Ben Arfa deal back on?

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Ben Arfa - Close to Toon switch, again?
Ben Arfa - Close to Toon switch, again?
It’s fair to say that news regarding the transfer of Hetam Ben Arfa has, thankfully, been scarce over the past few days.

But now the most on/off of on/off transfers looks to be back on, as sources in France indicate that Newcastle have made an acceptable off for the French international.

That deal is said to be a loan with the stipulation that the player will be bought for a future fee after playing in 25 games for Newcastle although as yet nothing is confirmed and that is just a rumour based on what the Marseille president, Jean-Claude Dassier has said to the press, and we all know that the guy seems to like the sound of his own voice by now anyway!

Werder Bremen were said to be interested in the player, but in fairness to them they have denied it at every step of the way. That should mean that all Ben Arfa needs to apparently do is agree to join us, and with time remaining in the transfer window running out, that decision will have to be made sooner rather than later.

If we get him then it would be great, but if we don’t then I couldn’t really care less. To be honest I’m a bit sick of the whole sorry transfer now and just wish it was sorted out either way pretty sharpish.

But let’s just take a look at what I think would be the problem if we did end up with Ben Arfa. Attitude aside, as I am sure the scouse mafia will keep him in check, I can see a massive problem with the 25-game purchase clause, if indeed it is true.

Looking at things hypothetically, I very much doubt that Ben Arfa will be signed in time for the Wolves game, which means the first game he will be available for will be the home game against Blackpool, which also means there will be 34 potential appearances for the lad.

Then there will be his lack of match fitness to take into consideration. I’ll give the player his due, he has apparently been keeping in shape and doing some training on his own, but that isn’t the same as real, proper training against fellow professionals. He will need time to get that match sharpness back. Looking at the fixtures I would say that the home game against Stoke would give him enough time to get fit, which would give him a maximum of 33 appearances in a Newcastle shirt.

Now what will happen if we get to the last eight games of the season without our Premier League survival being secured? I would suggest that we will be without Ben Arfa for those games as the club won’t want to risk playing him and having to shell out a transfer fee for a player they could ill afford if we got relegated.

As I said, it’s all hypothetical, and that is very much a worst case scenario. On the flip side it could be argued that if Ben Arfa became an ever present in this time then he must be playing well enough to deserve his place in the team, which would hopefully mean that the team will not be in the position of fighting for survival in the final weeks of the season.

Who knows? I’m just putting another angle out there.

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240 Responses

  1. he would have 2 weeks to get fit for blackpool as hes not in the france side and he has done a preseason.
    that said probably bull from the french again

  2. Hopefully its true and its get finalised once and for all and we see him light up the premiaship.

  3. The way this saga has unfolded I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he does sign, then gets injured in his first game and we don’t see him for 3 months!

  4. Don’t you think OM president will come out again tomorrow and say ” No agreement with Newcastle ” ?

    No surprise if this saga still going on.

  5. Ice – There is enough if’s and but’s in there to suggest I’m not reporting it as fact mate :)

  6. he seems more trouble then hes worth once another club comes in hell spit his dummy out again still he looks mustard tho as long as he helps us stay up this season all good

  7. I wouldn’t see the 25 game thing as a problem. I’m sure that the clause will allow us to sign him even if he doesn’t reach it. Even he isn’t deemed good enough by the club, just bench him for the last few. Either way, it would be a win-win for the club

  8. back on?… was never off…….99% of the crap in print was either fabricated by L’OM or by the media itself.The power was and still is with the player.Whether he comes to us or not it will be his decision and not L’OMs and unless he said I don’t want to go to Newcastle L’OM had no choice but to at least hold discussions with us.They can’t afford to keep a player who wont play so unfortunately for them Benny is the boss.

  9. I’d be surprised if CH would play him that often away from home. HBA doesn’t fit with his defensive tactics IMO

  10. Interesting… well if this FINALLY pulls off (and Taylor signs his damn contract!) then I’d say it has been an impressive transfer window. Even if HBA falls through (let’s not count any chickens here), I’d expect Hughton has a decent replacement lined up for the attacking flair we need. Hopefully the doom n gloomers will shut it for a bit!

    6-0 :)

  11. I can tell you that I had news this morning, before it was in the Press Domain, that Marseille had signed off on the transfer, and “There is no going back this time”.

  12. breakin news sky sports >>>> you fat Hertfordshire based b@satard get oot of our club >>. thanks worky :lol:

  13. Ben Arfa wants to come here. Fact. Why else fly to Newcastle?

    Players always get what they want. What does he want? To leave L’Om, and come here.

    As long as we have made an acceptable offer, he should be ours.

    Im half expecting the L’Om president to deny the reports tomorrow though. 5 weeks and counting!!!

    Tiote’s work permit is still being processed, news soon.

  14. i hope this happens, and that he gets off to a good start, i will be so disapointed if we get him and he turns out to be no good after all this build up.
    fingers crossed.

  15. Im sick of HBA’s wikipedia page being updated, it says he plays for us and is number 24. Whats the point? They just change it back. Its happened loads lately.

  16. Newcastle.

    Found a link here which translates to this: (Poor Translation but you get the idea)

    Newcastle transmitted an offer “acceptable” to Marseilles concerning the transfer of Hatem Well Arfa.

    While Hatem Well Arfa is at Brême since some days, Newcastle comes back to the load. The promoted English does not despair to recruit the French offensive environment and transmitted an offer that corresponds to the expectations of the OM. “They propose to get up the purchase option if Hatem plays 25 matches and pay the 5% of the FIFA. We there will reply. Next, to Hatem to come to an agreement with them. It is necessary that one in finishes fastest possible with all this history”, unveils John claude Dassier in The Provence. On the other hand, the marseillais president always awaits the suggestion of the Werder Brême, qualified for the League of the Champions


  17. toonsy says:
    August 26, 2010 at 5:08 pm
    I see everyone is getting along just fine on Ed’s blog

    You stirring the pot Toonsy?

  18. Aye Toonsy, they’ve outed a mackem called alan shearer….can’t blame him really you wouldn’t want to be called bent would you?

  19. That ball heed on the Champs League draw looks as though his eyebrows are crayoned on :lol:

    EDIT – Or a bit like Dr Evil :lol:

  20. Noir9 – I saw, yet he is allowed to continue winding everyone up? That is not on. Something should have been done about that ages ago!

  21. toonsy , how old are you? get a life . .
    i like how ed acts: take it easy,they’re just a bunch of kids.

  22. jean.bobine – I’m 28 pal, cheers for the concern.

    Bring on the Wolves. I will be there :D

  23. The bookies have stopped taking bets on HBA joining the Toon.

    Not because he is nailed on to join tho – they’re just as fcuking sick of the whole bloody thing as we are!

  24. Thanks for the odds, mates:)

    Toonsy- I didn’t know you and I were the same age, mate. Cool. If I come to Newcastle, we gotta have a pint or 12! Your missus ain’t got a sister does she? :lol:

  25. Toon Chicken-

    The bookies actually STOPPED taking bets? Wow, they really must be as tired of this crap as we are haha!!

    Anyone know how much dosh AS won on his bet that AC would score the last goal of the match?

  26. This Champions League draw show would be the worst television I’ve ever seen even without that bald bastard trying (and failing) to be so humorous.

  27. Man, I’m really getting tired of all this HBA stuff.

    Hughton has to have a head ache at the moment between everything going on!

    1, HBA deal 2, STaylor contract 3, Loan out some kids or keep them for backup 4, Tiote work permit 5, Wolverhampton game coming up

    And all of these things should be solved by Sunday!

  28. TC – Have all bookies stopped taking bets? If that is the case then there could be somthing happening. If there is only one or two then I would say nothing has changed.

  29. Toonsy-

    Blast it! LoL, I’m sure there’s plenty of pretty Geordie lasses that would love to have a go at this footy-minded yank lol! I’ll just head down to the Bigg Market and see what I can find like HAHA!

  30. OHurley – If you head down the Bigg Market you are likely to fine crabs and genital warts ;)

  31. So what are the classy things to do in Newcastle? Other than see a Magpies game obviously.

  32. football,get drunk,eat kebab,lass and crabs…………can be arranged into a diferent order if you wish(apart from the lass and crabs) ;-)

  33. RICHIETOON you have been missing the day,whats the matter you lass still giveing you a hard time like

  34. OHurley – There is loads to do mate. Much more than football and drinking, so I’ve been told anyway :lol:

    Sam Jacks is an experience ;)

  35. Ice……no mate,bloody work keeps disrupting my day :-(

    oh aye Sam Jacks is a must.

  36. Just googled Sam Jacks. Topless girls AND a mechanical rodeo bull?! I’m SO there. I’ll even where my cowboy hat and boots like! Yeeeehaaaawwww!!!

  37. OHurley….and a dentists chair

    comments from a visiting west ham fan
    Once we had taken in our first look at the ground and found out exactly where we needed to be come kick-off we were given a few directions by a group of Geordie boys, the options we had to choose were listed in order of atmosphere, we had A) family B) one for the ladies or C) “gentlemans banter“. We asked what they thought we should do and they frogmarched us to the bar they were going to, a couple of minutes later we reached a bar called Sam Jacks, now this place IS MENTAL! As soon the doors opened I feared for my life as the place was jam packed full of black and white shirts chanting at the top of their voices, once the initial shock had sunk in I became apparent that there was no hostility here whatsoever, we were patted on the back and asked “alreet mate” pretty much every step of the way to the bar.

    Stood for a while at the bar having a conversation with one of the natives, I must admit I didn’t fully understand a word he was saying but it appeared he didn’t like Craig Bellamy, still seemed nice enough though and offered to buy my pint, his offer was soon rescinded when I pointed out my three pals behind me, I reversed the offer and bought the guy a drink, I think he said thanks but it sounded like “cars”?, I’m still getting to grips with the Geordie accent! I was given a lesson in Geordie by another lad I got talking to which included how to say Newcastle correctly (apparently its Newca-sle not Noo-car-stle??), and was finally told what TOON means, apparently its Town? (no, I’m not sure either?!). The atmosphere in the bar was amazing, almost as amazing as the girls on the stage! the DJ was full of jokes and we had a good laugh throughout (at the bits we understood obviously!). Luckily I managed to duck out of the ’away fans challenge’ which involved drinking a pint of cream, a pint of soda water, a pint of fresh orange and a pint of beer, I don’t think this would’ve been half as humorous had I been on the stage!

  38. mate only heard him once…….bit bother outside tho with some t!t who hit wor lass with his wing mirror just passed the Strawberry.

  39. Evening Lads well Toonsy Lad have we got him yet or not as im not sure why you have a question mark at the end of yer headline ????? :lol:
    But yer still the Captain of the Ship :)

  40. Kin hell i hope ya shoved his mirror up his shitter mate, Cannot wait for Blackpool match being on a saturday like with Villa i had to hit the road pretty much as soon as final whistle had gone, Stopping the weekend this time… :twisted:

  41. BIG DAVE captain of the ship alright,hes been floating between sites with a spoon,you will have to sink his boat m8 lol

  42. hitting the un-washed when there down and caught out,thought you had a big heart,rumours,rumours

  43. CC.hit his back window….thu canny strong ya know really thought it would shatter,then leant thru passenger window across his lass and invited him to step outside the car so I could teach him some manners…………..maybe not quite in those words ;-) he just shrank back in his seat bricking it…by that time other people were braying on his car so probably had a few dents in it by the time he got home….idiot

  44. BIG DAVE I agree m8,should even get a sliver cane,as the old captains used to get for going round the horn in winter,(first ship round) bit of history there for you young fellow :)

  45. Reet Lads seriously why is this headline up do we really think this Arfa is still going to come here. Toonsy is that what the OM gadgie really said and not a rehash of older stuff ? I just hope something happens with Arfa as it is gone well past the boring stage :(

  46. Nah Rich the car was fine mate, Wor lass was a bit shaken up like but no harm done… ;)

    Who do these idiots think their kidding Blackburn and Everton, How would Taylor get a bigger wage at piss poor no mark clubs with probably lower wage caps than us :roll:

  47. Broomhaugh – You want to keep that to yerself buddy, It’s illegal so I wouldn’t broadcast why you are up to in public ;)

  48. Ice our ships a Tanker and Toonsy’s a *anker yeha howay the lads. And I do agree that he should get a cane but not a silver one more like a bamboo ooch

  49. To add to 80, obviously don’t go to France to check it out, but look on that site and it will be there, in French :lol:

  50. TOONSY lol,funny like ime going to france shortly,could have checked it out,window would be closed like :)

  51. Time for tea and the Villa match, Seriously Rich im sure you gathered i was joking and probably half way past scotch corner by the time you were playing Rambo outside the strawberry… ;)

  52. No article on the planning permission for the Sports Direct @St James Park banners then? Thought you would have got hold of that by now toonsy. ;) Personally, I thought Ashley had given up on that idea with the backlash it got at the time but he is obviously determined to make himself even more unpopular. Just when some fans had started to come round to him aswell.

  53. Havent posted in a while Ben arfa latest !!!!!!!!!!!
    Apparently the OM president has just said in Monaco
    that Ben Arfa is “closer to joining Newcastle than Bremen” !!
    I speak french and i read the article myself so i will take the flak if i am wrong
    Opinions welcome

  54. Thats good as I was going to ask what had I to check out :)
    I just cant wait for the window to slam shut ( hopfully the Fat Controllers hands will be in the window as it slams) as im truly fuked of with all the shit this year. and we can get back to normal footie stuff and abuse

  55. Ever seen a mackem in Milan owl heed did state last season that Sports Direct @St James Park was only untill the end of the season, but good thinking that might make a good article for Toonsy :lol:

  56. To be hinest, I’ve read the stuff about the signs annd don’t see the problem with it? Providing whatever ends up being advertised is being paid for.

    At the end of the day, we can’t moan about us not spending money whilst turning down opportunities to make money can we? Surely? I mean if someone moans about being skint but doesn’t work, or look to increase their income, then how can they moan if they aren’t prepared to do anything about it?

    See the NUST have leeched onto it now. I wonder, just how are those pledges from fans getting spent exactly? I see no evidence of it being spent anywhere, yet they still take the admin fees and no doubt earn a healthy interest on the rest that is stowed away. Not bad work eh?

  57. Ben Arfa to Newcastle tomorrow to finalize its loan

    D.P. | | 26/08/20103reactions

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    © Reuters
    Hatem Ben Arfa
    The departure to Newcastle Hatem Ben Arfa could accelerate the convention Friday. According to the president of OM Jean-Claude Dassier, the player will be here tomorrow morning at Newcastle. There will finalize its loan with the English team after a last offensive Werder Bremen, the last club in line to start the midfielder.

  58. How is it going to make any money? Ashley isn’t going to pay to put signs up for his own company on the club’s stadium. You walk up to the stadium and it will stand out like a sore thumb. I have no objection to Sports Direct in general. I don’t think there should be any tacky advertising on the stadium full stop.

  59. Ever seen a mackem in Milan it wont make any money for us just increase the sales at the Fat Controllers Tacky sports shops. But atlest he isnt asking us to supply the Tacky signs to decorate the place he will supply them to us free of charge ;)

  60. Interesting thought:

    If by Tuesday we have signed Campbell, Perch, Gosling, Tiote, and Arfa (one year loan w/option) for a total fee expenditure of about 6M, but STaylor is sold for 6M, for a net expenditure of ZERO during this window, will the club be viewed as 1) cheap, for not splashing cash, or 2) congratulated for good business by using the Prem money to pay down the debt?

  61. Toonsy @ 101.

    I came on here to post something about that to see what peoples feelings about it were, I’m canny pittled-off that people (nust

  62. MDS No1 he is as cheap as his tacky sports shops next thing you know we will have lonsdale as official kit suppliers woo hoo.
    But can you really see someone paying £6mill for a player thats injured, If they dont give him a new contract I hope he tells the Fat Controller to sling his hook and just wait till Jan then he can arrange to walk away for free :)

  63. Toonsy @ 101.

    I came on here to post something about that to see what peoples feelings about it were, I’m canny pittled-off that people (nust/true faith).

    People always whinge! If they’re standing outside looking up at signs, then they’re wasting money on their tickets!

  64. And sorry about that half-post, this iPhone is a complete ring. It also autocorrects toonsy to Rooney.

  65. toonsy says:
    August 26, 2010 at 7:22 pm

    “See the NUST have leeched onto it now. I wonder, just how are those pledges from fans getting spent exactly?”

    They weren’t supposed to collect pledges to buy the club Toonsy. That would have been against FSA regulations.

  66. Regardless of whether we sell Tayls or not, and I hope not, those signings for combined £6m look like a great summer’s work if HBA ever signs on the dotted line. Hope we can extend to a pacey, good-crossing winger too like.

  67. friday is coming but will hba…. The usual friday feeling and i think it will be another let down… Monday is were the action will happen. No bank holiday for football

  68. OHurley well my green yankie doodle mate :) hows you i’v seen you on a few times and left a msg for ye but you were away mate. Alls good with me mate I hope the same with yersel, I just cant wait till the windows closed and we can get back to footie as I am pissed off with all the Arfa sh1te :(

  69. i think it will might happen now. Better source plus every1 hereis sick so l’om may fell the same. Gignac and Remy signings have allowed him to go. Cross the t’s and dot the i’s… Does anyone think ashley is trying to increase advertisement opportunities at st james park in a good way. Those 6 hoardings could pay for a player.

  70. Ice……….basically L’OMs president saying Ben Arfa will be in Toon tomorrow to finalise his loan deal.

  71. heard he has just checked into the jesmond again! for a 3rd time! either he really rates that hotel or he’s signing for us the morn,dassier seems to think its a done deal so id expect it to finally be over tomorow.phew

  72. 6M for Taylor – you must be joking, he has 10 months left on his contract, is injured until october so doubt he’ll play until end Nov, he can sort himself a new club out in Jan

    wtf would pay 6 million for him ya eejit

    if sign him up for 50k a week, get him fit and let him play a few games then stick him on transfer list in Jan, we might get 6 million for him then but it’s still a big if

  73. Ice have you appointed CTF as official translater :lol:

    richardj1986 > Those 6 hoardings could pay for a player.
    or 6 Ashley type players

  74. personally I dont give a flying about them sticking some neon signs up – half the people on this blog do nowt but moan – Fat Mike has been a nightmare and made some massive mistakes but he’s finally sorting this club out and any chance of revenue must be taken.

    once he makes us financially stable he’ll get a chance to make his cash back so it’s a good deal for all – not overpaying for useless hasbeens, wannabes and neverwillbes is a thing of the past and good riddance.

    bring on wolves – will be a tough game and they’ve started the season quite well, reckon I’ll be happy with a draw but am predicting a 2-0 win

    come on the toon

  75. Got a fiver on @ 3-1 that we win, easy money. Fingers crossed. Reckon Mr Ben will be signed before kick-off to give the lads a boost

  76. The article says this ( i translate it so it makes sense in english)

    The departure of HBA to Newcastle should be finalised
    tommorow ( friday)According to the OM Pres Dasier
    The player will be present tommorow morning at Newcastle
    There the deal will be finalised this comes after bremen were the last club in the running ( its difficult to translate but basically they have given thier final offer but its not good enough !

  77. stevep > any chance of revenue must be taken
    So sports direct are paying NUFC to advertise ?
    well if thats the case I wouldn’t turn do the chance of us getting some revenue in either

    Ice I know the feeling mate

  78. Or, CTF after trying to whore Hatem around to everyone and failing, they have agreed to last man standing aka NEWCASTLE UNITED.

    Thank goodness for that.

  79. Toute personne qui croit que tous ces «dans le coup ‘affiches blog sont stupides, ils sont sinueuses vous tous en place ou sont en cours de liquidation eux-mêmes. Aucun d’eux n’a jamais eu rien de bon!

  80. Lardyarse reckons sports direct have taken up the option to continue sponsoring until the end of season to showcase the advertising – hmmm I’m presuming that means fattys companys paying, tbh doubt it makes much difference to the fat one as he’ll just end up paying less tax overall so prob makes sense for sportsdirect to pay – he helping us by helping himself but so what

  81. even if we dont get revenue from sports direct it isnt to bad. It shows potential revenue streams that could be used if we need them. And ma did bank role our promotion if we are to believe the press.

  82. RICHIETOON i lost a pup quiz last night by 1pointquestion was where do most woman have tight curly hair?apparently its africa

  83. wouldn’t want ben arfa in the team for saturday.

    Infact, thats a good question, if he is fit and ready, who would have him playing against Wolves?

  84. did anyone used to check out , used to have some class writeups of games normally always ending in ……

    My prediction: a defeat

    pity it seems to have been closed down :-)

  85. Geordio Cubano @ 127
    You are wanting a pacey winger.
    We had one last night Lua Lua

  86. RICHIETOON just thought i would throw it in,sick of this afra thing/

    got it @145 knew where it was aimed,how kind

  87. You just wish Villa all the crap in the world. A distinctly average side. Wouldn’t be surprised if Young leaves for Spuds before Tuesday

  88. well just when ya think you’ve seen everything……………..Heskey goes and scores :shock:

  89. icedog says:
    August 26, 2010 at 9:12 pm

    “RICHIETOON just thought i would throw it in,sick of this afra thing”

    Have you seen him play, Icedog? He’ll be worth it if we get him. He’s a real step up.

  90. fstoc……just p!ssed up young uns trying to stop the police arresting their mate I think mate
    Toon fans were just arrested for going onto the pitch to celebrate I think.
    summat and nowt :-)

  91. WORKY i agree,its just some of the shit; i blame the ,i blame the other its there fault no its our fault,instead of just thinking about it and let things happen,yes debate it,its the wum that get me

  92. on the bright side for Villa,they still have 36 games left to try and avoid relegation ;-) :lol:

  93. Wor Hatem is on Tyneside – Move due to be completed tomorrow. Oh so Im led to believe.

  94. RICHIETOON theres always a bright side,like the lady who put the cat in the wheelie-bin the rspca kicking off,why?top cat lived in one for years

  95. I am fluent in french and I just read tonight that om’s president has told journalists who he addressed regarding his reaction to the champions league draw, that ben arfa will be signing with us tomorow. As our offer has been accepted. Another source says he was in germany to see werder’s stadium and training facilities but he has opted for us because of the pull of the premierleague.

  96. WORKY i was talking aboot some bloggers m8 lol,he looks class if he can handle the pl hes got it made imo

  97. Listening to Hughton last night and all pre season i think he doesn’t really fancy kids in general in the premier league. Three or four i fancy will be loaned out. if that is the case we will be short of numbers ourselves. Can we get people in before tuesday? Some city rejects?

  98. If we get Benny tomorow I will be pleased sitting in the caravan with a tinny after the 250 odd miles I have to drive for work.

  99. If we can get a good result at Wolves, and why not considering the current mood in the camp and the decent away form from last season, and we make a signing or two, things could actually, genuinely start to get really exciting for once.

  100. Great thing about french players is they seem to adapt to the premier league quite well, think of all the great french players we have seen in england over the years.

    Heres hoping for tomorrow!

  101. Waddles….is that from the Daily Fail or have ya seen/heard it somewhere else?

    Later ice :lol:

  102. In the Daily Mail! :lol: I wouldn’t get your hopes up, Waddles mullet.

  103. If Ben Arfa doesn’t sign tomorrow I am going to sacrfice a mackem. I will sacrifice one more for every day that goes past and we have not signed him (even after the transfer window closes).

  104. Guys… Been thinking a bit about the Taylor situation since yesterday. The way i see it, we dont really know what is going on, since the club says one thing and his agent says another. However, since both admit to a contract being offered (Or so it seems?) the problem must lie in the Taylor camp since it makes sense for the club to sell before he can go for free. I dont know what he has been offered, but i know that i would snap their hands off if it was me being offered anything near that (At least 25+ grand a week?). In a way, i am sad to see him go since i am proud of the fact that he is a young Enlishman who has come through our own academy and add to that the fact that he is by all means good enough for our team, whether you would start him or put him on the bench. But he is also injuried allot and its certainly not like we cant replace him with anyone just as good and perhaps even better.
    All in all, I would say that Taylor leaving and a player like Bougherra or perhaps even Micah Richards comming in to replace (Just some of the names i have heard mentioned as replacements) would make great sense and would be a wise move by the club.

  105. Great! I hope HBA signs although it has drained the initial excitement. Not sure if we will get Keane, I’ve heard rumours linking us with Santa Cruz and Bordeaux forward Cavenaghi who I rate. Van Wolfswinkel from Utrecht would be my choice of forward. Think Boyata or Zayatte are possibilities though.
    2-1 to the Toon on Saturday!

  106. Welcome 9 gonzalo higuain 9, there won’t be many on at this time so I’ll be the welcoming party, where are you from mate?

  107. Welcome from the States as well!

    What I love about Ben Arfa (besides his creative ability) is that he is going to creative competition between Routledge, Jonas and himself for playing time.

    Obviously I think Jonas and Ben Arfa will get the most starts but competition breeds success. I have to admit when Gosling gets healthy we are going to have a very nice looking mid field. Would love to add a striker with premiere league experience and one more defender.

    One last thing 4th in Fantasy!

  108. it is so great if the deal’s done. ben arfa on the left wing and jonas on the right wing

  109. Jay,

    Only four points behind. Wonder what kind of meltdown would occur if an American won Fantasy :)

  110. Human sacrifice most probably, I nominate toonsy, for being so shite at fantasy football :)

  111. Ha! I don’t normally post a lot due to the fact that by the time I get out of work most are already asleep, but love the blog and enjoy reading most of the comments.

  112. Yeah it’s a good blog, some good folks on here, but it does get a bit quiet on here after 11pm BST

  113. ah you see, but if more of our overseas readers commented through what is our night-time then it may inspire other overseas bloggers to participate, like what has just happened ;)

    Oh and welcome one and all :D

  114. Well,normally when you all sleeping soundly at night,it will be bright Morning here for me,Time here passes 8hrs faster than UK. Oh Gosh. :(

  115. But I’m not right, up drinking all night listening to beck and nirvana live at Reading. We can’t all be “normal” :)

  116. Grafting away mate. Just got home now. Bein a night worker means I am far from noral by default :twisted:

  117. Toonsy you’re not normal anyway, no excuses, I’m not a night worker though, I must be worse :shock:

  118. “ben arfa will be signing tmr”— i have been hearing this for the past three weeks and until now there is no firm conclusion. .he better sign by friday considering all the hype otherwise i am sure he will not be coming

  119. Waddles mullet confirmed the signing 5 weeks ago before selling him to werder Bremen then loaning him out to man utd. :roll:

  120. I’ll be glad when this transfer window shuts. If anyone mentions those twats off twitter again or claims to be ‘in the know’ then I’m just gan to ban the feckers* :lol:

    *Joke by the way, but it is awfully frustrating ;)

  121. lol – it is funny reading how excited people get when ‘an in the know’ has some info!

    Well I now have to play with my arse till 10am then im done for the week. My physical jobs done but I dont finish till 10am, a week of nights done, semi-normal hours next week then normal hours the week after, so my sleep patterns get mashed up week to week and I never know when I will be on here.

    Well thats the life story over with, I am looking forward to Arfa going SOMEWHERE. I dont care where anymore, just want him to go somewhere!!

    Robbie Keane would be amazing, I mentioned him months ago but I cant see why he would leave the spuds when they have got into the champ league proper, would be daft of him to leave now.

  122. Raffo…play with ya arse :shock:

    Toonsy……them lads from twitter have just said…. ;-)

    USATOON…….It’ll never happen,I’m gonna win FF ;-)

  123. Morning

    I have it on good authority that Waddles Mullet and Craigcoozy get all their imformation from searching electronic media and being the first to post rumours as fact… ;-)

    I have no idea whether Ben Arfa will be a Toon player ever. But if all we get is one more attacking signing and we don’t lose anybody. I have then gotta give a big congratulations to Ashley and DL for showing some ambition on a limited budget.

    Lets hope the next two days round off a fantastic start.

  124. Newcastle hoping to keep want away striker – Liverpool Echo on Steven Taylor.

    I know he gets the odd goal but really are the journalists that pathetic in the UK? I’d be fired for that…

  125. The only problem with HBA is where to play him. I prefer him in the hole behind the front two (oh yeah?) but then that means taking out Barton.

    I think he and Jonas could switch between flanks during games, I know HBA is a lefty, but Jonas is much better on the left for me! Should be an interesting couple of days!

    I’m from the UK for whoever asked