Plymouth – The unfortunate victims of the Dan Gosling saga.

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Gosling - Compensation would have helped Plymouth.
Gosling - Compensation would have helped Plymouth.
We are aware that we have finally signed Dan Gosling on a free transfer, well I would bloody well hope we are all aware anyway.

It represents a good deal for Newcastle as we have managed to acquire a player that is worth around £4 million currently, and even if he doesn’t improve we can sell him and still make a bit of cash. It’s a ‘win win’ for Newcastle.

Gosling began his career at Plymouth Argyle and was poached from them by Everton who continued to build on what he had learnt at Home Park. Now Gosling can try to improve further with us, but what about the clubs he has left behind, particularly the one where it all began, what benefit will they get now we have signed him?

Well as it stands currently, none. Plymouth would have been due a quarter of any fee recieved by Everton for the player, but as the fee has been set at £0 by a tribunal it unfortunately means that Plymouth will be missing out on a cash widfall that could have helped them out no end.

Everton were after a reported £4 million compensation fee, so if you do the maths, that is £1 million that could have gone to The Pilgrims to help them attempt to get back into The Championship.

That is the way the cookie crumbles though unfortunately, although it does seem very harsh on a club that is now my official second favourite team. I’m sure most of you will know why they are my second favourite team, but just in case you don’t it’s basically down to the superb hospitality they put on for us when we sealed the title at Home Park towards the back end of last season.

I am pretty sure that fans at Home Park wouldn’t have wanted to hear “We are the champions” belting out of the PA system shortly after seeing their team relegated, but they went along with it regardless. They were probably quite angry about it aswell, but they didn’t cause a scene. That is why they are now my second favourite team.

Perhaps that is also part of the reason why I would like to see Newcastle do something for them. They are in League 1 now and will be trying desperately to gain promotion at the first time of asking. Surely we have some youngsters who could go there on loan and help them to do just that? How about a friendly between the two sides, with all the money to be kept by Plymouth? Just something to say ‘thank-you’ to them.

I know it will never happen though, football isn’t like that, which is a shame for the clubs who are lower down the football pyramid. Forget about Everton, they cocked up so they should pay the price by losing out. The thing is though, their cock up has also cost another club a source of income, a source that would go down rather well in Devon right about now.

That is the harsh part of the deal.

P.S. I’m thinking of starting up a free to play fantasy football type league if anyone is interested?

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96 Responses

  1. “P.S. I’m thinking of starting up a free to play fantasy football type league if anyone is interested?”

    ME ME ME~~~!!!! :lol:

  2. But i am sure i will not put any Newcastle player in my starting 11. hehehes. ;)

  3. Hi Im a toon fan currently living in Plymouth.most down here were angry at the victory parade put on by argyle following relegation.though I must say I enjoyed it!hope you are aware argyles new manager has a monkeys heeed

  4. Nice comments. Our excellent French goalie, Romain Larrieu is due for a testimonial over the next 12-18 months. It would be good for him and I am sure the club would get a ‘share’. Good luck for the Premiership

  5. Yeah I’m interested in the old fantasy thing matey.

    Felt for them last season but I think they handled themselves with class. Top place and I would like something done too.

    Great article in journal about Barton today too

  6. Gosling was not poached as we were paid £1.5m upfront with the sell on clause added. Unless the toon do the right thing and compensate Argyle then don’t try to make yourselves feel better with this empty pity.

  7. Stuart how the heck can you compare a humongous bollock dropped by Everton, which has inadvertently cost poor Plymouth 1 milion quid with a “food-chain” and come up with the term unlucky…? You’ve got me beat on that one….

    That some numpty forgot to put a sell- on clause to safeguard future profits into a transfer agreement, now that is just stupid….i.e. James Milner to Man City…

  8. Munich Mag says:
    July 24, 2010 at 9:52 am

    Clubs who have to sell players always suffer one way or the other – Unless they get a huge transfer fee. Plymouth didn’t get that so it’s tought shit! That’s the food chain. Plymouth should be blaming Everton.

    Lets not kid ourselves though – Were at the bottom of the PL food chain at the minute. If we get offers for any of our players they’ll probably be sold.

    BigAl says:
    July 24, 2010 at 9:51 am

    Why should we compensate you? Everton fcked up, not us.


    Can’t very well pity em when I were born and bred in Exeter bayes :)

  10. Sorry Stuart, I disagree completely that we are bottom of the PL food chain and that our players will be sold. How did you work that one out, have we been forced to sell anyone yet ?

  11. howay man munich, that argument has been done about the Milner deal and sell on clauses etc, everyone knows it was a good deal at the time

  12. Aye aye radgies!
    Here man, yi little daft divvies!
    Troy is gannin doon Carrow Road wi Big Mick and Owl Heed!
    Couldn’t believe it like cos me mother caught Big Mick banging Delia Smith in trap 3 of the gadgies bogs last time wi went doon there. For those who divvent kna, me mother and Big Mick are in a long term relationship whilst me dad is deing a 7 stretch in Durham clinky!
    Good thong is like , me dad has approved it like cos Big Mick says he can have a season ticket for nowt when he gets oot! Pure cush of Big Mick that like.
    Anyways, me mothers not gannin to Carrow Road wi us, she says she’s ganna travel doon wi the gremlins instead!
    Pure mental mother like!
    A think she’s deing to scare Big Mick into not sh@661ng Delia this time! Ha ha ha! She says she’ll set the gremlins on him if he does!
    Hoo mind! Delia makes a love mince pie like! Had one last time and a couldn’t believe she made it like! Owl Heed reckons she was once a cook but a divvent kna like.
    Anyways, off noo, Big Mick and Owl Heed have just turned up! Ha ! There’s a surprise, Big Mick’s got his white

  13. I would say Blackpool were bottom of the food chain in the prem looking at them attempting to sign Francis Jeffers and Richard Wright…

  14. Franny Jeffers is my best mates cousin! No surprises here lads but apparently he’s a right pr*ck.
    With all due respect to Argyle, I personally think they’re board cocked the end of the season right up and totally took the piss out of their own fans with their actions. Were I an Argyle fan, I would quite literally have been fuming and it’s likely the only reason they didn’t kick off is cos they’re too inbred to have figured out who was their cousin and who’s an away day fan.

  15. Half,again, from last couple of posts. Stuart79 Just got in from my shift, never said in my earlier posts that we would be buying kids. Davy i again agree with on the point of everton buying cahill, jagiela etc (alhough jagielka had played a year in the prem). Aston villa i understand have spent signifacant money (Young,milner) But have added to the squad by maybe one or two significant signings each year. I do think though that we have got the best/most experianced squad to be promoted to the premiership in as long as i can remember. On the lone players topic.. I agree with free scoring smudge. Should we loan players that are better than we have and stay up/improve league position or give lads like donaldson a chance and just get relagated or perform worse. (Better league position=more money)

  16. Munich Mag says:
    July 24, 2010 at 10:08 am

    I didn’t say our players would be sold. I said if we got offers they would ‘probably’ be sold. Were skint.

  17. Rorycn says:
    July 24, 2010 at 10:27 am

    I never said you did! I said were only buying kids and we cannot expect to move forward just buying kids.

  18. stu,i know what you mean,ashley’s too longsighted at expect something along the lines of;we’ve signed a young brazilian lad,he’s one for the future,he’s only ten years old,but the club feel he will be ready in 8 years time,ready for what?the johnson’s paint final.

  19. Agree about Plymouth are deserving, Everton deserve buggerall. Pleased they’re getting nothing. While I completely agree about Plymouth Everton’s fans celebrating when we went down sums up the scouse makems for what they are. I hope they rot.
    I hope Plymouth come straight back to the Championship – and join Everton.

  20. Twaddles mullet says:
    July 24, 2010 at 10:40 am
    Ben arfa to choose next week us or werder !
    Auf weidersein pet!!!

  21. Stuart

    Im no fan of Ashley but there is no evidence to say we players would probably be sold if we got an offer, The players sold under Ashley were certain circumstances Emre and Dyer were always injured, Allardyce wanted Parker gone, Milner was a ridiculously good offer, Kinnear had already got Given and Zog refusing to play so why keep them??

    The club sold Bassong, Beye, Martins, Duff and released who they did to balance the books after relegation then rejected bids for Carroll from Wolves (Mccarthy Confirmed) Nolan from Bolton (Megson confirmed) and turned down enquiries for Smith and Taylor from Everton when the club was stable enough to do so.

    We could easily have sold Colo, Jonas and Enrique to La Liga or Serie A sides and Smith, Carroll, Nolan, Barton and Taylor to premier league sides and Harper to Celtic.

  22. CC says:
    July 24, 2010 at 10:47 am

    Alladyce didn’t want to sell Parker. He knew he had to sell him to raise funds for buying players.

    I don’t remember Given or Nzobgia refusing to play either. Nor do I remember Bolton bidding for Nolan and turning down enquiries is totally different to turning down a bid.



    There was a quote form Parker on here not so long back.

    The Nolan one was a loan wth a view to a permanent they could have let him go, Saved on his wages and picked a fee at the end of the season.

    Enquiries are different to offers but the ammount of enquiries the club have had they could easily tout them around as there would be plenty of takers if they wanted to rake in cash.

    I apologise Given didnt refuse to play but he made it clear he would leave in january.

  24. 1 Steve HARPER

    2 Fabricio COLOCCINI

    3 Jose ENRIQUE

    4 Kevin NOLAN

    5 –


    7 Joey BARTON

    8 Danny GUTHRIE

    9 Andy CARROLL

    10 Wayne ROUTLEDGE

    11 Peter LOVENKRANDS

    12 Danny SIMPSON


    14 James PERCH

    15 Dan GOSLING

    16 Ryan TAYLOR

    17 Alan SMITH

    18 Jonas GUTIERREZ

    19 XISCO

    20 Leon BEST

    21 Fraser FORSTER

    22 –

    23 Shola AMEOBI

    24 –

    25 Kazenga LUALUA

    26 Tim KRUL

    27 Steven TAYLOR

    28 Tamas KADAR

    29 Haris VUCKIC

    30 Nile RANGER

    31 Shane FERGUSON

    32 Ryan DONALDSON

    Squad Numbers Confirmed for 2010/11
    ;) ;)

  25. whats your problem with Waddles like stu?

    He’s came on here in the past and parted with interesting info on things that have happened, not like the majority of the gimps from seasons gone by saying stuff like ‘just saw Ronaldo at Haymarket jumping the barriers, 20 mil to toon’

  26. Stuart…the majority of your posts hold no water mate, but of course your allowed your opinion. If we are skint why didn’t we decimate the squad last year ? Give the club credit where it’s due, we’re trying to get re-established in the big league, I personally find your constant negative vibes about the toon a pain in the gusset mate…

  27. Let’s hope you are right Waddle!

    Ben Arfa would be canny like!

    I haven’t been getting excited about this transfer window when my mates are texting me about all the faff we are signing in the Red Tops, I just tell them I wont believe it until I see them in the Black and White! :D

    Last summer was pretty bad but this summer is looking better so far, a player who is good enough to challenge our midfield and has room in the tank for improvement, when he gets fit, and Perch who gives us some cover on both sides, a wee backup for Jonas and wayne and a foil for Big Andy and I would be happy like.

    Ben Arfa, Cleverley and a nippy striker would be sweet like and would leave me happy enough with Chris and the board

    Though I hope Chris has a big suprise for us! But the man is a legend in my eyes for turning it around last year after not putting a foot wrong and learning on the job.

    Happy days ahead!

  28. Haven’t we also been linked with the young lad from Sporting Lisbon – Yannick Djalo ? Watching CNN this morning he scored 2 belter goals against Citeh during their tour of the US. He looked a real good player, god knows what he would cost though !!

  29. I Love Mike says:
    July 24, 2010 at 11:28 am

    I have nothing against him. In fact I quite like his views on football, but I cannot remember anything that he’s said that has come true.

    Munich Mag says:
    July 24, 2010 at 11:45 am

    If it’s going to take us five years just to break even, that means were skint! Or do you not understand simple maths?

    As for my negative comments – There negative to those who disagree with them, to those who agree the’re reasonable concerns.

  30. Stu,
    Never ever have I said any would come true.
    Just pass on info what I get off me 2 mates.
    Mainly one.
    I also look through net for rumours and put on any I can find.
    So sorry for breaking a blog rule.
    I’ll just go back to porn sites if I get banned from here!
    I am just a negative as you when it comes to the transfer window but sometimes I see a rumour on net and think ashley will take the gamble. After all he likes a bet.

  31. For putting rumours on net and tips offs from mates on a blog.
    Oh sorry Toonsy that’s what a blog is for.
    Being sarcastic…

  32. WADDLES,rumors on footy doesnt hurt anyone and gets a bit debate going,isnt that in part what the blogs for,and sometimes it does come off,better than some of the rags guff imo

  33. Toons – First time in a long time I disagree with most of your article.

    First of all, I doubt very much they’d have got anything like a million as part of any compensation we would have had to pay. And is it really our responsibility to give them anything? Rules are in place for a reason, legally we owe them nothing financially. Certainly how the fat fella in charge will see it and in this case I probably agree. Everton got nothing for him, so why should Plymouth?

    The main argument though is that your seniments are directly about their fans and the fact remains, as some of the lads have already pointed out, most of their fans were appalled at the scenes in that game. Enthralled perhaps, but in an appalled manner. So it wasn’t exactly a cheery let’s-all-be-mates scenario, lots of them are bitter about it. Rightly so I guess, after their relegation. Humility is one thing but…

    Also, at the minute Gosling represents as risk, albeit a small one. And those
    lads expecting a win-win situation may end up disappointed if the lad doesn’t make a decent recovery. Which would mean little in return on the pitch and little to nothing
    if he moves on or fades out enirely. So paying Plymouth anything with that in mind, is less appealing as the right thing to do?

    Maybe Center Parc and being with the missus 24/7 has got the better of me and I’m nitpicking?…

    I’ll be up for the fantas football anyway!

  34. Interesting really, imo Spuds are in a similar position to the toon not so many years ago. New kids on the block regarding the Champs League, and spending big bucks on international players. Seems as if ‘Arry has a way of getting his gaffers to spend the wedge. He did the same at Pompey…and…er..look at them…now…

    How the flock can spurs manage it though, they get far lesser crowds than us, and are building a new stadium for flocks sake. Summat wrong somewhere…

  35. Munich I think spurs ticket prices are the second most expensive in the premiership, behind arsenal.

  36. Stuart I understand simple maths mate, don’t fret too much. You’re entitled to you opinion, keep up the good work.

    Not sure where the 5 years to break even bit comes from, cannot see that in any of your posts so far, but I believe you, you’re probably quoting blather from Mike Ashley. See my post at 57 regarding Spuds, they are spending money like crazy… I’m just curious why we need to break even at all, do any clubs “break even”, seems they are all up to there eyeballs in debt !

  37. BBM how da hell are ye Fella I was reading through the Stardust blog on TOTT :lol: ye stitched him up like a kipper mate ;)
    Lads I see Hooper is getting a medical at celtic so hopefully that one will be put to bed ;)

  38. Waddles, wots the crack at Spuds, have they got a mob of billionaires, and we only have one ? Living abroad I’m not really up to speed with the goings on at other clubs! Spurs do seem to be prepared to splash the cash, though they have probably taken in a bit too, didn’t they get quite a bit for Bent from the Makkems…

    Interesting to see where we would be today if ‘Arry had joined the toon a few years back as was rumoured…

  39. Munich Mag says:
    July 24, 2010 at 1:05 pm

    It would appear that our owner isn’t prepared to subsidise us in the transfer market.

  40. Munich – Souds are generally a well run club. They pay money for players don’t get me wrong, serious money at times, but on the other hand they vary rarely lose out on when they do sell players.

    They actually haven’t invested much new money at all, what they have done is struck gold with a couple of signings (like Berbatov) who they sold on for massive profit. The difference, all of that money, plus a little more has been invetsed back into the team

  41. Toonsy we are all supporters after all mate :) did you see it I have been reading it for a while but have never commented on it its a bit of a weird layout ;)

  42. Aye toonsy, I forgot about the cor blimeys getting all that Berbatov cash. The spuds are well run as you mention, hopefully we can come good too one day !!…..

  43. Munich Mag says:
    July 24, 2010 at 1:21 pm

    Don’t forget that Spurs did build up a good squad before they sold Berbatov.

    We’ll never achieve what Spurs have if we keep selling our best players.

    Call it negative if you want but we have always sold our best players since Ashley rolled through the door.

  44. BD – I’m waiting for my creative juices to flow. A couple of bottles of wine usually help.

    Bit like Lennon, McCartney and Morrison – Their best work was under the influence. All be it something a little stronger than Vino!

  45. BD – Nah I didn’t. Whats gone on then? Have Bowburn and Stardust been bickering?

    I want a link of that :)

  46. Dave – alright man, just enjoying the tranquility of Whinfell Forest at Center Parcs. Been playing at Robin Hood with the bairn and caught up with footy on SSN at the Sports Cafe. The only place I can get tinterweb on phone propely. Missus was giving me grief but got another 2 mins while they get ready for swimming!! Aye, got to have a bit craic and Dusty takes it well although he’ll get slaughtered by some on there. Haven’t looked at the thread since Thurs like but he was giving and getting grief in equal measure so nowt changes!

    Stu – I’d been on there a while but only agreed to write occasionally as there’s not so much demand as there is from .orgers! Means I don’t get stressed about it or let anyone down. Certainly don’t intend on giving up contributing via comments on here and helping you lot keep toons on his toes!!

  47. In a way, I can see some of Stardusts points from the other night when he decided to slaughter me without me even provoking him to do so.

    The bit I agree with is the different writers, although I don’t agree with his reasoning behind it.

    People are only seeing me as, for a few reasons, I am the only one writing at the minute so it’s only my view that gets published. More writers = different view, which is what this place was setup for.

    However, he didn’t have the facts to hand before slagging me down, and one of those facts is that I personally have asked several people if they want to become writers, there is even a bit about it on the Facebook should anyone wish to give it a go.

    I’m not struggling, not at all, far from it in fact, but I owuld like some more writers on board to offer a different view.

  48. Munich, owner by ENIC International Ltd
    Who have directors worth a wadd of cash
    3 billionaires I believe?

  49. BBM enjoy yersel mate and yeah Stardy was taking it and giving it well I was almost going to leave a comment :) .
    Stuart will hate me for saying this but he reminds me of Stardy not in his views but in the fact that he doesn’t back down in the face of criticism and sticks to his believes which in my book is a good thing ;)

  50. Toonsy yer not the 1st or the last to come under attack from Stardust mate just put it down to experience, anyway I think in that rant you were what comes under friendly fire. Your doing a fine job Bud and keep up the good work

  51. Stuart what im trying to say is you have Balls of Steel ” I think ” ;) Right im away to earn a few bob catch you’s lata

  52. “It was a football decision,”

    When his career finishes he can go straight into comedy stand up!

  53. actually, Everton didn’t ‘drop a bollock’ over the Dan Gosling affair at all. Like all football deals, we negotiated with the players’ agent and the two parties agreed a deal in principle. This is how ALL deals are done. Everton then agreed to have the contract drawn up through their lawyers for the agent to go through and the player to sign. Again, this is how ALL deals are done.

    In the meantime, Dan decided he wanted a guarantee of first team football and a position in centre-midfield. Unfortunately for Dan, with the likes of Felliani, Arteta, Cahill, Osman, Rodwell, and even the likes of Heitinga and Neville as very decent holding midfielders, this was not looking very likely.

    Now if Dan had just said, ‘well, that’s not good enough for me’, that’s fine. But he didn’t. He and his agent prevaricated over the deal, giving the impression that the contract would be signed before too long and dropped the ‘Ooh, look, a loophole to exploit’ bombshell on Everton when they could. Y

    ou could argue that Everton should have known better, and you’d have a point, but if the two parties agree a deal verbally, basically on principle, and the club believe the overtures of the agent and player the they are happy to sign, then how are they to blame, or even open to an accusation of a cock-up, when basically they’ve been strung along by the player and his agent?

    One word of warning though, boys; if Danny Boy is prepared to shaft a club that has treated him so well, given him a great platform to improve on, and nurtured him, then how much loyalty do you suppose he really has for the Toon? Once a mercenary, always a mercenary.

    Anyway, I always have a great lit of banter with the Geordies when they visit Goodison and it’s nice to see you back in the top flight.

  54. “Based on internet averages, is visited more frequently by males who have no college education and browse this site from home.” – Alexa.

  55. workyticket says:
    July 24, 2010 at 2:07 pm

    “Based on internet averages, is visited more frequently by males who have no college education and browse this site from home. – Alexa.”

    Whats gan on there like? :)

  56. toonsy says:
    July 24, 2010 at 2:09 pm
    workyticket says:
    July 24, 2010 at 2:07 pm

    “Based on internet averages, is visited more frequently by males who have no college education and browse this site from home. – Alexa.”

    “Whats gan on there like?”

    I was just checking oot how insignificant TOTT was in comparison to the monster that is NUFCBlog, and I picked up that little snippet of information.

    I’m back in the saddle again, and working hard on the back end.

  57. Stuart79 says:
    July 24, 2010 at 12:14 pm
    I Love Mike says:
    July 24, 2010 at 11:28 am

    I have nothing against him. In fact I quite like his views on football, but I cannot remember anything that he’s said that has come true.

    He told us the day before we signed perch and told us that Celtic had come in for Harper and in the papers the next day was the story NUFC block move for Harper.

    He’s just passing on what he has been told, whether you, or anyone else, wants to believe it is your problem, not his.

  58. workyticket says:
    July 24, 2010 at 2:11 pm

    “I’m back in the saddle again, and working hard on the back end.”

    Will you leave that back end alone 8O :lol:

  59. correct about the plymouth fans, there brilliant, argyle is my 2nd team also.