What will happen if Jonas has a great World Cup?

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Jonas: Would he stay? Or would he go?
Jonas: Would he stay? Or would he go?
Of course, as most of you no doubt know, Magpie wing wonder, Jonas Gutierrez, will be playing for Argentina in the 2010 World Cup finals within the next few weeks. The world leading squad will include the likes of Champion’s League winning Diego Milito and Walter Samuel from Inter Milan, from the other finalists, Bayern Munich, Martín Demichelis. The Premier League will be represented by illustrous players such as Liverpool’s Javier Mascherano and Maxi Rodriguez, along with Manchester City dynamo, Carlos Tevez. From the top of Spain’s La Liga, there’ll be players such as Royal Madrid’s Gonzalo Higuaín, Athletic Madrid’s Sergio Agüero, and of course, a certain fellow called Lionel Messi from Barcelona. There are many more, yet in this exalted company, Argentina’s coach and one of the most legendary figures of them all in world football, Diego Armando Maradona, has even remarked that Gutierrez was automatically the third name to go on his teamsheet, which is praise indeed. Whether a great coach or a madman, a man of Maradona’ undoubted talents should be able to recognise a top player when he sees one.

Despite all this, there has of course been some inconsistency in his Newcastle career so far. It seems to have progressed in a similar fashion to the other members of Newcastle United’s left side ‘Latin Quarter’, Jose Enrique and Fabricio Coloccini, ie talented and with huge potential beyond doubt, but taking time to settle into a league where the game is played at a quick pace, with little time for over elaboration. However even with Newcastle, he has occaisonally shown signs that he could be a major world player, and that Maradona’s fulsome praise of his gifts is not entirely unwarranted. But let’s get to the main point of this blog. What might the consequences be for Newcastle United be if Argentina get to the very late stages, perhaps even winning the trophy itself, and Gutierrez has a great World Cup alongside his illustrious team mates?

Currently his estimated worth is around £7-8 million on the transfer market and he is Newcastle’s most valuable player in these terms. By the end of the World Cup in South Africa, he could be a feted world player worth more than double that, and pursued by major teams both in our own Premier League and the other major leagues of Europe. If he is, will his head be turned by major clubs? Will Newcastle United owner, Mike Ashley, make the decision for him and decide to cash in on his most valuable playing asset? Would this actually be a good thing? Bringing in income to strengthen the squad with several players in other areas? Or would it feel like a return to the bad old days when immense talents such as Waddle, Beardsley and Gascoigne were sold off as soon as they came under the radar of top clubs while the Newcastle struggled with the lower orders? On the other hand, would he stay and become a flagship player for a resurgent Toon, in turn doing his bit to attract other top players to St James’s Park?

Like many Newcastle United players before him, he has been somewhat undervalued by some sections of the Magpie’s following,
but this writer at least feels that after some early signs, he will really start to come into his own as a player in the next few weeks, especially when surrounded by such exceptional talents in the greatest football tournament of them all. Even if he merely doesn’t look completely and ridiculously out of place among such illustrious teammates, his value will be enhanced enormously, and this could be either a big blessing, or a curse for Newcastle United in the coming months.

What do you think about it?

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91 Responses

  1. I reckon there will be a load of comments along the lines of “fat boy will take the money”

    Or other petty name-calling along those lines ;)

  2. toonsy says:
    June 4, 2010 at 4:46 pm

    “Not me Jay Jay, Worky has a steam on by the looks of it”

    I telt ye Toonsy. June 1st!

  3. Indeed, our only player at the World Cup, playing in the team of one of the favourites to win the entire tournament….

    He must be crap then, and we should sell him! Perhaps we could get Ronaldo or Messi in to replace him? :roll:

  4. Worky – Will you be doing your ‘next installment’ at some point? I mean is it planned? ;)

  5. toonsy says:
    June 4, 2010 at 4:53 pm

    “Worky – Will you be doing your ‘next installment’ at some point?”

    Aye, Toonsy. Later today like it said in the last instalment.

  6. money makes people act differently…..no more so than wide-load…therefore he’ll sell him.

    ….i wouldn’t say that was petty , more like what it says in the form book….& toonsy i carn’t remember anything other than you name calling him when you used to post on uncle ed’s site.

    …changed man it seems.

  7. This is a player who will be a liability in the premier league, he runs up blind alleys, there is often no final ball and he loses the ball too much which will put great pressure on the defence especially Enrique. Sell him and use the money for some well needed players.

  8. Indeed Komfort, I have evolved, although it wasn’t a pop at you, or anyone individually, so perhaps you shouldn’t take things so personally?

    I don’t really like the way Ashley is doing things, although resorting to playground tittle tattle is, well, pointless.

  9. What will happen if Jonas has a great World Cup?

    Big Mick will cash in and flog him to the highest bidder-probably.

  10. Komfort – Aye, your right. I did used to lambast him, but he has shown that he doesn’t really give a shit what we think, so I just thought ‘whats the point?’

  11. First of all, playing at right back I’d be suprised if he had that good a world cup. But if he did if we recieved a bid that was over what we paid, he’d be gone I imagine.

    …. And no toonsy that’s not me having a go at Ashley – Its the clubs policy as stated many times.

  12. I doubt if we have reason to worry on that score.
    Apparently he made the team as a back, not as an winger.
    Look the World cup is not going to change players value, unless they are some young unknown.
    If Jonas was scouted by us, then i`m sure most teams have evaluated him long ago, fugedaboudit !

  13. Really Stu? So where does it say that in the policy? I mean explcitly say that?

    Or is it another one of your interpretations that you are trying to pass off as fact?

  14. Chuck-Look the World cup is not going to change players value, unless they are some young unknown.

    Stop talking Shite…so if some unknown african striker currently worth £750,000 has an amazing world cup scores a couple and goes on to score in the final he will still be worth the same money?

  15. It is something that happens after every tournament.

    Prices of the best performers rise, and usually there is an influx of players from whichever surprise team of whatever tournament it is. Czech’s and Senegalese being the most obvious examples, even Russia to a point.

  16. toonsy, players with a sell on value implies they will be sold if a good offer comes in.

    That’s more than well stayed by the club(the resale value).

  17. toonsy the people who slag him off no nothing about football. jonas gives what most teams lack balance. and he gets up and down even if people think he is a head less chicken the thing about jonas when we are in trouble at the back he can turn defence into attack can any1 else at newcastle no. so in the prem we will be under more pressure thats were he comes into play were he can ease that pressure by keeping calm and moving us forward are problem has been we are under pressure a lot so he is always going backwards> so we dont see the best of him. but we did this year so dont talk about him as if he means nothing to us without him we struggle for balance and dont offer nothing going forward until routledge came along are only hope was him doing anything thats a fact. so toonsy great blog sorry about the losers who dont no crap.

  18. To change the subject, hear Thompson is leaving to take a coaching job at Celtic, no big loss IMO
    But if that`s the case I think we should make an offer to John Carver, a recognized top coach, who is i believe between jobs.

  19. asim says:
    June 4, 2010 at 5:38 pm

    “so toonsy great blog sorry about the losers who dont no crap.”

    FFS! Toonsy isn’t the only person who writes blogs on here!

  20. chuck its also being reported that steve stone and martin scott are in the running as well

  21. Chuck in your opinion perhaps you can explain why alan Thompson is no loss, what is it that he’s done wrong?

  22. Asim, has a certain amount of truth in his statement regarding Jonas.
    He does track back, something like both Nobby and Duff
    (why else did they get start`s as defenders when needed)
    Who never got the credit for their efforts, whereas Ginola and Robert were worshiped for playing a purely attacking role,(though they did it very well i might add)
    sometimes fans only see what they want to see, or through ignorance of the game miss exactly whats going on on the pitch.
    Sometimes we are too quick to judge players.

  23. chuck that comment 34 is priceless,after you have just written comment 28…

  24. chuck says:
    June 4, 2010 at 5:39 pm

    “But if that`s the case I think we should make an offer to John Carver, a recognized top coach, who is i believe between jobs.”

    Statler, on the subject of top coaches with Newcastle United connections, how’s John Tudor deein’ in the MLS over there ATM?

  25. maradonna is a genius.he leaves out javier zanetti.and esteban cambiasso.if argentina win the world cup,zanetti’s going to run over maradonna with a tractor.

  26. Hitman – Aye, and Carver has two years tou run on his contract, so unless he walks out we will need to pay compo.

  27. workyticket says:
    June 4, 2010 at 5:43 pm

    “FFS! Toonsy isn’t the only person who writes blogs on here!”

    lol :lol:

  28. Can’t see how it could be anything other than a potential blessing for Toon if he performs well. Given our grievous current financial state it seems rather daft to consider it a curse if he does well, becomes sought after and we might lose him. As we already know and others have already said, his final ball is sorely lacking no matter how hard he works or how many defenders he beats – it’s hard to see that changing anytime soon. Whilst I am a fan of Jonas I don’t think anyone in this team is sale-proof if a £10m+ bid comes in (maybe Carroll?) and I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing (Carroll, Tayls, Enrique excepted, not that they’re necessarily worth that of course).

    I’d agree his present sale value is probably £6-7m, so if we COULD (not saying its likely) get that bumped up to £12-16m in a post-world cup price-inflated frenzy then I’d bite their daft moneybags hands off in order to get Chris some funds to re-invest in the team, even if Ashley only releases half of that for ‘cash outlay’ transfers.

    Jonas OUT for a daft sum, Petrov IN on a free (though probably on prohibitive wages and we’re punching above our weight to lure him anyway, but he has a final ball we really need from the left) and we’re left with some funds that could feasibly get us the decent right-back, winger/ attacking midfielder and striker that we desperately need – count me in.

    PS – new poster, but been reading you lot for a while :)

    *WARNING* opinions may swing up or down depending on current mood/ inebriation and league position, not intended to represent any personal attack on any individual, real or imaginary, please appreciate all human beings are largely daft as a brush and talk all sorts of shite and the sooner we all get over it the better, so no squabbling at me please :)

  29. That will be depend on what model we where following when it was drafted Toonsy-There has been that many-Arsenal,QPR,Wolves,Birmingham…..to name a few.


  30. SJT – I mean the latest, official model, as specified by the actual club itself, and not through the press ;)

  31. Anyone hear Bernie Slaven on legends? Reckons rumours are rife that Joe Cole is coming to Newcastle.

    Never knew he was an alcoholic, shame :lol:

  32. Did he Not say there is No Coal in Newcastle slurrrrrrring his words Toonsy?

  33. Geordio Cubano says:
    June 4, 2010 at 6:19 pm

    “As we already know and others have already said, his final ball is sorely lacking”

    They said it about Milner all the time as well. It’s one of those tired old cliches some people pick up and use to make them sound more ‘knowledgeable’.

  34. Hitman

    Are you refering to 18# & 34# perhaps.
    Yes I see what you mean, in one statement i portray him as an unappreciated player in the other as someone who we wont have to worry about in regards to having a great world cup.
    Truth is I still believe he won`t play an outstanding role as a defender, though I certainly wish him well.
    It`s doubt full that he is suddenly going to improve at this stage of his career, but I hope he stays with us for a while, he` an asset to the side.


    Though i may live here (US) You probably know as much about the MLS as I do, as for John Tudor, sorry have`nt a clue.
    Afraid the league is not great, saw better Sunday Pub teams in my day, well not really but it has a long way to go.
    Afraid anyone of quality gets on a plane to E,urope.
    On saying that dont expect any walkover when we meet in S/Africa, will be in Mexico City for that game, should be entertaining.

  35. I reckon we should start with Lennon and Defoe against the US. I don’t know for myself, but going off what Shaun Wheelock says, the US aren’t to clever at left back and are struggling in defence.

    I think a bit of pace would expose that.

  36. LOL SJT – I can assure you, but unfortunately not prove, that there is no stardust here, more a fog dirty cigar smoke…

    Worky – True about Milner, and I must admit I’m one who felt his fee was too good to turn down, but that was anticipating it being spent. I’m not sure it is a cliche though, assists are a perfectly reasonable statistic with which to gauge a winger’s contribution – just take a look at his assists record:

    09/10 10 in 36 Championship & cup games
    08/09 3 in 25 Prem & cup games
    07/08 5 in 24 La Liga & cup games
    06/07 3 in 36 La Liga & cup games
    05/06 0 in 29 La Liga & cup games

    Granted he had a good season in the Champ, but under 5 assists is poor for any ‘winger’ in top divisions. Like I said, I’m a fan of his, don’t wanna sell him at all, but it was only in the context of getting a bloated world cup fee for him that I was suggesting it might be worthwhile to improve the team as a whole in our current financial crisis. Perhaps we could move him inside like Milner too?

    Anyone think there’s any mileage in Petrov or even any chance of getting him? Surely we’re gonna have to revise age policies for free transfers as most tend to be getting on a bit…

  37. Geordio Cubano says:
    June 4, 2010 at 6:53 pm

    “Anyone think there’s any mileage in Petrov or even any chance of getting him? Surely we’re gonna have to revise age policies for free transfers as most tend to be getting on a bit…”

    That would make sense though, which would rule Newcastle out immediately :D

  38. Geordio

    Got to agree with you there. As a winger, he just doesn’t do it, the basic thing a winger needs to be able to do is cross. Yes the lad can run and worries the defenders and thats a god thing, just the final ball that lets him down. I would love to see him played inside, if not behind the front two or front one, give him a free role. I’m sure he could take the players on at pace and with skill and we know he can put a good ball through across the ground. Only thing is, do we have a team where we can give him that sort of role? Might be worth a try in preseason at least.

  39. I reckon we might be on to something here Simon! Given that no-one is standing out as a dead-cert partner for Carroll, I agree it would be worth giving him a shot centrally just behind the target man – might work well with the 4-5-1 Chris will surely stick with away from home, though presumably he’s still thinnking Nolan for that.

    Of course Loven is probably first in line to partner upfront at home, but I’m not entirely convinced he’ll see enough of the ball in the Prem where we can’t be carrying anyone.

  40. This of course assumes we can get hold of another left-winger as we don’t have many wing options at the moment!

  41. For a moment i thought i type the wrong url. ;)

    Anyway,with great powers comes great responsibilities. :lol: :lol:

  42. Thats true, we would have to find somebody else to fill in on the left hand side first. And yes, got to give Lovenkrands a shot again this season, but why not throw Jonas in there when Lovenkrands is injured/unfit or just to try something else, could be a winner

  43. Jonas Gutierrez is a TOP TOP PLAYER! One we MUST KEEP!

    Without him we have ZERO creativity (until Routledge arrived).


    Runs past players with the ball at pace
    Starts ALL our counter attacks
    Defends and tracks back
    Takes pressure off our defence
    Keeps the ball well
    Fantastic Link Up Play

    HIS FINAL BALL AND CROSSING HAS IMPROVED IMMENSELY THIS YEAR. No reason why he can’t continue improving next season.

    You don’t get rid of players that can beat players just because their final ball lets them down occasionally. You work on that rough edge to their game and improve it with coaching. He has most certainly improved on his crossing and final ball this season.


    Tell me all of you who love to slate him, WHO CAN WE SIGN THAT IS BETTER THAN HIM???…..HMM….???

  44. Simon

    Whether he tears down the wing or in the center of the pitch, what`s the difference, usually there`s more room outside.
    I like the combination of Jonas and Enrique, both have pace both can cover for one another, now if we had Onuoha and Routledge combining on the right, could with their pace stretch any team.
    Getting Onuoha, would also give us a solid young back four.
    That with O`Hara in front of the back four and Joey as the playmaker come scorer, all we need is a front two.
    teams with pace will allways give other teams fit`s.

  45. Lovenkrands is a very good player. I couldn’t understand all the flak he we got when word was we were signing him again. He’s proven a good player at Champions League level, and was certainly good enough at Championship level last season.


    Lovenkrands will score at least 10 league goals for us next season in the Premier League if he is given a fair chance. You can all hold me to that.

  46. Chuck

    Maybe your right, just like to see him take people on and not have to worry about the cross. Bit like Franz Carr, take the man on, then take him on again as he couldn’t cross either. Just thought Jonas could run with the ball up the centre of the field and short pass to Caroll or Loverkrands, back of the net

  47. SIS BOBBY,the lad himself said he was a long way off fitness at the season start,lack of pre-season,said he did not want to go to w/cup with denmark,he wanted to get himself ready for epl season ,give him his chance for me

  48. Sir Bobby says:
    June 4, 2010 at 7:44 pm

    “Jonas Gutierrez is a TOP TOP PLAYER! ”

    I think he will be, Sir Bobby, but we haven’t seen the best of him by a long way yet.

  49. Yeah Icedog, always liked the lad and thought he had the skill and want to do it. Thing that really hit home, apart from playing just after his Dad died, was the interview where he said that about Denmark and rather concentrate on Newcastle than go to the World Cup. Top man for that

  50. Icedog – Not bad considering he pretty much missed the forst months of the season through lack of fitness.

  51. Icedog, think you could be right. He’s a player with experience, done it at all levels and sure he can do it again

  52. would not surprise me one bit for ashley to cash jonas in and replace him with somebody like whittingham and another

  53. Thing is, I think if one of the three amigos goes then the other two wont really want to hang around.

  54. Lets hope not Toonsy, but know where you are coming from. Just have to hope nobody goes

  55. Icedog – Lovenkrands, 21 starts, 11 sub appearances, 16 goals.

    Not too shabby.

  56. always said colo would go (wages) might be bit iffy till taylor talk dies down imo

  57. Good points Sir Bobby and Chuck.

    We’re NOT suggesting Jonas DOESN’T contribute usefully to the team and I certainly could not consider myself a Jonas ‘hater’, as SB puts it – he’s one of my favourite players! Cannot fault the lad for work rate, tracking back, beating people and creative, exciting ball-play. We don’t have enough players like that.

    The subject of the article related to Jonas having a great world cup and his stock soaring, so the points raised should only be taken in light of that. An inflated fee of £12-16m would go a long way to providing the transfer spend we need to improve the team, though granted that would leave us short on creative talent should we be unable to replace what we lose from him.

    Agreed Chuck, Onuaha on the right teaming up with Routledge and O’Hara in mid would be great but we have no chance of either without any ‘capital outlay’.

    Also, with Carroll in the team it seems crucial to have good crossers in the squad to put the ball on his head. This is our best chance of scoring regularly. I sincerely hope Jonas can take his Champ assists/goals into the Prem, but we all know it is a different ballgame and is not guaranteed. In any case, we need a backup winger regardless, though we have few options without cash to spend.

    This is not me slating Jonas, far from it, just pointing out the one (to date) major weakness in his game, as I think is reasonable to assess for all players – SB outlines his positives well. I just think that if we can get twice his reasonable value (£7/8m?) because he has a good World Cup, we’re not really in a good position to not consider a £14/16m bid, given our financial issues and necessity for 3 or so new first-team players. The danger, of course, as Worky said, is that he could ‘do a Milner’ and I’m not denying that, though Milner was moved centrally by Villa to achieve his current status, he has not become a great crosser of the ball overnight.

  58. I see where you are coming from Cubano. But there are loads of fans who love to hate on Jonas and it just gets my goat, since most of those same fans can’t see the many good things he does for the team.

    I think an offer of 15 million for Jonas is very good money, but who wold join us that is better than Jonas, I can’t think of anyone. I also understand that that money could be used for a left back, right back, creative midfielder and striker.

  59. GC,
    i banged on about milner playing in the middle, i also think we should try Jonas centrally or free mate.
    Whether we do is debatable like.
    I’d probably try Coloccini at DM too like.

    For a laugh.

  60. Looks like Wigan just signed a young Argentino striker from Estudiantes for 7.5m.
    Thats about the fourth player from South America, Rodellega was a good buy as was McCarthy and N`Zogbia.
    Building a good young side there.
    The deal i would like to make is Whelan for Ashley in a straight trade.

  61. What will happen if Jonas has a great World Cup?

    Fat Boy will sell him – simples!!

    Try to make the question a little harder next time (YAWN)

  62. despite his tricks and pace that allow jonas to beat the odd fullback, his work rate, attitude and strength along with his lack of crossing, I reckon jonas could be easily put in a benayoun sort of role. he simply can’t deliver the goods from the wing, so let’s see if he could take his game more to the middle of the park…

    … failing that just trust that whacky little argie’s judgement and hoy him full back! haha

  63. It’s likely Jonas will attract lots of interests with the ability he processes. I do not want to see him leave as he is one of the only 2-3 players in our squad who could turn out to be world class once settled and have better players playing around him.

    Having said that, I must also agree that the potential transfer money could help us staying in the EPL. We are sort of 50-50 IMHO. We do have a first team that is about okay to escape but should injuries happen to key players, we would be fxxked.

    Things that worries me are: 1) the players we will be signing to replace, and 2) the chain reactions that could be triggered from the potential Jonas sell. Jose is enjoying his game playing with Jonas, he has said this many times himself. Would the the reamining two of our “three Amigos”, arguably also our best players, start thinking about their future?

    I think this is highly possible as we could never be able to replace Jonas with a player of similar calibre under the current circumstances and this could give players with ambitions some foods of thoughts.

    Oh, and how many percent of the transfer money would actually go into the squad investment anyway?

  64. Widowmaker and Toonsy make the best points. I don’t think Jose would be ‘loving the Newcastle life’ as much without Jonas around. And say we got 15 million for him and half got put back in for another winger, we’d i theory just be getting someone of Jonas’ standard at best who hasn’t had 2 seasons at the club and who hasn’t got that link up play down the left. Stupid decision.

  65. Jonas is a good player. Hard working and skillful. However, he seems to be rated far higher by some on this blog than he deserves.

    He is great on the ball, and does well to get the ball up field but about 75% of the time he undoes his good work with a poor pass or weak shot.

    He is worth about 8mil in todays overpriced market, however, if we got an offer of over 10mil for him, I think it would and should be accepted. He certainly isn’t irreplaceable. But a good player non the less.
    Apart from his attitude, I do think NZogbia was better.