Could a loan deal for Adam Johnson be on the cards?

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Adam Johnson in Toon?
Adam Johnson in Toon?
The Sunday Sun is suggesting that Newcastle could be lining up a sensational loan move for Manchester City’s England international winger, Adam Johnson.

The paper reports that Adam Johnson is unhappy with being out of favour at Eastlands as he bids to nail down his place in the national team. Of course there are question marks about the off-field behaviour of the lad, and he certainly seems to enjoy a drink or two, but there can be no questions over the quality of the lad as a player.

Now before people start getting carried away, let’s not forget that it is the Sunday Sun that is reporting this, and it isn’t really known for it’s accuracy. It gets called the ‘Sunday Stun’ from time to time due to the sensational headlines that get rolled out on a fairly frequent basis as it battles with much larger publications for a share of the Sunday newspaper market. Despite that though, I actually feel that the paper could be onto something, for once.

Now I’m not suggesting that Adam Johnson will be winging his way to St James’ Park, or Shaun Wright-Phillips for that matter (another name that the article suggests), anytime soon, but I do think that a loan deal or two could be on the cards.

A loan deal, for the right player, would be a quick fix to a problem and would only help us in our attempts to survive in the Premier League this season. Normally I’m not to keen on loan deals as I don’t see the real benefit of giving players from other clubs plying time in our shirts when they are just going to go back to their original club anyway, but there can be some benefits to it.

Take Landon Donovan and his loan to Everton last year. He provided Everton with something they were lacking, and it worked a treat espite the fact that he was only an Evertonian on a temporary basis. If Newcastle could achieve the same kind of thing and sign a player that gives us something we are lacking, say creativity, or wing play, then it will be a massive plus point for the team.

It’s not just about loaning a player. It’s all about loaning the right player!

So basically, whilst I remain sceptical of the names that have been mentioned by the Sunday Sun, I can see some good, strong, reasons to pursue loan players that can do a job for us.

Getting Johnson would be ace though!

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34 Responses

  1. I’m sure he corrected the interviewer after the city game and said he was a Newcastle fan.

  2. workyticket says:
    November 28, 2010 at 7:33 pm

    Toon fan, Worky.

    Most of his family are Mackems but he used to support Newcastle and his favorite player was Ginola.

  3. who gives a sh*t who he supports, if he can do the job, get him in.

    Right age, right quality, I think we should go all out for him, type of player we’re screaming out for

  4. Big D…the yuppie Ayetie at Citeh cannot keep everybody happy, it would be cool if we managed to get Johnson even on loan until the end of the season. Can you imagine being at Citeh as a player, it must be garbage if you’re not in the team…how can you have a semblance of team spirit with so many overpaid egos at the club…

    come to the toon young man…

  5. Johnson’s still learning his trade, not sure if he had played so many games for the smoggies before citeh signed him…

  6. For me he’s one of the few English youngsters along with Wilshere who deserve the hype. He comes on as a super sub and changes games for Citeh, much like he did against us. He came on, scored, they won the game.
    I can’t see it happening but i’d bite their hand off for a loan deal. I think he’s already showing he can be an excellent player and he has huge potential. As has already been said, it’s the sunday sun you have to take it with the whole shaker, nevermind just a pinch of salt but it would be a brilliant deal for us given our inability to consistently provide quality into the box for the likes of Carroll.

  7. Not going to happen.
    Btw, did I miss it – which one of our players is going to get a ban on video evidence from today’s match? Ther has to be one – we were playing today.
    I’m sure I saw Krul giving someone a nasty look, or maybe it was Danny Simpson who was heard to say “Bother!” when Chelsea got a free kick? Must be worth a 6 -week ban each.

  8. It would be a decent signing! He would add something that only HBA in our squad have! Hope we can work for a loan-deal that will go trough in January, and I will love him signing permanently:D!

  9. what you reckon he would cost now? They bought him for around £7mil they reckon, so what, £10 mil now? He’s already come out and tried to put the comments to bed though.

    Loan, would love it, permanant, cant see it happening. Plus, with our scouts out and about, especially busy in France from what I hear, maybe we might sign the new 17 year old, French Adam Johnson for nowt!!

  10. Magpie6699 – I reckon they’ll have a look at Tiote. Apparently he gave someone a stern look during the game :)

  11. Johnson, 23, was born in Sunderland but grew up supporting their near-neighbours. He even signed for the club as a youngster before he was released at 12 and made his name at Middlesbrough.

    Speaking to the Blues’ official website, the England international revealed his joy at his 75th minute goal in the 2-1 victory.

    He said: “I wasn’t a Sunderland fan, I was at Newcastle and supported them as a kid.

  12. He said not so long back that he has a soft spot for Sunderland because his dad used to take him to roker but he is a Newcastle fan.

    Got to say im surprised to see this article given time of day with it coming from the sunday sun, I expected Ed to get himself to the point of climax on his but not on here…

  13. johnson to set them up, carroll to knock em down. would make sense to have wingers who can cross with two big galoots up top

  14. Aye davy,
    he used to play for us, as a bairn.
    How unusual, that’s not normally Newcastle’s style, to let a top player leave the club as a bairn.

  15. Err ! forget about SWP, but Johnson Hmm !
    One of the best wingers in the league.
    Dont see Citeh letting such a talent leave under any circumstance, but him being local makes it all the more attractive and the possibility sound more reasonable.
    But fugedaboudit ! aint gonna happen.
    Then again, he, Ben Arfa, Jonas and Tiote, would make a formidable midfield eh !

  16. CC – It’s not so much the names that I agree with as I think they are just pie on the sky, but the theoy of getting loan players, as I’ve said in the article, could be a benefit to us.

  17. Wrong Johnson!
    They are mistaking him with Michael, he’s the lad who likes a drink or two and whom we might get on loan.

  18. johnson wasnt released by newcastle when he was 12, he left because travellin was to much for his parents finishin work and gettin through for trainin…..

  19. While I’d love Johnson. I think his wages are an issue and who would make way in the current squad for him?