Toon target free agent Jonathan de Guzman, apparently.

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de Guzman - Another Newcastle target.
de Guzman - Another Newcastle target.
Another day, another rumour, that is very much the order of play today as silly season really begins to kick-off in the press.

Again we are linked with a player in the newspapers, again there are no quotes, but at least it is a new name on the gossip front, so on that basis it’s worth covering – Never let it be said that I don’t keep you up to date on the latest spin of the rumour wheel!

This latest piece of transfer speculation is regarding Dutch winger Jonathan de Guzman, well I say Dutch but he was actually born in Canada, and an apparent interest from Newcastle in bringing the former Feyenoord player to St James’ Park.

At 22-years old, de Guzman is the right sort of age for Newcastle as we go about building for the future. He had been at Feyennord since the age of 14 and was a product of their youth academy before being promoted to the first-team where he made 127 appearances, scoring 26 goals in the process.

His preferred position is to play as an attacking midfielder, although he has played on the right wing and up front in his time, so he could be of some use to us. He is also available on a free transfer after his Feyenoord contract expired, and that could be of great interest to us as we seek to build a squad for the Premier League on a Championship transfer budget.

As I said earlier, it is just a bit more speculation and rumour, but I do like to debate these kind of things. Ever since pre-season kicked off I think it is fair to say that the rumour mill has spun into overdrive, which is in sharp contrast to the lack of anything, even speculation, for some weeks now.

I know nothing is ever official until it comes direct from the club, that has been drummed in to me enough by now, but I wouldn’t mind seeing this transfer happen. Apparently he has two contract offers already, one from Villareal and one from Espanyol, although he would apparently prefer a move to England instead of Spain.

The lads and Chris Hughton are off to Ireland today for a week long training camp, so it would surprise me if any business was done in the meantime, although I wouldn’t rule it out in case Hughton has identified and confirmed his targets with the board and left them to negotiate, which could be dangerous.

Still, there are tentative signs that things are starting to move in the transfer market. Not just with us, but generally speaking. I expect us to back in the transfer market some more before the window closes, although I would prefer to see it happen sooner rather than later.

Here’s to hoping!

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49 Responses

  1. de Guzman says “Da futebol in Spain is rilly niche, but not as goot as de futebol in Inglan, fasure”.

    Once again, my present ignorance of the wider European game means I’ve heard of him but really know little to nowt of him. I’m expecting a running theme this summer so I’m not surprised by that.

  2. Hope this rumour is true but I doubt it. He would be a great signing, a great “in the hole” foward but more than comfortable on the wing. If we are not really interested then we should be!

  3. I have seen him play due to not being able to restrict my gambling habits to the epl during the season and he is a canny little player.

    On a free this would be an immense signing

    Cant believe im putting this in print but the club is starting to impress me atm by waiting for players and making a correct decision rather than scrambling for player valued way over the odds.

    He and Gosling on frees would see me raise a glass to Ashley rather than to his death in a firey inferno

  4. hahaha the geordie dellusion is as thick as the air in Beijing on a morning . yas are a shit club , no money , newly promoted . NO ONE will want to come to newcastle .

  5. De Guzman would be a ridiculous signing on a free transfer. Get him a contract now! Seen him play a few times, he wasnt spectacular those times, but had something about him, certainly something we could do with…on a free transfer.

  6. Ah… Jake must be a Mackem with an inferiority complex! ;)

    One or two of them about!

  7. Jake it’s not your fault that some brothers and sisters can’t leave each other alone.

  8. Would think he would be a good signing seems to have a bit of pace and can curl and chip the ball so blatently has some quality , if he would want the newcastle move he would be a good signing seeing as about two years ago chelsea and arsenal were willing to pay about 10 – 12 million for him , he has offers on the table from various foreign clubs apparantly so better make up his mind i guess

  9. I don’t think we will end up signing either Gosling or De Guzman. Don’t be surprised to see Gosling join one of the cash strapped bigger clubs i.e. Liverpool or Man United. I personally don’t see what all the fuss about him is for though. He has looked nothing more than average when I have seen him. Still, can’t grumble at a young, free transfer, can you?

    De Guzman is another one of those players who’s name seems like it has been about for ages, but never seems to actually get a move to a bigger club. A bit like Alex of Fener. We never seem to take advantage of these types of opportunities when they come around so i don’t expect the club to all of a sudden start now. Decent player though.

  10. There’s another rumour floating around the internet that Elvis lives!

    And if you asked SJT he’ll tell you that 9/11 was all George Bush’s idea. :roll:

  11. Actually TC, Elvis is alive… he asked me if I’d buy him a beer last night at the fan park. Looking terrible he is…

  12. Gosling and De Guzman on frees would be immense. Would make this an awesome transfer window if we got a couple more in, say Albin (on a free?) and one other. Plus the loans! Lovely job.

    PS I would dearly love to get Gosling as all me mates were discussing his free transfer last night and they’re all massive manure fans, and when I suggested he might come to NUFC I got royally grilled by em all!

  13. Looks to be a good signing on a free, but could he be a plan B if Gosling falls apart?

    Still anxious for some cover on the left…

  14. Apparently the club sent legal letters to all newspapers earlier in the summer warning them against speculating on summer transfer targets with rumours ect…

    This letter had mention of ‘no capital outlay’ in them.

    Are they for real?

  15. Stu @ 29
    Bit of a curve ball post, you start your point with ‘apparently’ (uncertain) and end it with a question of reality (a certainty).

    Why the animosity if you are unsure of the facts, details, reality, yourself?

    Where you hear this anyway?

  16. I Love Mike says:
    July 8, 2010 at 1:01 pm


    I thought it might stimulate some intellectual debate – Guess I got that wrong, seeing as only you responded.

  17. that’s Stu for ya – if it doesn’t fit his agenda he just bends it like beckham

  18. nice to see a lot of you lads and lasses are stiil graduates of the liam gallagher school of charm and deportment lol,agenda’s i hear you say?this board is getting like the illuminati lol.

  19. jay jay says:
    July 8, 2010 at 12:03 pm

    Signing day tomorrow, always on a Friday… cue for a song…… Never on a Monday?

  20. Hi Jonathon here – to be honest I’d much prefer to play for a top four club than the cr@p below but until one come in for me I’ll pretend that I love your club or any other and then eventually move to one that’ll pay me the most cash – was chatting to Danny Gos last night and he said same

  21. love a bit of mozza like…. :)


    Is going onto a football blog for intellectual stimulation an intelligent thing to do in the first place? With respect to fellow bloggers, its hardly a MENSA exam room in here is it!

    So you want to talk intellectually eh? errrrrr how about the subject of lying, and in particular, deception. I asked you a genuine question on the validity of your statement to which you 1. didn’t answer, 2. answered with a condescending tone 3. answered with a statement which wasn’t the on the same subject matter.

    All classic signs of avoidance. Why make stuff up Stu? How can we have intellectual debate based around lies Stu? Are you not stimulated in life you need to create an alter ego on here Stu? Do you have a little willy Stu? Does your mother not love you Stu?

    Is your name Raoul……………………..Stu?

  22. and in case your wondering, yeah im not very stimulated right now :)
    Off to the gym

  23. Your avatar’s a bit of a giveaway, stevep, sorry I mean, er… De Guzman! ;)

  24. think de guzman will be a good addition along the loven style player. Gosling is a one for the future. But will ashley pay for a player knowing he’s out for ages. These two and a defender and ashley will be looking good