Where should Newcastle now look to strengthen?

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Chris Hughton - Faces some tough choices.
Chris Hughton - Faces some tough choices.
Right, before I get the obligitory comments of “all over the place” regarding the article title, think about the financial situation we currently find ourselves in, regardless of the circumstances behind it.

By that I mean that we know that we won’t be sloshing money that we don’t have around, ala Feddy Shepherd, but after the capture of James Perch and the seemingly imminent arrival of Dan Gosling, it does at least look like Mike Ashley is going to back his manager, a little.

You can also add to that the fact the we are apparently biddong for players from the continent, with strong links to small, pacey forwards like Mevlut Erdinc and Yanick Djalo having surfaced recently. All of these deals are not costing a fortune, but they are adding strength to the squad and kind of loosely fitting in with that now famous statement that Mike Ashley made – It does seem that the team of last season will form the majority of the team for next season. So with that in mind, plus our tight pursestrings, where should be the next focus of our attention?

If we do end up getting Dan Gosling then I would expect that would be it for central midfield. We would have six capable players that could play in various central midfield roles, attacking or defensive, which is more than enough. Mobility could be an issue, but I think they will cope fine next season. Not in every game, but for the majority anyway.

Next up, the signing of James Perch was a strange one for me. One on hand I can see the logic behind it as he is a very versatile squad player, whilst on the other hand it baffles me as I genuinely wouldn’t have said he is good enough for the Premier League. Still, he has his chance to prove me, and a lot of other people, wrong and I am sure he will get support from the Geordie hordes in the crowd.

So where next? Well, i would like the reports of a small, pacey number 10 type striker to be true as I believe that is one position we are short on. We have enough big lumps up front, it’s that bit of pace and guile we desperately need. But hey, that’s my opinion, feel free to rip it to shreds!

My next priority would be a dedicated left-back who can deputise should Jose Enrique fall foul to injury. We have needed one since the dawn of time now, and although James Perch can cover there, the fact he isn’t left-footed worries me a lot. We have gone down the road of round pegs in square holes before, and it didn’t work then so why should it work now? Tamas Kadar is not a left-back, again it’s my opinion and others may disagree, but he drifts inside too often to be considered for that position in my mind. Cover for Jose please Chris!

Finally, how about some cover for Jonas Gutierrez? David Ginola he is not, but he is a bloody hard worker for the team, and is probably one of the reasons that Jose Enrique has been looking so assured at left-back! But what happens if we lose him to injury? We don’t have an abundance of left footed wide midfielders, and playing Joey Barton there is sooooo not the answer, which is why I feel that that is also another priority position that should be strengthened.

Alas, this is just my summisation of it all, and it may well be different to yours, so why not get stuck in and put forward your ideas?

What d’ya think?

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235 Responses

  1. Levan kenia can play anywhere in midfield and in the hole, what’s taking so bloody long, sign him up before Jose does.

  2. Cover at LB is a must IMO, i thought J Lloyd Samuel (who can also play at CB) would have been an infinitely better signing than Perch. Then we could send Kadar out on loan.

    And a left footed winger, but one that can play on either side, since then we’d have the option to play either regular or inverted wingers if we needed a plan B

  3. Cover at LB and LM are absolute priorities. A pacey striker is preferred in a perfect world but not absolutly required in this window in my opinion- though all the reports seem suggest one is coming.

    Toonsy- in my opinion, the Perch signing was can be explained as:

    1) Simpson will not be fit for the start of the season. So it mean RTaylor ro STAylor. RTaylor is poor at that position and I think they like STaylor at CB.

    2) He can play CB in a pinch which should save us from having to sign one.

  4. No problemo toonsy mate!

    I agree with the old number 10 but I think karat and perch can cover lb if needed and cover for jonas is an absolute must. As others have said gosling does cover a few positions but I just don’t want Guthrie or Barton shoved out wide. Another reason for my 4-2-3-1 formation idea!! Anyone getting annoyed with that subject yet?!

    Waddles ain’t been on all day. I’m alone in the office all tomorrow so company will be required again!!

  5. Yeah, you are right in indicating we have enough inside midfielders, except I would still like to see Paul Scharner arrive, a freebie, though could demand decent wages.
    He`s the type of 90 minute, technical, physical,can play defense or midfield, just an all round experienced professional that we could really use this and perhaps next season.

    Apart from that, agree a backup for El Toro, perhaps Van Aanholt again ?

    Talking about loanees, dont see where we need another midfielder(Cleverly?), but rather a Machada, someone who can score.

    But looking at the side it`s not great but not that bad, with backups for most and there`s openings for whoever want`s it bad enough, should be interesting to see how things work out.
    Though it`s a young side and becoming more and more a Hughton side, not one he inherited, in which case he now bears the responsibility, like i said ,will be interesting to see how the side fares ?

  6. what about any youth we may have in the ressies that could potentially be cover? i know kadars been argued that he could cover at LB if we’re stuck, but do we have any solid young wingers that could potentailly be cover for jonas? what about lua lua? haven’t heard much of him recently.

  7. Daan4tooN

    I went to the last kit launch signing session. You weren’t needed to buy the new kit and the players were happy to sign anything.

  8. Toonsy – Spot on as usual. You’ve pretty much nailed it.

    1) A creative, nimble no. 10 who can support one from our list of target men – AC, shola, best, xisco (?). We’ll have one up a lot this season – esp. away and would benefit from the addition of an intelligent playmaker/striker who can also drop back and sit deeper in a 5 across midfield. (De Guzman, Djalo, Farfan, Park chu young)

    2) A left-footed utility player to cover both jonas and enrique – someone in the riise/ zog mould. ???

    3) Less essential – another striking option – younger and looking to break through the following season. (Wickham, Austin, Manco)

  9. I think we need a left-footed wing and one realy goalgetter, who can score 15+ in PL. Erdinc, Zamora, Doyle or Darren Bent wouldnt be bad!

  10. I think we need a lb, lw, rw and a st

    Here is a list of players i think we should buy

    LB-Dede, Insua, Garrido, Diogo, Kaladze, Ferronetti, Zebina

    RW-Santana, Kightly

    LW- Albin, Vicente,

    ST-Beattie, Mcfadden, Vaughan.

  11. they need to strengthen ashley’s shoes with steel toe caps,for when he takes his trousers off,poor fat f***er probably never seen his c**k in years.

  12. I see one of Hughtons problems as how do you keep everyone happy, with a group of mostly young players all anxious to play, plus a group of vets. expecting to be named for most games.
    Suppose different strokes for different folks, he has been known to platoon players against different sides and guess we will have our usual share of injuries, so all in all not a bad predicament to be in.

  13. I think we definitely need the no.10 striker, not sure who though. I wouldnt mind taking Daniel Sturridge on loan with a view to a permanent move to see what he can do. Also i think we could do with cover at left back and the wings.

  14. Weiss is an option as is albin, but Beattie is no different to what we have already. Perch is also able to play cdm and could provide better defensive cover in one of the 2 cdm roles in my system. ;-)

    mcfadden could be a decent option for the no10 role

  15. RAFFO dont think much of mcfadden,didnt set the house on fire at brum i know they have signed strikers at brum,but do you really think he could do job m8,hows things with you anyway m8

  16. Gateshead mag


    Because his ego could damage the spirit with in the squad and spirit is the best chance we have of surviving.

  17. I hope we sign Victor Obinna from Inter Milan. Seen him play a couple times…. quite a talent!

  18. i think the striker is next priority then a playmaker.
    The last 3 players agents and clubs have said we have made a bid or enquiry it’s been a striker!

  19. Gai Assullin is a free agent as he has just been released from Barcelona and would be the answer formcover of left wing, only 19 and tonnes of potential (dunno if realistic though). I’d like Nicky Maynard for a possible No.10 striker role, he’s pacey, scores goals, only 23 and would be a perfect striker to play along Carroll. Left back cover, I’d get Van Aanholt back on loan for the season.

  20. Get bellamy back, the little welsh twat is horrible but he’s the pacey striker were looking for

  21. Just read quotes from djibril cisse, he wants to move back to England. I liked him apart from the fact hes now been tarnished by the scum. but he would not be a bad signing for a lower league team.

  22. what do you guys think of Nadir Belhaj? i like that algerian, hes got lots of pace to burn and can swing in decent crosses. covers both LB and LW.

  23. yeah hes canny, id take him for a bit of cover. but hes been playing well so i cant see him wanting to be back up and i dont think he will get in over enrique and jonas because of their relationship down the left

  24. belhaj good player but would not come as cover plus his price is out of our range at 6mil

  25. Aye not bad ice mate you?

    I don’t know bout mcfadden but he seems available and he has experience in the epl, and he seems to be different to what we have. A decent link man between the midfield and striker

  26. canny RAFFO m8,dont think he scored 6 goals last year like,last year lads on there blog they gave him a lot of stick and he is still there,mind think it was on the dressing-room side like

  27. Yeah and I guess the last thing we need is a bad influence in the dressing room, as this team spirit is being used as a 12th man

  28. i good point m8.
    nowt off waddles to date,takes the fun out a bit lol,toonsy might come back with sumit :)

  29. Ice
    It’s all gone too quiet.
    Obvious gos in the bag.
    Latest rumours are a striker?
    And foreign!

  30. WADDLES cheers m8,quiet before storm maybe
    whos doing neg while ch away,not monkey face i hope

  31. You have to think that every game will be tougher than last season and we will have far fewer chances than in the fizzy, with that in mind, whatever cash we may have must surely go on a proven goal scorer? Teams that have been flirting with relegation in recent history haven’t always been poor quality but the one thing they seem to have in common is a low number in the goals for column.

  32. But I don’t have the facts you do!! Certainly not Newcastle wise anyway!!

    Seems as though the striker will be foreign with those we’ve been linked to so far.

  33. I noo that rings a bell,thought they were asking to much for him and it died a death

  34. Alreet ice,
    can’t remember his name mate: Bate*** or Bafe***, something like that?

  35. seemed a bit of a donkey when ive saw him play like, not really what we need right now, would be hugely surprised if we bought someone like that, CH isn’t stupid, he sees what we see, he knows where we need a bit of new blood

  36. Aye waddles, that’s the one.
    Ta. ;)
    how mate, still got a few years in the tank man.

    Dunno what he’s like, that’s why i couldn’t remember his name. But that probably tells me what i need to know like?

  37. Hope the deals start to hurry up!
    Go on hols 2 weeks on sat and have a iPhone.
    Cost a mint just to view one page on web never mind refreshing blog and newsnow 20 times a second.
    Any idea what to do with it abroad??

  38. Drop it in the ocean, then go to a net cafe?

    It’s about time you could just go abroad & use your phone normally, isn’t it?
    It’s the 21st century FFS.

  39. AYE clint tank half full not half empty.
    nice to hear k.doyle saying he not interested in bigger clubs just wants to stay at wolves,do i smell a bit of loyal support

  40. The way I see it is that CH will play a 4-5-1 in most games. Same as Wolves did last year. So on that assumption here are my suggestions.
    LW/RW to push our current two. Lua Lua hasnt got the required talent for the prem league. My shout was Weiss weeks ago and it hasn’t changed. Would love to sign him on a permanent basis but would settle on a loan. The back up would be the signing of someone like Petrov.
    The second position is the number 10 but in my eyes he would have to be older ie 25 to 30. To give Carroll some experience to play alongside. The ideal player would either be a poacher or a speedy player or even a creative genious. If the player has two of the above great sign on the dotted line. Three and he will be snapped up by a better team.
    The cover at full back has been a problem since john beresford days.

    The players that I want off the books and replaced… Lua Lua. Ryan Taylor. Shola. Best and Xisco. Note I said replaced with others additional to the above. The one I would give more of a chance to is Best. If he performs in the pre season.

  41. Didn’t bother taking mine waddles, only 1 euro for 30mins where I was, and iPhone well expensive

  42. RICHARD,petrov is gone signed on a free,
    m.hughes says he was the worst dressing room player he has ever had to work with

  43. Waddles, turn data roaming off and find out if yr hotel has wifi, connect via that and u won’t get charged, any truth in the albin rumours ages ago?

  44. its strange as i’d have thought that hughes could handle ego’s what with signing bellamy and robinho… The only winger’s that are left are either to expensive on too much money or are old. I dont want us taking too many risks on flops.

  45. RICHARD aye m8 thats true he could,just shows how bad he was woudnt play him said it only last wk during w.c.risky game this like,maybe thats what c.h. means when he says “the right players”

  46. ice,
    nice one.

    Doyle seems like a good lad mate.
    He’d be sweet, sometimes players say that & then have to eat their words when they move 3 weeks later like. :)

    Aye mate,
    i just knaa you’ve got plenty left in ya’.
    The glass is full or what?

  47. How richard,
    i reckon hughes is a bully boy, when that fails, he’s f***ed!
    He was never gonna cut it at citeh.

  48. CLINT could be right m8 after all he is irish (no offence) just think putting club in place in case there trying to cash in on him.
    3/4 tank ;)

  49. We will get found out if we play 4-4-2 at home or away against the top teams – remember that Liverpool game at SJP on 28th December ?

    The quickest way to unsettle those top sides is to play 4-3-2-1 and leave wor Andy up front on his own but support him with two very quick “inside forwards” or whatever you want to call them nowadays.

    Its a formation which would suit Routledge and Gutierrez as both have good engines but behind those three we’d need one holding midfielder who stays central and does nowt other than provide the back four with cover.

    So the pivotal roles for the Toon are those two outer (central) midfielders. They exist to link the defence and the attack. They do not need to make forward runs but must be very good at passing the ball and finding their three front men.

    So Smithy may do the midfield holding role, if not then maybe Nolan as he showed signs of slowing down last season.

    The other two midfielders need to be comfortable on the ball and have vision in abundance so for that reason I’d go for Wilshere (admittedly only on loan) as he’s able to see a pass much quicker than your average mf and (surprise surprise) Danny Guthrie as I believe he will also shine this season in a more creative role.

    The key to our success, no matter which formation we use, is the ability of those midfielders to not only create opportunities for the front men but also to win their battles in midfield against the likes of Gerrard, Lampard, Fabregas etc. IMO it doesnt matter if they’re young as long as they have the character to succeed.

  50. Ebondo. Yes big time!
    Twice after him. It was all agreed till Toulouse changed the goal post and wanted €3 mill more (i think).
    Club still have scouts all over France.
    I personally would not knock wise for the time he was here! Just doing what Ashley told him to do.
    But I have always hated wise as a person and player.

  51. By the way Waddles mate – as Tino11 said turn the data roaming off, I was told by the Orange guys (other networks are available ;-)) that some gadj went to the USA and had google maps turned on and ran up a £1 million pound bill!!! If you believe that, but I didnt use 3g at all, and as someone else mentioned if you connect to the hotels wifi its all grand, as I do at home

  52. CLINT aye m8 his type of managent went out when these multi-mil guys fill our lge :(

  53. Ebondo wont be a goer now we have perch surely?

    Im away then lads. Its been a grand old day and hope to see many of you tomorrow to help keep me going whilst at work on me bill.

    Waddles – your task is simple – find out more gold dust!!

    till the moro

  54. Eren Derdiyok was the funny one. Even at training ground so I was told. And it died of death!
    Same as Taye Taiwo beye’s buddy.
    Deal nearly struck over the Xmas time when he stayed at beye’s while on his winter break.
    Once again died of death?

  55. Off topic and a bit of a long post buit please bear with me.. On some posters views that lopans from big clubs are a joke. I really don’t understand some peoples posts regarding loans, for example warnock and bentley to blackburn. Bentley was supposedly just going to get some football before he ‘made’ it at arsenal. He ended up performing well and arsenal decided they didn’t need him. Because he’d enjoyed his spell at blackburn he chose them over a few other clubs. Blackburn ended up signing a player who’d argubly walk into our side now(Probably then, i remember alot of people myself included wanted him) and made a decent profit on him. I doubt all three from cleverly,weiss and wilshire will make it at their clubs. Long may us be a feeder club if we end up with players of that quality playing for us. if donaldson,airey,lua lua are as good as some on here sem to think why don’t the top championship sides never mind premiership sides want them on loan.

  56. Rorcyn- I see your point, I just don’t think we want, for example, an 18 year old AM or CB from another club if they are going to take minutes from the development of our own Vuckic and Kadar. But I’d gladly take a winger like Cleverly or a LB like Aanholdt last year where we don’t really have a promising young player looking to fight their way into the first team.

  57. Is anybody else on here a bit fearful of the seeming ‘formation revolution’? It would appear most certainly from the world cup that the old fashioned 4-4-2 is a dead idea and the winners, Spain, with their supporting midfielders to the lone striker, to me, played the game the way that looks the best and ends up being the most effective. Many of the top teams in the Prem have already adapted to this even last season… And whilst I don’t particular fear Newcastle against the physical presence reliant (perhaps 1 dimensional) teams such as Stoke, Bolton and the likes, I can’t help but think the top teams will run us ragged with a complete eploitation of our out-dated tactics.

    However, with a pretty low profile manager, a survival at all costs based agenda, and hardly high profile squad, I really cannot foresee any change/update in the formation/tactics department. I do hope though once we start to cement ourselves back in the Prem we will start to look to these adventurous, modern approaches to how football is shaping up for the top clubs. Anyone else thinking about this aspect of next season?

  58. Where I think we need to strengthen.

    GK- no, Krul or Forster ideal cover.
    CH, If S.Taylor goes yes, if not no.
    RB, now we have signed Perch no.
    LB, no Kadar is great cover there, if he goes on loan yes.
    CM, no, crowded infact.
    RW & LW yes to cover/press Jonas and Routledge. Think we will have to spend reasonable money for decent winger.
    CF, no
    ‘no.10 striker’, yes to challenge Lovenkrands, spend money here if nowhere else.

    So assuming S.Taylor and Kadar stay I only think we need a winger and a small pacy striker. It would be good to get a winger who can cover both sides but if not maybe a left sided one as toonsy suggested. Im not sure a youngster would do and I think we should spend a bit of dosh here. They tried to do it on the cheap with Pancrate but wonder goal aside it didnt work. Also Danny Guthrie and Joey Barton are NOT wingers. I just think having Jonas, Routledge and another winger of that ability competing would be class.
    Also a quick ‘small striker’ is essential as a foil to Carroll and we are lacking pace generally aside from Routledge. I would rather Ashley spent a bit on these two positions than buy 5 donkeys put it that way.

  59. In terms of areas we need to stengthen then we definitely need to look for both a naturally left sided winger/midfielder and cover for a left back, as well as a pacey, fox in the box striker.

  60. On that note i’d love to see Van Aanholt signed permanent as cover/competition for Enrique, and if he could fill in at midfield or on the wings than even better, because I could see him becoming disilussioned by a lack of starts ahead of our class left back.

  61. MDS. Yeah i understand that but if kadar and vuckic are going to prove good enough they will force their way into the side. I imagine vuckic will get alot of opportunities this year, as houghton has said. I think kadar has got to go on loan, for me he looked excellent at times in the games he played buit also had rabbit in headlights moments. He nneds a year of regular football even at league 1 level.Not so sure players like donaldson will make it, granted people will say he hasn’t been given a chance but if he had the quality he;d get a game.

  62. How interesting, does ch read this I wonder?!

    Seems a nice player to be linked with but lates get their other mf dynamo in too, nacho!!

    That’s good, I’m really getting encouraged by ch and his transfer policy, I hope it augers well.

  63. To his 25 years Pablo Hernández is one of the footballers with greater projection of the Spanish soccer (accumulates 77 parties and 13 goals with the elastic of the Valencia), and by that reason the Premier would have tempted again the player.

    To date, the extreme has been related to the Manchester United and the Chelsea, but now is the Newcastle the assembly that, according to the Cadena SER, counts on more options to put on file.

    If it accepts the proposal of this recently elevated, the castellonense would share wardrobe with another player of eastern Spain, the lateral left-handed one José Enrique.

    Make what you will of the online translation…

  64. What I get from it is that they’re reporting on the fact it’s been reported that we’re rumoured to be interested. Should it turn out to be true in some crazy land and he signs, he’d play with Enrique.

    A thin story ILM? Sounds nailed on to me! :D haha

  65. A team not in Europe would normally have a 22 man squad and apart from the wings we have that. If as everyone agrees that Carrolll is playing up front then you need players who can cross a ball well-lets face it you are hardly going to looking to pass it in front of him to run on too. A reasonable target for me would be Brunt of West Brom-an excellent crossing left winger.
    We need specialist full back cover not players who can fill in especially as Enrique seems to get injured frequently.

  66. Van Arnholt could be purchased as cover for LW and LB, i’m sure Chelsea wouldn’t require too much money for him to leave.

  67. Jose gets injured frequently?
    Once last year & that was probably bollox, to give him a rest & play Van Aanholt.

    Doubt very much chelsea are so quick to sell Van Aanholt like.

  68. Would love van the man back but it would be a loan deal, Chelsea wouldn’t be selling h I don’t think

  69. Van the man will be a backup for chelski this season even if cole does leave for warmer places. I would have thought an offer of a full season on loan here would benefit both clubs, as we could get him in with first refusal

  70. Just woken up after my closed season hibernation. a couple of catching up questions.

    Did england win the world cup? I assume we at least reached the semi finals.

    Did Murray win wimbledon, Nadal and Federer would be difficult obstacles, although I don’t think either of them are what they were so he has a very good chance.

    I suppose we got a thrashing from the Aussies at cricket again.

    As for the new season I am hoping for a 6-1 thrashing preseason from Carlisle so we can then go on to win the league.

    And I am looking forward to seeing Vuckic, Kadar, Airey and Donaldson (to name only four) confounding the doubters and coming good.

  71. Raffo-To be honest, I expected us to try for Van again. When he left he spoke very highly of the club and fans, said he’d loved his time with us and i want to say he said he’d consider coming back?..but i’m probably just making that bit up without realising, haha.

    But aye, he’d be canny back up like. I reckon Chelsea would give him to us on a season long, just to see how he stands up in the Prem. He looked good for us when given the chance in the CCC though.

  72. ILM – didnt Spain play 4-2-3-1?! ;-)

    I really hope CH is flexible in his approach this season and wont stick ridgidly to 4-4-2 or 4-5-1 away from home. Fluidity and flexibility is where we should be looking.

    On a different matter, I am sure many saw the discussions on the need for a number 10, and theres a perfect choice still available in Joe Cole.

    I know I shall get hammer for mentioning him, but he is still available and seeingly pricing himself out of a move to a number of clubs.

    Does anybody else have any hope that Mike may stump up some money for this fella?

    It is mooted he wants 100k a week which of course will smash the wage structure, and this works out to be around £5 million a year, but how much of this could we regain in revenue from remaining season tickets and shirts etc?

    Theres no doubt this guy would be perdect for us

  73. Big W,
    Don’t think england were in the wc mate.

    Wimbeldon are in the lower leagues still, so don’t know what happened to them.

    No clue about ‘the french game’ that the aussies play.

    Hope that helps mate.

    while JC could become a hero at the Toon, great creative play, but not very quick. Maybe make a decent playmaker though.

  74. ILM,
    i reckon CH is using that article to justify his use of various forms.
    Not unlike he tried out last season.

  75. How ice,
    alreet mate.

    There doesn’t seem to be much forthcoming, does there?

    I had a little look around other teams on newsnow & there doesn’t seem to be much going on there either mate.

  76. RAFFO aye m8 its not fair to guys like you stuck in work and cannot get vent lol

  77. CLINT looks like you will have start a rumour going m8,we need sumit like bloody drugs this

  78. lol thats true ice, though i have you tube hooked up to the computor and im on with inbetweeners at the mo, but newcastle etc have all been viewed!!!

    when do the lads get back from Ireland? May be something happening when CH gets back? or am I holding onto a dream!!!

  79. C.H. back thurs so they say,waddles says he does last 10% of any deal,so ill join your dream

  80. Raffo,
    while JC could become a hero at the Toon, great creative play, but not very quick. Maybe make a decent playmaker though.

    JC? JC?? Are we really aiming that high? Heavenly!!!

  81. still say we need a left-sided player in midfield,if not we will have to get CLINT to get his boots back out he was left footed lol

  82. Lesh – I think it would be a dream for people like us, but for others it is still the type of player we should be signing routinely.

    Yeah a left footed winger is a priority and then the number 10 is the second thing we need.

  83. i think we already have 2 no 10s in Nolan, and when he is injured, tired or generally not playing, Vukic can play.

    I personally think we need a striker/winger type, doesn’t stay up front, comes and gets involved, runs the channels and pulls defenders apart.

    Carroll will score goals, im sure off that, however he will only score if they are created for him. With the addition of a bit of youth and pace in our midfield in the shape of Gosling and Cleverly, and then this striker/winger type, i think that would be us sorted.

    apart from another centre back and LB cover……….:)

  84. Lesh,
    let’s not go there again mate, suffice to say,
    What heaven?

    I’m up for that ice, don’t need thousands to persuade me either.

    craigcoozy // Jul 14, 2010 at 1:44 PM

    lads jus gt lastest dan gosling has just checked in at newcastle he’s just got flight bck from ireland and arrived at a hotel with perch and confirmed he has signed !! apprently he is quite small !! he said he will be training with 1st team squad tomorrow so expect confirmation nxt few hrs !!!

    There you go ice, that’s the latest speculation.
    Dunno mesel like, but y’never knaa, i suppose?

  85. I’m not so sure we should be looking to emulate Spain just because they won the world cup with that formation.

    For a start they have some of the best players in the world in their midfield – they all have a great touch, great vision and great awareness.

    We have Nolan, Barton and Smith. :(

    We need to play to our strengths and I’m sure CH realises that too, so I don’t think we should get on his back if I he plays 4-5-1 for the majority of next season.

  86. 451 is deceptive anyway, as it’s very adaptable.
    & CH played that & other forms last term.

  87. ice,
    don’t see how he’ll be in training like, as he’s meant to be injured ’til decemberish.
    But, it’ll all come out in the wash.

  88. T.C. its the same after every W.C.wouldnt like to go back to the way teams started to play when italy won it,def,def,def

  89. TC,
    we also have Guthrie, Perch, Jonas, Routledge, Vuckic et al
    It’s not like you to pick out ‘worst case scenario’ mate.

  90. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    July 14, 2010 at 2:14 pm

    let’s not go there again mate, suffice to say,
    What heaven?

    CLiNT, I was referring to the JC who reportedly performed miracles some 2000 years ago!!

    We’ve not a cat in hell’s chance of getting Joe Cole neither should we even be considering the prospect.

    Just reflect and remember Michael Owen and the fact that buying him and other so-called marquee signings led to the financial plight we’re in at the moment. Please, no more until we can pay cash, money, dosh on the table and upfront!

    Let’s just exercise a bit patience as we neither want nor can afford prima-donnas for a few years yet.

  91. Lesh,
    yea, i know, that’s what i was referring to mate.
    I guess you weren’t here when we had the god/no god debate last week then?

    On joke hole,
    their was a tip the other week on here also, about such things, i guess you missed that too.

  92. Owen was the least of our problems, we got millions back off the fa for his england injury etc.

  93. Aye ice – you’re right. I honestly reckon it doesn’t make much difference what you call your formation 4-5-1, 4-2-3-1, 4-1-3-1-1 etc. – they’re just for the benefit of the fancy onscreen graphics that Sky and the rest use to fill the slot before kick-off – its the job a manager gives his players to do that really makes a difference.

    CLiNT – haha – someone has to carry the can for Stu while he’s away! ;)

  94. T.C. aye m8 was sick of that,bloody diamond formation,xmas tree,blah blah,good managment changes from game to game

  95. I thought Gossling had a long term knee injury although he could do some gym work I spose

  96. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    July 14, 2010 at 2:27 pm
    yea, i know, that’s what i was referring to mate.
    I guess you weren’t here when we had the god/no god debate last week then?

    Missed that one CLiNT, pre-selecting candidates for the next vacancy at the Vatican or Canterbury were we?

    Must say, I’d never have imagined this site turning into a theological blog though! Such wisdom abounds, amazing.

  97. TC,
    how mate, divent mention stu.

    Aye, formations should be adaptable during a game, never mind game to game.
    Seems like CH is getting players in that are a bit more across the back 4 or across midfield.
    That will definitely help with playing different systems, & changing ‘on the hoof’ too.

  98. How Lesh,
    We go through the lot mate. :)
    Politics, religion, conspiracies, you name it?

  99. ice,
    it’s gotta be that way these days, hasn’t it?
    Fluidity is the way forward.

  100. haha Clint – sex drugs and fluidity!!

    Someones mentioned on the old .com that Smith was wanted by Celtic, no source or nothing just a comment. I happen to be of the opinion that I hope it is true. I think we need to free up the position in the CM and the 60k a week in wages. Could go to fund Joe Coles move northwards?!?!

  101. Raffo,

    60k is a canny wedge like.
    Just not sure about giving someone way more than the others in the team. Could louse things up, spirit wise.

  102. Joe Cole coming to us?… sorry, but I don’t think I need to say anything else…

  103. Oh yes, the team spirit! Yeah your right though and the whole point of having the structure, though as Arsenal were mooted to be doing, a way around it would be to give him a big signing on fee, perhaps from Smudgers sale.

  104. craigcoozy // Jul 14, 2010 at 2:43 PM
    i didnt think he went to ireland but he walked in with perch and said they jus gt off flight 2 day! i dont normally find out if they signed or not i can only tell you if hes checked in at hotel but from horses mouth he actualy said he signed ! and will be at training with 1st team squad (wether thats meetin them or workin on injury havnt gt fogiest) like a say i told u bout perch 1day before he signed!

    There’s the latest craic like.

  105. Why take Smudge when they could have Barton instead?

    Mebs Mike could dee them a special BOGOF deal… literally in Barton’s case! ;)

  106. The only first team players i could see going are hopefully Best and Xisco, Maybe Ryan Taylor and sadly Staylor if he dont sign on the dotted line.

    If we sign Joe Cole then i will cartwheel the length of the touchline at he villa match wearing nothing but a gimp mask and a smile… ;)

  107. CC – S Taylor isnt going in my opinion if he played such a big part in attracting Gossling to the club as reported.

    I can see Shola, Xisco, Barton, Best, R Taylor, maybe even Smith being up for sale but of course the problem remains of who would buy them. It has been mooted that Carrol is wanted by Stoke, but no-one else has really linked with anyone solidly.

  108. Off topic:
    barca’s tapping up of fabregas is f***ing sickening.
    They should be busted for it.

  109. CLiNT FLiCK says:
    July 14, 2010 at 3:14 pm
    it’s gotta be that way these days, hasn’t it?
    Fluidity is the way forward.

    Fluidity, sex, drugs, rock’n’roll, music, tantric, meditation, domination, conspiracies, the new world order, politics, religion, philosophy, psychology, politics, Lenin, Hegel, Begel, Oedipus, schmoedipus, schmaltz, schmooz, booze, cruise, crews, boats, oars, bores, rollox and bo**ocks……. oh and some footie too.

    What a site!

  110. Why CLiNT?

    He’s on top dollar and hardly ever plays. Even when he does what has he contributed… 1 decent thru-ball and a dodgy penalty in 3 years??

    And I’m not buying his reformed character BS for 1 minute – the lad’s a prize d!ckheed!

    Get rid and let Vukic, Guthrie and Gosling dee their stuff instead!

  111. I can see Shola staying with us for the rest of his career… we just can get rid of him, when we had a chance two years ago, when his contract expired we signed him up once again…

  112. CLINT gans on all the time,h.redknapp does it all the bloody time, your reet nail the sods.

    pleased the tax mans got him,keeps him off my back lol

  113. raffo

    I really hope to god he aint off, I just want him and the other pair to sign up and end the speculation.

    It would make him a wee bit of a hypocrite if he has told the lad how great the club is and then fcuks off…

  114. CADBURY aye m8 when he went on loan was for sale at knocked down price,no takers

  115. TC,
    maybe cos you can’t just sack players & waste £6m mate.

    I didn’t like it when we got Bowyer & Woodgate.
    & plenty of others have wasted the clubs time down the years, but when they wear the B&W i feel the need to give them my support, i’m funny like that.
    Didn’t want FSA, Dogleash, Guillit, kk third time, but if they are at the club, i’ll support them ’til they leave.
    I’m a hopeless case, i know!
    ps…Every owner we’ve had too.

  116. ice,
    bang on about ‘arry ‘igor’ rednapp.
    What a crook, his eyes are his straightest feature mate.
    Canny at what he does though.

  117. I would keep Barton and play him for the simple reason that we cant get rid of him or Strolla, but if he has a few decent games up until Jan then perhaps we may get shot. I happen to think he is potentially our most creative CM and thats exactly what we need.

    Like I always say, you got it so use it!!

  118. CLINT just a big hearted fello that you m8
    must admit i surpport what we got,got nee choice like

  119. Raffo,
    i’m with you on Barton mate. ;)

    that’s what i’m talking about mate.
    It’s a tough one.
    But it’s the TOON!

  120. Clint

    No worries, I dont live there (thank fcuk) I live in Cheshire, In a beautiful bit of countryside, But i do have to work near the city centre of Stoke.

  121. Lesh,
    or anywhere in s*land?
    Though i’m not sure about the mythical bit, but there are definite beasts there.

  122. I tell you what though Clint, dont you think terry henry couldve done a job for us? I just think Henry and Beckham have gone there too early

  123. Furry muff, CLiNT!

    I’m the same, to a degree. I just think you gotta draw the line somewhere.

  124. Raffo,
    i do mate.
    It’s easy money & adulation though.
    Ease into retirement with a fat bonus.

  125. lol I think it is that boys, intelligent conversation, and Toonsy’s absence ;-)

  126. Haha – I was gonna say it’s cos that trouble-maker toonsy isn’t aboot! ;)

  127. RAFFO :),talking toonsy he must be haveing a rough one today,always pops in at some point normally

  128. yup, the old meetings taking it outa him, and no news to report so thats a little blessing for him I guess. At least someones happy at our despair!!!

  129. Aye,
    i’m all for heated debate, just not into the abuse.
    Just bores me!

    toonsy will be popping in at some point to put a blog up no doubt.
    We’ll probably give him a few ideas.

  130. No doubt Clint – I hope we get a note of thanks again, this place is being kept up by me and thee!!

  131. Raffo,
    aye mate,
    & we’re putting in a sterling effort, even if i do say so myself.
    Could do with a little transfer development right about now like.
    I see silva has gone to citeh for £20m odd.
    Only 1 in 5 scorer like.

  132. The great unwashed fat head bruce have approached shiteh for
    stephen Ireland.
    Been very quiet today so i think i’ll go on the lash!

  133. Is Carlisle United our feeder club? As I just noticed that this isn’t the first time we play against them in pre-season.

  134. cadbury,
    we normally play teams in our area or not too far away i.e.
    Darlo, hartlepooh, carlisle, celtic, rangers. Or teams with a Toon connection, ex players as manager/coach, huddersfield etc.

  135. Clint – Yeah I think Smith will go, and I think Nolan may go.

    I cant see why Ireland would go to the unwashed, but I have to say I would love for him to come to us, and CH should put in a cheeky bid

  136. afternoon every1, cant believe some pple want rid of barton, like raffo said hes our main creative midfielder, nd that cutting ball he gave to jose ? to score last season on TV was sheer class ;)
    say wat do ya think about this cashley move regarding the level 7 NW Leazers section, now requiring iether season ticket or £20 membership pa.

  137. just seen the reserves play chelsea on thurs 16th Sept ;) think i’ll make the effort ;)

  138. If Ireland would go to s*land, he’d defo come to us instead.

    Dunno about Nolan though, y’d think he’d be captain wouldn’t ya’?

  139. I think he may appoint himself captain yeah ;-)

    I would much rather S Taylor was given the armband as frankly I dont think Nolan can or should play every game. I think he is slowing down and he will be found out this year, and a young Gossling and Ireland for eg will heap aload of pressure on him. He is not the player from Bolton 5 years ago.

    Johnny – I can understand to a point why they may have done it, but why does there have to be a designated singing section, make the bugger bigger if they want more people in it!! Encourage more people to sing all over the bloody ground. We should have two, at opposite sides of the ground to try and encourage those inbetween to join in!!

  140. yeah lets be honest i doubt very much smith nd nolan will start many games together tbh,if any ;) both are too slow, nd if were honest guthrie aint that quick iether. the season is set up for bad boy joe to shine imo ;) with him, guthrie, jonas, nolan (gosling)? it looks pretty good imo, or will we try the 4-3-3 system ? see CH has endorsed Spains tactics nd play :)

  141. If Nolan stays he will play plenty i reckon.
    He played most games last time out.
    Loads of players(in fact most) aren’t quick in every league.
    He does know how to pop up in the right place though, a skill in it’s self.

  142. CH will be looking for continuity next season, so we won’t see wholesale changes.
    & some players will be rested at certain points, under the guise of short term injury.

  143. so u reckon CH will stick with 4-4-2 clint? yea prob right m8, so who would make your 4 man midield clint?
    i’d go jonas guthrie barton nolan ;) im keen to see some of haris vukic, lets pray he’s another beardo or gazza eh lol

  144. I think we have gud enough cover for most positions but we defo need a LB nd a LW
    for LB I suggest van annholt,

    For LW I think we shud get albin or vicente, mata or de guzman if he plays there

    as for a creative attacking mid. I think toni kroos wud b ideal, a little young but lethal all the same or de guzman again, we mite b able to get giovani dos santos on loan from spurs as they are loaded with midfielders on loan with the view to buy cause I thought he was lethal in the world cup. We cud even get Ireland or mayberry van der vaart who doesn’t play a game at R. Madrid both wud b unbelievable buys for us.

    And finally as to a pacy no. 10 Vaughan seems gud enough or we cud get that paraguayin fella who seemed decent, and hi I’m all for takin a visit to the Spanish league to look for potential there or maybe raiding the likes of barca, real and man city who have amazing players but never play them and wud sell them on the cheap and the players themselves r more likely to accept lower wages as long as they play