Is Kris Boyd on the verge of a move to Newcastle?

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Kris Boyd: Tooning in?
Kris Boyd: Tooning in?
There has been a rumour circulating today regarding Rangers striker Kris Boyd and a possible move to Newcastle United.

Rumour has it that the 26-year-old Scottish international has been at the clubs training ground today, with the thought being that a deal will be tied up soon for the player who is out of contract at Rangers in the summer.

Of course it could all be rumour, and the fact that it has made it on to certain radio stations means nothing. But we have been linked with Boyd back in January, although a move to meet up with his old boss at Birmingham had looked the more likely destination.

However, now Birmingham have signed Nikola Zigic for an undisclosed fee to beef up their striking options, could it now mean we have a chance to beef up our own striking options with a player who would cost nothing and has an impressive goalscoring record of bagging a goal every game and a half?

For me it’s a no-brainer. I understand that scoring goals in the SPL and scoring goals in the Premier League are two different things, but Boyd is a poacher, and being in the right position to poach goals should mean the difference in the quality of opposition shouldn’t matter to much, after all, if you’re in the right place you’re in the right place, right?

Another bonus is that he would cost nothing to sign. Nothing, na-da, zip, and that will please Mike Ashley. It also means that we have a chance of making a profit on the player if he turns out to be a bit of a flop, although I feel slightly more confident that Boyd would score more goals than Leon Best.

One question mark regarding the player is surrounding his work ethic. Some fans complain that he doesn’t really do a lot when he hasn’t got the ball, but to be fair, that doesn’t matter so much when you can stick the ball in the back of the net.

The problems arise when the ball stops hitting the back of then net, or indeed doesn’t start to hit the back of the net straight away. If you have a work ethic then you can justify your position in the team a bit more, even if the goals dry up. If you don’t have that, and you don’t score goals, then it becomes an entirely different animal.

As I stress though, this is just a rumour, but it is one I would like to see happen. He is the right age and right price, and would be available on relatively cheap wages and would have the chance to prove himself in the best league in the world in front of a similar size crowd to what he is used to. What more could he want, eh?

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157 Responses

  1. Nobody could really say for sure if he’ll score goals in the EPL, but the fact he’s free would soften the blow if he turns out to be a flop.

    He’s free so why not. Just hope he doesn’t want high wages.

  2. Of course, the only draw back really is that you have another Scotsman trying to get Andy to play for them vs. England. :)

    This is a move I think would be very prudent. I’ve argued that the center of the pitch is fine, need cover on the wings (mid and def) and another striker would be a plus to have…well, here ya go. Sign him up.

  3. no pace never scored in an old firm game great,chris hughton is a coward and a bottler.

  4. work ethic seem to remember a guy named super mac,whos work ethic was never cross the half way line till half time,think he scored one or for the toon i think ;)

  5. Can’t really turn him down when he’s free. Like you say Toonsy, he’ll probably bag more than Best. His goalscoring record in the SPL is impressive. I’m sure around 20k pw will do it, think he’s on 13 or so at the moment.

  6. dave-That’s the only issue I have. All my mates who are Celtic fans say they don’t care for Boyd because when it comes to the big games (or game, aka the old firm), he’s never scored. General consensus is that he bottles it under pressure.

  7. I like it. If he fails we can always sell him back to Scotland. I’m sure clubs there would take him with his scoring record.

  8. Ross – Aye, but how many of them games has he played in? A fair few of his games have been as a sub, which mean his goals to games ratio is probably closer to 1 for 1 when you take that into account.

    Walter Smith plays 4-5-1 a lot, and Boyd gets left out a lot becuase you need a player who will put himself about and chase everything up top on there own.

    Tartoon @ 4 Real Radio mate.

  9. I agree he’d get more chances & goals than Best but I’d still like to see given a chance.

    I couldn’t have played that much more a game & half in total. Hasn’t played well when he has played but he’s taken a massive step up in coming to Newcastle. If he doesn’t work out he doesn’t work out…we’ll recoup the money…

  10. Any strike is going to get a bit of room with big andy controlling the front of the net.

  11. Hope he is in Newcastle now! He is a quite good player and i think he can score many goals in PL too. If we sign him up, then it is time for Ameobi/Best to move on.

  12. A 2 in 3 striker on a free? Only one answer really. The gulf in leagues is no greater than the gulf in leagues between CCC and prem – and we all seem to be pretty sure Carroll et al. will step up.

    And Mr. G Carr, if you’re reading – could you please take a look at monaco’s korean playmaker/striker Park Chu-Young. 23, rocket fast, big, strong and creative – regarded as the current best player in asia – on sky’s list of 8 best rising stars in world football. I guarantee he will shine in the summer. Get a 6mil bid in now – he’s the perfect player for us.

  13. Signings like these, if it happens, is what we need plenty of. As most have said if they dont work out, so what.
    I know they bring the wage bill up but if we are skint then we have to take a risk and bring a lot of free signings into the club because lets face it Ashley is going to take a massive risk this season wether we like it or not.
    He will buy no players and I never expected it.

  14. would like to see Shola stick around with his goal scoring rate from last year. Sure it’s probably mostly due to the level of competition and he’s certainly never done it in the Prem, but maybe his confidence is up more than before.

  15. Boyd in the past has also seemed pretty determined not to leave Scotland, but given the fact we’re only a couple of hours down the road and the club would probably be a similar set up to that of Rangers, i’m quite confident if we’re actually in for him, we’ll get him.

  16. Boyd is cack, the spl is cack, Scotland is cack, Scottish footballers are cack, wickywoowoo is cack, iron bru is cack, haggis is cack, highland toffee is cack, tennents is cack, don’t buy him, he’s cack.

  17. What a bunch of hooey. I’ll bet you invented that piece of info over lunch today. “Hey! Why not start a daft rumour today?” And so it began. No sources. Not even a second site reporting this “story”. A rumour is only a rumour if more than one person knows it. Pitiful.

  18. I am not paying much attention to rumours but if this comes true I think it will be good deal in the end whatever happens.

  19. would be good signing i think but if were supposedly going to play 4 5 1 away from home and boyd is lazy and cant play up top on his own hed only be playing half of games isnt that why hes thinking of leaving rangers? and maybe make more sense to go for someone who can play a vareity of formations scores goals and puts a shift in

  20. Hope his Birthday isn’t in the next couple of days he will be 27 and way to old for CH and his Arsenal model/plan.

  21. I hope this isnt true, imo, this WOULD be a horrible signing and i would sooner have Harewood back i realy don’t rate him. In all honesty though i havent actually seen him but from what i hear he is a 1 in 4 striker in the spl who doesn’t have pace and doesn’t realy work hard, though i doubt the 1 in 4 is true i still don’t rate him and would prefer Ranger didn’t go on loan

  22. I would like to see us sign this guy. We wont be able to rely just on Carroll, Lovenkrands and Nolan. People who say he is rubbish and we should get someone better, who we gonna get. He will cost nothing in fees and score 10-15 goals.

  23. Gotta be better then Leon Best-Not overwhelmed – pulse still trotting along – Yawn – Stretch – Ahhhhhh thats better

  24. George Caulkin said:
    Apparently #nufc have denied the Boyd story, so make of that what you will. They definitely denied it a couple of weeks ago.

    Still hope we get him tho.

  25. I dunno about Boyd, don’t get me wrong,
    he could be good for nowt, but, isn’t he yet another ‘big lad up top’?
    a la Carroll, Shola, Best.

    Someone nippy as a foil for the ‘big ‘un’.

  26. summerof69

    how many goals will Leon Best get then if he couldnt score in 16 appearances in a lower league.

  27. CLiNT-Boyd is pretty much a straight up poacher. He’s a “right place right time” sort of striker and knows where the net is. He’d be playing right on the shoulder of the last defender I imagine trying to latch onto something Carroll etc could provide for him. He’s not the fastest and in the past has looked like he was carrying a few extra pounds but he can score goals.

  28. DJG-Best was a bargain a £2M – On of CH ‘s best swoops so far :)

    I think he has learned his lesson now though and has stated that he bides his time in the transfer market-good idea methinks.

  29. He’s a “right place right time” sort of striker and knows where the net is. He’d be playing right on the shoulder of the last defender I imagine trying to latch onto something Carroll etc could provide for him. He’s not the fastest and in the past has looked like he was carrying a few extra pounds but he can score goals.

    Sounds awesome :lol:
    Bet the cues will be round the block to get his name on the back of the new Puma Tops.
    Scoring Goal in the SPL is like scoring them in our division 2…do you reckon he can step up 3 divisions and bag us 20 goals?

  30. 20 goals? Like only Drogba, Rooney, Bent, Lampard and Tevez did?

    It’s only top teams, Sunderland not included, that have 20 goal strikers nowadays SJT.

  31. SJT – The day I write about a footballers marriage on the basis that the lass is from Newcastle is the day I give up ;)

    The meesage is clear. who gives a toss about Ashley Cole and his mrs? Or ex now :lol:

  32. summerof69

    how many goals will Leon Best get then if he couldnt score in 16 appearances in a lower league.

    Just because Leon Best was shit doesn’t mean Boyd will be much better.

  33. With all respect sjt scoring goals in spl isnt that easy, it just proves that the players are good finishers. I bet you were one of those players saying that Larsson wouldnt be good in the prem (not that he’s in the same class, more goals however) yet he went on to turn a champions league in barca’s favour and was good for sweeden scoring goals in world cups. If boyd can have half of that succes! Heres hoping eh.

  34. Thing is, a poacher is a poacher and will get himself in the position to score goals.

    It’s about supply, and if we can do that then he will score goals.

  35. Someone got in contact with simon taylor who accused us of being racist to Andy Cole and……………………..My e-mail to Taylor and his response.

    Good evening Mr. Taylor,

    I wonder whether you wish to respond to the numerous comments on the Guardian website following today’s article by Chris Arnot which contains a preposterous purported quotation attributed to you relating to Newcastle supporters and Andy Cole’s debut. Did the writer quote you accurately? And if so, can you explain the multiple errors?

    Reply Forward

    Thanks for your email. I thought it may be helpful to explain that the comments you refer to are an out-of-context part of an interview in which I spoke generally about racism within the game, the lack of Asian players and how role models can help inspire and overcome prejudice.

    I’m personally disappointed that my quote has come across in a negative way. What is missing from the piece is the fact that the groups I was referring to were explicitly not Newcastle supporters. The quote does not, nor would I ever, imply that Newcastle fans racially abused Andrew Cole. In fact the point I was making was in praise of Newcastle fans who shunned the minority who were attempting to stir up trouble at the time.

    I would never say these people were Newcastle or indeed football fans, in fact I would suspect the opposite to be true. Having lived in the city for seven years and having been back to St James Park subsequently I have nothing but the utmost respect for Newcastle fans.

    The wider point lost in the piece was how fans have been instrumental in overcoming racism within the game and how players and role models such as Andrew Cole, and in the case of Chelsea – Paul Canoville and Paul Elliott, deserve a great deal of credit in the fight against racism.

    I do hope this email helps to explain the context of the quotes and I can only apologise if anyone has taken offence.

    I have subsequently spoken to the Guardian newspaper and it has agreed to issue a clarification

  36. Rather have the Byern Munchen gadgie, got pace, more versitile, I could score a rake of goals against Motherwell and Dundee.
    Face it the spl teams are about the equivelent to the championship or worse.

  37. CLiNT @34

    No mention of Colocini in that list, unless I’ve missed something.

    Probably not worth the beer mat it was written on :)

  38. SJT-How much money do you think we will have to spend? Who do you suggest we buy? If you dont think we’ll have any money to spend in the window, what would you suggest as far as transfer activity is concerned?

  39. Think the lad would be a good squad player too have , would proabably be back up for Lovenkrands who i think will do a job next season in the prem . With Ranger going out on loan we need someone else in , anyone know what his goalscoring stats are in european competiton that might tell us something about how good he is . After all the CL and Europa league is a step up than the SPL in most cases .

  40. boyd is proper fcuking crap! its all well and good saying get him as he is free, but then the jock twat will be on 25/30 k a week and will reduce our wage power for any real players that we might stand half a chance of getting. Fits the mould though, free and from a league outside the prem. i guess we will get the donkey.

  41. Ice :) whats happening young fella ;) .
    I hope we do get Boyd I for one was wanted to get him in the Jan window but we ended up with Best :( . I think he will fit in to our team real well. I cant understand some comments basically saying he’s an SPL player so shouldn’t be that good, Larson has been mentioned our very own Lovens and a few other good players have all played in the SPl and have done allright after. ;)

  42. Alright Ross-
    Sell Lua Lua,Ranger,Shola,Best. Raise say £7M ish

    Get big Mick to Add £13M to the kitty to £20M-Take Robbie Keane off Spurs say 10M or Similar Level Striker possible foreigner use the other 10M say £7M on some Midfield creativity,use the other 3M left over on whatever or put towards January Window.

  43. Darth,
    i was just wondering if that was where the rumor started mate.
    But aye, it’s silly season after all.

  44. If I was Big Mick I would just give CH £20M and see what he can do with it.
    Shame if he does end up with peanuts,loans and kids and we are in the bottom 3 at xmas….Big Mick will send Decka down the training ground to do his dirty work and send him packing – Fall Guy – Dead Man Walking…….

  45. SJT I think Ranger is worth holding onto, as for Keane IMO I think it would be a waste of 10 mill plus 65 k a week in wages

  46. Toonsy

    Doubt if Boyd could poach an egg, never mind any goals.

    Where`s the ambition here? all you guys do is tout second rate nobodys and seem happy and willing to have them.
    Oh! we have to watch out for Mike`s billion plus empire, we could`nt possibly spend that much, we have to cut our cloth accordingly.
    This is what management was saying a year ago, now every other fan is spouting the same shit.
    What was it that made everyone so concerned about Mike`s money and believe me he`s still got plenty of it.

  47. Clint I am sure Lovenkrands has got a 24 year old brother…..dunno if he plays football think his a builder in denmark,worth a punt and fits our age model and wage cap :)

  48. Whilst I don’t think Boyd is a fantastic player, you only have to look at Steven Fletcher to see how a player from the Scottish league can come to the Prem and perform. There is no set rule, “Scottish players aren’t good enough for the prem” yahdah yahdah yahdah! You guys simplify things too much. Every player is different. Rather than judge the league he is form, why don’t you judge him by his style of play and whether he would fit in in the Prem. I think he would, but no one will ever know until he comes…

  49. Keane is a different class to what we have got on the books-think he would do well at SJP.

  50. Good Point – El Toro
    He may be the top scorer in the prem next season,he may not be nobody knows,I think we could do better though,just because he is free doesn’t make him good-he might turn into a bargain…prefer someone else though with premiership experience.

    Wonder why Birmingham haven’t stole a March on him-Bick Eck likes his Scottish players and knows the division well.

    Does he know something we don’t?

  51. hey i actually agree with someone… i think keane would be great. prob is he will cost more than 50p so we are out of it. i know a couple of half decent brickies and a plumber who play in a five a side league. they would prob come but i dont know if ashley will stump up the 25k a year wages they would want. ffs, what a joke.

  52. ‘Wheater and Wilshere to Newcastle.

    ‘Rumours are rife on tyneside that kris boyd is going to sign immenently. Has reportedly been spotted at Benton. He actually wanted to sign for Birmingham but they have now dropped interest after the capture of Zigic.’

    ‘Wow i have to say it amazes me how many people come on and post rumours about their teams rivals when its clear they are to noise up real fans.Anyway to clarify 1 point Kris Boyd has stated that he would sign a new deal with rangers if the current management team stayed and as has been reported Walter Smith has signed a 1 yr contract and Ally/Kenny 2 yr deals.’

    ‘Kris Boyd to sign for Newcastle on a free transfer.’

    ‘Kris Boyd is EXTREMELY close to signing for Newcastle United– He was having talks this morning (Wednesday) and the signing could even be done by the time this is uploaded ontot he football rumours page– Newcastle are also after Nedum Oneohua (Spelling?) and will pay up to £4m for his services– They will also chase up Tom Cleverly and Jack Wilshere on loan deals.’

    On football rumours. Very unreliable.

  53. @75.. put it this way sjt, brum would rather shell out 6 million on a 29 year old that may or may not work out than risk NOTHING on boyd!! say no more on that!

  54. ‘Boyd signing for Newcastle.

    Cofirmed tommorrow morning.

    Wheater is not a target.

    Heard this from a reliable source.’

    Another one.

  55. SJT-Not trying to purposly create conflict, lol but I’m not 100% sure about Robbie Keane. He’d ask for a decent chunk in wages I think and there’s nowt to say he’d come to us. He only went to Celtic as it was a boyhood dream. You want to sell Ranger? Not just loan him out? And Shola? What do we do if Carroll gets injured like?

  56. Ross

    How are ya, mate? What do you think of Boyd? Do you think he is what we need?

  57. I am more sure of Robbie Keane getting us goals in the premiership than any of our strikers-Yes he would ask for a decent chunk in wages that is the norm for good premiership players.

    How many Goals do you expect Best and Shola to net say if they where 1st choice next season?
    Not many.

    I think Carroll will struggle to get 10 maximum 1st season less opportunities much harder and organized defenders.

  58. craig chisholm says:
    May 26, 2010 at 8:35 pm

    Unfortunately you cannot buy champagne with beer money.

  59. El Toro,
    i think it’s more about what the fans want, isn’t it?
    We can make a players life a misery.

  60. I have been impressed with CH so far, in my opinion the two biggest factors in a successfull manager is his buys and his ability to create team spirit, and CH seems to have both those abilities. I realise that there have been a signing such as Best, but for every Best there have been a Williamson and a Routledge, just like there was a Carl Cort and Hugo Viana for every Robert and Bellamy. Had you asked me in December whether i would want Williamson and Routledge to come i would have probably told you that i would rather have someone else, and most of you if you are completly honest, would say the same… So if CH really is after this guy, i say there is a very good chance that he could turn out to be great for us, history has taught us that much so far.

  61. Yup Keane is way too Rich for Big Mick…Blackpool have probably got a bigger Transfer Kitty than us.

  62. I mentioned Keane a while ago and think he would give us something different, a good link up with carrol.

    Boyd could be useful but is he what we need?

  63. Valle I am all for shopping around and picking up some good deals….but a little touch of class someone to get excited about would be nice now and again.

    We really have fallen so far behind under this regime….Penny Pinching does not win prizes.

  64. They probably have SJT because they won’t owe their owner millions like us and have probably been well run in the past………there’s a cheery thought being gazumped by Blackpool on transfer targets!!

  65. Keane Carroll could see it working and I could see Keane teaching Andy a few tricks if he avoids Jail that is.

    Just saying if AC gets sent down..what then Best and Lovvenkrands, Shola and Best or Shola and Lovvenkrands upfront If you had to pick?

  66. Aye,
    but the big money men won us nowt too.
    Somewhere in the middle is where we may find some joy.
    CH is trying for the ‘team’ approach.
    Partly maybe cos he has to, but as much cos that’s the way he’s wired. Strong team ethic.
    Long time since we had that going on.

  67. Spyro-Alright mate, how you doing? As far as Boyd is concerned, being up in Scotland I see him play week in week out. There’s not much to say about him other than the fact he’s a proper poacher and can score goals. On a free, for 20K a week, I think we should take him. Whether we do or dont have money to spend, is irrelevant as far as he’s concerned. If we do have money to spend, great, he’s just another body through the door to help, who’s cost us nowt. His wages would be acceptable and I think he deserves a shot.

    Put it this way, when Fletcher was up here at Hibs i’d watch him and think he was average. At best. What happens? He moves to the Prem and has an excellent season with a struggling team. I was very impressed with him last year. He’s still young and has time to mature and learn the game though. Boyd is slightly older. Like i’ve already said however. His price tag reads free, why not give him a bash?

    How bout you? You willing to give him a go or you think if we’re going to make free’s and loans we’re better looking elsewhere?

  68. SJT… I get your point mate, but the transfer window has only just opened, lets see what happens… We might get a good suprise yet.

  69. Totally agree Clint but it is alot easier to get a team ethic and spirit together when you are waltzing along in a lower division,walking over teams for fun and very rarely suffering defeats of humiliations week in week out….of course they are going to have a good spirit.

    You have no pressure from above,fans are behind you,players on top of the world….it is like we have been living in a fantasy land or amusement park for a season….it will get tough if the right players at a required standard are not brought in.

  70. Agree but targets should have been approached soon as we bolted on promotion…Birmingham have already spent 12M that is what you call planning.

  71. As I have said-my gut feeling and the noises coming out of SJP is Mike Ashley will not be backing CH with the required funds to build a decent quality premiership side….not a glamour side,just decent hard working and a bit of craft and depth.

    The current side will struggle in the premiership-In my opinion and I want to see CH backed fully to see what he can do at the next level.

  72. sirjasontoon says:
    May 26, 2010 at 9:44 pm
    Yup Keane is way too Rich for Big Mick…Blackpool have probably got a bigger Transfer Kitty than us.

    By the way, you might be jesting but you’re probably right!

    How sad is that?

    I take some comfort in the fact that we finished about 30 points clear of them so I don’t think they’ll spend enough to catch us.

    WBA and other clubs is a different matter though.

  73. you dont know what ya missing richie ashley gives ya nee money to spend on there either!!

  74. SJT,
    there’s something in what you say mate, but………
    ………I don’t think there was much waltzing gannen on down there like.
    I thought CH was looking at it like an excellent team/system/rotation/experience. Trying different things out, learning how to win ugly etc. Most importantly, the team now hates losing, a good quality.
    I think they learned a bit about ‘bouncebackability’ too.
    I’m just trying not to get me hopes up too far or too pissed off. I’m ganna be supporting them come what may, through thick & thin.

  75. only 1/4 of its jesting Stuart,I know nothing of Blackpools finances,but doubt they could have debt anyway near ours.So I suppose it depends how much their chairman releases for transfers,if he’s not confident at all of them staying up then he probably won’t give much.Their main problem will be attracting decent players to the club imo.

  76. Haha Well Funny Danny-Does he dish out Digital Bottle Tops and Old Italian Lire for continental purchases :)

    Be Mad if Blackpool land all our targets by offering slightly better wages :(

  77. Same here Clint-I just want to see the Manger backed and still in the Job at xmas sitting around mid table with a decent squad,working hard and giving a decent account of themselves….simples :)

  78. Aye Clint but the Spanish City has gone…must of spent a fortune there as a kid-loved the place.

  79. Aye but we don’t have the donkey’s ClintF………oh hang on we do,matbe Blackpool will buy some of them of us ;-)

  80. at least we can laugh ive heard kris boyd expected to sign new 3 year deal now that walter smith and new owner taking ower which other strikers can we get for nowt?

  81. That would be a great start.
    It was probably CH’s best introduction to football management last season.
    He just needs to make the step up now.
    It would be so cool if MA splashes a few squid to help him achieve what i think he’s capable of like.
    I just can’t yank me hair out worrying about it.

  82. i dont listen to any rumour till its confirmed but this boyd i remember a couple of weeks ago he said he would annouce his future when he returned from holiday so wonder if there is anything in this rumour probably not though

  83. Valle

    Have to agree with you, I thought the same about Chris and the Jan signings, but over the past 4.5 months or so, I really changed my mind. In fact, the new lads, well most of them won me over very quick. If the same happens again now, all the better.

    Got to be honest, apart from some of the big names, I don’t really have a clue about players other than our own. I used to keep an eye on West Ham, Charlton and QPR because of family connections, but haven’t for a couple of years. I’ve got to rely on Chris for pulling the cat out the bag and getting the players in.

    As for Boyd, he’s free so why not. If Ranger does go on loan, at the very least he replaces him. Would love to get somebody like Keane in who would grab us a few goals, an older head who’s seen it and done it for years in the Premier League and could guide our young lads along. I do think he could be out of our price range though. Don’t know how much we’ve got, but don’t want to see it all blown on one player. Maybe if we are loking at loans, he’s the type of player we should try for with a first option. If he bangs them in for us, Ashley might think he’s worth the money in the long term.

    Might not be the best of ideas to loan a few young lads unless they are VERY good. Might hinder our lads coming through and if they are that good, the other teams won’t ever want to sell. Lets get some of our up and coming lads into the team throughout the season, one or two at a time and get some people round them like Nolan and Smith who can guide them, weather that be on the pitch or the dressing room. Couple of older lads in as frees or loans as well. If we can do that I’m sure we will be looking towards midtable this season, that would be good for our return. Get that, then take it from there.

  84. richie,
    arl the donkeys live in s*land, married to mackems mate.

    Maybe they could built ‘south american city’ for the new millennium?

  85. that’s a bit offensive to donkeys that Clint,there’s no need for that ;-)

  86. @toonsy – I know what you mean about a finisher is a finisher, but we’ve seen at this level we don’t get the same amount of space, time or clear chances. Poachers don’t prosper in the prem’ league anymore,, they will just be ominously quiet whilst waiting for gilt edged chances that may not arrive in 90mins.

    any striker playing off carroll will need to be athletic, mobile as well as a good reader of the play – someone who comes to find the ball a la bellamy.

    @sjt – if all our strikers were given the full 38 starts next season, who would get the most goals? easy – shola and you know it.

  87. on a different note…

    not sure if it’s been mentioned on here but did anyone see Mourinho and Matterazzi bubbling like a pair of bairns outside the Bernabeu after the CL final?

  88. As long as the donkeys wearing an orange perma-tan and eating cheesy chips a mackem would fancy it ClintF :-)

  89. Lads to the Robbie Keane shout i think he is too over rated. He relies on the team to much. He did score lots of goals for celtic but in the 2 important matches against rangers he did nothing! Fair enough boyd is a gamble but on a free a low risk one, Keane would be a waste!

  90. Chuck – Ashley’s fortune has nowt to do with us, its irrelevant. He could have 100 billion and it still wouldn’t matter. People need to get over his money.

    What DOES matter is how much our club has to spend. That is all that should concern us. By all accounts we haven’t got much money as a club, which are the unfortunate circumstances we are in.

    So with that in mind I am looking at what we could get in the shape of players, of which Boyd would be one we could get. Would it be realistic if I posted articles that link us with 10 million quid players? Or would it be more realistic to post about players who we could actually get?

  91. to say he is crap just coz he plays in the spl is crazy, cuellar came from rangers plays at villa every week, here are some spl players to show you your comments are pointless, henrik larrson, ronald de boer, arthur numan,giovanni van bronkhorst, tugay, james mcfadden, plus theses current spl players would walk into the newcastle starting 11, aiden mcgeady, majid bougherra, steve davis, andreas hinkel, just saying just because motherwell and hibs are shite doesnt mean the old firm dont get top class players.

  92. Toonsy

    Tell that to Abramovich and the Gulf gadgies at Citeh, that their money is seperate from the club, just what the f**k are you talking about, it`s his club and if he wants a decent side he should like every other owner dig into his sky rocket and spend a few f*****g bob, instead of rummaging in the bargain basement, for crap like Boyd.

    Looks like you and everyone else has been conned into joining in with the party line, Oh! we cant afford this or that, we have to watch what we spend, etc. bullshit!

    WTF do you care what`s spent or who spends it, you worried about Ashleys fortune or something ?

  93. Chuck – Tell is to Ashley?

    All I’m saying is that I can accept that we aint gonna be spending big. Thats not to say I dont want us to, of course I do.

    But the fact is none of us can control what Ashley does, no matter how many times you spit the dummy.

    As for worrying about Ashleys fortune, why do you keep bringing it up? Seems you’re the one that is getting hung up about it?

    It’s simple really, we can only spend what he will give us, and of that isn’t a lot then we need to deal with it.

  94. Also, I think you will find that Abramovich and Mansour only give the club what they want to give them.

    Much the same as Ashley does with us. Can’t blame him, why should a bloke who is afraid to take his kids to a football game on police advice that he may be assaulted subsidise us?

  95. Exactly Icedog. None of us like it I’m guessing, but what can we do about it? Hmm lets see.

    1) Protest? And risk upsetting the team, like ex Man Utd ‘keeper Ben Foster said was happening at Man Utd, and what happened with us to an extent last year.

    2) Boycott? the smartest move ;), denying the club money when Ashley has said we will be sustainable means the club loses, not him.

    As you say Icedog, we just have to get on with it, unfortuantely :(

  96. toonsy says:
    May 27, 2010 at 3:22 pm

    Northumbria police confirmed months ago that they have never recived threats concerning Ashley and had never once advised him not to taje his kids to the game.

    More lies, I’m afraid.

  97. Well thats fair enough then Stu. He should just pump money into a club where he gets constant abuse then eh?

  98. AYE STUART,i didnt like that statment,hopeing fans feel sorry for him,it was bullshit to me,i get threats off wor lass every day,shes still here like lol

  99. That’s not the point, toonsy. You said he couldn’t take his kids to a match on police advise. Tha’s not true and never has been.

    But if you buy a football club you shouldn’t buy it and then expect it to live within it’s means and not invest any of your money. Especially when it’s needed.

    That’s just my view. He bought it to enhance his own company and turn it into a worldwide brand, having it associated with a world famous PL football club will have done that.

    He has no interest in a successful NUFC, he wants out and he’s decided not to invest any other money.

  100. aye TOONSY stu right on this one denied more than once by police,saw it my self on local news,CHIEF CON reading out statment

  101. You know me Icedog, I’ll always hold my hands up when I am wrong.

    Like I just did ;)

  102. Stu

    Dont waste your time telling it like it is, they have all been converted to fiscal conservatives and ashley apologists, why I have no idea ?

  103. Chuck – Keep on living the fantasy man. The money isn’t there, accept it.

    I have, I don’t like it but what can we do?

    Feck all.

  104. How can you criticise him before he even plays a game in the EPL people forget that players such as Lovenkrands played for Rangers in the SPL, we all sing his praises. And who would turn down having Arteta from Everton in their side? Another former Rangers player. English prejudice.

  105. nimagpie – English prejudice would work, and could have some weight behind it, if it wasn’t coming from an American ;)

  106. Toonsy says

    Abramovich and Mansour only give the club what they want to give them……

    Yeah and ?

  107. And… how does that matter to us? If you want money, if you love it that much, if you put it aboive anting our team to do well, then feck off and support ManC or Chelski.

    I’ll even get you a scarf printed with Money on it, and invent you a song to chant..

    “Theres only one leather wallet”

    There you go.

    You keep banging on about other teams, but what the feck has that got to do with us? Stop fantasising and get real. We only have what Ashley wants to give us. END OF!

  108. Im not aiming at any one person, in fact I view most of your articles as being quite positive, but the general perception in other posts/replys is that success in Scotland will not transfare to the EPL.

    Lets not mention Boumsong ;)

  109. Look i`m not the only one who thinks Boyd is not up to par.
    Has nothing to do with nationality (so why did you bring it up toonsy) actually would have McGeady if he were available, bring a bit of skill and pace to the side and maybe Brown, also @ Celtic, who could bring a bit of backbone and DM skills to the side.
    If big Eck does`nt rate Boyd (he managed him)says it all!

  110. I agree nimagpie, many people make such remarks and end up looking like arseholes. People should remember that players like Alan Hutton and Mark Viduka have come from the SPL and done really well in the Premier League.

    It’s just peoples perceptions that he is free so he would be shite. I think he could get us 10 goals, probably more than the players what we have now would get us.

  111. If he was playing in a different country/league, say Holland, Belgium, Portugal, Czech Republic (all leagues I would consider similar or lesser than the SPL) and had the record he has, I feel a lot of people on here would have a different opinion.

    And on a Free how can it not be worth go try.

    If I’m being quite honest though I don’t see him coming to Newcastle, little bit too obvious and papers have perhaps jumped on it.

  112. Toonsy says

    If You want money if you love it that much if you put it above anting ? our team to do well, then feck off and support Man C. or Chelsea.

    I`ll even get you a scarf with money on it and invent a song to chant..

    Where did i ever say anything of the sort, bit insulting really, then you do tend to insult people a lot when loosing arguments

    I have been a Newcastle fan since long before you were born, and will remain one despite Ashley and apologist`s like yourself, o`k !

  113. I’m not losing Chuck, your the one who is spitting the dummy becasue of money.

    I find the irony staggering.

    “then you do tend to insult people a lot when loosing arguments”

    Your having a laugh, it’s all you ever do you is insult people you snake, then try passing it off as someone else. Fecking Ashley apologist indeed.

    You may well have supported Newcastle longer than me, I cant be accountable for your age (real age, not the mental age you demonstrate by trying to piss people off on the internet), so surely you will agree that we have been through worse times than this you patronising little weasel?

    Thin ice springs to mind, your becoming tiresome with this shit spreading.