Landon Donovan linked with January move to Newcastle?

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It's a Landon thing?
It's a Landon thing?
Newcastle United are rumoured to be interested in signing USA international Landon Donovan when the January transfer window opens in the new year.

Rumours suggest that Newcastle will be going toe-to-toe with Everton as both clubs try to sign the pacey midfielder on a three-month loan deal, much like Everton did last season.

It is for that reason that I suspect that this is just a rumour, a bit of speculation. Donovan was at Everton for three months last season, and you would have to say that would put Everton at the top of the list for the USA international if a similar deal was offered again. A return to familiar surroundings at a ground where he bacame a bit of a crowd favourite would be on the cards in my view.

Still, with the transfer window only two months away it was perhaps inevitable that the rumour mill would start cranking into life, and along with the rumours comes the return of our old friend, the club source.

“He is exactly the signing Newcastle need with Ben Arfa out with a long-term injury,” a Newcastle source said. “The boss is worried that the team rely too much on Andy Carroll and Donovan has proven that he can hurt defences in the Premier League.

“It would work really well for the player because he will be guaranteed a game every week and for the club because those three months after Christmas will be vital – we want a mid-table finish.”

It makes sense, but so does a lot of speculation to be fair, and next to none of it comes off so make of it what you will. My own personal view is that it would be a great signing in the unlikely event of it ever happening.

Of course, we had Chris Hughton telling us that he was happy with his squad and wasn’t expecting to be adding to it in January not so long back, but it would be worth casting your minds back to last January where nothing much was expected in the transfer market, and look what happened there.

Bluff or not, the speculation will roll on, and whilst it maybe annoying to some, I still believe that you can’t beat a bit of speculation.

Howay Chris, sign him up!

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67 Responses

  1. jay jay says:
    October 26, 2010 at 1:00 pm
    Batty???<<<< with rich being top of ff leauge i sed too him maybe toonsy and jay should put there heads together too make a wooden hut :)

  2. Deepak – Nah. Thought about it bu going to carry on. Not gonna let the buggers grind me down :)

    Batty – I don’t know mate. It has to be something good :)

  3. Cheers batty:-)anyway,just an idea,why not use routledge as a support strikes to carroll?he clearly has the pace to confuse defenders and we know he is crap at crossing and those kinda things to play effectively on the wing.anyway this is my crazy idea which has been paying me rich dividends in Fifa 11.go play it,he is freaking usain bolt in that:-)

  4. toonsy how about all the managers weve had over the last 15 years or so years and you give them all a rating ,that will get people argueing :)

  5. Deepak – On the contrary, I actually think Routledge’s crossing can be excellent, as he showed last season.

    What he is lacking at the minute, in my opinion, is the confidence to beat the full-back and get the ball in.

  6. Is there no way of withdrawing from the fantasy football league as it has no credibility when you score nowt for an assist ??

  7. jay jay says:
    October 26, 2010 at 1:19 pm
    I’m doing alright batty, 5-6 I think mate<<<< well rich told me you and toonsy were as thick as 2 short planks ,hence the wooden hut :)

  8. Batty – Technically it should be all about me, what with it being the 500th and that :lol:

    So, how about all the managers since I have started going to Toon matches?

    Starting with Jim Smith 8O :lol:

  9. toonsy i thought it could be aboot you but what can ya say aboot a winding up stumpy little geordie f@cker what we dont already know :)

  10. Guess so toonsy but last year he was playing defenders who were below the level he has to deal with now.he wont get the time or space that he used to enjoy in the championship to put the crosses in.either he has to work on developing his game all round and add a new dimension to it to get past his man or else,hoots has got to think where else his most potent weapon-raw pace, can be exploited,in my opinion anyway

  11. He would be a great signing in my opinion, but if he chooses to go to England again, I’m sure he would choose Everton, it seems he really likes it there.

  12. CC,
    here here,
    i feel cheated too. How many times has that happened too?

    On topic:
    ‘a sauce’ says donovan in for HBA.
    Ha, no comparison what so ever.
    How old? & why? springs to mind.

  13. No yanks please, a nation that thinks the moon landing was fake but wrestling is real :roll:

  14. jay jay,
    i thought it was as much us lot that thought the moon landing was fake?
    & i’m guessing you’re too young to remember the wrestling over here back in the 70’s that everyone thought was real?

  15. Clint flick

    At time of writing im at the heady hights of 366, With forwards scoring and creating as many as Drogba and Carroll with a midfield the quality of Arteta, Essien, Fabregas and Bale.

    How can they possibly count staying on the pitch for 90 minutes as deserving of points rather and creating a goal as not deserving.

    Completely farcical but apparantly its a bit of “fun”…

  16. No problem with him being american, more his age, although that would matter less if it was a loan. He’s not a bad player, & it would be funny to upset the scouse mackems. But, i’m just not feeling it, baby.

  17. CC,
    i went up to 50 odd, then back down to 80 odd after sunday, drat.
    AC’s assist woulda helped keep me up there.
    I don’t get how nodding it back for Nolan to score wasn’t an assist?
    Makes no sense!

  18. CC – I’ll e-mail them, on your behalf :roll:

    And yes, it is supposed to be a bit of fun….

  19. CC

    I think the slight deflection Carroll’s header took off of De Costa, which put the ball right in Nolan’s path is why they haven’t given you the assist points as well as the goal points.

  20. CC – I sent this….

    Hi there.

    I run a private league and I am getting complaints regarding some points awards that people feel they are missing out on.

    Andy Carroll should have had an assist at the weekend yet no point have been given for it – is there a reason why?

    Many thanks.

  21. Clint I’m too young to remember the 70s at all, don’t remember much of the 80s, the last decade has been a bit of a blur too :)

  22. Having Donovan would be a great signing and give us more appeal to the american fan base market.

    Its a load of twaddle though.

  23. El Toro,
    that’s all well & good, but y’still get goal points for deflected goals, don’t ya’?
    Nice one toonsy.

  24. From about 1997 – 2006 was a blur for me. In that time I could bought my house outright at todays prices with the money I wasted on cigarettes, booze and drugs.

    Would I change a thing if I could have my time again?

    Hell no :)

  25. Jay Jay,
    aye, just waiting to be tapped into.
    As a minority sport over there, it’s still got millions of fans. Loads of hispanic fans & ex-europeans.

  26. toonsy iam waiting too see what shite your gonna come up with for your 500th blog ,howay man less yapping more thinking :)

  27. batty@17…what I actually said was if they had one more brain cell they’d be plants ;-) :lol:

  28. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    October 26, 2010 at 1:44 pm

    just to shit stir a bit,
    bowburnmag agrees with anal o-lover, weirdo!”

    Clint, to be fair, I just think it’s a case of Bowburn loving having a go at me rather than him really agreeing with Anal. He usually chips in to suggest that I have some kind of “agenda” or ulterior motive whenever I write something.

  29. CC – A chorus of boo’s and intense pressure. The rape thing was dropped, and it would be a bit rich if we dragged that up considering we will have a player who actually got convivted of an offence yesterday on the pitch…..

  30. worky,
    aye mate, i’ve noticed that too.
    I have read some of his stuff for tott though & i’m always disappointed at his approach & find his attitude very cynical. I’d swear he had a liver complaint.

    I also found my self sticking up for you mate, not that you need it.

  31. Toonsy

    Theres no smoke without fire, He has had previous accusations and quite frankly i think Carroll having the odd scuffle is in no way comparible to potentially scarring a woman for life…

  32. BTW worky,
    what’s wrong with having an agenda against AO & pressmongers in general anyway.
    I’d be way more worried if y’didn’t, that’s what worries me about bowburn actually.

  33. Worky – The latest one. Don’t make out that I am some sort of stalker :lol:

    CC – Hmm…. I view that differently to be honest. I say that it is easy for a girl to cry rape, as it happened to a mate of mine.

    Mud sticks with that kind of thing, and his house got trashed, he got repeatedly beaten, his kids got kicked in at school, his mirs got spat at in the street……

    And after all that, guess what? The girl eventually admitted that ahe made it all up and got prosecuted for wasting police time.

    You know what else? Like I said, mud sticks, and the hassle carried on to the point where he had to move away from the area.

    I’ll try and find the local newspaper article on it….

  34. where’d this rumor come from? would be a great signing for our midfield, at least on loan. highly doubt we’d get him over everton though as i think he came out a few weeks ago sayin he’d love to go back there.
    good point brought up on the american market too. bit biased for me since many of the people i know/hang out with are already into various teams, but the point about the US being a huge untapped market is completely spot on and one that the toon really should try to take advantage of.

  35. Toonsy

    Its happened to someone living not far from me, It is a terrible thing for a girl to falsely accuse.

    But to happen to the same lad and his drinking partners for gang rape more than once ??

    He must be bloody unlucky…

  36. Hello all

    Being a true “American” (born and raised here) I can definitely assure you that signing Donovan would be a major positive for the spreading of the Newcastle brand. Last year before he signed at Everton, I can assure you that the casual American sports fan had no idea who they were, or where they located. It increased Everton’s visibility, and made people much more aware over here of who they were, and I have definitely seen a lot more Everton jerseys worn around then ever before. Currently if you go to the local sporting goods store, the only jersey’s u see for sale are of ‘major’ teams (AC Milan, Man U, Real Madrid, ect.) I would love nothing more than to walk into my local sporting goods store and see those beautiful black and white striped jersey’s hanging on the wall for sale!

  37. CC – Aye, I get what you are saying like, but saying that he has never been convicted of owt. Innocent until proven guilty remember…

  38. @ cubsfan102 – oddly enough, heading into macys in times square last year, on the rack in their sporting section were man u, liverpool, chelsea, arsenal, and newcastle shirts. go figure…

    but yea, agree that it would raise the profile. can guarantee that liverpool will be enjoying a growing base of support in the boston area over the next couple of years.

  39. Odly enough indeed! Very random to be placed in such company. Oh well, maybe we are a big club after all!

  40. @63 and 64….wor lass is from Madrid so we go over there quite a bit and those are the kits you’ll find in most sports stores over there too…probably from when we regularly used to get into Europe ;-)

  41. Would love for this to happen. Lando’s a good player, no doubt. He’s getting up there age-wise, but he’s still super fit, very quick and creates a lot of chances for his teammates and scores a fair few too.

    I’m American too and can definitely say that Landon signing would make a pretty big splash. During the world cup, he was a hot property in the American sports landscape and that would continue–especially if the Galaxy have a good run in the MLS playoffs and then he jets off to England again.

    I only hope he has that good run and LOSES TO NEW YORK RED BULLS IN THE FINAL!

  42. Jay Jay @ 26 or 27 or somethin

    Feck off mate!

    1) Donovan would be a GREAT signing
    2) The moon landing happened (this from a Yank…)
    3) And anyone who believes wrestling is real is an idiot.

    And I don’t understand where you get off insinuating that Yanks are that stupid. This coming from an Englishman who lives rather close to a community called Pennywell. And you think WE’RE dumb? Jeez mate, take a look at your average mackem. I think one of them escaped to the Appalachian mountains here in America and that’s how the “bigfoot” rumour got started. They’re like the missing link, mate. And they’re on YOUR soil haha!

    So think twice before ya insult us Yanks like that. :D

    Other than that, much love mate. HWTL