Rangers v Newcastle – An away day guide.

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Ibrox - Home of the teddy bears.
Ibrox - Home of the teddy bears.
Newcastle United head north of the border for their final pre-season game on Saturday, and will be taking at least 3,850 fans with them.

That is the official allocation of tickets given to Newcastle, and all of them have been sold. Fans will be located in the Broomloan Road stand upper and lower tiers.

I’ve been asked to provide an away fans guide for the match, so that is just what I have done. The last time we were at Ibrox was back in 1993 for Ally McCoist’s testimonial, so a lot of things would have changed in the past 17 years. If you feel I have missed anything, or if you have anything to add, then please don’t hesitate to leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

As I understand it, a lot of people are getting the train to Glasgow. That means you will more than likely end up at Glasgow Central train station. It’s quite a way from the ground itself so you can have a nice long walk to Ibrox if you’re feeling up for it, or you can spend some time in the city centre, have a few beers and grab a taxi to the ground.

Alternatively, you could grab the underground train to the ground. For that you’ll need to turn right out of the train staion, walk on for about 100-yards and turn right again into Union Street. Follow that for a while until you reach a big set of traffic lights where you should turn left into Argyle Street. Follow that for a 100-yards or so and you should see St Enoch underground station on the right-hand side. From there you can get on the Inner Circle line direct to Ibrox.

However, if you do end up at Queen Street train station, then all you have to do when leaving the station is go straight over into George Square, which then runs into Queen Street which then runs into Argyle Street and brings you out at the underground station mentioned above.

Be warned that if you are planning the same route back then it can get pretty busy. You could do worse than catching a bus back to the centre rather than risking getting snarled up in the underground, but that choice is up to you.

If you are going by car, then point your vehicle towards Glasgow, and more particularly point it towards the M8. Leave the M8 at Junction 23 and head towards Govan/Clyde Tunnel on the A8 Paisley Road West. Ibrox stadium will be on your right after approximately a mile and a half. There is plenty of street parking to be had, and the road behind the away stand has plenty of industrial units that will no doubt be used as unofficial car parks.

As for drinking, it is up to you if you wish to take a risk in a pub around the ground. Be cautious, don’t act like an idiot and you should be fine. The Rangers fans don’t seem have a problem with us, so why go and create one? That’s my responsible bit done.

I would be tempted to stick in the city centre until you are ready to head to the ground. There will be more pubs about and less chance of any hassle so you can enjoy a few pints, or soft drinks, and not have to keep an eye on things too much.

Having said that, around ten minutes away from the ground is The Quayside Bar which is situated on the Paisley Road. Apparently it will be open from 8am serving breakfast rolls and snacks, and possibly alcohol aswell.

Whatever you do, have fun, just be careful and use your common-sense. Generally speaking our away days pass without much trouble and most people have a good laugh with the opposition. Rangers are no different and should be a decent laugh. As I said earlier, if I have missed anything, or if you can add anything, then please feel free to do so.

Have a goodun!

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65 Responses

  1. surely I’m not first again…like buses…and trophies

    wish I’d got a ticket now :-(

  2. Well lads id say its d-day on the ben arfa deal if we don’t sign him today I don’t fink will happen, hopefully it does

  3. Hitman – It’s being REPORTED like that, feck knows what is really happening, and just what is going on behind the scenes though.

  4. toonsy,im starting to think theres fk all going on behind the doors of barack rd m8…fkin shame like he would of been a good signing..

  5. link didn’t quite work but if you clik on it then look at the middle column titled chrono and clik on the ben arfa bit at 08:23

  6. What do you reckon to that Rich? It’s dragging on a bit too much for my liking. Either get is sorted or the press should shut the feck up about it :lol:

    Friday today…. :roll:

  7. That link the bit I read about deschamps bringing in a new striker in few days bcoz some funds hav been released well marseille needed the sale of ben arfa to sign new players so sounds like he’s gone sumwere if mrseille suddenly hav money

  8. I dunno Toonsy,it would appear he wants to come here(if reports are true) but there’ll come a point when he’ll say f*ck it they obviously don’t want me enough.I think we can’t lose,buy him and I’ll think he’ll be a cracking buy but even if it didn’t work out for whatever reason I think we’d be able to at least get the money back and sell him on………who knows we may only have personal terms to agree(i hope).I think it has to be done today tho.

  9. I think that most trains will go to queen st Not central -so your directions are up the swanny. By the way – it would take all day to get 3500 fans on the metro system – it’s much smaller than wors

  10. Tattyheed – http://yfrog.com/1sweegiemapj – Map

    I did the train from Newcastle, and the first 4 go to Central station. The directions still work with the other one aswell, it’s just a bit further up Union St, that’s all, although I will put them in.

    The Underground, well that is what Rangers say, and it deals with 50k every other week and has done for years.

    Some people must think I just make this stuff up :roll:

  11. Ben arfa isn’t gonna sign for Newcastle. Right, now that I said that expect the deal to go through today!

  12. Richie@7, just read your link,no wonder English is the worlds prime language after reading that riddle.

  13. Off topic, one of my favourite comedians Alan Snell was on about the multi million pound cost of the channel tunnel and said that if he we had parachuted shovels into France in 1942 instead of rifles, they would have dug it for nowt.

  14. Toonsy brilliant.
    Got it. That will be a big help tomorrow.
    Only been to Ibrox one before and that was to see Bon Jovi got dropped off right at the entrance.

    Lads you are getting impatient with Ben Arfa. the modern day transfers takes days / weeks of negotiations so player club and agent all get the big deal. I have a feeling in my nether regions that Ben Arfa will eventually sign.

  15. Queen street station is within an easy walk of the city center & you will probably walk past another underground station just look for the orange spt signs, you can’t go wrong the tube runs in a big circle.

  16. When I was in Paris they simply stared when I spoke to them in French. I never did succeed in making those idiots understand their language!!

  17. Budalovesa and did you have a blanket over your head to stop anyone recognising you. re-Bon Jovi.

  18. or all 3 of them………..you can’t let the truth get in the way of a good story!

  19. Tattyheed Lol, are you on something or what ??
    First you dispute the name of the stand the Toon fans are in and then you believe the Metro system would not be able to accommodate more than 3000 people ??!!
    Did you get out of the wrong side of bed this morning or have you got adrink problem or would you cause trouble in an empty hoose ?!

  20. na toonsy he was on local news last neet saying he wont make the manu game,he says he is 3 weeks away from full fitness

  21. I can’t see it Toonsy but you never know.
    Is it worth adding ESPN to my sky sports(toon games wise),how much is it and is it any good and HD?

  22. espn is ok if you can put up with the usual drivel,quite a few toon games are on, but as far as I know no HD

  23. The Glasgow tube can be a nightmare on match days. Rangers fans have been known to do the “bouncy bouncy” on the tube where they all jump up and down at once as it’s moving. A sensible and thoroughly calming experience as you can probably imagine, lol. Like others have said though doesn’t matter too much whether you get off at central or queen st though, there’s tube stations all over the place and you can’t really miss them. Once you’re on it, you’re done because you’re off at ibrox station, not too hard to navigate, lol.

  24. Cheers Ross. I considered asking e-mailing you and seeing if you wanted to write this instead of me :)

  25. Richie-if you watch alot of football then It’s worth it, I’m sure you get an extra 25 or so prem games a season, along with foreign leagues. It comes in hd too. I have it for the UFC more than anything else so if you’re an MMA fan it’s well worth it? Lol

  26. Ross….mainly just for the Toon matches really,I’ll get my fix of other matches from Sky.Just wondering whether it’s worth splashing out the extra cash for just a few Toon games……….or go to the pub for them :-)

  27. Toonsy-haha, you’ve done a fine job yourself mate!
    Richie-you’re probably better off just not bothering and having an excuse to get out to the pub if you’re only wanting it for extra toon games like. Probably only be like 2 or 3 games?

  28. I.N.T.E.R.N.E.T

    I cancelled Setanta after I found out the call centre was in Sunderland. The bloke on the end of the phone got a bit arsey when he asked for the reason I was cancelling :lol:

  29. When I went to watch Take That at Hampden Park it was a complete and utter logistical joke!

    Queues for the train were a mile long, couldn’t get a taxi within a 2 mile radius of the stadium and it would take too long to walk.

    Shit City and shit football!

  30. As a Gers man, if I was going to the game tomorrow, I’d drink in the city centre before the game and plan to get a taxi/subway(depends which pub I was in) at about 1.30-2pm.

    Buchanan St subway station adjoins Queen St station – 7 stations to Ibrox on outer circle, 8 on inner. St Enoch is 6 on outer/8 inner. No problem getting one before game. Rangers have a massive number of fans who travel to games on supporters buses from all over the country so the subway is only used by fans travelling from west end and centre of city.

    More difficult after game however so probably better to have a few beers Paisley Rd West – no problems for Geordie fans – and then make way into city later.

    I wish I was going tomorrow but stuck here in the land of noodles! It’ll be a great atmosphere. Hope you lose lads but have a great time anyway.

  31. Stuart-I’ve hears hampden is awful for gigs aswell, as a venue itself. As for the scoreline, I think we’ll take it 1-0, maybe 2-1. Rangers will probably line up 4-1-4-1 as they’re not the most exciting of footballing teams. Lionel messi’s accusation of them playing anti football did amuse me if I’m honest like. Play mcloven. He’ll be well up for it and I’m sure David weir is about 50 these days, wouldn’t be able to handle his pace at all. Probably couldn’t handle Nolans pace tbh though, haha

  32. Shanghaibluenose Lol

    If you were a Gers man travelling to the game at that time you would have missed the game ?!

    Kick off is @ 1pm !!!


  33. Hi guys – hope you have a great time visiting the brox – I’m sure if you don’t prick about trying to wind us up by singing septic songs (and why would you?) then we’ll be fine together – I hope so cos you’re my 2nd team. by the way – the last time you were at Ibrox wasn’t in 93 – i think it was in 94 in a pre-season friendly tournament – was us, yourselves, ManUre & Sampdoria. We got humped by Sampdoria 4-2 and you beat ManUre on pens – so we played ManUre & beat them 1-0 and Sampdoria beat you in the final.

    All the best

  34. Very good directions and information. Glasgow is a big old city lads, so be prepared to walk if the tubes are busy. Paisley Road West is full of Rangers supporters bars, but you won’t get any hassle if you don’t look for any. No English side apart from Man Utd have ever had any trouble and that was only because they started taking liberties with old men and children.

    You will be made most welcome, enjoy the day out, enjoy the city and here’s hoping you get gubbed by the Rangers.

  35. Ha Ha

    Thanks for pointing that out Jamestoon, you’ve probably saved me fron logging in to Rangers Live 2 hrs late !!

  36. going to be sitting in the brooms road end of ibrox the morra,got a free ticket from my mate who has season ticket at ibrox.for anybody who hasnt been before it really is a great stadium with a hell of an atmosphere! going to be brave and wear my new toon away shirt,its pretty similar to the rangers shirts so i should blend in ok…also anybody else got the new home top? is it me or is the bagde a little squint? can see it being a tough game the morra,gers have had good pre season,id be well chuffed with a draw like ,its a tough place to go.any news on ben arfa? anybody want to buy andy carrolls shirt he wore at derby last season?

  37. Stu…

    This is Ibrox we’re talking about, much better transport links for fans, but then, a better buncha fans than the “fantastic” tartan army…

  38. 2-3 the toon……..wish I’d got a bloody ticket now…………should be a canny game and canny craic.I’ll just have to settle for watching it in the bar.

  39. Enjoy it salty,I went in a canny little bar not that far from the station a couple of years back when I was working up there.I can’t remember the bloody name,possibly The George or the Royal summat.Bloke in the hotel said it was one of the oldest bars in Glasgow.I’m guessing it was more of a ‘Gers bar cos it had stained glass window had the Union flag in it

  40. best place to drink in the town centre is the Horseshoe bar – just accross the road from central station – by the way i lived up there for 5 years but only went to Rangers the once – then it was all season ticket (souness was manager)!!
    sorry if i got up your nose Toonsy – i havent lived up there for 20 years – but its still my fave city in the UK even though I live doon sooth now. I have a lot of affection for the place and its people (closest in the country to Geordies). I used to support Celtic by the way – I could get in there nee bother. The craic up there on Auld firm days was fantastic.