Should Sol have been keeping himself in shape over the summer?

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Campbell - Focusing on fitness.
Campbell - Focusing on fitness.
I know it’s a delicate subject so I’ll try and tread carefully, but something regarding Sol Campbell is niggling away in the back of my mind.

There has been a bit of controversy since Sol arrived on Tyneside as training pictures revealed he was carrying a bit of excess baggage.

But that lack of fitness means that he is now likely to miss out in our opening game against Manchester United, and with defensive cover thin on the ground at the moment missing a player is something that Newcastle and Chris Hughton could do without. Now I dare say that even with a bit of excess weight he is far far fitter than you or me, but then again he is a professional sportsman, paid tens of thousands of pounds a week to be fitter than us, so why did he end up so drastically out of shape for a professional in the first place?

I’ll give him the fact that he got married over the summer and went on honeymoon, although I would have expected him to come back from that fitter than ever. I also understand that Campbell is a little bit further behind the rest of the team with regard to chasing match fitness, in fact he is three weeks behind by his own estimations, which I can accept, but it still doesn’t really wash with me.

At the end of the day, Campbell must have known he would have been signing for another club, whether that be Arsenal, Sunderland, Celtic or us, so wouldn’t it have made sense for him to keep himself in some sort of shape? The rest of the lads managed to do so, at least to a basic level by their standards, and they all went away on holiday with their mates or families ar whatever.

People may find this article controversial, or may feel that I am trying to stir up something that should be left alone. I’m not, it’s a genuine question as it concerns my football team. I have no interest in stirring up unnecessary controversy, it’s not what I am here to do.

Having said that, losing a player that is universally identified among fans as a good player has disappointed me a little. I guess all we can do is wait for Sol to gain his fitness slowly as an injury would be really bad news for us, especially with Steven Taylor out.

It’s doubtful whether or not Campbell will make a brief appearance at Ibrox tomorrow, purely in the interests of fitness of course, which raises another concern. Campbell will have to build up an understanding with the other centre-back in a competitive Premier League environmnt, which isn’t ideal.

I’m sure he will get back to peak fitness, but a little extra work in his own time, like the rest of the players will have done, wouldn’t have gone amiss.

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66 Responses

  1. For crying out loud Toonsy, give the guy a break!

    Are we, the supposed best fans in the world, trying our utmost to p*ss him off before he’s even kicked a ball for us?

  2. I would suggest he gets his ass back in the gym rather than dicking around on a ‘blog, which I doubt he would be anyway.

    Richietoon – 3 comments, that even surpassed my expectations :lol:

  3. I think if I was getting more salary in a week than most people get in a year I’d be keeping fit. Yeah he deserves time off after wedding however a few weeks abroad doesn’t mean you suddenly get a big gut on ya. More likely a few months off!! Anywho getting ready to catch an early train to bonny scotland from yorkshire, hopefully its a good game

  4. to be fair even if he hasent trained for the last 2 month he’s still fitter then about 90% of newcastle fans lol it wouldnt suprise me if he just walked out on us after all this haha

  5. What is the point of this? It’s like asking should we shut the stable door once the horse has gone!

    My take, leave the guy alone and let him get fit.

  6. Do we know how fit he really is?…it was a bad pic anyway and it he still looked slimmer than Mickey Quinn did in his prime ;-)

  7. anyway lads ben arfa.. every1 is getting bored about the hole thing.what i would say we need some1 in that area who is going to move us forward.and if he wonts to come then why not buy him.for the money they are asking then it is cheap.we are not going to get any1 that standard and ashely good make that extra money on him with the kit sales with his name on it.anyway lads did u lot see smith at the kit launch.if he isnt at rangers tomaz to play for us something is happening becasue he is a big rangers fan.

  8. toonsy says:
    August 6, 2010 at 10:06 am
    I love a bit of controversy in the morning

    Normal people love a bit of ‘how’s ya father’ in the morning…

  9. Aye but how unfit was he Toonsy?…agreed he was carrying a bit extra but not as much as that photo looked like I don’t think……….When I see a pic of me I look like a fat baldy tw@t but then I look in the mirror and see the real me,slim n hansome………still baldy tho :lol:

  10. 18 asim says:
    August 6, 2010 at 10:10 am
    well stuart the german agree with


  11. You’re beginning to do the tabloid thing, Toonsy: take something out of context, misinterpret the evidence and present it as truth. How do you know he didn’t do any training? How do you know he didn’t keep to a diet? Like you say, he’s a professional, give him some credit, mate.

  12. toonsy says:
    August 6, 2010 at 10:14 am
    Hughton will be on Goals on Sunday, SS1, 11am this Sunday.

    That will be compulsive viewing I’m sure!

  13. firstly if your a profesional athlete it is much easier to put on weight when you slack off on the exercise front

    secondly when you go on holiday do you like it to be lots of work, as exercise is Sols work let him have a break from it.

    and thirdly if you are dedicated enough to do something work related on holiday, you must be one hell of a guy if you were going to do it on your honeymoon, so as above give Sol a break,

    defenders can last longer as a payer in the game hes a far better pedigree than our current defenders if he is to prove that his quality is still there then we have to give him the option to prove it and the more cry babys we get the less likely Sol will be willing to play for a further year.

    stop crying back the team and we have a much better chance of not slipping back from where we have just come

  14. Aye, and I wouldn’t fancy either of the players who are being sent out on loan either.

    Danny Wellbeck – Average at Preston last season.
    Mame Bame Diouf – ???? Who ????

  15. lets hope with cleverly staying at manu,it makes fatty pull his finger out and get ben arfa..

  16. Yeah it’s a blog not a newspaper. It’s an opinion. No probs. Just voicing my opinion of your opinion.

  17. Brisvegas – That’s fair enough. I mean, I won’t air an opinion in future unless it sits with a proprotion of pansies who cry foul if they don’t like it ;)

  18. I’m not too sure there’ll be too many loanee’s available from the big 4/5 with this new ‘home grown’ rule.

    That will scupper the skin flint’s master plan!

  19. keeping yourself in shape isn’t the same as being fit enough for prem league – Nolan looked fatter than sol against deportivo!
    I’m not worried about sol being a few weeks behind, he’s a pro and a good signing for us

  20. another great comment stuart! u are making me look good.keep up the good work.u might get something write in the next 10 years are odds on in the be the best blagger on the site.

  21. stevep says:
    August 6, 2010 at 10:46 am

    The reason he’s not playing on Saturday is because it’s Gay Pride down at Brighton…

  22. asim says:
    August 6, 2010 at 10:50 am
    another great comment stuart! u are making me look good.keep up the good work.u might get something write in the next 10 years are odds on in the be the best blagger on the site.


  23. As a fellow old git, I need to point out that what some may think may be watching his diet and going for a quick run each day won’t cut it at 36.

    The only way for someone like Sol to keep as fit as some people seem to think he should have been on returning from honeymoon, would be to spend several hours a day training and eating nowt but very dull food.

    How much he earns has nowt to do with it – nobody should have to live like that on his honeymoon!

    Nice bit of shite-stirring, Toonsy – but if Sol does read this stuff, I hope he’s happy that the majority are just happy to see him here and training hard. He’s a goodun.

  24. The reason he’s not playing on Saturday is because it’s Gay Pride down at Brighton…

    Date in your diary is it ;)

  25. I saw him at benton a couple days ago, the guy is not out of shape at all!!

    One bad picture and the ‘supposed’ best fans in the world are again slagging their own players and giving the cockney media more reason to make us a laughing stock!

    F*cking get behind the team man, your obviously the fans that sit and slag everything and everyone at the match. If you don’t enjoy it, STAY THE F*CK HOME!! bellends

  26. Tom Cleverley is staying at Man U! Ferguson himself just confirmed it on SSN- After all that BS speculation and Wigan finally claiming to have bagged him he hasn’t gone anywhere.

    Can’t blame the Scottish T**T mind. Cleverley has had a storming pre-season. Just hope he doesn’t have a blinder against us next weekend!

    If Owen scores he’ll need one of his beloved bloody racehorces to escape the away fans! Lets hope wor Joey has an ‘accident’ when tackling him eh!

  27. Killy Mag – Shut the feck up you pleb. People are entitled to opinions cock rocket.

    I have never booed a player before, but I still have a right to a fecking opinion. I’d just rather do it on here than at the ground.

    Southern Press? Feck em.

    Bunch of fannies!

  28. Super fan stuart79!! you obviously like to stir up trouble on forums rather than do it face to face. We all know your sort, Gosforth Aggro Boy!

  29. Putting on a little beef is a problem for lots of older footballer’s, they get used to taking in thousands & thousands of calories a day when their training/playing full-time. The problem is that they don’t cut back when the stop, Sol is a naturally big lad (steady)& as he says he was in poorer condition when he joined arsenal in january.

  30. @stu79

    Aye – gay pride is this weekend, no doubt you’ll be back down – you get ya dates mixed up

    yeah – would like a good result this weekend, players should be match fit now (apart from sol and the injured lot)
    Should be able to find a decent stream as well

    bring it on – hopefully these ben arfa rumours will turn out to have some substance and he’ll be here for man u match

  31. I can only hope that the end to the Cleverley speculation will see the Ben Arfa rumour come to fruition now.

    Fingers crossed.

  32. Sorry to go on about this but … the Cleverly saga highlights what I’ve been saying about the English and your papers.

    Everybody says they don’t believe what the papers say, yet just about every blogger stated as fact that Cleverly was going to Wigan, all based on a spurious Daily Mail report.

    Just shows the insidious power of the media.

    Rise up, pommie mates, throw off your shackles. You don’t have to be slaves to the papers.

  33. Bris….I think most people just comment on the articles as opposed to taking them as fact……anyway Cleverly is still going to Wigan,just that it will only be on 26th Feb next year ;-)

  34. Toonsy – “Cock Rocket” Nice one mate…

    Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but there are too many fans who would rather whinge and pull people to bits instead of supporting the team. It just so happens a lot of these ‘fans’ kno f*ck all about football and are lucky to get to 2/3 games a season

  35. So, a fan is only a fan if they can get to games then?

    I’m sure all of our wordlwide following will be chuffed to be clumped together and to be labelled as “knowing f*ck all about football”.

    As for me, I do about 8-10 games, but then with work times and a near on 500 mile drive it just isn’t as economically viable for me to get to more.

    Still, I must know “f*ck all” about my hometown team eh? :roll:

  36. Toonsy – I live 500 mile roond trip an all – i’m Northampton – where are you?

  37. “So, a fan is only a fan if they can get to games then?”

    Thats not what i said at all, what im saying is that im sick of fans who take their opinions off the back page of the Sun or Daily Star thinking they know everything.

    I’ve family in the US who are as avid newcastle supporters as anyone.

  38. You liar. It’s here in balck and white..

    “It just so happens a lot of these ‘fans’ kno f*ck all about football and are lucky to get to 2/3 games a season”

    People know feck all about football unless go to a lot of games. You said it, it’s there.

    You need to stop trying to twist your argument, in 3 comments your point has changed 3 times.

    This is easy….