as Ben Arfa. That said, I’m not too worried about the lad’s attitude because we’ve had the same from Robert and N’Zogbia and that sort of creativity on the pitch is sorely missed.

  72. He’s got a good way if getting a deal done just flies to the city and turns up wanting a deal.I have to say I’ve not been this excited bout a player in ages.even if it’s just a loan il be getting a new top with his name on the back.have we signed somebody with this much potential since shearer? I don’t think so.

  73. I totally agree Vuckicharris , we need something going forward , i feel we are solid at the back which will go a long way to help keeping us up but someone like arfa can give us that bit extra going forward which should make a big difference to us. N for what he could add to us this season will be worth it when he does decide he wants out imo!

  74. Joined the fantasy football. Pretty confident i’ll finish last. Hopefully ben-afra will get signed. Havn’t seen him play but judging by the exccitment he’ll be alright. I know he has a reputation but if he goes to these lengths to sign(Walk out,just turning up in the city) I can’t see him causing problems this year. Could be an exciting attacking side in a couple of years f carroll,vuckic and ben-afra all live up to there potential.

  75. JJ,best ways believe nowt ’til it’s confirmed….especially from the French side as their president/chairman has already been proven to have lied about the matter.I think alot of it from their side is an act for the fans.

  76. Toonsy

    It looks like you were spot on about Ben Arfa signing, You called this first just a few short hours after denying its truth for about a fortnight ;)

    Soccer saturday or Football focus…decisions, decisions :roll:

    I still watch MOTD more through loyalty than owt else but the rest of the beebs saturday football shows are a bit shit arent they…

  77. Ye Richietoon…

    Was a bit of a depression here when everything stopped… like something was missing…
    But the the Bafana vs Ghana game midweek and the Premiership Season starting everyone is getting excited again…

    There are so many plastic Man United fans it would just make my f**king year if we could beat those Mancs on Monday!

  78. Notice Given has been dropped by City.

    He’ll be handing in a transfer request then.

    It’s not always greener on the other side is it?

  79. JJ i have this werid feeling we will win , i have no diea why just a gut feeling, could be just all the hope for the new season but im sticking a tenner on us to win , Ive seen a bookmaker offer 12/1 on us to win , worth a tenner imo!

  80. AYE STUART that will be twice hes missed out on his 10% cut of fee putting in tranfer request

  81. Nolan’s captaincy shouldn’t make him undroppable. Smith and Butt were not automatic selections last year.

  82. ………also he’s been made club captain……the team captain can change all the time obviously depending on who’s in the team.

  83. nolan appointed himself captain back in june & has just informed his number 2 (CH) about it – but CH proably had a good idea this was going to happen anyways.

  84. WTVH I agree Nolans Captaincy wouldn’t make him undroppable as he allready was undroppable I said all along that Nolan had claimed the armband for himself because he has to much power at the club, even in games last year when he was shocking he still never got subbed.

  85. why should shay sit on any fckers bench ??? – he’s the best keeper in the prem.

    £6 million !!!!! – fcking givawy..

  86. nice one hughton!!!,making a fat bin dipper captain.
    he shouldn’t even be in the first team this season.

  87. Shay Given on the bench…that is just SO ironic…!

    Have we received all of our transfer money for him from Citeh, or is it being paid in weekly installments until 2016 ?…perhaps we’ll end up loaning him back !

  88. I certainly hope Nolan will be dropped if he’s out of form this season. If he isn’t scoring his contribution is minimal. Other than goals all I remember him doing is that disgraceful tackle on Anichebe.

    He was at least the most consistent goalscorer last season so probably merited his place.

    The player-power situation at the club is fine when things are going well but this dynamic has not been tested yet- and we all know it will be soon.

    Hughton may have to accept being somewhat of a puppet for Ashley but cannot be a puppet to the senior players because their interests will be more selfish than the manager’s.

  89. BBB aye m8 told toonsy a couple of times about him,hes missed out on this one,mind he has been busy hes nearly a film star noo like

  90. WhoTheVuckicHaris im not having a go at ye, but what makes you think he will be dropped if he’s out of form this season when he was clearly out of form and out of shape for so many games last year and still wasn’t dropped. As Roy has said and myself so many times he picks himself and has way to much power and CH will find out when the shit hits the fan

  91. Big Dave, I honestly can’t say I’d thought about Nolan having that much power in the dressing room. From my point of view there wasn’t enough competition for his spot last season to question his selection and although he was sluggish throughout he had a knack of getting important goals – probably why I accepted that he justified playing.

    I’ll be interested to see how it goes this season of course becasuse no one should have a guarenteed place, particularly Nolan.

  92. @ James Emsden
    He is obviously off for a dump or sommat. Just look at the sign behind him. Anyways do you always face all the doors and windows when you are in a building. I’d like to see you try and stand in the sage…… or in a greenhouse.

  93. I’m puzzled about the door window thing(maybe I’m just but that door is where you come through after passport control,so wouldnt he have his back to it if he’d just walked thru it?

  94. Oh and I deliberately chose the name ‘dicktoon’ to facilitate tossers like you hoisting yourselves on your own childish petard. When all else fails fall back on petty insults.

  95. Dicktoon – You started the petty insults you hypocrite.

    “My god there is always some tw@ like James Emsden”

    Admittidly it was childish to have a dig back.

    My opinion is the photo is fake, I’m sorry that this is’nt your opinion and you have taken it personally.

    These threads are not about slagging matches so grow up.

    To clarify, My opinion is not based on where he is looking, it is based on the fact that ‘Ben Arfa’ is stood totally vertical (0 gegrees if you like) the rest of the airport is about 30 degrees. Unless ‘Ben Arfa’ was doing some sort of balancing trick at the time, to me it looks fake.