Norwich 2-1 Newcastle – Video highlights.

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Highlights have are now available of our 2-1 defeat at the hands of Norwich yesterday.

Chris Martin scored both the goals for Norwich, the second one coming via a defelction that took it away from Tim Krul. Shola Ameobi did one of his ‘Sholaisms’ to score our only goal of the game.

Defeat is never easy to take, but let’s have a bit of perspective here. It’s a pre-season friendly for crying out loud, and the reaction of some of our fans to the defeat has been nothing short of disgraceful.

In my mind, they can have no complaints when the press get on our backs and trot out the whole ‘deluded’ thing again, which they will.

Unfortunately, it’s the minority of arseholes that draw the attention and drag the rest of us through the mud. We didn’t even manage to get into the season proper before the “Hughton out” motion started. It’s embarrasing.

Rant over.

Howay the lads!

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64 Responses

  1. houghton best manager we hav had for along time and all the players love him so dont c what the problem is, it was pre season friendly its bout getting fitness and a defeat can always be good to bring u back down to earth n refocus on the task ahead, lots of positives krul got 90mins, traviner got 90mins playing out of position, vukic got 76mins, ferguson and edmundson got game time and from what ive heard xisco looked sharp, need a centre half whether talyor is injured or not ashly williams would b my shout, n we need 2 wingers we look so average when jonas n routledge arnt playin, we hit the bar twice n rangers goal wasnt offside from wot i saw

  2. Cannit believe they scores two and we aanly scored one like. Houghton and ashley oot!!

    On another note, the papers this morning reporting that kevin prince could be available for as little as 4 mil. All rumours obviously but after his wc performances that’s cheap, I’d like to see us go in for him. That could be our “foreign striker” waddles!? ;)

  3. Well said davy
    After reading yesterday I was expecting a nightmare from Krul but it was just pre-season mistake. Look at the howler from Friedel for Villa and I bet villa fans are not screaming he should be sent out on loan.
    Asim yesterday said Tavernier was useless. Jesus the lad is still in his teens has played right back all his career and was chucked in at centre half in a makeshift team. Asim please go and take a look in a mirror.

  4. Hughton also said he was impressed with Tavernier. What would he know though?

    Hughton out :lol:

    Joke, btw ;)

  5. Ross the lad Boateng is decent enough but he is not what we need. Cleverley or Weiss.
    Away from home this season it will be five in the middle and I can see us sacrificing Jonas or Routledge away from home as we make ourselves difficult to beat.
    Away from home the five across the park should be Smith Nolan Barton Jonas and Guthrie (only guthrie if no new arrivals)

  6. Buda-can’t he be played upfront? Was he playing out wide at the wc? He looked a right handful either way, was performing and scoring in pressure games.

  7. I now compelled also to mention that I too was taking the piss in my first comment. I can believe they scored one more than us and I do not want hughton out, haha. :D

  8. think sol cambell is a defo now,another 5 grand a wk should do it.greedy sol! ;)

  9. Ross
    I agree he is a decent player but the fact of 4 million fee plus a decent world cup will have increased his salary expectations rules out any move to us.
    Cleverley or Weiss will cost us nothing

  10. We will not sign Campbell. There is no way we could meet his salary demands and it would be madness to have one of your highest earners sitting on the bench.

    Hooper agrees to join Celtic. he must have a lot of ambition

  11. Munich – I read that earlier, but I will wait until there are more sources than The Sunday Sun and the NOTW before I do owt about it ;)

  12. If we could get KP Boateng for 4mil, we should go for it. He played as in a midfield 3 for Ghana as the box-to-box option. Great engine and some genuine creative spark he’s a pretty complete midfielder. It would be a bargain compared to someone like Palacios. But, although he played wide fairly often for Portsmouth, Hughton may not want to spend a big wedge of his budget in an area we are arguably best equipped.
    He’d be a bit of a dream signing for me though, I think he’s an exciting player.

  13. Hooper agrees to join Celtic. he must have a lot of ambition

    budalovesapatsy,you dont think moveing from scunny to play in C.L. shows lack of ambition,the kids only 22 if it comes off theres a big move there for him imo in the future

  14. Ranger’s goal as well – not offside, quality ball from Vuckic and a lovely finish.

    I think we should keep Ranger with the squad – he might not get as much football as he deserves but he’s the most complete striker we have and probably the best suited to lead the line on his own.

    And we should give Vuckic chances to play off the main striker – it’s his best position and only Nolan can do it better in the current squad

  15. Celtic wont get through the qualifying rounds. It is gonna be the worst rangers team for decades so celtic should win the league. Hooper will stagnate not get better in league that is comparable with League 1

  16. I wouldnt even call it a mistake, after what was said yesterday I can’t believe peoples moaning on here, David James makes mistakes, Paul Robinson makes mistakes, Robert Green makes mistakes. For the second goal if you watch he has set himself up for a cross and Martin flicks it on at the last second, taking it past him for a goal. It looks like a mistake coz he nearly STILL SAVED IT. Thats how good this lad is the error is not having Williamson on to kick Martins arse in the air. Jesus I cant believe people were moaning at Krul for that.

  17. icedog,sol will be alright for a new house anyway,if he likes the cardboard walls lol.barratt homes,the set of prisoner cell block h,is built better lol.

  18. ‘But Newcastle boss Chris Hughton is considering other options while chewing over Red Devils’ counterpart Sir Alex Ferguson’s insistence that Cleverley be guaranteed a regular starting place this season.’

    Aye, no thanks let him go to West Ham.

  19. Hard angle but I can’t see the Ranger strike being offside.

    Thought that was a tough save that Krul didn’t quite manage to pull off. Oblique angle at speed.

  20. Just toying around with a fantasy football league for this place. Randomw thought, but I just thought I would let you all know

  21. not talking just about saturday on tavernier! watched him a few times. never going to make it. only got pace.he cant defend and will end up playing on the wing if somebody takes a chance with him.3 people i have said will make it big time.harris ferguson and airey the rest forget about.

  22. I’m sure Inman and Newton have both got a chance of playing at a good level. Spear should be a more important part of the u18 side this year and will maybe show why we signed him.

  23. i mean playing for us and being good players mate in are first team.i hope i am wrong about other players being no good.but the players who are on the fringes thats what i am saying.

  24. asim

    I would say Vuckic, Krul, Forster, Newton and Airy will make it. Sammy is a strange player. Like a very skinny left-footed Shola!

  25. sammy is already better then he was at his age mate.but shola is not going to make us better. just stay the same. we need are young players improve us not be the same as are first team or we would stay still.

  26. He is too light weight to play as a CF but quite tall. It seems to me like Sammy plays at RW and does this trick where he takes the ball past the defender. Very skillful but strange player. Almost like someone you bring on in the last 10 mins when winning 3-0 for a bit of entertainment. :)

  27. asim, I havent seen any of Ferguson – will he become a left back or left wing?

  28. WhoTheVuckicHaris

    Ferguson is like a little attacking LB that has a bit of everything.

  29. according to a few agents on radio and in press last week.
    The transfer activity won’t kick in till one big deal is completed. ( Milner to cit they reckon)
    Then it will be a snowball effect. Villa but replacement then city get rid of about 8. Keane to villa etc etc etc

  30. Between Paul Dummet and Shane Ferguson we should hopefully be able to produce our own LB to cover Enrique and solve this long term shortage. I think Kadar is good there aswell but others seem to disagree.

  31. So who is WhoTheVuckicHaris then? I’m intrigued. I like the cut of your jib but did you get the inspiration from this here fabulous blog or have great creative minds been working elsewhere?

    Poor goals to concede but sharpness is something you expect to be lacking early doors so it’s not panic stations yet and it was a bit of a ramshackle defence in both halves. Let’s hope injuries clear up and/or future purchases take care of that little issue.

  32. looking at the fixtures this season,and totting them up as you go,how many points do people think newcastle will accrue?

  33. Bowburnmag, I think the “WhoTheVuckicHaris” thing has been all over the place. If it was started here then well done to that witty witty individual.

    I only borrowed it as a name the other night when I saw the existing el toro. I only just found this blog in the week and I’m pleased about that because the chat has seriously faded on the

  34. WhoTheVuckicHarris – 8O 8O

    You can’t say things like that man. People will start frothing :lol:

    Interstingly, I’m just writing up how to enter our Fantasy Football thingy. Stand-by :)

  35. Yeah, I echo CC, that was my main agenda. To find out who you were. I was sure I recognised the writing style.

    Of course, I’ll take all the credit for Who The Vuckic Haris. If anyone finds evidence that predates September 2009 then I’ll gracefully concede creative genius to the author but until then it’s mine, mine I tells ya. As is HughtonWe’veHadAProblem.

    After I gave Summerof69 his new username, perhaps there’s money to be made in this amateur copywriting business.

  36. Aye, my headlines are shyte compared to yours, Bowburn. I wrestled that No1 figure post off you though, finally!

  37. I’m intrigued by Ferguson. He could fill a gap in the roster and get himself some playing time if he shows he is ready for it…

  38. I’m full of puns and cliches. That’s about all I’m good for, some would argue! Some would argue I’m full of something else as well. You are prolific sunshine, but without the overkill.

    Some potential headlines for future news and events, off the top of my head –

    James Perched For Top Flight.
    Gosling goosed until New Year.
    Problem SOLved.

    I’m losing my touch…

  39. “Fill a gap in the rooster”? What kind of filth do you bring to my door good sir?