Just how important is Joey Barton to Newcastle?

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Barton - The key player for us?
Barton - The key player for us?
The inevitable transfer speculation has begun, which is perhaps unsurprising as the January transfer window is just around the corner.

A lot of the speculation seems to be regarding our players, which you could put down to a number of reasons.

Perhaps it seems that way because it is what most of us look for? Maybe some of our players have performed well enough to warrant such attention? Or could it be because the press know they are likely to get a reaction out of us?

I would hazard a guess at it being a combination of all three to be honest, particularly when it comes to the latest target of rumour mongering – Joey Barton. The rumour is, according to The Daily Mail (hehehe), that Aston Villa are interested in securing the services of Joey Barton in January. I don’t think there is any merit in that, at all, purely because, in my view, Barton has probably been the most important player for us so far this season.

Barton is a marmite player. Most of our fans love him, but fans of other clubs love to hate him. It’s something that Barton will have to put up with for the forseeable future due to his past misdemeanours, which is understandable I guess, but despite his past behaviour he has been largely excellent for us so far this season.

Perhaps it is just a coincidence, but our recent run of poor results just happened to come along at a time when Barton was suspended, then injured, and perhaps it is even more of a coincidence that Barton was at the heart of the performance upon his return against Liverpool and aided the team by assisting a goal and scoring another.

In fact Barton has been outstanding in a number of games for us this season and has provided a fair amount of goals for us from what is an unfamiliar right-wing role. He has also established himself as a key character in the changing room, which goes to show just how important he is to us.

This is the first time that Barton is getting a regular run of games since he arrived at Newcastle. He is fully fit and appears to be over the injury problems that have hampered him since his arrival. He is paid very well by Newcastle, and in my view he is earning every penny of it right now.

I very much doubt that there is any truth in the rumours. Villa may be after him, but I doubt that Newcastle would sell a player that is performing very well at the moment.

How important do you think Joey Barton is to Newcastle?

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300 Responses

  1. Barton showed his value to the team with the performance against Liverpool, we’re twice the team when he plays. His passing and energy have been top class. The only problem I see is that his contract will be finished in a year or so, will he take the inevitable pay cut Ashley will demand, or do we cash in now?

  2. invaluable as always. Barton has been such a good player for us, and now is definately not the time to sell him. Go Barton.

  3. Our ‘Roy Keane’ figure this season: imposing, motivational leader on the pitch, intimidating the opposition whilst driving team-mates on. Key player for us; providing vital creativity, as well as some stupid moments of controversy on the pitch.

    Why would he go to Villa though? At best a side-wards step isn’t it. It’s the same situation as Carroll,, since when were spurs a better club than us? They will be out of the Champion’s league, and God willing we’ll be on an even keel soon enough.

    If – is as possible in the summer, manure or chelsea come in for Carroll – then it’s a different proposition – but spuds and villa?? It’s obvious the southern press have forgotten we were finishing above these sides every season, not that long ago.

  4. if the clup sell’s our top player’s like caroll or barton and replace them with the like’s of lambert and other shite player’s then we all can expect a tough second a half of the season probably relagation

  5. Reckon we should have a punt on Babel -who’s still having a ‘mare at liverpool – maybe on loan/player exchange. He can play on the left or just in behind a target man – two positions where we could use another option. He’s desperate for playing time, and looking to re-ignite his career. Alternatively- Taarabt at QPR is having another stormer this season, natural goalscorer, still only 21 and can play anywhere across the front.

    way aye.

  6. Barton won’t go, even if Ashley accepts Villa offer because he’s said it before, he owe’s the club a debt of gratitude for sticking with him while going thru his bad spell & wants to stay with the club & I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t take a wage cut to stay at the club longer once his current contracts runs out, I mean, wasn’t he one of the players, Smith & Nolan the others, who said they’d take a wage cut to stay at the Toon for the remainder of their playing careers last season when we were in the fizzy??

    Barton is classed as a senior player, tho is’ only 28 same as Nolan, if we are to get rid of any players, I’d rather sell the likes of Strola & give his wages to Barton, we maybe 1 player down but Barton does do twice as much as Strola anyhow.. lol

  7. Easy one. The games he’s played in we’ve looked a much better side. He is as important as Carroll if not more.

  8. cyprus-toon // you want to sell shola and give his wages to other players. It’s like that kevin bacon game – so many steps to finding a film in with him. How many steps does it take to crowbar shola into a comment?

    Jesus, why don’t you send the mob around and have him tarred and feathered too? damned 10 year servant to the club, makes my blood boil, etc, etc.

  9. toonsy remember a certain quote from you just prior to the prem regarding Barton, something along the lines of; ‘which door do we boot him out of and when?’
    A lot changes in a season though eh? Personally dead glad he’s found the kinda form that’s had most of us eating our words. Long may it continue!

  10. Lads just wondering if anyone has tickets to the Spuds game but may not go due to weather? Im flying into London 27th – 29th. Id be looking 2 tickets but 1 might suffice either…

    My email is pil2353 at yahoo dot co dot uk if ya want to get in contact!

  11. Devon – He has proved me wrong so far and I hold my hands up to that. I think he has proved many wrong to be fair, so fair play to him and long may it continue.

  12. starting to get an awful premonition about Ashely selling Carroll to spurs… If he means to sell the club it’ll be one last ‘f*ck you’ to the fans he clearly has a fair level of contempt for. If he’s planning to sell, I reckon it’s far more likely Carroll will go. If he’s staying, he won’t be able to face the fans and we’ll be safe. Let’s not forget the f*cker’s a life long spurts fan…

  13. agreed Toonsy, I remember at the start of last season thinking, ‘ffs, all we’ve got to rely on up front is a lanky one-footed target man with no eye for goal’. Now he’s the subject of 20mill+ transfer speculation! Tis a fickle fickle game

  14. Devon – Ashley was/is a Chelsea fan…… And he didn;t get rich by seeling his top assets that could earn him far more than the cost of the fee he recieves.

  15. Ashley is a businessman first and foremost. You don’t sell off your best assets and still hope to get top price four the business you are trying to sell.
    He might be a twat, but he’s no mug. And how many more time does it need to be said, he’s not a spurs fan. Never has been.

  16. Yep, even I agree, and I think as a person he’s still got huge issues that we could do without. We need the guy, and he plays in a way that I like. If he could just learn to play like that without behaving like a 13-year-old ASBO-wearing tit, I’d like everything about him.

    Also a good point about the right-wing thing. He’s no winger – he cuts inside most of the time – but boy does he cause problems when he runs at players. Great to watch when he’s on form.

  17. Well,
    i’ve been a fan of Barton from the get go, with the obvious derision that goes with that particular territory.
    & i’m ‘made up’ (to coin a scouse term) that JB has managed to turn most fans opinion of him round.
    Well done Joey, keep it going lad-Future Capt.

    & Finally,
    FFS, didn’t some of us get the phucking memo: MA DOES NOT & NEVER HAS BEEN A SPUDS FAN.


  18. How could Coventry get their game on and Birmingham couldnt as they are fairly close together, can anyone from that area enlighten me please?

  19. bigbadbob..skysports pictures showed birminghams ground ok..in the morninging then the snow hit..it was as bad at it got..if u see the pictures then u would have understood…no chance of playing..

  20. asim,
    that doesn’t explain how Cov got their game on a few miles down the road though, does it?

  21. Bloater @ 10 – Actually fella, he’s been with the club 15 years, with 10 of them in supposedly the 1st team, 10 years of taking a wage to score 45 goals…. you need to take yer frakin blinkers off fella & get a grip of reality, Strola is a drain on resources that could be spent better elseware & it’s about time fans like you realised that instead of being frakin sentimental about it!!!
    As I said, if it meant keep Barton doing what he’s doing week in week out & giving Strola the boot, I’d do it in a heart beat!!!

  22. who cares the game was off..if we got beat..we would have said the game should not of been played..not getting in to this crap..that coventry game got the go ahead..if u got sky then showed the pictures we wouldnt be having this crap about them playing..

  23. Cyprus,
    perspective mate.
    ALL clubs have players that get stick for not doing enough, draining resources etc. & ALWAYS WILL.
    No one has a team full of players that everyone loves.
    In Shola’s defense, he’s scored some very important goals for the Toon down the years.
    Yes he’s no world beater by any stretch & who knows, you might get y’wish soon.
    But there’ll always be someone here that doesn’t meet every fans criteria-That’s football.

  24. EZ asim,
    no need to get so upset mate.
    BBB asked a question & you only half answered.
    Don’t answer if it’s gonna wind you up so bad mate.
    Anomalies & all that?

  25. Arguably there a 4 players who are more important to the team and the club than all the other players. Nolan, Barton, Smith and Harper are the players that keep all the other players together, motivating them and keeping them positively focused. We only see glimpses of it on the field but behind the scenes they are the driving force of our club, not this manager or the previous manager.

  26. dont b to surprised by all the barton talk mike isn’t a fan off his and tried to flog him before, until i told joey not to give in to mike . If i had off been able to stay i would have made him captain as he is the type of captain you need. He will allways give u 100%, never bottles a challenge and will never go missing.
    Its nice to see so many fans now seeing in him what i allways seen in him, but i know there is still a few haters with chicken licken being the leader of them. Tonnsy nice to see u have the balls to admit u were wrong about him well done pet

  27. Kamar,
    & don’t forget,
    The club would surely fold with Doris the char buer & her famous Geordie brew!


  28. CLiNT – My point is, why take the chance of losing one of our better players like Barton due to lowering his wages when we pay players like Strola money for doing nothing??

    If not Strola, then other like Xsico, Smudger ect etc, get rid of them & give Barton another contract to keep him at the club!!!

    If another team comes in for him & offer’s us £5m & him £60k a week for 5 years, do you think he’ll say no??

    We don’t have a strong squad but the majority of them are getting paid way too much for sitting on their backsides or producing a good show once 1 season, it has to be rung in, we can’t be sentimental anymore, we’ve lost too much dosh over the years doing that!!

  29. Micky Toon says:
    December 20, 2010 at 11:42 am

    Three years ago you could have said that without it being laughable, but his subsequent decisions have made a mockery of this.

  30. Those asking for Joey to be made captain: WTF?

    A captain, above all, needs a level head. “If you can keep your head when all around your are losing theirs” and all that.

    Joey’s made it very clear that he absolutely cannot be relied upon to keep control; that’s his ongoing problem and he’s the first to admit it. I like his recent play, but let’s keep it on the planet, eh?

  31. On the subject of which team Ashley supports: either he’s Oscar material, or he supports the Toon. That celebration at Barton’s goal could not have been a put-on. He may be a git, but I honestly believe he’s a genuine supporter too.

    …and before someone says some bunkum about that being because he saw an asset value rise: no, that’s not it. People like that just don’t react that way to money issues unless it’s in a casino or at the races.

  32. ah right he’s a Chelsea fan! How did that one pass me by I’ve always thought he was spuds :/ Well nice one guys you’ve at least put my mind at ease a little bit.

  33. ..and while I’m annoying other posters (sorry fellas; no offence meant):

    No player can be sold against his will. That’s what contracts are for. Joey and Avater will still be with us in February.

    What interests me is whether Pardew will still be here once his talk of buying players meets with the reality of Ashley’s business model. I think he will – but he’s in for a bit of a shock, I suspect.

  34. Cyprus,
    I hear ya’ bud,
    but, tbf,
    that’s a lot of supposition their mate.
    It might be true, but could easily be the musings of a tortured mind.
    Ultimately though, if JB wants to stay, he will.
    & i’m sure the club will help him to if they realize his worth.
    & i doubt it’s down to whether Shola or any other player gets wages mate.
    We don’t know what’s gannen on in house, but we didn’t get shot of any of our best players for a few transfer windows now. & we’ve brought some decent ones in, so, i’ll moan if/when it happens.
    if a player wants to go somewhere else, i don’t want ’em here.

  35. Cyprus and the other usual Strolla-bashers: get real. Doing nothing? Strolla’s had a couple of poor games recently, but we all know that (as usual) he’s been carrying a knock. He’s still done a great job knackering defences ready for Ranger to come and tear them apart. And he’s still ahead of Lover, Xisco and Best in the pecking order, which is for a reason. If you’re going to have a dig at a player, try Xisco, who has to be the best Luque impersonator we’ve got.

  36. Firstly i have too say that at the time i was one of those that wanted Barton booted out of the club , now i would be devastated if he was sold , the lad has shut people like me up and proved what a quality player he is . i also respect him for coming out in public and admitting that he has problems that he is battling to over come .
    second , for all those that thinks Ashley is a spurs fan i have a question , why did he not buy them instead of us ? at the time he would have got them cheaper
    Third Ashley will not sell any of our top players in this transfer window or in the summer , why ? because to eventually get his money back he needs us to be at the top end of the division and in Europe , therefore earning the money that brings to make us attractive to any investors thinking of a takeover of us . Therefore all the 5 year contracts being dished out , basically we are stuck with him for the next 3 or 4 years at least and too be honest i would rather have him than the chicken farmers that have took over Blackburn , they have even less of a clue about running a football club than Ashley .

  37. Whumpie,
    Er…Some times, right,
    when a key player is a bit naughty, they get given the armband & that’s the thing that helps them grow some proper responsibility.
    Have you never noticed that?

  38. whumpie r u saying that roy keane was a level headed guy ? As he is classed by many many manure people as being there best captain in modern days.
    As for chicken licken saying he would have charlie adams over joey well that proves what i allready thought

  39. All this talk of Barton, and how well he plays is good. But what we should be paying attention to is who will replace him with 1/2 the quality if he is injured or suspended. Unplug Carroll, Barton or Tiote, and there is a massive fall-off in talent at NUFC.

  40. to use Toonsy’s analogy – Shola is a bit like marmite.
    But ask yourselves the question – how many managers have we had who wanted shot of him – the only one i can think of is Souness – who sent him out on loan. He genuinely offers something to the squad/team. Me – I love him because he plays the game with a smile on his face – and he’s ONE OF US!

  41. Cyprus Toon – ?!?!? I fail to understand what the hell shola being sold and Barton staying has in common – other than your appetite to moan about shola at any possible opportunity. Cause and correlation mate, I suppose the wind is created when leaves on the trees shake!?

    Of all the countless drains on club resources, picking out shola’s a strange one. Loven, xisco, best,, that’s just from the current squad!?!? they’ve barely kicked a ball this season.

    No one is being sentimental, it’s being pragmatic. We don’t have reliable, proven strikers at this level to replace him as the no.2, when we do I’ll be happy for him to move on.

  42. Since when as Ashley been a Chelski fan :(

    If thats true, why is he always banging on about running the club the same way as Arse-Nil then.. ????

    Tattyhead, go boil yerself moron!!

    CLiNT – I understand what your saying fella & as Toonsy say, Ashley has never sold any players that didn’t want to go but you can never tell, I just think the club need s a bloody good clear out or deadstiffs… :)

  43. Cyprus,
    compared with the wasters we had here, right now, we’re doing ok mate.

    The MA is a spuddie is a myth, started cos MA is friendly with a spud chairman before they were bought out.
    But it just goes to show how gossip & speculation can quickly & eternally turn into reality, if so required, for personal reasons.

  44. mike ashley never followed football he was a tennis player then a tennis coach with no interest in footie. As much as i dislike him i have to agree with someone else that said, at the liverpool match he did look like a geuine supporter when he was celebrating but he is still a useless tosser

  45. cyprusLoon – the club (like every other one on the face of the planet) has a squad made up of players who play every week when available, and also players who struggle to get anywhere near the side. That’s a given, unavoidable you could say.

    That said, ask yourself this mate, is it not fookin odd that you’re banging on every day about getting rid of a player who has started over 10 games this season, scored 6 goals and provided 4 assists. The words ‘punch’ and ‘bag’ spring to mind.

  46. Clint – yep, seen it tried; seen it work; seen it fail!

    Nolan is our obvious captain at the moment; the only problem is that he can’t always be on the pitch.

  47. Bloater – I moan about Shola because I don’t think he’s value for money, I think the money could be better well spent in other area’s, like give Barton an extended contract, ike helping pay towards keeping other players at the club instead of wasting it on someone who smiles nice :)

    Tattyhead – Shola only went out on loan at the end of 2008 7 played 6 games for Stoke, thats the only time in 10 years as a Toon 1st team player, in which he’s only played 290 times for the club & scored 67 times in all competitions…. but thats ok because he smiles.. :)

  48. Whumpie,
    i’m not suggesting that we strip Nolan off the captaincy today & kick him up the ass.
    I did type: ‘Future Capt.’
    Which i’m sure others will concur with.
    It could be the absolute making of the lad.
    Or it could all go to his heed & we find him bouling around the quayside of a fri/sat night bigging it up, punching bairns & lasses that won’t listen to his gobby spiel.

  49. Bloater – Name calling now eh, thought that was beneath you fella but hey, thats your choice!!

    As for Shola stats, he’s played 13 part PL games so far this season (and 2 which he played the full 90 mins)& scored 3 goals + 3 assists, he’s played 2 League cup games & scored 3 goals, which if you read back then, I praised him for his efforts but as a fan, I’m entitled to bang on about what I like & don’t like, if you don’t like it, don’t read it, your choice!!!

  50. Clint: yep, fair point. Hope you’re right, and I think you could well be!

    Cyprus: your own stats show Shola’s done a hell of a lot better than the all other strikers except Carroll. So your point is….?

    They guy was utterly brilliant against Chelski. Why would you want to lose him ahead of the likes of Xisco??

  51. Whumpie,
    hey! My man!

    Just trying to get a bit of debate going on a cold & frosty morning mate.

    I like a lad that doesn’t feel the need to resort to abuse.
    On ya’!

  52. cyprusloon –

    Dress it up how you like, Shola’s on 6 goals/4 assists in 11 starts this season.

    Aye reet. This is a discussion forum. So if someone disagrees with someone else, then you might expect them to put forward the other side of the argument. That’s sort of the point mate.

    Like I said, it’s not about shola – you’ll be venting your spleen over someone else next, probably Ranger and we’ll be back to square one.

    We do need to strengthen up front – like I said,, Taarabt at QPR would be realistic for us, fast, exciting, bags of goals, a good foil for AC.

  53. Whumpie – I think you’ll find that if the other strikers where given a chance instead of Shoal, then they may fare better than they have, imo Shola has stopped the strike force we had last seaosn, whereby we had 3 player gunning for top slot in Carroll, Nola & Loverboy!!!

    So you think scoring 3 goal in 748 mins of play is good, when Loverboy as scored 1 in 227 mins of play??

    So that 1 goal every 249.3 mins for Shola & 1 goal in 227 mins for Loverboy!!!

    So who’s the better striker lol ;)

  54. Bloater – Fella, Shola has only scored 3 goals in 15 PL games, he scored the other 3 in the 2 cup games, it’s not me thats dresseing anything up fella, it’s you & your blinkers, sorry.. :) lol

    As for name calling, thats for children who are unable to relate properly.. lol

  55. gosling when is he back..could be the answer.. can play anywhere..we need him more then others..he can play for barton nolan or who ever..if they are unfit or banned and we will be better off..

  56. told you all before – Charlie Austin from Swindon. Its nailed on…. i thought things would change when Hoots went – but turns out he wasnt Hoots man – but scouted by the club – who are still interested.
    Yes – hes from lower leagues – but he’s a class player – and will be a big hit

  57. I know this is supposed to be about Barton, but keeping in the spirit of things ameobi is a championship player. Ive said it for ages. If we had anyone else at Carroll level then ameobi wouldn’t get a game. I won’t say someone should be playing just because they have a long service award. Everyone should be picked on merit.
    I sometimes feel for the lad as he’s a good lad, but there’s no room for sentiment in football.

  58. cyprus – you point out name calling. FYI – Boater is not Bloater – hence you started it you simple tw*t

  59. FFS- its turned into the first of the thrice weekly Shola slagging session. I give up………

  60. Trouble with Shola is he is always getting injured in all his 10 years at the club when has he had an extended run in the side playing a full 90 minutes . Some argue that he has had a wealth of good strikers ahead of him Shearer , Bellamy and the likes but i think the lad just never had it in him to be a top premiership striker , he has had his moments but just to few and far between . Its a shame as a person he seems like a real nice lad but just lacks that something that would have put him up alongside Shearer , Ferdinand , cole . If you ask is he a good squad player than i would say no because of all the injuries , you need someone you know is not going to break down everytime he has more than a 4-5 game run . As for Xisco and Best the sooner we get of them the better .

  61. Back to Joey: let’s not forget about Benny! He’s the perfect competition for Joey’s place. With Gosling, HBA and Joey all fit, the manager’s going to have a really nice selection problem. :)

    The downside for Joey is that if they’re all playing well and the other two can control their behaviour better than him, guess who’s going to be a spectator?

  62. Key part of our team, absolutely vital, no way can we sell him or even think about it. Really hope we can renew his contract as well and hopefully he’ll be happy with lower wages? Here’s hoping anyway…Do Villa really need him anyway? They’ve already got the players on paper, frenchy just isn’t getting the best out of them clearly…

    Also, give over on Shola :(, he’s worth it just for the impact he has vs Mackems :). I seem to be saying the same thing week in week out defending wor bambi, basically he can still do a job for us, I reckon at least.

  63. Axel @77 – alas, I think you’re just about right. If Shola could stay fit for most of a season, I think he’d show why bosses always back him. Unfortunately, at his age, it’s not looking likely.
    The only silver lining is that he doesn’t seem to need any time to get back up to speed. I think last season he came off the bench after a period away injured and scored the winner three times. Weird, but damned useful in someone who’s injured most of the time…

  64. Whumpie

    Jonas/other striker would be dropped way ahead of Barton imo. Gosling will need time, if I’m honest I haven’t seen him play that often but I can’t see him challenging Barton this season if Barton keeps performing as he is..

  65. Toonsy – i distinctly remember that there were Reports that Mike ashley had a VIP room at White hart Lane. are you sure he is a chelsea supporter.

  66. @Cyprusloon

    “…As for name calling, thats for children who are unable to relate properly.. lol”.

    Considering you keep referring to me as ‘bloater’, then that would be you!? Normally not a good idea to fire off insults at yourself in a debate, just a suggestion eh.

    @MickyToon – there’s no sentiment on here. When we have the superior striker to replace him, I agree we should do just that. But we don’t at the moment.

    Aaaanyways,,, Barton.. he’s been top notch and add to that – a headline name that helps shifts papers, so – y’know the press run some made up stories about him leaving. There’s no discussion to be had.

    Tiote is the one that could be lured away,, didi Hamann style. Expect to see bids from city, arsenal, chelsea in the summer, if not this january.

  67. Tattyhead @ 73, thats called finger trouble lol ;) btw, I ain’t no pregnant fish either :)

    Mickytoon & Axel – Glad to see someone with sense on here today, cheers fella’s.. lol ;)

  68. I don’t think its bashing someone if what people are saying is true. Ameobi was a star for us in the championship and he does have a knack of scoring against 5under1and, but that doesn’t mean he deserves a start. Someone who came through playing with the likes of beardo, sir les and wor al should really have done better. To me that shows he can’t improve over what hd already brings to the team.

  69. BOATER – is that better, as I said to tattyhead, it was finger trouble, not name calling but you believe what you like, it’s your choice.. ;)

    As others have said, yes we’re gonna have a decent midfield in the next few month, what with Nolan, Barton, Gosling, HBA, Tiote, Jonas, Routy, Raylor, Smudger, Gutherie, Vuchic all vying for 4 positions on the field.. :) Shame we can’t say the same about strikers isn’t it ;) lol

  70. MickyToon – that’s always been the problem though – but why expect him to improve?

    He’s a more than adequate squad player at this level. Why do we expect every academy player to be a beardsley or a shearer- or turf em oot? For a start, they would be unaccepting of a place on the bench, or as back up. The championship stats were (very selectively) used as a stick to beat shola with, but hmmm no one else I noticed. There weren’t many ‘nolan’s found his level’ comments being made. Shola got 1 in 1 last season when fit, if anything that would suggest he was too good for that level.

    If we can find another striker with proven premiership experience; who scores 1 in 3, provides assists; holds the ball up, scores the odd wonder goal against the run of play, and best of all – will accept a place on the bench when required, all within our transfer budget I’ll be happy to see us offload him mate.

  71. HBA is sooo different to JB.
    HBA’s all skill & swerve, JB is combatative, passing, engine. Room for both in our team.

  72. indian mag,
    i’m pretty sure he’s ‘been in’ the spuds vip suite, WITH HIS FRIEND THE CHAIRMAN OF SPURS, KELMESLEY.

  73. toonsy,
    FFS, do a piece on MA NOT being a spuds fan, for crying out loud.
    & keep it top of the blog ’til we all get it.


  74. The thing is Boater, I’ve given your the stats for both Shola & Loverboy but you’re still adamant that Shola is a better option, when Loverboy hasn’t had the chances that Shola has this season but when he has, he’s proved he can score :)

    Now with Shola out injured (again), we look towards young Ranger to fill that slot & I hope he’s as good as Carroll was at that age, though you’d think Carroll had been doing what he does a lot longer!!

    As I said, when Shola scored that hat-trick against the Chelski reserves in the league cup, I praised him for his hard work because thats what he did, he worked hard but what’s he done since, nowt, he’s being played on the back of that game & he’s not able to recapture that on a weekly basis & I’ve said it before, he’s not a 90 min player either, thats why out of the 15 PL games he’s played, only twice has he done the full 90 mins & he didn’t do anything in those games, no goals or assists… so it proves it, the facts don’t lie, he’s not a PL quality player, for god sake if he was any good, even as a squad player, why haven’t any team some in for him & those that have, have pulled out after a trial or loan… lol

    Yes we do need a proven PL striker but on what we’re offering, we have no chance, so we just have to hope Ranger can fill that slot for us!!!

    Anyway, thats the last I’m going to say today on this matter, it’s my opinion, if you don’t like it or agree with it, thats you’re choice, same as I may not like or agree with what you’re saying… :)

  75. CLiNT – :lol:

    People will believe what they want to believe mate. I know different, but if people don’t want to trust it then fair enough….

    It makes you wonder though doesn’t it….

    Tony Jimenez – Chelsea box holder
    Dennis Wise – Chelsea player (Ashley’s favourite by all accounts) ;)

  76. You could say – why has only one manager tried to get rid of him in all those years. In fact, KK played him in his very first game back. JFK praised him as a key player, Roeder used him in every game in the tail end of his first (uefa) cup season,, etc, etc.

    Since the chelsea game (when he scored 2 not 3 but anyway) he turned the match for us against wigan coming off the bench. Scored a brace (plus one assist) against the scum, put in excellent, unselfish team performances against arsenal, city and west ham.

    He’s been pretty bad in the last couple games with his hamstring strain – no getting round that. But that’s being taken out of context by you and the rest of the mob.

  77. Is there an answer to my question about how Coventry City managed to get their game on and Birmingham couldnt?

  78. I’m suprised he can support his own physical weight alongside his ego…let alone a football club on top.

  79. toonsy says:
    December 20, 2010 at 2:29 pm

    Ask his best mate in the media, Paul Beasley. He’ll tell you he’s a Spurs fan.

  80. BBB – Coventry got dumped on the day previously. Their ground is also on a main road just off the motorway which is easier to keep on top off as the Highways Agency will have done most of it and the council will have only had a small bit to do.

    It’s been really weird down here. There has been snow, but I’ve only had a light covering. My parents house three miles away has had 5-6 inches.

  81. toonsy,
    go figure mate.

    He ‘supports’ NUFC now mate, he’s our owner/keeper, to the tune of £2/300m.
    If that’s not gonna make one support, nowt will like.

    a club is better off having an owner/keeper NOT being a football fan. After all, if any of us owned NUFC we’d be sticking our oar in constantly, to the chagrin of the manager/staff.

  82. BBB – Both Brum and Cov have undersoil heating. With regard to St Andrews, the pitch was playable, but then they had another dump of snow too close too kick-off so they couldn’t move it all as they didn’t have time.

  83. CLiNT – So it’s only financial support he gives us then.. lol ;)

    If I was a Billoniare, I’d buy the club off Ashley for £300m, I’d employ someone like Dean to be chairman & get someone like O’neill in as manager & Hoots as his no2… give them say £50m warchest to start off & then £30m every season for players, I’d have a wage cap of £75k a week & go watch every match, home & away.. :)

    If Only eh……..

  84. Taking the Shola discussion to the next obvious question:

    We could all see that Shola was injured in the last couple of matches; back to his ‘bambi on ice’ mode.

    The question is: if he was in that state (and assuming that the manager always intended to sub Ranger once the opposition defence was too knackered to contain him), HOW BAD must Lover, Best and Xisco have been in training to fail to take his place?

    My point: If it is time to lose a striker, it’s not Shola we should be looking at.

  85. toonsy says:
    December 20, 2010 at 2:51 pm
    Stuart – Why would I ask that cxxt anything?

    Because he will tell you the truth.

  86. Clint: about HBA vs Joey, you’re dead right of course in that they’re very different players. But that doesn’t mean they’re not competing for the same starting spot. Of course, there is the option (and I’d love to see it) of getting both of ’em on at once too, but perhaps at the expense of width or other key players like Nolan.

    Can’t wait to see Gosling in there too – really hope he lives up to billing.

  87. -Whumpie

    We’ve had Barton and Arfa on at the same time already in the Everton and Citeh matches-obviously they’re competing with each other, but Jonas has been poor in all our recent matches..only looked good in the first two or three after Arfa was injured, I can almost guarantee him being the one for the drop if everyone keeps playing close to their recent form. Even routledge was favoured over Jonas as a winger with 4-5-1.

  88. Whumpie,
    i’m not a big advocate of wing play, especially just for the sake of it.
    It’s a bit old fashioned & a bit 1D, plenty of top teams don’t play that way any more.

  89. Yep, Jonas has been way off his best recently. I’d say we’re actually weaker in the winger department than anywhere else at the mo. Both tend to run down blind alleys and fail to get the crosses in.

    Having said that, I’ve also noticed that when Jonas is boxed in by 3 defenders, our lads are often poor at giving him escape options. No excuse, mind, but it is part of the problem.

  90. I think any top team needs both types of play; you can’t expect to get past a team without them; it’s just too easy to set up against one or the other.

  91. Cyprus,

    Wouldn’t have MO’n like, he’s a big baby.
    Dean would cost a bomb & you’d have to twist his arm up his back to get him up here. CH will get a managers job now.
    Going to all the games would rock though mate, distance no object.

  92. TBH,
    a club is better off having an owner/keeper NOT being a football fan. After all, if any of us owned NUFC we’d be sticking our oar in constantly, to the chagrin of the manager/staff.

    Ashley has never done that has he mate ;-) lol.

    We have to keep Barton one of the most important players in the team and definitely the most creative one we have available right now. Would love to see a midfield of

    HBA Nolan/Gosling Tiote Barton

    That would be awesome can’t wait for some of these players to become fit again.

  93. Whumpie,
    aye mate.
    I wouldn’t not play wingers ever, just not rely on them always. If y’get me drift?

  94. Yep, Clint – I think we’re the same on that one. All I’m saying about wingers is that if you’re going to have them, they have to be able to get round defenders and deliver a cross. Right now, we need two players either side to do that: a Jonas or Routledge to get past players, and a Guthrie or Raylor to deliver the cross. That ain’t good!

  95. Whumpie,
    If we get HBA back & employ a more fluid arrangement, we wouldn’t have to rely so heavily on out & out wing play.
    Nowt wrong with having 1 on the pitch, swapping sides occasionally, but keep mixing it up.
    I know it’s a dream, but the old ‘total football’ is what i’d be trying to achieve.
    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…What?..,Where am i?..,

    Oh Shit!
    Still here.

  96. Stuart79 says:
    December 20, 2010 at 2:48 pm

    “Ask his best mate in the media, Paul Beasley. He’ll tell you he’s a Spurs fan.”

    Ask Mike Ashley himself, Stuart. He said that he was a Chelsea fan and used to go to Stamford Bridge to watch them.

  97. How about

    We would have too see what Gosling brings but hba in for jonas would give us more end product from that side of the field . Another option is maybe gosling wide on the right and Barton cm in place of Guthrie although i did read comments from Everton fans when we signed him that the lad does not have a lot of pace .

  98. Stuart79 says:
    December 20, 2010 at 4:24 pm

    “When did he say that, Worky?”

    In an interview some time ago, possibly for The Sunday Times but I’m not entirely sure anymore. He also said that he didn’t like ‘Spurs, which is quite normal for a Chelsea fan. It’s a bit like Newcastle fans with the Mackems and the Smoggies.

  99. I seen him say he didn’t like Spurs in an interview with Paul Beasley in the NOTW and the next week Beasley rubbished them claims on the Sunday Suplement saying “I know he supports Spurs”.

  100. Joey is a vital part of this side, why?
    First and foremost he is a good player, he commands a certain amount of respect from the other players and Houllier does`nt want him for his criminal record obviously.
    It`s my belief both he and Nolan and to a lesser degree Smith, form a neucleus of senior players in a fairly young side that both inspire and give confidence to the others.
    Something , if he`s smart Pardew will pick up on and use as did chris. Hughton.
    There`s allways a certain player, the Keanes, Bremners, and sometimes more than one who tend to drive the team,inspirational players.
    Smart managers recognize this and use it to their advantage.
    Well Joey`s been trying hard to be that kind of player, attempting to suppress his natural competitive drive and use it only in a positive way and we would do well to keep him, beside`s the fact he`s a pretty decent player.

  101. Barton is the best passer of the ball we have and alongside Tiote is our best midfielder. He is a necessity in our success/survival. Others have said it on here before and I fully agree-When Barton plays well, so do we. He is our engine.

    On another note, i sat on the f*cking A1 at Morpeth for 5 hours last night before being told I wouldn’t be making it anywhere near Edinburgh. So i tried today and the journey still took me in excess of 5 hours. F*cking nightmare. Also quite ridiculous that no one in Britain is ever prepared for anything like the scenes across the country!

  102. axel.
    no need for 2 DM’s, except on y’feet, is there?

    How’s about this MF?

  103. Ross,
    cos we don’t have enough people to do such jobs & we’ll have even less soon.
    Underpaid, undermanned-Tory britain.

  104. CLint – That’s the midfield we could do some serious damage with. HBA switching around, moving wide left to allow Jonas to cut inside, Joey able to move central when HBA is right as well, Nolan can push forward into the box to nick goals, Tiote there to pick up the pieces.

    That sentence was such a ridiculous run-on because I was creamin meself while writing it and thinking about how good that MF would be.

  105. FSS,
    aye mate,
    We’d get movement all over the shop with that.
    Jonas could swap sides too.

  106. There have been some great results this season, but there was nothing quite like that Everton match with HBA. Even aside from the wonder goal, he was making defenders look silly and controlling the tempo. Seemed like he even chipped in defensively.

    I know Jonas garnered similar rave reviews in his first match at Old Trafford, but I just don’t remember seeing a Newcastle player with such magical ability with the ball at his feet.

    Haven’t been following long enough, only since after Bowyer and Dyer got in that on pitch fist fight. Ginola is the best comparison, though?

  107. FSS-Just find Peter Beardsley highlight video’s if you want to see Newcastle’s best with a ball at his feet. Half the stuff he did in and around the box just couldn’t be explained. Glue on his boots without a doubt.

  108. Free Scoring Smudge says:
    December 20, 2010 at 5:14 pm

    “Ginola is the best comparison, though?”

    Peter Beardsley would probably be a better comparison, FSS, but without Beardsley’s good looks.

  109. FSS,
    Aye like Ross says: Pedro IS the MAN.
    Best player i’ve seen for the Toon in my 4 decades.
    Pedro, every time.

  110. I’m only 22 so I barely saw Beardsley play live his second time round and can’t really remember it when I did, but from watching past footage he for me is without a doubt the best Newcastle has ever seen, one of the best with a football at his feet the game has ever seen even if he wouldn’t be given the universal credit.

  111. Ross,
    aye mate,
    gotta say messi reminds me of Pedro, but messi doesn’t show up sometimes or win the ball back as often.
    Pretty similar in the looks department too, very similar gait also.
    Massively underrated player.

  112. batty,
    aye, you knaa mate.
    It’s gonna kick off next year, when the real hurt starts to bite.

  113. CLiNT-See for me, Messi will be one of the greatest players I ever see. Probably top 2 or 3. Even with all my years ahead of me, I say that with confidence purely because in my opinion, he’s THAT good. He rarely has an off day, every other time he’s on the field he’s mesmerising. You can’t help but watch Barca and appreciate how beautiful football can be. Teams like Arsenal for me just aren’t on their level. I think the Gooners will get turned over in the CL.

  114. Ross says:
    December 20, 2010 at 5:33 pm

    “CLiNT-See for me, Messi will be one of the greatest players I ever see. Probably top 2 or 3. Even with all my years ahead of me, I say that with confidence purely because in my opinion, he’s THAT good. He rarely has an off day, every other time he’s on the field he’s mesmerising. You can’t help but watch Barca and appreciate how beautiful football can be.”

    Ross, the modern Barcelona that you see today was built on the ideals of Barcelona’s greatest ever player, and the greatest footballer who ever drew breath, Johan Cruyff.

  115. Ross,
    he did nix for argentina at the wc mate.
    & i wouldn’t be so sure that barca will kill the gooners either.
    He’s playing in an inferior league in spain, for me.
    2/3 good teams.
    He’s a great player like.
    But Pedro ALWAYS turned up, the lad even went in goal.

  116. kkforever says:
    December 20, 2010 at 12:44 pm

    “As for chicken licken saying he would have charlie adams over joey well that proves what i allready thought”

    What did u think like, Troy?

    Adam has 3 goals and 4 assists so far this season, Barton has 2 and 4.

    Fairly comparable I’d say, only difference is Adam won’t get suspended every other game for twatting someone.

    I know which I’d rather have in my team.

  117. Beardsley was a breathtaking player and my best memories of him were scoring a hatrick against the mackems in 1985, scoring a near post goal against Norwich after he pretended to cross and a winning screamer away to Palace, one of the best players ever at Newcastle.
    I also saw him last year at a talk in at our local club and he was brilliant, down to earth and telling like it is, legend.

  118. Clint-For me, the only way Arsenal can get at Barca is to beat them with pace, on the break. The likes of Walcott have to start or they’re fighting a losing battle. They just wont beat Barca at their own game I dont think. We all saw what happened last time. 4 goals from Messi including a first half hattrick.

  119. I hope HBA can come good because we really don’t have anyone at all like him at the club. Obviously a little early to compare him to Pedro, considering he’s technically not our player and suffered a horrific injury, but he did have a legendary start to his career with that wonder goal.

    Barton, Carroll, Enrique, Tiote, HBA – CLASS players. We just need to add a few more and continue development from some of the young talent

  120. Ross,
    barca still didn’t get to the final even last year.
    & who had us down to beat the arse @ the kenny everetts?
    Owt can happen in football mate. The best footie doesn’t necessarily win, does it?
    Ask anyone here that remembers kk 1st time.

  121. CLiNT

    I’m not so sure the Barca – Arsenal game will be ‘interesting’ like, you saw the past few games? I fancy them to do the same this season as they did last, and spank them. They are tearing teams up for fun, quite simply, the best team i’ve ever saw in my life.

  122. nah mate, born 1983, so can’t compare, in my life time that i’ve seen anyway to be more precise.

  123. ILM,
    ok mate, fair enough.
    Hey barca are good like, but there have been some great teams down the years.

  124. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    December 20, 2010 at 6:03 pm

    i’m taking it that you never saw The Netherlands team in the 70’s then?”

    Clint, It was the Netherlands team which really got me into football in a big way, Clint. Then, later, I went back to the great Ajax team that won the European Cup three times in a row under Michels and Kovacs. They were the beauty and the romance of football personified. No fancy imports, no massive transfer fees, just a bunch of local lads from the Amsterdam area who shook the world with a totally new kind of football, the VERY beautiful game.

  125. worky,
    here here,
    exactly what i was gonna say next… Teams that were built with no money, that’s why i’m not in awe of barca, real, manu et al.
    They all bought their teams.
    The Dutch produced teams from nothing but hard work & the will to play beautiful football.
    Always better that way.

  126. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    December 20, 2010 at 6:17 pm

    ok mate, fair enough.
    Hey barca are good like, but there have been some great teams down the years.”

    The Real Madrid team of the late fifties, The Brazil of Garrincha and Pele, Sacchi and Capello’s “Invincibles”, Cruyff’s Barcelona “Dream Team” and so on…

  127. workyticket says:
    December 20, 2010 at 5:33 pm
    batty says:
    December 20, 2010 at 5:28 pm

    “clint 133 spot on m8″

    batty, Kev was a Maggie lover<<<<<fck off ya c unt

  128. batty says:
    December 20, 2010 at 6:28 pm

    “batty, Kev was a Maggie lover<<<<http://andrewsherman.blogspot.com/2007/04/kevin-keegan-emlyn-hughes-and-margaret.html


  129. toonsy,
    brazil suck.
    200m people to choose from.
    Every stop was pulled out in 1970 to prevent england winning that one.
    & i don’t even support england.

  130. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    December 20, 2010 at 6:39 pm

    “Hungary with Puskas,”

    A very innovative team, like the Ajax and Netherlands’ teams of the early / mid seventies.

  131. England at italia 90 with beardsley , waddle , gazza that was a very good team , sir bobby nearly had us world champions

  132. Nathandio

    Not really,

    Gosling has been back in training for a few weeks but will need to build up fitness and do a ‘pre-season’ with reserve games ect. Theres no rush anyway because I don’t think he would be in the first team.

    Benny will take longer. It was said he could be back as quickly as end of Jan but I think it will be late Feb at least before we see him again.

  133. worky,
    the guy that wouldn’t play for the nazi’s when hitler merged austris/germany in the 30’s.

  134. axel,
    the team full of Geordies (well north easterners).
    Canny team that.
    Pedro, Gazza, Waddle, Platt, who else?

  135. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    December 20, 2010 at 7:48 pm

    the guy that wouldn’t play for the nazi’s when hitler merged austris/germany in the 30’s.

    Clint, did you know that the Ernst Happel Stadium, where they had the last European Championship final in 2008, was used as a holding pen for people who were being taken to the concentration camps? It was called Prater Stadium in those days though.

  136. worky wasn’t there some documentary recently about it?
    Not particularly about that, but it was mentioned.

  137. Sir Bobby as manager and i am not sure but was Niel macdonald not in that squad as well although it could have been the euros he was called into the squad

  138. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    December 20, 2010 at 8:01 pm

    “worky wasn’t there some documentary recently about it?
    Not particularly about that, but it was mentioned.”

    I didn’t see it, Clint.

  139. icedog says:
    December 20, 2010 at 8:08 pm

    “WORKY aye good!n”

    The Scousers remember him better than we do, though he was the only Geordie on the cover of “Seargeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”

    CLiNT FLiCK says:
    December 20, 2010 at 8:11 pm

    “Matthias Sindelar”

    You beat me there, Clint! I was trying to remember his name without cheating.

  140. worky,
    i knew you’d get it mate.
    I had to cheat though.
    I couldn’t remember his name like.

  141. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    December 20, 2010 at 8:29 pm

    i knew you’d get it mate.”

    I didn’t Clint. I would have had to cheat like you! Any good videos of him like? ;-)

  142. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    December 20, 2010 at 8:38 pm



    My favourite comedian, Friedrich Nietzsche, once wrote that Germans are “half Austrian, half human being”.

  143. worky,
    try & check out that doc on it mate, i think it was called something like: Football & the nazi’s, could be wrong like.
    There are clips of him in that.
    Very interesting doc.
    BBC did it & ran it a couple of times on BBC4 i seem to remember, a year or so back.

  144. Obviously not many here remember the great Bobby Mitchell who played on the cup winning teams of the fifties (10 years actually)Ginola,Waddle,Robert ?
    Pedro?, well he was`nt a winger.
    Non of those mentioned could do what he did so onsistently, what an entertainer!
    Get the cup final against Citeh dvd (it`s available)you can catch him on it.
    And by the way what happened to the Hughie gallagher stuff we were promised ?

  145. batty…aye I thought they’d get summat tonight, didn’t expect them to be 2 up so quick, altough Citeh battered them the last 15 of the first half.

  146. aye clint he 1 of me favs , but i wouldnt class gazza as a ledgend, 1st chance he p:ssed off and left us

  147. batty,
    you’ve got money on it though. :)

    I would prefer manc not to be up there & stay in turmoil a bit longer, for a laugh.
    Although if they win, it may lull them into complacency v us.

  148. Well Lads hows it going are you getting much of the snow now, we are still covered with the stuff and it is a chilly -7 at the mo. tis funny how as a kid you loved the stuff but as you get older you hate it :( .
    Havn’t seen Jay Jay about or have I missed him.
    Toonsy i told you that given a bit of time you would change your opinion of Joey the same will happen to Ice :)

  149. ‎12 gold hoops, 11 fake uggs, 10 mayfair kingsize, 9pm curfews, 8 snotty kids, 7 different fathers, 6 grams of sniff, 5 sovereign rings, 4 stolen alloys, 3 different asbos, 2 many beers, and a brand new STD…..Do Christmas the scumberland way, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! ♥

  150. dave any 1 still slaggin joey needs there head checked oot ,hes 1 of the most inform midfeilders in the country this season

  151. Robbed this off bbc 606

    You put your transfer request in, then you take it out
    In out, in out, you mess the club about
    You do the transfer jokey and you turn around
    That’s what it’s all about
    Transfer Hokey Cokey
    Transfer Hokey Cokey
    Transfer Hokey Cokey
    Rooney, Tevez
    Steven Gerrard

    You kiss the club badge, then you want out
    In out, in out, you mess the club about
    You leave the fans choking, ‘cos you messed them around
    That’s what it’s all about
    Transfer Hokey Cokey
    Transfer Hokey Cokey
    Trasnfer Hokey Cokey
    Mascherano, Torres

    You say you love the club, then you have doubts
    In out, in out, you mess the club about
    You say the club made you, then you chase the pounds
    That’s what it’s all about
    Transfer Hokey Cokey
    Transfer Hokey Cokey
    Trasnfer Hokey Cokey
    Ronaldo, Lescott
    Ashley Cole

    You say that you’re off, but you said you’d stick about
    In out, in out, you mess the club about
    You refuse to sign a contract and you leave on a free
    That’s what it’s all about
    Transfer Hokey Cokey
    Transfer Hokey Cokey
    Trasnfer Hokey Cokey
    McManaman, Flamini
    Sol Campbell

  152. batty…nae thanks to you :lol:

    won a wee bit over the weekend, had 2 out of 3 on 2 bets with the one void on each bet

  153. chuckles says:
    December 20, 2010 at 8:57 pm

    “And by the way what happened to the Hughie gallagher stuff we were promised ?”

    You have a long memory!

    To answer your question, Chuckles, my life has gone a bit tits up this year, and some things have had to be put on hold. Sadly, this has included spending many hours writing on the history of Newcastle United and it’s characters such as “Wee Hughie of the magic feet”.

  154. City were bloody awful at the back for the two Everton goals. I missed kick off, what sort of reception did Tevez get?

  155. Tevez reception was ok – didnt get any flak, shitty fans know that without him they are going nowhere – how many snoods were on show on the man city side, half the team were wrapped up for a trip to the north pole. no wonder they could hardly run the weight they were carrying
    Yaya Toure banned for toon game and Ballotti went off injured so lets hope its something that lasts a week at least :)

  156. toonsy/worky,
    do a piece on ‘Carroll lined up for £50m move to chelsea’.

    The press will then say he’s worth £50m.

  157. Ross…Aye but Rooney wasn’t carrying the team, he wanted and got more money when he was playing crap.Tevez is City’s best player and didnt ask for or get any more money(apprently) ;-)

  158. well i believe in an eye for a eye so i hope that Pardew tells Tiote to twat Tevez just like they told De Jong to do HBA

  159. “Tevez is City’s best player and didnt ask for or get any more money(apprently)”

    We’re told to believe that otherwise we’d all draw the same conclusion and that is Tevez is just another example of the greed that flows through the veins of all the City mercenaries who, like Robinho earlier, probably didnt know who or where they were going other than it was a club in Manchester :)

    I can understand City trying to buy their way to the Title but why oh why do they have to do it with the biggest bunch of miserable mofo’s this side of the River Wear ?

  160. Am gonna state the obvious by saying am gutted the brums game was called off. Mainly cause i had planned a wife free weekend of watching footy on the telly and beers after. So it just had to be the beers then.

    Now I can’t bloody wait for the City game although I’m not as confident we can win that one. Especially since they got beat by Everton yesterday. They’re gonna want to bounce back. Key to the game I think will be how we cope with Tevez and their attacking force. If we can keep them out, then pretty sure Carroll, Barton, Nolan can get 1 or 2 goals between them.

  161. Stu I would play him in place of Jonas. Put Barton on the right and Nolan in between. 4-1-3-2. Maybe

  162. Hope he is alright when he does come back. Could have knocked his confidence a bit. Wonder if the change of manager will affect his attitude hope not. But the club will want him to show what he has got b4 splashing the cash. imo.

  163. on Enrique’s twitter

    “We have new assistant manager but dont ask me the name because i dont know hem”

    the journos are all scrambling to ask him who it is cause they know fuck all hahahahaha

  164. I hate shit stirring reports like that! Even if they are unfounded, the claims that the board have put a 1.5 Million price tag on JB can only set the lads confidence back!

  165. Well if his contract is coming to an end he can obviously walk next year. If he’d refused to sign anything I could understand them being desperate to get some sort of cash for him but all they’d be doing is selling our best passer of the ball for f*ckin pennies.

  166. Good News on HBA! Only yesterday i was asking about him and Goslin.
    Cant wait to see him. I hope he’s fired up when he gets back!

  167. Its SSN why is this even getting the time of day, when he either hands in a transfare request or an other team are in talks then start worrying!

    Newcastle Utd are SSN’s fav topic for comedy effect. After all we are the Loony Toons… Screw them!

  168. Even if Ashley wanted to sell Barton, I think he would put a price tag of £3-4M and see what happens, £1.5M is just rediculous for one of the countries best midfielders with many years left in him.

    I wouldn’t be suprised if it happened now that C.H gone and Ashley seems to have almost full control, but I would expect a replacement such as Adam coming in other direction. I think we might see some smart moves going on to lower the wage bill.

    Do you think barton has a sports direct sticker on that says ‘was £6M, reduced to £3M, NOW £1.5M! :)

  169. From Jose Enriques official Twitter account:

    Josenufc3: We have new assistant manager but dont ask me the name because i dont know hem

  170. Any 1 else think it could be purely down to the affect he has on potential transfer targets of ours. I can think of dunne, ireland, m johnson, wrightphillips, then players like onouha who i believe didnt want to join us cos he doesnt like barton?? I mean there only some of the good players available that wouldnt join us. What do you’s reckon? Cos otherwise its a very silly decision!

    Sadly enoufh id ov tried to get pedersob from blackburn before big joey tw@tte him

  171. Jose is hilarious. Brutally honest and his broken English is pretty funny. He posts loads of pics aswell, did anyone see the picture last week he put up claiming it was Jonas’ brother? Was really funny like

  172. Hope this is bollox, why sell our best player? I’d be gutted to see joey go, it’ll be another backwards step.

  173. You can’t help but like Jose; every time he says anything it’s usually open and honest. Not sure that twatter account is really him, but if not it’s a good immitation and quite good entertainment!

    The Barton thing is obviously utter cow’s gills, so forget that. SSN are not improving; already no better than the Daily Hail.

  174. Ross

    I agree in regards to Jose. He is classic. In my opinion, Twitter has helped rebuild the burnt bridges between players and fans and long may it continue.

  175. Toro-I’ve checked his a few times recently and it’s all amusing. Dunno if you’ve noticed also that he tends to speak to everyone that bothers to get in touch with him, even if it’s just a simple thankyou. I never thought about the whole player/fan relationships but it makes sense.
    Whumpie-I’m pretty certain it is him. I was dubious at first but he writes alot in Spanish and posts pictures other people just wouldn’t have access to. He put up pics of their Xmas meal after training, pics in the dressing room etc

  176. In regards to the Joey Barton rumours, it doesn’t sound credible, but at the same time it doesn’t seem like your everyday, nonsense rumour. If anything, it sounds as though his agent has spread that price tag around to a select few in order to get the vultures circling. This will only benefit him and his client when it comes to sitting down and negotiating a new deal. It’s no coincidence that this came out shortly after Pardew starts talking about building a team around Barton and a few others.

  177. I think it’s bollox and even if they wanted to sell him you’d be crazy only asking for £1.5m.

    A few people have mentioned recently that Ashley wanted to get rid of him before but I don’t think that comes into it.Alot if not most fans did at the time too but he won most around with his on field performances and hopefully Ashley too.

  178. Excellent news regarding Benny aswell. Would love to see him again this season. De Jong needs to watch his step come boxing day like. Cheik “Mr T” Tiote won’t even pity that fool, he’ll just crunch him the first chance he gets.

  179. What to people think of Pardew’s utterances so far? He’s sounding pretty straight-forward to me, and not afraid to give a direct indication of what he wants to do.
    Not sure Ashley’s going to let him, but that’s what he’s paid to deal with!

  180. Whumpie

    “What to people think of Pardew’s utterances so far?”

    I think it’s pretty run of the mill stuff, mate. He is just saying what we want to hear. Not that I dislike him for it, 95% of managers are this way. I just don’t read much into what he says.

  181. Hi All,
    Lets face it WE are loosing Andy Carroll and Joey Barton in January and then rest of first team in later. We are going down. Thanks to fat assessMike Ashley and Derek Lambias.

  182. I have Tweeted Danny Simpson to see if he will let us know who the new Assistant Manager is.

    If Barton is allowed to go, then that to me is a clear indication that neither Collo or Jose will be offered new contracts. As KK mentioned the other day, we will not progress under MA.

  183. Hi Kunal…
    Any chance you can fuck off back to whatever hole you’ve just crawled out of!
    Cheers and Merry Xmas

  184. ok lads heres the truth i grew up with joey and i know him well he likes it up there. as there is no real pressure to win anything as you have won nowt for years. joeys real dream would be to play for his beloved everton a cannot see that happening though hes not good enough so i can promise you he will see his contract out. mind you he told me a while back he hates ashley and ashley hates him after he was told by some of the back-room staff ashley said no f***ing scouser is worth 60 grand a week anyway lads have a good xmas and dont worry a think you will stay up

  185. Allegedly the “This is for Chrissy” dedication didnt go down too well however Fatman and Pardwho have to ask themselves this simple question.

    “Would we have got three points against Liverpool with Danny Guthrie on the right of midfield (or anyone else that can kick a ball) instead of JB ?”