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Plymouth – The unfortunate victims of the Dan Gosling saga.

July 24th, 2010 | 96 Comments |

Gosling - Compensation would have helped Plymouth.
Gosling - Compensation would have helped Plymouth.
We are aware that we have finally signed Dan Gosling on a free transfer, well I would bloody well hope we are all aware anyway.

It represents a good deal for Newcastle as we have managed to acquire a player that is worth around £4 million currently, and even if he doesn’t improve we can sell him and still make a bit of cash. It’s a ‘win win’ for Newcastle.

Gosling began his career at Plymouth Argyle and was poached from them by Everton who continued to build on what he had learnt at Home Park. Now Gosling can try to improve further with us, but what about the clubs he has left behind, particularly the one where it all began, what benefit will they get now we have signed him? (more…)

Where should Newcastle now look to strengthen?

July 13th, 2010 | 235 Comments |

Chris Hughton - Faces some tough choices.
Chris Hughton - Faces some tough choices.
Right, before I get the obligitory comments of “all over the place” regarding the article title, think about the financial situation we currently find ourselves in, regardless of the circumstances behind it.

By that I mean that we know that we won’t be sloshing money that we don’t have around, ala Feddy Shepherd, but after the capture of James Perch and the seemingly imminent arrival of Dan Gosling, it does at least look like Mike Ashley is going to back his manager, a little.

You can also add to that the fact the we are apparently biddong for players from the continent, with strong links to small, pacey forwards like Mevlut Erdinc and Yanick Djalo having surfaced recently. All of these deals are not costing a fortune, but they are adding strength to the squad and kind of loosely fitting in with that now famous statement that Mike Ashley made – It does seem that the team of last season will form the majority of the team for next season. So with that in mind, plus our tight pursestrings, where should be the next focus of our attention? (more…)

Newcastle free to step up Gosling interest.

July 7th, 2010 | 108 Comments |

Dan Gosling - Free to do what he wants.
Dan Gosling - Free to do what he wants.
Reports surfaced the other day that hinted that Newcastle were interested in Everton youngster Dan Gosling, who could possibly be available on a free transfer.

Now they are free to step up any bid they may wish to make for the player after a Premier League tribunal ruled in favour of the youngster and allowed him to leave Goodison Park for free, although quite why he would want to do that is beyond me as Everton are a solid top-half team in my opinion.

Perhaps it is down to money, although I fail to see how someone who has only made 22 appearances in two years has any real bargaining chips to demand anymore cash. Maybe it is down to the fact that he isn’t getting the first team chances he feels he deserves? Who knows, but he is now free to look for another club to help develop his career further. (more…)

Newcastle after Everton’s Dan Gosling?

July 3rd, 2010 | 208 Comments |

Dan Gosling - A surprise Newcastle target?
Dan Gosling - A surprise Newcastle target?
A new rumour has started doing the rounds regarding Everton youngster Dan Gosling and a possible switch to Tyneside in the near future, according to Sky Sports.

Now I know what you’re thinking, and it’s probably along the same lines as what i am thinking, and that is that we have no chance of getting a player who is so highly coveted in England and should turn out to be a star in the future.

But did you know he could be available for free? No, neither did I! Apparently it stems from a contract wrangle at Goodison Park where Gosling was verbally offered a new deal, only for the final written offer to not be sent to him by the due date, meaning that he could be available for nothing, depending on the outcome of a Premier League ruling due to be held soon. (more…)