Newcastle after Everton’s Dan Gosling?

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Dan Gosling - A surprise Newcastle target?
Dan Gosling - A surprise Newcastle target?
A new rumour has started doing the rounds regarding Everton youngster Dan Gosling and a possible switch to Tyneside in the near future, according to Sky Sports.

Now I know what you’re thinking, and it’s probably along the same lines as what i am thinking, and that is that we have no chance of getting a player who is so highly coveted in England and should turn out to be a star in the future.

But did you know he could be available for free? No, neither did I! Apparently it stems from a contract wrangle at Goodison Park where Gosling was verbally offered a new deal, only for the final written offer to not be sent to him by the due date, meaning that he could be available for nothing, depending on the outcome of a Premier League ruling due to be held soon.

It’s news to me anyway, and I doubt the source, but it would be a cracking deal if we did somehow manage it. I put this one down to press-mongering, and it would also be a good time to point out that despite our apparent frugality it is still open season for speculation, so things like this are to be expected from time to time.

Signing Gosling would be some coup for Newcastle, and he would be an excellent addition to the squad as he can play at right-back, on the right of the midfield and in the centre of midfield. It would also show a bit ambition on the part of the club and hint that Mike Ashley is serious about building the future of Newcastle United, rather than using it as an excuse to hide behind.

In other news, it looks like one of our old boys could be in line for shock return to Premier League action with Blackpool next season. Nicky Butt is said to be mulling over the chance to put his boots back and have one last hurrah in the Premier League.

Farir play to him. I think Butt became a bit of a target whilst he was here at Newcastle, although few can deny that towards the end of his contract his body had started to become slower than his mind, which made him a liability.

As a result of that, he only really played when needed last season, but it is his experience in the Premier League is something that Blackpool will be looking to utilise. One thing you can say about Nicky butt is that he is the model professional, on and off the pitch. You never hear of him getting into any scrapes or trying to scuttle fellow footballers wives/girlfriends or what not, do you?

I think a move to Blackpool would suit him, and perhaps he could take on some sort of player-coach role in an area that is much much closer to his home surroundings of Manchester. I hope he succeeds in whatever he chooses do, whether that be with Blackpool, or as a player, coach, or manager anywhere else.

Anyway, it’s all rumour at the minute, but what d’ya reckon?

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208 Responses

  1. I can’t see it but ya never know.We can only hope…..False hope is better than no hope at all ;-)

  2. Well sure Gosling would be a terrific addition, but to acquire him through the circumstance would be a bit unethical, no!
    Would`nt mind Coleman on loan from Everton, from what i have seen of him, better than any RB we have , even Jonas.

    As for Butt, wish him only the best, real pro. would be a positive influence with any team, regardless of his role.

    Looks like Onuoha is on his way out of Citeh as is Ireland and probably a few more, could there be bargains to pick up ?

    McGeady is being pushed out of Celtic, who badly need the funds, to rebuild.

    Would be content if we spent on Onuoha, then acquired Cleverly, Coleman, the Dutch kid from Chelsea @ LB and
    Wiltshire, might even win the league, well ermmm…..

  3. chuck says:
    July 3, 2010 at 6:07 pm

    “Well sure Gosling would be a terrific addition, but to acquire him through the circumstance would be a bit unethical, no!”

    Balls to them If they make a balls up then they should accept the consequences. We aren’t plaiting each others hair here, so why do them any favours?

    Like the favour of buying Duncan Ferguson off them, and them buying him back not long after for half the price. Theye weren’t on a moral high horse then, so why should we be?

    Don’t hate the player, hate the game ;)

  4. Ideal signing, can’t see it however.

    Stranger things have happened though, and it’s a bit of a random rumour.. Who knas.

    Maybe there’s been an enquiry into his availability ?

  5. Daverism – I think it is more could be available for free/Newcastle need players for free 2+2=5 kind of thing myself ;)

  6. Not to mention Toonsy, that being ethical isn’t exactly wor Mikes style is it? Haha

  7. Aye. Balls to Everton. You snooze you lose. Ethics in football, is there such a thing? ;)

  8. I don’t mind them, by two best men at my wedding were Everton fans and Goodison is a canny away day. The red half of Mersyside though, they can eat shit and die :twisted:

  9. Dave – Just felt like it. My dad was in 1 para, so that was why I chose that ;)

    I had 4 ushers for my wedding aswell ;)

  10. Anyone remember our last free transfer ‘coup’? Thought we’d stitched Real Majorca up with Jonas and it ended up costing us 7m! Just another fck up!

    But let’s be honest, why oh why would Gosling sign for us? Everton can just offer him another contract and that will be that. Mmm, Everton who are constantly in the top 7, stable with a great manager or Newcastle United who are newly promoted, limited if any ambition, not a pot to piss in and an owner who is as comitted to the club like Tiger Woods us comitted to his wife!

  11. hmm seems a bit far fetched to me like, be great if we could get him though!

  12. Valle
    Oh ! did`nt realize we could only bring in a couple of loanees, Thought we had more last season ?
    In that case, take the two full backs , Coleman and the Chelsea Dutch kid.
    It`s my opinion you build teams with good defence.
    Sorry King Kev,
    but like a bit of flair up front, after all it`s about watching an entertaining style of football.
    If you want boring go watch Big Sams. side !

  13. Valle @ 13.

    I thought that clubs could take an unlimited number of loans, but only play 4 at any one time.

  14. Chuck – I think it’s a bit more technical than that. I think you can have 2 long term loans (full season), 2 short term loans (half a season).

    I’ll look it up but I think that is about the nuts of it.

  15. Stu – If he wanted to stay at Everton, then why would he be kicking up a fuss? Why wouldn’t he just say, fair do’s, you cocked up, but get it sorted and I will sign? Rather thn it getting dragged past an arbitration panel.

  16. Soh! can i conclude everyone in favor of stealing Gosling cares about ethics ?

  17. 7.5 the maximum number of Temporary Transfers to any one Club registrable in the same
    Season shall be 4 and in no circumstances shall more than 1 be from the same Transferor
    Club save there shall be excluded from these numbers any Temporary Transfer of the
    kind described in Rule M.7.6.1 or M.7.6.2;
    7.6 not more than 2 Temporary Transfers shall be registered by a Club at the same time
    except that there shall be excluded from that number:

    PL rules, M7.5 & 7.6

    So basically, four throughout the season but only two at the same time.

  18. Chuck – Nope, not if it benefits us. Everton ballsed up, tough luck if they lose a player because of it.

    Wonder if Plymouth thought Everton were ethical when they poached him off them?

    Probably not…

  19. where does ethics come into it?…..he’s out of contract and as Toonsy says he obviously doesn’t want to stay there or he’d sort it with them… again where’s the ethical problem?

  20. Chuck Grant is planning on useing Van Anholt ? and has been named in the senior team.
    Toonsy how long ago was your oldman in the Paras, by the way mate your one looks like a Frank Spencer one ye need a good one with the wings on it, do ye want me to send you a link for 1 ;)

  21. I had one , Dave, but it was too big to fit on here. He was in the para’s mid60’s to early 70’s mate.

  22. Toonsy if you have one that you want and cant resize it send me it and I will do it for ye or any other pics you want resized ;)

  23. kin hell has Shearer got burtons on speed dial or something…

    His hairlines retreating faster than Danny Simpson from a opposing left winger.

  24. You can have 4 loans over an entire but only 2 at the same time, so you could have 2 loans till january, then send one of them home, reloan the other and then loan a new guy as well.

  25. Dave – Do’t worry about it mate. I can sort it, even though I know you are trying to get mucky pics of the mrs out of me ;)

  26. Toonsy – thats trues, you reckon him and Gessabell may be off or can Roy keep them? Cant see hodgson attracting world class players like

  27. CC there’s nowt wrong with a retreating hairline,it’s all the rage don’t ya know :lol:

  28. Newcastle in for Joe Cole, you heard it here first. He doesn’t want to play for a team challenging for top honours anymore, he wants to play somewhere he will be adored and thought of as a legend, he wants a project to work with and mentioned that he sees himself playing at a club like Newcastle. This is not nonsense, I was told this by a source very close to Cole.

  29. raffo..can’t see Liverpool having the cash for world class players.imo thats why they went for Hodgson instead of a big name continental manager who would expect a large transfer pot.

  30. Raffo – Not sure. I think if one goes then the other will follow. I don’t think Hodgson will be the key in attracting top players, the name of Liverpool is, sadly, enough. We shall see though. I hope they stay, and that the team underachieves, goes bankrupt etc etc :twisted:

  31. FlashJoans – That source close to Joe Cole, would that be the bottle of HP on the table?

  32. Oh hodgsons appointment speaks volumes, as do the rumoured targets on Hangeland and Murphy from Fulham. I can see one of them going to fund any sort of shake-up.

    I think Flash has been on the Torres for a while longer than me!!!

  33. If we still had big Glen on the staff in some role and somebody who would pay big wages running the club, then there could be something in the cole story, but we don’t have either, so can’t see it coming off.

  34. Dave – I heard Ashley wont pay the air fare so Ronaldo and Messi are driving up here and picking Joe Cole up at London Gateway services on the way up ;)

    Another Toonsy exclusive ;)

  35. Go on then Flash i’ll bite, whos the source? I can understand that reasoning but I would attribute that to someone like Beckham who is at he end of his career, not Joe Cole who could play for any of the top 6 teams, and real are in for him. I think his missus may prefer Madrid to Newcastle too, not to mention the additional ‘0’ on his monthly pay packet!!!

  36. “Jose was one of Newcastle best players last season, Easily beating out Liverpudlian Kevin Nolan.”

    Looks like Eds resorting to sensationalist stories to get people back…

  37. I am a little suprised Jose didnt make the spain squad. He has had a belter this season and obviously is a v attacking player which would fit in well with their system

  38. Think Jose had a chance if we were in the prem, but he paid the price for staying loyal in the end, as has Harper in my opinion.

  39. I think Joses time will come this next season, Like Carroll and Staylor.

    Capdevila IMO is spains weak link and at 32 he aint improving.

    Can you imagine Ramos and the bull as powerful attacking full backs, Dont bear thinking about for our lot.

  40. aye Toonsy – I cant see why Spain ned the 2 holding midfielders, I think Fabregas will be on for Busquettes at half time

  41. Hows this for a comeback from…

    I assume this muppet means Newcastle and Nile Ranger coming to us ?
    A) Maynard won’t leave unless its a decent prem club
    B) City wold want 5.5 mill plus
    C) Newcastle will struggle to stay up next year
    D) Ranger is a accident waiting to happen is what I hear is

    Newcastle have played 16 of the last 17 years in the top flight, Just because we had a breather at your level for 9 months doesn’t make useless.

    We are after Erding from PSG a talented proven top level striker not lower league rubbish from championship also rans.

    Ranger will be a superb player, Far too good for your club, He’s played virtually every england youth level and has more talent in his little finger than Maynard, He likes the night life so i doubt he’ll join your rabble unless he’s started liking the wurzels and barn dancing..

  42. CC,
    pique ain’t been too hot either. you can see why rudolph got rid.

    So, was Jose ‘officially’ player of the season then?

  43. BIG DAVE that brought me oot you you crafty orangeman you,not now sending you any crayons,you wanted to send THEM letters to toonsy lass,it was doyle not boyd ;)

  44. Raffo – I think it will change in the second half. At the minute Spain are talking like 2 two teams on one pitch -5 defending, 5 attacking, with no movement between the two sides.

  45. toonsy says:
    July 3, 2010 at 8:10 pm
    Disappointing game really. I expected more

    thats what richietoons mrs said so big dave told me

  46. Both, either!
    Don’t recall hearing anything about the results.
    Would Jose be down for ‘young player’ too, although the chances are that Carroll would take that, local hero n’all?

  47. clint

    I think he rightly won on the official site, The rest of the votes were stupid think Butt for some reason got 2nd place… :roll:

  48. CC – That was because the site got invaded by throbbers who were casting votes on odd players.

    Silly mackems :roll:

  49. CC,
    was just curious about whether that is the ‘final’ outcome, it calls it a ‘quick vote’ on the site like.
    When do they announce these things?
    The Butt vote was massive early on, just after he retired.

  50. Ice :lol:

    I haven’t had sex since 1959. Of course it’s only 20:35 now. ;-)

  51. Der!
    Missed that one, my bad.
    BTW toonsy,
    is that the first instance of worky naming Stuart & chuck, statler & waldorf?
    Can’t be, can it?

  52. RICHIETOON if they get beat ask big dave for his cheeky girls music that will get her in the mood m8

  53. Now its cesc’s turn to play for his move and show he can play in barcelonas midfield

  54. Spain should have had another pen for the keeper taking Fabregas down. A rare bit of excitement in this game.

  55. Think the goalie clipped the ball away too toonsy,
    only slightly like.

    Alreet ice,
    para’s was nailed on, spain’s was a dive.
    Or what?

  56. dead right CLINT,the guy from japan been the best ref in this w.c.up to now imo

  57. Aye ice,
    good shout mate.
    Totally unbiased that lad, respect breeds respect.
    Not that fake shit we hear so much about.

  58. webb was cack in the 1st spain game, totally biased towards spain, & somehow managed to find 5 mins of overtime with the swiss hanging on.

  59. Sorry raffo,
    if tat sounded a bit harsh towards you, it wasn’t meant to.
    It was at webb.

  60. ne fuss clint mate. i think on this evidence i need alot more luck to win the sweepstake cos on this I think it could very well be the germans

  61. RAFFO not bad m8 but got conned 3 times in last game,imo hes a bit biased in epl likes to keep epl nobs happy,plus he done the toon in last home game lol

  62. Sweet raffo,
    Wouldn’t rule out the Nederlands like mate.

    I’d love to see someone different win like.
    Cos it ain’t been the best of wc’s.

    shit, spain have scored.
    Alright for some though, hey mate? :)

  63. lol thought they had buggered that up again!!!

    but is webb in the uriah rennie category?!

  64. youd think clint, but theres only 7 of us who work there so im due about 10 quid!!!

  65. raffo,
    no he ain’t, but as ice said, he favors the ‘big’ names though.

    Silva, i think he’s called, knows how to keep his cool & play the ball out & good blocker, gets stuck in, with style.

  66. CLINT divnt really judge them on a 3wk show m8,if you did you could say kaka,messi,would be worth about 30bob between them and we know dif

  67. ice,
    y’right mate.
    I don’t tend to go for the flash bazzas though.

  68. CLINT if you really pushed me from toon eyes like there were two guys that looked canny they played for japan honda,and left-sided guy whos name i forget name starts with M had a tash maybe you picked him like

  69. Well,
    at least it’s not gonna be brazil or argentina, though i’d rather argentina for jonas like.

  70. aye thats right Clint………….of course I’m telling wor lass that I think it will be Spain v Holland ;-)

  71. Good plan richie… :)
    Keep the Mrs. happy mate.

    Tell y’what, ALL the ‘names’ have flopped this tourny, haven’t they?

  72. Aye there’s been some crap displays by supposedly “world class” players and teams.

  73. RICHIETOON to be fair which lass wouldnt be happy with a good looking charming rich guy like you,with shinning boots ;)

  74. richie,
    maybe it just shows that there are no easy games anymore.
    It was a bit like that in the prem last season, everyone trying to not win it.

  75. I’d like Spain to get to the final like,but mainly cos I’ll be over there then so would be a great day on the drink and great atmosphere.

  76. Alicante cos her stepdad’s got an apartment there we can use for nowt.

    Spain will have to pick up their game a hell of a lot to beat Germany like.

  77. CLINT aye m8 you just have to look at cup games anybody can win one off games,leeds stuffed a few epl teams last yr

  78. My source is dating Carly Zuckers best friend, Carly Zucker being Joe Coles wife. My friend is a Chelsea fan and begged Carly to get Joe to sign back up at Chelsea but his intentions are apparently very clear, he has a choice of 19 premier league teams and also 5 or 6 teams in europe and a massive big money offer from the states. Carly doesn’t actually fancy a move abroad and wants to remain in England. Spurs are a possibiliity but apparently the only other London club Cole would sign for are Arsenal but they are messing him about, but Joe has spoken to Newcastle and is up for it. The only stumbling block suprise suprise are the wages, he wants £70,000 per week but we are offering 50K. We shall see, its not concrete but there is something there. Be very suprised with the players we are looking at, Hughton is targeting good players and we do have money to spend, this was outlayed to Joe which has attracted him, the lure of playing in front of the toon army and being adored and winning us our first major trophy.

  79. He never left Chelsea because of wages, it was far more complex. He had to leave. Let’s just wait and see, stranger things have happened.

  80. Hi Oba, I’m not the owner, but I do help to adminsitrate it.

    How is your place coming on for next season?

  81. Well i do carly zuckers bikini line and she told me while her legs were akimbo and her pubics were fluttering in the breeze, That Joe was going to give up football after Capellos snub and was to take up teaching capoeira the brazilian martial art dancing…

    Grow up mate.

  82. Rich

    He’s probably a fan from another club, who trying to get a reaction from a few excitable toon fans and then go and paste them on another clubs blog, so they can piss themselves at how deluded we are…

    Sad twat.

  83. BTW, j cole’s family still live just round the corner from me. As do Marlon Harewood’s.

  84. FlashJonas,

    If we even get close to even talking with Joe Cole I will do a Lambiarse bollock naked roond St James at half-time during the Villa game :-D (binoculars required!!)

  85. CC – FlashJonas has been commenting on here a while and going by what he said previously I very much doubt he is mackem, or fan of another club ;)

  86. Flash – I would love to believe you. and in some sad sort of way it would be nice for a v talented player to want something other than money, but there are many other clubs he could go to for those reasons.

  87. raffo,
    that attitude would be a breath of air from a footballer these days.
    What a beautiful dream!

  88. Raffo – I think we would all love to believe it. On the other hand, FlashJonas has been frequenting blogs long enough to understand that there are always things like this flying around, an to know that most of them don’t come of which is why people are sceptical of it.

  89. hey toonsy had a look at them HTC phones there fkin massive m8 you would need clown pockets :)

  90. Hitman – I hear Ashley has one, they are deep enough ;)

    The stuff on them is top notch though isn’t it?

  91. indeed clint and Toony which is why if it is indeed true and he does show and interest I shall join Staffs in a bit of naked frivolity!!

  92. raffo, if it was true, you’d be doing it with aboot another 50/60k Geordies
    over bank holiday weekend, so you wouldn’t feel outta place mate.

  93. hey if there is a player to sign on a free then its joe cole, i think there is cash to spend offer him wages of 50 to 60grand aweek but give him a signing on fee of 3 to 4 mill to make the wage demand, n before ppl say theres no money or a wage cap non of know were speculating coz of that statement,so why not try its worth a go probably wont happen but hey its better to fink it cud then doom n gloom merchant like most on here, why jus try n survive why not try for midtable fininsh the prem aint as high of standard as some make it out to be apart from the obvious like man u, livepool, arsenal, chelsea, man city u dont play these teams every week n am not worried by the other teams in league the ones we gotta look to pick points

  94. :) the problem with ashley toonsy he has long arms but short pockets,when you going to come to the dark side toonsy,ashley is going to screw us big time m8…fk me aye says i would stop with the ashley bangin but i carnt owa club means more to me than a southern tw@t we are in for a hold world of pain….

  95. big dave i would love j cole at the toon,its just not going to happen m8,we will be lucky if we sign any one of real calibre….fk me i have to stop talking the coke has me all owa the place :)

  96. Hitman – My knives are sharp mate, they are just well holstered at the minute. As I say, there is still time, and I am eternal hoper, so until that time runs out then I still have hope :)

    False hope probably, but hope anyway :D

    I don’t buy into all this southern stuff, he could be from mars and it would be the same. I just think by saying stuff like that then we are living up to the media stereotype of us, not to mention all southern people aren’t twats – my old man for example.

  97. fk me clint i have to do a bunjie jump the morra for charity,fkin gutted im scared of hights

  98. CC- what a tool you are, bit of a keyboard warrior! Easy there! I’m a season ticket holder and a lifelong newcastle fan, I work in football and have lots of contacts, I am jus reiterating to my fellow fans what I have heard, I don’t appreciate you acting like a child over my comment, if you have something to say, say it like an adult, as has been said, I have been commenting on this site for a while now, no need to be an idiot and jump down my throat, I think you need to grow up.

  99. No way mate,
    hope it’s only 20 foot up mate.
    Wouldn’t fancy that like, save some ’til just before the leap man.

  100. lol toonsy – every few days you give a snippet away about yourself that is the same as me. twins seperated at birth!

  101. hav faith hitman we will sign good players n we will survive, n ashly aint gonna screw us he aint gonna waste 200mill hes put in jus to screw us, he will try to build us into a team challening for europe n as soon as he can sell us for 300 to 400 mill he will be off am sure of that but he needs to make us a success to make that kind of money wen will ppl realise this, we wont ever get rid of him til he can command that sort of figure for the club

  102. toonsy, thats not steryotype m8 i seen it first hand,i was down brixton when i was a kid and they just didnt like me coz i was a geordie,the kid i was staying at,his dad turned round and says we were steeling his job.i was only fkin 12 ..true story…they hate us and we hate them

  103. Flash,
    mate, people are just skeptical.
    Don’t take it personally man.
    It’s all good craic.
    Loads of us hear stuff, some is on it & some is bullsh.

  104. Raffo – I’ve noticed that too, brother. You’ll be teeling me you live in the Midlands next :lol:

  105. davy,love it but it aint going to happen,wish it would tho we need rid of this man he will not take us forward

  106. Hitman – In odd cases yes, but I think it’s unfair to say all southerners hat all northerners. It just isn’t true. My Dad is from London originally and got on fine when he lived around Newcastle, in fact he even admitted he used to support Tottenham before he moved to Newcastle but had to swap when he saw how football was up up in Newcastle, and that is how he stayed. He see’s himself as more geordie than southerner

    EDIT – And I got banned off the SunderlandMad board for calling them “Throbbers” :lol:

  107. toonsy i wouldnt be doing it, but its for mcmillan,i lost my wife a few years back,so got to do it m8

  108. Hitman – Like I said mate, you’ll be fine. Nowt to worry about it. I have done one form one of them cherry picker platform things in a pub car park before. Shite meself but it was nothing to worry about looking back on it.

  109. near sheffield, and i believe we are the same age with the same name! crazy.

    Well if flash is right and there are some decent players lined up then thats good hopeful news, though it does depend on his defenition of good!

  110. fkin hope so toonsy,cheers clint….reet now on to ashley,this man is going to fk us lads,ive says from day one(eds blog)this man will destroy the carnt change forte.

  111. Good luck Hitman, I did a parachute jump in similar circs n it was my first time in a plane :-O

    Your toons will be somewhere up near your diaphragm but you’ll enjoy it once the time comes!

  112. staff……my first time in a plane was to jump out as well…….it was another 6 months before I’d landed in one!!

    Good luck wi that hitman.

    whey thats me,bloody work tomorrow :-( neet lads

  113. We need to look for talented young players who are in the huff with their clubs. Eg N’Zogbia, thats the only way I think we will get any decent signings for the money we are apparently spending (according to the club statement). If Wigan was attractive to N’Zogbia then surely we must be attractive to someone else in his situation, even after a year in the championship.

  114. i went to the the doctors today & he said flu ? .. i said nicksy come on me bike…

    ..hello hello baby you called.

    .smack !!!!

  115. alejandro – apparently we’re gonna be big in mexico…

    dont call me ..


  116. mornin,waitin for me fry up then work :-(

    Happy 4th July OHurley,NorCal,Chuck and any other yanks on here….divnt get owa p!ssed ;-)

  117. hopefully done by early afternoon……..divnt usually do weekends but its on the metro system and only 2 of us have done the metros track training :-(

  118. Lads, dont get excited about Gosling. He’s a prospect but hardly the big signing that will show your ambition!
    Speaking for my fellow Evertonians the only thing bothering us is the fact we wont get any dosh for him! He wont get a regular place in our midfield which is why he is taking advantage of the loophole to leave.
    IF you were to nick Fellaini, Rodwell, Arteta, Bilya or Pienaar then we would get upset but we wont be burning flags like our red cousins (far removed)should he leave for you.
    We will, however, demand that the numpty that lost the club @ £1-£2 (not more!!)is removed from his post!
    Good luck for the season and good luck to Dan if he joins you, but dont get all excited as if you just signed the next Muller!

  119. So Gosling’s left Everton – Why would he do that? It must be about money at the end of the day, no?

    He must have been told by his agent that he can get more than the £15k a week Everton are offering from another club.

    Why else would he leave Everton to join us or anyone else in the bottom half?

  120. I would assume that he will be looking at a substantial signing on fee? That and the prospect of more regular first team football (is that a given though at NUFC?) and I can understand him leaving for a new chance.We blues are more annoyed with the amateurish negotiations that make this a possibility that with the player himself – its not as if he’s a lifelong blue so why would we expect any loyalty this day and age. Some of youse mentioned ethics? I dont have a problem with his ethics myself. He’s a pro looking for a good deal financially and a chance to play more regular. He left bristol for the same reasons so why expect different now? I’m just waiting for Citeh to gazump you with a £30m offer…
    I dont understand however, how he can just leave when he has a year of his existing written contract left to run? Surely that is still binding?
    And dont forget, he is still seriously injured and not expected back for the first 3 months of the season!
    I wonder who will pay his hossy bills?

    Welcome back to the big league – the landlords in Walton boozers will be very happy to see you back in your multitudes!