How many points do YOU think Newcastle will get in December?

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Can Carroll be the key to survival?
Can Carroll be the key to survival?
The month of December will mark the half way point in the Premier League season, and will hopefully give us an indication of whether or not we look set for survival or struggle for the rest of the season.

Of course nothing will be guaranteed, but it should give us a decent idea of where we stand with regards to ensuring Premier League football for next season.

With the way the season has gone so far it would be foolish to count any chickens until safety is mathematically assured. Teams are taking points from each other, from top to bottom, in what is turning out to be a very tight Premier League season. A couple of wins can push a team into a European spot, but also a couple of results that go against you could see a team being sucked into the relegation zone.

Luckily for us it has been the former so far this season, but there is always a chance that we could hit a sticky patch of form. Some will say that we are in one now having only taken two points from a possible 12 on offer, but all that really matters is getting enough points on the board to survive this season. I couldn’t give a toss where the points invariably come from, as long as we have enough come May.

So given the importance of this season I thought it would be ‘fun’ to start to count us through each month based on what fixtures we have in that given timeframe. It also allows us to take recent form into consideration when trying to second guess how many points you think we’ll pick up against certain teams.

We did the same for the month of November, including a groovy poll that we left open for a couple of weeks, to try and gauge where people thought we could pick up points. We picked up five points in November, but it could have been more to be honest.

Now December looks to be a tough month on paper, so let’s have a look at what we are up against.

5/12/10 – West Brom v Newcastle.
11/12/10 – Newcastle v Liverpool.
18/12/10 – Birmingham v Newcastle.
26/12/10 – Newcastle v Man City.
28/12/10 – Tottenham v Newcastle.

At first glance it doesn’t look to be a favourable set of fixtures. I think if we could get four points out of those five games then we will have done well.

So go on then, give us your say and vote now!

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44 Responses

  1. 5/12/10 – West Brom v Newcastle – Loose
    West Brom will outpass us I think

    11/12/10 – Newcastle v Liverpool. – Win
    Carroll will absolutely destroy skrtl and carragher and Barton will own an ageing Gerrard.

    18/12/10 – Birmingham v Newcastle. – Draw
    Brummies have a great home record, but we are better on paper.

    26/12/10 – Newcastle v Man City. – Draw
    We ouplayeed them at City of Manchester stadium and got lucky with two dodgy penalty decisions.

    28/12/10 – Tottenham v Newcastle. – Loose
    Spurs just have too many great players.

    5 points out of 15.

    But who knows, we are like Wigan this season, haven’t got a clue which team will turn up.

  2. West Brom Vs Newcastle 1-2

    Newcastle Vs Liverpool 1-1

    Birmingham Vs Newcastle 0-0

    Newcastle Vs Man City 1-0

    Tottenham Vs Newcastle 2-0

    7 Points out of 15 in this Important month for the magpies

  3. 5/12/10 – West Brom v Newcastle. WIN to keep our away form going, also the fact we’ve not lost there in 11 games or summit!!

    11/12/10 – Newcastle v Liverpool. Draw, I think Cessepool always play well at our ground but I’m hoping we can get at least a draw in this one!!

    18/12/10 – Birmingham v Newcastle. Draw, they drew against the Spurt today at home, so maybe a tougher fixture than we think!!

    26/12/10 – Newcastle v Man City. WIN, I’m hoping to gain revenge in tis match & stuff the cheating, dirty gits!!!

    28/12/10 – Tottenham v Newcastle, WIN, yeah the Spurt have a few good players but we’re thier bogy team, they’ve only beaten us once in the PL in the last 5 season & that was at their ground in out relelgation seaosn, so I think with our away form as it is, we’ll beat them!!!

    SO I think 11 points is about right against these teams :)

  4. Sorry guys, I see only two draws as a maximum, most likely at Birmingham and tomorrow. Hope it is better than that in reality!

  5. WBA.away. I think we may just have too much in midfield for them on the day. They have injury probs at the mo and we are strong at the back, should control midfield with Chiek strong and Joey back, and with the big-un up front, Tally ho………..3 points.
    SCOUSERS.home. It,s a long time since we had the chance to give them a tonking and with a little aplication, I think they,re ripe for ….3 points.
    BRUM.away. Theyr,e strong at home these days and it may just be a bridge too far in this one……0 points
    CITEH.home. We owe them big time on this one. The same commitment as we gave against the sh!te should do it here.Lets do this one for Hatem………3points
    SPUDS.away Very strong at the Lane right now and could be difficult. I will be very happy withe the draw……….1point.
    TOTAL……….10 points and a very merry Christmas. HWTL

  6. SJS – you’re having a frakin laugh fella, I’m guessing you’re not a Toon fan then if you seriously think we’ll only get 2 draws from those 5 game… :(

  7. Why tho?

    It’s easy to say ‘oh we’ll only get 2 points or 4’ but why not say why you think that, let us all know your logic behind it!!!

    Just read also that Gerrard may not be back playing for our match with them, seems he may have tweaked his hamstring again!!!

  8. OK.

    West Brom – A tough game against a rival. They will be up for it but we can win it. 1-3 points.

    Liverpool – Back to form and will still have too much for us IMO. 0 points.

    Birmingham – Different kettle of fish these day and very hard to beat at home. 1 point.

    Man City – On a roll at the minute, and they have some top top players who can hurt us. 0 points

    Tottenham – Top four team. Champions League team. We may have been their bogey team, but things like that change. 0 points.

    So I can see anywhere between 2-4 points.

  9. Have a feeling that tomorrows game won’t be a close encounter. We will hopefully win comfortably by two goals or if we don’t recieve a thumping.

  10. Hey Cyprus, I tried to catch u on a previous post. Where r u in cy. I,m in Coral Bay, Paphos. Maybe we could hook up 4 a beer or few.

  11. Sounds very defeatist to me fella & here’s me thinking you were a pessimist :(

    I agree with what you’ve said about Brom & the Brummies but Cessepool are in turmoil at present, Manc Citey have inhouse fighting going on & the Spurts don’t play well against us, yeah they’re a top 4 team last season but it took them 16 seasons to get there & if things go the way they are, they’ll not be there this season, so I still think we’ll do them away!!!

  12. Hey Porciestreet, yeah I wrote back to yer fella, I’m in Larnaca mate, other side of the island sorry.. :(

    If you know Peyia at all, there are a few Geordie’s who go to the new sports bar up in the village to watch the matches fella, try them out on a matchday :)

  13. Optimist/Pessimist or whatever, we’ll see who is closer to being right come the end of the month.

    There is faith in the team, then there is blind faith ;)

  14. Cyprus, My local is the Frog and Toad, Coral Bay. Six telly,s on4 satelites. Shitloads of footy and our end of the bar is calld the strawberry end. Do you play darts.? I,m all over the island With the Paphos squad so you never know.

  15. All this ‘well we havn’t lost against them since 1984’ stuff worries me. Remember records are there to be smashed.

  16. Can see a comfortable win tomorrow, but a losing run forthcoming… Hope we can sign Ben Arfa… Nasri-esque….. Ameobi needs a break. If we beat Gerrard I’ll punch the first scouser I meet, whether he’s a DJ or not.

  17. I went for 4-6 points…Reckon wins against scousers/brom are possible, certainly don’t fancy spurs. Might grab draws against city/brummies, they’ll all be tough though.

  18. Oh my…

    toonsy and i have exactly the same predictions for DEC matches.

    great mind thinks alike? ;)

    Just to add on of what DJG hopes that we can win the Fools.(Liverpool).

    I also wish to beat them,cause i would love the revenge of paying back them for thrashing us up 5-1 that season when we got relegated,and they challenging for title.

    But sometimes it isn’t about torres and Stevie only.maxi Rodriguez is another player starting to show his worth in liverpool team.

    we all hope torres doesn’t suddenly light up during our match though.

  19. Actually to add on,even we get a mere 2-4points in DEC we still got hope of safety,in fact we need to win only 6games in 2011 and get 40points or above.

    WHICH SHOULD BE enough for safety.

  20. AOD – I wouldn;t be too chuffed about having the same preiction as me mate. You know how bad I am at it :D

  21. I would also like to see this lineup, however I do think Shola will start ahead of Nile.

    Simpson-Campbell-Saylor-El th ereason Toro

    However don’t be surprised if Shola plays a blinder and scores a couple. The only problem with Shola is (the same thing that has been missing form the entire League this year, to its benifit I may add) is consistancy, he can be inspirational Chelsea, Sunderland but then does not score for a few games and people are writing him off. Couple this with his apparrant lack of effort, which is I do not think is a failing of Shola as he works hard for the team, and I feel we have found the reason so many people unfairly get on Sholas back.

    Shola is our ONLY proven Premiership striker and if he stays injury free all season he will get 10-15 (he is already on 6) goals this season, which will be a great return, plus he is a Geordie.

    That said it would be nice to see young nile starting.

  22. toonsy, from what i gather and observe,whatever predictions u made came out opposite.

    for whatever your predicting of a lost,it comes out a win in reality.

    Ain’t that good? :lol:

  23. If we go into EVERY game to win we will win 2 of them and probably draw at least one so 7 points is possible.

    Draws are NOOO good, KK knew this and based his style around it (& KK was never relegated….). 2 wins = 6 points. 5 draws = 5 points. Not too difficult to work out tactics from there, is it? Either way we need to aim for 45 points on the board asap.

    PS I hate drawn games more than defeats, I feel swindled, there should be penalties to decide ’em at the end – f*** the pools. A defeat usually makes NUFC go for a result next time, a cosy draw always makes them laid back & complacent – and so they lose the next game. Accordingly today’s a nailed on defeat unless Joey has an overdue blinder.

  24. I don’t normally put money on football, but this weekend I decided to give it a crack.

    – so far, Chelsea win (I lost)
    – Tottenham win (I lost)
    – Stoke win (I lost)
    – Arsenal win (I won)

    And today I’ve gone for a draw between Villa and Liverpool and a win for Newcastle.

    Which with my luck pretty much means we’re screwed…

    Sorry I jinxed us boys. :(

  25. Michael @2 ya’ve actually got us down for 8 points there mate not 7 ;-)

    7 points minimum for me, based on the fact that on paper only 2 of those teams are better than us and we’ll still take at least a point off one of them(citeh). :-)

  26. I’d be thinking maybe a win against Brom then hopefully a draw against Liverpool and Birmingham for 5 points. The line up I’d like to see is the same as Dan006 @ post # 27.
    Glad to have Tiote and Barton in central mid as a great driving engine for Newcastle. Rock solid! HWTL

  27. We have struggled against teams that come to SJP and park the Bus., but have done OK against footballing teams. so on that basis we could win both home games, City & Liverpool, and win away against WBA. A point from either of the other two away games would be a bonus so I’m hoping for 10 points. However I expect to see us fail miserably in one game and do much better in another so I’m realistically expecting 7 points

  28. nice to see benny is improving quick,back to re-hab in jan could be back at toon end of jan well ahead of time,and gosling in jan,things looking up a bit.
    would be happy with 5-6 points

  29. I can see us picking up 6 points from our next 2 games and a point against Man city at our place , loose at brum and spurs . I agree with Dan006 we should start with Ranger today just to mix things up a bit and they would not be expecting that . Shola to come on as an impact sub for the last 20-25 minutes when Ranger starts tiring .

  30. 4. West brom. Win. 3 Points
    Liverpool – Lose. 0 they always seem to turn us over. Depends if gerrard plays and if torres turns up. Without them they are poor. Might sneak a point/win if thats the case.
    Birmingham. Draw. 1 point. There good at home and hard to beat. Were good away and unpredictable.
    Man city. Lose. 0 Points. It looks like they are starting to come togeher now. Played very well yesterday. Can’t see us getting anything.
    Tottenham. Lose. 0 points. They are just too good at the moment.
    Although we are very unpredictabe this year and will probably get beat today nad beat one of the big boys.

  31. How many sherberts have the boys in the Vine had. their interpretation of the game might be a bit blurred and confused

  32. wins against west brom and liverpool, draw against brum, man city and spuds tho I’ll be happy with 7 points in reality we could poss take 9 or even 12 if spuds dont turn up on the day

  33. trouble is that every team in the league is showing inconsistency this season ourselves included – if we can beat arsenal and thrash aston villa, sunderland we can beat anyone on the downside losing to blackpool, stoke and blackburn shows that we can also lose to anyone :(

  34. Rory sounds more like we are becoming predictable then.
    beat the top teams n lose to the lower ones lol.
    W brom are mid table tho so anything can happen.