Newcastle in Ben Arfa bid, but believe it at your peril!

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Ben Arfa - Unlikely.
Ben Arfa - Unlikely.
I have tried to steer clear of the rumour regarding Hatem Ben Arfa as I just simply don’t believe it.

Still, the reports seem to be picking up in the press, and even though I still don’t believe it, the French press have also started to run with it.

L’Equipe reckon that Newcastle have bid for the unwanted Marseille troublemaker, with a potential fee of £5 million been bandied around for the player who was once dubbed as “the future of French football”.

Now the French press isn’t quite as bad as the UK press for making stuff up as they are regulated a bit more, but that doesn’t mean that everything is gospel. And depending on which particular report you read we could be buying the player, loaning the player with an option to buy, or missing out on the player all together.

I personally don’t believe a word of it. Werder Bremen are also supposed to be interested in the 23-year old player, and they have a chance of making the Champions League this season should they manage to make it through the qualifying rounds. At the very least they will be in the Europa league, and Newcastle just can’t compete with that I’m afraid.

Ben Arfa’s agent has also spoken to L’Equipe and dropped a hint that he could end up staying at Marseille;

“Hatem is a turning point in his career. Son choix sera sportif et uniquement sportif. His choice will be sports and only sports. He may very well stay at Marseille. He can not go on an adventure,” said his agent, Michel Ouazine.

When you add to that what our manager, Chris Hughton, said the other day then a move looks even less promising.

“I read about Ben Arfa. He is a cracking player and it’s nice to see us linked with him, but there has been absolutely no contact there whatsoever,” Hughton said.

Like I said in the title, the rumours are there, and it’s up to you if you choose to believe them. Undoubtedly Ben Arfa is a good player, but if we can see that then so can other clubs.

I’m not getting my hopes up, especially after Hughton pretty much knocked any expectations I had in the transfer market on the head when he mentioned “minimal spending” the other day. You can call it a smokescreen or whatever, but I can’t see any players of any known quality coming through the St James’ Park door this summer after that comment.

There is being positive about what can be achieved in the transfer market, then there is blind optimism of what can be achieved in the transfer market. I’m pretty positive that Hughton can get the players in that he wants, but I’m not so positive he wants a player that has a tendency to spit the dummy and refuse to even pass the ball to some of his team-mates.

For that, and many other reasons, I can’t see Ben Arfa coming to Newcastle.

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71 Responses

  1. Rumours been going on for well over a week now!
    Reminds me of the modric and aimar deal!
    Can’t see it happening sorry.

  2. Aye, how many did we sign out of the Aimar and Modirc deals?


    Like you, I can’t see it happening.

  3. Morning chairps!! Aye, I feel some guilt for adding that link and bringing the subject up again…

    I just think whether we get him or not, L’Equipe being one of the more reputable papers, there’s something in it. I haven’t really even seen much of the kid to be honest.

    I’ll be in later to see what’s been happening but won’t hold my breath, I think we’ll get Campbell or failing that, we’ll sign a centre half on loan and probably get Cleverly on loan and that will be that.

    Best crack on, I’ve got a breakfast date with that family and then off for a splash about in the sub-tropical paradise.

  4. Another distraction set up by MA to keep the fans quiet until it’s to late. Sorry cant see us attracting a palyer like Arfa

  5. Bowburn – Wouldn’t it have been cheaper to go abroad rather than center parcs?

    I remember I looked into it once and it was hellish expensive.

    Not that money is a problem for you like, moneybags ;)

  6. Looks like a Bonny Lad :lol:

    Yawns…stretches and back off to sleep….zzzzz

  7. Shawsy – I see your point, but why would Marseille play ball with Ashley?

    Ashley: “Ere you froggie toerags, I want you to lie and say Newcastle are in for Ben Arfa so the saps will think we are trying to buy someone”

    Marseille: “Monsieur, who are you, what have we dealt with you before in, and why should we do you a favour”

    Ashley: “DO IT”

    Marseille: “Non”

    Considering it is Marseille/French papers who are saying all this. I don’t think we’ll get him, but I honestly don’t think it’s a diversionary tactic by Ashley.


  8. Reet, I’m off to Tesco, with a moderate hangover. Two things I hate combined in one trip :(

  9. Wouldnt take him. he has had too many bust ups with managers, players etc and this reputation ment he didnt make the world cup. Yes hes a fairly good player but he would destroy the team spirit. would rather have adam from blackpool for that money.

  10. Another distraction set up by MA to keep the fans quiet until it’s to late.


    Why would he need to link us with players when he’s already released a statement saying “No capital outlay” ?

    Most have accepted that we won’t spend much if anything.

  11. toonsy – it is quite expensive I suppose although I didn’t book it. It was the missus and in-laws but they’ve moved house and I had to take their place. Doesn’t have to be stupidly expensive although I used to be more cynical about it. The little un loves the pool, so as long as you don’t eat out for every meal and you don’t go silly with activities, it’s ideal for her and quite relaxing for us. But yeah, abroad isn’t much dearer.

    Forgot to mention, I think if we get Cleverly on loan, I wouldn’t be surprised to also see one of Barton, Nolan or Smith get offloaded. Maybe even something daft, like Hodgson taking Barton to Liverpool.

  12. There’s not a lot going on in the transfer market at the mo (well except citeh)& the papers are just don’t have anything true to report. I wonder how the number of transfers this window compare with previous ones? This one just seems flat with ssn running the same tired rumours (sorry sky sauces)at this rate august is going to be manic…….well for some. If Chris is to be believed about signing less than 5 players this window & we get cleverly on loan we are only looking at one more signing which might be why he is playing lads out of position to see if they could cover other positions. So what is the priority?

  13. Ben Arfa – Very promising player, dodgy attitude – whether it is genuine or not, would we gamble on that when team ethic is paramount in our thoughts?

    Cleverly I think is a good move as we are desperate for wing cover. One injury and its Guthrie/ Barton on the wing again.

    With injuries the way they are looking in defence we should be targeting a centre half on the cheap that could hopefully cover at full back and then any real cash we are prepared to spend should be going on that pacy forward we so desperately need.

  14. “William Hill have made Newcastle manager Chris Hughton favourite to be the first Premier League manager to be sacked in the coming season at 4-1”

    How sad is this, someone’s career, and people are betting on him failing.

    So what are these odds an indictment off, this culture we have in football of sacking managers or of demanding NUFC fans?

  15. GBO ….
    Gone by October I’m afraid.
    The job he done last season is nothing short of a miracle!
    But know how cruel the premiership will be.
    Good luck Chris for the coming season.

  16. We wont get arfa will we, his agent hints at him staying and CH has` said he is not coming – end of story as` far as i can see.
    i think the bookies are so wrong on the CH sacking this time. i think that even if we get relegated CH will keep his job. i dont think he will get sacked at at.

  17. Craig, CH has not said he isn’t coming, he said there has been no contact, but for the sake of argument, I agree, I dont think we will get him. Though its good to see we are looking at this type of player, a type we have been screaming out for for a couple of seasons.

    And I agree with you regarding CH, he has one year left on his contract and I think he will get to see it out, no matter if we get relegated or not. When his contract has ended and we have been relegated, get someone else in, if we stay up, maybe another two years, I think his contract length is actually a stroke of brilliance in terms of flexibility for the club, fool me once, shame on me…

    But after the nightmare we have had with managers, I can see what maybe should have been done at a few clubs, he will just be left to get on with his job without the fear of sacking.

  18. Ben Arfa, no chance I would say. Plus at the end of the day, the majority of French players come with a bit of edge about them anyway, “winner types” we call them in Germany, hard to handle …

    A good manager tries to cover his options, especially in the loan/transfer market…e.g. Juventus are trying to nick Ötzil from Werder, if he goes then Ben Arfa to Werder would work for them… Big Red Nose has kind of already stated that he aint gonna let Cleverley go somewhere to sit on the bench, and will expect a sort of guarantee from the loaning club….all tricky stuff if you ask me…that’s why I cannot wait for the transfer window close and the real footy stuff to start…

  19. waddles mullet,i think your right,i’ll go along with most of that.the only point i will differ on,is i think ashley will give him more time,out of loyalty for last seasons efforts.this could also have a detrimental effect,if he is already starting to take the water in,at that point.decent bloke,but he’ll go the same way as roeder.

  20. i dont think well get him ,, bt a was just wunderin wat ashley will du in january if we are in the botton 3, will he continue being stingey(no offence to the ashley supporters) or will he give hughton the muney needed to keep us up,, i personaly see him give hughton nothing bt sack him for us being there,, n y r we tryn to get cleverly if ferguson wants him to play regular,, we hav owa own yung lads to look out 4 never mind the mancs

  21. Aye Mags09 I agree mate, he does look like Robert.

    I Love Mike…good point mate regarding CH’s contract. If he makes a good go of it he’ll be offered a new contract for peanuts plus a bit, if he fails he’s toast anyway. MA has the upper hand on that one..

    p.s. aal ower the web here in Germany –

    1. Raul to FC Schalke 04, cannae believe it, great coup for Felix Magath…

    2. Dzeko wants to leave Wolfsburg (new manager Steve McLaren), Wolfsburg have told him to Foxtrot Oscar and will force him to honour his contract, Dzeko threatening to go on strike …great fun !!

    Mike Ashley seems to like to play a similar tough game…i.e no more paying exorbitatnt prices for players…paying his manager peanuts, nit picking on contracts, loan deals etc…we’ll see where it all ends !

  22. Trojan69 @23, good point mate, I reckon that MA will show CH a certain amount of loyalty. Things will turn interesting if we get off to a bad start and the media start the usual campaign to destabilise the club…the fans need to stand united against this frenzy…unless of course the panic sets in. MA needs to keep his finger off the panic button, not like last time with SBR, KK etc…hopefully he’s learned summat from last time round !

  23. we only have two fit centre halfs,in collicini and williamson.welcome back fitz hall lol.saying that many a true word said in jest.

  24. I wouldn’t be surprised if the paper talk makes CH go and have a look at said linked players eg arfa, djallo etc and maybe even make a few sneaky bids. However I remain optimistic that we will still get some decent players in before start of season

  25. ” Werder Bremen are also supposed to be interested in the 23-year old player, and they have a chance of making the Champions League this season should they manage to make it through the qualifying rounds. At the very least they will be in the Europa league, and Newcastle just can’t compete with that I’m afraid. ”

    Toonsy im afraid you are talking out of your shitter on that, Ben Arfa has spoken a few times to the press in france about hom much he wants to play in England and look how many players have left Champions league sides to play in the premier league.

    But i agree that we wont get him, I expect someone to nab him from under ours and Bremens noses.

  26. just saw the goals from yesterday and I dont know what people are moaning about towards Krull, ill quote toonsy from yesterdays article, get a grip.

    Could do nowt about the first and yeah could have done better for the second, but its pre season, who cares! What would you prefer, doing it yesterday or in the 89th minute of a premiership game against the mackems?

    We have a couple of fantastic up and coming keepers who are going to make mistakes, but they are the future of the club so lets encourage them through their mistakes eh instead of being armchair coaches.

  27. Like most of you, I can’t see it happening, but as a French student I read l’ regularly and this morning they have posted this

    Which is basically saying Newcastle have representatives in Marseille for discussions. It also states that it could be a loan deal or a permanent transfer. Either way they claim that the ben arfa saga will be sorted out by Monday, makes a change from the usual Friday announcements eh?!

  28. i love mike! said that on the blogg yesterday. like u said encourage the team. we have made 20 changes in 2 games. 17or 18 year player who is a right back playing at centre half and r.talyor at right back. plus 3 forwards in the first half. ranger on the wing.nobody plays 442 anymore. ch must no this we are not good enough to play that way with are team.carrol up front on his own the way forward for us against 90% of the teams in the prem.thats why people who say keep ranger or let him go on loan is a no no. if carrol gets injuried, ranger is the only forward we got to hold the ball up. unless we are buying a striker to play that role. the others are not up to it.

  29. i am also getting sick of newcastle not telling us about injuries. talyor out for months by the papers just tell us without finding out by them. i hope it is not true.

  30. Norwich 2 Newcastle 1 goals

    For the first goal, the Norwich lad still had 2 defenders to beat, which he did way too easily… Krul could have done better for the second, but he’s learning. The main point is not to let the attacking player get the cross in in the first place. All this stuff will be sorted by the time the big stuff starts..

    Sir Les@33…that would be canny if Arfa joined us, there’s no smoke without fire !

  31. asim…imo we have three strikers who would function as hold-up players…Carroll, Shola and Ranger…I reckon CH has a plan B if one of them gets knackered, either recall one of them from a loan deal (Ranger ?), or loan someone else as a short term solution..

  32. i am ben arfa i sign newcastle next friday for 6.5mill pounds.France au revoir Tu vas me manquer et allways vous garde dans mon coeur Newcastle ici que je viens.

  33. asim..I’ve got MA sussed mate. His say nowt theory is all related to spondoolicks… If he lets everybody know that Taylor is injured then he reduces his negotiation options…loan deals or purchases become more expensive. Maybe they genuinely don’t know the extent of his injury..Inkeeping with the toon say nowt theory, we’ll find out one day, until then its all speculation… I reckon Taylor could be out for 2 – 3 months if the dislocation is so bad…cannae remember how long he was out last time with the same injury..

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  35. Hope we don’t get him , as good a player as he is , his attitude could be the start of the end of the great team spirit and unity that was built last season . We don’t want that type of mentality back at the club . Have also been reading this morning that citeh are going to have a clear out of players to meet the new rules apparently they have 37players in the senior squad . How about us trying too bring back Bellamy , after all he does have plenty of premiership expierence . Him Carrol & lovenkrands would imo be enough firepower to get us a mid table finish .

  36. L’Equipe reporting Newcastle representatives will arrive in Marseille tomorrow to discuss signing Ben Arfa on loan.

  37. Yesterday people were having a go at Krul for the goals. i fail to see what he could have done about the first. The second for me he did well to get neat it and because he did it looked like a mistake. Still number one for me.

    Ross Turnbull and Brad Friedel made howlers and I bet Aston Villa fans are not shouting that Friedel be sent out on loan

  38. Axel my friend if Lovenkrands scores five goals he will have had a great season.
    Away from home it will be one striker and five in midfield so limited appearances for Lovenkrands behind Carroll,Ranger Ameobi and Best in that order.

  39. I’m with you on that one budlovesapasty, I’d settle for 5 goals from Lovenkrands…

  40. i think played in his proper position as a striker Lovenkrands has a lot more than 5 goals in him . I know the ccc is not the premiership but he got his fair share last season and his best season for Rangers was the only season he was played as a striker and not as a winger which he is not . I truly think the lad has 15 -20 goals in him and he will be ahead of Ameobi and Best because they will all be competing for the big striker role and Lovenkrands is the only speed merchant we have that can play off them .

  41. Axel – 15-20 goals is a bit optimistic for any of our strikers but I think Lovenkrands and Carroll should be targetting 10 goals and will get anywhere between 5-15.

  42. TROJAN aye he is m8,looking a bit dodgy at the back at the mo and we havent kicked off yet :(

  43. TROJAN69 – yes, Simpson,Taylor, Perch and Kadar are all injured currently. And Taylor’s could be pretty serious. I think Perch’s is minor and although I haven’t heard anything on Kadar it is worrying that he has missed two friendlies already when we may need him in Taylor’s absence.

  44. and a couple of keepers looking iffy,not good news like,never mind toonsy will put something up to keep our minds off it :)

  45. It won’t be news related Icedog as there is feck all about for a Sunday :lol:

    I refuse to write about how the bookies reckon Hughton is first for the chop ;)

  46. TOONSY agree m8 theres nowt,was just haveing a laugh m8,we can look on the bright side w.b.a.b/pool ect are finding it hard to get players in on a small budget like

  47. Aye Ie, been speaking to some West Bro fans on their board and they are in the same boat as us. Blackpool I haven’t bothered with as they are right cliquey sods and just get angry ;)

  48. well it woiuldn’t be newcastle without the ensuing f***ing crisis,we do the same things year in year out.
    aye it’s par for the course,i bet we go to old trafford with a team like a patchwork quilt lol.i reckon chris will try and bring back one size,infact a few people thought this a couple of months back,after his release this summer.i remember a few people saying,we haven’t seen the last of him.

  49. @ Axel: You do realise that we are discussing the demerits of having Ben Arfa in the squad and have cited attitude as a key factor. Don’t really think Bellamy will be much of a positive influence in that department T.B.H… ;)

  50. Fernando, I think bellamy is brilliant. The only man to combine football and golf :) has campbell signed for arsenal now???

  51. Long time reader, first time poster.

    I for one do not want s player with a history of attitude issues on theseason’s roster. Team morale will be key to staying up as we lack true PL quality in many areas.