Marseille president claims Ben Arfa will move to Newcastle next week.

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Ben Arfa - Tooning in next week?
Ben Arfa - Tooning in next week?
Just a quick update on the Ben Arfa saga as it appears to have taken yet another twist, so never let it be said we don’t keep you up to date with things.

The latest piece of information comes from the Marseille president, Jean-Claude Dassier, who claims that Hatem Ben Arfa will be a Newcastle player sometime in the next week.

Now I have no idea what if there is any truth behind this or not, but apparently Dassier said in an interview to French television channel Canal+ this morning that Ben Arfa has rejected the offers to play at Hoffenheim or Benfica in favour of a move to England, and that he should be at Newcastle by Tuesday or Wednesday. There is no mention of whether the deal would be on a loan basis or on a permanent basis, and if you wish to check the original French language article out for yourself you can do so here, or you can just take my word for it of course.

With so many conflicting stories flying it is hard to know what to believe. As ever, a ‘wait and see’ philosophy would probably be the best outcome. If we get him, and if it is the right deal for the club, then great. Only time will tell if it is the right deal though, if indeed there is a deal in place at all.

More to follow, no doubt!

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133 Responses

  1. this is the most exciting newcastle signing in my opinion since patrick kluivert signed if it goes through.lets hope he does better than kluivert though:)

  2. i agree davy im pretty sure it will be permanent, i think ashly will invest money in players like this if i tell you truth, lets hope if we do get him, its not the last face of this window :)

  3. Wow…could be exciting. Let’s wait until we see the stripes on him though…

  4. This has been draggin on for weeks now to long to b loan deal, n the fact other clubs made cash offers we must buying on a permanent, hope gets done coz he is gonna b now international duty

  5. Another site claims the quote was more along the lines of ‘we will see if the offer from NUFC is serious’

  6. Apparently that Russian club Martins signed for offered 7.5 million for him but he rejected them too.

    Lets just hope another Premiership club doesn’t come in for him between now and then.

  7. I tend to lean towards what Sal says. I would lke it to be true, but I don’t think this is the confirmation most of us would like to hear.

  8. [Barring a] last minute turnaround, Hatem Ben Arfa, the attacking midfielder (or attacker) from Olympique Marseille, will join Newcastle.

    Tracked by Hoffenheim, Benfica or Galatasaray, Hatem Ben Arfa (23 years), the attacking midfielder (or attacker) from Olympique Marseille, will finally join the Premier. As we announced previously, the French international will be a loan fee (of around 800,000 euros) with option to purchase.

    In Russia, the Rubin Kazan has also positioned with a concrete offer to just under eight million euros. But the former Lyon did not respond.

    The club’s president Jean-Claude Dassier could formalize his departure on Saturday night.

  9. i sort of agree, but i tend to over react and asoon as i hear a rumor just instanty think were signing them.:(

  10. Spencer – :lol: Same as

    I think most of us try and fit a player in when we here a rumour. “he would be a good sogning”, “he could play there” etc etc.

    You aren’t alone buddy :)

  11. or we could look at it this way,it will be tues/wed as hes playing tonight,would like to think he would be “match”fit none of this he will need 2-3wks

  12. Well we are clearly interested, otherwise Hughton would have nipped the rumour in the bud weeks ago. The lad clearly wants to come to us, perhaps England in general, so we really need to stop mucking about and get the deal done before the likes of west ham or dare I say ‘them’ step in and we are left looking like mugs.

    Smells like the modric situation to me, show a bit of intent but no intention of following it through.

  13. The quotes are promising but nothing’s concrete – it still sounds like the clubs are yet to agree terms, otherwise why would Marseille have played him tonight?

    For what it’s worth however, I watched online and he came on and looked bright, creating Marseille’s equaliser before they ended up losing 2-1. I’m pretty sure the commentator said something about him going on loan to Valencia but I hope I’m wrong!!

  14. I wud perfer a permnent deal what if we get him on loan n he is outstanding it cud then lead the way for top 4 to znap him b4 we do

  15. shocked someone actually wants to come to us

    ben arfa is a class play seen him years ago at lyon and in my opinion he was better then benzema just needs to sort head out

  16. he clearly says he expects him to sign with us next week in that link.

    who’da thunk french lessons would actually pay off all these years later?

  17. Am i the only one slight pissed off about Nicky Shorey going to West Brom, £1-£1.5m for a decent left footed, international left back seems a fine deal to me, Would have been great competition for Enrique IMO

  18. They were talking about Samassa (the L’OM goalscorer) going on loan to Valenciennes.

  19. If Ashley manages to persuade Ben Arta to sign on loan with a view to a permanent signing later, then well done to him. I read somewhere that Ben Arta’s salary expectations were somewhere around 200K euros per month woowee…not bad for an untried starlet…don’t want to be a party pooper or owt like…
    So what if the lad has an edge about him, I’m sure he’ll be made to feel really welcome at the toon, maybe just what the lad needs to really blossom, a big fish in a “small” pond…….or was it a goldfish bowl..?!

  20. I really hope this is true and we get him, were crying out for someone else like him, we haven’t had anyone like that for ages (since beardsly)
    Roll on next week, I’m going to the man u match so it would be nice to think of him ripping manure a new one (or am I being presumptuous?).
    Heres hoping anyhoo.

  21. I hope this transfer happens it would be a superb signing, i cant think of to many left wingers that would be better tha him in the EPL!

  22. I tell ya what all r transfers seem to take weeks to get done, it seems r board certainly play hard ball on deals which no doubt means we miss out on players now n again, but I hope they get this done it seems the one thing in r favour is ben arfa determation to come here other wise this deal wudnt happen

  23. Sorry, bit late getting to the thread,

    toonarmymike: Kliuvert did OK given the chances he got. I remember him being great in Europe in the ‘lucky’ yellow shirt.

    As I said on an earlier thread, and I’m sure people will hope I stop banging on about it, he’s an expensive risk. If we get him I hope he comes good and you can all ram it down my through and I’ll be happy to take it !!!!

    However, for all the time that this has plodded on, why haven’t we looked at full back cover for Jose, at an attacking midfielder, or simply at alternatives if we didn’t get him.

    There is still a degree of short-sightedness going on here.

    If he signs tomorrow, please don’t say we’ve bust our transfer budget on him. Because no matter how good he is, it still leaves us weak as a team.

    Anyhow, what happened to ‘no capital investment’. Don’t tell me you all fell for that. Don’t forget we can go back over the posts and see what you all said at the time.

  24. He will certainly get the fans on there feet well apart from us up in the singing section coz we stand all game already

  25. @ CC

    if thats true then no ya not the only one pissed off even just as back up he would be a good signing, i’m still a fan of danny fox from burnley tho id welcome either at newcastle.

  26. This COULD be great news! I think a winger, striker and a left back is a must after todays game (we’re also still weak at right back in my opinion but there’s going to be no one coming in there).

    Ben Arfa is ideal. He’s left footed and provides a natural balance to the team that has been lacking. Ok he’s a tempremental so and so but lets trust CH on this and tbh the rest of the squad. I think you can carry a player like this, when they are exactly what the team needs. Anyway we’ll see! Believe it when the club confirms it.

    Ps i followed this blog since it started and this is my first post. Keep up the good work!

  27. Ya can check my old posts ;-)
    Spot on about the left back as CC says Shorey would have been a good shout.LB seems to be a position NUFC never likes to have adequate cover in :roll:
    I’d like to think alternate targets have been identified,but who knows.

  28. If we get him n arevalo ill well happy as arfa can play that no10 role everyone is cryin out for

  29. Sorry lads off topic, but im from sheffield and thinking of coming to watch the match against aston villa is the stadium easy to get to from the station?

  30. Ben Arfa is a fantastic player, but, I wouldn’t take him. Hughton should give a chance for current squad and let them prove themselves in EPL, they deserve it. Newcastle shouldn’t sign stars anymore, we know all about Obafemi or Owen and their time in Black&White, so that time should be over. And Ben Arfa has serious problems in his mind so he could be the next barton.

  31. Hi Lads i speak french if you have any articles that need to be transalated just give me the link i will
    translate them!!

    (Btw im new to the blog)

  32. i wont be stoping at the bars as im only 16 and the first toon match ill be attending with out my parents :) so ill just be focusing on getting to the stadium safe and sound :)

  33. Until we know how CH plans to set out the team in the PL we have no idea what he’s thinking of in terms of strengtheing and so on. Friendlies are indication of that.

    It’s obvious that left back is an issue for us (it always has been), and I’m suprised that we haven’t got some one in for that position. I can only assume he know’s who is going to play ‘out of position’ if it all goes wrong.

    The attacking midfielder is a tricky position. If he’s going to play one up top (certainly away from home), then I can’t see him buying one at all, at least not this year (and that includes Ben Arfa).

    We still have a few (short) weeks to sort it out, and I think we will. I think we might be suprised (again) yet.

  34. im sure we will find out more in deschamps post match interview.goals on sunday will also be interesting tomorrow if hughton is on it but hel probably just deny it all till its done

  35. BIG DAVE first part of double comeing good.
    keep him on that golf course m8,you will be growing a tash next

  36. @Rangerman For once, I’m glad to be wrong!

    Ben Arfa would be a great signing, not just because of his quality but also the fact that he can play left wing, right wing or behind the attack. If we get a defender in now, we should be absolutely fine. Pointless talking about left-backs like Shorey and Fox though – do you really think they would join a team likely to be fighting relegation just to sit on the bench all season?

  37. If he signs think ill get his name on bk o home top wen I buy it, wanna hod on incase we sign anyone decent

  38. He can add some gift into our squad no doubt about that. But hopefully he can adapt his life here.

    OMG if we sign him, he’s our third french generation winger after Ginola and Robert.

  39. i wonder if the rumours about jonas to lazio are true and this will pave the way for that transfer.say if it came out that we would use the money from jonas to fund getting ben arfa permanently i would be ok with that.jonas in my opinion has no end product and even though i love the guy if lazio offered £4-5 million id take it.

  40. toonarmymike, i see your point of view however jonas-jose relationship is great and they always seem to know whats happening

  41. No chance id rather hav routledge, jonas n arfa all on the attack rather than jus two of them we cud b so dangerous going forward, then get arevalo to protect back four n were sorted

  42. toonarmymike @ 58:

    I pray you are wrong. The moment one of Jonas, Jose or Colo leave, we can begin the countdown to them all leaving.

    From what I have been told by a friend who works for the club, they are so tightly knitted together, a single transfer window could see them all leave at once although Jose is the anchor.

  43. nah all my mates support sheffield wednesday and united :L, ill be ok im sure only thing i dont no is do i need a map or anything or can i just follow the black and white crowd?

  44. From all i’ve heard, Colo’s a ‘bloody good bloke’. His youngun goes to the same school in Jesmond as a pal’s and despite all the attention ‘mr. coloccini’ get’s he still stops and talks and signs stuff.

  45. Just read back what I’ve posted aboot Colo’s bairn and I’m not sure it should be on here! Can you pull the post @70 Toonsy?

  46. corse i support the toon my dads from newcastle, forest hall! i wont be my first match, just first by myself on the train

  47. SpencerTheToon @ 75.
    I work in leafy Forest Hall. After years in the yards at Wallsend it was a bit of a shock for me going up there. Just about over it now. I think. Not enough boozers though, and they are all full of less-young persons!

  48. I can’t see hughton dropping nolan or Barton which would leave smith and Guthrie out of the team and Nolan back in the centre.seems too attacking.
    Routledge Barton Nolan jonas
    Ben arfa

  49. Can I just add that people are free to go over my capital outlay articles and comments again ;)

  50. Starkadder meant to ask what have you been doing from EDs closed last year as Im sure I can remember you from then but I haven’t seen you on here much

  51. Unless Nolan does the holding job. He’s done it before on the odd occaision for Bolton.

  52. aye go up about every 3 mounths to visit my grandad, always find myself no young people about to make friends with

  53. cheers rangerman real help, i think ill take the risk of not printing it and follow the black and white strips

  54. Starkadder – I wouldnt worry about @70. Its not like there is owt incriminating, like names or owt.

  55. Every of us hope:D Wonderful player! Then its just a striker we need to get high in the premiership. What about Asamoah Gyan? Dont think he is too expensive…

  56. Dave,

    I just got sick of the attitude that went through a lot of the newcastle boards after the ‘no capital’ statement, so I withdrew and let others get on with it.

    I thought it couldn’t mean zero in the way of buys/sells but because I don’t have a degree in accountancy or a piggy bank at the TSB that you seemed to need to comment I though it was best to leave well alone. Time has proven that I (and others) were right, to a greater or lesser degree, but I just couldn’t sit through yet another round of the Pro/Anti-Ashley thing.

    I’ve followed everything on both .com and .org in the mean time, and today Carling lager got the better of me and I felt the urge to participate again.

    Poor old Stardust, he would have loved that debate!!!

  57. Someone on transfer rumours reckons the commentators on marseille game n arfa agent said he joining on loan

  58. I think this is the best team we can walk out with against Man U. at this time:
    Perch/R.Taylor-Williamson-Coloccini-Enrique(/Perch, if Enrique is injured)

    Dont think Nolan have the form he had last season, and Guthrie and Barton look fittest at this moment.

  59. Loan to buy if by far the best way for us. I know we might have a bit of comeptition for his signature at the end of the loan period if he does well, but at least we then know if we are getting our money’s worth.

    I’m afraid there is just too much risk for me otherwise.

  60. Like I said earlier loan wud b good but the lad has an outstanding season what chance of signin him man city or someone say they want at least if it was permanent n he was outstanding we cud command a large fee I mean he was rated at 18mill jus last year

  61. Starkadder > Poor old Stardust, he would have loved that debate!!!

    :lol: he would have been foaming, I do know what you mean though it did get a bit negative but I do think they can bring it on themselfs at times with the statments they release. I have said all along that with good PR there wouldn’t have been half the bother and MA might have got an easier time but we just have to struggle along with what we have.
    Generally on here is a good laugh and a lot of Banter offcourse sometimes there is disagreements but we usually agree to disagree and get on well afterwards, but I do think people that arn’t regular might not think the same, So will you be on again or is it just with Lager :)

  62. Clausen: I think that both Lovenkrands and Routledge will be used as impact players, particularly at Man U. It might not be the best line up but I think we will be very defensive against Man U. My guess for the team would probably be:

    Harper — Harper — Harper — Harper
    Harper — Harper — Nolan — Harper
    Harper — Shola

    My prediction is a win to united!

  63. Reet Lads im away to get leftover Kebab catch you’s tomoro
    Starkadder dont be a stranger mate and dont be Shy we dont bite unless its Toonsy ;)
    Spencer hope all goes good for ye mate and you have a good time hopefully chat again Lad

  64. later Dave………me days of fighting are long gone…….trouble is now I’m too old to run as well ;-)
    Neet lads.

  65. Dave / Richie: I know that football is a passionate thing, but it does worry me that some people can not seperate the club from the individuals behind the scenes.

    I am one of these people who does not believe that Fat Mike is entirely responsible for our predicament. Put aside the position we were in before the sale to Mike Ashley, he simply cannot possibly make every single decision necessary to run NUFC and his other companies. If he did, why employ Lamb’s arse!. Some people don’t see this. I don’t understand why or how not. I’m not absolving him of blame, which is what I usually get, either that or the ‘your pro-ashley’ thing.

    It’s like the ‘mike ashley has made a profit every transfer window’ argument. He hasn’t. It’s a lie, the club may have made money, but Fat Ash hasn’t. That’s like saying everytime you buy a Greggs pasty, Mr. Greggs get 50p in his pocket.

    It’s so outlandishly stupid I just cannot cope.

    Cue flame war!

  66. you @ 103 dont worry you cannot cope – that fact of the matter is when i catch up with you ( just a matter of time like ) i’m planning to ease your pain by braying you to death with the use of my aunty betty’s pit boot..

    or i may even consider setting you on fire.

  67. Stark….true I dont like Ashley but he owns the club and until he decides or is able to sell theres nowt we can do.The club was in crap state when he took over and we have been flirting with relegation since Sir Bobby was sacked.Ashley if he wants to sell,will want his money back and understandably so.I think he’d do himself and the club a big favour if he got a David Dein type chairman in,but again thats his decision.I follow the team and to be honest thats all I’m interested in.Ashley’s made nowt from the club (except enemies)the club owes him money because he’s had to put some of his own in and until he gets that back he’ll probably find it very hard to sell.As I said I’m not an Ashley fan but other than when John Hall first took over I can’t remember a time when I was a fan of the board or chairman.and on that note it’s defo goodnight from me.

  68. from marseilles website:
    Ben Arfa : “We had no success required ”

    “We had at heart to come from behind and win the game. We managed but it took a second goal . We lost, unfortunately. We tried, we went ahead but we had no success required . Now , I’ll join the team of France . This selection is good for me . I ‘ll find people that I hadn ‘t seen for a long time . When I came into the game, I was comfortable and happy to be on the ground. The fans were always behind me, I appreciate it very much . It’s great , I thank them . “

  69. Is that a goodbye message from arfa to om fans, jus talking bout goin to play for france the rest of it

  70. if the diddly wack plays footy like he sings – mysterious girl – we’ll be up shit creek without any oars.

    oh , oh , oh , oh ,oh….

  71. In my opinion that is a excellent good bye message from Hatem Ben Arfa don’t you guys think? :)

  72. I think Jonas will be used in a LB position if needbe. Houghton is Maradona #2 right?

  73. @115 if liverpool r n for him then yes we won’t get him, but I fined that story hard to believe there gonna pay 12m for player that’s bein sold for 6m come on liverpool don’t need to guzump offers the size of club they r, plus I very much doubt they hav 12m they ain’t been bought yet, n if they did I fink there priorioty is striker I mean they’ve been linked wit remy but they clearly ain’t got the cash to buy him, they’ve done to free deals n signed that kid from rangers whose payments hav probly been staggered

  74. davy………..but they could offer him the alledged loan deal we are offering :-(
    It needs to be sorted asap.

  75. another french article:

    Under the impact of this unexpected defeat against the promoted Caen ( 1-2 ) , Hatem Ben Arfa has not immortalized on the lawn of the Velodrome on Saturday at the final whistle . No victory lap , no official farewell to the public. It heads down the attacker Marseille has engulfed the tunnel ( ra ) leads to the locker room , in the wake of its master Mamadou Niang . Announced in Newcastle , the former Lyon then took the time to respond to numerous requests from journalists.

    “Personally , I have not experienced this game like the last, I did not take a head with it . When I got home, I was comfortable , I was happy to be on the ground. I felt good tonight. I have lived it quietly . Again , I gave myself fully in this jersey. The standing ovation at my entrance into play ? it touches me , it is a pleasure . Anyway, the fans of Olympique de Marseille have always been behind me and really appreciate for that. I wanted to tell them and thank them”.

    ” What good memories ”

    Before microphones and cameras , but the shadow of the spotlight at the Velodrome, Hatem Ben Arfa is back on his years in Marseilles, which “as if one page was about to turn . “You make me talk to the imperfect but I’m still hereHas he said , a smile . If I must go now, I shall address the three titles that I won last year, memories of a great public , a beautiful city , the media excitement around the club . Here we measure the difference between OM and other clubs in France . All this , this passion, we will feel good when you wear this jersey. Any player who moves here can keep only good memories , I think”.

    For the first time, the player has agreed to look across the Channel , giving its opinion on the Premier League “This is a championship quality with wholesale clubs. The Premier League, for me , is one of those elite championships such as Italy, Spain or Germany. ‘ Before joining England , Ben Arfa will first make a detour Monday … Clairefontaine. Another way for him to recharge . – Interview by Olivier SCHWOB , Marseille

  76. if its not gonna be confirmed till next week then that gives other premiership clubs the time to gazump us.I hope its not modric all over again.

  77. Hate to spoil the party but I read late last night that Liverpool are now interested in him. Dunno how much truth there is in this.

  78. i’d love to see him wear black and white shirt.. but liverpool is making a move for him

  79. Like I said, why would Liverpool (who are skint) stump up £12 million for a player who is avaiable for £6 million?

  80. Rich – Caughtoffside is the original source of that Liverpool thing mate. I seriously wouldn’t worry about it.

  81. I’m more worried about other clubs sniffing about once his names in the papers mate.

  82. ben arfa is a great player but there is a reason he is out of favour at marseille why would they leave a player like him on the bench . simple he is another player who thinks he is bigger than the club do we really need someone who will turn the dressing room back to what we had in sir bobs day with bellamy and the likes upstting the other players . I watched the game against arsenal ben arfa came on as sub played fantastic for 5 minutes then went on holiday for the rest of game . I reckon he could be another sulky arse like lauren robert

  83. Personally if we can get back to the Sir Bob days, I dont mind having a team of classy sulks. We were never threatened by relegation in those days.

  84. we may have a good player on our hands……adam campbell from our u 15 won the most valiable player award from the nike premier cup and guess who were all previous winners….torres,tevaz,iniesta………anybody know more about this lad???