Can Newcastle fans expect some transfer activity this week?

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Kris Boyd: Back in the free transfer frame?
Kris Boyd: Back in the free transfer frame?
The World Cup rolls on in South Africa, but as an Englishman it has now somewhat lost it’s appeal to me after England’s appaling exit at the hands of Germany. At least I can now focus on my first love, and another source of constant disappointment, Newcastle United.

We still await some signs of transfer activity from the club as they prepare for life back in the top flight, and with our much speculated about lack of financial clout, it certainly points towards the fact that we could perhaps be looking at signing some players who are out of contract at their old clubs, which is why this week could reveal some signs of movement in the transfer market for Newcastle.

Generally speaking, the end of June is the traditional time where contracts expire in football. There are exceptions, but as a general rule it sticks. So come Wednesday/Thursday, all of these much speculated about free transfer players can be signed by anyone at anytime. Players like Kris Boyd have been heavily linked with a move to Newcastle, and that rumour resurfaced yesterday, but it won’t be long before we get to see just how much truth there has been behind the rumour all along.

The list of free transfers includes some notable names such as Joe Cole, although I feel it is pretty safe to say that we won’t be in the running for him, or players like him, for some time to come. So how about some more realistic names that could add to our squad?

Well you can look for yourself by clicking any of the following links. Here is a list of out of contract Premier League players, for the Spanish league click here, and for the Italian league, click here. Obviously, some of them will already be talking about their future with theur current club, or may already have signed a new deal, but on the whole they are pretty accurate. So who, in your opinion, is worth a shout?

I would definately sign up Kris Boyd to start with. I know he has his doubters, but surely by scoring nearly a goal a game in Scotland he desereves a chance to play at a higher level? If it doesn’t work out then what is the worst that can happen? We sell him on for profit, that’s what, and that doesn’t sound to bad for me bearing in mind that the more money we bring in as a club then the quicker we will be in a position for Mike Ashley to sanction some proper “capital outlay”, or to pay off his loan a bit quicker. Whichever way, it means more money coming into the club.

Ilan, who played for West Ham last season, would be another player I would go for. The Brazilian has been linked with a move to Tyneside before, and I wrote about him in more detail in this article. My feeling was that the he managed to score goals in a struggling side last season, and that was despite the fact he had only limited chances to show what he could do. The player has pace and a bit of trickery and I think he could link up rather well with Andy Carroll.

So what do you guys think? Are there any free transfers that catch your eye? Can we expect Newcastle to unveil some signings this week? Who knows, but with the World Cup pretty much over from my perspective, it is nice to fall back on some domestic matters.

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316 Responses

  1. I hope we do sign some one but i wouldn’t be confident in saying i think that will happen.

  2. Toonsy, you know as well as I that activity is not the same as productivity is it.

    So to answer your question, yes we’ll hear of activity but will we see any signings (ie productivity resulting from the activity) this week? I doubt it somehow.

  3. I still think that every FOUR years we expect so much , to win the world cup , do me a favour ! When you see the Spanish, Brazilians, Portos,and the Argies playing with so much flair , its a farce. We are stacatto, our midfield has no real shape, and our defence looked poor.Yet we pay a foreign manager far too much money to coach us in a game we first brought to the bl**dy world.

    I dunno,our game is all wrong full of overpaid prima donnas who fall over and bleet all the time when they get brushed against. Give me eleven hard working professionals who are proud of the shirt. Bring back Al and Sir Bobby (RIP) …..

  4. Expect nothing else from Redknapp, publicly chasing a job that isn’t even vacant yet.. Horrible little urchin…

  5. I think the boyd deal has been done for weeks n that he will b unvailed as r new no9 on the same day they announce the new home kit which i expect to b this week, i also fink juan albin deal has been done for a while they r waitin to july to announce them n carroll will b giving the no10 shirt

  6. go for boyd carnt do any worse than best or shola ilan would be a good sighning we should of went for petrov i would like 2 see botang from portsmouth he is creative and gets stuck in

  7. toonsy says:
    June 28, 2010 at 11:02 am

    In fairness to him, he was on TalkSport talking about the game and he was asked the question. He said no Englishman would turn it down.

  8. nzedtoonman it’s not just the so called big hitters who are better than us . There are lots of the so called lessr nations Chile ,Mexico, Ghana to name just a few are light years ahead of us in all honesty we are probably below North and South Korea

  9. does any one think botang could do a good job for the toon we should look at arsenal to loan youngsters and city youth will keep us up for get defenders from bolton

  10. Stuart79 says:
    June 28, 2010 at 11:07 am

    “In fairness to him, he was on TalkSport talking about the game and he was asked the question. He said no Englishman would turn it down.”

    Ah roght, fair enough. Not quite categorically throwing his hat in the ring then, more of a general statement…

  11. Also reports were gonna get llyod samuel for 500,000 bargain experience lb for cover for jose

  12. davy:
    June 28th, 2010 at 11:04 am
    I think the boyd deal has been done for weeks n that he will b unvailed as r new no9 on the same day they announce the new home kit which i expect to b this week, i also fink juan albin deal has been done for a while they r waitin to july to announce them n carroll will b giving the no10 shirt

    if Boyd gets the 9 shirt, I won’t go to matches, I never want to see him in that shirt.

  13. davy

    I think Messi deal has been wrapped up for some time.

    I also think Rooney deal went through just before the world cup, thats why he has started to play like a Newcastle player.

    You (nor anyone else) havn’t got a clue who we are interested in signing. Or any deals that may be wrapped up.

  14. Jay jay boyd is a classic no9 as is carroll but carroll is not ready for it jus yet he needs a few more seasons before he gets n to b honest if ya not gonna to matches bcoz a player has a certain number u aint much of a fan i mean they gave martins no9 after shearer now thats an insult

  15. Although I rated him for a while, Samuel had one decent season with Villa and otherwise has been anywhere between fairly average and a bit of a liability. Not the sort of defender you can rely on to come in out of the cold and do a job on a regular basis. But he is cheap…

  16. Now ya being stupid messi n rooney r unrealistic targets but boyd n albin on frees r, yes no one knows but club wont admit talks wit any player as in the statement any team, player, ageny they enter talks wit hav to sign confidentality agreements n if broken deals wont happen, we can hardly go sayin who were in talks wit if were makin them sign to they cant mention there in talks wit us

  17. To be fair, there are plenty of players who have shamed the No.9 shirt over the years. Goddard would be lower down on my list.

  18. Davy,

    Hughton has already said he isn’t interested in Boyd. So why on earth would the deals be wrapped up?
    I’m sure the club would announce if ANYONE was wrapped up, because if a deal has been signed the confidentiality clause falls away.
    Ie. We havn’t signed anyone… yet.

  19. Bowburn – Remember, I have a slightly shorter reference period than you do ;) :lol:

  20. So how many of us are still terrified of NUFC coming up against Gerrard, Lampard, Rooney

    From what I’ve seen, the answer is speed and flair. South America has got it. USA and England demonstrated what good positional play is, but did not have the genius and spark to find a way to the back of the net.

  21. JJ – Not so sure about Boyd. Make what you want of it, but this is what Hughton said on 8th June;

    “Kris Boyd is a good player, but I can categorically say that there have been no talks at this stage. There has been no correspondence and no communication. You never want to say 100% no, but it’s a non-starter at this moment.”

    To me that is not a catergorical ‘no’, just that nothing had been talked about back then. It may have changed, it may not have changed, who knows?

  22. Stu – I think it depends on his mantra for taking us forward. If he is going to persist with what we have then he may aswell go, but if he is looking to change the team and bring through some of the younger players in preparation for the future then he should stay.

    Let’s not forget he managed us through the group in quite stunning fashion. Granted, he could have got more out the players in the tournament, and we all have an opinion about who should have gone to the World Cup, but I don’t think Capello should be made the sole scapegoat here. Plus would the FA sack him? Have they got £12 million in compo to dish out?

  23. Houghton did say that but if in talks he couldnt admit if confidentality agreements signed boyd makes perfect sense goal scorer on a free sign him up i fink it will happen jus my opinion not based on rumours or papers i jus fink it will happen

  24. redknapp didn’t say ‘He wanted the job’ at all.
    He was put on the spot by those yapping mongs on sqwaksport & when pressed said ‘no englishman would turn it down’, which is a rhetorical cliche.
    i.e. shifting the pressure.
    I’d love redknapp to be poached from spuds though, that would do for them. LOL!

  25. England gotta find Newer flesh blood for the National Team. Given 2-4yrs,i think is enough time for them to shine at WC. If Capello stays,he should start watching those under-17,and under 21. Take some players from there.

    But the problem is,England keeps changing manager,which resembles Newcastle.

    I remember when Low(German Coach) team was knocked-out 4yrs ago,he already started looking fresh young germans,and start to mature them into better players.His risk paid off. ;)

  26. why bother reading or writing this tripe, Ashley is in charge and we are screwed until he goes. never going back while he is there, no ambition or statergy other than taking as much of our money as he can get and putting the bare minimum on the pitch.

    Sir John Hall
    why not leave a lasting legacy, buy the club back and transfer it to the supporters trust. That might rescue your sullied reputation for taking the money and running with your horrid children

  27. Well whoever we sign. I think the blog should get a chant going at the ground. Then whenever we hear it, we’ll know we made up the chant.

  28. give them until the end of the window,to see what occurs,then again we’ve been underwhelmed by fatty arbuckle for over three years.

  29. Capello qualified better than anyone for decades.
    When sven tried different formations the press et al squealed ‘442’.
    Too many prima donnas thinking they can tell the coach how to play. Too many ‘big names’ shoehorned into the team, sacrificing the ‘team’ ethic, too many players not showing up.
    Too much bowing to no mark commentators/press/fan pressure.
    Too much believing their own hype.
    Too quick to change coaches.
    Not enough guile, passion, skill.

    & people expected this not to happen?

    This is why myself & others ‘CAN’T’ support england, nowt to do with wanting to.
    Typical, pathetic, deluded england at a big tournament mentality.
    It was to be expected.

  30. big red nose stuffed up letting tez go and keeping the little snot rooney,i love me who do you love,dick

  31. clint,agree totally you didn’t even have to be psychic to see how it would pan out for really does make you mad every 4 year to see the same deluded media,fans etc thinking englturd are good enough to win the world cup.everyone now is saying you should feel sorry for the fans,for spending thousands of pounds to go and watch them.surely their own common sense should have told them,it was a futile at really was a case of classic stupidity.people talk about 40 odd years of hurt try 80 years of hurt,because you might have to wait that long for them bottling clueless twats to win anything.

  32. Capello’s squad selection was a joke. Where was the natural width on the left hand side? Why play Barry when he’s not fully fit, and why persist with potato head when he was clearly off form? And what makes it worse is that he still hasn’t learned to speak English properly. When Ranieri came to England it took him a while to master the language but he managed it, Capello hasn’t managed more than a basic understanding, how can that be good in the dressing room?

  33. paoulo says:
    June 28, 2010 at 12:18 pm

    “why bother reading or writing this tripe, Ashley is in charge and we are screwed until he goes.”

    Point noted. Sorry to the rest of you guys and gals but, no blog anymore because Paoulo says there is no point ;)

  34. Why was green even there?
    rooney is not a CF.
    terry can’t run.
    upson, good goal, bad defender, look at westham last season.
    A Cole- did ok.
    glen johnson-can’t pass, no speed. alright on the ball sometimes.
    lampard & gerrard can’t occupy the same space, liability.
    milner-out of his depth, no speed, plodder, 1-3 decent crosses-worth £10m max.
    lennon-sub, max.
    barry-not fit, no speed, moves out of position.
    defoe-did alright, one of the only ones interested, no supply to him.
    The defense was abject, schoolboy or worse. Too many players out of position, trying to get up the field rather than leave it to the MF & attack.
    Mid- all over the place, no movement off the ball, easily marked out of the game, no positional sense, can’t follow simple instructions.
    attack-toothless, no supply, MF & defense getting in their way, & no defending from the front. They just stand & complain when the play breaks down & don’t try & win the ball back.

    The fans were amazing though & deserve credit, made all england’s games seem like home games.
    They deserve better & answers & NO pathetic excuses.

    fifa should be overhauled, they suck dogs, but who didn’t know that?

  35. JJ says:
    June 28, 2010 at 11:47 am

    I think Messi deal has been wrapped up for some time.

    I also think Rooney deal went through just before the world cup, thats why he has started to play like a Newcastle player.

    Nice ones JJ – especially the Rooney comment!

  36. Trojan,
    mate it was nailed on wasn’t it?
    Will they ever change: the fa, press et al?
    Can they change?
    They are stuck in the mud with out of date practices & thinking.

  37. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    June 28, 2010 at 12:49 pm

    rooney is not a CF

    34 goals last season says he is.


  38. PAOULO YOU must have read it,YOU have made a comment so where is your point beats me

  39. stu,have to disagree,i like rooney when he is given a free role,because he is also a provider.when he is pushed up top,it takes away from his game.

  40. No pass, no goal, every ball bouncing off of him.
    No goals since march, none for england for 7+.
    He’s a ‘in the hole’ forward.

    Try picking on some of the other stuff, is that all you can say? He was playing for manu for them goals with a TEAM behind him.

    Put up a decent argument & stop insulting people cos they don’t agree with you mate.
    My opinion is as valid as yours or anyone else’s.

  41. ice,
    my man. :)

    How you doing mate?
    What did you make of it?
    Same old probs or what?

  42. clint seeing as u wernt realy botherd aboot england you seem pretty p issed off m8 :lol:

  43. batty,
    i’m pissed off for all the people that care mate.
    Especially the one’s who hauled their asses & money all the way around europe then s africa.
    I stopped being pissed from a personal perspective years ago man.
    Though it is annoying seeing those ‘performances’ & having to explain to all my overseas friends that it has nowt to do with me.

    I’m gutted for the regular england fan, they deserve answers mate.

  44. i myself couldn’t give the proverbial flying about london united,but what winds me up,is these so called experts of football,playing fat frank and gerrard in the same’s never worked so why do they persist,is it because these pampered treasure hunts will throw their dummies out the pram,if they’re dropped?.

  45. CLINT ime well m8,what did i make of it,i never forcast on england because i didnt expect them to get out of the group,they belive there own press,just no fire no flair imo the flair is coached out of them at a early age,they have a coach for everything,the best gear the best of grub ect ect,most of the the flair players are over sea players,take them out of epl and you are left with ave players imo

  46. ”At least I can now focus on my first love, and another source of constant disappointment, Newcastle United.”

    Sums it up.

  47. David Blaine is said to be gutted cos his record of doing f*** all in a box for 42 days has been broken by rooney.

  48. “…deserves a chance to play at a higher level.” You’re kidding, right? Since when did we become boy scouts earning a nice badge? There is no “deserve,” only “what can he do to significantly improve the squad.” That’s it.

  49. DJG says:
    June 28, 2010 at 1:11 pm
    ”At least I can now focus on my first love, and another source of constant disappointment,
    <<<< aye and me iam gannin t take me cats for a walk

  50. batty,
    i’m with Trojan on this one mate & ice has it about right too.
    The londoners are the only one’s that sing the anthem.
    There’s nothing in that anthem about england or us(people) it’s about being reigned over by a family of horses from germany etc.
    I’m embarrassed by it.

  51. well now the england debacle is over,we can look forward to the ensuing relegation battle at barrack road lol.

  52. ice,
    yes mate, skill is trained out of english footballers at school.
    I was forced to not show skill back when.
    That leaves you with hoof ball.
    & fitness to run a lot.
    Not really football.
    There are no mavericks anymore.

  53. Aye Clint, if you’re seen as a maverick player then you are also seen as being someone who weill be selfish and wont work for the team. That’s in my experience anyway.

  54. clint,i always found it rather strange to sing songs in honour of a family of known nazi’s,who should be ruling over their own people GERMANY.
    what is it with us english,have we developed stockholm syndrome towards our captors we’ve had for years.
    whenever i hear gold save the queen i have to walk out of the room.

  55. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    June 28, 2010 at 12:58 pm

    Sorry, but you cannot even argue about the fact that you don’t think Rooney’s a CF – The guy scored mored than 30 goals last season – No argument, not even up for debate – If you score that many goals in one season you can play as a CF.

  56. CLINT love him or hate him imo tevez has been the best grafter and flair player in wc,yest aday 89min he was tackling in his own box and team was 3-1 up

  57. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    June 28, 2010 at 1:18 pm

    Views like that entitle people to abuse you.

    Fckin moron!

  58. Your right clint with the coaching england ( and that has a massive effect on ireland’s players ) they r not coaching the right type of players.

    I remember reading a interview with mark noble before the euro u21 saying when he first came through west ham ranks we was more attack minded but was now more of a holding midfielder as he coached into that position. N never in the interview did he think this was wrong. Now im not in a position to rate noble either way as i havent seen enough of him but shows how coaching is been used.

  59. What about Tshabalala, from South Africa? He’s on a free too and apparently wants to come to Europe. Wigan looking him at the moment according to sky news…

  60. Stuart79 says:
    June 28, 2010 at 1:31 pm

    “Views like that entitle people to abuse you.

    Fckin moron!”

    Er WTF are you banging an about? Everyone has a right to view without being abused.

  61. STUART 79,you are out of order,why do you have to abuse fellow blogers becauce there views are not yours,i know who the moron is

  62. toonsy says:
    June 28, 2010 at 1:35 pm

    Not when their views are totally and utterly bollox and unfounded lies.

  63. Opinions are fine, icedog. But not spouting bollox!

    Correct me if I’m wrong but the last time I saw our royal family they weren’t horse.

    It’s just fckin stupid and moronic to say something like that.

    That wasn’t an opinion it was dam right wrong!

  64. Stuart79 says:
    June 28, 2010 at 1:37 pm

    “Not when their views are totally and utterly bollox and unfounded lies.”

    So because CLiNT reckons that Rooney is a in the hole striker that plays better with a team around him that suits him at Man Utd, and you don’t, he deserves abuse?

    EDIT – I have just seen it has now changed to the royal family. He is is till entitled to his opinion without abuse though.

  65. Thanx toonsy,
    i can’t be arsed to get into tit for tat with Stuart tbh, it’s too hot & too boring.

    Fully down with Trojan, i mute the tv & if i’m stood up, i sit down. :)
    I also mute when the crowd sings it at the regulation times throughout the game.

    Tevez is the biggest mistake by ferguson ever. He is one of the best players atm, he will not stop, an absolute role model for footballers playing today.

  66. i think its finally time to build for the future for england. players that need to be brought in are:

    hart, rodwell, a.young, agbonlahour, richards, cattermole, sturridge and let them grow into a team. and keep the likes of rooney, gerrard, both coles and crouch

  67. clint,people think we’re somehow traiterous for saying these things.look at the magna carta.

  68. Players were tired then, says Capello :roll:
    Players should have a winter break :roll:

  69. Trojan,
    i was gonna write a whole diatribe but i don’t think it’ll go down too well mate. :)
    Suffice to say: You are bang on man & i’m in total agreement with your sentiments.

  70. TROJAN69,traiterous lol lets put the cat among the pigeons,our own saint was not even born in england hes turkish was born there,so lets change the flag eh lol were do go now

  71. tevez played in the epl all season,would hate to see him with a rest,excuses excuses

  72. How many of the other teams players have to fly all over the world to play for their countries?
    In s america they play even more qualifying games.

    It’s the english style of play that doesn’t work.
    442 is an occasional formation now.
    The english can’t adapt when needed, even though their club team plays different forms.

  73. Icedog – Look at Jonas, who played all season for us and for Argentina including flights backwards and forwards. He is still going strong.

  74. ice,
    we are made up of every nationality under the sun, we are mongrels from time & we should be proud of that.
    There is no ‘english’. Even our language is built out of latin, french, german etc. that’s why we have over 3.5m words to use, we just assimilate.
    anglo/saxon are both german tribes.
    english language originates from freisland, north nederlands.

  75. toonsy,
    why does the blog keep crashing in the ‘safari browser’ periodically mate?

  76. CLiNT – Pass mate. It’s fine on Firefox. Perhaps it’s just a glitch somewhere that will work out.

  77. wonder when they will take a break from picking up there big fat wage packet,its a joke
    toonsy i think we could find a lot like that,look at yourself you be lucky to get a 3wk break on a lot less money with only your lass to coach you lol,myself i loved playing twice a week,then ganning to work its all poppy cock

  78. CLiNT – Latest version of Safari has had problems recently. Not just on this site.

  79. toonsy,
    ok mate, ta.
    maybe i’ll try a different browser then.

    & wash your own kit, get to & from the game.

  80. CLiNT – are you on a MAC or PC? If you’re on 10.3.1, it’s been screwed since it went in.

    I’d try and get back to 10.3 or just use another browser. I had similar issues with FF not long back actually. It’s normally something to with the multi-tab functionality.

  81. Ta toonsy,
    i’m stuck with safari at work & that’s where it crashes, no prob at hyem like. Gotta be the comp i guess?

  82. CLiNT – only just had to start using Chrome recently but seems canny enough. Most browsers are pretty good these days and it’s all about personal preference. I normally don’t stray from FF for personal use but I still find some of IE better than others even though I hardly ever use it unless I have to.

  83. I always use to find IE would crash on me a lot. Many time I would write an artcle, go to publish it, then get the “IE has encountered a problem and will have to close” thingy. Changed to Firefox, and not had any problems since.

  84. to be honest lads all this gans over my heed my son sets everything up on my pc ah its bliss

  85. Thanx for the tip bowburn,
    i’m already down on apple & this is yet another good reason to avoid, elitist so & so’s. :)

    Should be a good game this one.

  86. plenty transfer activity expected,money transferred from the club into ashley’s bank account lol.

  87. Ok! I’m giving ie a shot at graft, safari is just crashing every half hour.
    Shit it looks weird on this!

  88. Tired? I’m tired,sick and tired of the same crappy excuses when England fail.They don’t play anymore games now than they did in the 80’s when I started going to matches.The difference is now,players are allegedly fitter,drink less eat better,there are no energy sapping quagmire pitches like there used to be,boots and balls are lighter………… my question would be how the f*ck are they tired? Bollox!!!

  89. RICHIETOON,they must get worn out m8 carrying that big wage packet aboot every wk

  90. Clint :lol: he shud have let her do all the work then if he’s bloody tired,bless him.

  91. richietoon says:
    June 28, 2010 at 3:17 pm


    Jesus man, that made me jump :lol:

  92. were is the coaching,robben does the same thing every game running across the face of goal then shooting, coaching bullshit bad defending imo

  93. toonsy says:
    June 28, 2010 at 3:02 pm
    Batty – Nope
    <<< well it dusent matter as i have that many admirers on here lol

  94. icedog says:
    June 28, 2010 at 3:02 pm
    BATTY only 2wks to for go the young!n roll on m8
    <<< aye dog hes oot for good soon

  95. dont put toonsy down hes got class he has a R.R.,divnt care for three wheelers myself

  96. Me too ice.
    Nah, toonsy’s too much of a sensative soul to be plastic mate.

  97. The first car I ever remember us having was a Triumph Dolomite :lol:

    EDIT – Although I didn’y know what it was at the time, I just knew of it as a ‘car’ :lol:

  98. richie,
    it worked well as a door wedge, not too hot as a motor though, eh?

  99. v Persie is a moaning get.
    I guess someone for the nederlands has to keep the tradition of internal dissent up?

  100. the Wolseley had a lush walnut(i think) dashboard ……………ya cant tell theres not much footy news can ya :lol:

  101. my first car baby austin drove it with bent neck being 6ft tall,rich folk used to drive a car called a pilot big bloody thing body-work 1in think dont know who made it like

  102. CLiNT – I’ll have you know that there are still some fantastically manufactured cars out there these days ;)

    Rich – You’re right, there is feck all around newsworthy, not stuff that hasn’t already been covered by me anyway :(

  103. RICHIETOON thanks for that m8 have always wondered for many years,only ever saw one as a kid,same guy had a indian motor bike over 1000cc i think, he used to push it to start

  104. i’m the fatty highwayman that you’re too scared to mention.
    i spend my cash on buying pints,and grabbing geordies attention.
    i’m the devil,i’ll take your season ticket money,on rewnewal day collection.
    i’ll suck the life out of you until you draw your old age pension.
    ash,and deliver,your money tops up my kite,
    my image is too big to fit in a mirror,
    your money tops up my kite,
    even though you fool youselves,your cash will still be mine,
    a diddley wop wop,a diddley wop wop.

  105. Its that time of year Toonsy,England going out won’t have helped either mate.Hopefully some transfer news soon……maybe !

  106. Icedog – That is how they are built nowadays, but the mechanics inside them are far more reliable than they ever were.

    The certain Japanese firm I work for makes all it cars so that individual body panels can be replaced. We aren’t the only ones to do it, and theory is that it saves on time and cost of repair. So if you dink a quarter panel, it’s only that panel that needs replacing and not the one it is connected and so on.

  107. Rich @ 182 – I know mate. I just want the new season to start up again, or at least pre-season anyway.

  108. £20 for PSV game isn’t it?…….wouldnt be so bad if they said £10 of it would go towards Sir Bobby’s charity,fat chance of that tho :-(

  109. Hey guys-

    Sorry. Y’all got hosed. I was pissed (angry, not drunk). Officiating in this world cup has been SHOCKING.

    So are we really trying to get Kris Boyd? And if so, why?

  110. O’Hurley,
    i wouldn’t waste y’time reading the press mate.
    If it’s in the papers-it’s BULLSH!
    That’s for sure.

  111. Alreet OHurley………dunno if we are but if so its cos he’s free mate :roll:

  112. TOONSY take your point m8,but was good to take oot the mell to knock any dint oot you got driving doon those dark lanes with a bird and hitting a fence post etc in a hurry :)

  113. I for one would be dead pleased to see us get Kris Boyd. Quite literally a win-win situation, or at least, a not-loose-not-loose situation. If he’s shite, we sell him, turn over a profit. If he scores 5 goals all season, whose to say they won’t contribute to keeping us up? Would love it if he was as good in this league as the pile of wank north of the border, although we all know that’s far from likely.

  114. Devonmag….my worry would be if any of the stories about him are true…..missing training,drink,drugs bad attitude..we could do without that….but like I say thats if they’re true.

  115. Yeah, I don’t ever believe the press lol. I think they’re just hungry for stories about the Toon, mesel. I suppose we’ll find out.

    And seriously- how was Lampard’s goal called back? That’s such tripe.

  116. Yeah, not so sure about Boyd. I wish we could get Michael Bradley from Borussia Monchengladbach. Don’t know what the fee would be though :/

  117. Every sport in the world has goal line tech, but football.
    Out of date.
    Get a chip in the ball now.

  118. Jonas agent has said he is happy at Newcastle and won’t be leaving. See ya jonas, thanks for your efforts :)

  119. ice,
    they surely wouldn’t be that expensive, worth finding out like. & not massive wages.

  120. reports today that the toons wages will be 35000 max,where do they get this pish,or is it

  121. ice,
    the pooh’s of the world mate.
    Pure speculation.
    Why would they know owt?

  122. Its a re-hashed nugget at that!!!believe nowt til it happens,that’s my philosophy.

  123. They all know nowt.
    But that will never stop them peddling any old cack all summer long. Including rehashing, eating then revomiting it again & again. Just to reiterate their lack of insider craic.

  124. lets gan back to them little squares behind the loo door,that all there good for

  125. That Staylor story is an absolute load of NOTW bollocks, I would love to see Everton and Fulhams wage bills. I bet theyre top earner is about £35k and we still dont know if theres a cap in place yet, no one other than the board and the coaching staff will know.

    More speculative shite from a newspaper that a few weeks back had a story about how Newcastle were trying to loan Cleverley as we had no cash and 2 inches below it on the same page had us buying Richardson from the mackems for £3m… :roll:

  126. ice,
    a large one, on the rocks mate, would do very nicely about now.
    I’m over heating it’s gotta be 85f+.

  127. CLINT 85f you lucky sod,just read aboot toon maybe signings that cool ye doon ;)

  128. ice,
    is that a korean?
    Mate it was even hotter at the weekend, phew!
    At least the girls have got their bikinis on though, so it’s not all bad.

  129. How dave, lay off him. :)

    flattery gets you everywhere mate.
    Your good craic mate, non confrontational & knaa y’footbaal, it’s a pleasure craicing on with ya’ man.

  130. Clint someone has to speak the truth ;)

    Ice where did ye dissapear to lastnigte mate, what about Fabs new excuse’s :lol: god love them they were tired :)

  131. CLINT dito

    big dave toonsy said he wants a tatoo,if he doent behave himself his lass will tatoo him for nowt

  132. Dave,
    to be fair, capello said that the club managers of the players said they were tired.
    That’s even sadder.
    Shoulda stayed hyem then, or what?

  133. BIG DAVE,dogs started working there ticket last night,fabs to me its a exuse poppy cock,as i said,tevez played full epl was still tackling back 89min winning 3-1,the germans have played at least 10 more games than us,were they knacked,argen played 18 games in there qualifiy group

  134. Aye Big Dave yet 5 of the German team have played more games this season than Terry,Lampard,Rooney ,Gerrard and Barry strange eh?? :roll:

  135. Clint I heard Big AL and Dixon saying yer not tired when yer winning only when yer losing. But the Players just didn’t look right there was definitly something missing as I mightn’t like a few of the players but they are better than that.

  136. plus as toonsy says jonas had to travel back and forward in them games although out of pos didnt look stuffed,ime hopeing for chile

  137. I kna lads who graft 50 hours a week,hard manual graft then play for one team on a Saturday then another team on a Sunday plus training for both teams after work…..still don’t hear them complaining of being tired!!

  138. There’s always a reason(excuse), or 10, with england.

    Howay Chile, watch out for the hand ball goals mind.

  139. RICHIETOON,said earlier along with clint,i used to play sat,wed,train,clean our own boots wash the gear and pay travel there and back at times,work full-time and run my own business,loved it never knacked

  140. Icedog….aye mate,I find it insulting when they say there tired….would they have been tired if they had won the game?

  141. Well at least the press mongers have weeks of copy in this, so NUFC should get a bit of time off.

  142. heres hoping Clint…..although it may be the fault of “arrogant,disloyal Newcastle fans to blame for Englands WC exit due to unreasonable expectations” reported by Louise Taylor and Mick Dennis :lol:

  143. Big Dave-Think i’m with you mate. Watching teams like Ze Germans, Brazil, Argentina and even Mexico, we have a long way to go. Complete overhaul of our national set up needed i reckon.

  144. ice-I hate him mate. I dunno why I’ve just had this hatred of him for years. Even just watching him. He’s always first to mouth off, first to play act, he’s a cheating little tw@t.

  145. Ice-shame mate cos he’s undoubtedly a canny defender I just dont like his antics. He seems to get away with his persistent fouling aswell which I dont like. Just cant stand how he’ll be the first to mouth off over somethin that didn’t involve him, will go down easy etc. Look at the size of him, as if he’ll be shoved off the ball easily. He’s the same at Inter.

  146. Ice-I’m not surprised mate, I’ve seen him act the cock for Inter just as regularly as he does Brazil. Obv every defender tugs a shirt in the box but he’s the type of lad that will make blatant fouls and then give strikers an ear bashing when they go to ground like he’s done nowt wrong. Cant stand it.

  147. top finish aswell ice. Tell you what, thought i’d be getting away from the fear of the Toon this summer to at least see us play some canny football. Who was I kidding, teams like this make us look pathetic when you think we were branded a “Serious threat” to the competition before it kicked off like.

  148. ROSS players thought they were a serious threat,thats there trouble they belive there own press,i never thought they would get out of the group stage m8

  149. Ice-I thought quarters was realistic. In saying that having seen the group I admit I quietly thought should we not even be playing to our full potential, that the US would be our only really tough game in the first round and that we had a canny chance of winning the group, provided disaster didn’t strike. It did, and it came in the form of the “performance” we put in against Algeria. When I saw we had Germany my heart wanted to say we’d do it but my head was worried like.

    The signs were there from the moment we qualified mate. Not a single friendly performance was impressive/convincing from the moment we qualified. Was only a matter of time before one of the big teams put us in our place. The excuses about our boys being tired n that are just dropping even more embarrassment onto us as a country. I’m sure for 100k a week I could find that extra gear when representing my national team against our arch enemy.

  150. ROSS lets be honest the epl is a great lge,the best really,but take out the “flair”oversea players they are ave when it comes to playing in a W.C.comp imo

  151. Is it still raining your end mate? stopped here a while back,still bloody warm tho.

  152. The main item all day on German TV sport and radio news has been Lampards disallowed goal, and how bad refereeing spoiled the game. Must be summat in it, there not just doing it for the benefit of us Tommys…me record is stuck since yesterday afternoon…at 2-2 the game could have panned out completely different. We were robbed !

  153. RICHIETOON aye m8 first rain in couple of weeks,but still warm,pleased the dogs dont like it might save me a 5mile walk later (please keep comeing lol)

  154. aye,been the same in sunny north tyneside Ice…I knew I should have cut the grass yesterday :roll:

  155. I figured it’d be raining ower there like. Bright and sunny here, but SO humid. Summer rolls around in Tennessee and it’s 95 fahrenheit with 3000% humidity. Jealous yet? :)

  156. first rain for a while Ohurley….been about 80f which is canny for Newcastle like :-)

  157. RICHIETOON lol m8,dee what i did 55 sq ft oot back canny front,graveled the lot with pots for wor lass,nee grass cutting,striming ect pure bliss

  158. According to Sportinglife England are gonna make a statement about Capello’s future in the next 2 weeks. Whats the crack in England, reckon he’s gonna get bladdered ?

  159. Munich-General feeling amongst media is that the two weeks are purely breathing space for the FA to put together his compo package and he’ll be shown the door. He has said he wants to stay on but I personally can’t see it happening. If we’d played well throughout and just been fairly beaten by the better team then he might have been safe to take a crack at the Euro’s but the performances were embarrassing from start to finish.
    He’ll be shown the door and Roy Hodgson will be approached I reckon. The longer Liverpool hold out to try and get him there the bigger chance of the FA thrashing out Fabio’s cash and getting on the phone to him moments later.

  160. I dont know why yous are still going on about the england game, it was an embarrsing performace from the whole team, no player had the drive to play for the team no passion! never mind lampards goal, yous were luck to be just 2-1 by half time. England left out some top players ashley young , agbonlahor , walcot , does players with place could of easily brought the team to semis beating argintina aswell.

    The game showed us two thing we need goal line technology , and england are over – rated! Premier league need to start getting more english/irish lads in there clubs look at barcelona and madrid then the spannish team line up !!

  161. All the best teams at the WC move the ball quickly. England were too slow to attack. Yet continentals say they need time to adjust to the speed of the Premier League. I don’t get it.

  162. curno……aren’t you also still going on about the England game then mate ;-)

  163. batty that tw@t can eat my sh!t………….took me a while to think of something that polite to write :lol:

  164. Hughton says: “Everyone is being cagey, nobody has done much business and there have only been two clubs in the Premier League who have signed anyone so far.”

    Is he trying to take us for mugs?

    Birmingham, Wolves, Man City, Everton and Spurs have already signed players, probably more clubs too.

    Stop trying to make things sound better than they are, you’re starting to look like a puppet.

  165. aye stu,it looks like chris is going to be the next in line for the mike ashley treatment,if ashley does mess him about,then i hope he’ll walk to put the hurt on ashley.

  166. Back to your usual pishing, moaning and whingeing self I see, Stu.

    There’s hardly been any signings this summer in the Prem and what few there have been haven’t exactly broken the bank.

    Shouldn’t you be helping your mum take the bunting down anyway?

  167. The only thing that worries me RE the hughton comments are the fact that he said he’d hoped o have one or two new faces in before pre season. Who were they? The fact we’ve bid for Samuel points to him being one of them but that is seemingly a non starter. Boyd? Who knows, I’m sure when we get a new face or two I everyone will sleep a little easier but until then it’s only natural we’ll be nervous. We need a couple more after the one or two aswell. We should get on the phone to Mexico, chile and Asia asap, haha. (I realise that was quite a broad generalisation, yes). Plenty of their lads have impressed throughout the wc though and they’re not big names with money demands. Failing that, Messi Tevez Sneijder and luis fabiano please.

  168. Only dealing facts – Hughton said only two clubs have signed anyone this summer, complete lie.

    You can add Wigan to that list too, they’ve just signed some Argie.

    Why does he have to lie to make a point?

    There’s a few on here who do that like.

  169. stu,that’s my worry if he’s willing to put up with all the crap ashley throws at him,what good is he to the club,fans etc.i would have respect for him if he walked if he gets treated like keegan,etc,if he stands for the three card trick,then any credibility he had will go by the wayside.

  170. hitman says:
    June 29, 2010 at 11:55 am

    But nobody will be spending any money this year, will they? That’s what I keep getting told anyway.

    Could NUFC be under the impression that, that’s going to happen? Are they under the imppression that wages are going to come down drastically? I get the feeling they could be.

  171. Stu – show me where anyone on here has said no one will spend any money this year.

    For someone who seems so obsessed with lies you do and half spout some sh!te.

  172. Sweet, I got here just in time for a kick off involving Stu!

    Go on lads! Ruck Ruck Ruck!

  173. hitman says:
    June 29, 2010 at 11:55 am
    the spuds just bid owa 28 mill for 2 players.
    <<<< aye his mucka ashley has lent him the cash

  174. Could you imagine trying to take 28 mil off Ashley?

    “Er, Harry we can’t accept this cash for these players, not until you detatch this fat slug looking thing hanging off this tenner.”