Newcastle 2-2 PSV Eindhoven – Video highlights.

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Here are the goal highlights from the 2-2 draw with PSV Eindhoven at St James’ Park yesterday.

You can read the match report here.

As has been said, 2-2 is not a bad result, nowhere near it in fact. What it does display is that the ‘never say die’ attitude that was built last season has stayed with us, and that is most definately a good thing.

Newcastle will now be heading off to Spain in preparation for Tuesday evenings match against Deportivo la Coruna at The Riazor.

It’s two weeks tomorrow before the season gets underway for us, and I can’t wait.

Premier League: Bring it on!

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33 Responses

  1. 179 teams in the Fantasy Football League now.

    Don’t know why you’re all bothering as I’m going to win anyway :)

    To be the best, you have to beat the best – I’m undefeated ;)

  2. The Fantasy one?

    Hennessey, Baines, Cuellar, Shawcross, Hangeland, N’Zogbia, Pienaar, Etherington, Arshavin, Tevez (c), Defoe.

    Subs: Harper, Craddock, Giggs, Rodallega.

    There is a little bit pf philosophy in there somewhere. Notice I have put two players each from two teams who should be around us?

    Well, my theory is that I never win, and for that to happen those players have to score poorly, which means Wolves and Wigan have to have poor results, which means Newcastle should benefit.

    Very noble of me I think :lol:

  3. Toonsy, “two players from two teams who should be around us”! arshavin,tevez,defoe & giggs off the bench?

  4. Toonsy you only have 2 of my team there,so therefore you ain’t even gonna come close!! ;-)

  5. Hart
    Fabregas,De Jong,N’Zogbia


    4-3-3 the way forward.

  6. Anybody catch any of the highlight of the emerites cup? That chamakra (sp) looks the business.

  7. I notice Hughton has been saying he expects more players to come in and he has cash to splash….

  8. The question is how much though Stuart? I would have thought it would have been best to keep quiet about having cash to spend!

  9. The only thing yesterday proved is ordinary we look wen jonas n routledge arnt playin so we need to wingers brought in, apart from that thought a lot of positves best looked good xisco did very well on the wing kept the bll well n was tracking bk his aattitude is very good now he looks like a different player, n traviner looks good at right bk

  10. thats the hole point lads! we can get him but we wont push the boat out for must not have all are central midfield players on the pitch or the rest on the bench just to keep them happy.we need players who can score goals for the team 2 come off the bench.he has got to be ruthless and have a mix with people who can change a game not players he puts them on the bench to keep them happy.thats my biggest concern lets see if u have the balls to do that.thats why i say to u all are young players cant go on loan becasue the squad isnt good enough for us too do that.i would rather have them on then some of ch favorite players.

  11. why doesnt he play ranger and harris for 90mintues in games.i think he doesnt fot the fact if they do well he has got a problem to play them.every team i have seen play all the youngsters have been givin good playing time.why was harris and ranger playing for the reserves friday.doesnt make sence apart from when we get injuries.pre season is were u look at young guns to see if they can do smells like last season first smith off the bench or butt b4 the rest good thing butt isnt going to play for us anymore.

  12. Hitman – Worse than Modric. At least he came and discussed terms and had a peek around our training ground! I reckon Fat Sham put him off.

    SA: “Reeet the Luka, I’ll sign but my computer stats tell me you are too creative for my sides, so unfortunately I can’t play you as it may tip the percentages in favour of the opponents”

    LM: “liwehrbfiwe loreugfpoeu oqngpfonqe3”

    SA: “Okay then. Go to Tottenham”

  13. asim, chris didn’t seem to have a problem with leaving smithy out last season. Wouldn’t be suprised if he was the player who misses out with barton & guthrie infront of him to partner nolan, still a useful player to have on the bench when you need to close a game out. Vuckic is going to be involved but you can’t have bench filled with attacking players, I’m all for giving young players a chance if they’re good enough & its a big if.

  14. Yalright lads…thannks for the link Toonsy, well done !

    Contemtious point……Krul or another goalie would have saved both of those PSV goals…sorry like…

    Two good goals from the Toon, great free-kick from R.Taylor, good finish from Best.

    Set piedces will be critical this coming season, we need to be good defending them, and also as a chance to score goals ourselves. With Carroll and a.n.other waiting in the box for the free-kicks I’d fancy our chances for sure

  15. i was there yesterday,the football we played in the first half was f**king terrible,second half we were a bit better,although it was battling spirit rather than scintilating football.psv also took their foot off the gas a bit,but smithy and nolan,your having a laugh.we cannot even contemplate them two in midfield.

  16. Good report Trojan69 mate….! CH’s interview on Sky said summat different, flippin heck, I hope it’s just him putting a positive spin on things, and that he actually saw what was really happening !..

  17. noir9 what i mean is! not having all central midfielders on the bench.we need 2 defenders 2 central and the rest who can change a game.not having all kids which that would never happen anyway.and not putting senior players on the bench to keep them young players lose out becasue of this.we need to move forward which we are doing but with young guns. if we are not going to buy.these players are not making us any better but some youngster might do.

  18. 2-2’s OK but we do seem to stand off people and allow them room and time for shots I notice. But it’s only pre-season.
    But the thumping Everton gave Norwich after they beat us is a bit worrying.

  19. I didnt want to mention it as we’re still preparing for the new season but Smithy didnt look commanding as a defensive CM yesterday ? Here’s .com’s link to the game and it clearly shows Smudger backing off the Hungarian before the second goal for an example.

    Maybe Smudger doesnt know what a DCM does so here’s a brief intro to the role of the “Defensive midfielder (DM)”

    A defensive midfielder, holding midfielder or midfield anchor is a central midfielder who is stationed in front of the back defenders for defensive reasons, thus “holding back” the freedom of the opponents to attack. The defensive midfielder screens the defence by harrying and tackling the opposition teams’ attackers and defenders. They also help tactically, for instance, by directing central attacking players out to the wing where they have more limited influence, and by covering the positions of full-backs, midfielders and even the centre-backs as they charge up into attack.

    Although the duties of defensive midfielders are primarily defensive, some midfielders are deployed as deep-lying playmakers, due to their ability to dictate tempo from a deep position with their passing. As they are not defensive specialists, they are typically supported by a more defensive holding midfielder.

    Defensive midfielders require excellent positional sense, work rate, tackling ability, and anticipation (of player and ball movement) to excel. They also need to possess excellent passing skills and close control to hold the ball in midfield under sustained pressure. Most importantly, defensive midfielders require great stamina as they are the onfield players who cover the greatest distance during a professional football match.”

    This is the killer issue though……………

    “In a typical Premier League football match, a midfielder may cover up to 12 kilometres for a full 90-minute game. Deep-lying playmakers typically require a good first touch under opposition pressure and the ability to play long crossfield passes to attacking players further upfield”