Newcastle are beginning to look impotent in the transfer market.

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Hughton's rhetoric is becoming tiresome.
Hughton's rhetoric is becoming tiresome.
Chris Hughton has revealed today that Newcastle fans are unlikely to see any new faces in at St James’ Park by the time pre-season training starts in earnest next week.

That news comes as a real blow to fans who had hoped that business, any business, would have been done dusted early on in the window allowing manager and fans to relax and prepare for the new season ahead.

The fact that hasn’t happened means that questions will continue to be asked regarding just what is going on, whether we have any money to spend, or whether we are being fobbed off like we have been in the past. Newcastle have been linked with a host of players so far, some on free transfers and some involving a fee, although this latest admission that nothing is happening appears to indicate that Newcastle have done nothing but fire blanks in the transfer market so far.

“There is nothing happening at the moment, but I am not worried by that,” Hughton told The Journal. “Everyone is being cagey, nobody has done much business and there have only been two clubs in the Premier League who have signed anyone so far.”

Newsflash for Hughton: More than two teams have signed players, unless of course this story is just rehashed from previous stories with bits added in? Who knows though eh? So with that in mind I will take the article on face value and blame a freudian slip from Hughton for that one. Anyway, the quiet man continued by saying;

“It would have been nice to get two in before the start of pre-season training. That does not look like happening now, but it is quiet everywhere.”

“It will pick up in the next two weeks, but it might even be a month or so before you see the market start to move again. What is important is we bring in the right players, not just any players.”

“Just because we have not signed anyone yet does not mean we will not bring in the players we want. We want players in before August 14th (first day of the Premier League season), that is what is important.”

I keep hearing this talk about “getting the right players in”, which of course I do agree with. I personally don’t care of they are loan players, free transfers or whether they cost money as long as they add to the squad and help us survive. But this confirmation of lack of activity will raise more fears that we will be getting nobody in, and until that changes the theory will roll on.

I actually have faith in our current squad and believe they have enough in them to stop up, but what I don’t have faith in is the depth of the squad for when the inevitable injuries roll around next season – that could be the achilles heel for me.

At the end of the day there are still over seven weeks until the new season kicks off, so there is still time. But, as I said earlier, until the fans see some signs of activity there will be a level of scepticism involved. If things get desperate I could always get my boots out of retirement, apply the dubbin and wait for the call – my record in the JK Timber Sunday League speaks for itself.

I’ll just sit by the phone just in case.

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209 Responses

  1. toonsy:
    “I actually have faith in our current squad and believe they have enough in them to stop up, but what I don’t have faith in is the depth of the squad for when the inevitable injuries roll around next season – that could be the achilles heel for me”

    That opinion must change though when all the other clubs improve their squad?

  2. toonsy says:
    June 29, 2010 at 1:07 pm

    Do you get someone else to write your headlines?

    Maybe you should read it.

  3. Stu @ 4 – No, why would it? I don’t worry about the others, just what MY team does, and I believe that they can stop up as I don’t think the entire Premier League should be put up there on a pedestal. I just worry about injuries, as I said in the article.

  4. Stu – Your original statement was “Viagra needed”. I was intimating that you need it.

  5. toonsy heard that nufc prog late last night on world service, yes its well worth a listen, canny series in fact

  6. Being “LINKED” to so many players is just newspaper rubbish and name dropping by agents, its already been said transfer dealings are gonna be done on the quiet.
    I think its unfair to say we have been linked with so many players but have failed to sign anyone.
    Also how many prem clubs have signed anyone so far.

    Patience people

  7. His missus has been crushing it and sprinkling it into all his scran for years, Toonsy.

  8. I agree with the article pretty much entirely.

    And the phrase “getting the right players in” doesn’t really tell us much. Right could mean “on a free”, “cheap” or “whatever’s left”.

    I’d settle for good quality cover in the positions we all know might be exposed when players start to pick up knocks.

  9. Well, I think it is time to embrace all the NUFC players, as who knows if anyone significant is coming into the team. Also those of you with a hard on for Xisco, Shola, Joey etc.. need to put the Viagra away and support these lads and hope for their success.

    I think CH will bring in some depth, he is just in a tough spot as salaries are dropping yet players and their agents have not swallowed that economic reality yet. CH needs to not only find good players, but they have to arrive with no chip on their shoulders about their smaller wage packet.

  10. the reality is newcastle will be lucky to stay up,they are in the dog fight for sure.i honestly think we’ll not be good enough to beat the likes of wigan and stoke.
    the only club we can target is wolves,if they’re not up to it,we could possibly pip them.
    hopefully another one or two clubs will get sucked in,to give us more of a chance.if newcastle stay up it will be through pure luck rather than good football.
    i think a lot of us think we are better than we actually are,it could be a rude awakening.

  11. toonsy says:
    June 29, 2010 at 1:23 pm
    Speaking of Xisco, he is back next week

    woooooooo be like a new signing :)

  12. If theres one reason the kick Capellos arse into touch, Its his pathetic list of future players, Zamora after one decent season surrounded by a dozen mediocre to shite ones at 30 year old mentioned as a future cap, What an embaressing clown capellos turned into.

    So that means he would sit back and let our inbred Celtic cousins nab Andy Caroll, A 21 year old striker with the sort of heading ability that would have big Sams hands down his y-fronts and a left foot to die for, Potentially a quality international centre forward..not a mention, The man should be removed post haste.

  13. toonsy says:
    June 29, 2010 at 1:09 pm

    Surely if you’re happy that our squad is capable of stopping up now, surely that would change if every other club we were competing with at the bottom improved their squad?

    Would it not indirectly weaken our squad if everyone strengthen theirs?

  14. Supporting England is just like supporting the toon. They were good once winning something a long, long, long time ago, haven’t won anything since then had some decent players but the current bucnh are useless. The fans stil turn out in their 10’s of thousands thinking this will be our year only to be let down again & again by bad management, & overpaid over-rated players who just aren’t good enough.

  15. They should have worked out who the “right players” are by now… It is clear to everyone who is on the lists of players currently out of contract, get it see which ones fit the criteria then go after them. Fat Ash should have been able to work out what money if any can be used for players.

    Too many excuses. Basically Fat Ash has said No signings until last minute as he would have to fork out for a couple of extra weeks in wages, and with no games being played the revenue is very low off season.

    Last minute signings will be made, after the delays and excuses.

    What ever happened to Hughtons statements of Newcastle having a head start on everyone else as they knew the league they be in this season having won the league early?

  16. it is becoming tedious reading hughton’s same old same old day in day out,but that’s what we’re going to get from here on in.the statement they brought out,more or less made that distinction,that you’ll hear even less from these seems the only time llambias is available to make a comment,is when he’s trying to sell merchandise.the worrying thing is for me is,it’s heads under the parapet time again for ashley and llambias.
    when they go to ground,you know something is a foot,so it could mean they’re going to do sod all again,then try to ride out the ensuing storm.

  17. nimagpie,exactly they should have had themselves sorted by now,hughtn had ample time as he knew where he was long before the season looks as if the same lies are being peddled once more.

  18. Actually Toonsy, I thought you’d spelt ‘Important’ wrong at first, then re-read it & reliesed you were probably right in the first place :)
    As I’ve said before, if anyone comes in, I’ll not believe it until I see them with my own 2 eyes in the B&W strips… on saying that, when is the NEW home kit being released for sale????

  19. If Fat Ash had really been thinking with his business head he would have at least humored the fans with something positive. Instead the club released the “no capital layout” statement, turning what was a real feel good feeling into here we go again. If the fans had that feel good feeling more season tickets would be sold, more replica cheap ash puma kits would be sold, interest in the club would be high and the feeling towards Fat Ash and Owl Heed would be better.

    Poor public relations.

  20. I see Wigan have just signed Mauro Boselli – He’s scored 32 goals in 57 matches for Estudiantes, was the leading goal scorer in Argentina last season and was the leading scorer in their Champions League equivilent.

    Why aren’t we looking at these players? Aren’t we supposed to get all the best young players from S America as part of the Gonzalez loan deal?

    The chances are it’s because Estudiantes weren’t prepared to give him away for nothing.

    Out manouvered by Wigan – Who’s next, Blackpool?

    Suppose Graham Carr cannot do it all on his own – Anyone who thinks we’ve got a good set up realy needs a reality check.

    One scout???????

  21. Stuart79 says:
    June 29, 2010 at 1:31 pm

    It depends. Theoretically yes, if others strengthened then they will become stronger, but who is to say that the signings they are making will work out?

    Theoretically, our relegation squad should never have got relegated, but it shows that anything can happen. Call it blind optimism if you will, but I still have faith in the team regardless. If we stop up, then fair enough. If we don’t then I am sure it wont be through lack of trying from the players. What’s the worst that can happpen? Another relegation? Hmm, because that’s never happened before. I’ll still be there though :(

  22. Stewart79

    I thought the exact same thing. I am sick of hearing the excuses like they have to have EPL experience. If they are the best player in Asia or the best player in Africa or where ever then they surely have quality, should at least be worth a look. A lot of the Japanese players look handy in the world cup, should be looking to the j.league or something like that.

  23. Stuart

    What are you talking about outmanouvered by Wigan, They have paid a big fee for Boselli, The sort of money we dont have.

    As for his scoring record, Its a wee bit different over here if he gets double figures next season id be surprised.

    Wigan IMO would be better looking for a couple of defenders any other year a club conceding 79 goals in a season would be relegated by christmas.

    I still havent seen any players signed by the clubs we will be competing with that im really worried about, Martin Petrov would have been nice but i wont lose sleep over it.

  24. toonsy,
    you’ve got us mate.
    & most of us totally appreciate the effort you put in man.
    Keep up the good work.

  25. CLiNT – Cheers man :)

    Basically, remember we were talking about that project I was doing a while for my work? Well that is nearly due, then I have my future/job offer to sort out, so things are a little manic at the minute..

  26. toonsy says:
    June 29, 2010 at 2:05 pm


    toonsy says:
    June 28, 2010 at 1:35 pm

    Er WTF are you banging an about? Everyone has a right to view without being abused.

    Now I would call that double standards.

    Competition does strange things to people.

  27. I second toonsy’s comment @ 34.

    Don’t worry about closing the door on your way oot either – there’ll be a queue roond the block waiting to slam it shut for ya!

  28. Mauro Boselli cost £5.5m or something, with add on’s. How much did Alan Smith cost? I think this guy might have a better return than Smudger, who will not do a job for us next season. Mauro Boselli is only 24/25 I think too.

  29. CC says:
    June 29, 2010 at 2:07 pm

    Who’s mentioned a big fee? It’s undisclosed…

    Aye and he could turn out to be the next Tevez.

    Every signings a risk –

  30. toonsy,
    Sweet mate, you deserve a bit of praise now & then.
    will we be getting an exclusive on that ‘project’? :)
    Have you decided yet which job to take?
    All the best with that.

  31. CC says:
    June 29, 2010 at 2:07 pm

    Who’s mentioned a big fee? It’s undisclosed…

    Aye and he could turn out to be the next Tevez.

  32. No competetion at all Stu as people will choose where they want to go, It’s not like people are being forced oin here at gunpoint is it? You, again, choose to use a third party as a backhanded snipe at us and there is no fecking need for it. Now you have three choices:

    1) The saying goes “Don’t criticise until you have walked a mile in a mans shoes”. With that in mind, would you be interested in wrting a few blogs on here? You spend enough time on here….

    2) Cut out the backhanded trolling for a reaction and continue being just the regular arsehole/decent commenter that you are.

    3) Feck off.

    You decide.

  33. They were talking about £5m-£6m which is a big fee for us these days and why have you posted the same thing twice

  34. CLiNT – It’s still up in the air in the minute, although I reckon I could potentially save £13 million per year on the logistics side of things.

    The outcome of that decides what sort of new contract/role I get at my current place, or whether I meet Ze Germans. That’s only part of it though, and as I was saying to Rich the other day, there is more to it than just money. Do I want a new challenge? Do I want the chance to beat the best that I have already helped setup? Do I want the risk of potential failure on my CV meaning that blue-chip companies wouldn’t touch me for a while? Decisions mate.

  35. agreed stu,

    west ham and birmingham are spending big, and should be able to buy safety.

    wolves have got hunt in, who will give them some bite

    the likes of the mackams, stoke and blackburn are being linked with names we can’t afford.

    these are teams we need to get points off, but the bar to survival is being lifted every time one makes an improvement

  36. toonsy says:
    June 29, 2010 at 2:15 pm

    I made a totally innocent comment about realism in jest and you went off it and abused me. Is that fair? Not that I’m bothered as I am big enough to take it.

    As for the article writing – I wouldn’t want to do it as I believe you’re much better at it than me.

    Now I understand that my totally negative attitude to the club at the minute annoys people – But I have to say that other peoples totally positive attitude towards the happenings at the club gets on my nerves too.

    In my opinion there is no evidence to suggest that positivity is actually warranted.

    I have a fundementally different view on the direction the club is going than most on here – With good reason on the recent goings on at the club.

    Let the club give me something to be positive about and I will glady be delighted.

    Sorry if that upsets some on here but hey it’s a blog and it’s about opinions.

  37. TC – He is big enough to make his own decision. All I ask is for the sniping to stop. I do this as a hobby, I am not a professional writer, I don’t get paid for this, I do it because I enjoy it. Having sniping little comments all the time means I enjoy it less.

    I don’t want praise, I don’t look for it (although it is nice to recieve it sometimes), if I make a balls up in an article I will (and have done) hold my hands up, if people disagree with what I write, then fine. But the backhanded sniping really really fecks me off because there is just simply no need.

  38. toonsy,
    just take ya’ time mate, weigh up the options, grab ya’ chance.
    You’ll do the right thing man.

  39. You do a cracking job mate. I don’t really get why people have a go at you – you’re one of the most balanced on here – neither mob nor miserable nor an eternal optimist.

    Keep on keeping on fella!

  40. Stuart79 says:
    June 29, 2010 at 2:25 pm

    “I made a totally innocent comment about realism in jest and you went off it and abused me. Is that fair? Not that I’m bothered as I am big enough to take it.”

    That’s fair enough. But why slag people off that have a differing opinion to yours, then hide behind;

    “Sorry if that upsets some on here but hey it’s a blog and it’s about opinions.”

  41. I have to admit like, As much as he does get on my manboobs with his out-and-out negativity, Stu is really entertaining and quite good at shutting people up, which does make the comments interesting to read.

    However, the most interesting thing that’s been said today, was the Regular Arsehole/Decent Commenter thing. Ha.

  42. What does everyone think of xisco returning to newcastle next week???????? Could Hughton see some improvement in his ability and attitude, he did arrive at very difficult times, perhaps Hughton could take him under his wing and coach him like Carrol. He’s never really been given a run in the team, if he is still poor, get rid in January!?

  43. And anyway, it’s not all bad news Stu. I’m currently 4th out of 750ish in the World Cup prediction league. I’m trying to bring a trophy home for the ‘blog ;)

  44. And as far as the blog goes, well I don’t even bother with NewsNow anymore, straight to the blog.

    Keep up the good work lads. Without it, I’d be sat at work bored out of my mind.

    (Can’t do smiley faces so insert a thumbs up here in your imagination)

  45. toonsy says:
    June 29, 2010 at 2:32 pm

    It’s one thing to have an opinion toonsy but not when it’s founded on absolutely nothing.

    Some people’s opinion on here I find deluded. Only because there’s been no evidence of anything to support their views.

    I mean come on man! I have been called a lot worse on here than I have ever called anyone – Just for my opinions (Negative or otherwise).

    I choose to ignore them – Why cannot they do the same with me?

  46. Floydy – I think Xisco will always struggle on Tyneside as he will be viewed as a catalyst to what went wrong, just my opinion.

    However, I don’t blame him for taking home a massive wage every week. At the end of the day, can anyone really say, with hand on heart, that they would turn down a fourfold increase in their salary? And that is with me conservatively estimating that he was on £12k at his old club, which I think is probably unlilkely.

    Nice one Dennis Wise, that was a real steal you twat!

  47. You know fine well what I meant by that, I didn’t mean literally shutting up, but disproving their arguements.

    Clever tw@t.

  48. “I have to say that other peoples totally positive attitude towards the happenings at the club gets on my nerves too.”

    I cant speak for others but i am positive because i see our £7m left back playing like a £7m left back, Our 2 argentina internationals playing with confidence, a fully fit £6m england international midifelder, a talented young striker who looks a total pain in the arse to play against rated at £6m-£7m, A talented 23 year old centre back rated at £5m-£6m and for me the most improved player at the club Guthrie who has it all to be a class midfield player.

    I also think Williamson, Kadar, R Taylor, Loven, Ranger, Smith, Nolan, Routledge and 3 very decent keepers are adequate.

    If we bring in back up at left back, A right sided defender, some pace and creativity in midfield and a finsher, While retaining what we have i think we are as good if not better than most of the sides in bottom half of the league.

  49. toonsy says:
    June 29, 2010 at 2:39 pm

    You have just made the point I have been making for the last few months.

    Were not going to pay the going rate for salaries anymore – That much is obvious. So whether it’s the current players wanting to leave because they can get paid more elsewhere or whether it’s potential new signings turning us down for more money elsewhere, were seriously going to struggle.

    Newcastle United cannot wage war on players salaries on their own. We’ll just get left behind.

    Unless other clubs are prepared to limit the salaries with us, were fighting a losing battle and we will lose.

  50. CC at 35 Wigan have sisned a couple of defenders one have them is playing this afternoon at centre back scored agaainst italy I think

  51. CC says:
    June 29, 2010 at 2:40 pm

    In the Championship.

    WBA’s players have looked good in the Championship over the last few years – But they keeo getting relegated back in the PL.

  52. Stuart – But the only mention of salary caps/structures has been in the press has it not? How would they know?

    I think we all know that massively overpaying players to come here (Xisco, Owen, Duff) wont be happening, but I see no proof that we wont pay the going rate for a player that Hughton wants.

    Henry to Newcastle anyone? He is on a free transfer after all ;)

  53. @toonsy 64, yea fair enough, forgot how high his wages are! Can’t see us getting much interest for him, perhaps out on loan again, get him on the radar of other clubs

  54. Do most teams in the PL pay massive salaries though?

    I can’t imagine that most players in the PL are on above 35k.

    Not checked it out, so I stand to be corrected.

  55. Daverism – The average prem salary is something like 21k a week, and that concensus was formed by an anonymous player survey where they disclosed wages anonymously (well dur :) ) and the PFA worked it out. Obviously there are massive earners like Lampard/Terry/anyone at Man City, but it suggests that they are not the norm.

    It surprised me because I though it would be far higher than that myself.

  56. So if this 35k a week story is true, which I doubt.

    We’re still willing to pay 14k above average?

  57. I would imagine average players get paid £35k a week.

    toonsy – Henry would be an unbelievable signing on a free for someone. But some people wouldn’t want him at Newcastle because we’ve been burnt in the past with signing so called superstars.

    Forget the fact that he’s only 30 and he’s free, oh and he’s a brilliant player.


  58. Stuart

    No not in the championship, The only ones you can say that about are Willi and Routledge and maybe the youngsters.

    The rest have been at the very highest level for their whole careers or a good 90% of it.

  59. CC says:
    June 29, 2010 at 2:53 pm

    Enrique, Jonas, Collo and Guthrie were pathetic the last time they were in the PL!

    Enrique is the only one I would put my house on being a really good PL player. The others may do, but they have it all to prove.

    You said:

    “If we bring in back up at left back, A right sided defender, some pace and creativity in midfield and a finsher, While retaining what we have i think we are as good if not better than most of the sides in bottom half of the league.”

    I would be absolutely delighted if we got them players in – Over the moon!

    Will it happen? Highly unlikely as a pacy, creative midfielder would be expensive as would a finisher. If and it’s as big if they were available on a free we still wouldn’t get them due to their wage demands.

  60. Stu, Why would you put your money/house on Enrique being a good player in the PL?

    Honestly, I’m just curious, I think he will be aswell, but I say the same about Colo, on the basis that they’re probably our two most improved players.

  61. Daverism agree,it’s probably only the top 6 or possibly 7 that will pay more than our “alleged” cap of £35,000pw which probably doesnt exist but even if it does can you see WHUFC,Rovers,Stoke,Wigan,WBA,Blackpool,Bolton,Everton, Wolves paying more than £35k? I can’t,I may be wrong and like you havnt checked any figures so just my opinion.

  62. Rich – Great avatar mate ;)

    Need to change mine back as my hair is growing back now. Watch this space :lol:

  63. I can’t Richie, I’d also add Birmingham, Fulham, Sunderland to that list. And I can’t imagine Liverpool to be making any huge signings with huge wages this time around either!

  64. Surely it won’t take long to photoshop 5/6 sparse little lines on the top of your avatar Toonsy?

  65. ………….of course the flip side is some of those clubs will pay £5m+ for players then pay them sub £35k wages,will we?

  66. Possibly Richie, All that’s really been said is we will not be paying mental fee’s anymore.

    5m is hardly a mental fee.

  67. Hoo mates! Wish youens could see the BEAUTIFUL set o’ chebs in me store reet now like!! Hadaway mates!!

  68. Haway then OHurley man, get ya camera phone oot!

    (they’re not your chebs, are they?)

  69. Hopefully Dave………I’m adopting a wait and see policy,altough the longer I wait the less hopeful you become but they surprised me in January so fingers crossed.

  70. Same old story! Every summer transfer window.
    Wont sign anyone only quality.
    Must be patient.
    Come deadline day, a couple panic buys come in.

    Bla bla bla…

    Just have to support the team we got!

  71. “Haway then OHurley man, get ya camera phone oot!

    (they’re not your chebs, are they?)”

    Sharing is caring Davarism!!!

  72. Exactly mate.

    If that’s youre thinking fella, you should attend one of my “Keys in the bowl” parties.

    Like a pick n mix, could come away with a rotter or with a real dirty rotter. nom.

  73. Daverism – I inadvertedly ended up at one of them kind of parties in my youth :lol:

  74. Here’s a tip for the future then Toonsy, buy yourself a ferrari key.

    Works wonders.

    “er… you had a ferrari key but you’re driving a fiesta?”

    “no, its the new hatchback ferrari..”

  75. toonsy says:
    June 29, 2010 at 3:37 pm
    Daverism – I inadvertedly ended up at one of them kind of parties in my youth

    Yeah right! It was in your diary for months!

  76. :lol:

    Basically, it was when I first started DJ’in. This couple approached me and said they do this party night in a local nightclub and would I be interested in doing the music for it?

    I sensed an opportunity to develop my career, so said yes. I turned up and everything was normal, started the music up and had a few pints. Then I looked out of the box and noticed some pole dancers had appeared from nowhere. “Nice” I thought, as I porved over them. Then I noticed what was becoming a bit of a do over in the corner where partners were swapping and getting it on. At that moment I though there was no way out so I just decided to get my head down, get pissed and get out at the end.

    At the end of the night I asked for the money, and they said they had ran out and it was back at their flat and I should come down for a drink to pick it up. I needed beer tokens for the morning anyway so I agreed. Anyway, long story short, there is a video and photos of me and his mrs at it floating around somewhere, photos and videos he took. To this day I have no idea where they are :lol:

    Good times :D

  77. Long story short.

    Toonsy DJ’d for some gadgie and ended up sliding around on top of his missus.


  78. Toonsy,in your youth it would have been a crank handle instead of keys,surely? … ;-)

  79. I’ll bring my spare car keys ;)

    At least that way if I don’t like the first one I can deny them keys are mine and get a second pick :lol:

  80. richietoon says:
    June 29, 2010 at 4:01 pm

    “Toonsy,in your youth it would have been a crank handle instead of keys,surely?”

    :lol: :lol:

  81. Richie, creased!

    Toonsy, There’s a fundemental flaw in your ploy… what if the second is a rotter too?

    Granted, it’s my party and I don’t allow rotters. Which is why it always ends up just boys :(

  82. Daverism – If the second is a rotter aswell then I have to accept to it and take a munter for the team, so to speak ;)

  83. Daverism says:
    June 29, 2010 at 4:07 pm

    “Granted, it’s my party and I don’t allow rotters. Which is why it always ends up just boys”

    8O 8O 8O

  84. u all laughed at me when i said the prem league is finished.england proved my point. we will stay up no problem.these players made us luck bad. it is only going to get worse with average players getting paid loads and not even putting at effort in. we dont need these so called players who are they anyway.nobody will be spending anything i bet u this will be the worst spending in the last 5 years. who wonts to play for these so called big teams anyway.

  85. Haha.

    Lets just hope the first rotter doesn’t try your remote central locking on your key, or you could end up being pulled to pieces like a bread roll by two troll-like munters.

  86. “who wonts to play for these so called big teams anyway.”

    Every footballer with ambition to win trophies?

  87. asim says:
    June 29, 2010 at 4:12 pm

    “who wonts to play for these so called big teams anyway.”

    Isn’t that the aim of any professional footballer? To make it at the top?

  88. Asim….a premier league full of players from other countries may lead to a poorer England team but a poor England team has absolutely no affect on the EPL.If that was the case then we should have had a poor top league since ’66. So if you’re still saying the EPL is finished then I’m afraid I’ll keep laughing mate.

  89. sorry mate no ambition with players anymore just money!if that was the case why didnt city win any trophies last year couldnt even get in the champs league why these players couldnt be bothered.

  90. Unanimous there, Asim mate.

    I also think that the lack of coaching to be comfortable on the ball at grass roots level is the major cause of the England side being poor. If we had NO foreigners in our league, we’d have no foreigners to bring style and flair to training every day. We’d be stuck with the same old carry on. Sam Allardyce wet dream. Bad news.

  91. Asim – Man City went from 10th to 5th, which is an improvement. They will just throw more money at it until they get in the Champs League. Then they will throw more money at it again as they attract the higher calibre of player.

    Ask yourself this, how many Man City players are better than Newcastle players?

    I would say a faur amount of them, if not all of them. Certainly the starting 11 anyway.

  92. if barca and real madrid dont win the champs league for the next 5 years then i will come back on this site and say i am wrong. real madrid and barca between them have at least 10 of the t0p 15 players in the world.the rest just scrap for players.if they dont wont them u can have them.

  93. thats what u think toonsy but to me they are just average players who are just going for money and dont care. only tevez to me is a top player and they could lose him anyway were would that leave them they couldnt replace him with anything better.

  94. Asim,it doesnt happen overnight,City will get into the champions league soon.Nearly all top players go where the money is,fact of life.

  95. “who wants to play for the top teams”

    erm, you’re doing your own arguement damage there especially by talking about all the top players playing at Real and Barca, the two best teams in the world?

  96. Once city get in the Champions league(and they will) then they’ll attract better players.Real Madrid are only keeping pace with Barca by outspending every other club,and are still falling short.

    How many of the Brazil and Argetina players actually play in their home leagues?….not the strongest leagues in the world by a long way…..not bad as international teams tho !!

  97. daverism i am saying about the prem league is a finished league mean playing for the so called top teams here.are league would only get better with top players but if we have nobody or they keep leaving are league would get worse which is happening.

  98. most of them play in spain! so brazil argies or spain will win the world cup. why becasue the best league in the world.

  99. Asim again ya arguement fails,Brazil and Argetina arent strong leagues mate.

  100. Spain has 2 of the best teams in the world(Madrid only because of the vast cash they’ve spent) but the league as a whole is not the best in the world.

  101. I was enjoying talking about key-swapping parties and I nearly got started on dogging but football was brought up again. god damn.

  102. So Real Madrid and Barcelona consistently fininshing in 1st and 2nd place in a 2 team league, makes the entire Spanish league stronger than ours, Asim? Is that right?

    I actually think that Real and Barca are stronger than out strogest teams, but are Sevilla/Deportivo/Villareal/Valencia any stronger than Arsenal/Tottenham/Man City?

    The Premier League, as a whole, is stronger than the Spanish league as a whole.

  103. Believe this is about signings, no ?
    Looking at our real competition for this upcoming season, the Wolves and Wigans, with Wolves just signing Mouyokolo, a decent young CD and Wigan in for a latin american striker.
    Then comparing that to the re runs and no names associated with Newcastle, a team probably in better financial shape than both above teams, with an owner wealthier than both clubs and a fan base willing to accept dross as long as they dont cost anything.
    Talk about propaganda working ?
    Wigan have a good young manager and an excellent young side still in the making, they also have a scouting system that extends beyond Glasgow.
    If some talent is`nt added to this side before the season starts, I really fear for this sides chances of survival (regardless of how together they are)and could be too late by the time the winter window comes.

  104. I know I am ;-) Asim wor lass is from Madrid and is a club member as are her family(and season ticket holders) and I go to Real matches a few times a year so I don’t have a downer on the Spanish league,but even she finds it laughable to say the Spanish league is the strongest.

  105. no mate u are wrong! england had 1 team. manu who won the champs league in the last 5 years. if these teams you have named are better why havnt they won the second rate european cup. spain won it 3 times. no argument their they are facts. so u have nothing to back that up with mate apart from are league is better.

  106. asim says:
    June 29, 2010 at 4:27 pm
    if barca and real madrid dont win the champs league for the next 5 years then i will come back on this site and say i am wrong. real madrid and barca between them have at least 10 of the t0p 15 players in the world.the rest just scrap for players.if they dont wont them u can have them.
    <<<<just remind me who won the champs leauge last season real or barca ,oh no it was inter wasent it

  107. asim says:
    June 29, 2010 at 5:01 pm

    Which of the EPL teams in the Europa league even take it seriously? None of them. That’s why we don’t win it.

    Spurs and Villa have both fielded weakened sides in that competition in favour of finishing higher in the PL.

    That probably explains it.

  108. yes stuart!u had a taxi waiting for u on sunday talking crap about so called england beating the germans u should sit on the panel on tv u talk the same sh..t.

  109. toonsy says:
    June 29, 2010 at 5:03 pm
    Staurt – At least it gives you some breathing room

    Don’t want or need it, mate.

  110. then using your current line of thinking Asim,Italy has the strongest league followed by Germany as they were in the champions league final.

  111. Asim – So now the Spanish LEAGUE is better because they have done better in the CUPS, you know, those one off games?

    Hmm, interesting….

  112. villa didnt u clown they played their best team and spurs didnt play european football last year and thanks.

  113. CC @ 66 spot on m8 , i totaly agree would like us to get Boyd in on a free on say 25 -3o k a week to solve the striker problem . I know he has only played in the SPL but his strike rate is amazing and out and out goal getters do not have to be as talented as Messi . Would not mind us trying to bring Eduardo in on loan either with a view to a permanent deal . Wenger has said their is no room at the Emirates for him next season , before his bad injury i really liked his style of play.

  114. arguing that a league is the strongest by saying it has won “2nd rate euro cup”….don’t think that really helps your arguement!!

  115. On a different subject.
    See where that egotistic moron Blatter has lectured the French leader Sarkosy, in regard to his remarks concerning the French national side, but due to public pressure has condescendingly agreed to take another look at goal line technology, how nice of him !
    All of us watching (especially England fans)have been disappointed in the quality and decisions made by certain
    refs(not all)
    I will be the first to admit it`s almost impossible, especially during set plays, to monitor all the holding and shirt pulling that goes on in the box.
    With the technology available, it would be a simple matter to convey to the ref via headphone, any questionable decission.
    And although i think Blatter is a bit arrogant i also agree, it`s a simple game and should not be over regulated.
    However i am old enough to remember the introduction of cards also substitution being introduced (still dont like the card system, prefer the sin bin approach used in hockey and rugby)
    But my main point is, it`s time has come, the introduction of goal line technology, but only pressure by the various leagues and the press will bring it about, as we have an arrogant and conservative group running FIFA.

  116. Chuck the guy who invented Hawkeye for the Tennis was on tv the other day saying it is ready to be used for football now and would take 0.5 seconds to send a bleep to the refs earpiece after the ball crosses the line.Thats alot less time than the players would spend arguing over a decision………unfortunately while Blatter the dictators in charge I can’t see it happening.

  117. players only get better playing with better players like u say city will get better if they get better players.thats why spain won the european cup.and every chance of wining the world cup.

  118. Toonsy
    Noticed you are quite negative on this blog, Stressed ?
    Perhaps you need a break.
    Recommend you chill and you could use a valume perhaps.

  119. Asim I think the prem is stronger than la liga but that’s the first time I’ve said it on this thread.I also think the German and Italian leagues are stronger and so do you if you use your own reasoning!

  120. chuck says:
    June 29, 2010 at 5:32 pm

    “Recommend you chill and you could use a valume perhaps.”

    No need, I have the speakers on mute already ;)

    As for the rest, do one.

  121. Biggest surprise , obviously Japan, says something about the “J League” perhaps ?
    An opportunity perhaps to acquire a coupla Asian players for an EPL side, the Koreans did`nt look bad either.
    Sell a few shirts like Mike, eh ?

  122. aye chuck we should be after players from sum of the shite teams in the world cup lika korea nzealand usa and england :lol:

  123. chuck…I think ist called playing with pride,passion and as a team…..something England lacked……I wouldnt mind Honda like.

  124. yes rich!u and stuart make a pair. both talk sh..t with nothing to back it up with mate.

  125. toonsy i have backed it up with cups and european cup winners. which other league can say that none.

  126. That proves nowt, apart from Italy and Germany have better leagues the Spain by your logic.

  127. Soh ! the last eight has four sides from South America,
    what does that indicate ?
    Certainly a resurgence of teams from the area.
    Hmm ! suppose we have scouts in the area?
    Looks like Wiggan have.
    For years the EPL has ignored South America as an area from which to recruit, leaving it to mostly continental teams.
    Who recruit groom and sell on to EPL sides, about time we cut out the middle man and invested some dosh in having our own scouts in the area, perhaps someone like Nobby.
    I mean Chile looked like a great little side and what did we know about them, nada !

  128. asim says:
    June 29, 2010 at 5:51 pm
    france and england what a pair of losers which play in are great league.
    <<<<add italy too that even though they won champs leauge

  129. yes toonsy u are right.spain league is shit but every 1 wants to play their. dont see any players wonting to go to italy or germany unless they dont wont them.

  130. chuck says:
    June 29, 2010 at 5:56 pm
    Soh ! the last eight has four sides from South America,
    what does that indicate ?

    <<<< it should indicate we got sum of the best south american youngsters heading our way acording too the fat man :lol:

  131. Asim everyone who has argued against you can back up their argument..only yours has no logic/fact to back it up.Everytime you state something it is a contradiction to your previous statement.Also in my answers I have been polite…..until now….P!ss off you clueless little sh!t.

  132. Asim – Nowt to do with dodging paying tax through Spain’s current lax rules then? Or nothing to do with avoiding the 50% tax rate over here then no? :roll:

    That is why players are moving, to take home more money from their salary by working through massive loopholes in the Spanish tax system.

    That will end soon though ;)

  133. It doesnt matter what nationality plays in the team,we are talking about the league,players are going to Spain for the money and they are only going to 2 teams that does not make the league strong…only those 2 teams.Are you really as dumb as your making yourself out to be??

  134. if we buy spanish or other players from the E.U. they will be cheaper,the pound strong against euro now,strike while the iron hot :) lol

  135. great mate ! what are u talking about! its u lot who havnt backed anything up with! becasue u havnt got sh.t. how many teams we got man u and the rest mean shit 2 the world and thats a fact.liverpooll were the team 20 years ago the rest mean sh..t to the world. how many players say it would be a dream to play for chelsea and man city. so if u are going about real and barca just 2 teams then we only have the scum united. so if i am wrong then u are a as daft as i think.

  136. RICHIETOON thats bad m8,you comeing from a good honest hard working,church going family ;)

  137. Asim – Your just being an abusive, irritating, annoying, trolling twat now. Everything we have said has been backed up, yours hasn’t. Fact.

    Some people have short memories, luckily, I don’t ;)

  138. Asim,you’re the one who came on spouting about the Epl being finished….so if you don’t like it don’t support a team in it…Using YOUR logic you halfwit..Italy and Germany have the strongest ya boring me so get ya mam to put you down for ya evening nap!!

  139. u have backed it up with nothing but sh..t. no facts or any thing about are sh..t overated league. why did we go down mate we have top players. no we didnt they were made to be by u and media.

  140. Just off to church now Ice ;-) ….bloody hell 30 minutes ago I was all chilled and mellow,even agreeing with wor Chuck……….still agreeing wi Chuck,just no longer chilled and mellow :lol:

  141. TOONSY love that new photo,looks bit like big dave when he hasnt been payed for a tatoo job,hated your last photo

  142. yes u said it dic..khead we are 4th then so are league is shit in what u are saying so i am right and goodbye.

  143. Richtoon

    yeah sometimes i write sense, depending on the thread, but you are getting me worried, dont agree too much !

  144. Toonsy

    Please ! be cool, no more name calling and insulting people.
    You gotta remember “they” are your rice and beans.
    Try and be more like your mentor “The Big kahoona” a brief acerbic logic is much more effective.

  145. When I originally commented I seeem to have
    clicked the -Notify me wheen new comments are added- checkbox and
    from now on every time a comment is added I get 4 emails with the same
    comment. There has to bbe a means you can remove me from that service?
    Thanks a lot!