The Xisco kid returns to “add” to our striking options.

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Xisco - Drinking in the last chance saloon?
Xisco - Drinking in the last chance saloon?
It looks like our Spanish striker Xisco will be returning to training with Newcastle next week, although for how long he remains on Tyneside is a question that is still in need of answering.

The thought was that the club he had been on loan to last season, Racing Santander, would come calling and look to take him off of our hands permanently.

That doesn’t look like it is going to happen, and having scored only three goals in 23 appearances last season, I can perhaps see why they don’t seem to be interested in the former Spanish Under-21 striker. The fate cards have been dealt though, and Xisco will once again be looking to make an impact at Newcastle, and given the apparent lack of money, could it be worth giving him another shot at SJP?

I still feel that despite everything that went on surrounding the arrival of Xisco from Deprotivo la Coruna, that perhaps he hasn’t had a fair crack of the whip at Newcastle. I have a feeling that the fans will never take to him, purely because he is a symbol of what went wrong in ‘that’ season.

Let’s be fair though, it was hardly his fault what ended up happening was it? I mean, can you blame him for being offered such horrendously high wages? I’m also pretty sure that he saw the move as a chance to play abroad in front of a packed St James’ Park every other week. I don’t like the way that he feigned injury to skip training, but given the poisonous feeling around all parts of the club at the time then I can understand it, a little, although I will never accept it.

I would be tempted to give him a good run out in pre-season. Stranger things have happened, and he is returning to a different Newcastle United nowadays, a one which can’t be as picky or choosy with players. Give him a run and see if he could be of benefit to us. It’s unlikely we will be able to sell to him anyone due to his stupidly high wages, so why not see if he could be a useful player for us first?

You never know, Xisco could prove to be the rival to Peter Lovenkrands, who will surely be given the nod to partner Andy Carroll up front for Newcastle next season. Well perhaps not, but I needed to get the article onto the subject of Carroll, and that rather tenuous link provided the chance for me to do so.

Carroll is looking like he will be asked to play a big part for us next season, and provided the rest of the team can give him the service then I am pretty sure he will score his fair share of goals in the black & white stripes. His performances from last season have led to him being courted by Scotland to represent them at international level, whilst England are also said to be monitoring the progress of the big lad.

However, Chris Hughton has told Carroll to forget about the distractions of international football at the minute, and to just concentrate on continuing his improvement. Hughton told the Sheilds Gazette;

“For Andy, the fact that people are taking notice of him and that he had that request is testament to what he did last season. The important thing for Andy is that any other issues are exactly that – other issues. It’s important that he develops as a player.”

“He developed more last season,” added Hughton. “Now, as a young man, he’s going into a more difficult league. The only way he’ll progress is by doing the things he did last season. These are the important things for him.”

I happen to think that Carroll will be fine next season, and I think if he could manage 10 goals as a return then he would would have has a successful season. With regard to the Xisco kid, surely he is drinking in the last chance saloon now? And surely he must know that he has one final throw of the dice on Tyneside?

I hope they can both prove a pint next season, for Newcastle’s benefit.

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184 Responses

  1. all it shows is that the majority of people are fickle or dont know who Gordon McKeag is…

  2. ILM……thats what I said the other day,its alway gonna be either FFS or FMA cos theyre the most recent and the young uns cant remember the pre SJH ones.Mckeag was the worst im my time mate

  3. Noticed where our ex hero Mr.Shearah is knocking our Italian manager, mentioning the venerable Terry as the best England manager he had experienced and insisting the national side should be managed by an Englishman, perhaps he is soliciting a job for himself ?
    If thats the case following his crap start at St. James, perhaps he should first get a resume, the last thing England needs is a guy doing on the job training.
    You wanna managing job Al. go to Blythe Spartans and learn the job first!

  4. Stupid question…is there no way that a team can simply release a player? Or is it that there is a fee for releasing the player…would the fee be worth it?

    Personally, I am with Toonsy and would like to see him given a chance. Who knows, perhaps Racing Santander’s service was really bad and he just couldn’t get the support he needed from the midfield. He does have more goals than Alan Smith for the Toon.

  5. Batty
    No offense if that`s your local team (Spartans)
    Actually had a great cup run recently !

  6. NorCal – If we wanted to release him then we would have to pay up the rest of what his contact is worth.

    So thats 3 years left at 50k a week, which is £7.8 million roughly? Nice.

  7. Norcal
    They can be released if out of contract, but if he has time left, the choices are to play him, loan him, or sit him, but the contract requires him to be paid.

  8. NorCal – Exactly, needless to say I don’t think we will be seeing the back of him anytime soon ;)

  9. chuck –

    often wondered myself why shearer doesn’t seem to want to cut his teeth at a smaller team. he of all people should realise he shouldn’t compromise newcastle’s chances by learning on the job

  10. If he’s back and plays,I’ll support him like I do all the players.It’s not his fault if the club offered him the huge wages,when he’s come on the pitch he’s at least tried….again it’s not his fault if he’s not good enough.Who knows he may do ok…………fingers crossed.

  11. Well, in that case, a need for new strikers is somewhat solved…we now have quite a helathy contingent of them. So it comes down to servicing them. 2 Mids and 2 Defenders, and we’ve got ourselves a team with cover in all positions.

    Now, roll on Aug 14th and Man U away…

  12. pity to see japan gan out had a couple of canny players,plus that player going to the dark side scored a pen :(

  13. ROSS aye m8 me too, they have 2or3 canny players ashley would soon re-coup any out lay,by signing them in sales on gear in asia

  14. As far as Asian players are concerned, there have been a number of success stories, Man city and Utd. plus Celtic come to mind as having decent Chinese, Korean and Japanese players respectively.
    But the real wealth of talent is still in South America, where youngsters are kicking makeshift balls around as soon as the walk.
    Perhaps this may be the reason for the demise of talent in the UK, kids to-day require an organization, uniforms etc. rather than a ball and place a couple of coats down for a makeshift goal and have fun.
    Unfortunately those children in wealthier countries, have more distractions, many sedentary, like here, resulting in less spontaneous and physical pursuits.

  15. Aye, kids play football on PS3’s nowadays anot down the park with their mates. Society is partly to blame though with the whole “dont let your kids out of your sight” brigade ready to swoop.

  16. and again,agree wi Chuck.I used to have to practically drag my son oot to play footy when he was younger.

  17. The Irony is Toonsy,they’re more likely to come in contact with a perv whilst “safe” in the house and online!!

  18. Icedog-Chile, Mexico. Japan, been really impressed with them all. There’s god knows how many players (at least 5/6?) in those 3 teams that would instantly improve our team on work rate alone nevermind a bit of technical flair!

  19. TOONSY I its a strange world m8,when i was i kid we had 2 choices,footy or girls with flat chests, ankle socks, bottle green knickers,i picked footy lol

  20. Aye Icedog. Football or rattling or on one of the old slag heaps were my choices. Pit village life, gotta love it :)

  21. Toonsy hope you don’t only get your end away when England or Portsmouth win mate ;) no wonder you’re getting snappy :lol:

  22. Jay Jay – Not getting snappy mate :)

    It’s just when arseholes have a pop then I will have a pop back ;)

  23. Of course we should play him – after CH points out to him that it’s in his best interest to play his feckn’ socks off, and push his way into the starting 11.

    If he realises that it’s in his own best interests to keep himself in the ‘shop window’, then we might get something decent out of him after all.

  24. whats happening to that other no-hope guy gonzalas he played about 20 min in the world cup that must be worth a mill

  25. Toonsy if people say it walks like a duck quacks like a duck, there`s a fairly good reason to believe it`s a duck.
    The numbers apart from a few acolytes are not in your favor.
    Chill !

  26. Spain `n Portugal, amstel time, shit it`s almost ninety and humid as hell, gonna be glad to get outta here this weekend, till late sept. see youse guys in the Three Bulls post game sometime.

  27. Chuck – Not really. It’s evident what you are up to, and it isn’t just me who thinks it. You come on here, make a few decent posts and then troll and wind people up with subtle little insults in nearly every post afterwards whilst playing the victim card if somewhere dare throw one back.

    You’ve been sused out fella, “if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, theres a good chance it’s a duck”, wise words, easily applicable to you.

    I haven’t forgot the shitstirring you do, no chance of that ever happening.

  28. Icedog – I have said it for ages mate, but it’s only now others have started saying the same.

  29. TOONSY steady as she goes m8,ill just have to pick on richietoon big dave or someone lol

  30. Toonsy

    You really have to chill, it appears this gig has become an obsession, somewhat of an addiction, when are you not on here ?, either monitoring, or insulting people.
    I`m obviously not the only one who has mentioned this and recently you have become more insulting to those whom you disagree with.
    You certainly write a decent headline, which is your strength, but why do you find it necessary to ride herd on everyone.
    Think you gotta find some kind of distraction or you may become totally stressed.

  31. RICHIETOON your one of the good guys you make me laugh,power to your elbow,dont worry you will go far

  32. :lol: cheers Ice…..I’ve been far,unfortunately I’ve ended reet back where I started :-)

  33. RICHIETOON bull-shit small steps m8 you got a monkey off your back and got a good lass now,got to be a step forward,positive thinking m8
    or dont panic dont panic lol

  34. Aye hopefully summat’ll happen in a couple of weeks Ice.

    Chuck “I`m obviously not the only one who has mentioned this and recently” If your referring to earlier I think you’ll find we were joking.He’s already said he was of to work mate so the decent thing to do would be not to have a go when he’s not here to reply!

  35. Spain have been less than impressive this WC.

    I wonder if they get knocked out tonight will everyone be calling for a change in their football set up…

  36. “I wonder if they get knocked out tonight will everyone be calling for a change in their football set up…”

    doubt it, but questions will be asked about torres, he’s had as good a WC as rooney.

  37. I always found it funny that we shipped Xisco off when we did, especially having had a manager who was the same way motivated. Didn’t hold back ljungberg’s career eh.

    Asian players for the toon – Honda, Tulio, Okazaki, Matsui, Park Chu Young, Ki, Jong… but let’s be honest we’d all like to see a new black and white Honda in the driveway in august.

  38. “at least torres did try a little,rooney didnt give a shit imo”

    aye, i’d agree. not just rooney. attitudes need to change with clubs, managers, players and supporters if we’re gonna compete with the best.

  39. Just read the Chronicle and I realised why I never buy it any more, Jesus the standards of the sport is terrible, talk about working on scraps.

    The questions posed = repetitive, unintelligent and generally boring.

    The answers from CH = the same every time he is asked them.

    Growing up in an era when we were plastered over the back and front pages for all the wrong reasons, I have to say, I really enjoy the current era of ‘no comment’ :-D

  40. I love Mike – I knaa.

    And when CH does come out and say something i.e. ‘we aren’t looking at boyd, we are looking at other striking options’, they all ignore it anyway and do a story a day on ‘is boyd coming to the toon?’ .. It’s comical

  41. MALCHICK,your right m8,but ive said before take the overseas players out of epl and your left with avarage players on a world cup level,got to get our act together imo

  42. Torres would slot right in at SJP after his performance the night like. The entire tournament to be honest, bloody useless. A shame as he’s a brilliant player to watch when its going for him. Suppose you could say the same about Rooney though. Two of them will go back to Manure/Liverpool and start banging them in though.

  43. ROSS to be fair m8 torres has just returned after opp two weeks ago on ankle so might not be 100%

  44. icedog says:
    June 29, 2010 at 7:08 pm

    “when i was i kid we had 2 choices,footy or girls with flat chests, ankle socks, bottle green knickers,i picked footy lol”

    I thought they all had chests like missile silos with the bras they had back in your day, Icedog?

  45. icedog says:
    June 29, 2010 at 9:08 pm

    yeah mate agree. england players’ technique looked way behind a lot of teams.

  46. Ice-I can only assume Rooney is nowhere near 100% fit either. A lad of his talent doesn’t just lose something as simple as his first touch overnight. He was moving sluggishly, couldn’t control the ball and generally looked innefective. Maybe even uninterested. Apart from when he was tearing into the fans on national television of course.

    Anyone see that red card there? Want to see that replay again from a better angle because currently Capdevila should be embarrassed with himself.

  47. RICHIETOON lol,always carried a canny penknife like,stabbed a few in the dark trying to cut the bloody things hated those thick wooly tights when they wrinkled

  48. WOORKY how do you know,old hand or old footage :)

    ps should have that old 69 footage if the promise stands up

  49. Ross I seriously doubt Torres will be going back to liverpool at all, apart from to collect the last of his stuff.

  50. kin el how many millions did he cost and Ronaldo didn’t get a kick all night…useless..

  51. Shame about portugal stuart? I hope that’s sarcasm. They were the least sporting, diving, cheating, moaning lethargic prima donnas in the tournament. No mean feat when up against the ivory coast.

    Ronaldo’s gobbing at the camera sums up what an engorged, vacuous scumbag he is. And he even missed that from 5 yds.

  52. Ronaldo has peaked, he’ll never repeat that season at Manure when he scored so many goals and won so many awards…disliked by the majority of club fans in England too I would imagine, including probably a lot of manure fans for the way he fabricated his departure from Old Twatford….

  53. chuck says:
    June 29, 2010 at 6:15 pm
    Noticed where our ex hero Mr.Shearah is knocking our Italian manager
    <<<< chuck aye your defo a yank arnt u since when did cappello manage usa

  54. maybe all that seclusion in training and hotels disrupted the team. a few weeks away from friends,family,fav pub, food etc can upset some pple, but i dunno i just think theres something not quite right in the england camp.
    somethings changed since the qualifiers, i do think that fabio has also alot to do with englands premature exit, but im just as perplexed as every1 else x-(

  55. Boater-I’d considered him moving and before the WC thought it was nailed on but I dunno, having time to think about it i’m not so sure. I thought he’d have went to Chelsea maybe. Having lost out on Villa it would maybe be a possibility. You think he’ll stay in the Prem?

  56. so who would every1 here appoint or not then? iether crapello stays, we ave sum harry or roy hodgson ?

  57. icedog says:
    June 29, 2010 at 9:34 pm

    “WOORKY how do you know,old hand or old footage”

    My brother’s mother in law, big Doris from Elswick, showed me one like the one she threw at Tom Jones once. It nearly knocked him oot and he was parading it around the stage. It was one hell of a construction, possibly built at Swan Hunter’s.

  58. JOHNNY it all went wrong after qualiiers,when terrys shit hit the fan caused a lot of trouble in camp,plus we were not good enough.hodgson for if it happens

  59. Munich Mag says:
    June 29, 2010 at 10:12 pm
    Ronaldo has peaked, he’ll never repeat that season at Manure when he scored so many goals and won so many awards…disliked by the majority of club fans in England too I would imagine, including probably a lot of manure fans for the way he fabricated his departure from Old Twatford….
    <<<<< he didnt do that bad last season m8 sumit like 33 goals in 38 games

  60. johnny says:
    June 29, 2010 at 10:16 pm

    “maybe all that seclusion in training and hotels disrupted the team.”

    English fatalism disrupted the team, johnny. It’s a negative psychological loop they can’t seem to get out of when it comes to a big occaision. Newcastle United have been the same in the past too through their history and fatalistic attitudes.

  61. Just skipping through all the other comments but if there is no money then Hughton should involve Xisco in pre season to see if there is anything to come from him. It would be better to give him the chance to prove himself or just confirm what we all think before trying to move him on.

  62. batty says:
    June 29, 2010 at 10:33 pm

    “worky watch what ya deein toonsy might bad ya the power has gone too his heed”

    He did start laughing like a maniac when I showed him how to ban people, batty.

  63. ya right Batty, but I still divvent like him….

    Looks like Hodgson’s maybe going to Liverpool…..unless the England job gets offered to him…..interesting times for the bloke, he’s been all ower the world..twice..great CV…!

  64. so wat u sayin IDog since terry stuff england have been shit, cant really argue their ID. u no when u read that players form cliques n shit there might be something in it afterall :(
    heres a link for wicki n roy hodgson, very interesting carreer, would read his biography if i saw it cheap lol

  65. icedog says:
    June 29, 2010 at 10:37 pm

    “WORKYTICKET lol,not THEE big doris”

    Everyone in Elswick knows big Doris. She looks like Biffa Bacon’s ‘mutha’.

  66. johnny

    I think I’m right in saying that ‘Arry still has outstanding issues with HMRC, and a court appearance pending. That would rule him out of the reckoning if Capello goes, I think.

    I reckon Hodgson’s an excellent manager meself. He already has experience as the coach of a national team, doing a great job with Switzerland. But would he want the hassle of taking on the England job?

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Capello stay on, but with a brief to bring on the next lot of youngsters. I think he’d be in his element with some of the younger lads we’ve seen get a run out for the big sides in the lesser cup competitions.

  67. Hodgson is the most obvious choice for me if Capello is shown the door. End of the day maybe his stint with England has shown a great club manager might not always be able to transfer into the International stage, but Hodgson has done a canny job at Fulham and it would be good to have a capable English manager at the helm. Canny is probably an understatement aswell.

    Put it this way, he’s been watching all those players closely for years. He knows how they play, where they play. He knows about our youngsters. He’d immediatly know his best 11 (something that shockingly became apparent to me, Capello did not know as the tournament went on) and he’d play a formation that they could perform to their best at.

  68. RICHIETOON nee corsets m8,always carried a tanner, snap the old suspender when danceing,sure to get a ride home ;)

  69. richie lol ;)
    yep i know that feeling, lol ;)
    say i refresh the page every couple of minutes, is that how every1 keeps up with comments?

  70. darthbroon have u seen this new crop of players m8, coz i doubt it, hes never been to an u21 game its pretty obvious, iether that or there too shit, didnt they loose to germany the other yr in semi finals, pearce as manager?
    anyway yea im for roy, with his b list im absolutely sure the man will be replaced, hes a joke, only an expensive1 at our expense, right bloody sham imo X-(

  71. yeah PCs there feckin pretty incredible really, u remember the 80’s n mobiles, so expensive n not many had them, then expensive to have nd use nd now cheap as feck to buy nd use.
    kensyian economics i suppose, hey ho

  72. Munich Mag says:
    June 29, 2010 at 10:37 pm
    ya right Batty, but I still divvent like him….
    <<<<< :lol: munich

  73. darth
    did u see that documentary about dr feelgood on bbc, steeltown something ? flippin class lol i acquired a singles lp, but cant find enough seeds for a proper album ;( mind u being on the road with wilco would send me or any1 crackers lol

  74. johnny-When you look at it mate, there are loads of players we have to choose from who would be considered in the younger crop.

    Agbonlahor, A.Young, A.Johnson, Onuoha, Cattermole, Rodwell, Wilshere, Gosling, Theo, Hart, Sturridge, Welbeck, delfouneso? (the lad at Villa,lol)..Dawson still has years to go, as does Hart, Rooney also..We have loads of young players who guided properly could turn out to be excellent talents and a large majority of the names listed above for me, would be ready to play international football come the Euros. The likes of Young, Johnson, Rodwell, Sturridge, Hart would be playing in the qualifiers

  75. johnny

    The under 21s have been thereabouts the last couple of tournaments – semifinals 2007, lost to the XXXXXXX in the final last year. I think the bulk of the current under 21 squad would be a good base for the new full national team. We’ve got to do something radical after this world cup, surely.

    Hodgson would me my choice as manager. If he would do it.

    Oil City Confidential was the documentary, I think! Great seeing Wilko again.

  76. I agree with ya ross, i want to see players names i dont recognise, new players. coz i dont no all of them 1st reading, nd that good if u no wat i mean.
    i just think he will be replaced, nd roy twice spurned might get a chance, im hoping anyway. check him out on wicki, awesome bio, reads likes a book.

  77. Darth,
    you’ve got it about right at 111.
    ‘arry’s even more bent than el tel, that would surely stick in the fa’s throat?
    Though they are thick, mercenary gets, with bad memories & an overriding desire to pass the buck.
    Hodgson would defo continue with a lot of what’s there already, though he is a top manager(knows how to work with what he’s got at his disposal) & a top man.
    Maybe he’d play the odd bairn too.
    But he’s maybe gannen to liverpool anyway.

  78. yeah thats the weird part innit, coz i just dont get it. i reckon fabio has based himself in london, with the odd jaunt to west to watch pool manure, just lazy i reckon. i mean we were 1 of the oldest squads in tournament,
    heres an interesting read remember last yrs u21 final, heres a reminder

  79. Johnny-Exactly mate, players that dont have these huge ego’s, players that to be honest cant really be bigged up severly by the press because they’re not superstar names. I would keep the likes of Rooney, Ashley Cole, maybe even Gerrard/Lampard in there. We cant send out a bunch of bairns and not expect their confidence to be knocked should they take a thrashing. We just need a mix of experience and fresh hungry talent. Alot like the toon!

    Look at Germany with Ozil etc. Schweinsteiger is still very experienced at int level, they’d have played Ballack had he been fit along with the likes of Klose. Then they’re bringing talented players like Cacau through, they have a good mix of level headed experience and young exciting able players.

    Out of the players i mentioned for England, they pretty much all play at teams such as Arsenal, City, Everton, Spurs-Top 8 teams who blood their young lads properly.

  80. CLINT was going off till you came on.your right on hodgson reminds me in some ways of wor bobby liked the way he talked when on panel during w.c.

  81. CliNT-I have a mate who is a die hard Well fan. He rates Reynolds highly. A lad I know through the mate i’ve mentioned writes for their programme aswell, along with hosting the biggest fan message board they have. Obviously it’s all speculation but i’ve only heard good things from them, even if they are slightly bias. He’d be a decent price I imagine and wages would be cheap.

  82. ice,
    totally mate, he’s in the SBR mode.
    He was virtually the only pundit at the wc worth listening to.
    He made the others sound silly & naive, excellent! :)

  83. Ross,
    he has been mentioned before, i know they’re actually trying to sell, maybe they think we’ll cough over the odds. But he could have something, a good age too.

    you’ve got some decent musical taste going on dood.

  84. How ice,
    did Bogdanovich sort a new team out yet?
    He was angling for a move wasn’t he?
    Didn’t he turn down a new contract?

  85. CLiNT-They’ll get a shock when they speak to Ashley then! haha. Nah I’ll speak to them, see what they’re saying about him. Season he’s had, price range etc. For his age though if he’s performed well he could be a canny buy as back up.

  86. green street (2004) on itv at 12, if any1 fancies havin sum ;) lol im off to watch some west ham footy hooligans lol laterz

  87. CLiNT

    There’s been a lot of craic about music here recently and I’ve been going through my old LP’s.

    Just going through them mind, cos I’ve got feck all to play them on :lol:

  88. CLINT heard and read nowt like,know he did turn down contract or am i on wrong one,do you mean my m8 at barnsley

  89. Ross,
    aye report back what they say mate.
    I think rotation of squad is more the order of the day than back ups these days.
    Half the time coaches just have to say players are injured to give others a chance, or players a break. Otherwise everyone jumps on it saying: “oh! he’s been dropped”.
    Don’t y’think?

  90. So, if you are Roy Hodgson, and you have a choice between England and Liverpool, which do you take? Which has more prestige? Is that even an issue?

  91. Darth,
    invest in a ‘archiver deck’ or ‘archiver tape machine’ mate.
    Plugs straight into y’comp via usb, record your albums/tapes-direct.
    Deck- £50-80, tape machine- £40-50…Bargain man. Job done!
    No amp required, no speakers-simple.
    Just got one-Punk Rock/Capt. Beefheart etc heaven here we come.

    aye that’s the one mate, barnsley.

  92. NorCal,
    liverpool=Hard job, good money, prestige, day to day work.
    england=Hard job, good money, press hassle, sporadic work.

  93. CLINT aye m8 sorted shef/utd he says £8500wk with add -ons thinks hes won the lotto,if its the truth,but ill find out the true wage when i go over to malta off the lads,has agreed to go there but hasnt up to last week signed on dotted line but def left barnsley

  94. :) Clint.

    I guess then I’d go Liverpool. Though, sporadic work doesn’t sound too shappy…provided there’s not a sporadic paycheck to accompany it.

  95. ice,
    i knew someone ‘bigger’ would have him, he looks decent, good touch, good header too. I’ll be interested to see how he does.
    Wouldn’t mind 8.5k p/w like. :)
    Thanx mate.

    some managers ‘need’ the constant buzz of football, others have the patience for int. football mate. england job is probably the best paid int. job.

  96. CLINT divnt tell me you would take a pay cut lol.have to go dogs doing my heed in later m8

  97. Liverpool or country,

    Liverpool=manager just jumped ship, with a bit of a shove!
    Seriously leveraged, a big payroll, poor finish with the present team, no money available for new bodies, there fore sell to buy.
    Dont think so !

    Engerland ?
    Four year deal with a possible renewal, not great fan expectations, see all the EPL games for nowt, decent piece of change (retirement money)If your Sven plenty ass.
    Sounds good !

  98. Even if he stays and he is shite…CH will probably bleat on about how it’s like “another” new signing…same as he has done with Barton.

    Well now the world cup is almost over I expect an influx of world cup talent to be heading in our direction….before nipping down to mackemland to sign for an ambitious club.

    Well at least we have a new spin doctor and a 15 year old giant of a keeper….Pfffffft!!!

  99. newcastle have €6mill bid kmocked back for PSG stricker..and hodgson will be confirmed later today as the new liverpool boss…

  100. Erding rumour Off IMS Scouting,can’t see us bidding 6M euros for players-unless big mick had a good run at the casino last night.

  101. Anyone else noticed that the latest Nike ad appears to be cursed?

    Drogba – failed to get past group stage
    Cannavaro – same as above
    Ronney – crap and knocked out in second round
    Ribery – total shambles
    Ronaldinho – wasn’t even picked for the squad
    Winker – got to last 16 but was total and utter gash bar a couple of trademark toe pokes from 75 yards

    Weird, no?

  102. Tell ya what, with the signing of Silva, and maybe yaya Toure, reckon Man City will win the league next season like.

  103. in fact just looked at the Man City squad, you could play fantasy football with who you think would be their starting 11, and still, about 10 quality players wont even get in the squad! mental. Couple of extra players, maybe cb and maybe the return of an in form Robinho, they really could walk it next year looking at this team.





    ————– Adebayor—————-

  104. Don’t buy that ILM – they’ve maybe got a couple of proper world class players now but the rest are B, C and D-listers!

    They’ve got a while to go before they can compete with Man U and Chelsea plus Brace, Real etc. in Europe.

  105. Plus I doubt Robinho will be going back – his football shows he is much happier where he is – he was gash at city before that and looked as miserable as I’m sure Stu does most days.

  106. CLiNT @155

    I think I’ve just scored one of these USB record decks on loan from a workmate (there’s a couple of them have got one). He’ll borrowing my Wii until the device is returned unharmed :)

    Ta for the shout mate.

  107. TC
    sorry mate i cant disagree with you more saying players like that front 4 are ‘b,c,and d-listers’ they would get into any top team in Europe.

    As a team, fair enough, not there yet, but i think they will pose a serious threat next season. Both domestically and in Europe.

  108. tevez and silva may get in a world dream team squad of 23 – don’t think any of the rest would, imo of course.