Mick Dennis – Where are you?

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Where are you Mick?
Where are you Mick?
Anyone remember when Delia Smith stumbled her way onto the pitch, all sherried up, and made her famous outburst against the Norwich fans?

That moment of media magic has become a bit of folklore, not just in Norwich City history, but in football history. If you need refreshing, watch this video.

Now there is nothing wrong with a chairman being passionate about their team, in fact it is something we are probably lacking at Newcastle at this moment in time, but I wonder how such open criticism of the Norwich fans sat with Mick Dennis, the journalist with the poison pen, who is incidentally a Norwich fan?

Now for those who haven’t been following, Mick Dennis is one of the first journalists to sound off about how Newcastle are an embarrasment and how our fans should be ashamed of ourselves as a minority of them boo the team, which they do, that can’t be denied, but it is the persistant scathing attacks and selective reporting from him that grinds my gears.

The booing of their own players at Carrow Road the other night was music to my ears, a sense of karma washed over me, as the very thing that he has launched attacks on us over happened in his own back yard. Yet there is still no criticism of them, not a word uttered about it in The Express from the cowardly Mick Dennis. Scared of admitting the truth are we, Mick?

Now at this juncture I feel I need to clarify that I have no axe to grind with the Norwich fans as a whole as they are just as passionate about their club as we are about ours, but I do take umbridge with one of them, the one who tends to paint a very one-sided picture of us in the media – Mick Dennis.

The fact is that fans have paid their money and have a right to air their opinions at the end of the game. If they feel like booing then they will, but isn’t it a bit delusional to boo a team that has just been promoted and has just been beaten by a team that is established in the league above Norwich?

You see, we are also tagged as delusional by Mick Dennis. We are impatient and demanding fans who are the cause of all problems at Newcastle. I would counter that by asking how can we be impatient when we haven’t won anything since 1969? How can we be demanding? Demanding that a team that is regularly in the top 20 richest clubs in Europe yet continuously under-achieves be run a bit better? Isn’t that what all fans want? Isn’t that what Liverpool and Manchester United fans are currently protesting about?

Now I don’t expect a reply from Mick Dennis, in fact I don’t even expect any acknowledgement from him as it must be difficult for him to see anything whilst he has his head stuck up his own backside. What I do expect is an equally poisonous article to go to print soon, probably one about us in fact, such is the lads obsession with us.

That’s fine, but for all of Mick Dennis’s qualifications and all his previous reporting jobs, I would suggest it isn’t his credentials that need questioning, it is something far more simple than that, and something that wouldn’t cost the earth to sort out either. How about getting your eyes tested Mick?

It appears you are blind to the truth!

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199 Responses

  1. some say – good old mick – and others tell the truth.

    he’s a complete and utter w@nker.

  2. The other night I googled Mick Dennis is a twat and I was surprised to see how many clubs supporters have taken offence at his writing, Man Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal, Spurs, Man City, Stoke, Leeds, Wigan, Southampton and QPR and that was the first three pages…

    The Express’ sales are dropping year on year yet their hierarchy havent considered that a fair portion may well be football fans boycotting the paper because this clown constantly spouts bollocks and makes the Sun look slightly credible.

  3. We(Norwich) Fans were booing at the ref and Mr.Dennis isn’t always to be listen to and please don’t judge us on him.

    Newcastle fan’s are passionate just like we are and everyone knows this Mr.Dennis just loves the sound of his own voice sometimes.

  4. Dan – As I said in the article, it’s nothing against Norwich fans as a whole, just that one in particular :)

  5. You should email this to the stammering , gibbering old twat to make sure that he reads it.

    Well done!

  6. You couldn’t have picked a better or worse photo of his smug face. Don’t value his opinions. They are bollocks

  7. Mick Dennis really is a tw@t he should have been a mackem.
    Dan good luck for the season.

  8. I know he contributes to TALKSPORT from time to time,but his comments on the TOON are complete garbage.He just doesn’t like NUFC and it’s faithful followers!!.

  9. Toonsy is it just premiership games that count for the fantasy football or does the comunity shield count?

  10. that was brilliant seeing delia again on the cooking sherry,pure comedy gold.as for the esteemed mr dennis,you should come to newcastle and listen to the fans,you get sick of hearing about us being deluded,special club etc,if you interviewed newcastle fans you would realise we are more of a pessimistic bunch rather than deluded.
    i blame sky sports for the whole geordie hating thing,it’s a classic case of built up then knocked down.
    in an era where football needed a shot in the arm,along came keegan and his brand of football people had been missing for years,infact newcastle united helped sky sports to become what it is now.newcastle’s brand of attacking football brought viewiers flocking into sky’s cathedral of filth,thus swelling the evil empires coffers ten fold.words like the entertainers,the geordie nation were used oh it’s the republic of newcastle,of course eventually it was going to get peoples backs up.
    when it started to go wrong the unscrupulous c**ts at sky had a field day at our expense.
    sky sports were instrumental in turning newcastle to what i call a “MEDIA-OCRE” club,where the club is no longer a force in a football sense,but is always good for a story and the ensuing circus that follows it,which keeps it in the headlines for the wrong reasons.
    sky has also showed newcastle fans in a bad light by selecting the odd pond life fan outside of st james’,and presenting it as a consensus of opinion to all newcastle fans.
    the sad thing is that everyone has took this biased onsided view by sky,and ran with it if it is the gospel truth.mr dennis you yourself are guilty of buying in to the stereotype that sky sports has created,as a journalist it just shows your ilk are no longer interested in seeking the truth,but rather what ever sells chip papers.

  11. I hate the cliche “110%”, but on this occasion I agree with you 110%! From his continually checking his own image on sky, to his slagging off NUFC and their fans – the bloke makes my blood boil. Last summer, on Talksport, he continually tore into us Toon fans, claiming us “disillusioned” and questioning our loyalty and commitment. He even predicted we would do a “worse” Leeds (excuse my grammar) and drop through the leagues….where is he now indeed?

  12. Understand where your coming from toonsy, unfortunetly he won’t give a monkeys infact he will more than likely take it as a compliment. He’ll simply say that he’s doing his job as a journalist & problably claim that your article is just the bitter deluded mutterings of a stereo-typical Newcastle supporter.

    I’m certainly not suggesting that your wrong, he’s just another journalist who see’s newcastle supporters as an easy target & because of our reputation around the country people will believe his cobbled together collection of myth & re-gurgitated crap.

    Even when he had to admit his prediction of our further collapse last season was wrong he still tryed to excuse it by launching into yet another unbalanced rant about us, this is not the mark of a good journalist its the mutterings of a rather sad man who has been given a job which is beyond his ability. Thank fully blogs like this have given us a right of reply.

  13. I’m here, is the answer to the question.

    I admit my coverage of Newcastle has been unprofessional and spiteful, it is simply out of jealousy as Norwich will never be a club as big as yours.

    I apologise wholeheartedly and hope Newcastle become a force in the Premier League again.

  14. davy,is robbie keane a cash buy or a supposed loan?i just remember deputy tax dodger dawg harry,say he wasn’t interested in loaning robbie out,and i can’t see ashley stumping up the wedge for him.

  15. @davy:IIRC,harry says keane is staying put.

    Anyway,other than ben arfa rumors,any other latest rumors linking players to us???

    It seems quite silent this past few days.

  16. Mick Dennis is stuck up his own arse and has been for years. He is SSN sometimes spouting his rubbish. Hate the cnut.

  17. Trojan – espn were at it yesterday….fans expecting big signings etc etc….houghton not offerd a new contract blah blah. Half expect them to be handing out free cider & “ashley out” banners at the villa game, makes you wonder why sky & espn choose us for so many games when we’re such a basket case of a club!?

    Wouldn’t have anything to do with viewing figures would it?

  18. noir9,give them time,they could be going to print as we speak.of course that’s why we are on,they want to see the car crash.funny how everyone has an opinion on geordies without even coming here or bothering to even ask us,probably because it would shatter their illusions of us.

  19. Going to be offline for a bit lads. Have some computer issies that need sorting :mad:

  20. I once asked Mick to join me in the strawberry before a boro game just after his famous rant about our crowds in 80’s. He is worse than Louise Taylor as he said he got it off the net and claimed it was a good source!
    Total numpty.
    My 10 year old could write better articles.

  21. Mick (The Tick) Dennis has never written one positive thing about NUFC and its followers. This dates back to the days when he worked for the London Evening Standars.
    Makes you think that he’s got some sort of agenda against us. Aided and abeted by his guvnor who happens to be a mackem. Sad twats the pair of them.

  22. Its off transfer rumours akno its not reiable but reckons he was ryt bout goslinf,perch,cambell n brmble deals so

  23. and here’s my email back off dear old Mick

    I was there. I didn’t hear any booing. Honestly, I really didn’t. But I have written many critical pieces about Norwich fans and, consequently, some of them boo me when they see me!
    I have generalised about your club’s supporters, it is true but I have also tried to use qualifying phrases about “some supporters” etc. I have never “fabricated” anything I wrote.
    Mick D

  24. What we have to remember is that it’s this guy’s job to write and talk crap. He replied once to someones email and said that he doesn’t even write the headline. If it is his job to get recognition and attention in any shape or form then he certainly has done that here. Just ignore him there are plenty poisoned dwarfs in that industry and when he hangs up his laptop their will be another one to jump in his desk. Personally it’s that other mackem woman that gets my goat.

  25. TROJAN 69
    ‘sky has also showed newcastle fans in a bad light by selecting the odd pond life fan outside of st james’

    I was in Sunderland last week for work, near the bridges shopping centre; I hadn’t been for years as naturally I have no need nor want to go. I don’t know if it was just the time of the week but some of them really were like pondlife. Pure apes dragging their knuckles along the ground. :lol: Not one word of a lie.

  26. I would love arfa and Keane but I dare not hope!! I mentioned keane ages ago didn’t I boys?! Here’s hoping

  27. me too jay jay,just fired off my response to his response.I can’t believe he didnt hear it tho!!

  28. RAFFO you did m8,keep hopeing on keane as we wont get him he will want owr much in his sky

  29. Can’t see keane joining he’s had a good pre season I think harry will want to keep him unless he signs someone else.was hoping ben arfa would get announced today but looks likely to be tomorrow just hope mike doesn’t mess it up.we really need ben arfa.

  30. alreet ice…..maybe Keane plays for the love and not for the money ;-) :lol:

    what a jammy goal by the way for Man Utd

  31. RICHIETOON ime good m8,always thought they were the luckest team in lge for years with a bit of ref help like
    want to try my luck if i fell in a bucket of t-ts i would come out sucking my thumb :)

  32. I’ve had bad luck with both my wives. The first one left me and the second one didn’t. :lol:

  33. We must believe in luck. For how else can we explain the success of those we don’t like? ;-)

  34. RICHIETOON,i know a lot of guys want this and that type of player,but i still say apart from the ones we are linked with i feel we must have a good d.m.if we cannot break play up in pl we might struggle,and the likes of smith ect are not up to it.imo

  35. :(
    Just realised who the writer is of that article.
    McBoro didnt get off to a dream start did they. They have overspent aswell so losing at home against Ipswwich is hardly good. :lol:

  36. icedog

    I think yesterday just confirmed that we haven’t got enough pop up front. The difference was that Rangers had a goalscorer on in the form of Kenny Miller. I just don’t see who we have atm who will get us the goals. We had more of the posession and at times played some canny stuff but at the end of the day we could pass it till blue in the face and it’s someone who can put it in the net we need. We won’t get that much posession against prem teams either.

  37. DJG my point m8,as i said apart from those we are linked with (afra)we need a d.m.i think that showed in one goal yest,could be a lot more in pl if we dont act imo

  38. Anyone realize that Javi Hernandez does look a little bit like the guy who act in Goal the Movie???? santiago munez?

    Happen both are Mexican~~~~:lol:

  39. DJG…..our old friend Louise Taylor :twisted:

    The forwards would have had a lot more chances if our wingers had played decent final balls,but we could do with a Keane or Bellers type forward,tho we did look better when PL came on.

    Ice..aye the Uruguyan would be ideal.

  40. we may have a good player on our hands……adam campbell from our u 15 won the most valiable player award from the nike premier cup and guess who were all previous winners….torres,tevaz,iniesta………anybody know more about this lad???

  41. who gives a flyin fk about dick dennis…
    we should be talkin about hughton the man is fkin clueless

  42. We at Norwich were not booing our team but the ref who had just missed a blatant foul leading to Watford’s third goal.

    Mick Dennis was at the game as a paying fan – even spending his cash in the club shop before the game.

    I come in peace..and loved the Toon (Ginola, Asprilla etc) under Keegan Mk 1 but you Toon fans are just too touchy. Every fan in the country admires your passion but you don’t see things clearly. To rational outsiders the whole Keegan/Shearer love affair has clearly held you back. Of course, they were both wonderful players but as you have found out to your cost that doesn’t make them great managers.

    Surely it’s that particular angle, and the fact that you have burdened every manager with unrealistic expectation that Dennis is on about.

  43. hughton will take us back down,fk sake lads,look at his tacticsc they were shite…were fked

  44. hughton is a puppet,fk sake the man is no leader,he carnt even stand up to the twats that run the club..,.its a fkin joke

  45. we aint going to sign anyone with real clout,the sooner you fkin people wake up the better,were fked under ashley

  46. Evening lads ,presuming we are going for a full back ,midfielder/winger ,and a striker ,who do we want realistically ? I think Ben Arfa ,Robbie Keane-loan ,and van aanholt .

  47. billysteele,its because of lies like those that Dennis prints that make people like you think we have unrealistic expectations,the vast majority don’t.If you want to believe everything you read then crack on mate.
    He also said we were disloyal because of the size of our crowds last season and the amount of empty seats which is just one of the many digs he has had at us.
    If you were booing the ref then fair enough,It just proves how things can appear when you don’t have all the information and just go off the media.

  48. BillySteele

    I don’t think we have unrealistic expectations, all we want is to be able to go home from our 52,000 ground and not feel embarrased that our team are competing at the wrong end of the league. Look at Man U fans, Liverpool fans, if the don’t finish in the top 4 or win a trophy then they demand more from next season. I think you’ll find the vast majority of NUFC fans are not like that.

  49. Robbie Keane realistically?
    You’re having a laugh!

    @Billy Steele – There you go about unrealistic expectations! That’s the media’s generalisation and stereotype right there!!!

    I think you will find the vast majority of toon fans just hope for survival this year, but is it wrong to aim for Europe in oh say a five year time frame?
    I wouldn’t say it’s deluded to think that in a few years time, with a club of our size & the turnover we create (consistently in the forbes top 20 rich list of clubs), that we should be up at the business end of the league much like we have been in the past.
    Although we do have to start again from scratch and establish ourselves slowly.

    @ Hitman You’ve posted about five times without reply, give it a rest will you mate?
    We get your point, you don’t have to spam it everywhere.

  50. hughton will be exposed a shie manager in the prem..put your money on US going back down

  51. Icedog I agree I fink a dm is the most important position we need to as we jus haven’t got one that arevalo wud b perfect n cheap

  52. DAVY yes m8 cheap in todays market,but not cheap in ashleys market i hope ime wrong like

  53. From what happened yesterday I have made these observations.

    Perch- We should perserver with, he has a bit of go in him and although was occasionally a bit suspect in his positioning he could have given Routledge a lesson in how to cross the ball. Hughton needs to stop messing about playing him at LB ect and just get him up to the level of a decent prem RB and not a championship utility defender. Maybe his positioning will improve over a few games at RB and being part of a back 4 that gets used to each other. I still think he will be an improvement other Simmo and good luck to the lad.

    Were frustrating, at times they were brilliant and at times they couldnt pass the ball. I think they will get better with a few games though and certainly will be better than Alan Smith.

    Although good in the championship I think are too static to play together in the prem. When Lovenkrands came on we had a bit of a goal threat. I still think we should sign a goal scorer and we missed a trick not signing Hooper. From now on one of Lovenkrands, Ranger or Vuckic must play, Carroll, Stroller and Nolan just haven’t got the movement in their legs to play together.

  54. are we all trying to give hughton some lee way coz hes black(i hope not)the man is not a good manager,its as simple as that..

  55. Billysteele, Dennis had a massive boner on for us to go down again last season and for the fans to leave in droves thus proving his theories, neither happened and he isnt mature enough to accept that his perception of the club and fans was wrong.
    I have a good mate who is a Norwich fan and they were booing your goalkeeper so dont make excuses for Dennis, we are simply asking him to use his blunt, cutting style of journalism to describe his own club, whats wrong with that?

  56. BillySteel- no offense but what are you talking about?

    Newcastle supporters have unbelievably low expectations- probably the lowest of any club with our revenues in the entire world. Your post just makes our point of being treated unfairly in the press.

  57. hitman

    Have you noticed how alot of his signings have been mixed race players, im not being racist it’s just an observation.

  58. What does color have to do wth it Hitman? I thought those days were behind us all? Apparently not….

  59. By the way, I’m back. And if anyone gets a virus from Anitvir Solution Pro be warned that it is a bastard to get rid of!

  60. colour has nothing to do with it toonsy(by the way i have an arab son)but hughton is totaly shite as a manager he hasnt a clue

  61. Toonsy me too mate.
    I mean the lets show racism the red card was started from a bunch of toon fans was it not?

  62. So if colour has nowt to do with it, why mention it then, Hitman? It’s a fecking libellous, ridiculous thing to say that has no fabrication at all behind it!

    What else can he have done other than finish 1st last season? He couldn’t have done any better and deserves his sbot, whether he is black, white, yellow, pink, blue or green

  63. Icedog – It was a right fecker to get rid of. Had to call in the PC support from Cumbria :lol:

  64. And hitman I admit Hughton isn’t the best tactically, but a lot of our great managers of recent years have sometimes used questionable tactics – Keegan was shite at tactics, but a good motivator, but I feel with Hughton he at least deserves a chance, he may be unproven but he did manage to unite the dressing room.
    It wasn’t just the players, he is after all an out and out socialist so probably delegated tasks to all the senior players who wanted a say.

  65. I don’t think KK was shite at tactics. He did very well,when he started changing to 4-3-3 that time.

  66. hitman,he took us up whether thats because of the quality of player we had at the club or his managing prowess who knows but I think he at least deserves a shot at it in the EPL imo

  67. look lads im not trying to be racist,im just saying is hugton getting a bigger crack than most managers,the man has zero abilty,the players got us promoted not him..

  68. Hughton isn’t black anyway, I mean not like Amdy Faye or someone, he looks more white than black to me. Not that it matters.

  69. Hitman – These same players that are being slagged as being shyte? The same ones that aren’t good enough? The same ones that were going to see us relegated last season?

    Howay man, you’re just acting the (unt now looking for a wind up.

    Fecking, is it cos eee iss black indeed FFS

    Nice one Hitman :roll:

  70. A bigger crack?
    How exactly?
    He took the team back up and now deserves a chance to see how they will fare, the new season hasn’t even started yet and results haven’t started to be good/bad, how can you judge and say he’s getting more time?!?

  71. BillySteele

    Im assuming all those people leaving early were doing it to show their disgust at the refs performance… :roll:

  72. hitman…don’t think its a case of him getting a bigger crack mate,its just that we’ve just been promoted so things have went well for him.He deserves ago and lets see how he handles it if it’s not going so well.

  73. agree richie i want chris to get his chance…i just dont think hes up to it thats all

  74. The thing I worry about with Hughton is that he seems to play people as if almost, you scratch my back I scratch yours, and like there is a ‘pecking order’ or senior players front of the queue. Ranger bottom of the queue coz he was late at traing ect. Rather than putting the best posible player we have in the best position for the situation. Also he seems a bit slow to act sometimes and he used to always change players at the same 70min mark every game rather than when tactics demanded it.

  75. time will tell hitman,I think if it’d going wrong Ashley will turn on him long before the fans do.

  76. Rich – They can’t handle truth mate. They have this one mackem that they class a leader who just abuses people, I mean like dead relatives etc. He is banned now but he moved onto several other boards. I have fecked him over from that numerous times now, 5 in fact :lol:

    All I was doing was posting pics of stanley knives and they got all uppity and took offence ;)

    Feck em

  77. aknow this ben arfa thing keeps dragging on n latest reports are were getting him loan, but i dont know why but ive jus got gut feeling its gonna b a permanent deal just bcoz of the fact that marseille had cash offers from ruban kazan n hoffenhiem to turn them down in favour of 800,000 loan deal from us i just dont get wen they will hav been offered 6 to 8mill from them clubs, i aknow ben arfa has had alot to do with it by refusing to go anywere but england but at the end of the day they are clearly looking to sell

  78. DJG @ 102: Don’t understand your point about Ranger.

    Is what your saying that, if in training a player turns up late, can’t be arsed and is also disruptive (allegedly), he should go straight on the team sheet, just to show the other players (who seem to turn up on time, train to the best of their ability and don’t disrupt the session), who is the Boss?

    Training is one of many things that the backroom staff see as being part of the make-up of the right player for the job. If CH, or any of the other staff, don’t like what they see then it’s not going to help the players claim for first team start.

  79. Dunno Davy,but they cant force him to go anywhere and they need to reduce their wage bill by 10-15%

  80. Afternoon Lads AOD lol I was waiting for Per Ciljan Skjelbred to get mentioned as it has been a while, but the thing that gets me is in the last 3- 4yrs that we get linked with him why has no one else took him if he is that good ?
    Hitman I too have questions about CH that only time will answer but I do think he deserves a chance after all he stuck with us when no one else would touch us, but I agree that Nolan has far to much power for someone that has only been here for over a year

  81. Rich – WuM? Nah, just showing I can mix it with the best of em ;)

    Too sensitive me you know? Let things get to me too much, no banter me you know :lol:

    I may change my name to COOLsy

  82. I don’t know what goes on in traning but when Ranger has come on in a game he has looked sharp, bright and interested as well as looking one of our best forwards. I think we all could name a half-arsed striker that seems higher up the pecking order. Also if and it’s a big IF, he has been late and disruptive in training, is it purely his fault or could he be managed better?!

  83. another thing that makes me think it could b permanent is the fact the OM president said if he agree terms he will sign, if its a loan deal what terms are there to agree surely its jus a case of we will pay u 800,000 now n all his wages n then 5 to 6mill next season to make it permanent, surely all he has to decide is whether he wants to join us which sounds like he has already decided that, if he has terms to agree that wud b wages length of contract, we will c like loan will b good to but my worry with that is he will b class n we will hav no chance of making it permanent

  84. Big Dave: Superfine. How’s you?

    DJG: Regardless of the player or club, or even the profession, I would like to think that getting in to work on time is something that an individual is solely responsible. In another job, a person would be docked pay or perhaps even dismissed. It’s unlikely he would be promoted.

  85. davy @ 119:

    Did I read somewhere that Ben Arfa is on 300,000 Euros a month at OM?

    That’s something like £250,000 per month. Surely that’s going to put him in our highest earners category.

    Is that realistic for a loan signing? Probably not, so I think the loan to buy thing is likely to be all but completed and the initial loan period may simply be to check things like fitness and get the paperwork done and the permanent contract terms agreed to everyones satisfaction. Perhaps something along the lines of the way we got Williamson.

  86. Starkadder

    That is correct but we can hardly take these rumours as gospel can we. He has a bit of a ‘gangster’ wide boy image, we don’t know if he really is late and disruptive do we. At least he seems to have a bit about him, Shola had to be dumped on his arse by Buggera (poor spelling but funny) before he woke up.

  87. @toonsy 122: Per Ciljan Skjelbred,A back-up plan?

    Title for that new article~~~ :lol:

  88. followed up by,whu is richard keys a prick,long gone are the days when he wore his christmas jumpers on gmtv,he was then turned to the dark side of the force SKY SPORTS.

  89. TROJAN, I don’t think the Internet is big enough to hold that amount of reason and debate.

    I’m afraid that his ego has expanded everytime a Sky Sports subscription has been taken out.

    I used to like him as a player, and initially as a pundit. Somewhere along the line it just went wrong.

  90. Starkadder,I’ve also read he’s on 100,000 euros a month which is probably nearer the mark(or a figure inbetween) in the French league which isn’t one of the big payers.Especially for a young player who isn’t an established international.

  91. Toonsy what about a guide on the delights of wining and dining your loved one at KFC you tight git cant believe that you would do that to her

  92. Andy Gray is a nice bloke actually. I was at a dinner where he was appearing and he was pretty down to earth. His head is massive though :lol:

  93. ‘turned to the dark side of the force SKY SPORTS’

    :lol: Why do people hate sky so much, Dont get me wrong it’s expensive and I wouldn’t get it but for fat bald middle age men with lots of money they provide some good sports coverage in unrivaled HD and films entertainment ect.

  94. starkadder,i pinpoint it to the time he was going to take the everton job,then sky offered him a load of money to stay on with them.all the crap at the time about everton being his club,then turned his back on them for the cash.i lost all respect for the prick after that,now he thinks he’s mr you can’t do without me at sky sports,pushing his little dobbers about the screen.

  95. KFC? I wish. £60 for the two of us! She won’t be seeing daylight for a few weeks now :lol:

  96. I hate all the jock football commentators. They all hate Newcastle, Must be an inferiority complex or something. It was funny Ipswich away when they were typically scathing and then suddenly we scored 3 goals in about 10mins and the had to change their tune. :)

  97. djg,them dirty horrible b*****ds have systematically knackered football in this country as a working class sport.

  98. DJG: You’re right. Because of the new secret squirrel attitude that runs through the club, we will probably never find out just how true these rumors actually are.

    I’ve seen him in the town at night, as have several people I know. I have also heard rumours from people who know him socially which are less than flattering.

    Probably nothing that doesn’t go on with young, over paid players at clubs throughout the world, but if the stories are true, he will never make it. CH is no where near the most tyranical of managers, so he is possibly getting away with stuff another manager would get shot of him for. I can not see Alex Ferguson allowing players to behave as they see fit, rather than toeing the club line.

    By the way, I wholey approve of the new secret squirrel attitude. It’s great watching journalists scrabbling around, looking for something more ‘news worthy’/contraversial than what supporters think of our Puma kit.

  99. Stuart I dont think he will see that I think he is writing another blog, What about your writing career have you thought anymore about it

  100. Alex Ferguson doesnt have the power he used to. re. smoking Rooney, Anderson crash ect of late, he will do nothing. Hughton is not exactly the dinosaur that was Joking Here but I don’t think he’s exactly Mr Chillax either.

  101. starkadder,fergie is like a dictator,anyone ever hear the story about ryan giggs,gary neville and some other player who’s name escapes me,where they were in a house with a few lasses,with a couple of bottles of wine,few pizza’s etc to watch a film.fergie had his spies out watching them,when they phoned him to tell him what was occuring,fergie drove around to the house in question and frogmarched the lasses out of the house,them drove the lads back to their houses,couldn’t see chris doing anything like that.

  102. Hitman – you could be right Chris’s ability as a coach & please do comeback to tell us so if (thats if) your opinion is correct, but he’s earned his chance & deserves our support. The MA ownership is far from ideal for all sorts of reasons however until someone actually coughs up the cash to buy us its surely better to have someone who can work with him than not.

    As for the colour of his signings!? What difference does it make? Gosling looks fairly white to me but then again I don’t have an arab son so perhaps I’m not qualified.

  103. DJG I think Rooney is a law on to himself but as for Andersons crash what could he do about that
    Starkadder the secret squirrel attitude is good for the club but it is a bit shit for the fans when we have nowt to gas about or look forward to except romours etc :(

  104. Big Dave – I have tried to get a couple of interviews with some players and ex-players. No success though :(

  105. Does anyone like Fergie will put up with having little money and gradually being dwarfed by City for long, will be a sad end to his reign but s### happens, lol, try supporting NUFC. ;)

  106. TROJAN: Yep heard that one, and of course there is the infamous Beckham and the Boot incident.

    Managers in all prfessions deal with people in different ways and I’m sure that CH has his own way of getting what he wants out of the players. It seemed to work last year.

    We don’t know hwt goes on behind closed doors. For all we do know, the fabled Players Committee gets a right earfull everyday and have little say at all, even though some others would have us believe that they run the entire NUFC empire.

  107. Dave, all we had to look forward to was rumours any how. Now there is likely to me more substance to them and they are less likely to be made up.

  108. Im surprised Toonsy that they wouldn’t give you a few minutes of their time but then they are maybe a bit iffy incase you ask them some odd question, I shall have to have a word with Wor Joey next time we play golf ;)

  109. DJG: I don’t think City will make it anywhere near as big as Man U. have. To date, everything they have done has been short-termist, the exact opposite of Man U.

    With City you can put your house on a huge player clearout and at least one managerial change every 12 months.

  110. Big Dave – Believe it it not the club don’t allow them to do anything like that outside of their “contracted media obligations” apparently.

    And John Beresford never got back to me :lol:

  111. This lad I met at work said he knew someone who was in a footie team with Barton as part of his jail/community service!

    He said Barton was actually a really canny lad and in regard to the Dabo incident, he said the other player swung for him and missed in a bust up and Joey said he just punched him back as anyone might have done. They were drinking water and Barton got on his phone and got a guy in a flash car to turn up with loads of lucozade sport. Naturally he said Barton was miles better than anybody else on the pitch and was really good passer ect.

  112. I can see City winning several FA and League cups, but right now, I see the title and European success being to far away.

    You need stability for that kind of sustained success, and they don’t have it now.

  113. DJG says:
    August 8, 2010 at 5:50 pm


    Have you noticed how alot of his signings have been mixed race players, im not being racist it’s just an observation.”

    DJG, you remind me of the Monty Python sketch where Hitler runs in the Minehead North by-election, there’s a bit where he says “I am not a racialist, but, and zis is a very big but…”

  114. DJG Re Joey the papers also forget to mention when their hammering him for stubbing the cigar out in the trainees eye that the same trainee was trying to set fire to the back of Joeys shirt, that doesn’t make what he done right but it shows it wasn’t for nowt

  115. toonsy write an article on our missing scoreboard that llambias promised us,earlier this year,where the f**k is it?

  116. TROJAN 69 says:
    August 8, 2010 at 7:26 pm

    “toonsy write an article on our missing scoreboard that llambias promised us,earlier this year,where the f**k is it?”

    Argos said it was out of stock.

  117. TROJAN: NO!, don’t remind him. I’ll probably get chucked out of my seat for the construction work!

  118. Hughton will always divide opinion

    He has earned the right to manage the club. I don’t agree with everything he does but getting rid of a manager every eighteen months does no football club any good.

    Yesterday FGS he didn’t encourage the team to go forward until we were two down. Go two down in the premier league and we are in big trouble. There will be five or less matches this season when we score more than two goals

  119. Toonsy @ 164 I suppose you can understand that, I’m not trying to teach you how to suck eggs but maybe if they seen a list of the questions you we’re gona ask ;)

  120. Howay then lads. New article time, any suggestions?

    How about Predictions for the coming season??

    It got ignored the other day in favour of discussing facial hair, All people would have to do is cut and paste a list like below and write their predictions.

    piece of piss but im sure theres plenty more things to talk about this close to the season, I did notice Jonas sporting a different type of pony tail the other day… :roll:





    FA Cup:

    League Cup:






  121. ‘He has earned the right to manage the club.’ Exactly we have no choice but to stick with him and hope that some of his less popular decisions are for good reason rather than because he’s clueless. Also I don’t think changing managers does the club any good. Lets hope Hughton can keep us away from the kack coz at the end of the day thats all that matters this season.

  122. On a poll on the fantasy football site, 87.6% think we will finish highest out of the promoted teams.

  123. Big Dave – I sent them a list of questions. I didn’t think it would come off, but you never know if you don’t ask :)

  124. jay jay, did the same poll have all three promoted teams relegated again?

    Champions: Man U.
    Europe: Barcelona
    Relegated: Any one from about half the table, far to hard to call now, but likely to be from Blackpool, WBA, us, West Ham, Bolton, Blackburn, Wigan, Wolves
    FA Cup: Man C.
    League Cup: Liverpool


    Champions: Forest
    Promoted: Boro, Cardiff
    Relegated: Again, any three from about 7 teams. Far to hard to call now.

  125. …….and here’s Mick Dennis’s reply to my second email

    There is no point in batting this to and fro’ between us, but I have never written anything without researching it thoroughly. It’s my job. I have never written anything about Newcastle without researching it and have not got any facts wrong in any of the pieces I have written about the club. You obviously disagree with my conclusions and interpretations, but that is not the same as mistaking booing the ref for booing the team, which is just a ridiculously slipshod error.
    I don’t — and never have — doubted the passion of Newcastle fans. What I object to is the assumption of many — not all, of course, but many — Newcastle fans that theirs is a special devotion. That preposterously pompous self-image insults the passionate supporters of other clubs.
    Mick D

  126. richietoon says:
    August 8, 2010 at 8:11 pm (Edit)
    …….and here’s Mick Dennis’s reply to my second email

    “I have never written anything without researching it thoroughly. It’s my job.”

    Translation: I flick through Google for a few minutes without checking anything and let the editors sort out my incompetent drivel.

  127. exactly Worky,I fired another one back at him but told him not to bother replying because a) he thinks he’s so perfect and great and b) it’s just getting my blood pressure up.I did tell him his last paragraph was yet another media peddled myth.

  128. Firstly the article is completely wrong given that the booing from Norwich fans was to the ref on Friday night not a complete new team that we accept will need time to gell.

    I remember going with Norwich and beating Newcastle around 1989 at you place and your crowd was about 12000. I just think the thing that upsets most football fans is that for a period during the Bobby Robson era all we heard about was how you guys were the greatest fans in the world (dont know if it was you guys or the media who built it up)- little wonder though that when discent starts you get hammered for it.

    Ive been to 75 grounds in England and in all honesty I would say Millwall and Portsmouth have the most fanatical fans (though not numbers of course).

    For our end at Norwich we have sold our maximum season ticket allocation of 20,500 and have increased capacity to 27,500 this year with plans to make it 35,000 asap. Given that we have sold around 20,000 season tickets each year to over the last 6 years to watch mostly bile would suggest that we are much more loyal than you suggest – compare that with Leeds who have seen half their fans drift away since relegation from the Premiership at around the same time as us.

  129. It’s a bit silly to expect a fan of a club to be unbiased.

    That nature of any fan is to have bias to that club.

    Also the fact he is extremely good friends with Delia (sat next to her against Watford)

    Do really expect him to be even handed……….. seriously.

    This is the real world.

  130. Kenny….I don’t think anyone was meant to be having a go at your club but just using it as example to Mick who has often launched unwarranted attacks on us.Anyone can go back in time and twist attendances to their own ends.12k I doubt it(apologies if wrong) but our average that year was just under 23k and that was a relegation season.Man Utd had a sub 30k crowd that year for a league game.We could go further back when we had 60k crowds(see its easy to use them for an arguement)
    Norwich fan…..Like I said we dont expect him to be biased against his team but we do expect him not to biased against ours or any team.It’s his job to be balanced but he isn’t.I mean actually slagging us as disloyal for having 40 odd thousand in the CCC during a recession plus some boycotting due to the owner is ridiculous.
    All I’ll say is don’t believe everything you read,we like any fans have high hopes but not high expectations.
    How could we possibly have when we’ve won nowt since 1969?
    Anyway good luck this season and hop to see you in the prem.

  131. Hi
    I am happy to take stick, because it is my job to hand it out, but you are wrong about three basic points. Firstly, I have not ever criticised Newcastle fans for booing their team. I’ve said a lot about the Toon fans, but that is not one of the things I have said.
    Secondly, Norwich fans did not boo their team on Friday night. I was there. They booed the ref.
    Thirdly, I have been critical of Norwich fans (although I am one of them) when I have thought it necessary.
    Here’s one I wrote earlier:
    Have a good season. I fear ours won’t be as good as it might have been if you had loaned us Fraser Forster again.
    Mick Dennis

  132. I copied the link and sent it to him and this is his reply
    Mick dennis reply
    Sorry, I read the tosh about me criticising Newcastle fans for booing, which I’ve never done, but after that couldn’t get beyond all the gramatical errors and spelling mistakes.

    His email: mail@mickdennis.co.uk