Arevalo to be offered to Newcastle in £2 million deal?

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 Egidio Arevalo - Go west.
Egidio Arevalo - Go west.
Newcastle are being offered the chance to sign Uruguayan defensive midfielder Egidio Arevalo for £2 million, if press reports are to be believed.

The problem is that those press reports lay in The Sunday Sun, which means it’s highly unlikely to be true.

Still, there have been reports in the South American press all week about the move, which were brought to our attention by regular ‘blogger, Rangerman, so perhaps there is more than meets the eye to this rumour? But is the defensive midfield position a priority? By that I mean would Newcastle not be better off looking at other areas of the team first, like the wings for example? There is currently no cover there, which means that if either Wayne Routledge our Jonas Gutierrez are missing then we end up playing a central midielder out wide, which isn’t the best solution.

Arevalo is 28-years old and played in all of Uruguay’s World Cup matches during the summer. Apparently he is owned by a consortium of businessman who are looking to offer him to Newcastle, which does seem strange. Perhaps the Nacho Gonzalez loan actually did pay off and now we are beginning to see the benefits from it? That seems highly unlikely, but it would kind of explain the strange set of circumstances surrounding the player.

There had been a move to Cagliari in Italy on the cards but that move collapsed for some reason or another whilst Brazilian side Botofogo Rio are also said to be interested. The more I write about this, the more dodgy it sounds. Moves collapsing, the player being lined up by his owners, is this really something Newcastle want to get involved in?

Of course it may all be innocent, with genuine reason behind the lot of it, but in my suspicious mind something doesn’t quite click with this one. Hughton may not even want the player, although if he does then I would expect to see someone leaving, someone along the lines of Alan Smith given the money he is on. I mean £60,000 a week for someone who is good for the dressing room – a glorified cheerleader basically – does seem a bit excessive.

Players will be coming through the door at St James’ Park, although who and for how much won’t be revealed until it happens. This latest rumour, the 25,876th of the summer, is just that, a rumour.

It is Sunday after all!

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97 Responses

  1. Here’s hoping we get him, or somebody like him. A decent defensive midfielder to replace Smith would be a superb signing, and would play a crucial role in helping us try to preserve our PL status.

  2. sounds like the sort of transfer we don’t want , let our scouts find the players we need and not agents selling their players to us .

  3. Axel – I don’t even think they are agents. Actual owners, like Tevez had for example. I thought the PL didn’t allow that anymore?

  4. Can’t believe ppl can’t c we need a proper defensive midfielder instead of the finished striker in smith we’ve got playing, it is must along with 2wingers n a left bk n nippy striker

  5. B4 anyone says We’ve got loads cm barton,guthrie,nolan n vukic are all attackin midfielders

  6. seems to go on a lot in south america , players contracts being owned by consortium’s and not the clubs . Wonder whats in his cases when he comes through baggage reclaim at the airport ;)

  7. We don’t need to get our scouts to find players, we’ve tried that one before and where did that end up !! This lad supposedly played in all the WC games for Uruguay who reached the semi-finals of the World Cup. That should prove the lads credentials imo. 2 Million for him, a snip if you ask me. He’ll feel well at home with the rest of the Hispanic lads, get him in !!
    I reckon his arrival would mean the end of the road for Smith, 60 grand a week off the wage bill (not to mention the fans being soothed, since it seams as if at least half the fans don’t want him at the club any more.)…

    Remember in the 80’s the backbone of the Inter team were all Germans, Mattheus, Klinsmann, Völler etc why not wor team all Hispanics and Geordies…great idea !

  8. has a look of boumsong to me a highly rated player hu will unde r achieve for us, we need a striker, winger and lb cover then we shud luk to a player lyk this for more options wen we need him bt if he can keep the form he had at the world cup then 2 mill wud b a bargin

  9. Icedog – You got your pic sorted, well done! Is that where you’ve been for two days? :lol:

    Munich – Hispanics and Geordies?

    Julio Geordio?

  10. Webbo

    It isn’t that I dislike Smith, he puts effort in which is sometimes lacking from others, but he just isn’t all that good at his job, especially in the Premier League. He doesn’t have the pace, nous or ability to read the game in order to play well in the DM slot.

  11. webbo,,, dnt think many people dnt like him hes a spirited player bt hes no were near the pace of the PL hes probably owa highest paid player and we cud du with a better player hu duznt give away daft free kiks with wat we cud get for him but i personally like him and think he is 1 of those players hu got the team joined up

  12. Cos Smith is on £60K a week which is draining the club when he is a non – essential player, who admits he can’t get arounnd like he used to. well at 28 you need someone who still can !!!!!!!!!!!

  13. TOONSY :) nay been helping son put wrought iron bannister up his stairs,owt to try get that house sold,there not going to hold that job for him much longer in malta

  14. Beatski

    They certainly aren’t defensively minded. They are more attacking/creative midfielders than anything else.

  15. more box to box i’d say, if hughton told them to play in more of a defensive role though they’d make a decent job of it.

    Also we played at our best last season with Guthrie Barton and Nolan in the middle IMO.

  16. par for the course in,trojan never said how perch played,must not have done much or he would of said

  17. Sounds a bit daft but football is all about having good “footballers” in the side who can kep the ball. Also a key part of footy is having athletic players who can win the ball back, without the ball you aint gonna get very far. Imo we have enough footballers in the side, our defensive midfield is at the moment one paced i.e. Smith and previously Butt. This is probably a more crucial position which needs to be strengthened than anywhere else on the pitch. A strong spine through the team is required…Goalie, Centre Half, a central defensive midfielder, Carrol…find your own permutations lads, hopefully we’ll a few things sorted by the time we go to Old Trafford.

    Aye Toonsy, Julio Geordie would do canny, nice head of hair he has too !

  18. Tom – We haven’t seen Barton play for a while, and from what he has said about his game changing and becoming a more intelligent well rounded player, I get the feeling he is preparing to drop back a bit – probably because after so many injuries in quick succession he hasn’t quite got the legs for his previous explosive all action performances.

    I think Barton could be a really good defensive midfielder for us. He’s got the tackling, composure on the ball and best range of passing in the team – having him play from deep would allow Guthrie to move forward a bit where he is suited in more intricate link up with the wingers and strikers.

    I think if we were going to get a new specialist defensive midfielder I’d look for an African/French player. They seem to produce the most physically adept players in this role. Blackburn took a risk on that young N’Zonzi and he did very well in his first season. I think there will be good talent in the french league but it’s just a feeling, really.

  19. WhoTheVuckicHaris, good point mate regarding the Frenchies. The majority of African French players all seem to be technically and athletically adept, could be a way forward for us too..

  20. WTVH

    I would be seriously worried if Barton was deployed as a DM in all honesty. He could play there, but I would just be worried he might blow up again, and we end up suffering because of it. I would quite like to see him play alongside a defensivly minded midfielder, given his box to box energy and ability to pick out a pass he might do well there, but I would rather bring in a new DM. I agree with what you are saying about the African/French players though.

  21. Arevalo does soud a little bit like that bit around a nipple though doesn’t it? Or is it just me being a porv? :)

  22. You’re right on both accounts Toonsy…nowt wrong with being a porv though mate, doesn’t make you a bad person !!

  23. TOONSY aye you are being a porv :),got to be movement this week,could it be whittingham?

  24. Icedog, good luck with the Malta move mate, fingers crossed that everything comes off.

  25. Whittingham would be a cracking addition imo, and good cover for Jonas. probably be cheap as the new Cardiff owners don’t seem to be doing a lot.

  26. MM cheers m8 its my son that will be going,but i will go over myself a lot,drove over once but took nearly 4 days with stops

  27. TOONSY hope your right m8,have seen him play a couple of times in the hole as link up player,so might cover in a couple of pos

  28. icedog good luck to you and your young ‘un mate. The good thing with Malta is that there shouldn’t be a language problem to overcome.

    I’ve lived abroad for the majority of my adult life and it’s been all good for me the majority of the time. Broadened horizons and all that good stuff….

  29. Anybody watching the emirates cup? Lyon look excellent, reckon arsenal will thrash Celtic aswell

  30. MM like the footy out there i spend lot of time whatching it been looking at a couple of lads a while (m/f)better than the lad that played at barnsley last season imo

  31. Icedog, maybe you can unearth some gems, the Maltese league must produce some good lads too.

  32. Aye, and if they are cheap enough you can give Ashley a bell. You’ll have to try and sort a 3 for 2 offer or something out though :D

  33. MM really dont want to get started on it boils my —- one was comeing but agent stitched him right up,signed him on 5yr contract 18,now wants a mil to move him on

  34. had to laugh at one of them said he cant belive he would get more than £500wk for something he thinks is a hobby,as most are p/timers was going to live with me till he got sorted

  35. Icedog – See, that is the problem with the top level players. Sure they are good at football, better than any of us, but they still don’t get how privileged they are.

  36. Ice you need to get down there and get things sorted out mate, talk some sense into these lads. Parasite agents are a big danger imo. All these young lads, after 1 hour with a dodgy agent they’ll all think they are Christan Ronaldo and worth millions.

    I would imagine the majority of Maltese born kids are level headed though. Is there an ethnic majority on Malta, where do the majority of foreign footy players come from, Greece or somewhere ?

  37. TOONSY your spot on there,them lads out there have to go to local hos just to see a physio as clubs cannot afford one,and wait in line like us,many are playing with inj as cannot take time off work to go there

  38. Munich

    I would pay the fat man for the opportunity, Doubt i could be worse than Geremi, Cacapa or Smith all who where all signed during Ashleys time as owner and paid £50k a week +

  39. Hmm, not so sure CC. I still reckon us mere mortals would get our arses whipped by pro’s that we deem have lost it.

  40. Just what we need IMO.

    Add to that a striker and a right back and it would have been a very good summer.

  41. MM theres no ethnic majority there,most players are maltese,but some of the richer clubs (ha)get in a player in from eastern bloc,whos wages are payed for by which-ever local buss give to them they get house and injury insurance

  42. CC maybe we could both pitch up for a trial and see what the fat man has to say ! Don’t know bout you but I’d settle for a grand a week. Maybe we could do a 2 for 1 deal…I could fill in at left back (in the dressing room), where can you play mate ?

    I think you’re being a bit unfair towards Geremi, he was just a deceptive player….deceptively slower than he looked…

  43. Toonsy

    I dont doubt they are more talented than i am but i could easily do what they did for us… Feck all

    I could run around like a maniac and kick people easily as well as Smith, I dare bet i could beat the first man from a corner once in a while unlike Geremi and Im relatively tall and would win more headers than Cacapa ever did and i bet my mortgage im quicker than him.

  44. Icedog go ahead me ole bean you finally got a pic up ;) So when is IcePup moving is that the tattoo one ?

    Toonsy you are a perv areola is the part your thinking of :)

  45. cleverly a must signing even that means nolan to drop out.scores goals can play anywhere in midfield.if we get injuries we can move him around.nolan for his goals but cleverly more mobile.we cant afford a quick fix this loan would do.gutheri barton cleverly rout and jonas in 5 man midfield would give us a real chance to be creative.with barton holding midfield player.bodies in midfield would cover the lack off steal.

  46. Asim there is noway in this world Nolan will get dropped There is more chance of us winning the prem this year, after last year I am convinced that in CH’s eyes Nolan has become ( imo what should never happen ) undroppable

  47. BIG DAVE only got one son m8 (thank god) and dau did you find any link for tatoos,he wants a couple before he goes,told him to get them in malta there half the price

  48. Nolan shouldn’t be dropped anyway, even when he’s having an off day he makes sure those around him aren’t with his big scouse mouth. Cleverly can cover anywhere across the middle though so with us being so short on wingers would ideal. He wouldnt get a game in CM

  49. On a slightly different topic (that may have already been covered) anyone else think Xisco has done okay out wide when he’s been used there? Looks more comfortable on the wing that Guthrie does like.

  50. yes agree ch wont drop him. but u cant play him in a 2 man midfield even if he scores must no that cleverly is streets ahead of most of are midfield anyway.forget all this pals act.this is for the good of the team.if we are talking like ch wont drop him.this is wrong the team comes first dont u agree.

  51. Asim I agree with you but im 99% sure it wont happen I think Nolan is a decent player and has scored his fair shair of goals but I do believe he has far to much power at the Toon especailly for someone that has only been here for less than a year and a half, as I have been saying for the last couple of months im 100% Nolan has appointed himself as Captain :( but only time will tell

  52. BIG DAVE cheers m8 he will be in half hour.
    had to put my profile on that big stick you kept beating me with was starting to hurt lol

  53. big dave! gosling wonts to play in central midfield doesnt he.whats going to happen then when he is back nolan must be the odd 1 out.but at this minute a beleive he must play for is goals in a 5 man midfield.

  54. If there was any truth in cleverly deciding between us or Blackpool you’d hope he wouldn’t have too much of a decision to make like

  55. ross he has aready decided he wants to come to us.the problem is if ferguson wonts him to play first team.if he cant then we dont get him.buying gosling has made this even harder when he gets back what happens then with nolan him and cleverly are fit.

  56. I remember posting an article about this on July 8th, after Uruguay had been knocked out by Holland.

    Glad to see the Sunday Sun are reading my ‘blog :D
    Ah no, seriously though, would love this lad at Newcastle, brilliant player throughout the World Cup alongside a younger version of him, Perez.

    As I said, would be a perfect player for the Toon. Hope we do get him.

  57. I would prefer to see Barton and Guthrie share the defensive duty in the middle of the park in a one forward, one cover situaton. Surely with some communication that is possible and we don’t need some knacker just sitting there all the time. Yes that creates times when we are a bit light at the back but it also creates times when we have people forwardwho can actually do something to hurt the opposition unlike Smith/Butt.

  58. Remember Guthrie was being called a defensive midfielder when he can from Bolton and Barton is hardly a second striker is he. Only away at places like Man City do I think we need Smith or someone playing DM.

  59. We need to bring on a fast young side with maybe the odd ol head in there to help out. I think thats what Hughton is planning on. That Ben Arfa Daley looks like a possible.

  60. please stoke or blackburn take him off are hands and save loads of wages and then pay better young players for it.we can then get 2 or 3 for his wages.then we dont have to talk about are last player left at this club who is sitting here on high wages.dont get me wrong 100% effort but no end product smith.

  61. I wouldn’t be suprised to see Ameobi start at ManU. The NUFC coaches have always had a love affair for him.

  62. about time toonsy u had something good on your blogg!still think spains a shit league toonsy only joking so i dont start this up again.

  63. icedog dont knock it mate he has scored against them!goals against newcastle by united players must read as a nightmare

    they must be he has scored against them.

  64. Aye Asim we’ll keep away from that one mate ;-)
    It was great watching WC final in Spain tho.

  65. We dont need a defender! this is what chris hughton needs to realise, we need more attacking midfielders, and we definitely need to sign a more prolific goal scorer otherwise we’ll struggle this season.

  66. Erm yes, yes yes please. Sometimes players play well in a WC, like score a few goals and get signed up and flop.

    But him was a consistant performer, always in the right place at the right time. No nonsense player, we aint gonna play the ball through him but niether will the opposition

  67. I dont think we’ll get a replacement for Smith until we can offload him. Lets face it he wont be offered a new deal at those wages so how long has he got left?

  68. he is a must need for newcastle……same as the way de jong plays for man city…..he would be a valuable addition….

  69. Rather sign a decent winger, esp when we have the likes of smudge and barton to play defensive mid!!