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Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough!
Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough!
I just thought I would take this chance to remind anyone who hasn’t already joined to come along and take part in our Fantasy Football League.

As things stand there are 183 teams signed up and ready to battle it out during the course of the season. Have you got what it takes to beat your fellow ‘bloggers? After all, we can all talk a good game so why not try and back that up?

Prizes will be up for grabs although they will be kept secret for the time being, but I would adjust your expectations if you’re looking to win a house, Ferrari, speedboat or anything like that!

The competition will be linked in with our Facebook group and Twitter page giving you more ways to keep on top of goings on, although obviously you’ll need to like us or follow us or whatever it is. You can also keep up to speed with the competition here at To get involved you’ll need to follow these simple instructions.

Step 1 – First up you’ll need to register. It’s a simple process which is easy enough to follow, just fill in the form.

Tip :- If you don’t want your real name to be visible and used as your manager name, then don’t enter your real names in the surname/last name boxes, just make them up!

Once that is done, press ‘Continue’.

Step 2 – On the next screen, make sure you pick your favourite club! The rest is all communication stuff. You can tick any of the boxes if you wish to recieve updates, although I personally have left them all blank. There is also a survey participation question at the bottom. I would advise you select ‘no’ for that, but again it is your choice.

Then click ‘Complete Registration’.

Step 3 – T&C’s. Pretty standard, but they are there for you to have a nose through.

If you’re happy enough, press ‘Agree’.

Step 4 – This is where you customise your team. Here you can submit your team name, which I suggest should be your ‘blog username so everyone can see how you are doing. You can also customise your kit, but be warned that I already have the black and white stripes! It is pretty self explanatory and if you miss anything the program will tell you anyway.

Where it says ‘Newsletters’, I have selected ‘no e-mail’, although again it is up to you whether or not you want to recieve them.

Press ‘Select Team’.

Step 5 – This is where the fun begins, team selection. Basically, you get £100 million to spend on a squad of 15 players. You need 2 goalkeepers, 5 defenders, 5 midfielders and 5 strikers. Choose wisely as the money soon runs out.

You’ll see some grey shirts on the ‘pitch’. If you click on a position, it will bring up a list player who can fill that position just to the right of the ‘pitch’. Once that list is up, just click on your desired players and they will jump across into your team.

Tip :- Pick your starting XI first, it makes things easier later on, trust me!

Once you have done that, click ‘Enter Team’.

Step 6 – Team overview. This is where you see your team. Notice the first eleven you picked earlier are your starting players? The other four players are automatically substitutes. You will need to select your captain. Choose wisely as the captain will earn you double points!

If you make any changes, don’t forget to click the ‘Confirm Changes’ box.

Step 7 – That is your team done and dusted, and you are now entered into the entire competition. However, you need to enter into the mini-league.

You will see your profile tab next to the pitch that contains your players. About half-way down, under the heading of ‘Leagues’ there is a prompt which allows you to join an existing league. Click that link (the word ‘here’).

This will take you to a new screen where it will ask if you want to join a private league. For that you will need to enter a code, which is 454702-111644. Enter that into the box and click the ‘Join Private League’ button.

You should then get directed to another screen where you should at the very least be able to see my rather imaginatively named team, ‘Toonsys team’. That is about it!

It’s mainly about having a bit of fun, which is something we don’t get the chance to do much of as Newcastle fans. The competition is free to join and anyone is welcome, whether you post here regulalrly or not.

Good luck!

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107 Responses

  1. I was reading the Sunday Express and it had a bit in about Sol Campbell and the ‘fat belly’ jibe from a ‘fan site’. haha must be from that one that newcastleunited-mad did a few days back.

  2. hi new here but been reading for a while so thought i would have a go at this fantasy thing so my team is friedal,
    first time i done this so not sure if its any good

  3. I suck at fantasy football, so i’ll pass.

    Anyone know a slimmed down version of football manager for the PC? I like the game, but i dont like spending a month on one season.

  4. stevey80 – Welcom aboard mate :)

    Don’t worry about the Fantasy Football thing mate. If you don’t win you don’t win. Tis only a game at the end of the day :)

  5. Don’t really know why you’re all bothering. It’s quite obvious my team is the best.

  6. Mcgeady not involved at all for Celtic today, Lennon just said there’s a possibility yesterday was his last game for them. I like him, he’s an out and out winger but I just think he needs to learn when to look up and play the pass. In saying that, i haven’t watched him closely recenty and he could have improved that side of his game. Sky pundits asking the question of whether he’s actually waiting for a prem club to come in for him.

  7. Big Dave says:
    August 1, 2010 at 4:09 pm
    Stuart have you any of our players in your team ?

    Enrique starts and Carroll is on the bench.

  8. ROSS not really a lover of mcgeady,not that ive have seen much of him,just what ime told from my contacts that play up there in your land lol,you keeping ok m8?

  9. Ice- not keeping too bad cheers mate, you? my mate is a Celtic season ticket holder and he at one point said mcgeady had became such a dragging Issue that he no longer cared if he left. Said he was good but was selfish at Times and spent alot of time looking at his feet when he had the ball. Much like fabregas at arsenal really, alot of them seem to just be saying let him go now. Always like when we play the Scottish teams because we’ve got a few canny results against them past few games and it’s always nice to come back up here from home with a bit of gloating power even if they are just friendlies lol.

  10. Just watched the vid of PSV. Harper didn’t look anywhere near those long-rangers, wonder if Krul is perhaps a bit more mobile.

  11. ROSS aye ok m8,well ill tell you my little secret you might know of them,my son was going out with physo (female)in spl,she lived in a place called DOLLAR outside stirling,she said a lot of players sussed him,give him a couple good whacks early on,and they never see for rest of game,she was physo for the first team like

  12. toonsy please, by advertising the fantasy football thing your only gonna get even more dissapointed people at the end of it when i wipe the floor of everyone involved, just please, nobody cry when i demolish you all ;)

  13. DJG,was a bit worried about harper in the latter part of last season,think he loseing it a bit imo but will get stick for saying it but thats my view like

  14. I fairly new to the blog and have not posted reguarly. but be warned my “underdog team” on this leauge will do the buisness ;)

  15. Tummy – Confidence. I like that :)

    Icedog – I agree about Harper. He seemed to peak then go off the boil a bit.

  16. Anybody got Lescott in their fantasy team?

    Just because personally, he’s about the biggest waste of £18mill i’ve ever seen on a centre back! Moyes must have been chuffed over that one.

  17. Fecking hell i think we could have had Harper and Krul in goal on stilts, with mickey mouse gloves on and they wouldnt have saved that free kick.

    Did the team not go off the boil a bit defensively, We started giving away soft consolation goals at the end of the season, We wanted Hughton to take the game to opposition and he did by playing two wingers and moving Guthrie inside and dropping Smith, We cant have it both ways…

  18. Ice – Hennessey from Wolves. On the basis that I think they will play tight and look to not lose. Harper is on the bench.

  19. Im not knocking Harper I recognise he’s a very calm and assured hand; and he is second to non at kicking the ball out. But on the other hand I think there’s better shot stoppers about. Would Given or Hart have let the second one in?

  20. Ice-aye I know of dollar mate, and i can imagine mcgeady is the sort of player that if you get stuck into him early he’ll want nowt more to do with you. Like I said he’s got a trick or two with the ball at his feet but his decision making could be better, much like Walcott tbh. Anyone watching arsenal Celtic? Wilshere looks excellent, shame he’s not out on loan. Bloody hell anyone see wilshere’s effort on goal there? Lol

  21. I think Krul is maybe a better shot stopper already and so is Forster who is a giant, he doesnt even need to move he just sticks a 7tf arm out. Harper is better with the ball, also don’t know what you guys think but I’ve never liked left-footed keepers, don’t know why but they just look dodgy.

  22. I think if we’re all being honest we all know I’m gonna walk this league ;-)

  23. I am just curious….are you going to pay shipping fees and such when you have to send my prize to California?

  24. Howard, cahill, Hangeland, konchesky, shawcross, malouda, Nolan, cahill, etherington, drogba , Rooney.

  25. RICHIETOON me and big dave kept out of it we left it to you stuart, and toonsy to fight it out,we hate to see grown men cry,if we had been in ;)

  26. DJG with the greatest of respect’s I get bewildered at fellow fans that criticise Harper.

    When you talk about “shot stopping”, do you mean, “I wish Harper did more reaction saves and I miss how many camera saves Given did”?

    Given’s positioning was found out many a times, yet because he had great reactions people do not pick up on this. Harper should not be forced into the situation of a reaction save, and when a shot comes at him, he’ll look to hold onto it. Harper’s a much more assured pair of hands than Given, Krul or Forster for me.

    It’s all personal opinion of course and I respect you’re entitled to your own – just, howay man, he’s one of ours, been at the club the longest of anyone at the moment and is PREMIER LEAGUE quality! No doubt about it, Stevey Harper’s a legend to me.

  27. My team is Gomes,
    Craddock, Collins, Enrique, A . Cole
    J.Cole, Barton, Giggs, Lampard
    Carroll, Tevez (c)

    Hahnemann, Bellamy, Givet, Bowyer on the Bench,

  28. I’d be the only one not crying icedog(unless it was my trophy acceptance speech).

    Arsenal giving Celtic a reet kicking,Mcloven will be enjoying it :lol:

  29. NorCal – Or you can pick it up :D

    I’m sure we can sort something out, and it depends if you want the prize. I’ll warn you now, one of them is a night with me, hotstuff ;)

  30. pollodiablo….ya’ve got 2 of my 3 forwards so you’ll score some point…….just not enough to beat me ;-)

  31. Peter Loverhands

    I do like Steve Harper and when he’s on top form I think he’s miles better than Green or James. It’s when he’s not on form that bothers me. I don’t think he’s as good as Given though. There were seasons where Given almost single handedly kept us in the league and I think thats why he got sick of it.

  32. Ice your right leave it to the younguns as they dont like getting beat by the older ones ;)
    My money is on Stuart as he knows his stuff plus he has TOON PLAYERS in his team ;)

  33. My team:)
    Anyone still wanna play?
    Have been winning my private league for past 2 yrs now:-)

  34. BIG DAVE, not going to forcast who will win,it always comes back and bits your ass.
    son loves tats going to print some out,he is going to get them done in malta £250 gets done there 120euros,and with me paying i like it,cheers for that bud ;)

  35. Deepak…me too but I was the only one in the league ;-)
    I’m crap at fantasy football but I’m living up to the media stereo type by saying I’m gonna win the league :-)

  36. my team are comming 13aug.. i’we got 2300 points last year, so i can promise u, my team is a handfull this year.. norwegian geordie

  37. Richie it might be a play off between you and Stuart then, if Joey had of been in your 1st 11 it would have swayed it :) but deepak is an indian toon will be giving you’s a run for your money too.
    Ice that reminds my about forcasting can you remember who forcasted Spain ??? I can remember someone telling me they never travel well ????? :lol:
    Ice where is the IcePup looking designs for arms back chest legs etc ? as I have a few nice ones

  38. icedog,perch was jittery at first,but you expect that,got better as the game went on.

  39. Just trying to win with dignity ice…..Toonsys seen me team,he sent me an email begging me to withdraw(my team that is) :lol:

  40. Rich 8O 8O Good job you mentioned your team! I already dicussing pearl necklaces elsewhere and may have gotten a bad name had you not put that :lol:

  41. BIG DAVE been waiting for that, have held hands up that they got the monkey off there back
    son whats a few (more cash)his next one he wants from ankle to hip,must say he does not have them showing when dressed like

  42. Hart
    Fabregas,De Jong,N’Zogbia


    Be afraid,be very afraid ;-)

  43. Ice does Toonsy have your email add as I have some designs here and we have some in work that might give him some ideas I could send you

  44. nee wonder celtic wanted james,hope that clown they got in goal isnt in anyones team

  45. Arsenal have went to sleep at the back got celtics goals. Thought the first one was off aswell. Wilshire has looked excellent as has the lad they have in cm who’s name I can’t even begin to pronounce, lol. Think chamakh will be good for them too. Result flatters Celtic a bit, they’ve only looked even half decent in the last 15 mins.

  46. Dave;

    Hennesey, Baines, Cuellar, Shawcross, Hangeland,N’Zogbia, Pienaar, Etherington, Arshavin, Defoe, Tevez (c)

    Harper, Craddock, Giggs, Rodallega on bench

  47. Ice-the first half I think it was a lad they got from hearts. As for the second half I’m not too sure who he was but they didn’t look brilliant up until the final 10-15 minutes or so. Arsenal seemed to go to sleep a bit. Wilshere should play more regularly next season, he looks very good and seemingly impressed at Bolton last season aswell.

  48. Toonsy is that your team that is representing the Fantasy Football League, where is the Toon player’s man :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: FFS sort that out :)

  49. RICHIETOON reminds me,a guy was like that (with women)asked priest to cleanse him told to drink juice from 7 lemons,will that cleanse me,no but will knock the smile off your face

  50. RICHIETOON dont know m8 never bother the site,maybe saw toonsy team and pulled out of toon :)

  51. Toonsy, you know the plan…if all goes well, I can pick the mid-season prize up in January…

    Surely there’s a prize for second, so I could stil win something, right, Richie?

  52. cheers deepak,I think a couple of them may not be playing in the prem come kick off so I may have to make some changes.

  53. Even if i dont come up first in this league,i sure dont want to do badly in my college private doing medicine you know,and i sure as hell dont want to be attending all the patients on my own for a week:-)

  54. Im in…Team:
    Gomes Krul
    Samba Givet Bassong Simpson Williamson
    Fabregas Malouda Ferguson Song Rodwell
    Rooney Tevez Bent

    Was gonna go a bit more point even but thought stuff it, whack a load of points into the main players then fill gaps around :P

  55. Gomes,bassong, skrtel, enrique,warnock, lampard, bale,walcott rodwell, drogba, tevez. Gunna walk the league