We’re coming home, we’re coming, England’s coming home.

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Goal? What goal?
Goal? What goal?
It’s a headline that is nowt to be proud about! England have again worn a familiar path, and that is an early path home from a tournament that the team were universally tipped to do well in.

The headlines tomorrow will read that England lost 4-1, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. Any self-respecting football fan should be able to tell that a team that are chasing the game will have a different tactical setup to a team that isn’t chasing the game, and that was the story of the game for me.

After England found themselves 2-0 down, Matthew Upson managed to cut the deficit and give England fans a glimmer of hope and suggest that perhaps the game wasn’t quite over yet. That was until a legitimate goal was ruled out for England. Frank Lampard shot from the edge of the area only to see his shot rebound off the crossbar and bounce behind the line, yet despite the eyes of the world seeming to indicate that a legitimate goal was scored, the Uruguayan linesman, Mauricio Espinosa, managed to miss the fact that the ball had bounced some two feet behind the line. What a fecking joke!

Still, let us not let that disallowed goal get in the way of the fact that England were largly outclassed by Germany in a match where they were supposed to be equals in, if not the slight favourites. After that performance, one has to wonder why some bookmakers made us the favourite to progress to the next round of the tournament in the first place!

The excuse for the England defence, well there is none actually, and Germany’s opening goal came from some comedy Titus Bramble-esque defending from England. The German goalkeeper, Manuel Neuer lofted a goal-kick forward which bounced past John Terry only for Miroslav Klose to outmuscle Matthew Upson and prod the ball home past David James. 1-0 Germany.

It was 2-0 not long after, and it was another lapse in concentration in England’s defence that once again proved costly as Lucas Podolski took advantage and fired home from a near impossible angle. 2-0, not good. The deficit was cut in half by Matthew Upson when he headed home to make it 2-1, but then came that controversial talking point mentioned earlier regarding Frank Lampard and his goal that wasn’t given.

I won’t go into it too much right now, but had that goal gone in then who is to say that the complexion of the game may not have changed? England were forced to chase the game in the second half, which left them exposed at the back as they went in search of a legitimate equaliser that would have counted. That was the source of their downfall as Germany caught England on the break to make it 3-1 through Thomas Muller.

From that point it was pretty much game over, and Thomas Muller again capitalised on a quick break from the Germans to make it 4-1, which was how the game ended as England bowed out of the competition at the first knockout hurdle.

As I said earlier, the score was 4-1. but had that Lampard goal been given then perhaps the game could have panned out differently. At 2-2, there would have been no need for England to chase the game, which means there would have been no need for the defence to have only two men manning it and there would have been no need to have been caught on the break.

Gareth Barry was an embarrasment tonight, and for the third goal he could have made a tactical foul to take Mesut Ozil down at the personal expense of a yellow card. It was also Barry who gave possesion away on the edge of the Germany penalty area which lead to the fourth German goal of the night.

The inquest and renewed calls for technology to be introduced within the game will go on and on, but the the simple fact is that England just weren’t good enough, and never have been since the tournament began. This is probably the end of a ‘golden generation’ for England, and with the performances they have shown then perhaps it couldn’t have come soon enough!

Now is the time to build a team for the next World Cup. Get rid of the star names that won’t be around in four years time and build again. It’s easier said than done however, and only time will tell just what happens in the fallout from England’s 2010 World Cup debacle.

Germany: Neuer, Lahm, Friedrich, Mertesacker, Boateng, Schweinsteiger, Khedira, Muller, Ozil, Podolski, Klose.

Subs: Wiese, Jansen, Aogo, Tasci, Kiessling, Badstuber, Trochowski, Cacau, Kroos, Marin, Gomez, Butt.

England: James, Johnson, Terry, Upson, Ashley Cole, Milner, Lampard, Barry, Gerrard, Defoe, Rooney.

Subs: Green, Dawson, Lennon, Crouch, Joe Cole, Warnock, Wright-Phillips, Carragher, Heskey, King, Carrick, Hart.

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134 Responses

  1. I’m sick of the excuses to be honest. We were second best and simply did not deserve to progress. End of.

  2. Well said Toonsy apart from > At 2-2, there would have been no need for England to chase the game, which means there would have been no need for the defence to have only two men manning it and there would have been no need to have been caught on the break
    The defence was down to 2 from the start :)

  3. toonsy, all the Jaarmans in the beer garden, and even square heed Gunther Netzer on the tele couldn’t believe that the goal hadn’t been allowed. A freakin blind man in Ray Bans could see it was over the line. What the feck was the linesman up to too ? Horrendous. Then the remember 1966 ball over the line banter started and I had to shut me kissa.

  4. toonsy gareth barry has been an embarrasment most of the torny has have the rest m8

  5. Anyone see the post match interview with Joe Cole? He looked like he’d been in floods of tears and I feel sorry for him like. Barely got the playing time he deserved and looked the most devestated out the lot of them.

  6. i heard cappello say we played good lol he must be using the same dealer as maradonna

  7. Ross – Aye, feel sorry for Crouch aswell to be fair who got given no chance at all

  8. for a start he should of took only 2 goal keepers and left king and carrick at home along with swp and warnock

  9. There was no need to leave us so short at the back when they did regardless, we only needed 1 goal and there must have been 25 mins left to play. It’s either indiscipline or stupidity, the Germans were guilty of neither, we were probably guilty of both.

  10. Once again, the game wasn’t so much about football as a complex sequence of events which keep repeating themselves and make us fail psychologically at the crucial time. Newcastle aren’t much different in that respect, but the sausagemunchers and the Argies are. They can move on from failiures but we can’t. Until we can we are condemned to repeat the same failiures, like a dog returning to his own vomit.

  11. You think we will hear about the Mexican issues with dodgy goal decisions or are England the only ones allowed to whinge?

  12. the mexicans were also going mental over the offside goal..tried to convince the linesman to look at the tv replay for what it’s worth..

  13. On UK TV did they show Gabriel Heize getting hit on the heed by a cameraman looking for a close up shot of the Argie goal celebration ? Mr Angry time there though !

  14. wickywoowoo says:
    June 27, 2010 at 10:07 pm
    You think we will hear about the Mexican issues with dodgy goal decisions or are England the only ones allowed to whinge?
    <<<< no the mexicans just try too attack some 1 at half time

  15. My point was being will the media mention it or will it just be England’s problem?

    The BBC were talking it up as a problem for all of football – but it seems to be only England discussed after it all.

  16. Well it looks like the next few weeks will be dominated by some scottish inbred playing swingball in london…

  17. aye a kna what ya meen but i suppose on mexican tv it will be aboot the argies offside goal

  18. cos it’s English media www who else should they focus on??? go and read some Mexican papers..I’m sure they ‘ll mention there’s more than ours!!

  19. Wickywoo, the Jaarman media have been mentioning it all night, as well as the offside mistake in the Argie game. I would imagine all ower the football world they’ll be talking about it, with different levels of intensity, except maybe not in wickywooland where they never saw it….

  20. Your point about living in England is not valid as the BBC went out of their way to say they would have said the same if Germany had a goal disallowed and how it ruins the whole image of football in general – then proceed to cry as if England are special.

    The BBC are British too, by the way. It isn’t the EBC.

  21. Big Dave-I felt for crouch aswell mate. Another one who really didnt get a chance. The decision to bring on Heskey was awful i thought. Get Crouch on, his hold up play is just as good as Heskeys AND he can score goals.

    Wickywoo-The commentators mentioned the first Argy goal being terrible during the game, Pundits mentioned it afterwards and it’s not a case of just whinging. It’s asking questions that need to be asked regarding the improvement of the game. One legitimate goal not given, a goal that wasn’t even debatable. Another that wasn’t even debatable given. Decisions like this can change games. It’s not a case of “just whinging”

  22. he slags our country and says our troups deserve too die and still dusent get banned <<< WORKYTICKET ya kna who iam on aboot

  23. prickypoopoo…you are so anti English,why don’t ya go on a blog wi nae Englishmen?? ….just a drunken observation!!

  24. We were a poor second no matter if the ball was the line. I personally don’t believe in bringing any rules in that cannot be implemented at all levels of the game, which rules out goal line technology.

  25. Spartan…..does that apply to red card appeals with video evidence to proof ya innocence then mate??

  26. Batty, just say it was me who said that troops comment – which is true and the point is true too. If you weren’t a fascist who supports the invasion of any nation with brown people, you would see it is true too.

    We will see what disallowed goals gets more coverage too in the next few days. I’ll hazard a guess at which one though.

  27. hawkeye…not at every level of tennis…..whatever the cricket thingys called,not at every level of cricket….football,proper linesmen?!! not at most levels of football.In an ideal world mate then maybe.

  28. SpartanChris, I see where your coming from re goal line technology, but this is the World Cup with billions of people watching not Winlaton v Bishop Aukland or some kick about. The Shermans do it for the super bowl, why cannot we do it for the World Cup ? FFF Sir Alex Ferguson adds 4 minutes to the end of every Man U game for stoppages etc, we could add 2 minutes to the end of the game to compensate for the 2 – dubious decisions needing to be handled by goalline cameras / discussions with a third referee in the stands etc. I’m sure that’s less controversial than some of the bad mistakes made today. btw England were still garbage !

  29. Fair point richie, my logic might not stack up for all rules but let me say that during the game the referee’s word should be final. Otherwise any knacka with a camera will be running towards the ref at schools football, i’ve seen it happen.

  30. England were piss poor. We didnt deserve anything from that display. I cant imagine why Upson was in the team when Carragher, and King were on the bench!!!!!

  31. Wickywoo-You’re just getting stupid mate. What do you expect to get more coverage from British media? An indicent involving a British team or a game involving Mexico?

    Go and live in mexico for the next fortnight and see what issue gets more coverage over there. I can tell you it will be the offside goal.

    Add to the fact that the mexico incident was an offside goal given-something that is seen regularly. Ours was a blatant goal that was disallowed, sparking the discussion of goal line technology, something that has been brought up numerous times in the past and is a big part of the game, and obviously its going to be covered heavily.

    You’re just trying to stir sh!te here.

  32. in wickywooland the Mexican media will be concentrating on Englands bad luck, and the BBC which is British will be concentrating on eh..what am I on about..doh..

  33. pricky poopoo where dya get off calling people a fascist? you are the only openly racist person on here i.e anti English.You had the cheek to call Toonsy a rascist because out of a Welsh player and an English player he happened to prefer the English one.get a life you sad to$$er and support a club that isn’t from a country you have such a distaste for.

  34. Spartan…dont disagree mate,just think wher possible the ref should be given the assistance technology allows.Dont blame the ref I blame tha linesman…….as I said on the other thread I’m a wee bit pissed so if I’m a wee bit forthright I don’t mean to offend so apologies in advance….unless it’s www then I mean all of it!!

  35. aye Munich…….still divnt like him,great player tho…before my time but you’ll remember him ;-)

  36. chat shit all you want lads, they were miles better and deserved the win, we were lucky to even be two down at the break! complete overhaul of the squad needed in my opinion like!

    On a different note, thy’re are so many parallels between England and NUFC do you not think? Full of ‘great’ big time players, but not a great team, like us when we were relegated. Wonder what would happen if the big name players were dropped and we put together a ‘team’ of hungry, driven players like NUFC have now?

    I’ll tell you what, we would have put up a better performance than that today!!

  37. If Gareth Barry is worth how many millions ?…and James Milner 35 million quid, how much are the German players worth..Özil, Müller, Schweinsteiger etc worth ? The English media love to big up the English players, doesn’t get us very far though !

  38. I’m curious whether this calamity will have repercussions in English premier league football ? Maybe the tide is moving away from English clubs in a european sense, poor Champs League and UEFA cup performances, turmoil at Liverpool, Man Utd…

    I reckon England, France and Italy will need to spend the next couple of years rebuilding damaged morale, prestige and aging teams. I think the German U19 & U20 sprogs were both European Champions, theres more to come..!

  39. Munich-Think back to the Schweinsteiger debacle when we sold Milner. Makes those rumours even more laughable now than they were at the time doesnt it!

    He was class. That Ozil looks excellent aswell. Klose still has class, they just looked a good team

  40. Munich. I was thinking the same about milner. Compared to the players vou mention he was absolutely championship level.

  41. howay richietoon, you remember Franz Beckenbauer, you’re not as young as you make out, or did you have a hard paper round ?

  42. thing is,how many youg uns can ya think of from England who may go on to be world class?……….how many English players in the current team are world class? imo none!

  43. Ross and SpartanChris, glad you agree lads, we like to big up our average players in England, and someone is daft enough (Man City) to pay the wedge. Theres no chance of Mike Ashley getting caught out like that, got his head screwed on has Mike.

  44. looks like wikywhatshisname is off trying to translate the Mexican footy webpage to see if they’re talking about Lampard’s “goal”…..

  45. every team needs a workhorse to work with the stars. Unfortunately all our players think they are stars and were not working for the team. The midfield was a prime example.

  46. Munich,the lads a disgrace,theres now 2 people on this blog who piss me off.The last time I seen him on was calling Toonsy a racist then the neet calling batty a fascist…….then with the English media highlighting an English goal or one that should have been…hello!!

  47. I sais after the first game Spartan that watching them was like watching the Toon v Villa…toothless,spineless,heartless.

  48. Munich-I suppose its only natural for your national Media to big up the chances and efforts of your own players, but I often feel we go too far with our lads.

    Two words-Theo Walcott. Can anyone remember the first time he hit the scene for Arsenal? He was literally proclaimed as the greatest thing since sliced bread. Does he have talent? Yes. Is he as good as he was made out to be? Not for me personally. Do I think he feels the pressure/has been effected by pressure put on him in the past? Definitly.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like him as a player, think he has talent and he’s still young. But the way we spoke about him you think he’d be setting the world alight by now. Leo Messi is 23. 23 and look at him, he’s incredible.

  49. richietoon…I recall now he likes to wind people up a bit. I suppose he’s entitled to his opinion, but his opinion doesn’t seem to make much sense to me.. But there again, I’ve been on the hoy all day, and through my beer goggles am convinced if Lampards shot had been allowed we’d have gone on to win the game…stupid me..

    It’s gonna be hellish at work the morra, need to iron me black arm band ..!

  50. Richie, thats a prime example – that game was full of primadonnas who did not work for the team. Not been on here for a while so missed your comment. Thats why i’m more optimistic about this season.

  51. aye Spartan I also said if we had to relive the Villa game which team would you want to play them….the one who did(supposedly stronger team than now) or the team we have now(allegedly weaker)….my money would be on the team we have now,simply because of the fact they are a TEAM unlike the shower we had then.

  52. Ross, I agree mate, perhaps the English media do tend to go over the top and big up the so called stars.

    Perhaps once the disappointment of our exit from the World Cup has died down we will see more promising young English players coming to the fore. Not living in the UK, not seeing Sky Sports etc I’m a bit out of touch with the Prem League and which good young players are coming through. To be honest I was surprised that Theo Walcott never made the squad, the lad has pace and that would be an ideal weapon, even maybe from the bench, an injection of pace towards the end of the game to stir things up. I also reckon the smoggy lad who moved to Citeh will make a good ‘un. You lads living in the UK know best of who is coming through. Looking forward to the toon getting back in the Prem League, should get to see more games in Germany.

  53. Munich-I was surprised Adam Johnson wasn’t picked, very surprised. He has slotted into the Citeh team quite nicely, is played regularly and looks the real deal. (how many times have we said that about youngsters, this is me promoting the sort of behaviour i’ve just been knocking! haha). But seriously, i’d have taken him. He’s quick, good with the ball at his feet and can put a cross in.

    Theo has the same problem as every other English winger by the looks of things. Fast, good with the ball at his feet and when he reaches the final third and that killer moment comes, he doesn’t know whether to cut insdie, run for the byline, cross, shoot, etc. He just needs to learn a bit more, once his footballing brain adapts so to speak, I think we’ll see a rapid improvement. All a learning curve with the youngsters i reckon.

  54. adam johnson should have been oot there anyway imo Munich,but we don’t have alot of young uns coming thru as far as I know :-( whey I’m off to bed,should be at work 2mora but its not looking good :lol: neet lads

  55. Ross..I think thats the prob,we have fast wingers but we dont have skillful ones who can put in the killer ball consistently…I think Johnson is the better option amongst them,he does put a good ball in and can score.

  56. Ross I agree mate, he looks like a good ‘un, should have been there imo, pace is something which terrifies defenders, hopefully both Walcott and Johnson will both develop in the next few years.

    Sounds a bit daft but we need to find the right playing style for England, playing to our strengths, formation and tactics, training methods are all important. Hopefully Capello has learned from this, but come back to Big Daves comment on an earlier post that perhaps England need a trainer who speaks English and can communicate his tactics accordingly..

  57. Lads, am gannin ti bed. Am paggered, it’s been a hard day, and will be even harder tomorrow !!

    At least we can look forward to some peace and quiet for the next few weeks before the toon madness starts up again !

  58. Richie-We sold the likes of Theo on his blistering pace. Means nowt if he cant stop at the byline and put a cross in. Anybody that wants to pay me 40k pw or up to run quickly please get in touch. I’ll try every now and gain to pass the ball, maybe even score if its on a plate. Cheers.

  59. Having read this for a while it seems a decent time to comment…

    The Golden Generation are dead, long live the Golden Genertion.

  60. Hart
    Johnson S.Taylor Dawson Gibbs
    Lennon Huddlestone Wilshire A.Johnson
    Carroll Rooney.

    Team for the next world cup ;)

  61. Lampard just been interviewed: ‘I don’t think 4-1 is a good reflection of the match’. He has a point like, by rights germany should have walked away 6 or 7 goals up surely.

    Toonsy – I think NO excuses is the only sensible policy from here on in if we hope to rebuild our national football system. To some extent, any high scoring game will have involved the trailing side chasing a goal, and leaving themselves exposed and vulnerable on the counter, so I don’t buy that sorry mate.

    Facts. We had 3 or 4 top individuals at their peaks going into this -rooney, lampard, gerrard, a cole. A right back who can’t defend, no idea about who was in goal. But somehow the tabloid press had us believing as usual we are the bestest team in the whole wide world.

    Germany were calm, skillful, patient in their build up play, they played team football with energy, intelligence and composure. By contrast we looked like a bunch of alcoholic, overweight uncles who’ve been harassed into playing with their nephews in the park.

    The way the players were brushing it off as no big deal in their post match interview – sums it up, can’t seem to face up to the truth. These are millionaire chavs who think it’s their divine right to waltz into the final. Whereas, teams like japan, ghana, uruguay, chile, mexico should be miles behind us but totally who us up- they can at least pass the ball, make intelligent runs and work to a fluid tactical system.

    All in all a disgrace. Make no bones about it.

  62. Richard0 says:
    June 28, 2010 at 1:23 am

    “The Golden Generation are dead, long live the Golden Genertion.”

    Bang on.

  63. All I heard all last season on this blog was how NUFC didn’t play well but won. Now I seems England didn’t deserve to win because we didn’t play well.

    I’ve got news for you – We deserved to go in at half time 2-2 because the Germans missed their chances and we didn’t. The fact the linesman didn’t give us a goal that nearly hit the back netting changed the game beyond all recognition.

    You don’t have to play well to win games, you have to score goals -We did but we were cheated. At 2-2 we don’t chase the game, so we don’t leave gaps all over tbd pitch, I think that’s quite simple isn’t it?

    FIFA are an enemy of football, the game is a laughing stock.

  64. Ross,bang on,Lennon,Walcott and SWP pace but clueless wot to do with it.

    Beaten by imo an average German team who were still way way ahead of England.

  65. I think I said that last night in my drunken state,Germany didnt deserve to go in 4 up at half time because they only 2 same as us!….obviously after that we were chasing but we were poor.Still baffled by taking Defoe off and putting Heskey on like.

    About the Toon last season,we were good enough to have an off day and still win,England arent unfortunately…..oh well roll on the Euros :-(

  66. How is everyones head this morning? Glad I’m not going to work until later!

    We won’t get goal-line technology whist Blatter is in charge, but it’s gone now. Done.

    Looking forward, I reckon we will get the World Cup in 2018 now ;) ;)

    And are Newcastle going to feel the wrath of Rooney on the first day of the season? :(

  67. The only decent crosser of the ball in the last 10 years for England was actually David Beckham who could put in those whipped crosses that are so dangerous.
    The only player to come out of the tournament with any credit was David James, surprisingly, and at least he looked like he cared during the game. The other excuse-mongers should think about how much those England fans spent to see that sort of drivel (that includes me – to think I wasted a quid in Poundland for that England cap!) No pace, no effort, second best to challenges, Sunday league defending (apologies to Sunday league teams!) and couldn’t string a set of beads, never mind 2 passes together.
    At least my daughter is staying with a nice family in Germany – they haven’t mentioned the football and I’ve told her not to mention the war!

  68. Think I said last neet 6699(I’m a bit hazy) she’ll love it its a great place……really can’t be arsed wi work today.

    ya took ya flag down yet Toonsy??

  69. 5.3m per year for what? poor selections, tactics and preparation, you can blame certain players if you want to but the manager picks them, he can have anyone he wants but without a system to fit them into it will always look like a gaggle of kids on a Sunday morning.
    He is responsible and should do the honourable thing and walk, give Hodgson or Redknapp a chance and get rid of this sick joke of Club England created by Crozier and make a clean start with passionate Englishmen in charge.
    And also, get rid of that Ponce Beckham, my nightmare is that he gets the job, if that happens then that is it for me.

  70. Rich – In fairness, I only need to cut the strings, but it makes my early morning effort yesterday kind of seem pointless now. I might just leave it up, I am still English after all. As my Facebook status says currently “I can hold my head higher than the England team. Bunch of overpaid, pampered, w@nkers”, or something like that.

    BBB – I actually reckon Beckham has it in him to become a boss one day. One thing is for certain, he would be passionate about it, and always has been about England.

  71. Toonsy
    Never mind Rooney that mexican centre forward Henandez looked a player. have a feeling he would turn our telegraph pole defenders inside out.

  72. If Rooney plays like he’s done in the world cup then I could mark him oot the game!

  73. Rich – Hodgson for me, with someone underneath him to learn from him for the next 4 years. At this level, England have lacked tactical awareness for some time now, and that can make a difference at this level. Hodgson is excellent with tactics, plus if he gets the England job it means he wont be going to Liverpool, which will feck them over a bit more :lol:

  74. Glad to see the English fans are realistic.

    It was a shocking decision with the “goal that wasn’t”, I could see it cross the line the first time on tele.

    However, all in all Germany outclassed England on the day, and deserved the win regardless.

    Englands world cup just never got going, and they can only blame themselves for that.

    The red card in the Spain Chile game, then the first goal Tevez scored against Mexico. Really, these refereeing decisions are getting beyond a joke. They are ruining good games. And its ridiculous nothing is being done about it.
    They are not bad decisions, they are shocking decisions…

  75. The the topic of Rooney.

    Great great player. But he is NOT a centre forward. He hardly ever plays Striker for Man U. He either sits behind Berbatov or he plays in a wide forward role on the left or right. Similar to the positions Messi, Tevez, Ronaldo play in, or a Cantona did play in.

    The England team should have been 4-3-3


    Johnson———Dawson————Terry———A Cole




    I cannot believe Crouch hardly got any time on the pitch.
    He is your best goal threat.

    But I guess I’m no Capello ;)

  76. Morning boys ,

    The problem with england is ( n i dont mean this to be having a go r bitter ) they r not a team , yes ye have great players Rooney Gerrard Lampard etc etc but they have no idea how to play together , and for a long time ye havent had a team , too many players looking out for themselves and you only have to look at david beckham as the prime example of selfhness within the group , i know he was not playing but i think he would have an influence.

    Id stick with capello he is a proven manager but id kick a few ‘ senior ‘ players out starting with Terry

  77. I think it’s definately time to rip the team apart. Most of the players wont make it to the next World Cup now because of age, so why not start building now with the best of the players that are young enough for the next World Cup and the creal of the U21’s?

    Give them the Euro qualifiers to get used to international football, if we get there then great, if not we have a squad of players that has learnt to play together and gel.

  78. Toonsy, Beckham cares allright, quite a bit, passionatetly, obsessivelly, – about himself!

    We need a fresh start, minus the bling and rasamatas, they have lost sight of the fact they are a representative side and should play for free or donate their wages less expenses to charity.
    If they even cared one jot about their country instead of themselves, King, Rooney, Ferdinand and Barry would have declared themselves unfit and allow others who were fit to go instead, its called taking one for the team but thats the problem, we are a collection of individuals and have never been a team under the club England regime and even worse when Golden Knackers Becks is around, he personifies the whole putrid heap.

  79. toonsy says:
    June 28, 2010 at 8:43 am

    Give them the Euro qualifiers to get used to international football, if we get there then great, if not we have a squad of players that has learnt to play together and gel.

    But would the sun n mirror etc etc give who ever the manager the time to do that toonsy?

  80. Coming home?

    I hear that the England management’s changed the return flight plans….. they’ve decided to fly into Glasgow now as they want the players to be assured of a heroes’ welcome!

  81. Johno – I see what you’re saying, and I agree to a point. But if that was a new mission statement that came out of the World Cup debacle then I honestly think that the press and public would accept it. How can they not accept it after the current “megastars” that have been built up out of all proportion have failed to perform so spectacularly? How can the press slag the players off now, but then call for them to be given another chance etc etc.

  82. Casue toonsy the tabloids are as ficcle as the day is long! Yes the general football public would and the broad sheet papers would give the manager the euros to experiment and develop a team.

    What i could see from the tabloids is they would get behind the idea intially but when a result goes bad ( which it will due to giving youth a chance ) they will go out and hang the team n manager. Unfortuntly that is what they are like

  83. Big Badd Ass Bobb
    Wow ! that`s pretty depressing !
    Fact is , nothing more`n y`all lost a game of footie.
    If you really need a point to fix on, something like la Mano de Dios for the next 20 years, sure it was a goal !
    But not much of a game and you never have a shot at, actually the largest defeat of any second group team ever.
    Check out the South American teams and their entertaining fast and technical style, not to mention tenacity.
    Is there something wrong with footie in Europe ?
    As the most entertaining games have included mostly sides sides from Latin America.

  84. Sorry to sound like an ‘I told you so’ clever sh*te…

    But I didn’t really have any hopes for us this tournament. I’ve agreed with the view that for the last 3 or 4 years at least, there have been too many egos and not enough chemistry between the players. I haven’t really enjoyed watching England since the current generation got their foot in the door properly and soured things. Add that to playing players who are unfit, out-of-form or just in the wrong positions and what do you get?

    Individually, we’re a better side than Germany. As a team, it was always going to be an inevitable outcome. I was more than prepared for the disappointment of defeat.

  85. Chuck – I don’t think it’s so much a problem with European footy, more the fact that the South Americans are catching up, apart from the likes of Brazil and Argentina who are already at the top of course.

    Most South American teams have always had attacking flair, but they were defensively and tactically lacking. Now most of their players have an exposure to European football they have learned to become solid, tactically aware outfits whilst maintaining that attacking flair which makes them both solid and exciting at the same time.

  86. To be honest, I think the European teams on the whole have just been poor this tournament. Whether that’s a problem generally I’m not sure.

    But while the South American sides have always been tidy and/or full of verve, the European sides gave them an easy ride this time round.

    Is it any coincidence that the European sides who are still in the tournament are all capable of good counter-attacking?

  87. Chuck, The money that has been spent on our national team would probably go a long way to sort out the national debt and for what in return?
    Depressing, you better believe it, i was 11yrs when we won the world cup and its been downhill ever since so you can hardly blame me for being just a tad pissed off.

  88. I think we need to start looking at the likes of Rodwell and Wilkshire. Get them bedded in for you Euros.

    Oh and I’d appoint Roy Hodgson as manager

  89. You know what p!sses me off most ? It isn’t that we are out of the world cup, it isn’t that we gave a poor performance it isn’t that we were hammered by the Germans, it is that we will most likely see the likes off Rooney, Gerrard, Lampard, Cole, Milner, J Cole, Terry will probably play the game of their lives against us and do their very best to send us down.

  90. Batty, Germany were the better side in every regard.

    They bossed the game, went 2-0 up. Should have been 3-0 and then they played a counter attacking game. Which is why England had more possession.

  91. • Wayne Rooney has lost the ball by being tackled in possession more often than any other player at the 2010 world cup finals
    • Rooney also completed only 55% of his passes for England against Germany – the lowest rate in the game
    • Germany scored four goals from six shots on target, while England mustered seven attempts on target
    • Manuel Neuer’s assist for Klose’s goal was the first by a goalkeeper at the world cup since 1966 (Kavazashvili for USSR)
    • Frank Lampard’s free-kick onto the bar was his 37th world cup shot without scoring, more than any other player (1966-2010)

  92. jj..a true reflection should have been 4-2 … germany scored 4 good goals as far as i could see & england had a good goal chalked off.

    the reason we are out of the WC is simple…the players are just not good enough.

    ..overpaid shitbags the lot of them.

  93. the best team won england were shite all excuses ot of the window the team are over aged there england days should be numbered

  94. When all these names are being mentioned to replace Copello, how about somebody who is already there, Pearce? He had the passion and already doing it at the under 21’s and helping out at the ful level. Why not give him a try?

  95. I agree – that international coaching and club management are COMPLETELY different beasts. I think promoting successful coaching/playing staff actually works – dunga, deschamp, klinsman. Unlike club management – ince, keane, adams, southgate, shearer.

    On that basis I think Pearce is a decent shout. The other one would be trevor brooking who took the U17 to Euro glory. By the way Wickham was outstanding – how I wish we could’ve got a bid in for him before his valuation went up to 12mil.

  96. For me whether the ball was over the line or not (it was) doesnt make any difference. We were emmbarrasing apart from 5 mins of play and well deserved to lose.

  97. This should be the finish for Lampard, gerrard, Terry, James, ect they have proved that they are not interested at doing well at international games.

    I would keep Milner, Walcott, ect and promote players like Carroll and Steven Taylor. Carragher ffs everybody was saying how over the hill he is then why did Cappello take him. Rooney is clearly burnt out but he will come back and do well.

    IMO Cappello also made a big error in not going with Hart from the first game.

  98. Apparently this same referee had been banned for 6 months from world class football in 2002 for dodgy refereeing decisions. I’m all for technology, but if they will not allow it then they should at least scrap this idea of bringing refs from all the contributing countries. Most countries don’t have a well developed league and the refs just don’t have the experience. I would say, just take refs with champion’s league experience from countries such as England, Germany, Spain, Italy, etc. At least the refs will be of a better quality thay some dodgy bloke from Uraguay or whatever…

    My thoughts on England… The damage was done early on in the tournament. They just didn’t do the biz against Algeria and the USA. If they’d played decently during those games, instead of playing like a drunken pub team on acid, we would’ve finished top of the group, missed the Germans and the Argies and had a slightly better chance.

    For the German game, Shocking shocking decision, but we just didn’t play well either. too slow, too many holes, not good enough passing…

    And on top of that some very dodgy substitutions… Heskey, WHY?? What did he ever do to get ahead of genuine goal scorers like Crouch, or Bent.. (oh sorry he left
    Bent at home didn’t he). Can go on and on, but I’m just depressing myself!!!

  99. England were sh!te the whole competetition, not that I take any pleasure in telling you lot I told you so but the english players look good in prem because they are mostly playing with top european players – we just dont have enough world class english players

    However they should have been able to make up for the gulf in actual class by trying to play as a team – unfortunately they all seem to dislike each other and can’t be ar5ed to cover each others mistakes – some of the dfenders trying to trackj back on german attacks looked like they were hardly putting any effort on at all

    Our strikers are rubbish – bar Rooney – why we took heskey / crouch / defoe ahead of the prems in form striker Darren Bent is a joke – jobs for the boys

    England you make me sick – take a wage cut you skiving tw@ts

  100. stevep – “Our strikers are rubbish – bar Rooney – why we took heskey / crouch / defoe ahead of the prems in form striker Darren Bent is a joke – jobs for the boys”

    in fairness, rooney was the worst of the lot. Crouch with 21 goals in 38 internationals is a pretty reasonable inclusion I’d say. Bent has had a number of opportunities and ALWAYS looks out of his depth. Defoe is not world beater but a decent enough finisher. Heskey is the exception – a striker who doesn’t score played to supposedly get the best out of rooney – who hasn’t scored in 5 months (10 months) at international is baffling.

    They are – alas the best we have at the moment in the game so it’s hard to complain too much there.