Newcastle free to step up Gosling interest.

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Dan Gosling - Free to do what he wants.
Dan Gosling - Free to do what he wants.
Reports surfaced the other day that hinted that Newcastle were interested in Everton youngster Dan Gosling, who could possibly be available on a free transfer.

Now they are free to step up any bid they may wish to make for the player after a Premier League tribunal ruled in favour of the youngster and allowed him to leave Goodison Park for free, although quite why he would want to do that is beyond me as Everton are a solid top-half team in my opinion.

Perhaps it is down to money, although I fail to see how someone who has only made 22 appearances in two years has any real bargaining chips to demand anymore cash. Maybe it is down to the fact that he isn’t getting the first team chances he feels he deserves? Who knows, but he is now free to look for another club to help develop his career further.

This all stems from a clerical error on the part of Everton who verbally offered him a contract only for them to fail to follow that up with a written offer by the due date. That technically put Gosling out of contract although Everton tried to argue that the verbal contract should stick until they could get the written contract sorted out. For whatever reason, Gosling mustn’t have been happy with that or else why would it have had to go to a Premier League arbitratory panel?

The reason for that will come out in the wash I presume, but it means that another highly rated player has become available on a free transfer this summer. Whether or not Newcastle decide to firm up their ‘interest’ in the player reamins to be seen, although with a price of nothing we surely have to be in the running to capture Gosling’s signature, and ifwe aren’t then we bloody well should be!

Any move for the player could be hampered by the fact that he is currently out injured with a cruciate ligament injury that was suffered back in March. There is a rough timescale of a nine-month recovery period for a cruciate injury meaning that any team that tries to sign the player won’t have him available until Christmas at the earliest.

I would still try and sign the player though, despite his injury. As it stands, we have cover for his positions which would leave him under no pressure to rush back and risk doing himself more damage. Then when he does get back to fitness, we have a highly rated English player on our hands, for free. It’s a win win in my book.

Whether or not Newcastle decide to make a bid for the player remains to be seen, although if it was up to me he would have been signed yesterday. Well not literally as he only became a free transfer today, but you know what I mean. A highly rated young English player for free?

Yes please!

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108 Responses

  1. It’s nice to see other big clubs can royally fcuk things up from time to time too, isn’t it? :lol:

    Didn’t realise he was oot til crimbo tho – that changes things significantly imo.

    Plus if RB is his favoured position and not RM can’t see us going for him with both Simpson and Perch on the books.

  2. I’d be thoroughly disappointed if we didn’t bend over backwards even in an attempt to sign this lad. He may be injured now but he’s an excellent talent, he fits our apparent “club vision” (depending on what one we’re using today), he’s English and most importantly, he’s free. We should be booting his agents door down trying to get him up to the north east asap.

  3. The one article says he prefers CM which is his natural position but has been forced to play on the right with Everton.

  4. The times I saw him play at everton he was in the centre. Wikipedia claims he was forced into rb to accommodate for injuries, the reliable source that wiki is of course, lol.

  5. He’s a midfielder with a lot of promise and would add more depth to our squad, I can actually see this move happening since the link came out of the blue before I read any mention of him being able to leave on a free.

    He’s treated Everton badly so I wouldn’t expect too much loyalty from him if he does sign.

  6. Highly rated young un on a free – damn right sign him up. Fits right into our transfer policy so the only reasons we wouldn’t sign are strong cpompetition from elsewhere, which is likely, or the concern over his injury, though that might represent a worthy gamble. Don’t think he has been that unfair to Everton, it was him waiting for them to offer him a contract.

  7. Gosling is a natural CM player although like someone mentions above he has been asked to play out of position in Rb and Rw and done ok(5-0 Drubbing by Benfica when he played Rb)&(3-1 win against Man U playing Rw & scored)
    This whole thing smells very fishy to me and I will believe it is true when I hear Davie Moyes say so.
    If you do sign him you will be getting a very good young player who would fit into the Newcastle A team straight away.

    He will always be remembered by Everton fans for the goal against Liverpool in the Fa cup a couple of seasons ago but if it is true that he has brought this into court of arbitration then im afraid he will see his last days in a blue shirt but I really hope not!

    Who put the ball in the redsh1tes net? Danny Danny Gosling!

  8. Surely it won’t be a free transfer, it will go to a tribunal to determine a fee, won’t it?

  9. Have heard from a good source that there is a agent from liverpool in Newcastle for talks but i dont know if it is for this player

  10. everton are cheapskates, always have been.
    I’m not so sure about him though.
    But for nowt, on a reasonable wage, i guess.

    But anyway, contrary to popular belief, other clubs make just as many boo-boos as us.
    This is just the latest proof.
    All fans slag their clubs, players, managers, coaches, owners.
    We’re a fickle bunch us supporters.

  11. Sas – No, don’t think so. He is currentl unattached, so who whould a tribunal fee be paid to as nobody owns him?

    Everton just fecked up royally :)

  12. would love to get him but no doubt other clubs will offer him bigger wages than we can.

  13. toonsy,
    that sounds terrible:
    ‘No one OWNS him’.
    That tells you what’s wrong with football, right there.
    Is that like those east euro girls owned by pimps & shipped in for prostitution?

  14. If a player would rather go somewhere else for bigger wages, we don’t want ’em, do we?
    I want players that wanna play for us, week in, week out.

  15. Gosling has a handful of good performances in the Premier League and you have the likes of Sky Sports twits Andy Gray and Martin Tyler raving about him, and everyone thinks that we should sign the lad.


    We should not sign him. From what I’ve seen of him, I’m not impressed of all. A handful of good performances doesn’t mean the boy is going to be best thing since indoor plumbing was invented.

    We don’t need him. He’s crocked as well.

  16. just seen on sky sports news there he demanded first team football, no way could we give him it with our home and away day formations.

  17. workyticket says:
    July 7, 2010 at 4:23 pm

    “I think he may have made about 35 apps in the last two years if you count cup games and such”

    Ah right.

    Everyone, I didn’t count cup games and such ;) :lol:

  18. Sign him up, give him a shirt (if he wants one, the new ones are pretty nasty).

  19. Im sure Everton have learnt the lad a bit football wise and naturally living in liverpool for a couple of years means he now sells pirate DVDs from the back of a transit van and is a dab hand at climbing drainpipes.

    Decent young player dont see this exceptional ability me self but on a free its no lose, I Personally would much rather the McFadden deal to go through as we lack creativiy and quality up top.

    Any news on these contracts ??

  20. Well half the wc teams are wearing pretty much the same shirts.
    Different color mind.

  21. This would be a fab signing for us imo.
    I feel that he is just the type of player that we need and could add a bit of creativity to the midfield. Bring in Cleverley and promote Vuckic then get rid of Barton and Smith :D


  22. f**k him,what’s his claim to fame scoring a goal against the bin dippers.

  23. remember the time we signed dave beasant because he saved a penalty,look how that one turned out.

  24. If a player does well at the wc his price rises.
    If a player does crap at the wc, does his drop?
    Wonder how much messi, kaka, rooney, gerrard, lampard, torres, maxi, anelka etc etc are worth now then.

  25. Aye Clint, in response to your previous comment, the non-existence of God is, essentially, an objective moral truth!

    (get rid of Smith if we have to free up space)

  26. gazza reckons he was robbed as he lay unconsious,ffs gazza she’s called sheryl,she’s been robbing you for years.

  27. @21 – soz but I fink i’m being fick – how does Darren Bent’s Twitter account prove that players read blogs?

  28. the trouble with does god exist or not is unprovable to both sides of the fence,therefore declaring any argument null and void.

  29. bollox,what i meant to say was neither an athiest or a believer can prove or disprove the existence of god,so therefore it’s a daft argument.

  30. toonsy – i’m not knocking nowt mate – i just assumed there was gonna be a comment on there saying something about a comment a fan made on a blog. I couldn’t see anyting, so didn’t know if it was just me being daft.

  31. “RTG does make me laugh, Bent vs Phillips come on now man I been here one season KP all time legend. Let me do me”.

  32. TC – There was a bit on there about a debate taking place on RTG, the filth board as to who was better, Bent or Phillips, which he commented on.

    As for the god thing, if god/heavene does exist the surely so does the devil/hell? ie Sunderland ;)

  33. Trojan,
    i think the onus lies with those who believe, in proving it does.

  34. Ah-ha – cheers toonsy, 69’er!

    Never heard of RTG before – that’ll be why then.

    Reet then if that’s the case… Joey Barton – you orrible waste of space, please fcuk off somewhere else!! :)

  35. Sweet, a debate about the existance of God.

    If God does exist, then why did He/She/It give us farts? Was it for the purpose of amusement, to laugh at our mates as they let one out? Or, was it his way of giving us a weapon with which to chase off our spouses whenever we want the room to ourselves?

    I’ll stop there, because I got a million of ’em.

    But Clint, those who believe would say the onus lies with those who don’t to prove that He/She/It doesn’t.

    Sure many of the religious doctrines/theories have been disproven sinec man first created a diety, thunder isn’t Zeus, Earthquakes aren’t an angry Jupiter, and rain isn’t caused by God crying (though I still tell my girls that he’s crying because of something they did). But in the end, the believers will request the non-belivers to prove their point as well.

  36. Toonsy – while you’re on with all this technological jiggery-pokery…

    Can you sort it so that when you click on a link someone posts a new tab opens? I know I can do it by holding down the ‘apple’ key but I’m either too lazy or I forget! :)

  37. TC – Try clicking the link with the right mouse button, then either open in new tab/window ;)

  38. if god exists it’s way beyond our level of comprehension,but i dont believe in all this old bloke sitting in the sky saying you’re alright,you’re a c**t,divvent like ye,your arse is on fire.

  39. I’ve got one of them fancy new apple mice, toonsy.

    Nee buttons at all never mind a right one. I’m sure you can program it so that different areas recognise different commands but I’m buggered if I know how to. :)

  40. Trojan,
    funny as mate.
    :) :)

    If it’s never been proved, what is there to disprove.

  41. Dan Gosling’s preferred position is as a central midfielder which is just what we need :(

  42. Tc-hold a finger on the pad and click with another at the same time. They’re slot easier to do then to explain but I’m pretty sure that’s the right click command, lol. Honestly mate, look them up you’ll barely touch the keyboard again, haha.

  43. Thank God I’m an atheist!!! ;-)

    Clint ref ya question last night…… mate just going on Hols to Spain Saturday til the 26th,but will be looking into a few things when I’m over there.

  44. CRAIG C,dont know m8,maybe toon have cooled intrest in light of this gosling thing,or its all papershite only C.H. knows and hes saying nowt

  45. AYE clint m8,all the better for reading your comments lol, germany not as dom,in this game like

  46. indeed,
    not the first like, is it?
    That ball is shoyte too, which doesn’t help.

  47. Rich – Norcal asked you a question on the TV fixtures article and wanted to make sure you read it :)

  48. CLINT germany tend to win the battles but lose the wars ;) i think germany but dont tell richietoon

  49. aye true,think players blaming the ball is to convenient at times,its round and size and weight are all fifas usual specs.I just think teams try not to lose rather than try to win.They’re all sh!t scared.

  50. Is there a way to refreash this page using an iPhone without having to keep going all the way to the top of the page? If not toonsy can u add a refresh button at the bottom

  51. Must be nice if you can bring Torres off the bench.

    Wouldn’t suprise me if he got the winner.

  52. no ice….it’ll be a late one ;-)

    should be a canny day oot in Alicante on Sunday now.

  53. That should keep the mrs happy richie, & if she’s happy, your happy, hey?
    Enjoy Alicante mate.

  54. I was talking to a Forest fan today,he said Perch was a very good player for them…………..but not sure how he’ll do in the prem.

  55. Thats the way it works Clint……except with my ex wife,I could never test out the theory cos she was never bloody happy :lol:

  56. Aye richie,
    ex wives are NEVER happy mate.
    Got the T shirt on that one brother.

    I reckon CH know’s how to get the best outta Perch like, but let’s see.

  57. had to laugh forlan says he does not want join spuds or any epl team its to cold here,why not tell the truth he cannot hack epl

  58. ice,
    forlan’s only lived in manc, so you’d think he’d complain about the rain.
    What a ponce.

  59. CLINT join the club m8,perch well hes young seemed to agree v quick and wanted to come in jan so wages must not be a problem,as yoou say lets wait and see

  60. AYE CLINT,married at 17 said she she was in club,dad clipped ear told do decent thing (the old times eh) she was not blah blah been with new ! wife 36 yrs now would!nt part with been great

  61. 19 for me, not in the club, just daft.
    Been with the current mrs FLiCK 21-22 years, didn’t get wed this time though.
    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  62. CLINT,PUT 4yrs living over the broom first try before you buy type thing,was in club said she didnt want two bast— in her life lol so gave in

  63. Ice I was going to take the night off as I wanted to watch the match but I hate letting people down. As I know the guy was excited to get some colour on his arm and I have cancelled him once before.

  64. BIG DAVE in that case ill let you off but remember what i said,my lad never has colour always black,he says colour makes you look like a sailor,had 18hrs work done 18mths ago he said its gappy now with white spots (not happy) wouldnt care lad who done him said wished all his cust were like him called him as still as a corps

  65. Ice black can be hard to get all of it even you can get light patchs etc but the Tattooist that done it will usually touch it up. I just hate doing Black give me colour anyday, and believe it or not my best sitters are normally girls :)

  66. I havent seen Dan Gosling in Australia (Everton’s Pre Season Tour),Maybe David Moyes had enough of his games and behave problems.