Canaries on song! Norwich 2-1 Newcastle.

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Two-goal Norwich hero - Chris Martin.
Two-goal Norwich hero - Chris Martin.
Newcastle suffered their first defeat of the pre-season campaign today as Championship outfit Norwich City capitalised on an error strewn performance to beat The Magpies 2-1 at Carrow Road.

Surprisingly, or perhaps not, some fans appear to be taking this pre-season defeat to heart, which would be particularly noticable if you had the privelage of keeping in touch with the match via Lee Ryder’s Blog on the Tyne live feed.

The message to those fans from me, and probably a lot of others, is simple – Get a grip!

It’s pre-season, and whilst it would be nice to have won the game I very much doubt that our whole season is on the verge of collapse because of a narrow defeat to a team that is only one league below us. It could be worse anyway, 6-1, Leyton Orient, ring any bells? Exactly. With a patched up team on the pitch there was always going to be a chance of losing, although it does highlight just how succeptable the squad is to injury.

Right, rant over. All in all , not the best but there was some plus points to come from the performance. Haris Vuckic again impressed and had to be denied a second goal in two games by Norwich goalkeeper, John Ruddy. Shola Ameobi took his goal well and did one of those bits of skill he can produce, when he wants to. Another player to impress was Xisco who looked sharp and sent through a neat through ball for the Ameobi goal.

That said, it wasn’t all sweetness and light from a Newcastle perspective. Our defending was actually awful, and Tim Krul proved that he still has some way to go before he takes the number one jersey from Steve Harper.

Norwich took the lead on 38 minutes after a shambolic backpass from Ryan Taylor which Wes Hoolahan sped on to. Hoolahan then waltzed past two defenders before squaring the ball for Chris Martin to pass the ball into the back of an empty from no more than six yards.

Newcastle made changes at half-time, seven of them in fact, and it was two of those substitutes that combined for the equaliser. Forgotten man Xisco played a crisp ball into Shola Ameobi’s feet. With his back to goal there looked to be nothing on for the striker until he produced one of his ‘Sholaism’s’ by spinning on the spot, beating the defender and slotting home through the Norwich goalkeeper’s legs. 1-1.

Both teams had chances to win the game but ultimately it was Norwich who managed to strike the hammer blow 15 minutes from time. Anthony McNamee crossed from the right flank where he found Chris Martin who flicked the ball goalwards beyond the flapping Tim Krul who helped the ball into the net via a defelction off a defender. 2-1, Norwich.

As I said earlier, the result really isn’t that important, although it’s never nice to lose a match. Aston Villa, Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea have all lost over the past couple of days, and I doubt they are overly concerned about it.

The amount of injuries we are carrying at the moment is a concern of mine though, and it is something that needs adressing before the season kicks off properly in a little over three weeks time.

Howay the lads!

Norwich – Ruddy, R Martin, Nelson, Ward (Francomb 63), Drury, Crofts, Hoolahan (McNamee 72), Fox (Gill 78), Surman (Lappin 78), Jackson (Johnson 63), C Martin.

Subs – Steer (gk), Dawkin, Tudur Jones.

Newcastle – Krul, R Taylor (Routledge 46), Tavernier, Coloccini (Williamson 46), Enrique (Ferguson 57), Ranger (Xisco 46), Nolan (Guthrie 46), Barton (Smith 46), Vuckic (Edmundsson 72), Carroll (Lovenkrands 46), Best (Ameobi 46).

Subs – Alnwick (gk), Henderson.

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62 Responses

  1. Toon_Factor says:
    July 24, 2010 at 6:50 pm

    “I was just looking through the photo galleries on and look on the last photo, it looks like Barton has a …………….”

    Maybe he’ll be giving Xisco some good service this season?

  2. Yeah Joey hammering away at his back end :lol:
    T_F how did you manage to lower this thread to this level ;).
    Toonsy as I said before basically these early pre season games are really only a kick about for fitness the last few are better to judge our season as they are more about the team and tactics.

  3. Toonsy your right about some of the fans.It was a pre season friendly for gods (Shearers) sake.Do some people not understand what these games are for.Obviously not . What happens if we come unstuck at Old Trafford, the return of the bed sheet no doubt.

  4. Next Match is PSV right???

    Better win that match.

    I wanna the Cup. :lol: ;)

  5. I’m not sure why Hughton would play Tavernier out of position rather than go with the U18 starting centre back and captain, Henderson.

    The lack of balance in the squad (6strikers and only 6 defenders) and the need to give everyone a run-out rules out any possibility of a cohesive and productive team. Hughton clearly sees it as a fitness exercise above all and if he’s not overly worried over the result I don’t think we should be.

  6. WhoTheVuckicHaris – quality name! I hope it’s coincidence or I’ll have you for copyright mind kidda…

    Lots of managers are tempted to go with players who have more senior experience, even if they’re out of position. Hence, Tavernier being in the middle. I don’t necessarily agree with it but it’s how it goes normally.

    Toons – after a post disagreeing with you today, I can more or less say I agree with everything here. Result matters not, performance and fitness are key but yes, injuries are a worry and so too is the lack of depth in real quality to deal with them next season.

  7. See Bowburn, people can disagree with me without me flying off the handle, contrary to what some may say ;) :lol:

  8. TOONSY ran workys link it helped,son home found and re-moved a couple of threats great now cheers :)

  9. yaalreet Ice…I don’t have sky sports news in Jaarmany bud. Is there nowt on youtube ?

  10. MM nowt as yet. I’m sure some will pop up at some point (Ever seen a Mackem in Milan)

    Bowburn – Not grief as such. Just constant niggling and people claiming that all I do is try and stifle debate, apparently ;)

  11. Feck, just looked and can’t believe I wrote that ‘Who the Vuckic Haris’ article nearly a year ago… How the time flies. And now toonsy has well and truly kicked my ass on number of posts. Are we having some sort of celebration when you hit 300?

  12. Anyone herd/seen much of Shane Fergusons progress? I see he got a run out today. Curious as he is a fellow N.Irish man.

  13. M.M. sorry m8 forgot,toonsy normally puts them up when and if he can,just have to wait m8

  14. I’ve fallen out with nobody, you attention whores :lol:

    Bowburn – I’m hoping Hughton has kept the wow signing for my 300th :lol:

  15. BIG DAVE,dont think so m8 but you never know cant see him falling out with easy going fellow like you ;) never been the same since his haircut,i call him john smith now

  16. Toonsy by the way ye whore beg dont think I didn’t see your Stuart and Dave up a tree one :) thats one your owed but I will wait till your spirits are right down on the ground ;)

  17. bowburnmag says:
    July 24, 2010 at 8:30 pm

    “You?!?! Stifle debate? You’re top ten most argumentative feckers on here.”

    No I’m not!


  18. Bowburn – I saw that Ben Arfa thing. Still looks a little bit like bullshit to me in all honesty.

  19. Aye, sounds a bit far-fetched but L’Equipe rarely run with something that isn’t the real deal.

    Right, I just woke the missus up after she got the bairn to sleep, so we can drink and I can kick her ar*e at cards and then I can get her drunk and get her in the mood!! There’s not much else to at Center Parcs when the bairn is asleep!

    Probably you catch same time tomorrow chaps to see what’s been happening.

    And toonsy, don’t let the b*stards grind you down. Cracking coverage and good arguments, which is what the blog needs fella. It’s not always possible to do everything but do it while you have the time mate. You enjoy it and it gets things going. Laters.

  20. Should have really said originally mid antrim, few moves between there. Good following in NI.

    Do you follow the national side? Hopefully Ferguson gets his chance on both levels. I aint seen anything of him to be honest.

  21. nimagpie haven’t seen much just training really he looks decent although he looks like he could do with a good feed and a bit of body building :lol: A mate of mines Son plays for the U19s and he thinks he has the lot and he is a Liverpool supporter so he wont be biased, though Shane has been drafted into the seniors so the mate doesnt see that much of him now

  22. Reet, I’m heading out for a few shandies. Catch you tomorrow (lunchtime maybe lol)

  23. Toonsy be good Fella dont be starting any fights I heard what you were like when you get a couple of drinks down ye ;)

  24. It’s also about giving players a run out that don’t normally.
    Playing people to see if they’re ready for the big league.
    There is no way any of this is the starting 11.
    CH is checking out who needs loan out games.

  25. Ben arfa played tonight. Scored I think?
    I’ve been to pub the neet after that poor show today.
    What smacks me in the face is CENTRE HALF

  26. Well this Ben Arfa story keeps popping up, I am normally sceptical when it comes to transfer gossip but I think there is something in this one, if we can sign him, whether on loan or permanently then it will be a great signing, the lad has it all, he just needs someone to put their arm round him and get him on the straight and narrow. He is immense at dribbling and would love to see him in the black and white.

  27. I must be the only person on here not all that fond of Ben Arfa. Great name, but has he ever lived up to the hype? I seriously doubt it would happen anyway to be honest. I would love to see £5million+ spent on a striker though.

  28. Not sure if this has already been mentioned but i see Hooper is discussing terms with Celtic over a proposed 2.4m move! Its on the BBC website, surely we can match that! Great talent at a decent price

  29. Ben arfa is the next Laurent robert! I wish more chance of winning the lottery. Unless MA fancies a gamble?!!

  30. Think CH got put off with buying strikers from lower leagues after the Best fail!

  31. Charlie was a outstanding player! Just we never played him in his right position and the fat jock “big willy” agent!
    Olivier bernard spring to mind!

  32. Don’t see CH buying any more strikers until he sells first, and in all honestly i don’t see anybody rushing to sign our fringe strikers.

  33. Halftime.

    I’m sure if we both put a tenner in each we will help the wallsend labour club sign best and shola!

  34. Now that is totally taking the p!ss.
    Other Mate is sure of a foreign CF by end of transfer window.
    I’m not to sure unless you count home nations as foreign.

  35. Anyone see how Edmunsson did? Can’t remember seeing him play in the first team before.

  36. That Angeleri bloke the Mackems have signed could be Jonas’s twin and they will come directly up against each other. Should be a good battle come Halloween.

  37. This dosent bother me chris give a lot of kids a game which goood n its about fitness interestin krul got a full game

  38. It’s nice to win every game but its more about fitness & trying to stay clear of major injurys(oop’s) & chris is mixing in the youngsters.

    You never know it could get twitchy and reaching for his cheque book. Deffo need a cb if taylors out until october.