Would Robbie Keane be a good signing for Newcastle?

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Robbie keen on Tyneside switch?
Robbie keen on Tyneside switch?
Much of the news today appears to be centred around Robbie Keane and his alleged preferance of joining Newcastle in the January transfer window.

Of course, it is all speculation until proven otherwise, and the closest that any of these reports can muster with regard to a quote is from the proverbial inside source from Tottenham, who claims that a move to Newcastle is something that Keane would seriously consider.

But would it be a good move for Newcastle? With Tottenham wanting a reported fee in the region of £6 million you have to seriously consider whether or not a deal would be worth it. Add the wages on top of that and you would probably be hard pushed to justify a move for the 30-year old.

Keane has made 24 club appearances this season, athough the fact that 20 of them have come from the substitutes bench would seem to suggest that he has indeed slipped down the pecking order at White Hart Lane. He has two goals for Tottenham so far this season, plus two goals in two appearances for the Republic of Ireland. Seems to me like we could be talking about a player who is on the decline.

That sentiment is echoed by a Tottenham season ticket holder that I have been talking to about Keane. He is of the opinion that Keane has been brilliant for Tottenham and should be thanked for his efforts at White Hart Lane, but he also pointed out that he has lost a bit of the pace and sharpness that has been his trademark for so many years.

Of course, there is nothing to say that he couldn’t do a job for us, but much of that depends of how much any potential deal would cost. Tottenham don’t generally sell players on the cheap, and Mike Ashley’s hardball approach when it comes to transfer negotiations will more than likely fall on deaf ears within the Tottenham boardroom.

It’s only a rumour at this stage, and nothing could come of it in the end, but what would you make of a deal for Robbie Keane? Do you think it would be a good move for the club? Or do you think it is a risk and a throwback to days when we used to spend a lot of cash on players who have already had their best years? Can you think of anything better?

Let us know your thoughts.

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89 Responses

  1. Piss off robbie, get your golden handshake from somebody else, no more Owens, viduka’s geremi’s please, I couldn’t handle it.

  2. I’d rather sign a younger player from another league similar to Tiote. Someone eager to prove themselves. As far as Keane is concerned, we’d pay a few million for him and then also high wages worth a good few million as well and only get about two or at best three good years from him. Not worth it in my opinion.

  3. I think Keane over the next 12-18 months could be a very astute signing , depenidng if the money is right , Yeah he lost pace but he still has a lot to offer

  4. Im sick of watching hasbeens like Owen and Viduka, wanna watch a young up and coming striker with legs and heart.

  5. In a word-No. A permanent signing would be madness, I can’t see why anyone would want him. A loan spell for the rest of the season and I’m game-even if we’ve got to pay high wages for a while I think he’d help out a little bit and make as a bit more secure. As a permanent buy though? Absolute waste of cash, we need pacey and creative players and thats where all the money should be going, if we have any money that is.

  6. And the reason he doesnt get a game for spurs is he fell out with redknapp over there xmas party last year not through lack of ability.

  7. Nah he’s well off the pace these days mate. No doubt has a lot of technique and ability but finished in terms of pace. Plus he probably fell out with A’rry coz he’s got a big ego and is a pr!ck.

  8. He would be a great player to have in our side up front alongside AC… BUT… For 6mil plus wages he is to expensive his age taken into consideration, so unless the lazy eye wheeler dealer drops his price i dont think so.

  9. IF someone told me at the start of January that S.Taylor would sign a new contract, we tie Ben Arfa down on a permanent deal, sign Max Gradel whilst at the same time balancing the squad out but by getting rid of Best too and on top of that the 1 or 2 players (left back on loan and striker) who Pardew said were looking for then I’d be a very happy man. :-)

  10. He still has pace when he plays for Ireland

    He fell out with Harry casue Harry cancelled the xmas party so Keane organised it in dublin under the pretense it was non-alchol gold trip.

    He is also odds on to be the leading International Goal Scorer from the British Isle’s so his next move is very important to him.

    Cant argue about him been a pr!ck tho :)

  11. Forget about the likes of Keane, we are just returning back to the bad old days. If their is any money available go for the arsenal kid who is very pacy, can`t remember his name but it is something like Viella

  12. Toonsy in response to the articles question, i have to say a resounding NO! and i go indepth as to why below…

    because hes shit.

  13. we paid £5.7m for xisco and he’s on 50K a week. Why not give him a run in that keane position, just off carroll ?

    in a couple of cameo appearances like against villa he looked pretty good.

  14. @mossa – Carlos Vela is who you’re thinkin of. has tons of potential, but i doubt arsenal will sell him outright. loan may be the only option with him.

    id pass on keane. loan until the end of the season might be ok depending on fees/wages, but definitely not a permanent signing. money can be better spent on younger players with more time/potential

  15. his goals to games ration isnt great, he has the worlds worst acrobatic goal celebration ever.. and he is shit!

    just my opinion ofc

  16. DJG says:
    December 30, 2010 at 5:15 pm

    “finished in terms of pace. Plus he probably fell out with A’rry coz he’s got a big ego and is a pr!ck.”

    He never really been quick in the first place his movement is much more like Beardsley than Owen. He can create and score goals our current strikers cant, Please give me some evidence of this big ego because i can only find quotes praising his attitude:

    “Robbies a great lad, there’s not too many Robbie Keanes about in the game. He has enthusiasm and knowledge, a lot of things that he brings into the game” Harry Redknapp

    “He is such an important player for us and his influence on the side is there for all to see.” Giovanni Trapatoni

    “He works so hard. It means as much to him to win a five-a-side in training as a match.” Martin Jol

    “He’s such a bubbly lad that anyone who meets him loves him.” Glenn Hoddle

    “He’s cheeky in a roguish way, a nice way. A good lad who loves football” David O’Leary

    “I admit it is a big regret, Robbie Keane is among the best that Ive seen.” Marcelo Lippi

    “Robbie is a top player and a special lad. Whatever level he’s played at, he’s scored goals. He’s got so much ability.” Gordon Strachan

  17. Robbie is a greedy shit who still believes Newcastle are a soft touch and give big contracts to players passed their best
    jay jay

  18. Aye but he’s finished man. If he wants to retire somewhere he should got to Birmingham City (where he is linked with). I hear they have a good retirement home these days. (Carr, Bowyer, Phillips, M Taylor ect ect)

  19. I’m new to all this so here goes (not new to the Toon though having watched my first games in the late 1940’s)Robbie hasn’t got as many miles on the clock as many strikers his age being under used at all of his clubs and has a big heart for who ever he plays for. He will give his all like Smithy,Lee Bowyer and Joey as he’s the same sort of honest player. If Spurs (who have the audacity to use a Northumbrian name) drop their price a bit and Robbie takes a cut but scores and makes enough goals to win bonuses then he will be good for 3-4 years and remember he hasn’t had serious injuries and is always very fit.

  20. I’d love it if we were able to steal in on another club’s deal, this Marveaux bloke from Rennes whos supposed to be going to liverpool as his contract is out in the summer-can play as a left winger and a left back and is only 24. I must confess I haven’t seen him play, but I know a lad who follows the french league and he says he’s a decent player. Don’t see how he could be worse than Jonas and he could fill in for an injured enrique :) and he’s good going forward so we could still get stuff going without the Bull.

    Maybe next we could get Messi too eh..

  21. If we’re gonna do business with Harry at Spurs I suggest we go for one of their awesome wingers that cannot get a game because of Bale and Lennon, even on loan, that would be sensible business not another Owen or Viduka.

  22. fk me parwho was the best answer,got to be fkin joking me,the cheepest,fkin disgrace,worky told you years ago about ashley.

  23. Dave, I have been a long time reader of both blogs, I am aware of all of the characters, their stance, and their viewpoints, not to mention idiosyncrasies.

    Just to say I saw and read what happened to you last night, and I dont agree with it. You have never told lies, nor are you a racist.

    You were right on many fronts, regarding the way a certain individual who runs this blog conducts themselves and their operations. Including the editing of blogs after arguments to paint himself in a good light. I seem to remember him calling you a “Doylum” in an nasty tone for absolutely nothing, then editing it out after the argument.

    You hold the moral high ground, just stay there, people can see him for who and what he is.

    Next time he comes around with his begging bowl (for a website that is a few coppers to run, must be a shortage in his private life me thinks) maybe the readers wont be so generous.

    I will always be around to support you fella, or provide evidence, when someone libels you as a “Liar”, dont you worry about that ;)

  24. well gud news is ashley is stumping up the cash for benny,love jonas but at the end of the day hes shite,fk lets hope ashley gives this second rate manager money

  25. just sorting out the books and assets man, then someone will buy me out next summer! You’ll look back and see me as the best thing that ever happened to the club! hahaha

    Why do I make Ashley sound like a scooby doo villian?

  26. Edward – A little harsh on Worky there possibly. Well about the donations bit anyway.

    On Keane, I think he’s past his sell by date now so I’d have to say NO!

    Not sure if there’s any other strikers about though, especially in our price range.

  27. Edward Rogers Well fella thanks for your support and kind words ;) dont worry I dont plan on backing down or stepping of the Moral highground because I know I have done nowt wrong this time or the lasttime either, I can remember the very Doylums conversation, and I still have it saved on a disc along with a few other things.

  28. its a no from me – seems to be past his best, tho saying that celtic fans voted him player of the season even tho he only joined them 1st Feb
    Can’t say he’s good value for money as Spurs want a perm signing at the end of loan deal and quoted West Ham 5 million plus 1 million if they stay up plus pay all his wages
    He’s 30 years old, they must think we’re wither desperate or right mugs

  29. Bloody hell, Dave! Saving all this data on ya floppy? You expecting a lawsuit?

    Edward is Stardust!

  30. Aye I’d have him-For 20k/week and a fee of no more than £2million.

    He’s a has-been and everyone including him and ‘Arry know it.

    Would get us a few goals and be a good foil for Carroll but for only a couple of seasons at most.

    Would prefer Landon tbh.

  31. I personally think getting keane on loan would be an astute piece of business, he is a proven premier league player and has the ability to provide goals for players around him. In short it’s fairly obvious that best and lovenkrands are not good enough for the highest level. Gradel would be another good signing for the future but I think lua lua fits that mould. Personally i would argue that a team of; Carroll, keane, ben arfa, tiote, Nolan, Barton, Enrique, s Taylor, coloccini, simpson and krul would make even the eyebrow of fergie raise a little

  32. Jonas aint a sh1te player…he does have the ability, but for whatever reason he gets bloody lazy when theres nobody pushing him. Take the man city game, arfa gets the start on him and what does he do after the injury? comes on and bloody scores. First few matches after that he was good as well, showed real hunger. Now he’s just bloody taking his money. I don’t see why he’s so eager to prove himself when he comes under pressure but not when trying to nail down a spot? He won’t be in the first team when we play 4-4-2 and Arfas back..

  33. Stuart @ 56 sometimes its handy to save things as once things are said on the internet they are there for ever just incase I may need them as libelous allegations can be very dangerous

  34. NewkieBrown funny enough Jonas is one of my favs but lately he has been very frustrating, and your right the 1st few games after Benny got injured he was far better. I just dont understand why he has to try to beat one to many instead of just whipping it in after he beats one player.

  35. Just read through your conversation and I have to say I’m disgusted at Worky! But not shocked, I know what he’s like!

  36. No keane for me. We have a player to partner Carroll. Harris Vuckic.
    The important areas to get players in is right and left midfield and right back. The good and succesful teams get goals from midfield we struggle to get goals from this area.
    Think of Spidey, routledge, smudger, tiote and goals is not the first thing that come to mind

  37. Dave>

    Why do you let Worky bother you like that? I’ve never heard you or Dave mention anything even slightly racist and I reckon its just Worky’s shite sense of huomour trying to get a rise out you both.

    Neither of you are racist so who gives a fu*k except him?

    Don’t entertain it and just talk about football lads!

    :o( Oh dear bet I’ll get banned for saying that eh Worky?

    De it!

  38. never understood racists myself like,take them heed the baals in the ku klux klan,there is absolutley no sense in lighting a hugh bonfire,then standing really close to to it,whilst dressed in a white sheet.

  39. Big Dave- Aye mate, I like him as a player and likewise he’s a good personality-plus he has skill on the ball, but like you said, he needs to keep his head up and look for the cross or pass because he ends up trying to take on entire teams, and as highly as marradonna or messi rate him (better than fabregas and rooney apparently :P) he’s not a world beater.

  40. Is Worky black? Seems overly sensitive about the non issue to me. You don’t meet many racist people these days. Maybe the odd un PC old codger but even these people don’t have any real malice. It is the sort of rhetoric that can destroy a community, Worky. You are coming across as really angry the last couple of weeks, I presume you are having problems in your personal life.

  41. People were debating electric shavers before crimbo, Hitman. Perhaps that was code speak for something more sinister…..

    Anybody seen Welliton play? He is awesome with an awesome scoring record.

  42. Unless Robbie’s back to full fitness and sharp, what would he bring that Peter Lovenkrands doesn’t?

  43. Unless I’m very much mistaken didnt Mr Keane turn down a move to SJP earlier this summer as he wanted to fight for his place at Spuds ?

    So now we’re his No. 1 choice, allegedly. I wonder why that is ?

  44. Robbie will score goals simple as.

    He and one or two others have carried Ireland for years. I think he’d be a greatloan signing and himself and Andy would be a great partnership. He’d ease the workload on Andy.

  45. Quite obviously yes he would!

    Proven Goalscorer

    Since when has 30 been old?

    Wants to come

    If the baove arguments fail then who thinks Keane is worse than our present second strikers?!!!

  46. AS for Vuckic partnering Carrol haha nonsense! He’s not a forwar! Jez! I like Pete L but he’s not as good as Robbie K. Honestly – just look at his goal record!

  47. I’d take Keane for anything under 4M. We need someone to come in and do a job this season, Keane fits the bill. What happens Carroll gets injured?? We need another proven EPL striker on the books asap.

  48. how about that promising striker who plays for ipswich town? connor, i think that’s his name.
    or we could get someone like papiss cisse from germany or a moussa sow from france or best of all Fernando Llorente!he’s just the guy,though if you think about it he is a lot like AC in the sense that he too is a huge lump of a striker.
    speaking of which what news of xisco?is he a ballboy or something now?

  49. Those of you who say you dont want keane obviously know nothing about football. We’d be lucky to have a player like him playing for us. I honestly think with a run of games, his goals will make the difference between a relegation battle and a comfortable mid table finish. ONLY on loan though!!

  50. Edward Rogers says:
    December 30, 2010 at 6:55 pm

    “You were right on many fronts, regarding the way a certain individual who runs this blog conducts themselves and their operations. Including the editing of blogs after arguments to paint himself in a good light.”

    Stardust, that was you lying little bastard, abusing your privileges as an admin. You really took Dave for a ride there.

  51. I’d be keen on Keane for no more than 2mil on a 1 year contract, or better yet a loan and pay him on a per goal basis. Make that bloody mick perform (I’m descended from a long line of irishmen, so I can say that :D)

  52. I’d say Yes to Robbie on a loan deal, or incentive based short term contract with minimal fee….but 6 Million……not a chance!!

    Happy New Year for all you lovely people…………..and sod it all you not so lovely ones aswell!!

  53. MonchenMag-

    I speak French actually, but I’m about as irish as it gets. My family consists of Hurley’s, Callahan’s, and Woods. There’s a little German and a little Choctaw Indian in there too :D

  54. Batty-

    Hope you’re around mate, if not- have a HAPPY NEW YEAR, my friend!! When I come to newcastle to visit, I’m expecting you to give me a couch to rest my head on for a few days like :D hahahahha