The transfer rumour that wont go away.

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Kris Boyd: Talking up a Toon move?
Kris Boyd: Talking up a Toon move?
We are in that horrible part of the year between football seasons where nothing appears to be happening. Not just at Newcastle, but also in general.

Transfer activity is still low throughout the Premier League, the statement has been done to death, there is no fall out from relegation, we have no fixture list to look forward to. Nothing. Could you imagine how bad it would be if we didn’t have the World Cup to look forward to?

Through all that though, the rumour mill is still working at full capacity. We have had players linked with us, and then never heard of the link again. But one rumour that does seem to be standing the test of time is regarding Kris Boyd, who is now a daily feature in the newspapers round these parts.

Rumour has it that Boyd would be well up for playing for Newcastle next season, and he does seem to fit the bill with regards to what the club are apparently looking for in their signings. Boyd wouldn’t cost a penny in transfer fess, his wages would be reasonable, and he is only 26 years old. Add his goal record into the mix and I reckon we could be onto a winner, and he could be that fox in the box type player that we desperately need.

Before I get strung up, lets look at it properly. Boyd has scored a goal in every game and a half in the SPL, and whilst I recognise the SPL is probably not the greatest league around, a record like that is still impressive. If he did move to the Premier League then I think it is widely expected that he wouldn’t score as many goals, but he would still score a few I bet.

Boyd is a poacher, although he does get called lazy by Rangers fans quite a lot. But what do we want? Do we want someone who spends his time tracking back to help out his defence, like Carroll does? Or do we want someone who can be in the right place at the right time to pop the ball in the net?

Lets put that in perspective. In our relegation season, how many chances did players like Obafemi Martins miss? I mean the gilt-edged, bread and butter chances? I reckon Boyd would have put more of them away than Oba managed.

I can see why people are sceptical about signing Boyd, but on a free transfer it has to be worth a shot as we attempt to beef up our attack. The player seems to want to come to Tyneside, and it would suit him as it is closer to his family. Plus if it didn’t work out we can always sell him for a fee.

To me it’s a no brainer really, and he should be signed up. I don’t see us managing to bring in anyone better, and his goal record speaks for itself. But it is becoming very repetitive as seemingly both the local papers and the player himself are trying to talk Boyd into a Newcastle shirt.

I will wait and see on this one.

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69 Responses

  1. It wont go away simply because it makes sense. Free, only 26 years old, good scoring record no matter what league he’s in, wages wouldnt be too high I would guess. Could see him and Carroll forming a great partnership if it did happen.

  2. I’m a Toon season ticket holder living in Glasgow for the last nine years. I can tell you that Boyd is very much a lazy player. More worryingly for me is his terrible attitude. He’s been in all sorts of scrapes including allegations of cocaine and drinking binges. Having retired from Scottish national team because he was not being picked in the first 11, it shows that he is too big for his own boots and has no problem courting trouble.

    Yes he may be a free transfer, but if we go for him expect trouble. In Newcastle’s party locations to offer a pro player….don’t expect a change of attitude.

  3. Who do you reckon will replace Ferdinand?

    Like for like with Dawson or could it open the door for someone like Walcott?

    I think probs Dawson myself.

  4. Nimagpie….. “It wont go away simply because it makes sense. Free, only 26 years old, good scoring record no matter what league he’s in, wages wouldnt be too high I would guess. Could see him and Carroll forming a great partnership if it did happen.”

    Nimag, you’ve forgotten to include a key factor into your reasoning……. Although Boyd appears to be ticking all the right boxes, let’s not forget we’re talking Newcastle United hear.

    History tells us that NUFC and good sense don’t always go hand in hand!

  5. Regarding Ferdinand.Blessing in disguise,it was only a matter of time before he was injured better now than later.Besides that Dawson on current form much better player.I couldn’t believe the fuss made when Walcott was left out ,when Dawson was easily the best English centre back last season, and I hate Spurs. As for Boyd an absolute must he would become a legend at Newcastle

  6. chris,he’ll fit right in with our assortments of crooks and psycho’s.

  7. If Mcgeady is going for that price it shows prices aren’t coming down.

    Does it matter to us though, I ask myself?

    As for Ferdinand, I’d rather have had Terry and King in the centre of defence anyway.The only problem is can he play all the games?

    Ferdinand isn’t the same player he was.

  8. I’m another Glasgow based exiled Mag. If last season’s success was built on team spirit then leave Boyd well alone.

  9. Heard he goes missing against good teams-not struck TBH….Aim higher Big Mick you tight Cockney TW@T !

  10. BBC Radio 5 Live stated Ferdinand, 31, picked up the injury during the Three Lions’ first training session after a tackle from Aston Villa’s Emile Heskey.

    Heskey what a Donkey :)

  11. And there was me thinking heskey was a waste of space, that’s the best thing he’s ever done for England :grin:

  12. your reet sjt…it’s proper players we need not haggis eating cart horses.

  13. I don’t know MO. Loving all the hissy fitting and abuse though, it’s very mature like ;)

  14. Komfort :lol:
    Bet all our scouts are over the border spying cheap plop.

  15. aye…tricky dicky wickywoowoowoo will be up there sorting the contract out as we speak.

  16. Dont want him, simply not good enough.
    Now if were talking McGeady or Brown, OK !

  17. mcgeady’s leaving?i think he’s celtic’s best player.why would they do that?they seem to be throwing the towel to rangers..

  18. arka… are you for real? You clearly have very little knowledge about Celtic.

  19. Will England be allowed to replace Ferdinand ? not sure about the rules on this one but i have a feeling that once the squad is announced and forwarded to fifa then thats it .

  20. Bit sad really, if I were the Auld Firm, I would be lobbying hard to make a move to the EPL.
    It`s that or wither in the SPL.
    It has become apparent that the level of the big two has suffered from lack of tv revenue, yeah a guaranteed place in Europe each season in combination with good attendance and shirt sales, just does`nt make up for minimal tv earnings.
    Of course any entry to English football would have to be
    from a lower level.
    I realize there would be a great degree of resistance from many source`s, but there are precedents,Cardiff and Swansea to name two.
    Then there is the sectarian question, anyone having attended an ould firm game know what i mean.
    But I find it a bit sad to have these once competitive sides with a massive following and two of the country`s largest stadiums, being reduced through lack of tv revenue to the equivalent of a third division side.

  21. chuck says:
    June 4, 2010 at 7:09 pm

    “Bit sad really, if I were the Auld Firm, I would be lobbying hard to make a move to the EPL.”

    Statler, we’ve already been through this. Who would be relegated to make way for them? Why shouldn’t they join at the bottom of the English league system and work their way up like everyone else? Anything else would be a travesty of fairness and fundamentally corrupt. Besides, the Rangers brand of religious bigotry is something the Premiership needs like a hole in the head.

  22. AXEL – Dawson has already been called up to replace Ferdinand. If anymore players get injured though, we can call up replacements up to 24 hours before our first game. After that, then tough titties :D

  23. WORKY,once talking to old chap (95yr)from l/pool living in malta,i asked why are l/pool,everton fans so diff,he said it goes back many years,it was down to religion,any truth in it to your knol

  24. Icedog – It’s true, it’s protestant and catholic thing again. Although I can’t remember which side is which.

  25. TOONSY,from last post on newspapers ect,ever thought of starting a newpaper yous could call it worky-toon -news,just think of how much stick you could give other rags lol

  26. At least if we ran a newspaper you wouldn’t need to check if the date is right :lol:

  27. Probably. I know Everton have a little church in one of the corners of their ground.

  28. anymore talk of that polish kid that could be ready for first team they were on about the other night re thompson whos leaveing toon,thought there might 3-4 posts elsewere if anything in it ;)

  29. TOONSY good on you to know that,cannot say i saw it like could have been the beer like

  30. icedog says:
    June 4, 2010 at 7:28 pm

    “WORKY,once talking to old chap (95yr)from l/pool living in malta,i asked why are l/pool,everton fans so diff,he said it goes back many years,it was down to religion,any truth in it to your knol”

    Aye, Icedog. It’s the Scottish Presbyterians, same as the Unionists in ‘Ulster’. Think 50,000 Ian Paisleys and you get the picture with Rangers. Everton aren’t so bad though.

  31. Workey

    Yes I agree and did mention both reasons and it`s not a one sided bigotry i might add, hopefully they would save those moments for their derbies.
    And again i would`nt suggest any direct entry into the EPL, but to expect such teams to start on the lowest rung would be pushing it.
    I was thinking more of a re-arranging of leagues with the EPL back to a twenty two team league.
    With a one off season, where five go up and three go down
    and the two ould firm guys go into the fizzy.
    I dont have any stake in what happens, but believe the addition would add to the eventual quality of the league.

    Another thing, i find it difficult to believe they canceled the home Internationals, which were in my day one of the highlights of the year, especially the England Vs. Scotland games, which generated enormous
    A five team (including the Irish Republic)tournament not unlike those played by our rugby sides would i believe
    be a worthwhile competition.

  32. I don’t. Bollocks to Celtic and Rangers. I heard enough anti-English pipe throughout last season to keep me going for a bit.

    Kind of a “We hate the English but we’ll come and try and plunder your football league for money”

    Balls to em.

  33. Agree Toonsy,we hate you but can we play with your ball………NO f*** off!!

  34. Don’t know enough about Boyd to attempt to evaluate his worth really, don’t see much SPL.

    Seems he ticks all the boxes except for pace and attitude concerns, which should be major factors for us at the moment I reckon. Striker is probably the toughest transfer target for us without any cash, any alternatives out there though?

  35. In regards to Everton, think you will find they began as a protestant church side, but were never exclusionary or really represented any religious group.
    However they were known to be somewhat racist and believe were one of the last sides to sign players of color.
    Both Liverpool sides have an enormous amount of Irish fans,
    with religion playing an insignificant role.
    Unlike their counterparts in Glasgow who almost exclusively, have a fan base of religious zealots, there probably being a certain percentage of non catholic Celtic fans, but few if any catholic supporters of Rangers.
    Crazy shit !

  36. I once went to watch Celtic play a pre season match in Mönchengladbach,there was me,a celtic fan and a Rangers fan(crazy weekend).At the time I always thought Celtic were more bigoted but they both agreed it was Ranger’s who were worse……but what a weekend,happy days :-)

  37. chuck,
    both everton & liverpool came from a methodist church.
    & everton are still considered the catholholic team.
    But it’s not historically true.
    I know plenty of reds & blues.

  38. i think we should get him as i think him and lovencrads would b gd toghether with carrol up front

  39. Clint
    Yes i understand their protestant Church origins, but neither side was exclusionary to-wards catholic`s.
    However I agree at some time in the past Everton were considered to have more catholic fans than their crosstown rivals.
    To-day religion has little or nothing to do with those who support the sides (thank God) pun intended.
    And as we are all aware, the present Anfield anthem is based on an Irish song, “The fields of Athenry”
    Who`d a thunk it.

  40. It`s a hot and humid 86F.only dropping a few degrees during the night, AC time and Amstel time.
    Hope to read we have made some significant signings when i switch on the morra, but aint gonna hold my breath !

  41. toonsy @50

    Totally agree.

    And don’t forget that supporters of both teams have made a right nuisance of themselves on previous visits to the toon – not to mention the damage the Rangers fans did in Manchester when the big telly conked out ;)

    Let them play in their in their own back yard, especially as they seldom have a good word to say about ours.

  42. Celtic are Catholic with more Irish connection than Scottish, if truth be told. As a Scot with a lot of Irish family, I am what would be “pure blood Celtic”. As someone who doesn’t buy into organised religion, the whole hatred between the clubs seems insane to me. Newcastle don’t need to hate an entire religion to be rivals with Sunderland, so why do Celtic and Rangers?

    Both sets of fans are as bad as each other – there is no excusing what they do and the bad name they give not just Scottish football but Scotland in general. The Celtic and Rangers rivalry is world known and for all the bad reasons.

    I still don’t know of any club rivalry that matches it for sheer, unadulterated hatred. Old Firm match days are like war zones. That’s why the idea of an Old Firm in Boston seems insane to me. A hugely Catholic city in America, a country not exactly shy of religious extremism itself, wants to host that match? Crazy.

    Also – I wish I was sorting the contract out. Boyd would have been signed 20 minutes after Walter Smith confirmed he was leaving.

  43. ”Also – I wish I was sorting the contract out. Boyd would have been signed 20 minutes after Walter Smith confirmed he was leaving.”

    Boyd will be as effective in the premier league as that Fletcher was at Burnley.

  44. Class separation has as much, if not more to do with it. Not just mere religion. Class back when these clubs were formed was determined in some, maybe even a lot of cases by religion. In the 70’s England like the rest of western Europe had many problems with racial divide, something that looks to be over and we all welcome. The modern game has evolved as have the fan’s… I think…

  45. DJG – You mean that Flecther who has just earned a move to another Premier Legue club?

  46. I don’t know much about him but if he’s as lazy as a lot are saying then I think that’s a no go. We’re in a position where everyone needs to be seen putting in 100%. Even if it’s like a Berbatov type who just carries himself in that way, if we’re not winning games he’ll be criticized heavily for not giving his all.