Newcastle reign in Spain – Deportivo 0-0 Newcastle (3-5 on pens)

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Newcastle played out an entertaining pre-season encounter with Deportivo la Coruna in Spain this evening, and walked away with some silverware for their efforts.

In an enjoyable yet even match it was Newcastle who triumphed and took the Teresa Herrera trophy back to Tyneside with them, although admittedly it took a penalty shoot-out to seperate the two sides after they played out a 0-0 draw in the 90 minutes.

There was a fair amount of positives to come out of this evenings games, and the performance in general left me personally feeling satisfied as we head off to Rangers on Saturday. Joey Barton, sporting his porn effect moustache, impressed with Danny Guthrie in the middle, Fabricio Coloccini was a rock in defence, Leon Best and Andy Carroll made themselves a nuisance up front, and in general we kept the ball quite well at times.

The game provided a decent run out for both sides I think, although there was a bit of a competitive edge to it at times. Despite some good play from both sides in the first-half, the first proper chance never arrived until 37 minutes as Deportivo struck the post. Newcastle went straight up the other end and caused problems for Deportivo as Andy Carroll placed his header inches wide of the target from a corner. Leon Best also had a chance soon afterwards although was unable to capitalise. 0-0 at half-time.

Deportivo took control in the second-half although it was only for brief periods. Generally speaking, it was an even game with half chances at both ends with some good play sandwiched in at times. The match looked like it was heading towards a penalty shoot-out after the 90 minutes until Fabricio Coloccini was brought down in the box by the Deportivo goalkeeper 2 minutes from time. Joey Barton had the chance to win the game before the full-time whistle, but he fluffed his lines from the penalty spot and missed ensuring a penalty shoot-out was needed. 0-0 at full-time.

Newcastle dispatched five perfect penalties through Peter Lovenkrands, Kevin Nolan, Andy Carroll, Ryan Taylor and Joey Barton, who made amends for his earlier miss, to win the trophy. Deportivo missed one theirs, and ironically it was Riki, who had looked like their most dangerous players in the 90 minutes, who put his spot-kick wide of the post. 5-3 to Newcastle on penalties.

Newcastle can now head back to Tyneside having picked up a trophy (as pictured), and having taken part in a match that will have given them a damn good workout against a team who, by all accounts, looked pretty handy. The positives far outweighed the negatives tonight but there are still aspects of our game that can be worked on.

Overall though, I am enthused!

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96 Responses

  1. “Overall though, I am enthused!”


    Stu has coined a phrase that should be used throughout the 2010/2011 season.

  2. Dave,
    It was a very encouraging performance mate.
    Tight but, decent to watch.
    Even when we made a few changes later on , we still looked unfazed.
    Everyone put in a good shift. If Barton didn’t miss a pen at 86mins we woulda been deserved winners in 90.
    6 top pens to take their cup off them.
    They played well & didn’t wanna give up the cup.
    Good, semi meaningful game.

  3. Really encouraging performance.
    The defense looked assured & dealt with what was thrown at it, even with changes.
    Midfield got at ‘em & played some neat stuff.
    Carroll ain’t too mobile, highlights the need for a foil.
    Shoulda buried the 1st half one.
    Best did fine, growing in confidence throughout the game. Couple of half chances.
    Good fitness levels throughout.
    Gotta play PL along side a big ‘un.
    La Coruna are a top team & didn’t wanna lose their cup to us.
    Pity Joey missed the pen, cos 0-1 woulda been fair.
    Great pens of steel for the win!
    Great win, abroad, for a cup, against a proper team.

    There y’go Dave, a bit more of a run down mate.

  4. hmm, it was a decent matrch, but i thought Barton was pretty rubbish for the 90mins, his passing was all over the place.

    dunno what the crack was with the commentator on aljazeera though, kept calling Guthrie Gootry and apparently Luis Enrique is our left back.

    oh and that’s nowt on his gem about how we “finished 3rd the last time they bounced straight back after relagation in the early 90s” when he was warbling on about Keegan’s team in 93, utterly oblivious to the fact that we weren’t actually relegated the season before we last won the 1st division.

    Also – Barton’s ‘tache! christ almighty he looks like gary neville’s scouse twin. the facial hair of a 14 year old.

  5. Cheers Clint sounds like I should of cancelled tonight but life’s a bitch. I bet with my luck we dont get any streams for sats game with Rangers :(

  6. Dave,
    you can’t win ’em all brother.
    But be glad we acquitted ourselves very well mate.
    We played some decent carpetball too.

  7. I got to watch most of the 2nd half…it was great to see them playing again.
    I think it’s been mentioned already on the previous thread, but another positive to take away is the lack of knocks. The lads look ready for a fight in my opinion.

    Enrique put in a solid 90…another reason he makes my fantasy team.

  8. Clint im glad and surprised to hear we were playing it on the ground and not hoof and hope ;)
    Toonsy thats good I bet there was good streams tonight too :)

  9. how does it prove we don’t need nolan? he played well 2nd half – better than barton did anyway and he took his penalty well in the shootout.

    i also wouldn’t get too carried away, i mean deportivo only just avoided relegation last season, so they’re hardly barcelona! ;)

  10. Chris F – Aye, but they have spent a fortune on new players apparently and had players last year that should have been nowhere near where they were. Once they got the coach sorted they soon got out of it, despite looking doomed.

  11. That’s only the second time they’ve lost that cup in 11 years.
    They didn’t give it up lightly.

    Thought they were gonna manufacture a dodgy goal around 70-80 mins, but we weather it well.

  12. Positives – Defensively we looked OK Colo, Enrique and young Tavernier looked good when he came on but
    Negatives – we lack any type of real movement off the ball so any attacking play comes down to one player trying to take on his man or passing backwards or crossing hopefully and our crossing is not good.

    Cleverley and Ben Arfa would make a difference as the vast majority of our midfield lacks pace. If we had younger, sharper players going forward we could afford to leave AC up front on his own and back him up with swift, accurate passing and counter attacking. (Been watching to much of Spain in the WC methinks )

    Lets hope CH puts together his first choice XI on Saturday as he’s surely seen enough of Best and Xisco to know they’re not PL material sadly.

  13. Seems like it was a good run out for the boys.. Watched up until Joey Stache’s missed PK.. glad to hear we finished the job.. Good exhibition game, well played game, but still work to do.

    Who was that #49 fella playing in defense? Looked good to me. Think he is sniffing the 1st team?

  14. I am positively enthused about the prospect of Ben Arfa.

    But it reminds me of the summer when we were linked with Turan and Modric, unfortunately.

  15. Not saying he’ll come but we need some quality somewhere on the pitch and I’d like to think we could ditch 4-4-2 if we had more mobility/creativity. Four forward players creating havoc and six defending players trying not to create havoc :)

  16. Would definatly love ben arfa at newcastle, but id also still like to see yannick djalo come in aswell to play up with AC he would add alot of pace and creativity which i think where still short on (he would be out of price range more than likely). Moving on to defence i think its the best its looked in a while, jose looks an unreal left back!

  17. richie,
    too true mate. :)

    A nippy forward would link up the play.
    Gotta play PL , he’s the only one we got right now.
    Unless Vuckic is ready.

  18. Liked the look of tavernier when he came on. Being stuck in at cb against that level of competiton in a relatively fast paced game whilst not having much first team experience, he did well. A couple of great challenges. Encouraging stuff.

  19. Tavernier did well, but I would like to see hi again just to make sure it wasn’t a one off and that he can consistently play like that.

  20. Pretty happy with the game plenty of positives. Thought the defence did great Colo was a standout, fantastic performance. Enrique looked to carry on his good form from last season. Perch and Tavernier both looked much more composed. I thought Best did well worked hard all night hopefully bodes well for the season. Xisco looked good when he was on the ball. I thought Carroll sat back a little too much, but got some good knock ons and almost scored from a corner. Happy to see Jonas back as well.
    Slight negatives we seemed to try playing route one too much, short passing wasn’t great…and what is that on Barton’s top lip.

  21. The trophy looked hilarious when they brought it out at the start of the game. I thought it looked huge then but I had to google it to see exactly how big it was. Nice for colo to get one over on his old lot aswell.
    Is tavernier not naturally a full back? That’s why I wad particularly impressed with him being thrown into the game at CB

  22. Good to see everyone not getting on Carroll’s back for his miss.
    & his lack of a first touch, he’ll get better.

  23. So glad to get to watch the match today.

    Collo was the real star for me. He was poised and seemed to read plays perfectly. Always in the right position.

    I thought Barton was very energetic and controlled the midfield for long stretches. Perch and Tevernier both looked good. Carroll should get a fair bumber of goals this season.

    I thought in the 1st half we relied on too many crosses and longballs which made for boring football. Kept it on the ground in the second and half and seemed to create a bit more.

  24. Hoo Toonsy. Check it out. Only the 2nd time ever the Toon have won on a Pen. shoot-out? Right or wrong?

  25. Deportivo were mid-table last season. And that was only coz they went on a terrible run at the end. For a fair proportion of the season they were in or about the top 6.

  26. well yesterdays game was a good runout for our players against good opposition………
    harper-didnt have much to do
    krul-made an outstanding save from a free kick…this boy breathes confidence….came up 4 crosses with ease….think he is lookin more sharper than harper i got to say
    r taylor-well not comfortable at rb…..
    perch-showed some pace and composure on the ball…looked solid
    tavernier- came on 2nd half…this boy could be the surprise of the season 4 us….looked damn good..awesome tackling
    coloccini-standout in defence…captained the side well…maybe giving the armband boosted his performance
    enrique-just awesome as usual…but i note that if he becomes more flexible it will add more dimension to his game….like the sliding tackle..u haven t seen him do that much have you…but that s ok as long as he has that extra yard of pace in him
    xisco-looked ok though…could see he was played out of position
    jonas-sparked up the game when he came on.missed a tap in to win the game at the death.
    guthrie-played very good in midfield better than nolan
    barton-missed penalty…but was controlling the midfield from dm…spreading the ball everywhere
    nolan-disspointing performance from impact
    routledge-showed some pace at times…put in a brilliant cross which best should have scored
    carroll-was dissapointing..should have scored from the corner
    best-was sharpish..but wasted many chances
    lovenkrands-put in a cross for jonas from which he should have scored
    overall defence was solid midfield needs creativity and need a pacy striker upfront…..

  27. Always though tat carroll was right footed.but he took yesterdays penalty on his left.does anybody know wheater he naturally is left footed or wheater its because of the friendly tat he took it on his left?

  28. Wake up Toonsy man some people have cracked out 3 already :shock:

    Wonder if the Chinese fella would like to invest in the Toon now it looks like he won’t be getting Liverpool??…..prob not.

  29. jay jay…I hate them,had to phone to give them change of address for my season ticket,was on hold for about 15 bloody minutes then when I tried to give her new addy she just said “sorry,you have to put it in writing by email or letter” I told her if she wrote it down it would be in writing,needless to say no joy :roll:

  30. Tickets are supposed to be on sale for the Blackpool match but when I try to choose a seat only the villa match is on screen?

  31. Jay Jay – Give it time for the webiste to click over. they might not have updated it yet. Or phone up, at leat you’l be guaranteed a ticke a that way and you’ll know you’ve got it.

  32. anyone know how many tickets we got for the Rangers game?
    anyone know how many season tickets we’ve sold so far?
    Is everyone enthused? ;-)

  33. saroof the defence did look solid they may be even stonger when old five bellies is in there .Only joking Sol don’t rant at me.

  34. Jay Jay: The ‘real’ number for the Box Office is 0191 201 8455 – is a handy website to know ;)

  35. Cheers Jay Jay, Richie :)

    Feck all new about today. Had a bit of a scour about and can’t find feck all. Possibly Lansbury, because Wenger may possibly might let him go out on loan and because of that some people are linking him to us :roll:

  36. don’t see us going for Lansbury tbh, Cleverley is more likely but I’d really like us to get Ben Arfa, as I’m sure his attitude could be sorted out by our dressing room mafia ;)

  37. Just got a message from my mate who lives in the future. He says Newcastle ended up 8th. Man C won the league. Blackpool went down with West Brom and Bolton.

    Villa beat Chelsea in the cup.

    He rang to congratulate me on winning the fantasy football.

  38. The only slight link with us I can find is
    Spurs have opened talks over the £4m signing of Portugal striker Yannick Djalo from Sporting Lisbon but Newcastle are also reported to be interested.(Daily Mirror)
    Cleverly being linked with Bolton now.

  39. I reckon £2.5m would get him.He had a great season last year but what I would say is take away last seasons tally and then his stats arent anywhere near as impressive.One season wonder?…we’ll find out next season.

  40. Jay Jay did you know Paddy Power bookmakers is named after two whiskeys? Paddys whisky n powers whisky? Just happens that one of the founders of it had a son called patrick ( or paddy ) power who went on to become the face of the company!

    God i have too much useless information for my own good

  41. Happy bday Toonsy.

    Just a question mate, could you put a link to the fantasy football on the general links bit above, as I cant remember the website and it would make it easy for me all all your other disciples to get onto change their team. Though my team is going to SMASH YA’S!!!!

  42. seems like we have some toons from India. Last year I was of impression that I might be only one from India. Nice to see few others too.

    @deepak and Saroof from which part of India u r

  43. Raffo – No. piss off :lol:

    Aye, I will ask Worky how to do it :lol:

    I think I know but I have a tendancy to break things. If I tried it there may be no ‘blog left so it’s best to double check ;)

  44. hey sahota….me from kerala….i ve been a toon fan for 13 years nw…ever since i saw the fans, stadium felt like i was a part of it,felt in love with nufc…..m 22 nw….wat about you?

  45. good performance in the fact we held our own against them,we look more comfortable in defence than we have in years,apart from ryan taylor,who i think is poor and not good enough to wear the shirt.young travernier had a good game when he came on,and made a telling interception late on.collicini looked good at the heart of defence,but i was expecting him to put in a good shift at his old stomping ground.routledge put over some telling crosses after a shaky start in that department.
    jonas is still a concern for me,every game he plays you get the same frustrating run out,he has to be one of the most wasteful footballers i’ve ever seen,he has to improve otherwise he’s no good to us in the prem.
    now some negatives,although we hold our own against sides,this was also true during our relegation season liverpool being the one hammerings we got,but also a very good point at stamford bridge.we are still a side that doesn’t look that dangerous in an attacking sense,and we dont look like a side that will create and score many goals,which in the prem is a massive problem.
    so we could definatley do with an attacking midfielder,who can open up defences,and also create chances for himself.
    andy carroll was dogged as usual,but looked isolated at times ploughing the thorough.leon best some of his headers were woeful to be honest,on the plus side works hard for the team,but is that enough?.
    it took us 86 minutes to have a meaningful shot at goal,which has to be a worry as this seems to be a developing pattern over the last few seasons,maybe apart from last seasons second tier campaign,albeit at a lower level.all in all encouraging in some respects but some alarm bells also,have to take your hats off to the lads for keeping their heads during the penalty shoot out,although lastly joey bartons pen in normal time was poor,and we simply cannot let him get away with that gruesome tash,ron jeremy would be proud of that more than his blackpool rock.

  46. @saroof I am from Punjab (Once called Football nursery of India). Newcastle fan since Shearer signed for us. I am planning to go to first home game this season. Last year went to Peterborough game as these days I live close to Peterborough in UK.