Newcastle must act quick to secure Ben Arfa signature.

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Sign him up.
Sign him up.
At this rate, the rumour linking Hatem Ben Arfa will soon become as tedius as the rumour that had Kris Boyd linked with us for such a long time.

Nothing ever came of that rumour, probably because there was nothing in it to start with, but at least there does seem to be something behind the Ben Arfa rumour.

As it stands Newcastle have a cash bid, believed to be in the region of £4 million, rejected. They have also offered a loan-to-buy option to Marseille, where we would take the player now for a smaller fee with the option of signing the 23-year old on a permanent deal at the end of the season, which would suit Newcastle United down to the ground, but not Marseille. So now we appear to be stuck.

Now, nobody knows if negotiations are ongoing between the two clubs, but if they are then the club will need to act quick if Newcastle are serious about signing a potential future star for a knock-down price.

We are being helped at the moment by Ben Arfa and his stubborness to move to any other club except Newcastle, but if the fannying around continues for much longer then I wouldn’t blame the player if he decided to follow up interest from elsewhere.

The keenest interest seems to be from Hoffenheim in Germany, who are apparently offering the £6 million that Marseille want, in cash, up front. Still nothing is moving though, but eventually, after a long enough wait, it will.

Now a lot of this is being perpetuated by the press as the rumour mill spins into overdrive but there are a couple of subtle differences with this rumour, that I have noticed anyway. Most of the rumour-mongering is coming from the continental press, although I don’t quite know how to take them. I know the French press is more reliable than ours, but what about the German or the Italian press? How do they stack up in the integrity stakes?

Then there are the actions of our club, or lack of them in particular. When it goes quiet at St James’ Park, things tend to be happening. It’s something I have noticed for sometime now, even before Ashley arrived and we had the fat Geordie foghorn at the helm.

Then there is what Chris Hughton said about the Ben Arfa rumour. He didn’t deny it, he just said it was “unlikely”. A bit like how Sol Campbell was dealt with, no denial, and up popped Sol soon afterwards.

At the end of the day, I would like to see Ben Arfa here, but the longer it rolls on, the less confident I am of it happening. There most definately seems to be interest on our part, now we just need to follow it up. If it was followed up, it would go a long way to allaying fears that Ashley is gambling with our Premier League survival.

Get it sorted lads!

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175 Responses

  1. I’m afraid that we’ve been too indecisive and he will get away, which will be a great shame because he would have been a great signing

    Having said that I hope i eat my words

  2. am starting to lose hope,although your right aboot the silence coming from ch,he usualy nips untrue rumours in the buttocks.i hope im wrong like but i cant see us getting him in the end,hope im wrong though.if he does come he will be a hero right from the off for choosing us like i think.also think the rumours of rios coming and smith going are hopefull too that we may actually be improving the 1st 11,plus ben arfa and we will look very very decent.just got to get ash to realise that being an epl chaiman means you got to keep up with the jones’s.we need better players,end of.

  3. 6M is obviously a decent chunk, but this is the type of player we should be buying- young, talented and ambitious. Fits nicely with the multi-year plan talk from ownership, and gives us a bit of a different player to partner with the likes of Gosling, Carrol, Vuckic, Tavernier, Routlege, STaylor, etc as we move forward

  4. Just to add, it’s a fine line between waiting too long and tough negotiating. I hope Chris knows where that line is…

  5. Some sites saying that we are after a 500K one season loan deal while the club are asking for£6 million outright – which I can’t believe that we’d a) have or b) spend on one winger.

  6. Ch refused to comment on it all yesterday which means its close, hope we get him I personally fink it cud already b done

  7. We won’t get him loan marseille want the cash so they can buy plyers it will b permanent deal if it happens, someone on eds blog is saying french paper says we’ve agreed a fee of 6mill, isn’t there some law in france that the press can’t fabricate storys

  8. @6 lets hope so davy.

    would anyone else not think that we should be going all out to get bellers back up here too? just think that with him available and the form he has been showing,plus he would be well up for coming back i reckon coz he’d be a starter here along with carroll,with ben arfa and jonas/routl supplying the amo? i really think we would miss a trick if he goes back to celtic.getting arfa/rios/bellers would give the place such a buzz that it would be awesome and would start something magical? just a thought

  9. £6M is within Ashley’s capability, he just doesn’t want to spend it. In a way it’s almost a problem that we finished so well in the end because it will have lulled Ashley into the mindset that we don’t need to strengthen. If we are gonna do anything other than struggle I think we need to sign at least another player of Ben Arfa quality.

    At the end of the day for every position we finish higher in the prem the more money the club will get back, If Ashley has given the club a huge loan whats another £6 now if it gives us a better chance in the prem. It is almost bad business sense not to invest. The last few seasons have shown it is not an option to invest on return to the prem anymore, it’s essential.

  10. went to get new newcastle top today, got name and number on the back as well and brought last seasons shirt to get signed but honestly, the queues were a joke, there must have been around 400-500 people there, couldnt be bothered to wait so to see the players i just went in the club shop and looked around the corner and saw them :D

  11. Mmmm, I tend to trust MA & CH on this saga. You have to set the limits and stick with them for the good of the club. Great if we get him, not a disaster if we don’t. Arfa will not NOT be the difference between success and failure, so let’s not kid ourselves. £6m would be better spent elsewhere, I suggest.

  12. Was just going to say that Salty.

    See, I think we need pace, creativity, another left foot, a maverick who can do something special, someone who can play wide.

    This boy would tick all the boxes, for a knockdown £6 million? I’d snap him up.

  13. have to get a loan off big dave,thing is he takes all day to count it he will be sold by then

  14. £6 million is pocket money to Big Dave. Rich proably has it stuffed under his pillow aswell ;)

  15. Where are all these rumours?

    I’m not seeing anything at all with regards linking him to us. Certainly not with any credibility.

  16. rumour is they are clubbing together to buy a irish club,not going to let china get the better of them :)

  17. Ice – It’s nice to see that Chinese buyout of Liverpool being complete bollocks :)

    Can’t believe some saps believed it :lol:

  18. Can’t see this deal happening as it is dragging on too long. If we are serious about him then Ashley should release the funds instead of dithering. Remember when we had the opportunuty to sign Moses, Ashley was out bidded by the mighty Wigan!!!
    This is not to say that if we sign the lad then I would be well pleased.
    Nippy striker and a LB URGENTLY required Mr Ashley……….

  19. Toonsy,

    By the way, delighted to have heard your good news the other day.
    Now go and get lashed up….

  20. took the words off my next comment,i hope all so called 6bids go tits up,that would be nearly as good as a good signing

  21. Aye just foreign press mate……but its either rumour monger with all you idiots or talk to wor lass……rumour monger away,thats what I say ;-) :lol:

  22. lost it all on a horse ice…Dusty Carpet,I was told it had never been beaten :lol:
    The old un’s are the best,I’ll get me coat!!

  23. toonsy says:
    August 5, 2010 at 7:36 pm
    Stu – Most of them are abroad mate.

    Are we to stop speculating now?


  24. richietoon 30- that’s terrible!
    Never mind – I made a killing the other day playing snap with a bloke who stutters!

  25. according to German footie mag ‘Kicker’, the Hoffenheim deal is dead .. they offered €5million and the negotiations on Tuesday (between clubs) didn’t go anywhere. And Ben Arfa himself rejected the offer straight away, apparently doesn’t fancy Hoffenheim any more than Turkey. Strange figures though in French online articles, according to one I found yesterday, our offer was even close to the 11 or 12 mill OM paid for him .. WTF?

  26. Agreed- I’d love to see us bag a good LB to cover Jose. Be nice if he could play on the right too.

  27. magpie6699 says:
    August 5, 2010 at 8:01 pm

    “richietoon 30- that’s terrible!
    Never mind – I made a killing the other day playing snap with a bloke who stutters!”

    That one’s even worse, magpie.

  28. icedog says:
    August 5, 2010 at 8:08 pm
    STUART are you a married chap?

    Sure am. Why you ask?

  29. Let’s have all the old ones!
    i got thrown out of the races the other day – I was just shouting for my 2 horses – Hoof Hearted and Ice Melted!

  30. I see QPR signed Adel Taarabt from Tottenham on a 3 year deal.

    I think we could have done with him. The guy has insane skill but just needs coaching correctly and Hughton is the perfect man for that.

    He would have been a lot cheaper than Ben Arfa too, plus he is younger and used to the English game.

  31. RBS should do us all a favour and recall the £100 million Liverpool had deferred now. It’s our bank, why should taxpayers give Liverpool a break? Feck em

  32. I gotta look and see if the Rangers game will be televised here in the states. Hopefully will be a crackin’ game.

  33. I once had a tip on a horse called Cigarette? but didn’t have enough money tabaccer! :roll:

  34. OHurley – The game is on ESPN on Saturday. Surely you get that over your side of the pond?

  35. OHurley says:
    August 5, 2010 at 8:37 pm
    for YOU guys… I want no part of those shenanigans LOL

    Glad you cleared that up. I thought the keys were gonna be in.

  36. the lack of any news on Ben afra is really annoying…. please CH either provide good news or put us out of our misery!!

  37. Budalovesa patsy – If you’re reading, the Rangers guide is almost done and will be up tomorrow :)

  38. Surely one of our famous supporters can give some money to help the deal along…..I would if I could believe me

  39. OHurley – it’s only on ESPN UK. ESPN stateside isn’t carrying it as far as i know. from what i’ve heard though, its being offered by rangers to supporters clubs/bars by ESPN UK on PPV. if you know of any in your area, i’d ask them if they’ll be picking it up, though you may have to fork over $10-$20 to watch.
    where ya located? i know one of the guys here in nyc is trying to sort something out.

  40. @12 & @13

    Some folks never learn.

    Marseille is not getting shot of him without reason, and I don’t see Man U (or any major club) sniffing around even at a whopping 60% discount. There’s a sensible deal to be made, and I suspect £6m is not it. As I said, great if we get him, but walk away if we don’t. Every player has his price, every club has its own valuation depending on circumstances. If the two match, fine. If not walk away.

    There has been a lot of good business been done this close season by smaller Prem clubs (of which we are one (like it or not), but Man City money has inflated the market. Agents are panicking, and Arfa (good, bad or indifferent) is a risk. Have we got £6m to risk, I think not, especially when we need cover in key positions (LB for instance). Next season when we are established perhaps we will need the toonsy style maverick, for now I prefer proven prem pros and the youth conveyor belt.

  41. Rather than paying for it, I hear you can get it on the internet?

    I mean, not that I am advocating people using sites like myp2p of course, no way ;) ;)

  42. O’Hurley- yeah nothing on any of the ESPNs over here. But at least there will be a stream.

    eastcoast- surely Nevada Smiths is showing it I would think

  43. hahaha, true toonsy, that’s the other (cheaper) alternative.
    we’re workin on just gettin the bar to attach the laptop to the TV and then we’re set!

  44. Raffo – When you are on, there is now a link to the Fantasy Football page in the ‘links’ bit.

  45. I’ll give it another plug at the weekend, maybe the weekend after aswell. Do people think I should lock before the first game of the season or leave it open for people to join whenever?

  46. Good evening Lads there seems to be a lot of love on here tonight I presume MO has been spreading the word ;)
    Stuart you need to watch I think Toonsy has an eye for you :)
    Richie I would love to take OHurley into an Orangemans Club :lol: with a Celtic top on offcourse

  47. I’d just let people join whenever,you’ll be getting new people to the blog all the time so let them join imo.

  48. EVENING big dave working late again?
    pup loved last one up on to neck,but cannot have it due to where he works,cannot show owt,thats why ankle to hip is a goer

  49. Big Dave says:
    August 5, 2010 at 9:03 pm

    “Stuart you need to watch I think Toonsy has an eye for you”

    Dave, Stuart was once saying he goes to ‘Take That’ musicals and was thinking about getting a white Audi TT. I think he might welcome Toonsy’s advances ;-)

  50. Ice hows you young fella, yeah mate but finished early tonight for a change. As for his leg we dont really have stuff in work to suit there as the guy I work with is an expert at drawing it on freehand As I said to you before Tribal isn’t really my thing. I see there is still no sign of Arfa Daly but then tomoro is Friday :)

  51. workyticket says:
    August 5, 2010 at 9:16 pm

    “Dave, Stuart was once saying he goes to ‘Take That’ musicals and was thinking about getting a white Audi TT. I think he might welcome Toonsy’s advances”


  52. Anyone have any thoughts about the possibility that maybe Alan Smith could be sold to Glasgow Rangers, this would get shot of one of our poorest players and maybe give the extra 1.5m that could fund the Ben Arfa deal….

    Alan Smith is well known to be a Glasgow Rangers fan, and has said many time he wishes to play there at some time… He doesnt have much longer left in my opinion, his legs have gone, he cant shoot and isnt great at tackling either…

  53. Worky from what Toonsys mrs told me I wouldn’t be surprised if Toonsy made an advance :) and an invitation to a few musicals ;)
    Worky how are you this weather anyway all good I hope

  54. Ni-pretty sure rangers haven’t got the cash to pay for him sadly. They haven’t signed a single player this summer I don’t think. No loans, frees, nothing.

  55. @ MDS – yea one of the guys has been talkin to jack over there about picking it up, or just hooking it up and hoping to get a good stream. will probably know tomorrow whether or not that’ll happen.

  56. Ross – Hopefully that will change and they can afford Smith as they will get a bigger split of the CL money after Celtic failed to qualify. Fingers crossed ;)

  57. I think it would be a good move for Smudger,Rangers and us if it could happen.I really can’t see him getting many games for us this season imo

  58. Yeah Ross its true their in worse shape that most, would have been two birds with one stone. Usually there is good communication between teams playing friendly matches and deals can be made. Should even let him go on loan… with a view to off load.

  59. TOONSY say that happens and we payed half his wages while on loan,no-way will rangers stump up the other 30000 awk

  60. My best mate is a Gers fan like. Friendly or not we need to give them a proper seeing to on Saturday because I’ve been talking a good game all week now, haha. Given smiths wages I wouldn’t mind seeing him move on to be honest, like others have said he’s not the quickest these days and his tackling is suspect. If it meant we could seal the Ben Arfa deal/get a fresher DM in, I’d be slipping Ally Mcoist a sly tenner towards the transfer like, lol.

  61. Am i right in thinking smith and Mcoist both worked for free for half of last season or so? Rangers just couldn’t afford to pay them so they did it for nowt.

  62. eastcoast- used go there a lot but left nyc about 6 years ago. Watched many Toon matches there. We were always well supported

  63. Iv been to a few Rangers matches over the years, great support and atmosphere before, during and after every match. Should be a good test for the lads and hopefully get the right result! Give a bit of confidence going into the PL season.

    Whos this Uruguayan DM that is being reported on .com blog? Egidio Arevalo. I know nothing of him…

  64. Roughly translated……he said richietoon will win the fantasy league so the rest may as well chuck in the towel now……………my French isn’t the best tho ;-)

  65. Nimag………think he was the baldy defensive midfielder.Think he played in all their WC games and looked canny.

  66. @toonsy 98
    I think what he was saying is that he has had contact with Newcastle but there are others as well… thats the gist of what i got anyway feel free to correct me if I am wrong anyone

  67. @nimagpie – He was the short, bald DM in Uruaguy’s team. He had a very good WC, £2M is a snip for him, but he’s part owned & I think the PL rules don’t allow it.

  68. I can remember Ice was the 1st to mention Arevalo Rios then uncle Ed done an exclusive on him, oh and then I think Toonsy might have mentioned him ;)

  69. I have a French lady translating it as we speak, hopefully. By e-mail, so i could take a while.

  70. Half the names in the World Cup I couldn’t pronounce never mind remember lol actually did watch every Uruguay game.

  71. This is the translation, re ben arfa

    Translate It has yet been determinant, facing Valence, it is he who mark the purpose of the victory in this friendly match face to the Spaniards of Valencia, and yet, Hatem Ben Arfa is pushed toward the exit, in principle, it should sign in the days to come in England and more precisely in Newcastle..It is a question of days. Hatem Ben Arfa, is no longer a priority for the coach Marseillais…questions and answers with HBA.

  72. So Toonsy how have they been hanging for the last few days days ? I here you are thinking of making a new facebook group petitioning the IOC to make pocket Billiards a recognized sport for the London games

  73. They’re claiming he is joining us then and it’s just a case of the time taken to dot the i’s and cross the t’s so to speak. Dunno how much I believe them as i don’t think we’ve stumped up the cash yet but it’s nice to even consider the fact we might have, lol.

  74. Dave – If they did, I reckon we could battle it out for medals. They are hanging fine mate, with much less worry :)

  75. colocini was rumoured for about 4 weeks before he signed…time makes no difference…patience is a virtue!

  76. Big Dave says:
    August 5, 2010 at 9:23 pm

    “Worky how are you this weather anyway all good I hope”

    I’m mostly seething about my bank ATM, Dave, but I’ll get ’em back soon! Hope you’re well?

  77. Let’s have less of the Rangers praise, please. We all know Celtic are the better half….

  78. Ice My bro was asking me lastweek to go to the Liverpool one as I normally go to the pool home and away with him, and I would love to take the wee lad over for one as he is forever going on at me, he was heartbroken today that he couldn’t get the new Home top as they wont have them till tomoro

  79. Dave – Given the tattyness of them I would be surprised if they made the ferry trip over bud :lol:

  80. Gosling n campbell took ages even though everyone thought they were done, then u hav routledge n perch come out of the blue, fingers crossed it will get done, ii actually like the way were doin business this window

  81. dave give me a shout if you come over to toon,you can stop over at mine it will save a few quid,as long as ime not over in malta

  82. I think Davy is putting the Morale Officer out of business. The lad is positive about everything. Well played fella :)

  83. From the video, this is what Ben Arfa said, in his own words, about Newcastle

    “yeah, there are talks, also with other clubs, but we’ll see what happens.”

    The rest is all about France etc.

  84. 0/10 for me. I would like to think him wanting to come here would be the deciding factor but Hoffenhiem seem to be putting their money where their mouth is.

  85. Toonsy do you know where I would get good quality profile type pics of the players as my wee Lad keeps asking me for some to print out and stick on his wall ? mostly Harper, Spiderman, and Carroll

  86. He seems the best candidate for the alleged transfer policy we have – but his attitude seems to be the exact opposite of what Hughton wants. He is like N’Zogbia on steroids.

    Then again, he seems to play N’Zogbia on steroids so maybe it’s moaning we just have to accept for such quality?

  87. That is a very good point wickywoo he doesnt really fit the type of player ch has signed so far but think he might be worth it to add a bit more creaivty to our midfield

  88. Toonsy
    seen the message re the rangers guide. thanks

    IMO the transfer market will stagnate until the last weekend of the month. Managers will then need to complete their squads and most of those surplus to requirements will be punted on and we will be in that merry go round.

    Takes all the fun out of speculating. I would like the uruguayan full back and loan deals for Sturridge and Weiss

  89. DAVE you have already spoke of the other one.
    never once did i belive in the cleverly one once we got gosling,3 will leave as well imo

  90. Toonsy it must be way past your bedtime why don’t you sod off to bed and give us all a break.

  91. IMO the transfer market will stagnate until the last weekend of the month. Managers will then need to complete their squads and most of those surplus to requirements will be punted on and we will be in that merry go round

    I think that’s a good point. Citeh alone may have 7-8 players to sell

  92. We don’t need to get 3 players out r current sqaud only comes to 22 which means we can still sign 3players over 21, all players under 21 don’t hav to b registered, cheers for comment b4 toonsy I like to try n stay positive on most things nufc

  93. Although we don’t hav to sell I wouldn’t mind smith n ameobi being sold id expect a few youngs to go on loan

  94. DAVY what makes you say we dont need to sell? or loan,wage bill m8,in fact i think moveing smith on holds the key to rios comeing imo

  95. I really cant see anyone taking Smudger but we will see
    Anyway im away catch you’s tomoro maybe have someone in the door then ;)

  96. “Unlikely” is Chris’ way of saying we want him, and we have bid for him but Marseille wont play ball. Taking a strong stance for the agents and other team to take note of

  97. workyticket says:
    August 5, 2010 at 9:16pm

    The Take That musical was great, it was at the Journal theatre, think it was January.

    The Audi TT arrived in March.

    Bit like a jig-saw…

  98. Wehey, Didn’t realise that Rangers friendly is on ESPN. Finally that V+ box will come good for something. :)

  99. Dave-

    I’d wear a Celtic top into an Orangemen’s club. With kevlar body armour underneath it!! :D


  100. I can’t support Celtic though. The Catholic Church excommunicated me for being a Freemason. So I’d rather wear a Rangers top. But F Rangers. You’ll only find me in Black n White.

  101. Catholicism is a absolute disgrace!

    A religion that would rather have someone die than use contreception and have child molestation at the same sin level as ordaining female priests doesn’t deserve follers. Unless their complete pricks that is!

    Catholic church = Enemy of the free world.

  102. You think it’s only Catholic faith that is a scurge?

    Democratic politics, fascist politics, socialist politics, communist politics, Muslim faith, Judiac faith, Buddhist faith, Christian faith and any other ideological belief system that creates an opinion that you are superior to others is an enemy to peaceful life.

    Wipe out humans and let the planet carry on. I’ve not seen a Dolphin nuke a Polar Bear, yet.

  103. The Catholic church is a complete joke. They arn’t ready for the 20th century, never mind the 21st. At least we can use DNA evidence on the f###ers now, if they did it to me I would got round and baseball bat them.

  104. Alreet fellas just had a round trip to Northampton to pick up the wife, and need to do a return journey over the weekend to pick up the motor she’s crocked so won’t be at our youngans first game sat, bollocks!!

    Cheers for the link toonsy bud, I’m not really sure if locking the game out matters really, it will be a disadvantage to late comers anyway.

    I have advocated for smudger to leave to get his wages off the bill, I love his spirit but the refs are going to protect the flair players in the epl so he will be missing for half the season through suspension anyway!! As long as we get an additional cdm then fair dos, but we haven’t replaced butt have we unless perch or collo are utilised in there if needs be.

    QuLet’s hope the ben arfa thing comes to fruitan quickly eh? Right bedski

  105. Smith only has another 2 years left on his contract and can see him leaving then. He is on a good wage and has no reason to leave. Look at Bullard refusing to leave Hull with £40k p/w contract for the next 3 years.

  106. Funny, Bullard had a reputation for being one of the good guys too and he pulls this stunt.

    The irony being a lot of people think Smith is a right *unt yet I think if Hughton told him he had to leave for the good of the club, he would do it.

    Goes to show being the joker of the gang doesn’t make you a good guy. Smith might be blunt and straight forward in his style but I think he has integrity.

  107. http://www…….I‘ve nowt against Smith and he did well for us especially ist half of the season but can’t see him getting much football with us now so I think a move would be good for both parties.
    Ref religion I don’t like any of them,my main issue with the Catholic church is with thousands dying from diseases like aids etc they still people not to use contraception.It doesnt compute with me.Thats my opinion and I’m not having ago at anyone who follows any sort of faith.

  108. Ch says its unlikely, because he undoubably would like the player, but knows we wont get him because Ashley will not release the funds needed to complete the sale.

    If the players is worth 8mil, we’ll offer 5mil and not budge. So the chances of us getting him or slim.

    Ashley will say we made an offer which wasn’t accepted, we “tried” to get the players in, but things didn’t work out. Its the same story every season.

    We get players in to keep the fans happy but we dont get players in the positions we need them most.

    Priorities are left back, creative midfielder, striker.

  109. hello lads im new to this site but ive been reading all your views, I for one would love ben arfa to sign but im not so optimistic now ive just read on l’equipe that benfica have opened talks with marseille and are willing to pay his wages 300000euros per month and also match the £6million fee, but ive read on another french site although i dont know how reliable that he will hav a medical at us on mon cos weve made an improved offer but i wouldnt get to excited as its maybe press talk, Anyways i do hope we sign him b4 we play man utd, howay the toon!! Mufc 1-2 NUFC(Carroll & Nolan)