Germany v England – World Cup match preview.

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Come on England!
Come on England!
By this time tomorrow, all England fans will know whether they can continue watching the World Cup with a keen interest in looking at potential opposition, or whether they will be forced to look on as jealous spectators watching other teams progress through the tournament.

These are the knock-out stages of the World Cup, and in every game from now on the aim is to win. England’s inability to top their group has forced the match between themselves and Germany, and arguably created a more difficult path for progression through the tournament, but the fact remain the same – England must win!

Germany made a flying start to the World Cup and looked by far the most impressive of the so called “big” teams, although admittedly it was only against a disappointing 10-man Australia that they swept aside 4-0. Since that win the Germans have looked a bit shaky as their young side limped into the last sixteen rather than at the canter it first looked like they would do. In contrast, England started off poor against the USA and got worse against Algeria. That led to a barrage of criticism from the press before they finally managed to put in a performance in the last group game against Slovenia, although many England fans will have wanted a greater winning margin than the 1-0 scoreline that game ended up being.

Moving on to team news…

Germany coach Joachim Low expects Bastian Schweinsteiger, Jerome Boateng and Mesut Ozil to be fit after picking up knocks in their last match against Ghana. Cacau, who played up front in that game, will miss out after pulling a stomach muscle in training, but with Miroslav Klose returning from suspension there should be no real problem in Germany naming their strongest possible starting line-up, which should be:

Germany (4-2-3-1): Neuer, Lahm, Friedrich, Mertesacker, Boateng, Khedira, Schweinsteiger; Muller, Podolski, Ozil, Klose.

For England, Fabio Capello will be boosted by the fact that all of his 23-man squad were able to take part in training today, especially as there are some concerns regarding the ankle of Wayne Rooney. Those concerns thankfully appear to be unfounded.

There isn’t much expected in the way of changes to the starting line-up although the return to fitness of Ledley King and return from suspension of Jamie Carragher will ensure that Capello does have a mild selection headache as he decides to either slot one of those two players back into the back four or whether or not to stick with Matthew Upson who performed so well against Slovenia. I would expect the England team to be:

England (4-4-2): James, Johnson, Upson, Terry, A Cole, Milner, Lampard, Barry, Gerrard, Rooney, Defoe.

Now some fun facts….

England have met Germany four times in major tournaments, and on all of those occasions the game has needed extra-time at least for it to be settled. Historically, it is England who hold the upper hand between the two teams, with England winning 15 encounters compared to Germany’s 10.

Miroslav Klose is edging closer to the all time World Cup goalscoring record that is currently held by Ronaldo (the fat, goofy one). Klose has 11 goals and is just four short of chubby Ronaldo’s total of 15 goals in World Cup football. In contrast, Steven Gerrard is England’s top current World Cup goalscorer with three goals.

In conclusion..

England may have the upper hand overall, but when it matters and the pressure is on it is generally the Germans who keep their head and triumph. It’s with a heavy heart I say this, but I can see England going out in Bloemfontein on Sunday afternoon.

My prediction: Germany 2-0 England.

Please England, prove me wrong!

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321 Responses

  1. 1-1 after extra time, England 5-3 on pens. I just read it in my tea leaves..

  2. that would be excellent Roy, we owe the Jaaarmans and the argies a good rogering ….

  3. What? About the prediction, Dave? Nah that didn’t bother me, I just couldn’t be arsed :lol:

  4. I hope so, I actually wouldn’t be bothered. There is bit of a theory behind my prediction anyway, that being that I very rarely win ;)

    As a precaution I will be venturing into the bookies before KO to pile on the Germans, just to make sure, before I sit down with my champagne and posh lager.

  5. 2-0 Gerrard and Rooney, Should have Beckenbauer shitting his incontinence pads… ;)

  6. Toonsy you wouldn’t bet against yer own would ye ? oh I said lastnite but you didnt answer as usual congrats on beating BBM’s record :)

  7. No OHurley and NorCal tonight?…probably drunk and about to watch the match :-) OHurley’ll be all moonshined up :lol:

  8. Richie I think OHurley has a big sack of papers tonight sure there will be a free WC colour supplement aswell, I would guess if they win he will be on later if not he wont be on :lol:

  9. Dave – Nah, she is always chatting to randoms on there. I just let her get on with it and hope she clamps onto someone who is extremely rich who aill buy her off me ;)

  10. not long after the 1-5,I was on hol with the German ex in Mallorca in a mainly German Hotel with me 1-5 t-shirt on and the bairns had England strips on……just about everyday.It was great :lol: :twisted:

  11. great finish Prince Boateng. Dunno if Howard should have been beaten at his near post but great finish non the less.

  12. flippin heck are Ghana good, the Shermans cannot get the ball off them ! They’ve just showed Bill Clinton and Mick Jagger smooching in the stands on Jaarman TV… Sounds like Klinsmann deein the TV commentary..

  13. Munich-Goal was a good finish but it was poor from the US. Got caught napping on the half way line, Ghana nicked the ball, Boateng beat a man for pace, hit it from the edge of the box and beat Howard at the near post. Great goal none the less though like.

  14. Perhaps Chuck was right and an African team could go further in the tournament :lol:

  15. last time chuck was on think he said he was going to Mexico City so maybe still there?

  16. Aye the US have been dissapointing but think they’ll be better in the 2nd half after a rocket up their arse.

  17. well ghana have suprised me, didnt realise they were so good and reliable. a little like chile with there quality, a real suprise. am hoping for a 2-1 win.

    can c the yanks making a change for 2nd half. they will come out guns blazin, they need to up the ante ;)

  18. I think th US have peaked to early and are now on their way down :) but I still think we should see a bit of a fight back in the 2nd half.
    Richie I find him ok mainly because I ignore him :lol: but I have noticed that he seems to love to antagonise bloggers for no real reason

  19. heh heh Richietoon, happy days eh ! Frikadelles, we call them Fleischflansell in Bayern…lovely all the same, washed down with a couple of Fransiskaner Weissbiers. They really know how to brew beer those monks !

    Canny goal Ross, just seemn the goal in the half time break. I was slagging Boateng of pre-world cup, but since he chinned Ballack he’s been immense. I had him for the toon the morra, but now there is absolutely no chance at all. Could you imagine him sitting in front of the bull on the left side of midfield for the mags…?

    USA cannot get the ball, there gannin oot at the moment

  20. Aye toonsy, I’ll be doon the village pub and off blog tomorra to watch England fettle Germany…

  21. toonsy, you traitor!

    Were gonna beat the Krauts 3-0. Probably all in the first half too.

    Rooney will score, go on a run and take us all the way.

    Cannot wait to beat Madona in the quarters. We’ve waited a long time to chop that cheating, fat, drug taker w@nkers hand off!

  22. Munich-I’ve gave him a good verbal bashing before the world cup to my mates aswell, when they suggested him as a potential toon target.

    Shows what we know! lol

  23. Munich – Was just gonna say, get down there early and get your beach towel out right on front of the telly. Get the bosch all radged up ;) :lol:

  24. At this point, can I say I championed Boateng for us all along, even before the end of last season, and the majority reponse was that he isn’t good enough ;)

  25. Agreed Ross, wasn’t keen on the tatoos and the gangster image, but boy the lad can play football. He did the right thing chosing Ghana though, cos he wouldn’t have gotten into the Germany team…they have enough foreigners in there already !

    wow canny save by the Ghana goalie, but the US man took one touch too many !

  26. toonsy, I’ll do my best to get them radged up, England expects and all that.

  27. Thats what bugs me Dave,he makes some decent points at times but ya know an insult is never far away.

    Munich used to have some Fransiskaner weissbier glasses,thin the Frau must have took em :-(
    Many years ago when I was adventure training in Wertach there was a German “oompah” band in the bar and had them trying to play The Blaydon Races…happy days

  28. Toonsy @44 no ye didn’t ye waffler you were slagging him off Its was Ice that was championing him because Ice knows a good player when he see’s one ;)

  29. TOONSY,i was one that rubbished you on boateng, admit hes played canny in wc still stick with wenger like ie would never buy a player on a 3wk showing must show skill over a season ;)

  30. richietoon says:
    June 26, 2010 at 8:38 pm

    “Many years ago when I was adventure training in Wertach there was a German “oompah” band in the bar and had them trying to play The Blaydon Races…happy day”

    Like that? :lol:

    Me and YouTube are a dangerous combination :(

  31. US missed a big chance, might not get another better 1.
    but hey they look v fit nd v determined. cant really ask for much more, go usa lol

  32. Dave – Have done an all new ravey type mix. Will be up for dowloand soon when I have balanced it out properly ;)

  33. We couldn’t afford K P Boateng before the WC, so we’ve got no fckin chance now!

  34. Let me know when ye get them done mate. Ice you shouldn’t have admitted that mate we could have played with him :) but in fairness he doesn’t bite as easy as he used to

  35. I don’t have time to bite anymore, I’m always too busy wiping your arses :lol:

  36. Why are they sayin immaculate penalty,are they trying to say he meant to put it in off the post?

  37. Why is Mick Jagger cheering America? Burn him, traitor :mad:

    With lips like that he’ll ga up like a fecker!

  38. Laaandan Donavan showed some sphincter control for that penalty. Hope wor lads are up for it the morra…

  39. Mick Jagger, the big shirtlifter, rubbing shoulders with Bill the Clinton..never liked him, shite band too..

  40. Munich……I was pissed trying to sing it and they were pissed trying to play it….worst version of it ya’ll ever hear but it was a good laugh :-)

  41. Ice he has went a bit quiet on me too, because I was talking to his Lass, so he must know we were talking about him I was surprised like ;)
    Re Jagger with lips like that the Yanks can keep the ugly c*nt

  42. BIG DAVEaye mate hes gone a bit queer like,even done a thread on samual saying he might be ok for cover might as well said would be good cover at full back,nee wonder his lass is on line talking to good looking guys like you ;)

  43. Toonsy what stats ? oh and yer lass was telling me you have a thing for fellas ass’s whiche explainns your post @ 61 > I’m always too busy wiping your arses ..
    Ice what can I do mate I cant help him except to advise face reconstruction surgery ;)

  44. Looks like USA is going to extra time. Could do with them getting a winner. 2 games, 2 bets, 2 correct scores ;)

  45. BIG DAVE thats a good idea m8,he will have to get a square heed if he takes that job offer from the germans :)

  46. Oh well, just the one bet up today then :(

    And I missed the goal because I was watering the garden :(

  47. Some of my more solid weekend bets went up in a puff of BBQ smoke yesterday. The ones I’m still hanging on for are A Cole to score and England to win, Stevie G 1st goal and England to win 2-1, or Argies 4-2. Not going to hold out too much hope…

  48. Not too bad, overworked and underpaid!

    ice – as you can see I was just updating on BBQ. Giving it a miss today and having another tomorrow.

    Been practicing for my epic charity bike ride today. Only did 22 miles but I was totally done in!! My reward is to look after two little ladies who are having trouble settling because of the excitement of a ‘sleepover’. Hence I’m stuck on here with no beer and getting more agitated by the minute.

  49. Dave – Nah man, not in my palatial grounds. The gardener is on holiday so I thought it best to get my hands dirty ;)

  50. Surprised it’s taken Ghana this long to stick Muntari on like. He can just hold the ball and break up play in that midfield, fresh legs like him are exactly what they need.

    As for the moro, hopefully we’re playing in red like. Just adds that historical touch to it….and the only time we’ve played decent football so far we were in red, haha. Are we on the BBC aswell? They pointed out that if we’re in red and or on the BBC, we play well, haha.

  51. ice – yeah, supposed to be ridiculously hot. Been out all day today doing chores and then on the bike. Hadn’t realised I was getting a bit burned so tomorrow is bound to sting.

    Deciding whether or not to go with current Bud and Bodd stocks or splash out on some better quality beverages for the big occasion. Maybe a few packs of Moretti or Amstel. Cider could be a good call too.

  52. Have the Americans got a guy called Pearl Harbour playing for them? 8O

    I can’t hear it properly with the volume so low.

  53. Bowburn – Nah, Pearl Necklace it is mate.

    I think i’s that Benny Feilhaiber in fairness.

  54. Bowburn-Becks. Just so you can sip on one if their beers, a smug grin on your face at full time :D

  55. Ross – Or smash th bottle in some sort if angry, frustrated, principled stand if we go out :lol:

  56. Fair play to Ghana. Seems fitting that Africa should have a representative go as far as possible. I know we wouldn’t necessarily say that about continents with established sides but with emerging ones, it seems right.

    Commiserations to US and the American fellas that get on here. Put up a decent fight and took it to the wire.

  57. See ya toonsy pal. Might not get back on tomorrow but enjoy it and let’s hope we’re smug.

  58. Gotta be honest I like Desailly. I think he’s great craic but fair play about the French thing…

  59. Big proud Ghanaian Marcel, Grace Jones look alike if you ask me. I remember him trying to mark wor Alan Shearer when he scored one of the greatest goals of his career at St James’

  60. Exactly Toonsy. Sip it smug or chuck it at that bugger of a neighbour you’ve bit your tongue at for years screaming about how you didn’t want to win the world cup anwyay.

  61. Batty, I swear to God if you say that again, I’m chartering a flight to Newcastle specifically to skin you alive mate…

    Be a good sport. I’ve already given my allegiance to England… don’t make me cheer in German tomorrow…

  62. Munich – aye, he’s on the couch for the US game. It reminds me of when he came back second time round in charge. Looked like he’d lost that twinkle in his eye.

    bats – agreed, he never talks anything but.

  63. Big Dave-

    I’m here mate. Gutted and ready to fight (and about to get pissed), but still alive.

  64. Carnt believe we lost to a 3rd world piece of shite country.

    I’m about to have a row with the first african I see.

  65. OHurley says:
    June 26, 2010 at 10:36 pm
    Big Dave-

    I’m here mate. Gutted and ready to fight (and about to get pissed), but still alive
    <<< i knew that would get ya oot :lol:

  66. Ammendment to that last comment, because my best mate sitting next to me is Nigerian lol…

  67. OHurley says:
    June 26, 2010 at 10:33 pm
    Batty, I swear to God if you say that again, I’m chartering a flight to Newcastle specifically to skin you alive mate…
    <<<<< less of the treats my little yanky freind u wont get no change oot of me

  68. OHurley says:
    June 26, 2010 at 10:39 pm
    Ammendment to that last comment, because my best mate sitting next to me is Nigerian
    <<<< be a man and stick the nut on him :lol:

  69. Warnock’s missus looks like she wants to nut Corden for taking the p*ss out of him.

  70. bowburnmag says:
    June 26, 2010 at 10:34 pm
    Munich – aye, he’s on the couch for the US game. It reminds me of when he came back second time round in charge. Looked like he’d lost that twinkle in his eye.

    bats – agreed, he never talks anything but.
    <<<<< and his love for the toon will never die neither mine for him KING KEV FOREVER

  71. bowburn, pretty funny she was the only one who really didn’t look like she was enjoying it. Dont quite know what she expected from someone like him and i’m sure she’ll have known what she was getting herself into going on!
    Amusing none the less.

  72. ohurley the ghanans have been giving a can of fanta and a bag of tudor for beating u :lol:

  73. bats – poor form like, in my opinion. Fair enough sending him up but not with his family as part of it. Corden is beginning to think he walks on water.

  74. bowburnmag says:
    June 26, 2010 at 10:47 pm
    bats – I’d carry him back home tonight.
    <<<< and ide help ya never mind what sum of the traiterous fans say

  75. batty-

    f you, ya radgie bastard! If Jaarmany do have at ya tomorrow like, I’m ganna give ya SO much shite for it!!

  76. I say she’ll have known what she was getting into- i should have said you’d assume, she’d know what she was getting herself into. When someone tells you that they want you on a programme to salute your husbands efforts for England and he’s touched the ball a whole 5 times, surely regardless of the fact she’s a wag, she can’t think they’re being serious?

  77. OHurley says:
    June 26, 2010 at 10:51 pm
    wtf is “tudor” other than a royal family?
    <<<< a bag of tudor crisps man well known in the north east

  78. James Cordon should concentrate on losing weight, the big fat cockney twat!

    Anyway back to the WC. England are gonna crush the Krauts! Stick Kaisers comments up his arse and I’m gonna be pissed while it’s happening.

  79. Is anyone old enough to remember what it f
    feels like to beat the Germans in a World Cup?

    Couldn’t think of a better way of winning the WC than beating the Krauts and then thrashing the Argies like we did in the Falklands – And if they think their having any of our oil over there they can suck our cocks!

  80. Stu – If someone is old enough to know that then they are old enough to know how it feels to see England win the thing :)

  81. morning batty , it is indeed a lovely morning….& there’s not a better way of starting it than finishing off last nights curry & garlic nan leftovers … washed down with a steaming hot cup of rosie lee.

    …come on england.

  82. ive got a feeling that tonights going to be a good good night…

  83. Is it 3 o clock yet ??……………………I’m like a kid at christmas……………….gotta feeling I may have to work from home tomorrow ;-)

  84. what is everybodys problem with ed? what has he done to warrant being labelled as judas from some of u?

  85. tummy says:
    June 27, 2010 at 9:37 am
    what is everybodys problem with ed? what has he done to warrant being labelled as judas from some of u?
    <<<<<< ya meen me not some of u hes ED JUDAS HARRISON OK little girl

  86. toonsy how come they let u put that flag on the side of the hostel ur staying in :lol:

  87. Right lads, I’ve had my poached eggs on toast and I’m ready for my days drinking.

    Lager or Magniers?

    I’m swaying towards Magniers as it’s nice and refreshing, but Lager is Lager.

  88. I thought you lived on a Gypsy site, toonsy.

    See, you should never judge a book by it’s cover…

  89. tummy says:
    June 27, 2010 at 9:37 am
    what is everybodys problem with ed? what has he done to warrant being labelled as judas from some of u?
    <<< and keep it shut or ile close him doon agen :lol:

  90. didnt ed close the blog at christmas? not when we went down…. and which 2 legends did he turn on?

  91. tummy says:
    June 27, 2010 at 9:53 am

    and which 2 legends did he turn on?

    If you don’t know the answer to that one, go get tucked!

  92. whey I think its time to mek me 3 bacon,2 sausage,2 hash broons,2 eggs,2 bread,mushrooms,tomato and black pudding………..just to keep me hunger at bay whilst getting lashed up….Is it 3pm yet ??

  93. tummy can ya shut up aboot ed now we dont like taling aboot the unclean on here :lol:

  94. i didnt really read ed’s blog often, whereas i read this quite often, therefore i dont know which legends he turned on really, so will someone please explain to me the hatred u have towards ed?

  95. haha i noticed whenever i went on his he had like 8 articles a day which was a bit much :D but i dont see how u can hate him for that considering he just wants people to keep informed about the toon really

  96. tuumy if your trying a wind up u must be the worst 1 ever as i quite like u whats ur real nick on here

  97. Jonas, milner, oguchi, martins, geremi, tomasson, bassong, Moore, who is the last one?

  98. honestly, im not trying to be a wind up, i just want to know what he did thts so bad really…

  99. jay jay says:
    June 27, 2010 at 10:09 am

    Is Gonzalez there? That wonderful player we had…

  100. batty – Were still waiting for the best young South American’s for signing him aren’t we?

  101. Morning lads…

    enjoy the big build up, it’s gonna be mental, and finally after aaall these years were gonna send the Jaaaarmans packing. I would love to beat them on penalties too, so I don’t have to hear this England cannot take penalties bollocks all the time… I can feel it in me water,it’s our turn ! Wor lass asked me whats up, it’s only the last 16, but she knows nowt about football.

    I was 5 when we won the world cup in 1966, but I was more interested in me new Action Man, the one with the divers knife and George Michael beard…

  102. dont want to keep bringing it up, just waiting for an explaination of what he did cos its bugging me not knowing why some people on here dont like him, i wont bring it up again if u tell me, i promise :D

  103. tummy says:
    June 27, 2010 at 10:24 am
    dont want to keep bringing it up, just waiting for an explaination of what he did cos its bugging me not knowing why some people on here dont like him, i wont bring it up again if u tell me, i promise
    <<< go take a look in his archives and u shall see the light

  104. i dont see the light, i have looked :)

    explaination for what ed did that was so bad? anyone?

  105. 30 degrees, breakfast in the garden, frikadelles and coffee followed by a couple of bottles of Franziskaner, then doon the village pub for the footy. This is the life…at least for us old c nuts…!

  106. someone enlighten tummy ! He wants to find oot whats finally the skinny with Ed’s blog so he can finaly gan ti the pub and get in the mood for the big event…

  107. tummy

    I was on Eds blog all the while a year of so back in fact i used to read it on soccerlens way back, He closed it down and i moved house and binned me old pc.

    I then got a new computer a few months back and just thought lets see if that blog is back on, It was and all i could find was pointless articles like could the newcastle club get Anelka on loan, Schweinsteiger on loan, Robbie Keane on loan, Alan Foggan out of retirement, Why is David Craig wearing a top hat…

    Then i found this site and it is a million times better, I dont know about his slagging off ex players like Batty said because i wasnt online then. The reason i dont look at his blog anymore is i think his blog is tired and inferior to this one.

  108. he isn’t hated, he does what he does and we do what we do. The judas bit from batty is because he turned on the club over keegan in short, plus some other bits. But hey, that’s battys opinion on it.

    Comments welcome :lol:

  109. there you have it tummy mate, stick with this blog cos it’s the dogs bollocks, and git yersel down the pub in readiness for the big event….”super sunday” they used to call it on Sky Sport I recall !!

  110. toonsy says:
    June 27, 2010 at 10:40 am
    he isn’t hated, he does what he does and we do what we do. The judas bit from batty is because he turned on the club over keegan in short, plus some other bits. But hey, that’s battys opinion on it.
    <<<< stop lieing hes hated

  111. batty says:
    June 27, 2010 at 10:45 am
    sgavlaenkrehanneraieke << theres the 2 names work it oot then ya can gan the pub

    We playing Countdown now?

  112. tummy says:
    June 27, 2010 at 10:47 am
    batty im guessing alan shearer and kevin keegan?
    << good guess now get yaself too the pub :lol:

  113. batty is it sgav aieke and laenkre hanner ?? both crackin players in their day :lol:

  114. CC, i feel the same as u, i think this blog is superior to ed’s in the sense of it isnt a load of codswallop like ed’s because this has fewer articles which have more detail in them and this enables more banter in each thread, which in my opinion is better,
    however i cant help but feel a bit sorry for ed because his was the first newcastle blog i had started reading and i loved it, most of the people on here commented and read the articles and the banter was great, just like it is on here, i even remember one of ed’s threads getting over 1000 comments on it, thats what i loved about ed’s blog, it was my first blog and the banter was great,

    this is why i want to know why everyone hates ed on here, when he shut down his blog i didnt bother going on anymore blogs until i found this and this is great, and i looked at ed’s blog again and its reopened, whereas the difference is that he hardly gets any comments on it

    so will someone please just give me an explaination, dont just inform me, as to why most of u hate ed, because i like him and feel a bit sorry for him.

  115. I don’t know ed’s blog, I’m staying here…..provided batty and richietoon stop calling me an old c nut lol

  116. I used to go on Ed’s blog until Toonsy offered to pay me to come on this one and big him up… am I doing Toonsy? :lol:

    tummy…I have no feeling for Ed one way or the other,I havn’t been on this one that long but Ed writes an article if someone in a toon top farts so too much quanity and too little quality for me.Thats not to say he doesnt write some good uns.I prefer this one,better articles(check in the post Toonsy?) and better craic imo.

  117. I didnt Munich cos batty beat me,I was gonna call ya Herr old cnut…respect ya elders n all that ;-)

  118. Countdown…happy memories…my first introduction to merving over that Carole Vodaphone lass, who indirectly helped me get me maths O’level..

  119. CC says:
    June 27, 2010 at 10:56 am
    Plus Ed wouldnt allow racist abuse towards the spanish on his blog…

    That’s because it’s a politically correct, left wing, no humour blog.

  120. Stu, do you reckon that Richard bloke on countdown had something going with Carole Vodaphone ? A bit like Bruce Forsyth and his totty and Paul Daniels with his totty ?….showing me age now though …

  121. I doubt Richard Whitely even had it in him to have summat going wi his right hand :-)

  122. bloody hell that fry up took sum shiftin………thats me set for a sesh now tho.

  123. tummy i also used too like judases blog but wen he sed he was closing workyticket put a lot of time into getting this blog up and running,so when judas closed his bog blog alot of posters came on here but sum like me have been here since day 1 pluss i dont get as much abuse on here of people :lol:

  124. Tummy – Either way, it’s nice to have another regular (?) poster as I have not noticed you commenting so much. Come on in and join the fun ;)

  125. nice one richietoon !!
    Wor lass just told me she also remembers the World Cup in 1966. Though she was only 3 months old, it was her first traumatic experience she reckons, she had a picture of Geoff Hurst pinned on her bedroom wall and threw her rusks at it……

  126. batty says:
    June 27, 2010 at 11:06 am

    “i dont get as much abuse on here of people”

    Fok off, prick, cnut, w@nker ;) :lol:

  127. Batty – No other nick mate, checked the IP just to be sure. A new genuine poster, welcome tummy :)

  128. tummy pluss this blog is very good for people like toonsy who have no real freinds in life :lol: poor bloke would be sitting in his squat all alone

  129. rich

    Im kidding ive learnt me lesson, People all over the world Join hands, Start a love train, love train…

  130. Munich Mag<<< when trouble kicks off lata crack them straight under the jaw m8 they will gan doon like a bag of shite

  131. allright Batty, me heeds also warmed up ready for those Vulvawatsit blowers coming past wor hoose later..
    They’ll all be gannin home early though cos we fettled them ! Come on England !

    CC you moving into moraleofficer mode mate !?…

  132. batty says:
    June 27, 2010 at 11:15 am
    nerves kickin in and iam not even playing

    Couple of Lagers will help with that.

  133. Stuart79 says:
    June 27, 2010 at 11:20 am

    “Couple of Lagers will help with that.”

    Give the lad lightweight a chance of watchin the game :lol:

  134. Stuart79 says:
    June 27, 2010 at 11:20 am
    batty says:
    June 27, 2010 at 11:15 am
    nerves kickin in and iam not even playing

    Couple of Lagers will help with that.
    <<<< stu thats me problem a cannit stop at even a couple of dozen thats why i havent touched a drop for 12 years :lol:

  135. toonsy says:
    June 27, 2010 at 11:22 am
    Stuart79 says:
    June 27, 2010 at 11:20 am

    “Couple of Lagers will help with that.”

    Give the lad lightweight a chance of watchin the game
    <<<< t0sser

  136. batty you poor lad, Ingerlund v Jaarmany withoot the amber nectar, horrendous mate…

  137. Munich Mag << if a had a beer man ide be back on the streets with toonsy within a week :lol:

  138. Right ladies I’m off to get ready for this epic day.

    I will still be keeping a check on you mongleloids from my phone but I think the letters might be a bit small for me after 3pm.

    Come on England!!!!!!!!!

    2-1 England

  139. aye Stu, have a great time and give it lowdy on the Quayside, may the Mongoloids be with you ….

  140. Munich – See the shyte I get from these, see what I put up with :lol:

    Good job I have broad shoulders ;)

    Stu – Have a goodun in the Pink Coconut, I hear they are putting on male dancers for you to ogle at HT.

  141. Have a good un Stu

    Munich ….she has the occasional fry up but she’s more into fitness where as I’m more into fatness :-)

  142. toonsy, you do a great job mate, thick skin is a prerequisite on here ! I didn’t believe a word about your box garden mate, you probably slum it in some grand gaff in the middlelands…

    Aaah the Pink Coconut…happy memories…er..oh shit..

  143. Munich – My back is crampt to feck mate. Sleeping in that bin over the road from that house with an England flag on it really did me in last night :lol:

  144. richietoon, impose yourself on her mate, she’ll come round to your way of thinking in the end….machtkampf ! Hide her yoghurt under your streaky bacon…

  145. richietoon, send your lass ower, toonsy needs a bit Jane Fondaing to get him in shape for the match…

  146. Munich its a work in progress……….she was a vegetarian when we met…….soon got her onto the old kebabs tho ;-)

  147. lmao……that was the one I was ganna post and changed me mind….this is the one I meant to post :lol:

  148. No. This is the best world cup song ever (even though it was originally released for euro 96).

  149. oh oh…the Germans are blathering on the tele, they are going to give it lowdy, attack with power and aggression…come on !…

    Tosser….apparently Michael Ballack reported in German papers that Germany are by the far the team that England fear most in the World Cup…arsehole…

    Some numpty England fan blathered oh no please no penalties, we always lose…soft lad…!

  150. Richietoon, I think everyone else is down the pub mate…! Maybe we should do the same…!…I just need to finish the ironing then we’re off…

  151. Buds on ice £4.99, Jumbo chili dogs for barbie £3.00, Change of boxers after got Betty Swollocks mowing lawn £9.99, Beating the erics in HD…Priceless :D

  152. Peter Chzeck from Chelseas is also taking the piss about wor penalties…mutant….

  153. Our midfield are going to step up to the plate today and run riot over the Germans . I have a feeling we are not only going to win , but win big . Lampard and Barry will win every ball and Stevie G and Rooney will be on fire . Our WC starts today

  154. That one keps freezin me laptop up when it trys to load Toonsy….I’m guessin its a bit of a porv one tho :lol:

    Munich…Devo are still going ya kna!!

  155. richietoon…didn’t know that mate about Devo, must be a bunch of old slappers by now though !

    A few years ago during a weekend visit to the Toon I managed to see Bryan Ferry and Madness play seperate concerts, now that was classic. Aal the daft 45 year old skinheads jumpin up and doon at the arena on scotty road, skinheads by default cos nen of them had hair anymore !!..including me…sob..

  156. Hope so Axel 4-0 would go down nicely mate…Come on England !!!!…the call of the pub is getting louder !!

  157. aye that me,by default….which reminds me,need to gi me heed a quick sharpen before I gan oot :lol:

  158. in Boston, June 27, 2008

    Hope this works Munich,but aye they’re knocking on a bit

  159. Reet, pub o’clock. Catch you all later, will be fun trying to make snese of what everyone is saying, or trying to say :lol:


  160. Clem Rusty – People are entitled to their own opinions, but still, carry on tarring everyone with the same brush wont you ;)

  161. richietoon, just started your god save the queen link and wor lass started giving Deutschland Deutschland über alles….cheeky monkey…I’ll fettle her later..

  162. had 5min thurderstorm last neet,stuffed my 3 digital phones,hope its not a bad omen for the day like :(

  163. Icedog – Make soure you keep that Big Dave in order in my absence, you know what he can be like ;)

  164. tight game today lads, score drawn up until full time, one team to win it by one goal in extra time, just dont know which team……. :S

  165. should be Uber nichts Munich……….whey thats me off,enjoy the match lads……….Come On England!!

  166. All right lads, pub time !!

    Enjoy the game wherever you may be !!! Come on England !!!!

  167. Lads,
    would you believe my daughter is flying to Germany this afternoon for a 3-week exchange visit – she will land at 17:20 our time (ie near the end of extra time if there is any). She’s dreading it, either way. She’ll either be very unpopular if we’ve won or she’ll have to put up with the ho-ho-ho oompah band “you Britisch are not very good!” from the locals if they’ve won.

  168. toonsy says:
    June 27, 2010 at 1:05 pm
    Clem Rusty – People are entitled to their own opinions, but still, carry on tarring everyone with the same brush wont you

    seems to me he’s an easy target on here with so many havin a pop and don’t be so much up urself Toonsy, afterall this is just a rip-off of his site!

  169. dont think that many were having a go clem mate,I said I had no feelin one way or t’other.I think Ed writes to many articles for me (which I could have put more eloquently I admit),which imo takes away from the quality,though as I said he writes some good articles.However he’s a toon fan writing about what he loves,good on him.Personally I much prefer this blog but hey we all have different opinions mate.

  170. Clem Rusty says:
    June 27, 2010 at 11:37 pm

    “seems to me he’s an easy target on here with so many havin a pop and don’t be so much up urself Toonsy, afterall this is just a rip-off of his site!”

    Not “up myself” at all buddy, although I am confused. Is there only actually allowed to be one blog site? And we should all have one same opinion about everything? Newsflash, this is the real world, not a utopia. Get over it. If you don’t like, feel free to feck off. After all, who is pointing a gun at your head forcing you to come on here?……. Hmm, nobody I guess.