Danny Simpson Wants to Stay at United

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Danny Simpson.
Wants to stay?
The Sunday Mirror carried a story today with quotes from Newcastle United right-back Danny Simpson which suggest that he wants to stay at the club. As we know, Danny has one year left of his current contract but United are looking to agree a new deal now, rather than let him leave as a free agent next year.

An offer is allegedly on the table but Danny and his advisers currently do not feel it reflects his value.

Danny told the Sunday Mirror:

“I’m not a greedy player and I just want to be on par with the other players around me. In football terms, what I’m asking for is by no means outrageous, I want to stay at this club and I’ve been saying that all season. I’ve recently had a baby, I’m happy here and so is my family.

“Hopefully me and the club can find some solution. I want to stay but if I have to move, then I will accept it and move on. But it’s a great club with 50,000 screaming Geordies at the game every week. Why would I want to leave? There is speculation but I want to state, like I have all season, I want to stay.

“Over the last two years I’ve played nearly 80 games and started most of them. I’m not being greedy, this club is on the up, the manager and staff are brilliant – I want to stay.”

The key part of this quote seems to be the bit about wanting an offer which is on par with what some of the other players are getting. We know, for example, that both Fabricio Coloccini and Tim Krul signed new, lengthy contracts just before the home game against Sunderland. It may be that these are the players Simpson is seeking parity with.

There is no doubt in my mind that Danny is a good player and it would be better to keep him at this stage than let him go. But clearly, he is not happy with the new contract terms which have been offered up to now. Personally, I would like to see him stay but time is running out for a deal to be agreed.

In the meantime, the media have been suggesting that, should Simpson leave, United might consider switching Davide Santon to right back and bringing in a left back such as Erik Pieters. The names of Yohan Cabaye’s mate Mathieu Debuchy from Lille and 21 year old Crystal Palace right back Nathaniel Clyne have also been bouncing around. Whether any of this speculation is true of course, is open to debate.

All I know is that it’s not like United these days to allow their transfer targets to be debated in the press, so they might just have different targets altogether!

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58 Responses

  1. If we knew what everyone earned & what he’d been offered we could form an opinion. Sadly we don’t and everything reported is speculation. I would like him to stay but am becoming tired of hearing about this and wish they’d put a deadline on it so that it won’t be drawn out for the whole of the summer.

  2. I say give the guy a decent contract !
    Danny is the most improved player on the side, who has proven to be a good servant to the club, playing for wages that could very well be the lowest for a starting RB in the entire league.
    Thats around 10k a week.
    So where’s the loyalty (a two way street) from the club, which has offered a new low ball deal, which most players in Danny’s position (no i dont mean @ RB) would refuse.
    I understand that from many fans viewpoint, hes not all that !
    then obviously most fans dont get it !
    Unless you watch him play, he’s certainly a no nonsense (read unspectacular) player of the Dennis Erwin type, seldom goes to ground, doesn’t go for the crowd pleasing heavy tackles, can bring the ball up field, good pace, etc.
    And playing alongside Williamson is like covering two spots in the side.
    What i’m saying here is, we would be foolish not to sign him for the few extra bucks it would take.
    But i see this as a general message, dont f**k with the boss or you are outta here, a take it or leave it situation and a message to the squad in general.
    Dumb !

  3. Wonder if Ashley & Co want him out? Was he part of the “Senior Player” gang who spoke out and have all gone?

    Also – what if United have actually got someone already lined up who they think is better for less money?

    Chuck – leaving aside what I’ve just said, your summary is pretty much what I’m thinking too….

  4. Agree with Sammy J entirely and with Chuck where sticking up for Simpson! Simpson has been fairly solid all season and several vital goal-line clearances have earned us extra points! He has made some mistakes and been vilified by some fans, but show me a defender or goalie who hasn’t, unfortunately we remember them if it costs us a goal! If he is reputedly the lowest paid player in the team by a country mile, then he has done enough to get a decent payrise if we offer him a new contract rather than decide to buy another RB but it’s needs sorting ASAP, as the will he won’t he shit is tedious!

  5. It appears Man. Citeh are about to get involved in replaing a bunch of their present squad.
    Among them is young Adam Johnson.
    A former NUFC fan and from the north east, who i believe tried out for the side as a youngster.
    It’s my opinion he is one of the most talented young English players in the country, great reader of the game, can lay the ball off or score.
    To think of a front three of Hoilett- Cisse- Johnson, which would terrorise any PL defensive unit, with a backup of Marveaux-Cisse-HBA, thats quality in depth.
    But what am i thinking, Ashley would never spring for that kinda dosh.

  6. I think he is a solid player but the goal of Ashley etc as I understand it is to raise the average level of talent at the club on all levels. By getting rid of a bunch of Academy players and getting a fresh crop I can see there being a lot more competition and learning of new skills as players work each other.

    He was brought into the club for about 2mill so we know his wages aint huge. He has played a lot of games for us this season and was part of some big games, saved some goals off the line, and stated getting better at not letting his man cut inside.

    Quite simply though I think he is rated as about a 7 to 7.5 out of 10. They want to find someone who is an 8 and could become a 9 but only costs about a 6.

  7. This is the side we will probably field in the UEFA final next season.


  8. Yeah, there are rumors Pardew does’nt rate Simpson that well.
    But better to look to dump such obvious flops
    such as Williamson,Guthrie,Gosling and those already designated as on their way.
    I think a new RB has been in the works for some time, but if Simpson signs, would mean a cheap but decent backup.
    Except Simpson is not buying it.

  9. Charlietoon says:
    May 20, 2012 at 5:15 pm

    “He was brought into the club for about 2mill so we know his wages aint huge.”

    He was around £500,000 and his current wages are £10,000 per week, Charlietoon. He’s worth around £4-5 million now and could command much higher wages elsewhere after a few superb seasons at NUFC.

    Simpson is also our most highly ranked defender on EA’s Player Performance Index as used by the Premier League.

  10. chuck says:
    May 20, 2012 at 5:31 pm

    “Yeah, there are rumors Pardew does’nt rate Simpson that well.”

    There can’t be any truth in that, Chuck, as that would mean he is an idiot.

  11. Ackcherly…..

    If Pards didn’t rate Simpson, he would have done something about it before now

    No, I think there is something else afoot here

  12. Chuck @ 8: nothing wrong with a bit of wishful thinking on getting to the final that is, but you might be getting ahead of yourself…
    You seem determined that we should sign Hoilett!! I agree he’s a bit warm like, but they’ll likely be a bidding frenzy for him!

  13. UTD111 says:
    May 20, 2012 at 6:26 pm

    “If Pards didn’t rate Simpson, he would have done something about it before now”

    He certainly wouldn’t have picked him for virtually every game anyway, UTD111.

  14. As an aside…..I got a bit annoyed at the antics of Terry last night and wrote this today….grrrr

    What did you folks think about the “England Centre Half” and his involvement?

    Last night Chelsea somehow won the European Champions League – fine! Football people are still scratching their heads trying to figure out how, but they did – so that’s that. But what the hell was John Terry doing? He was banned right? Cue camera pics of the self-appointed “handsome bloke” sitting in a suit and tie on the Chelsea “bench”. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Chelsea win – and all of a sudden – there’s Terry in full kit and boots, sneaks up behind the players during the presentation, grabs the cup and starts waving it around as if it was him who had just skippered the side to victory. He was banned right???

    In that moment even his sternest supporters must have wondered just what was going on?? Even if pressure had been brought from somewhere to allow the player onto the pitch if they won, Surely the proper thing to do was to say “no thanks” – or at least keep his suit on?? He was banned right????

    Unbelievable that “Mr Unpopular of London” should be allowed anywhere near the pitch when banned, but to see him cavorting around like that was just wrong – WRONG. If it was possible for him to do that, no doubt there will now be a London-based media campaign for all charges of alleged racism against Terry to be dropped – and that he shouldn’t have to go to court over his alleged remarks to Anton Ferdinand because, well, Chelsea won the cup innit? And it’s London Olympics year, and the Queen’s Jubilee and jellied eels, etc etc

    What a load of bollox!

    He was banned right?????

  15. It’s something i read somewhere, about Pardew not rating him, certainly not a personal opinion.

    There cant be any truth to that, Chuck,as that would mean, he’s an idiot.

    Errmmm! Yes ?

  16. Just reading bout L’Pool’s search to replace re-tread King Kenny.
    There’s still hope, as i see Pardew is still highly rated on their list.
    Ah! we live in hope, but die in despair.

  17. UTD111
    Yeah, was wondering the same thing, was it a superman move, where Terry rips off his suit and shirt and is wearing full football kit underneath ?
    Guys a low life.

  18. Mick

    Nah! just amusing myself (with the line up) and one never knows who might read these blogs.

  19. Though some of my musings, have proven to have substance.
    As i hear, two of my touted young up and coming managers, are on the Liverpool short list, then on the other hand so is Pardew.
    As for Hoilett, yeah i do rate him highly, likewise young Adam Johnson but in general quality costs.
    Rumored a number of top sides are keen on Hoilett and should result in a bidding war, which would probably not include ourselves, for obvious reasons.

  20. UTD111
    If Pards did,nt rate Simpson, he wouldda done sumat by now !
    He certainly would’nt have picked him for virtually every game.

    Well lets see what exactly could he do about it UTD111 ?
    And if he did’nt pick him WORKEY, who would we have slotted in ?
    Maybe i dont wanna know !

  21. Hiya Chuck

    My comment meant – he could have done something in the January transfer window – or he could have played Santon at RB and put Taylor back at LB where he apparently did so well in the first 11 games – or, of course put Jonas in there.

    But he didn’t – so he obviously trusted Simpson to do a job mate.

  22. UTD111 @6#

    Doubt if we have anyone Citeh might be interested in, as a possible enticement to sign Johnson.
    Have to be someone special to fit into that side.
    If we need a legbreaker, hear they are dumping De Jong, but theres rumors of Ya Ya Ture going back to Spain, so Cabaye might be of interest to them ?
    Probably Ya Ya just angling for a raise.

  23. Chuck

    If you believe the UK media, Cabaye is going to Manure – so Citeh could well sign him out of spite LOL!

    If the bidding reaches £30M – we know from past experience that the “Slim Cockney Bar Steward” will hold out for £35M……………….cash!!

    And if they don’t faint, he’ll say “plus VAT” :)

  24. UTD111 @ 23#
    I was right i did’nt actually wanna know.
    Raylor as a back ? the least said about that the better.
    Santon, he was busily employed keeping the bench warm, untill there was no choice to play him, same as HBA.
    Now can anyone tell me why these two guys collected spelks in their asses for most of the season again?
    Don’t wanna hear about their mental condition or fitness, cause they would not have made it too the bench.
    Nor do i wanna hear about how long it takes continental players to adjust to the EPL.
    Which is total nonsense, but some fans believe it still.

  25. 30 mill. for Tiote ?
    Are you serious, theres no one in the side worth close to that.
    But perception can be a strange thing, i refer to the 26 mill. we got for Carroll as an example.
    What were they thinking ?
    Well, King Kenny made a desperate gamble and is paying for it.

  26. UTD111
    I already know the reasons, stupidity, the same reason Pardew sat Marischano and Tevez, at West Ham.

  27. UTD111
    Erm yes Sorry, i refer you to the same answer i gave concerning Tiote.

  28. Chuck @8:

    That’s a good team. I am surprised that you think we will hang on to Tiote as he was specifically named by Lliambas as one who could leave.

    I am also surprised that there is no place for Ben Arfa, you probably think he will have a good Euro and be snapped up by Chelsea.

    You are probably right that Ba is gone.

    I would be very surprised if we get Hoilett. If I was him I would go to Chelsea as he would be almost guaranteed to start. Perhaps Liverpool.

  29. Don’t get me wrong I’d you’ve read my previous tweets in the subject you’ll know I completely agree with Chuck @ 2 I just think it needs doing already. It would seem like the club want to bring in a l/r back & see Simpson as being cover…which would explain why he isn’t getting the deal he believes he deserves, whatever that is. If this us the case he would almost certainly be starting a lot of games anyway because of the way Pardew likes to gradually introduce new players. I believe this will be Cabayes mate Debuchy(?s over if this is his best position). Chuck has Mbiwa it that position but is see him challenging for centreback & he is young & may need longer to bed in.

  30. Well HBA was coming back from a very bad leg break – getting back to match fitness but also psychologically that was quite a traumatic thing to come back from – he needed to build his fitness but also his confidence.

    Santon did look a bit shakey at first – and easing him into things was the right approach in my book.

  31. Chuck

    I wasn’t saying Tiote and Cabaye are worth £30M

    I was saying Ashley is capable of getting that much for them!!

  32. UTD111: I am glad that you brought up John Terry, saved me doing it. I agree with everything you said, but you have to admire his balls.

    He must have some ego to be so immune to criticism and self-criticism. He really doesn’t have any shame.

    The funny thing is that he is NOT a leader as shown when all of the England players backed away from him in South Africa. What he said made sense but behind closed doors and to Capello, not to the Farking Media you two-faced cockerney c@nt.

  33. Different subject
    Anyone notice a certain anti-football tactical approach, Chelsea being the latest club to win the Championship, using negative tactics.
    It was Morinho’s Milan side that won it two years ago, playing the same defensive game.
    I’m not calling it a Catenaccio style, cause WORKEY will get on my case and deny it’s a type of pasat famous throughout Cicily, especially accompaniesd with a delicious Frutta Di Mare sause, mmmm ! fugedaboudit !
    I’m bringing up the subject due to the fact we NUFC have been playing that same style, though few care to admit it.
    One of the reasons Pardew did’nt play HBA was he wanted everyone including wingers to defend.
    Look our clean sheets were not the result of having a good defence, rather than the fact we had ten men behind the ball and looked very much like yesterdays Chelsea.
    Is this a style you want to see on a regular basis ?
    I certainly dont, I want to be entertained, by taking the reigns off our flair players.
    Just look how the fans reacted to the 4-3-3 when Pardew relented and had to introduce HBA, they were being entertained at last and made it obvious.

  34. Ooops ! must be on the wrong blog.
    Too many people agreeing with me, im outta here, time for a libation.

  35. @ (chuck) no disrespect intended but surely we dont want hba as back up but as first choice in his position and marveaux as back up on front left…..? hoillet would be nice and whos to say ba will go all though it seems likely also in my opinion simpson deserves a revised pay packet but cant see him matching colo’s etc. first post people read this blog all the time its brilliant keep it up.

  36. Can I throw in a curved ball as well?
    When we bought Cisse in January from SC Freiburg they were 2nd bottom of the Bundesliga and in danger of sinking without trace despite Cisse’s goals in the first half of the season! They actually finished their season 12th out of 18 and 10 points above the team that finished 2nd bottom in a relegation spot! Just goes to show the old speculate to accumulate theory can work for the good of the team, even without having vast sums to spend, as long as you get the right type of players and structure around you! As fantastic as Cisse has been for NUFC, he clearly hasn’t been missed by Freiburg over the last 4 months!

  37. UTD111 says:
    May 20, 2012 at 7:16 pm

    “But what the hell was John Terry doing? He was banned right?”

    UTD111, UEFA issued a statement saying that if Chelsea won, he would be allowed to collect a winner’s medal and join in with the celebrations after, which he did.

  38. Worky, that is very minor point and I am surprised to see you defending a UEFA committee decision. In all honesty, I don’t care what John Terry does, I am just shocked at his immodesty.

  39. chuck says:
    May 20, 2012 at 8:24 pm

    “30 mill. for Tiote ?
    Are you serious, theres no one in the side worth close to that.”

    Ben Arfa may well be worth more than that soon.

    chuck says:
    May 20, 2012 at 8:52 pm

    “I’m not calling it a Catenaccio style, cause WORKEY will get on my case and deny it’s a type of pasat famous throughout Cicily, especially accompaniesd with a delicious Frutta Di Mare sause, mmmm ! fugedaboudit !”

    For Chuck’s sake! “Catenaccio” is a doorbolt and “Cicily” is a girl’s name! :-)

    The Catenaccio Myth:


  40. GS says:
    May 20, 2012 at 10:39 pm

    “Worky, that is very minor point and I am surprised to see you defending a UEFA committee decision. In all honesty, I don’t care what John Terry does, I am just shocked at his immodesty.”

    If it was Newcastle United and Fabricio Coloccini, you wouldn’t have made that comment, GS. ;-)

    BTW, there are charts telling you how to make all manner of different smileys / emoticons online.

  41. I agree. I don’t even know John Terry and have a very specific opinion of him based upon roughly 50% media and 50% his own words/actions.

    I try not to rush to judgement, but he has been acting in the same way for years. I haven’t seen Coloccini act “out of order” and anyway I have an almost blind loyalty to NUFC players.

    Watched Montpellier earlier. Do we have any chance with Giroud?

  42. Worky, you are very good with words, but not even you could be bothered to put up a defence for John Terry :) Please don’t try because he is not worth talking about.

  43. WORKEY

    Yes of course Catenaccio means door bolt in Italian, not a type of pasta, though Frutta di mare with linguini is a delicious meal.
    Having read your definition of “the Catenaccio” well not yours but a semi official view, i rest my case.
    The original, though somewhat abandoned, is still in effect as a morphed version and continues to be a part of seria A,
    Not only that, variations of it were played by both Morinho’s Milan against Barcelona and Chelsea against Munich.
    You may be also surprised to learn, we NUFC, playing Pardews 4-4-2, is in itself a form of catenaccio, with eight or more constantly defending.
    There are so many variations, some man to man marking others with a zonal system, that we can, im sure, abandon the original name.
    I just like the sound of it.
    But from a personal perspective i dont particularly care for it, preferring to watch attacking sides, who give their flair players the freedom to do their thing.
    More entertaining.
    But then some find the possession game played by say, Arsenal, triangles played at close quarters, to be equally boring.
    We all have our preferrences.
    But it appears there is competition to prove which is the better tactical way to play.
    Excep by Morinho, who’s sides can play either way, a form of horses for courses.
    But that’s why they call him the great one.
    Other managers struggle, most introducing a set style of football, BSA’s route one, mainly based on scoring from set pieces, Ugghh !
    Rodgers possession game.
    Wenger,Harry, M.O’N., you name them, they have their tactical variations, but in a limited way.
    No one does it like Morinho, he is the great one for his flexibility, he truly uses horses for courses.
    Thats why he is in such demand.

  44. Mick @ 46#
    Youse guys gotta get your baseball metaphors right.
    Ball park figures are not good looking girls, Step up to the plate, doesny mean, grab a bite and there are no curved balls, they are all spherical.
    The curve takes place between leaving the pitchers hand and either making contact with the hitters bat (who had previously, stepped up to the plate) or the catchers glove.

  45. Chuck, I’m off to bang my heed against the wall, you’re just winding me up ye bastad!

    Catenaccio utilises a 5-2-3, or, if you will, a kind of 1-4-2-3 formation with a “Libero” or “Sweeper” behind the other defenders and lots of man marking. It’s a definite and specific system, not a catch all term for what you see as boring, defensive football. Just write “boring, defensive football.”

  46. chuck says:
    May 21, 2012 at 4:02 am

    “Youse guys gotta get your baseball metaphors right.”

    Eeeh! the cheek of it after your “Total Football” / “Catenaccio” guff! :-)

    I always “step up to the crease” and bowl “googlies” personally. Must better than that daft rounders game you have over there.