Rangers v Newcastle – Pre-season match banter.

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Half of that will be black and white!
Half of that will be black and white!
Welcome to the match banter article that will cover our last pre-season friendly against Rangers in Glasgow.

A fantastic atmosphere will be guaranteed at Ibrox in front of what is expected to be a bumper crowd, swelled by at least 3,850 Newcastle United fans.

Although only a friendly, a bit of spice will be guaranteed during the match. Rangers will not want to lose in front of their home fans, and as Bob Moncur said yesterday, it is Scotland v England, despite it being a relatively meaningless friendly.

As it is our last match, I would expect to see the team that will play against Manchester United feature at some point, and the big atmosphere that will be generated should help them get prepared for Old Trafford in nine days time.

As ever, this is the place to come together and piss and moan about the match as we always do. The game is scheduled for TV coverage, so if any you guys can find some coverage that you would like to share with fellow Newcastle United fans then please feel free to add it to the ‘comments’ section below. Don’t forget that the match kicks-off at 1pm and NOT the usual 3pm Saturday afternoon slot.

This is our last chance to have a look at the team, and a result to go along with another decent performance would be very nice indeed. Most of all though, I am hoping for no new injuries to our threadbare squad!

Howay the lads!

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248 Responses

  1. should be a bigger test,in terms of the pace of the game being much quicker than wednesdays match.
    in last nights chronicle,bobby moncur said hughton maybe fielding a team that will be close to the one that will start at old twatford.it could be an interesting afternoon.

  2. yea i fink so but at old trafford fink he will go 451 wit carroll n nolan but i fink he will 442 today fink lovenkrands is cert to start wit it bein rangers

  3. C’mon lads, lets stuff them at their own place, shame I’m not in edinburgh anymore or I’d be there watching the game, instead, gonna have to watch it on pc :(

  4. davy got to play that why.they havnt played that why with barton and gutheri in their.. i dont think.set up like that.cant be going in the man u game without trying it out first half no point in the secound half when they will be making changes.

  5. Cyprus

    Dream on son. You’ve obviously been in the sun too much. Have a good day at our fantastic stadium lads, I’m sure the Gers fans will be very friendly and hospitable.

  6. Willaim Anderson – Yeah it is quite hot over here in Sunny Cyprus, about 36c today I thin :)

    Good luck to yourselves in bonny Scotland, lets hope we don’t ruin yer day too much :)

  7. Lads I would say Lovens will start for sure today I think we should see our 1st 11 near enough considering we start next week for real CH must know by now who they are, with maybe a few backups getting a run out in the 2nd half. I will be happy with atlest a draw and no injuries anything else will be a bonus.

  8. according to Lee
    here’s starting line up

    Perch – Colo – Williamson – Enrique
    Routledge – Barton – Guthrie – Jonas


  9. Anyone think any of the Rangers players could do a job for us in the PL??

    Maybe thats a reason for this friendly to guage what they have in stock :)

  10. Just be warned, if you use a Veetle stream you have to downloand soething for it to work.

    Plenty of people use it, but I don’t trust it myself :)

    Edit – Although Big Dave’s link seems fine and doesn’t need a download :lol:

  11. seems young traviner n ferguson are pushing there way into houghtons plans theyve been involved wit every sqaud traviner every game

  12. The New and Improved Toonsy I have veetle installed as there was lots of games last year that were better on veetle but it’s up to yersel man
    Howay the Lads

  13. FSOTC – Apparently so. He reckons it keeps spirits high as people take the piss and have a laugh about it.

  14. Ranger set the tempo way too high,our tempo looks so unstable atm. Hope they adapt it quickly though.

  15. Toonlad89 – I’m a naturally suspicious person. I may try it at some point though.

  16. Oh My,what’s with the facial hair???

    Carroll looks like he just came out of jail……

  17. Who is this quick attacking team? And could someone tell the real Newcastle team that someone stole their jerseys? :)

  18. How are we going to chase the game now then with only one striker on the field? Do we keep it tight and hope we get a break? That is my concern. If we setup tight and not to concede, what happens when we do concede?

  19. who is that no.4 for us, he just showed a turn of pace, surely not nolan??!!!!!

  20. Big Dave

    We have no money to buy anyone because of that crooked bassa David Murray. However we are Rangers and will overcome what’s put in our road.

    Good goal from Kenny there, but a good atmosphere among the fans. Pre season is always about match fitness and nothing else really.

  21. William Anderson its hard to believe a team like yours has no money, but good luck for the season mate and hopefully you’s can keep Lennon quiet

  22. Rich – Carroll has no skill according to some. Those volleys last season, that goal against West Brom, and him just skinning three players didn’t happen in the eyes of those who just say he is good in the air ;) ;)

  23. I don’t like that our only option to score so far are these continual crosses to Carrol…no decent shots

  24. will Joey be taking his ‘Tash off to The Blue Oyster Club for a cocktail tonight? :lol:

  25. FSOTC – Listless? I can think of a list.

    1 x Striker
    1 x LB cover
    1 x Wing cover

    1 + 3 with a bit of creativity and pace and we would be fine.

  26. It’s disappointing to see the continual long balls and long crosses from wide.

    I feel like Barton & Guthrie are capable of providing more danger from the middle, but they’ve stopped linking up in the middle and we just keep lumping it long or from the wings, hoping big Andy can do something with it. Crud.

    That said, the goal for them was pretty much their only chance and boy did they take it.

    Beginning of the half, we were bossing the game, right? But We got a little disheartened.

  27. Looked good in the first half in my opinion, when that final ball clicks then I can see us get a couple this half!!

    Final score 1-2 the toon.

  28. I’d guess hooters is trying this line-up for the man u game, there’s no need to play with 5 in midfield. Rangers are used to playing against teams in europe who can keep the ball, we need to get at their back-line with the ball on the ground. Just the final ball missing really & we tend to be better in the second half.

  29. I think the only thing wrong with the 1st half was the wide men.It’s been a good work out so far and on that performance would cope with over half of th e premiership teams.Routledge is seeing a lot of the ball but so far no end product and Jonas looks like he isn’t quite up to speed yet but all in all a very good first half performance

  30. I think generally our wingers have this thought of crossing the ball high hopefully the ball hits carroll head. But Carroll can score with legs too. they should try low crosses as well. grrrr…

  31. The problem with playing like this, as I said earlier, is that it is fine at 0-0, but when we go a goal down we don’t have a way back into the game.

  32. Be prepared for the 2nd half lads. Rangers score probably 70% of their goals in the second period for some odd reason. Not sure what our stats are, but it’s a rather odd statistic for late goals.

    Remember it’s a pre season friendly. Chelsea came up last year and we tore them apart and they didn’t have a bad season – did they?

  33. Lack of quality up front, Gutierrez looks rusty, Guthrie and Barton offer very little class, and Perch looks strong and quick but easily sucked out of position

  34. I think this is the best I’ve seen NCL play in ages. Shame about the final touch but with a bit more luck I’m sure we could have had quite a few goals. I’m sure if they can just get one in the net then there will be no stopping them as the confidence goes up. I’ve also never had a better link than this http://veetle.com/index.php/channel/view#4b5e3390a0428
    Really clear picture and not stop and go all the time. Nearly as good as watching tv. Makes a nice change!

  35. The tactics Hughton is playing is away game tactics, I guess we best get use to 1 up front away from home! I agree that 2 up front is how we play best but i cant see it happening until we have a home crowd behind us.

    I know it is an away friendly but Hughton take a few chances, push people forward!!


  36. FSOTC – I don’t know. I understand the reasoning behind it, but it is a very negative formation in my book. Nolan gets into good positions, but that is it. Guthrie and Barton are solid, but have no real class. Carroll has two men on him and it makes our wingers easy to mark.

    Rangers are letting us have the ball, as much of it as we want, because they know they can just mop up everything else.

  37. FFS instead of Hughton switching it to a 4-4-2 and trying a change of tactic, he just takes off Carroll for Shola

  38. There’s a better quality stream up if you install the veetle plugin, but it’s that guy from the Deportivo match commentating!

    Although that original one from ESPN has had the sound go in the right channel, being a student in sound & music tech, I can’t stand anything like that, especially if I can’t fix it myself!

  39. Big Dave

    The only way to get that wee shit Lennon to shut it, is tie him to a chair and hit him with a table leg several hundred times.

    Just my views of course.

  40. fsotc…….thats ok then,ya can’t be too careful where splinters are concerned :-)

  41. We’ve played well I think. Just lacked in the final third, nolan hasn’t done enough really.

  42. perch needs to stay on his feet in those situations

    shola looks same as ever – we look like we cant really be arsed and are treating it like a training ground game

    should move to 4-4-2 and bring loven on

  43. I just think this highlights our need for LB cover, we just got found out down that side without the Bull.
    Perch was having an alright game on the right, but pulls inside far too much playing on the left.

  44. Perch has speed and nowt else. Attacker has been on the wrong side of him all day and he gets dragged out of position constantly. First half wasn’t bad bit the delivery was awful. Second half has been rubbish after the subs. Play this high line in the Prem and fast teams with goalscorers will hammer us.

  45. BAck to my point–too learly to say Perch can’t play at LB. He had no cover at all from Jonas.

    Fecking hell–what’s happened to Rangers since Lvoerman came on –that’s almost two!


  47. Why r people dreading utd after a pre season game? Anyone remember L.Orient? I for one am sticking a tenner on us to win against utd , just have a feeling we will nick for some extremely strange reason

  48. Danny Guthrie has been absolutely magnificent. Barton compliments him well too I think.

    If the current back 4 ever play together in the Prem, expect 5-6 goals. Agree what people are saying about Perch, lets give the lad some time though, he’s moving up a level. Sol Campbell will be an incredibly useful player against the football playing sides imo

  49. He’s been smashed a good few times for singing his IRA stuff on our streets. Of course he’s always the victim and the big bad Rangers fans are at fault always. A horrible little wretch of a man. But that’s for another day I suppose.

    Looks like the Gers are going to hold on for the win now.

  50. Too early to tell on Perch at LB–again, he was totally exposed. For some reason, Jonas was playing over on the right for the few minutes of the 2nd half when Perch was at LB and he had no cover there at all.

  51. Fsotc-look at perch there. He’s nowhere to be found whenever whittacker goes down that left hand side. Jonas is in more of a full back position than him.

  52. If I was to say Ameobi lacks movement, would I be guilty of making the most obscene under-statement of all time?

  53. Really Perch has been playing LB for what, 10 minutes? He looks the part and definately has the pace, I’m willing to give him time.

    Today though he’s been shit.

  54. I think Guthrie’s looked good too, but you have to admit some of his passing has not been great–especially early on. He’s settled in now, though and I like the Barton-Guthrie axis in midfield and hope it continues to gel and improve.

  55. FSOTC –
    I’ve only been watching the second half, fromt the comments he did take a while to settle.

    When he starts to run at defenders he opens play up and seems to be making the right decisions. I’m excited to see what he does this season.

  56. In Shola’s defense – he’s been involved in some good build up, and played Nolan in during the set up to our goal.

    His lack of movement is alarming, but this is a player who only get’s on his horse when he’s about to fall down some stairs, right?

  57. toonsy – agreed about shola’s lack of movement, but he links the play better than carrol.
    Perch or raylor @ RB ?

  58. Perch could turn out to be absolute crap at LB but he played there for a total of, what, 10 minutes in this game? And the entire time he was there, Jonas had gone on walkabout on the right.

    It’s impossible to tell from those few minutes if he’ll be able to hack it there or not. I’m not saying he’ll work out there. I am saying we don’t have the evidence to judge yet.

  59. HAHA the STV stream just zoomed to one of the physios getting Raylor to count how many fingers he was holding up and to follow his finger with his eyes!

  60. Give Loven a start in Man U game. He looked sharp and fit today and quite clever too.

  61. Fsotc-perch was bought as a versatile defender, if Jose ends up injured and it takes perch 2/3/4 games to adapt to lb..it sort of takes away his versatility, no?..all I’m saying is they had slot of success down that flank and whenever they did, perch was found out of position.

  62. I hear you Ross, but Perch had no midfield support then because Jonas had taken his holidays on the right–he was totally exposed because Jonas was absent.

    It’s definitely true Rangers attacked that side while Perch was there, but Jonas, I think, was the culprit more than Perch.

  63. we f00ked this season,, carol never looked dangerous , routledge and perch we shoyte ameobi owa man to turn 2 wen we need goals, sorry to say it but we dont stand a chance even west brom are spending muney wile we hope for free transfers n loans to jump on hughtons lap,, championship 2011 2012 here we come

  64. Don’t understandthe bashingof Shola today. He looked far more dangerous than Carrol. As others pointed out, excellant link up play at times, nice 1-2 with Loverman. When Shola played, they kept the ball on the ground and generated more chances. When Carroll was in, it was the same old low-percentage crosses that work one time in fifty.

  65. sorry u dont play write sided player at left back.perch was ok at right back and centerback the other night.lads 1 thing bench.worrying dont care what u say keeps the players on the bench who wont change a game.ranger and harris again they wont even get on are bench and these are the only players who can score or change a game for us given the chance.

  66. End of first half, we were lumping balls in the air for big andy.

    I think Hughton must have banged that out of them in half-time talk, because we stopped doing it in the 2nd and started playing on the ground.

    Hughton was testing things out today, obviously. Let’s not go gnashing the teeth and wailing yet. Save it for the ManU postmatch…

  67. better in the second half,but if we play like that against manure we’ll get our jacksy’s kicked.

  68. Anyone knows where’s best???? I almost forgot abt him? He’s the top scorer for pre-season~~~ ;)

  69. ten tonne tessy had a decent crack near the end,on another day it might have went in.

  70. Chelsea and Man Utd must be gonna have a bad season,as they lost pre season games going off some peoples logic.
    Pre season games mean nowt and show nowt,prove nowt,win lose or draw.

  71. Decent possesion football, Didnt just lump it quite watchable hope that contuinues.

    Lack of pace, Movement and creativity up front is obvious, Lack of a second specialist left back will cost us as Perch wondering off inside and allowing the space for Naysmith proved.

    Nicky Shoreys close to signing for West Brom for a million and a half would sort this problem but thats another option gone, I will feel much happier when we get a pacy skillfull attacking player and a decent left footed left back.

  72. aod,when you say something like that,it doesn’t bear thinking about,i wonder if they have sent him out on loan?

  73. richietoon

    Man City havent won a game yet in pre-season so they are going to finish below us… ;)

  74. Cause i didn’t even see him on bench???? So i wonder is he “injured” or what. :lol:

  75. whey wor lass has blown(fnarr fnarr) by giving me 2 huge jacket spuds.I’m stuffed,looks like the carvery 2moro instead :-)

  76. off to cardiff to murder chopra, watch out for the news.

  77. Nasher- I wouldn’t be dissapointed. We didn’t generate many chances in the 1st half but owned the midfield and the play out wide. To much reliance on crosses to Carroll. Barton looked great and Routledge was always a threat with his speed. Other than one terific cross by Rangers the defense looked good as well.

    Second half, we attacked more on the ground and created chances. Lover and Shola linked up well. Perch had a couple of bad plays defensively, but I thought he looked good coming forward. It would be nice if he could be brought along slowly rather than thrown to the wolves at Old Trafford.

    Depth is a huge concern for me…

  78. Fink smith cud b away never played in last two games, best won’t b goin anywere houghton will stick by him

  79. Well that was worth the wait hey!!

    While I was watching the match, I had this thought & I’ll probably get shot to peiece for saying it, but here goes anyways:::

    What is Ashley isn’t putting any money into the club this summer because he’s secretly selling it??

    What is all these buyout rumours we’re hearing about Cessepool being brought is just a rouse to cover up the Toon being brought instead???

    I’ll start running now………………….

  80. Lads

    Despite our league being crap, not many teams come to Ibrox and get a victory. Chelsea took a beating last pre season and many big European clubs have last at our ground.

    If Newcastle steady the ship and stay in the Premiership next year, then that’s a good result.

    As for Rangers, we must get rid of the thieving bassa Murray who has all but wrecked our great club.

  81. bang on William,this time last year we got humped 6-1 of Leyton Orient.Hopefully we’ll get in 2or 3 before the window shuts then bring it on.Good luck for the season