Rangers 2-1 Newcastle – Video highlights.

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Here is your chance to have another look at all of the goals from the 2-1 defeat at the hands of Rangers yesterday afternoon.

As most readers will know, I wasn’t overly impressed with the performance yesterday, in particular with our apparent lack of cutting edge in the final third of the pitch.

On reflection though, perhaps I was a bit harsh on the lads. We did boss the game, but I still stand by my comment where I said that ball possesion on it’s own doesn’t win games. For that we need goals, and quite frankly we didn’t look we have the ability to score or create enough goals throughout the season yesterday.

It came to light yesterday that Eidur Gudjohnsen could be in line for a move to Rangers on loan, but the stumbling block is the £40,000 a week wages. I think he could do a job for Newcastle for a season and would beef up our attacking options, just a thought mind.

Anyway, the countdown to our first match of the season continues, and at least yesterday showed up some areas where we are still a bit light on quality. I maintain that our starting eleven has enough about them to stop up, but I worry about what will happen if/when injuries and suspension kick in, which they inevitably will.

8 days to go!

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66 Responses

  1. Still scratching my head wondering how the hell we got beat, the score line was harsh to say the least, their first goal was the only time they got forward in the whole of the first half.
    Was pleased to see Barton stand up to the intimidation and thought he and Guthrie were great together, winger needed to be sharper and none of the forwards did anything.
    Still, Rangers fans will think they have won the world cup or similar but they are always up for the game and it was good to see Boughera dump Shola on his arse to wake him up.

  2. Aye bossed it in parts but as you say Toonsy,the final 3rd was the problem.Our final ball was woeful,I wouldn’t mind but if they’d played it earlier sometimes there was huge gaps to play teamamtes thru.Some of the defending was shocking too like.However preseason,I’d rather CH sees things to work on rather than win 3 nowt and think everythings rosy and that we’re all set.I think alot of our play was better than against Deportivo,yet most were “enthused” then.Probably only because of the final result that tho.
    On a different subject,I’m not owa happy with sahota’s link saying Liverpool in for Ben Arfa…..get it sorted!!

  3. Let’s see since sir got sacked.every coach we had went out n bought well known players.even sir built his first team n when he started building his squad he harshly got fired.now we have a manager who’s finally building our squad yet some of our fans over react like our team is useless.two years ago we had a team completely of balanced slow n wit no depth at all in our squad,now in this short time with no money we moving forward quite nicely.our goalkeepers r solid.our defence we have for solid cbs kadar n jose at lb..rb I’m not sure..our midfield is solid barton guthrie nolan compliments jonas rou vukic n hopefully ben arfa. Up front we ok our strikers aint da next david villa but dey not useless.what I’m saying is by next season we’ll have almost a complete squad who are solid n have flair.n ashley knows that haven’t u noticed we don’t sell our players to buy like before.we not gonna we the league but we moving forward nicely with no money to spend

  4. xXx…..As I said yesterday trust in CH,it was a friendly against a well organised team yet we had most of the play.The main purpose of a friendly imo is for match fitness and to show faults/weaknesses that need to be worked on,the match did that and so served it’s purpose.Obviously it’s nice to win them but thats a bonus and not the main aim.

  5. Rich – I wouldn’t put too much faith in the Liverpool link, for one reason;

    Why would Liverpool, or anyone, buy a player for £12 million when they can get him for £6 million?

    Would be like me going to Tesco this morning.

    Tesco bint: “That’ll be £75 please”

    Toonsy: “I’ll give you £150 for it”

    Not going to happen :lol:

  6. harper- should be dropped for krul
    perch- hes gonna be taken apart this season by better teams than rangers.
    williamson-same as perch
    enrique-had an okay game
    barton-good passing,few good tackles,draws fouls.could be a key man this season.
    routledge-good runs no end product should have scored but dragged the shot wide
    jonas-nice runs nothing else
    nolan-few good chances never really linked with carroll.
    carroll-non existant exept for a few headers

  7. Toonsy,I know I’ve disregarded the fee bit as thats just some media rag reporting it but even the slightest interest from a prem club could knock everything back.If we’re in for him it should be sorted straight away,by 9am would be nice ;-)

  8. nothing agreed yet:
    Hatem Ben Arfa said that he had not yet signed to Newcastle and said he would follow up to his career after the course of the France team .
    “I am 100% Olympian tonight assured Hatem Ben Arfa as he left the Velodrome Saturday after the defeat at Caen . I was 100 % , I wanted to win this game 120 % even . When I was on the ground I do not think about all this ( transfer) . I do not know how it will happen. It is interesting foreign leagues , but I ‘m still here. “

  9. Paul Robinson retires from international football.

    Be prepared for Fat Sam to be piping up soon :roll:

  10. To be fair to Paul Robinson though, I can see his point. He was looked over fo the World Cup, so why should he be happy with playing the reserve role?

    I mean, there is playing for your country because you are deemed the best, or there is playing for your country because you are deemed the best of the rest.

    Personally, a cap is a cap to me, but if he has retired then fair enough, as long as doesn’t do a Carragher style u-turn.

    Harper for England? :lol:

    Forster for England? If they are looking to the future :lol:

  11. Harper is lucky to get his Newcastle place. Krul a better keeper. But it’s Hughton call

  12. Agree how long is it gonna b b4 ppl realize that krul is better than hrper for christ sake, the amount goals n chances harps costs us coz he won’t come out is 6yd area to clear the ball, n krul is better at corners he actualy comes n saves it, I fink that liverpool ben arfa iz bogus, if it true ya he will go there but it will b r own fault tryin to play hardball rather than jus wraping the deal up weeks ago, am still concerned if we get him on loan we hav no chance of signing him permanent next year he is that good comin on loan is jus auditionin him self to bigger clubs

  13. Anko a loan is good but id rather not b teased for a year on what we cud hav n tripled r money on jus for him to sign for a top 4 next year

  14. Its not like loanin cleverly who looks class but ppl rnt sure yet, ben arfa is class already the only reason other ppl arnt tryin for him his is attitude

  15. @20 yea walter smith is a top manager n if he says were a good team n will do well next yrar well that’s a good endorsement by me

  16. flippin heck, here in Germany they’re talking about Pepe Reina from Liverpool to Arsenal for THIRTY MILLION EUROS….things are turning crazy !!

    Roll on Monday night, finally the speculation stops and we can see where we really are against Manure ! How about Ben Arfa making his debut at Old Trafford anyone…would make a canny headline !?

  17. yeah Munich,read that….unfortunately the speculation won’t stop then we still have until the end of the month.

  18. first goal against the gers not too good I’m afraid. Williamson is a centre half, where was he actually standing for the goal ? Collo was also facing the ball, all the defenders had more than enough time to react, the only option open after all was a ball into the box !

    Pet irritation of mine is don’t let the attacking player cross the ball into the box, Routledge error here, too noncholant, and a bit of a gay challenge on the Rangers lad if you ask me…

  19. canny week for the Bundesliga clubs..only friendlies though…

    Dortmund beat Citeh easily 3-1, Wolfsburg beat Everton easy 2-0 , Fulham wellied Werder 1-5, today Hoffenheim will welly the makkems hopefully…

  20. Not too good mate,cheeky sod suddenly asked for £2k more than a price we had agreed so told him to f*** off.Back to the drawing board I’m afraid,debating whether to decorate house from top to bottom put it up for sale and once sold just bugga off and take the chance………..”he who dares” and all that

  21. any link to watch goals on sunday online? gonna be interesting if hughton has any news

  22. sorry to hear it mate, surely the retard could have kept his side of the bargain and saved you’s all a lot of stress…idiot

    Hold tight mate, a better deal will come along. You guys are set on the move, it’s just a question of time…

  23. There were some positives from yesterday & there certainly are still area’s to improve with a couple of signings. I just wonder if some of the dis-appointment with the result is caused by supporters very low opinion of scottish football & they expected rangers just to be a push-over. The spl is a weak league but rangers have bags of experience of playing without the ball against technically better teams & getting results. Their players might not be the best but the they have a good coach who knows how to play to their strengths, davis is a canny player, miller has an eye for goal & can play that lone striker role well, whittaker looks a good player & so does bougherra.

    It’s never easy trying to break down a team who know how to keep there shape, especially when routledge & spiderman are having an off-day.

  24. england squad.what is the point droping the players and keeping the same midfield players.sorry they have fooled the public not me.still in the squad is are first choice midfield and terry.the midfield is the problem.they wont be here in 4 years.they are not going to improve they have been going backwards for years.but people have not clocked on to that. apart from who is in the squad why pick them we no what they can do.who ever he picks this week he will go back to them next game.

  25. agree Asim,imo it should have been a fresh start bringing in young hungry players.Capello should have said I’m building a young squad with the aim of doing well in the next World cup,if we qualify for the Euros great if not its a learning process for a young squad but 2014 is the main aim.

  26. Now the dust has settled i personally thought we were pretty good, I was happy to see us playing possesion football for the first time since god knows when.

    I never thought Hughton was daft enough to think we could out long ball stoke, Blackburn, Birmingham, mackems ETC.

    The two things we lacked were a pacey, ceative player buzzing about between Barton/Gootrie and Carroll (You know who) and a left footed, left back to come in for Enrique as Perch tucking in too much showed right footed players dont normally work at left back and the second goal came from that reason.

    Also lets be honest will Man Utd have 7 or 8 players parked on the edge of their own box a week tomoz, I doubt it very much, Carroll may bizarrly get more space against a much better side.

    P.S The Ben Arfa liverpool story is a complete load of arse, The only thing that adds up is the need to fill sunday rag pages…

  27. CC….still can’t find an article by Mick Dennis slagging down the disloyal and deluded Norwich fans for booing their team after losing one game in a league they’ve just been promoted to…strange that like ;-)

  28. CC…agree with you, I can’t see many epl teams playing like that against us at home. It’s likely going to be the other way round against the manc’s, big andy will need to work his socks off tho.

  29. The Liverpool business was more likely leaked by Marsailles in order to get us finalize this thing. Trying to make sense of all the rumors it seems likely that a loan deal has been agreed but OM have asked/demanded a higher loan fee which we are now considering.

  30. Just read that our under 15 striker adam campbell has been voted most valuable player at the manchester premier cup, good to see our young players doing so well.

    asim will probably want him in the squad for the man u game.

  31. I know i will probably get ignored but do you guys not think this game was a dodgey one for us, because we will be playing how rangers played, on the counter attack and wont be having loads of the ball in the premier league like yesterday, because when everyone was saying we played so well against Deportivo, werent we soaking up all the presure and counter attacking?! Yes we didn’t play well yesterday but thats not tha type of game we will come across week in week out this season and counter attacking with our wingers suits us i think..

  32. hughton is ashleys puppet,expect nothing to happen in the transfer market…hughton is not good enough manager for the prem,the only reason we won the champoinship is coz the players were to good for that league,hughton will be exposed for a shite manager in the prem..relegation battle here we come :wink:

  33. Nowt yet hitman, just asking if he’s gonna be doing an article on his beloved Norwich after they booed their own team during and after their match

  34. Hitman – Good job our players are too good for The Championship then ;)

    That must mean they are PL players ;) ;)

  35. I need some cash have any of you guys got any tips on the horses I can profit from

  36. I was babbling yesterday about Perch getting no cover from Jonas in the few minutes he was back at LB, but watching the goals highlights here, where on earth was Perch?

    I still think it’s too early to tell if Perch can play there, but I’d love to see a longer build-up approach to Rangers 2nd goal just to get an idea of where the boy was–nowhere near the action, to be sure.

  37. fsotc……CH said on tv today that Perch can play both fullback positions so I gues that means we won’t be getting a lb(possibly) :-(

    Bud…..Dusty Carpet ;-)

  38. @ 54 – i once backed a horse in the grand national called foreskin – it got pulled back at the third.

  39. Yeah, richie, I’ve seen that he’s supposed to be able to play RB & LB. I thought he was okay at RB but for the few minutes he was at LB yesterday, Rangers really attacked there and seemed to do well. I was arguing yesterday that Perch had no assistance from Jonas, but when I looked at the replay here, it’s clear Perch is nowhere to be found and that it’s actually Jonas who’s further back (and gets burned) by the late-arriving runner. Where was Perch?

    I’m not saying he can’t play there, just wondering where the hell he wandered off to? Maybe he was attacking and when we turned the ball over he failed to come back quickly enough?

  40. @ 61 – i use orange webmail and i’m not sure if it has delivery failure with it – if not it looks like i’ve been wasting my time all these years.

    oh dear.

  41. As a Rangers fan I was pleased with the performance. These friendlies aren’t really about much more than gaining match fitness and we were a week ahead in that respect. Good to see a sizeable travelling support, and with Walter Smith doubt you will have anything less than a mid table result next year. Best of british, l

  42. I …….cheers.I said yesterday as a coach from a friendly you want to gain fitness and to spot any weaknesses so you can work on them before the season starts.Yesterdays match did that and other than our final ball I think we played ok against a well organised team who have played together for quite a while.
    Good luck this season.