Tioté Cheick-ing in at Newcastle?

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Signing number four?
Signing number four?
Newcastle are apparently set to make signing number four of the summer, if various press reports are to believed anyway.

The Daily Mail seems to think that FC Twente midfielder Cheick Tiote was in Newcastle last night having a medical ahead of a proposed £3.5 million move to Tyneside, although any move would be subject to a work permit being granted.

Now I know what you are thinking about it being in the The Daily Mail and so on, but this has also been confirmed by George Caulkin who is one of us by all accounts. I wouldn’t think he would lead us up the garden path to be fair, and he did claim that Tiote is/was holed up in Jesmond.

Tiote has not long turned 24-years old and has been capped eight times by Ivory Coast. He is a very physical player who plays in midfield and has that athleticism that is generally associated with African players these days. A bit like Michael Essien, although probably not as good, without meaning to sound disrespectful to Tiote.

I’m not going to lie or needlessly pad things out by claiming I know a lot about the player as I don’t in all honesty. I have never heard of him in fact. Well that is a slight lie actually as the first I heard of him was when he was rumoured to be moving to West Brom a few days ago. At the end of the day, Tiote played in a side that won the Dutch Eredivisie, so he surely must have something about him.

If this is all true then it would mean we have another midfielder on our books which would take our grand total to eight. Surely at least one of those will have to make way? Who knows.

There are now just eleven days remaining in the transfer window, and by the time it shuts we must ensure we have a squad capable of getting results until the next transfer window. If we could sign this fella, plus that other fella from Marseille (I won’t mention names) before the window shuts, then I think we could, maybe, possibly, call this transfer window a good one.

As ever, we’ll just have to wait and see!

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300 Responses

  1. If we get him n arfa very successful window, i jus can’t c smith getting a game now, my team for wolves gk harper bk4 colo,campbell,williamson,jose md routledge tiote nolan jonas, st carroll with arfa jus off him

  2. I think we should put Arfa on the wing and bring Routledge off the bench. Not taking anything away from Rout, I just think if we brought him in, say at the hour mark, and moved arfa up front, how dynamic that would be against some worn down legs.

  3. wow this was foretold 2 daya ago by a lad on twitter who has contacts that are football agents. this same lad also says that the lad from marseille will sign this weekend too….

  4. Would be a good signing. If we signed him along with what many consider the most talented french footballer but who hasn’t delivered on a regular basis yet. I think we would be adding much needed strength speed and spice

  5. Spice, something extra a bit of the unknown. Flair something we have very little of

  6. Toonsy I have seen this lad play a few times and I rate him . As you say he has athleticism and strength , once he gets used to the premiership the lad will make a diffrence and improve the midfield . :)

  7. young … hard working … good team player … could increase in value over the next year or so …

    he does seem to fit the recruitment policy and so this could be part of CH’s plan … :)

  8. Does anybody have a good all round football knowledge about the Def Mids we have been linked with?.
    Who is the better of:

    Avelaro (Spelling)

  9. valle – have not seen enough of any of them to make a judgement. But their recruitment depends upon availability and price … with a big emphasis on price … :(

  10. Voted player of the season for twente and won the league.
    Cant be bad.
    Also That bloke from france Hatem?
    Did arrive in Newcastle yesterday with his reps and is still here.
    Hes been told by marseille to wrap the deal up with us

  11. Shrews… Ok mate, i am not the type who follow all the leagues neither, so i mostly just know about the English based players and the ones near the Danish national team (as i am from Denmark). So i have no idea about these guys, altho they all seem like good sensible buys.

  12. if caulkin’s saying he’s on tyneside it must be true. these work permits can take a while to sort but with him already playing in europe could be sorted quicker.. any idea on timescales..???

  13. Waddles – you do seem to know whats going but do you have your own info on afra & its not from the net?

    I just wonder if the plan is to get the deals done today & introduce them tmoz, give ticket sales a boost & give us all a lift.

  14. valle living in holland i have seen both tiote and fer a few times and would like both to come . Fer is more attacking than tiote , both have skill , pace and strength .

  15. Tiote has played in europe for 5years so he should get permit very quick, yip I think they will b at the game better if they were playing though

  16. I’d prefer fer(sounds like a stutter) than Tiote but purely on what I’ve read and heard about them tbh cos don’t know that much of either.Arevalo was cracking in the world cup and a big part of them doing well and concedng few but before WC knew little about the.If we sign anyone of them plus that gadgee from L’om I’ll be happy enough.

  17. Axel… Cheers mate, thanks for the update.
    Personally i would love to see a cheaky loan bid for Keane after we hopefully get Tiote and Ben Arfa.

  18. Richie… I was impressed by what i read about Fer as well, but if he is more attacking, then i would rather have Tiote as i think we really need a decent Def Mid.

  19. valle – you weren’t at old trafford on Monday were you ?? 3 dane’s were sitting in front of me and had come over for day … all slaughtered and very noisy !! :) !!

  20. Shrews… Nah mate, been a while since i could afford it unfortunately. But it dosnt suprise me, NUFC are well supported here in Denmark.

  21. noir9
    it being reported in france.
    mate hasnt text since tueday.
    avoiding me after the death threats i sent.

  22. valle…….true but his position is defensive midfielder(apparently) so hopefully he knows when to sit and when to go forward.Matbe his goals have come from set pieces?…….like I said any of them would be welcome.It would have been nice to have had a signing available for the match,as it would have pushed along ticket sales which don’t look great so far.|Especially in the Gallowgate.

  23. What a refreshing change it would make to wrap up most of our transfer business a week before the window shuts, i could manage waiting on one player on the last day as the last few windows had me lower than a snakes belly, with the midfield sorted we just need an experienced forward now and possibly cover at left back.

  24. Cheers Waddles – hopefully we might get some news today…mind I’ve been hopeing that for about 3 months.

    Looking at the ticket sales the club need to do something & it might shift a few shirts aswell.

  25. bbb………..maybe mate,signings make a huge difference just ask Cardiff.5k shirts sold straight away plus name and number on back plus extra tickets,sell more burgers beer etc.They’ll also be on tv alot more…he who dares ;-)

  26. if both players above come in to an already over packed midfield does someone have to be sold?

  27. Richie… Yah, any good def mid would do mate… The ticket sales will come around, i have no worries about anything this season, i have total confidence in CH and i think we will suprise rather than scrape on.

  28. Valle…hopefully as it stands theres me,wor lass and CC in the upper tier of the Gallowgate :lol:
    Where abouts in Denmark to you live?

  29. From the journal:

    The Frenchman was photographed on Tyneside this week but Hughton was claiming ignorance over it. “I read the reports,” said Hughton. “Certainly I have not seen him. Anything re: Ben Arfa, it is categorically speculation. Is he a player I like and admire, yes. But I honestly don’t know what the position is. I honestly don’t know.”

  30. He could get a game WBA in 08/09 season,shows that hes not good enough for us.

  31. Ciaran….are ya not thinking of Borja Valero who WBA have just signed mate?……..he was at West Brom played a few times sold him and now have bought him back.

  32. Look at it this way, at least we now have someone we could say is mobile, doesn’t really matter if he’s any good or not because him being mobile makes him better than Smudger already :lol: Now for the frenchy to get rid of Nolan :)

  33. Waddles mullet says:
    August 21, 2010 at 8:00 am

    Would pretty much fit in with what I was told earlier in the week.

    On this African fella – Their all realy athletic, strong and pretty good technically so I’m enthused by this signing(If it happens).

  34. —————Harper—————


    ———Barton——Ben Arfa——-



    SUBS: Krul, Colo, Nolan, Guthrie, Vuckic, Ranger, Lovenkrands

    must say id be quite impressed with that team am sure they would work well together

  35. You cant sell Smith,What if this Tiote is a flop.Just think about it ! then you be hating Someone for selling Alan Smith.

  36. r u kidding me u cant sell smith he is on 60K aweek n is are worst midfielder course u can sell him

  37. I just do,Hes keep saying we need to bring the in right players for the right price,Every interview he has done this season.The fact is Mike Ashley wont give him money to buy the right players.

  38. is this tiote guy just remind you of the fayes?? hope the wba mackem match is a draw…. cant have 1 of them winning like! hopefully blackpool can get put back into negative goals dif! 6-1 arsenal!
    just to start a rumour. ben afra and tiote to be shown to fans the morrow!!! ??? ;-)

  39. Davy,you will bite your words if we sell Alan Smith and we Buy Tiote turns out to be a flop.

  40. smith is awful and he’s on 60k a week i would never hate or doubt the managers ability for doing something what is best for the club put it this way smiths wages off the bill with pay for tiote and ben atfas wages combined so wher getting 2 for 1 and im sure everyone would rather hav Tiote and Arfa than Smith, we can play joey barton ther if its really needed and that bad you cant keep a player on 60k a week just to have him as a reserve player incase tiote flops which i doubt

  41. Nick well i dont think they will be able to play even if they do sign today ben arfa wont be match fit nd neither would have trained so a doubt CH would put em in squad so never no if we sign em tday then they will certainly be gettin introduced to the crowd tomorrw before kick off, the atmosphere will be fookin electric. I cant wait

  42. tiote wont flop he is like an essien type player, great shout i think they could both be at the match tomorro

  43. if they both in newcastle tha might just hav a nice stroll over to the match anyways even if tha dont sign tha might just fancie taking in a full stadium

  44. I dont know about this lad, but we have to strenghten our attacking options firstly. We have Barton, Smith, Nolan, Guthrie and Gosling, all i CM from before.

  45. meaning strong as hell doesnt bottle a tackle like to get stuck in and fancie a nice 40 yarder every so often

  46. Ben arfa will defo sign for us!!! Bremen don’t want to no, Milan have signed boateng on loan from genoa (weird) and marseille have signed gignac. Were r they getting all this money not just from niang me thinks we will sign him on a permanent

  47. @56 hitman says:
    August 21, 2010 at 9:54 am

    There is no way we will get rid of Nolan, he is pretty much a banker to start most games as he is the Captain :-S

  48. any tips on accums boys??! some hard ones the day…. or and defoe injured on my fantasy! not happy

  49. well goslings injured till jan, smiths on his way, tht leaves barton guthrie n nolan we would of needed atleast one more as cover anyways so works out well for me whyy not get a position which we are desperate for then we hav 4.. we need an attack minded player with pace and creativity which is looking like it will be ben arfa woo but we also need back up for left back and i would even put a 2million bid in for luke young hes a good player

  50. nolans been appointed club captain not team captain, which indicates to me tht he wont be playing every week and is leavin his options open for team captain

  51. Someone on Eds blog has said that Tiote is in the FC Twente team for todays game…

    maltese NUFC // Aug 21, 2010 at 10:06 AM

    I dont understand one thing…..how can a player be on the verge of joining a club and at the same time he is included in his teams squad for todays match in holland?

    This doesnt match up….


  52. Richie… I am from Næstved mate, you probably dont know it, but its a faily big city (In Danish standards) in the south of Sjælland.

  53. Tiote and Ben Arfa singings would make it a very good window for us in terms of transfers, add to that if we can get a right back in even on loan would make it an excellent summer compared to what I was expecting when the ‘no capital outlay’ statement came out.

  54. NI_Toon… I am sure that he refer to the interview with Twente’s manager who said that he wasnt training with them, but he had put him in his team for today. Imo that just a way of saying that Tiote will be in the twente team till any deal is done.

  55. this lad should make for an ideal replacement for smith.though he still has grit,smith just isn’t mobile enough for the PL.also we should try and get arfa because in my opinion routledge is way above his league now.jonas showed he’s capable but routledge is a no no for me.we need to play arfa on the wing or in the hole behind carroll when lovenkrands isn’t available.

  56. Toonsy, there’s a lad who’s just signed for WBA with a very similar name to this guy.
    I saw the name on SSN and though “how come he’s signed for the baggies and not us?”
    I had to double check on here to make sure the names were the same.

    If it’s true, I’m not sure what to think. I don’t know anything about him, so I can’t really get excited about this one. Hopefully he’ll do the business.
    Same goes for that Ben Affleck fella. Everyone is getting themselves all worked up over him, but have they actually seen him play or are they just going on other peoples say so.

  57. routledge played better than jonas against man utd, jonas just sort of ran n lost it atleast routy was doing what he normally does tries gettin the the byline and crossing although didnt get crosses in lol we need to giv them a chance they played against one of the best teams in the world jus wait until they play against teams we can actually win before we judge them

  58. Ben Arfa is immense he’s just inconsistent hopefully he’l be consistant at us though

  59. Bremen have signed a Brazilian attacking-mid from Santos (confirmed on the official site), which probably means they’ll end their chase of Arfa:


    Seems to be quite a few reports in Holland about the Tioté transfer, too.


  60. Ben Arfa is the closest player there is to Ronaldo! His temperament has held him back! He would be the best player NUFC have ever had!


    Guys, I don’t think many of you realise what type of player this guy is. He is EXACTLY what we need. A proper DM with strength, aggression and PROPER defensive instincts and capabilities. This guy just runs non-stop.

    I really am delighted with this, he was one of about 5 outstanding FC Twente players of the of the McClaren era. I remember when Twente played Arsenal at the Emirates, he was great that game even though they lost 3 or 4-0 in the end.

    If he checks in, then all we need is an AM and we are set for the season. If I had to choose whether to sign Tiote or Ben Arfa I would definitely choose Tiote. Unlike Ben Arfa, he isn’t just living off of the whole ‘wonderkid’ tag from 3 or 4 seasons ago.

  62. I dont understand one thing…..how can a player be on the verge of joining a club and at the same time he is included in his teams squad for todays match in holland?

    This doesnt match up….


    Possibly because the squad was announced before he had agreed to move.

    Tubantia is the largest paper in the Twente region and they say here that he’s included in the squad but was missing from training on Friday (I wonder where he could be?)


    Later that evening they announce he’s agreed terms with us with the club already agreeing a fee between them.


  63. Am I the only person who gets irritated by folk posting imagined teams and formations? I know I am being irrational.

    I would like to see Ranger get on the pitch for some of the game against Villa.

  64. Would rather sign a left back!


    I don’t see that as a priority Stuart and I think the club would struggle to get someone in either better that Enrique or good enough but happy to sit on the bench.

    Right back on the other hand I think we could get someone in for not a lot of money that is better than what we’ve got there at the moment.

  65. we are desperate for DM as we havent got one at the club.
    some people are just not happy are they?
    great signing!

  66. valle……I’ve had a weekend in Viborg thats the only Danish trip I’ve had…cracking weekend tho apart from the 90km march we had to do over 2 days.I’ve still got the Danish flag I knicked when I was p!ssed somewhere ;-)

    Ciaran…..no I don’t get inside information mate,I knew about Perch the day before but that was a pure fluke when I looked on one of their blogs

  67. we 110% need a DM dont care what some people say most people realise this and agree tht we need one just a few dont which i find very strange and they obv aint seen us play much, yes fair enough we need attack minded aswel but howay we defo need this player

  68. Why not play Smith AND Tiote in the same midfield ? That would be a really strong and compact central midfield pairing. Two other wide ball playing midfielders would complement a great 4 man midfield. Smith may be slow after all of his injuries, but his distribution on the ball is quite good, and he can tackle ok most of the time…

    Or there again, maybe we should just offload the wazzock…

  69. Geordie69 says:
    August 21, 2010 at 10:54 am
    Aye looks like it Batty! Have you seen Arfa play?
    <<<<< numb nuts well if every 1 on here thinks ben arfa will be the best player NUFC have ever had!there as thick as you u dipshit

  70. that would mean we wouldnt be playing barton or guthrie and both of them are better than smith, barton tiote would be good, we need to get smith off the wage bill he costs too much and gives away far to many free kicks yes he runs his ass off but am sure we need players with talent rather than someone who runs about giving away free kicks on edge of box and getting yellow n red cards

  71. Ben arfa is immense and i have seen him play, if he can stay with us and fulfill his potential and acclimatise to the league he will be a brilliant signing plus he is like 10x better than what weve got for his position

  72. “Smith may be slow after all of his injuries, but his distribution on the ball is quite good…”

    … 8-O

  73. If Benny plays to his full potential he still wouldnt be close to being the best Toon player I’m afraid.

  74. Geordie69 says:
    August 21, 2010 at 10:54 am
    Aye looks like it Batty! Have you seen Arfa play?
    <<<>>>Geordie69 says:
    August 21, 2010 at 10:36 am
    Ben Arfa is the closest player there is to Ronaldo! His temperament has held him back! He would be the best player NUFC have ever had!
    <<<<<< now stop sniffing glue and wotever ya taking and get too rehab

  75. Bringing in Tiote and Ben Arfa and selling Smith would allow Hughton to keep his job beyond the 6 month mark imo. He has to stop being the nice guy and start being a manager, that is what he is now paid for and that is what will keep us in this league.

  76. We won’t stay in the prem with championship players, Burnley and Hull are the latest to prove that.

  77. Batty you have a sad life if a comment makes you that angry, trying to fight on a website tut tut tut! Grow up young man x

  78. We certainly need someone more athletic than Smith. 65k a week? What were the thinking of? One day we will have a realistic wage bill. It is these silly wages that limit our transfer funds. You wouldn’t mind if he was a great player but he has never been anything at all for us.

  79. I’m putting stuff in the attic batty ten was making a cup of tea ……….I think he’ll be a cracking buy but far far away from being the best

  80. Geordie69 says:
    August 21, 2010 at 11:05 am
    Batty you have a sad life if a comment makes you that angry, trying to fight on a website tut tut tut! Grow up young man
    <<<<>> if this is wot ya call a fight u havent lived but thanx for the young man bit ya dipshit

  81. if people think this guy is the best the toon have had ok,must have only been fans for 18months imo

  82. rich he would improve the team but thats not hard m8 but crackin buy well >> bellamy would have been a crackin buy

  83. a dont think he’l be the best player weve ever had like maybe he could be one of the best players weve had in recent years if he fulfils his potention but not ever rather have shearer any day =]

  84. aye Bellamy would have been great alongside the big fella.I think he was determined to go home to be with the family.It’ll be like me when I got oot the army,seen too much of the wife then divorced :-)

  85. if benny boy is half as good as wor pedro beardsley then i will be over the moon! beardsley= best toon player ever.no contest

  86. Smith is a classic example of why Ashley has gone so tight with cash, He has been stung by the fees and wages he paid for Fat Sams players Viduka, Cacapa, Geremi, Smith and Barton who between them have/did do next to fcuk all.

    Im all for exceptional players being well paid IE Keggy and Shearer who brought in ridiculous sums of money to this club by selling tickets and merchandise but some of the players we have signed on big money beggars belief.

    As for wor Benny being our best ever player, He would be our best current player but dont talk through your ass ring mate…

  87. watched the lad play a few times (w.c.) yes hard lad etc etc,only thing that let him down for me was his passing after winning the ball,maybe he was on a “off”days,but canny player

  88. i dont think this lad will fit in with a name like tiote..so it’s a no from me.

    goodbye – i wont be returning.

  89. Any Dutch views on this player? I wasn’t impressed with the Ivory Coast in the World Cup but I wasn’t that interested in them at that time.

  90. saltysellars11 says:
    August 21, 2010 at 11:19 am
    if benny boy is half as good as wor pedro beardsley then i will be over the moon! beardsley= best toon player ever.no contest
    <<<< your closer too the mark salty defo 1 of them

  91. Even if some of our new signings are cack, we will at least be able to move them on. Smith would have gone ages ago if it wasn’t for his wage. It is frustrating. Isn’t Perch only on a few grand a week? Can you imagine playing in the same team as the likes of Duff and Smith, out performing them week in and week out and being paid 60k less than them.

  92. icedog@134…interesting point regarding Tiote’s passing ability. It’s a pity if his distribution and passing isn’t too good. We have enough players who give the ball away. IMO that was one of our biggest problems against Man Ure, and will be so for the rest of the season. We need to retain the ball better otherwise we’ll never score goals…

  93. Hope its true that OM have told him and his agents to go to NUFC and just sort out a deal. :)

    Probably true that he wants to come here for the money but I dont care if he can hold the ball up and get us out our own half for a change!

  94. Rangerman says:
    August 21, 2010 at 10:42 am

    It doesn’t make sense though. We would then have three right backs and only one left back.

  95. Have people seen this http://twitter.com/cwarris

    Bloke says Ben Arfa was in Toon yesterday and that the deal is sorted.
    Says his source is the agent involved and also reckons Smith will be allowed to leave to help pay wages.

  96. MM i dont want to run the kid down maybe the world cup “got” to him,but thought while watching what a canny player then when trying to play the ball out wide it was over-hit or cut out and team was on back foot again as i say could be a off day,but a good signing.

    imo best d.m.in w.c. was rois (spelling)

  97. icedog says:
    August 21, 2010 at 11:40 am

    To be fair every player was over hitting that shitty ball!

  98. Stuart79…no body is gonna sign Smith on those wages. At the end of the day we cannot blame Smith that he’s getting the wedge. You need to examine the brain of the bloke at the toon who endorsed those wages…

    I wouldn’t be surprised if we hadn’t had offers for Smith, which then broke down exactly because of his wage demands. I mean, he’s 30(?), aint gonna be a big player again, if he ever was one, wheres he gonna go ? It’s a bit of a Bellamy scenario..

  99. Munich Mag says:
    August 21, 2010 at 11:46 am

    Calm doon, son!

    I’m not blaming Smith for his wages – It’s human nature, people want to earn as much as they can. Nobody on here would turn a pay rise down, so why should he?

    I just don’t think it would be that easy to get rid of him. He’s had a few injuries too.

  100. stuart79-yep that jabulani made many a player look like they couldnt weight a pass to save them selves,tiote is a good solid player,watched a lot of eredivise on espn last season and he was one of twente’s players of season,they won the title too with him a regular.think he will be a cracking signing and at 4m looks like ash is prepared to spend a little,if we get arfa too which is looking likely(again) then the fat man will deserve some credit likes.smith leaving is almost as good as getting a new player due to the wages being freed up,so if these few ins and out deals come off and then we get maybe one more in on loan (either lb or striker,would think striker) then it will have been a jolly good window had by all what what!

  101. Ice

    Arevelo only has 9 caps and he’s 29 in january, Maybe it was a one off, Its hard to judge players on tournaments its like saying we dont want Rooney, Gerrard, Messi, Torres, Kaka and Evra because they were shite at the world cup…

  102. I would be v happy to get this cheicky guy!

    I want us to play with 2 cdm every game and have a 4 man fully rotational attacking unit. We haven’t had a decent cdm since batty so will be great to get him in.

    Anyhoo of out so catch yas all later, play nicely

  103. This transfer window is like a soap opera…

    You can skip two weeks and you’ve missed nothing! Can’t wait for Sept 1 so the real season can start.

  104. CC a very good point m8,i go with wenger on that;never buy a player on the viewing of a 3wk game

  105. Just an off-topic story~~

    Just Now,i was reading a soccer magazine called four four two,and there is an article on Great Coaches,bad Players…In there was Jose Mourinho…In the first few paragrah,He told that since Young,Kevin Keegan was His boyhood idol. :lol: :lol:

    Come to think of it,it such a pity two good manager didn’t pit against each other….

    I know i may get questioned by some fans,but IMO,KK ish a great manager that can bring live,excitement,entertaining football.

  106. Wonder if we’ll get them paraded before the Villa match? Doubt it, PR isn’t our strong point.

    Would lift the atmosphere a notch though.

  107. Lads Craigcoozy said the Beeny deal was done last week so what makes last night twitter any differrent.
    Ice hows you this fine day
    Richie how many points did you get from lastnite ;)
    Mr Murray why are you darkening our door again you said lastnite that you wont be back on after you slagged Wor batty off you nasty piece of sh1t .

  108. If they’ve got them they should announce it asap to help sell some bloody tickets………..at least I’ll get my half time Bovril and pie without having to queue

  109. STUART always been my biggest gripe with with this lot they dont know what P.R. means,maybe they think it means PAY-ROLL

  110. Newcastle United are definately NOT signing Ben Arfa, this is 100% accurate, believe it or not, this is true though

  111. craigcoozy says:
    August 21, 2010 at 12:03 pm
    Newcastle United are definately NOT signing Ben Arfa, this is 100% accurate, believe it or not, this is true though

    Close the door on your way out…

  112. Dave,hopefully I scored none but cant be sure…memory isn’t what it was.

    It’s no use having a good memory unless you have something good to remember ;-)

  113. craigcoozy the great case of strange peolpe who pose as others on blogs? get a life mate

  114. What do you guys think about this formation, (I think it makes no sense dropping our best player and making him our 2nd best player on the bench.) Routledge has looked a bit shell shocked so far so I would go.

    -Ben Afra————————

    With Benny in a Lionel Messi type position.
    Assuming these transfers FINALLY come off.
    Possibly Collo at RB instead of Perch.
    I think that would resemble a prem team if Carroll plays like he did against ManU. :)

  115. how many blogs is ed doing the day like! 1 every 10 mins… just copying papers and that! craig fooook off u sad mackem bastuuurd

  116. Yo Stuart@153, I don’t need to calm down mate. I was actually agreeing with you, no one is gonna sign Smith cos of his wage demands are exorbitant. Looks like I maybe need to change my writing style, cos you obviously read summat completely different to wait I wuz trying to say

  117. that bloke off twitter reckons smith is going to rangers,dont know if its true like,fkin hope it is tho..

  118. Big Dave, He’s too slow and predictable to play with Carroll. Ask yurself What inpact did he have at Old Traff?

  119. Howey man average Bolton player newcastle United captain and undroppable, how low have we sunk.

  120. craigoozy – if you going to pretend to be someone, try doing a little research first it helps with the wind-up.

  121. DJG he had a big impact on the manure game we had to carry him for 70 mins so we were down to 10 men untill strolla came on which made it a bit more even :)

  122. toonsy – thats strange, thought he wasn’t coming back either? Some folk just don’t know what they want or in his case wether he likes it in the pink or the brown.

  123. Nolans “Doubtful” with concussion again, Might be Hughton saving face when he bombs him and Smith and brings back Guthrie and Lover…

  124. Did everyone see Shola fail Slide Tackle,Best thing he has done for me. Best laugh in ages.

  125. I for one would be sad to see Smith go… His wages are too high, no disagreeing there. But he is a vital part of the team in other ways im sure. He seems to be part of all the banter going on, with taches and so on and he just has this steel in his eyes that shows a mental toughness which we will need throughout this season.

    In a perfect world, we would keep him on reduced terms.

  126. toonsy says:
    August 21, 2010 at 12:17 pm
    Lads don’t get wound up by David Murray. It;s Cropper on a wind up
    <<<< i knew that as soon as he posted hes the only 1 that knew my 2nd name on here ya grass toonsy :lol: but do u know who else he posts under another 4 names lol

  127. How many years ago is it now that Nolan had his high scoring season at Bolton and Smith was a decent Leeds prospect, their finished man, bench players this season at most, both on far too high wages for what they are.

  128. Valle I would go into a battle with Smith beside me any day mate but he does get big wages which isn’t his fault, but we dont really need him

  129. What time should I take the dog out?

    1pm or 2pm? I can listen to the Saturday legends at both times, but I just can’t work out what time to go.

    Decisions, decisions.

  130. Neither will get another contract, we’re stuck with Smith until 2012 and Nolan until 2013 and neither will leave before then considering the wages their on.

  131. Similar to Butt situation, paying extortionate wages to a guy no longer in first team reconing warming the bench for a season.

  132. 213 batty says:
    August 21, 2010 at 12:31 pm
    stu u takin the wife oot for dinner then

    You’re wasted on the dole, you.

  133. Big Dave… Yah, i know those wages will probably mean his end here at NUFC. But i just think the dressing room would miss him allot and i for one thought he had a decent game against Manure, breaking up some attacks and adding some steel.

  134. Stuart79 says:
    August 21, 2010 at 12:32 pm
    213 batty says:
    August 21, 2010 at 12:31 pm
    stu u takin the wife oot for dinner then

    You’re wasted on the dole, you.
    <<<< lol ya kna ya love me stu

  135. Interesting article regarding the spending power of a big club like Everton..


    At the end of the day we’re all slugging it out for players of a particular price class and salary. Ashley plays his cards close to his chest, nowt wrong with that when were talking about million pound investments. We cannot offer players european footy or owt like that, then it’s down to the selling skills of CH to sell the club to the player in question …

  136. VALLE,aye m8 he played canny but you must admit he never got to within 20 yds of P.S. and hes nee bolt

  137. Icedog… True mate, but you have to admit that Barton and Jonas didnt make it any easier by throwing the ball away on several ocasions… That said i agree 100% that our midfield lacks pace and we have to replace not only Smith but also Nolan at some point in the not to distant future, it just makes you wonder if our great team spirit will leave with these steely charecters who you know will be there when the going gets tough.

  138. could someone explain what CiaranTheGeordieLad is on about? It all seems like a collection of random words not related to anything.

  139. The Fat Controller is getting generous in his old age, I cancelled my subscription so then send my an excellent offer >
    Hey David

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  140. Valle, I agree with you about Barton and Jonas giving the ball away too easily. Jonas did not have the best game against Man U. He gave the ball away on several occasions and when he went forward he did not pass the ball to players in space and decided to carry on, only to fall over to see if he could get a free kick.

    I really hope tiote’s deal is tied up today as then he could be available to play tomorrow.

  141. Dave – I dodn’t send you that e-mail :lol:

    Reet, off out to walk the mutt. Catch you all in a bit. Hopefully I will have a thought of what to write when I get back. Having a mental block at the minute :(

  142. anyone see comments of S.IRELAND on joining villa;milner will get a shock there players walking about with £100000 watches on and i am better than the players city have signed,ect ect,talk about haveing a pop

  143. anyone see them talking about us on football focus? I had to laugh:
    “we’ve had some emails from Newcastle fans saying that this is actually a worse team than what got relegated”
    That question is as boring, one dimensional and journalistic as they come, he probably thought it up on the bog!
    Every NUFC fan knows the difference between that team and this one.

  144. Apparently ourselves and O’M have still not agreed on a future fee for Ben Arfa. This seems to be the only stumbling block to a deal being done.

  145. BIG DAVE I dont know whats ganning on with young players now,its all diamonds and daggers.
    gone quiet on rumours now,maybe because richietoon not on ;) lol

  146. i am sure they will sort the fee out as long as they have agreed personal terms with the player ?

  147. Ice the money is killing the game that was Football, But I do think it will all implode at some stage within the next few yrs.

  148. So the club have agreed termsa with Arfa and agreed a loan fee with Marseille, it just needs us to agree a permanant transfer fee for him.

    No drama’s, just normal negotiating.

  149. i cannot see ashley paying his wages,they are astronomical.i’ve got a lot of time for bullard as a footballer,but how old is he now?30 odd.

  150. he could take a pay cut to get away from those fakey tiger claw gesturing fans at hull.

  151. Well wikipedia says he has signed for us and its never failed me before i rekon this guy will sign but would have preferd leroy fer as he has more potential as far ben arfa would have been a good loan deal but ashley wont put a clause in saying if we stay up we buy him so cant see it happenin he seems to piss of everyone he works with

  152. tiotes only jus gone 24 so he’s still got another 10 years football in him aswel with time to improve so a think he will be a solid player hopefully for many years to come

  153. Hmmmm we all live in hope,We can only hope when we have Mike Ashley as the owner.
    Happy Days.

  154. good to see the w***ers on Skysports writing us off…. We’ll definitely stay up now.

  155. No dont want Bullard, maybe a 3-4 seasons ago barring injuries and before we got Nolan, but not now, no way jose.

  156. we defo do not need bullard he’s too old too injury prone and will cost like 2.5million and probz wont get a full season out of him when we can pay 5 for arfa and could get 6-7 years if every thing works out

  157. sky sports are idiots we arent gonna set the league a light but were going to stay up because there are definitely worse teams than us blackpool wigan west brom even west ham its going to be a hard season though

  158. i hope so look at what happened last season and everyone was saying we were going to do a leeds as long as we win our matches against the mackems and stay up that would be a sucesful season in my eyes but I hope we do well cos the team we have seem like a good bunch of lads who want to do it for the fans

  159. We need an HBA type that can play the ball into the box. Carrol is a great target but we cannot waste chances to score with poor crosses.

  160. jay jay,you want to cos thats shocking ;-)

    I just hope all mine are gonna get a game this weekend.

  161. jitam – Are you just a Twatter stalker or what?

    Anyway, well done Gareth Bale, he’s in my dream team.

  162. stuart, the twit link i put up had caulkin of the times posting on it,so i doubt it some kid.

  163. AngelOfDeath says:
    August 21, 2010 at 4:09 pm
    The Blackpool ain’t feeding the hare.

    I have no idea what you’re talking about ………. but I like it!

  164. he is good but it is the only position where we need strengthening … Barton, Nolan Smith, colo anyone can play there and do it well ..