Are you still smiling? I know I am.

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Carroll's 2nd against Villa.
Carroll's 2nd against Villa.
There hasn’t been many things to smile about as a Newcastle fan over the last few years.

Promotion was geat, fantastic, but it was a short-lived happiness that got subdued with the release of that statement. But right now, at least for this week, we can hold our heads up high and walk with a spring in our step as we each go about our daily business.

The 6-0 yesterday was fantasic, and the fact that it was so unexpected has probably added to the sheer disbelief of it all. We deserved the win yesterday, we outplayed them, outfought them, outmuscled them, plus the fact that our new number nine, the local lad, got his first ever hat-trick in a black and white shirt in front of his own people will have added to it all.

There was more though, more than just the result yesterday. In amongst the feel good vibes there was the announcement of a new signing, pending a work permit of course. Cheick Tiote will soon, hopefully, be joining up with us to become signing number four of the summer, and there should be more on the way aswell if what Hughton and Dekka say holds any truth.

All round, yesterday was amazing. It seems strange for us to say that as it doesn’t happen very often. I am a proud Geordie and a staunch Newcastle United fan, but yesterday, today, this week, I am also a very very proud Newcastle United fan.

Far too often in the past there has been something waiting just around the corner to kick us all in the bollocks. It will take something massive to bring us down from this high. Despite the joy, I have noticed that people aren’t getting carried away. There is an awareness that whilst the result and the performance was excellent, memorable, it is still only one result and there is still a long way to go.

What that game showed us yesterday was hope. If the players can reach that level of performance in more games to come then we should be alright, comfortably alright in fact. People will point at Villa and say they were below par. They were, but Newcastle made them look below par.

All in all, I am loving this feeling. People are talking about us for the right reasons, on the pitch reasons, not for the latest comical move from the boardroom, or for what a player has been doing in his personal life or any number of the wrong type of headlines we have attracted in the past.

Long may that continue!

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148 Responses

  1. I’ve watched the game twice now, might even go a third. Love it, just love it.

    Did you know that Routledge didn’t get a cross into the box until the second half. In fact, I didn’t see a single cross of his that went to a Newcastle player. But he did do some excellent work otherwise.

  2. YES!

    Off course the press is doing their best to put a negative spin on it, claiming Barton’s goal salute was of the nazi kind… Jeezuz, Adolf is not the only person in the world with a mustash!!

  3. Like you say a long way to go but now my wary hope for the season has been replaced with a more optimistic hope.Bring on the Wolves.HWTL

  4. And I love Carroll’s “Angel of the North” goal celebration. Jumped off me settee and did it myself when he got th third.

  5. For F****’s sake, I’m as anti-Nazi as the rest – more so, having Jewish relatives – but there’s no way that would have made me think about a Nazi salute! He is clearly saluting thje crowd after the goal and wiggling his fingers in the shape of a handlebar moustache – nothing like a stiff-armed Nazi salute.
    \Typical bloody media – always have to engineer a downer if there’s anything positive happened to the Toon. Pathetic!

  6. As far hba no one really knows what’s happenin so ppl are jus guessing but I bet he wants to come now after watching tht yesterday, that performance may changed players minds weren’t sure whether to join us bet that’s changed now

  7. I’ve never done it before but yesterday I went on to one of the biggest Aston villa Blogs and really wound them up to the point I was getting death threats (after about 3 minutes).

    Those tw**ts completely took the piss when we got relegated with the whole “whose your next messiah?” bollox and really stuck the boot in as if we were local rivals or something.

    Childish as it may seem yesterday I got the chance to let them know exactly what I thought of what they did and just how much I laughed as we tore their pathetic team to shreds!

    I thought we were absolutely magnificent to watch yesterday and I loved every single second of the match. Carroll got the man of the match award for his hat-trick obviously but there were so many other contenders as well: Enrique, Barton, Williamson, Jonas, Nolan, Routledge; all awesome.

    Don’t u just love it when Karma restores life’s natural balance. :oD

  8. even more satisfying seeing that floppy-haired pillock Robbie Savage having to eat humble pie on MOTD2 after slagging us off and saying we were already doomed for the drop

    its going to be a long season, with the usual NUFC rollercoaster moments, but at least yesterday looked vaguely promising!

  9. Mike parry on talk shi*e too.he was saying Carroll is not good enough for the premiership and we were going humble pie you fat c**t

  10. must admit I thought we would get nothing against any of the top 7 teams, but despite that thought we would survive OK. Yesterday I hoped for 2-1 expected 2-3 and would been happy if we played OK and scored.

    6-0 FFS. maybe my seasons predictions of 10th with 59 points may be right. However lets not get delusional. 2 minutes of John Carew & joey Barton swung that match and it’s so good to have confidence.

    If we don’t get HBA can we have siggurrson from Reading.

  11. 10 out 10 2 the lads never thought in my dreams this would happen..we only had to bridge the gap between central to andy carrol we did that and more..even allan smith looked a yard quicker..well done lads..said all along that if carrol gets the service we had a lot of chances to score..he is making good defenders look like pub players..we get a winger and another full back we will be in for a good year..instead of struggling..if u look at are bench we need players who are just as good to come on in are big postions out wide always need 2 wingers to play the system we are playing..ben arfa would be great..i think us not going for weiss may mean we might be close to ben arfa then we think..that is a must postion he nows that..gosling to come in we are then looking at a good squad in this the way after carrols 3 goals..nobdy could buy him..apart from man city 20 mil plus for him aftyer yesterday..first time people will be talking about are star player for a long time we need a hero we might have got 1 and he is a geordie.

  12. still buzzing from yesterday great win got to say while shearer had his one arm raised celebration carroll has got his angel of the north celebration hope to see more of it

  13. Reckon we should leave the humble pie in the freezer for a few more months yet like.

    Just as the Man U result didn’t relegate us this one certainly hasn’t kept us up.

    Fcuking brilliant all the same tho – lets enjoy it but try and keep wor feet on the ground eh!! :)

  14. “… subdued with the release of that statement”. Which statement was that Toonsy? No need for an answer though, I think we all know.

  15. and now we have SuperMac raving to the clowns at SkySports that Carroll is Englands next great hope – one game it seems does change the world in some peoples eyes!

  16. stoke west ham and wigan play spurs man u and chelsea away lads saturday if we get something that could be a jump start for are season early on..with teams in around us..the way people were talking at the start we would go down..

  17. Has SuperMac been on the pop again?

    Does he not remember saying he was disappointed with Carroll last season?

  18. Has SuperMac been on the pop again?

    Toonsy, he’s never touched a drop since….er, um, er hic!

  19. I was amazed at how quickly the articles on newsnow changed from the praise for our performance to the, frankly, ridiculous article’s about Barton’s “Nazi” salute. The people publishing these idiot pieces have been writing articles about the moustache and it’s removal upon our first victory since the week before last and then suddenly, when we come in for a bit of praise, they seem to forget all about it. F*cking w*nkers.

  20. The same Supermac that used to write in the pink that Shearer was finished as a top player then a couple of seasons he was the best thing since sliced bread…………… least he’s consistent :-)

  21. After watching the match, downing 6 pints, one for each goal & then seeing Savage apologise to the Toon, that’s got to be one of the best days as a Toon supporter I’ve had ince god know when.. LOL

    A muckem friend of mine even said after watching the Toon on MOD2, that we player very well & that he’s worried about us beaten them in the league this season, especially after they lost to WBA on Saturday… I couldn’t have agreed more with him for a change.. lol

    Lets hope Wednesday against AS in the CC doesn’t upset the mood :)

  22. Aye, but that one thing has no quotes or anything to back it up.

    People should just wait and see about Ben Arfa man :)

  23. Woke up with a smile this morning and only just coming round.

    But lets not get carried away. I almost forgot that they did miss a penalty and up until then, they were looking pretty menacing.

    Hopefully though this will push us forward, and a couple more players will give us a great chance of achieving what we want this season.

    Although I cannot put into words how woeful Villa’s defending was!

    Players that stood out for me were: Enrique, (We’ll need to tie him down to a new contract) Collocini, Barton, Perch, Smith, and of course Carroll(Don’t know when his contract expires).

  24. it is great to be a newcastle fan..they are still saying villa were sh..t not giving us credit..good up yours..they all wont us to go down..a newcastle fan has come on talksport has said he wasnt tht good against man u and did it against villa..the clown wasnt even from newcastle..he made vidic look a pub player..what game was u watching..

  25. Can anyone tell me what Parry is saying on TalkSwalk? He has slagged Andy off the last couple of months – Has he apologised?

  26. @stuart

    No mike parry is backtracking saying he didn’t slag of Andy Carroll and thinks he’s a great player.why talk sport actually pay that clown is beyond me.

  27. perch crossed the ball better then rout did against villa..that has to be a plus..he made a lot of runs off rout but sometimes he never got the ball back..

  28. I take absolutely no pleasure in being one of the very few who has believed in Carroll over the last couple of seasons (Well I do actually!) when others have been doubted the Bensham Van Basten!

    The lad will terrify ever defender in the PL. My only concern was will he score the goals – Well, not a bad start is it?

  29. Stu – nee point in tugging your two-inch tallywhacker over your love of Carroll when you’ve been slating the rest of the team for months on end.

  30. I thought Williamson was great. Setup two of the goals I think (first one he headed down to Carroll, second he flicked up in the air and Carroll belted it in), looks really solid. It’ll be interesting to see what happens when Campbell’s fit.

  31. As Stu has brought it up, can I mention the series of articles where I have said that Carroll will make an impact in the Premier League?

    I thank you :)

  32. Toonsy – its the not the team of the week that i’m bothered about – its that tit Crooks who was saying just a few days ago how much we would struggle against sides like Villa.

    And if you check back I think you’ll find that Stu “I told you all Carrol would be amazing” 79 agreed with him. Haha ;)

  33. Terry raises a good point. Surely Sol is going to have to giht for his place in the team now?

  34. TC – I knaa. I’ve just been Ed’s place to have a mooch and it’s like the school of delusion over there :roll:

  35. Good to see my fantasy team starting to come together.

    Carroll getting a treble, Enrique having a dream game and Molouda scoring too. Just wish I had have left Hangeland on the bench.

    Just waiting for Carrolls points to be added and I’ll be right up there.

  36. toonsy – I take it you mean the kid who actually thinks we’ve got a chance of finishing top 6??!!

    The funny thing is he was probably predicting relegation by crimbo after Manure! :lol:

  37. Toon Chicken says:
    August 23, 2010 at 10:44 am
    Stu – nee point in tugging your two-inch tallywhacker over your love of Carroll when you’ve been slating the rest of the team for months on end.

    Until you get off your sad big, fat ass and actually go to the games I won’t even read your opinions.

    I still say we need more players – How does anyone know if this is just a post promotion boost a la Hull and Burnley?

    Long season ahead.

  38. Erm, yes you will.

    I don’t like sprouts.

    There, I bet you just read that didn’t you. Don’t deny it. ;)

  39. Ref AC me too me too……..I said he would score as long as he got the service and he did and will do…at any level.

    Stu..Carroll contracted ’til 2013 according to wiki………so prob runs out tomorrow then ;-)

  40. toonsy says:
    August 23, 2010 at 10:54 am
    So people who don’t go to every game don’t have a valid opinion Stu?

    Idiots like TC don’t, who are hell bent on arguing the toss and trying their hardest to shoot people down for having a differing opinion (And failing miserably)! Especially if you live within a reasonable distance to the ground.

  41. toonsy – divint take any offence from Stu man – he hasn’t got a clue what he’s on about.

    According to him I’m a 10 year old girl on the dole with special needs who lives in London and never goes to the match :lol:

  42. As I said yesterday,Man utd game didnt get us relegated and yesterday didnt keep us up.We will need to pick up points from the other teams expected to finish bottom 12.HWTL

  43. Toon Chicken says:
    August 23, 2010 at 10:58 am
    toonsy – divint take any offence from Stu man – he hasn’t got a clue what he’s on about.

    According to him I’m a 10 year old girl on the dole with special needs who lives in London and never goes to the match

    When did I say you lived in London?

  44. forget it lads! its a good day for the toon..they are all talking about us..who would have thought that this time last year..more players in and it might be a better season then we thought..

  45. look’s like barton has cemented his position in midfield for the forseeable future – so unless he gets injured we wont have the pleasure of chicken shit’s company at sjp any time soon.

    placka fan

  46. people need to learn to stop copy and pasting every msg and aruguing back! ! we just won 6 nil man, grow up people!
    up the mags!!!!!!!!

  47. My team for AS…

    Xisco, Vukic, Raylor
    Kadar, Tavernier, Campbell, Perch

  48. At least this has upset the tirade of tired auld cliches falling out of the slavvering gobs of the ‘pundits’, prob for about 15mins.
    The backtracking is painfully embarrassing to witness.

    It’s a bit sad seeing our lot concur with that mackem twaddle.
    & paying lip service to some of the other guff spouted by those ‘in the know’ who found it really difficult to believe what was happening.
    So it’s what you’d expect to hear some of the shite put out by the mongs trying to put a negative spin on the whole thing.

  49. calm down stuart..u have put perch in the players who stood out..well done i agree with for u chicken forget it….stuart does talk crap sometimes so do we all..i have had run ins with him..but yours was2 weeks ago and u are just coming on to give him more blogg space..i am the main man ha ha not stuart i am getting upset joke.

  50. apparently on espn keegan said at half time the toon would go on & win the game by 5 or 6 goals !! – he still knows his stuff does wor kev.

    long live the king.

  51. morning all.what a game yesterday,was a priveledge to be there,the best opening home game of season since sir les debut v coventry in 95 me thinks! joey barton played better than ive ever seen him in a toon shirt,if he stays fit then its like having a new signing in middle,if tiote turns out to be as good as the dutch are saying and if we get hba in,plus the gos to come back then we will have a really competitive spine thru the to say that nolan and smith really changed my views on them yesterday like,theres no doubting the commitment of them but in the pl i had my doubts.nolan is slow but he does have a knack of being in the right place for a goal and his finishing is top drawer,and smith played well,maybe due to the fact that with cheeky boy signing he has some competition for his place now? great news if it makes him play like that! though the perchster deserves a special mention after a shaky start pre-season games and ot i had my doubts and im chuffed that he made me eat my words! anybody know when tiote will be available? wednesday? hope he plays a strong team at as,but would love to see young harris get a my ticket for the game and am looking forward to seeing if we can carry it on wed and sat at wolves? anybody got a clue what citeh players we are in for and if hba is or is not going to be a toon player? though harps looked shaky yesterday,the only slight negative for me,and it was very slight.think timmy will start wednesday

  52. Great result yesterday lads! Nobody can take away how well the lads played and fought for that result but I also agree we’ve got alot of work ahead of us but things really are looking up for us! I enjoyed the atmosphere in the ground yesterday even though the crowd was about 10,000 short! ALso some clown decided to put a hot dog in my bag with 2 home shirts i bought and got mustard stains all down them!B@stards!

  53. Well if the team play this way all season, we’re bound to get a few more points in the bag imo…

    Carroll did a fantastic job but he couldn’t have doe it without the rest of the team, so lets not forget the guys at the back too yeah, as they did a great job in keeping Young & Carew away from Harper, who had very little to do.. :)

    I’ve got to say tho, we had 20+ shots on goal, so it could have been more than six- nil which is astonishing to think that Villa are a clarified top 6 team & are playing in the Europa league this season too :(

    If only we can do the same sort of thing on our travels too, that will then put the fear of god into teams &SJP can once again become the fortress we so loved :)


  54. Before u all go off on one don’t u think shola would suit a Pompey shirt? A straight swap I’d say with nugent only 24/25 or even best?bet ya Moses is kickin himself now joinin that load of tripe instead of us a cheeky bid for him?????

  55. valle says:
    August 23, 2010 at 11:17 am
    Does anyone have any links to Savage’s apology? or perhaps even a video link for motd.

    It’s on BBC i Player Valle

  56. Ameobi will only look a good substitute if your 5 or 6 nil up.

    If it’s 0-0 the bench looks lightweight as fck!

  57. webbo……..I’d rather keep Shola…… the prem he#s scored 1 every 4 or 5 games.Nugent is 1 every 11 or 12.imo he’s a championship player…just

  58. l’equipe are reporting that ben arfa is close to moving to bremen and his advisors are in germany and sounds as if they are saying that ben is there too? yet some ‘in the know’ here and on eds and twitter are saying he in newcastle and are close deal is agreed? and he was in executive box at sjp and was ‘blown away’ by villa game? this is really confusing and it sounds as though l’equipe dont really know a much as i thought they did,thought they were always spot on? or are the nufc ‘sources’ way off? arrgh its so confusing and annoying,got to be the worst ever transfer saga involving us like,but after yesterday it makes the prospect of missing out on hba a little more palatable as we looked like we dont need him,but of course that is bollox as we need more players despite what happened yesterday? im so confused..

  59. It’s always good to read Roy’s posts.

    Like the one @61, they’re always positive, inspirational and help one put one’s own life and other folk into perspective!!!

  60. Now that my pure amazement is dying down, I’m doubting if we’ll meet a weaker midfield than that Villa lot – it’ll see them into the bottom 6! Teams like Wolves, Blackburn, Bolton will be a lot lot stronger.

  61. saltysellars11 says:
    August 23, 2010 at 11:39 am

    Could it not be that L’equipe have been fed a pup and are passing on what they’ve heard?

    We can only believe it if and when HBA signs and it’s announced by the club on the website.

  62. Here’s a quote from Petrov after the game –

    “We thought we were going to come over here and get an easy game after our performance last week.

    “You can say you have days like that but 6-0 is too much and we need to really look at ourselves.”

    A preety honest point he’s making, maybe we need to think the same & not go inthe game against Wolves expecting a win, maybe a draw would suffice :)

  63. georgio says:
    August 23, 2010 at 11:43 am
    Now that my pure amazement is dying down, I’m doubting if we’ll meet a weaker midfield than that Villa lot – it’ll see them into the bottom 6! Teams like Wolves, Blackburn, Bolton will be a lot lot stronger.

    We probably won’t meet a more open team – They didn’t have one defensive midfielder in the team!

    The teams we’re competing with will be much harder to break down, as they won’t be as open. They will try and hit us on the counter.

  64. Looks like my contact got the wrong player when she said Arfa would be a NUFC player before Villa – I did say she knew nothing about football and I did just presume it was Arfa.

    Ah well – Arfa Daley probably off our radar now.

    Onwards and upwards, looking for a alternative.

  65. im not so sure,i think after werder got tanked at home by the hoff and we tanked villa at sjp if he were impulsive like me then id go to the toon!lol some are saying he was at sjp,that coozy lad says today that he is still checked in at the jesmond hotel and he always spot on when it comes to that,so i think we will get him signed,thats my gut feeling like.yesterday was one of my most enjoyable games at sjp,not quite on a par with man u 5-0 or leicester 7-1 but very close,very close indeed.also got to say that the robert show v spurs 4-0 was right up there too,and the game v arsenal 1-1 when laurent equalised at gallowgate end and was sent off for blocking bregkamps free kick,the atmosphere in 2nd half that game was the best ive seen at sjp.anybody else at that game? got to agree with me,it was white hot!

  66. I say thank god for that, the guy would have been no different to Zogs, a french mardyass who’d rather screw his club than play out his contract… not what we need at the Toon these days & there are plenty of other players out there who’ll give their right arm to plsy for us, especially after yesterdays display :)

  67. Marseilles are really difficult to do business with. Remember Beye – signed five minutes before midnight on deadline day.
    Another point though – why does no one else want HBA? He looks a real class player to me. We’ve heard about bad attitude etc but is there something else?

  68. Well his bad attitude has made him not train for the last 2 weeks with L’OM, so he’ll be unfit or not match fit which is what we need, plus it’s is attitude that will kick start the rot again in the Toon dressing room.. can you imagine him, Barton, Smith & Nolan banging eads… not nice… :(

  69. barrel of laughs @ 81 clearly there’s something lacking in your life ! now i know my posts bring a smile to your face i’d be more than happy speaking with you on a one-to-one basis via e-mail (ask toonsy for mine) – i look forward to you contacting me in at your earliest convenience.

    stay positive.

  70. lads he is not going to werder bremen..they dont need him or made a offer it is all made up..they say they are still after him..they havnt been and if they had he would be a bremen player by then….just signed 2 other players since they have sold ozil..if he signs for them i will eat my germany they can only buy what they make its not like england..

  71. fantastic yesterday. I think we should put in a small offer for Curtis Davies – he was only on their bench yesterday – he was close to a full cap a couple of years ago – he’d be a fine squad player – can learn a lot off Campbell and replace him next year. For next to nowt.

    oh – and Charlie Austin to come by end of window – long term buy – will replace Loverman – when he was a kid he played in same team as Walcott – and word was that he was a much better bet to make it big.
    that would make for a good window IMHO

  72. thought we would get a day without talk of toonsy says lets just wait and see,but if the lads want to talk about it fair enough,so i think we will not get him if one report says b.a. wants £80000wk ashley wont pay it and if thats the case i dont blame him players are over payed imo

  73. STUART @88,fair enough m8,at least you new there was movement in the club on some front,cannot say fairer than that like

  74. stories stories what every1 is saying..its all crap on ben arfa why hasnt he found a club..if all these clubs wont him..hold on untill he signs for some1

  75. people dont understand players in france dont get paid that much..i would have a bet no player in france is paid over 50.000 pounds.people in spain dont get paid that much either just at clubs like barca and england average player gets paid 50.000 pounds..thats why they come here becuse they cant beleive they pay that much do u think real madrid centre forward was on last year he top scored for them..5.000 pounds and they have just give him a pay rise..2 40.000 grand tops..

  76. really dont think santa cruz is what we need at all,dont get me wrong if he came and proved me wrong id be delighted and if he came and i would back him and support him BUT i really dont think he has got it anymore,he was a one season wonder at rovers in his 1st season but ever since he has been pants.he is no better than the fenham eusebio.he used to be,but not now.think we’d be much better off trying for a small nippy forward to play off the angel of the north.not sure who though.would rather see shola,besty and ranger play ahead of santa cruz in his current form.however if he could somehow get his confidence back and fitness then thats another story,just think he looks a broken man now,its quite sad because he used to be great.we should try for kenny miller at rangers imo.wouldnt cost much,is same age as santa cruz and is fast and knows how to finish.would be a canny move for him like

  77. HBA is a bit like the Modric saga, he’s signing, signing, signing, Oh he didn’t!!

    TC I like the look of your AS team, makes sense to me, but who is Raylor?

    Prediction, I reckon Xisco will become a regular before Shola, in fact I’d be amazed if Shola starts many matches. Nugent,a big NO.

    Just to add to the AC love-in, I was advocating him being played more in the last EPL season.

    Personnaly I can’t see any more signings this window and unless it is a HBA style one, I can’t see the point.

  78. I reckon Harper was in more danger from back-passes than anything from Villa and he nearly fluffed a couple. ;)

  79. Santa Cruz is not what we need. The guy is less than prolific in front of goal and is rather injury prone. Thanks, but no thanks!

  80. big willy long time no speak – how you hanging ?

    big willy – if you’d like to meet big andy & myself we’ll be in madame koo’s tomorrow night from about 9ish – pop along for a beer & a bit chinwag m8.

  81. 28craigcoozy // Aug 22, 2010 at 10:11 PM

    Hey sorry havnt posted on here since this morning the comments i put on bout nufc bein threatend by police were are true. , still dont knw why as yet but was told fc twente wanted played thrown out hotel because he breached contract, and nufc tried to resolve it and must have. I people think i only post wen i knw players are in toon but wen ur relaying information from clubs i get 2 hear bout it! Unfortunlately nowt else on arfa , although he still here!!

  82. Roy, If I didn’t live in the soft south, I might have taken up your offer. By the way what sort of place is madam Koo’s, is it suitable for OAP’s. :)

  83. I don’t think the police throw people out of hotels in another country for breach of a work contract.

    The new large tv screens were cracking at the ground,chrystal clear picture.So clear infact ya couldnt see the F***as

  84. Was nice to wake up with a smile on me face all down to a Newcastle match the day before…hasn’t happened in years if I’m honest. First time in a long time I can say I like most of our players as well..obviously you can say what you like about Barton, leopards and spots and all that, and Nolan should probably pipe down and get on with fitness, and Xisco and his previous nonesense obviously..but genuinely they’re an alright bunch. Obviously if we were storming the league with a team full of pricks then I wouldn’t be too fussed ;D but seriously its nice not to have the propper twats, Owen, Charles “Insomnia” Bellers, kieran the Dyer, etc to name a few of my least favourite.

  85. Pity Owen Viduka Duff and Martins wer’nt in the Villa side with Beye.Suppose you can’t have everything.

  86. Still felling pretty ecstatic today aye-

    Shola deserves a start against AS – and I’m pretty sure he will get it. I know that goes against the Shola – hating guidelines most of you observe at the toon, but he has looked smashing when he came on in both games – unsuprisingly. He is adamned loyal servant and has become better and more commanding with age.

    There are selections dilemnas coming up now at the club – and apart from resorting to the cliched ‘good problem to have, blah blah’ it will be interesting to see how Hughton resolves these matters.

    Williamson has been majestic so far – with campbell and taylor both to come back) and that’s before you get into the ‘6 into 2’ midfield dilemna.

    I suppose – our (realistic not your sweaty palmed fantasy football teenage wet dream) team when everyone’s fit will look like this –


    So what of guthrie, barton, campbell, williamson, smith, perch, r taylor, routledge, lovenkrands, etc??

  87. transfer goss… santa cruz is linked, we looking into loans for man city’s fringe players.
    tiote has signed jus waitin on a work permit
    and ben arfa is not coming…heading to bremen.

  88. Petrov said they think it will be easy game for them. Who the hell they think they are ? Barcelona ? If they play with attitude like this I think Villa will finish this season in 12-15 position.

  89. Toonsy – in answer to your question – YES, AS WIDE AS THE TYNE BRIDGE. :D

    As to your post (30) I have still not lost the faith I still think we will get HBA.

  90. The comments from Petrov just make it even sweeter. To go into any game with that attitude is amateurish nevermind a game where they must have been aware both fans and players would be well up for it. Or maybe not, as the case may be. Play with that attitude all season and they’re in trouble. Glad we gave them an absolute drubbing.
    Who’s your next messiah Villa?..

  91. I’m really looking forward to listening to the Legends tonight. Wonder what Horswill and Slaven think of yesterdays results.

    Especially with Sunderland losing!!!!

  92. I think hba will still sign for us because bremen have already said they don want him and i also think om are playing games again trying to make us buy him out right,
    i think we will get him at the last min

  93. Just had a laugh at some wba fans at work saying to villa fans “at least we were thumped by someone good, chelsea and not Newcastle” I just said where did wba finish last season?

  94. no u are not alone mate i just think om are just digging there heals in but i think its just a matter of time when they will give in and hba will be in a black and white strip has craig coozy been on today ??

  95. I’ve just put another post up. That may be the lot for today though as I have a lot on today. I have a lot on for the next two weeks actually :(

  96. No Tino (139) CraigCoozy not been on Ed’s site today, he will post when he has some news. We have to be patient and keep the faith.

  97. keep santa claus, we’ve got plenty of ‘big ‘uns’ up front, we need someone that knows where the front post is, please.

  98. Didn’t bremen already sign some brazilian lad as a replacement for ozil? There’s been as many rumours about afra being here to sign as there are about him being in bremen to sign….I just don’t know how anybody can have any idea of which is true…I’d imagine there are loads of bremen fans all thinking he’s coming here.

  99. Toon Chicken says:
    August 23, 2010 at 1:41 pm
    Haha – Hello Saylor!

    Or as Ben Arfa might say… Bonjour matelot!

  100. Just got back from a lovely visit to England. I had the great pleasure of watching Sunday’s game on a big screen tv in a pub at Wooler and yes, I’m still smiling! Can anyone inform me a bit more about Perch? Because I’m not sure that a defender is the right place for him. He has looked weak at the back prior to Sunday’s game (but it was hard to judge as I didn’t see enough of him) then I thought he looked fantastic going forward on Sunday. Is midfield a more natural position for him? Cheers, Jilly Bean

  101. Jill – Asking for Perch’s natural position is like trying to ask how the universe started :D

    He has a number of positions he can ‘play’ in. RB, LB, CB, DM, RM can all apparently be played by Perch. As for what his best one is? Pass, but I do know it isn’t left back ;)

  102. Toonsy – Thanks for the reply. I think we definitely need to sign a specialist RB before the window closes but I’m glad we have Perch on the team. He looked class going forward. Very pacy with good passing skills. I look forward to seeing more of him, but not in defense necessarily! Although he did do ok against Aston Villa. Still smiling today! :)