We’ve been here before with Ben Arfa!

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New arrival?
New arrival?
Good news, or is it? Hatem Ben Arfa looks like he is finally set to move to Newcastle, according to Marseille president Jean-Claude Dassier anyway.

I wrote a little bit about this yesterday, and have been reading through the various comments and links to translated articles that have been posted since I went to work last night with interest.

On the surface of things, the move looks like it is almost sealed for a fee of between £1-2 million up front with a further £5 million to be payable in the event that Ben Arfa plays 25 games for Newcastle. Those figures are purely speculative mind, just to clarify, but they have been mentioned so I just thought that I would throw them out there.

One thing has been niggling away at the back of my mind though, particularly regarding Dassier and his claims that Ben Arfa is to fly to Newcastle today, and that a deal has been agreed. Some of that sounded a bit familiar to me, then I realised that Newcastle had apparently agreed a deal with Marseille weeks ago according to Dassier, and nothing came of it then, so why should we believe him now?

I have a sneaky feeling that Dassier is up to his manipulative tricks again, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this was a last attempt to try and drum up interest from other clubs regarding Ben Arfa. Time left in the transfer window is running out, and clubs will be that little bit more eager to try and push a move through, a move that perhaps they wouldn’t have contemplated earlier in the window.

It could just be me being paranoid, but let’s face it, Dassier does have form for being a bit of an arsehole and trying to manipulate things through the press. Is this his last throw of the dice? One final attempt to try and get Werder Bremen to intensify their alleged interest?

Things could work out fine for Newcastle in fairness and we could have another new face joining us by the end of the day. If that happens then it would be brilliant, fantastique, and it would add a much needed bit of pace and flair to our squad.

All I’m asking is for us to not get too far ahead of ourselves here. Let’s leave the welcome banners and party poppers alone until it is actually confirmed by our own club, the club that haven’t been spreading false rumours to the press about the transfer of Hatem Ben Arfa.

I have a hunch there is more to come on this long, long ,long story!

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209 Responses

  1. He’s actually caught one down a seaton sluice, but does that mean he’s gonna sign? Waddles where are you with your BS when we need you?

  2. “ben arfa will be signing tmr”— i have been hearing this for the past three weeks and until now there is no firm conclusion. .he better sign by friday considering all the hype otherwise i am sure he will not be coming

  3. lol – it is funny reading how excited people get when ‘an in the know’ has some info!

    Well I now have to play with my arse till 10am then im done for the week. My physical jobs done but I dont finish till 10am, a week of nights done, semi-normal hours next week then normal hours the week after, so my sleep patterns get mashed up week to week and I never know when I will be on here.

    Well thats the life story over with, I am looking forward to Arfa going SOMEWHERE. I dont care where anymore, just want him to go somewhere!!

    Robbie Keane would be amazing, I mentioned him months ago but I cant see why he would leave the spuds when they have got into the champ league proper, would be daft of him to leave now.

  4. I know how you feel. I just want HBA saga will end soon, I don’t care where’s he go. If he sign for us, Great ! But if not, so be it.

    Although HBA 3-weeks saga make me sick but that’s football always be. I believe we will fine. 5 days to go, count on it !

  5. So is there any video source or what showing Dassier did indeed say that he will be going Newcastle today?

    Cause i frequently visits OM website,it didn’t mention any.


  6. feckin over it all to be honest……….. the second coming of christ will happen quicker than this deal!

  7. I would love Keane to come in, think he is exactly what we are missing, but as I said I really cant see him wanting to move when the spuds are in the champ league. Though as that article says they do need to offload someone to bring in a decent striker, though I wouldve though Pav wouldve been the one to move on.

  8. Hope this gets tied up today surely its jus a medical to do the amount of time this has been goin on u wud think they’ve agreed terms already he’s been here twice already

  9. Would we like arfa on the wing in place of Jonas and Keane up top with Carroll?! Tiote holding with Barton and Nolan in the middle?!

    Sounds fairly sexual

  10. But you’ve got no ryt winger, if reports r true houghton has promised arfa the role jus behind carroll, but he can play both wings two

  11. Interesting rumours about Richards from Man City, wouldnt that be a great swap for Taylor, much better RB than we have and needs to prove something

  12. I don’t see why should Richards want to come to us. Mancity is PRM competitor this year. Shame why we don’t loan Onuoha and Mancienne.

  13. Keane would be good,but i don’t really see it coming,unless 2of our strikers are either being sold or loan out.

  14. dont know about selling strikers, but the prospect of “relying” on Shola is something I dont really want to consider…

  15. Aussie magpie……..that’ll be me…………or at least when I walk into the pub I hear people say “Jesus,he’s back” ;-)

  16. lets step back abit and just think of the formations here, if both HBA and Keane are in our ranks?
    who plays where??

  17. davy…its not a sad face mate,it’s rolling eyes cos of the length of time its dragged on and yet another article :-)

  18. Nah, Jonas better play behind carroll..He can’t cross. But he got pace and some tricks.

  19. its starting to look a great transfer window if these two do sign!
    the star could turn out to be tiote – he justs sits and soaks up the pressure, allowing the creativity to take over!
    Happy days are here again, and credit to NUFC for doing business this way. well done!!

  20. Waddles mullet says:
    August 26, 2010 at 11:16 am

    Something interesting is supposed to happen today!
    Haven’t a clue what ;)

    It must be great being “in the know”! :roll:

  21. Stuff Keane, if we need a reliable goalscorer (and we do when those hamstrings start a poppin’) let’s get put a cheeky offer in for Kenny Miller, NOW. Robbie Keane didn’t exactly set the SPL on fire, and failed to score against Ross County in the cup lest we forget

    Toonsy, is Arfa still a guaranteed £12m profit investment or a liabilty iyo? We’ll doubtless be hawking him out on loan by January once he feels the November chills and jets back off to the South of France without permission a few times.

    WARNING: Trophy Signing Ahead… expect black hole in finances and unsettled dressing room.

  22. spotlight,how can we hawk him out on loan if we(reportedly) are getting him on loan ourselves?

  23. Don’t usually post but read the blog daily, hba would be insane but can’t see keane coming. Does anyone know what it means by “Newcastle will pay 5% to FIFA”?

  24. Would that be Kenny “4 goals in 30 games for Derby” Miller?

    Ah aye – class act him like.

    Anyway, didn’t Robbie Keane score 12 goals in 16 appearances for Celtic last season? What exactly do you have to do to set Sweatysockland “on fire” these days? Douse it in petrol and hoy a match???

  25. ……..also Robbie Keane for Celtic 16 apps 12 goals
    Miller for Derby 30 apps 4 goals

  26. I’d have seen Jesus as more of a goalie – that church down Cullercoats has a bit “JESUS SAVES” sign afterall!

  27. Didn’t Harry the red mentioned many times to media that keane isn’t going anywhere this season???

    No Hope getting Him,unless Harry gone crazy. He has a crisis with his strikers department now.

  28. God you’d think the French would at least be a little greatful as we’ve bailed them out twice. We all know you’re not going to give him to the Germans, give over already :)

  29. Just been drinking of the holy spirit and I can confim that Hatem bin Laden isn’t coming after all – not tonight, but his wife thinks it could be Saturday, after un litre ou deux ouvert le toon.

  30. Toon Chicken says:
    August 27, 2010 at 8:48 am
    Would that be Kenny “4 goals in 30 games for Derby” Miller?<<<<<< aye :lol:

  31. david graig jus been on ssn n says houghton has confirmed tiote has got his work permit, confirmed taylor could sign new contract n confirmed talks are ongoing with hatem ben arfa come on it must be nearly done if houghton has admitted

  32. Just saw Jesus at the airport… threw me a couple of nails and asked me to put him up for the night…

  33. Tiote has a work permit – well no more sitting around and letting the creativity flow for him. Time to start getting fit, I think.

  34. richie – I remember he scored one against us at SJP – not sure about the away game??

  35. ive been watching sky sports news and davy craig aint been on what so ever! thats in the last 25 mins

  36. Off topic but the Guardian’s at it again and this time it’s Harry Pearson who hails from Teeside.


    An article based on Wilf Mannion an football chararcters that for reasons beyond me, ends on Andy Carroll in relation to Mick Harford’s hardness. Why Carroll in particular, I wonder?

    Sadly, it seems that even the Grainiad’s riding the ‘let’s have a pop at Newcastle United at any opportunity’ bandwagon!

    Oh, and Toonsy, I’d imagine your boss was pleased that you went to work with interest!!

  37. yes he has jus been on the phone live from northeast n said houghton confirmed tiote got work permit but they havent said how long his contract his, theyve offered taylor new contract n cud hav an answer in next couple of days, and also confirmed hba talks r ongoing which means its done nearly coz hoots never confirms deals unless nearly done , also said robbie keane is jus speculation

  38. Anyone else get the impression that Danny Guthrie is about to get sold and that’s why we have busted a gut to get Gosling on a free?

    They are similar players and it just seems like a bit of shrewd business by the club considering the Guthrie sale would make 100% profit(minus Gosling signing on fee). I will be sad to see Guthrie go as i feel he has a lot of potential, but it just doesn’t seem as though Hughton fancies him. If it were to raise funds i can definitely see the logic to it.

  39. Robbie Keane is speculation?????????????????? Bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!
    I don’t believe that for one minute. Jesus what sort of set up has Ashley got when even our own manager doesn’t know who we’re in for.

  40. Who’s this David Craig, is he the whining tw@t that tries to pass himself off as a singer?

    And as far as the Jesus rumours are concerned, is it fair to say you Herod it here first?

    And, Jesus was a very patient man and tried not to get hung up about Easter!!!!!

  41. Brisvegas….to be fair thats CH’s normal response when he’s been asked about any player we have been in for,including the ones we got.

  42. Bris, if Hughton’s dismissed the Keane talk as speculation, he’s saying it’s just that and has, I hope, no substance!

  43. Anyone know what squad number Cheick Tiote is? I think it may be 22 but not sure. Also since his work permit is granted is he in the squad for Wolves game?

  44. Don’t want slow and old robbie,i would prefer someone like ryan babel,who could offer so much with his pace and versatility.

  45. richietoon/lesh Aye, it’s hard to keep a tongue in your cheek and talk shite at the same time.

  46. Well, that’s me primed for the party tonight. I just hope I don’t log on tomorow and find you guys are still waiting for the Rapture. Guys, the wolves are at the door, what if they huff and puff and …

  47. zinaldo1982 says:
    August 27, 2010 at 9:31 am
    Don’t want slow and old robbie,i would prefer someone like ryan babel.

    Babel, he’s a tower, albeit with one leg slightly shorter than the other…… a leaning……..!

    Bris @86, that smells a bit!

    And TC @85, be careful what you say, Stu’s funnies are far superior to my feeble attemps!

  48. Just been informed ben arfa to arrive at newcastle airport at 13:45 today. Flying frmo marseille to gatwick first as no direct flights from marseille to newcastle today. newcastle representatives will meet with ben arfa in london to discuss deal before flight to newcastle to tour the facilities.

  49. Damn so he is definitely not playing against wolves then,i was thinking he might get the odd 10 to 20 minutes to do some magic but eh as long as he signs he will be all good.

  50. i heard jesus had signed for spurs…the jewish section of spurs support werent too happy about jesus signing but hope he can continue to nail the crossess…

  51. roll on blackpool – would give him 2 weeks to gel into the squad and surroundings – thats wat we want a TEAM that plays FOR EACH OTHER, thats wat has been so noticeable this eason and last!!
    well done CH well done NUFC well done MA!!

  52. lads how about they are meeting him in london!then he goes straight into the squad for wolves hasnt he already been around are facilties..he would then not to have to travel up and down..what about liverpool rumours..i hope they are not true last minute bid.

  53. LOL some good jokes lads but you can drag a thing on too long! ;)

    Though I am a Christian but the jokes are all good :)

  54. On a different subject, just thought people may find this amusing. It’s the only ‘Support’ comment on the City Council planning site in reference to the new Sports Direct signs planning application. Got to love the comedy ending. So we now have Stardust’s real name??

    Comment submitted Fri 27 Aug 2010
    I support this application as it is important for the club to maximise advertising opportunity which would be available to them irrespective of the source of advertising. It is essential that we do not reject income to the club from what is a publicly listed company just because the current owner of the club decided to hold a 70’s throw back accountable for his actions in the work place. It is commercial input to one of the areas most important international brands. Unless it is tasteless in design it should go ahead, if tasteless design changed, and agreementy sought.
    Objection should be based planning reasons not on the protection of Billy Fish being upset bya larger southerner. Lets face it Billy couldn’t beat Oor Willie when it came to the title.
    Kind Regards Martin Rooney

  55. AF5851 10:55 PARIS CDG LANDING AT 10:50
    BA1332 12:50 LONDON HEATHROW
    BE464 13:45 LONDON GATWICK
    AF5853 16:10 PARIS CDG
    BA1334 16:55 LONDON HEATHROW
    EZY6438 17:40 PARIS CDG
    BE466 17:45 LONDON GATWICK

    take you pick guys

  56. as lon as the deal is sorted by 5 pm hba could still meet up with the sqaud for the match 2moro

  57. Quotes from Hughton on stories linking us with HBA, Utaka and Robbie Keane

    Utaka: No

    Keane: Speculation

    Ben Arfa: Discussions are ongoing & hopefully its something that can be done

    HEARD IT HERE FIRST!!! – Source: George Caulkin from the Times.

  58. Not liking the Keane rumours; he’s exactly what we don’t want right now. No offence to the fella or his undoubted abilities, but it would rock the boat too much and be a throw-back to the old ways to get him in. Bit worried that CH’s response was “that’s all just speculation at this point”. “..AT THIS POINT”?

    I like our attacking options just as they are, thanks; don’t need any paid-more-than-you ageing journeymen to upset the spirit of it all right now and waltz into the 1st-choice spot out of nowhere. Spend just six months of his wages to get van Aarnholt if you like, Chris, but no Keane. Save the dosh for January and see what’s needed then.

  59. Watching ch on ssn I reckon Ben and jerry is a done deal. We are interested in rob keane but he’s not letting on. Personally I would like us go for crouch I’ve rk.
    The only person I’m listening to on transfers is Chris hughton.

  60. re steven taylor interesting comments from hughton…

    “As always, we would prefer to keep it in-house, but it becomes very difficult these days,” said Hughton.

    seems like newcastle are p1ssed-off that taylors camp first revealed the stalled talks to the mail on sunday.

  61. http://www.mrsairport.com/eng/vols/vol_dj.jsp

    Go to previous flights

    10:10 – British Airways to Gatwick, now taking off at 10:55, then the Gatwick flight leaves for Newcastle at 12:20 or 16:20 depending on flight booked. Does anyone know flight time from Marseilles to Gatwick? Cos he might miss the 12:20

    LOL listen to myself my, D.S.I Scott.

  62. On S Taylor, I think Ch is playing it canny. I reckon Taylor is leaving, but CH is saying we want him to stay, so when he leaves everyone knows the club didn’t hound him out. It was Taylor’s choice.

  63. get a grip lads..flight times it is funny keep it up lads..have u forgot 1 thing a flight to liverpool..untill he signs anything is possible..lot of last minute sharks..we fly him over then the phone rings theses tw..ts are in for u.

  64. Guys – will he be at Jezzy Dene Hotel (again?) tonite?
    Just asking coz I’ve taken out a 2nd mortgage to take the missus there tonite for anniversary meal – shall I watch out for him? Will his agent have a briefcase and will our guys be there with a large envelope full of crisp fivers?

  65. Liverpool dont need a player like him, they have Gerrard, and if they wanted him as a winger, they still wouldnt want him. Thats not how Liverpool roll, Asim.

  66. will be buzzing if we get this kid just what we need but stay well clear of OM in the future.

  67. I dunno how CH is gonna fit both Tiote and Arfa into the team unless Ben plays on the wing. Otherwise only 1 of Barton, Nolan and Smith could play each game, and I can’t see Hoots doing that.

  68. If, in the unreal world, we had a fit and fighting team, including Ben Arfa, what would be our best XI, formation and subs? And if you could add one player, realistic, not stupid like Messi, who would you add???

    Heres mine





    Idea would be for HBA and Gutierrez to occassionally swap wings

    S Taylor (if he stops)
    R Taylor

  69. simpson is crap..perch better player already and still learning simpson cant defend for toffy.

  70. I’d rather play Williamson than Sol, he has proved himself to be more than capable so far – also has the potential to deveop.

    only development Campbell will be doing is in property with his lass….

  71. @MonkeyMagic: Well,i at first saw that website on facebook from Newcastle United Fan Page.The official one.

    Then i just randomly asked that question….without even hoping anyone there would answer.hahahahas.

  72. I forgot Big Kev! Id put him on bench instead of R Taylor probably.

    Does anyone else think that with these midfielders

    Defensive: Smith, Tiote

    Central: Guthrie, Barton, Nolan

    Attacking: HBA

    Obviously 6 doesnt go into two. I think its safe to assume that Smith isnt leaving, going off CH’s comments. What about Danny Guthrie? He seems to be the odd one out here, or is CH considering using him as a Right Winger, Danny prefers Central I know, but lets wait and see.

  73. magpie6699 – happy anniversary, fella. Same for me :)

    Anniversary pressie this morning from the missus: Signed pic of Shearer celebrating a goal with Nobby behind him and (best bit) pissed-off mackem players in the background.

    How bloody wonderful is my wife???

  74. Whumpie..it was an idiotic decision taking him on as an agent in the first place,the man is a proven liar and a crook.

    Mark I’d prefer Saylor at rb like

  75. gosling and willamson in team what about your subs they are shit were is the attacking flair and goals from your subs..not having a go at u..but i hope u dont come a manager..we would be in trouble.

  76. Mark Scott- Another factor to consider is where Gosling will be playing once he is over his knee injury.

  77. Monkey Magic, I agree that Williamson has proved himself, but Sol could be the leader on the pitch in that team, along with Smudger.

    I think we have great depth in the team now.

    Gk Harper and Krul
    RB Perch, Simpson
    CB Williamson, Colo, Sol, Kadar, S Taylor?
    LB Enrique, Ferguson
    RW Routledge, R Taylor (who can also do RB)
    M: Tiote, Smith, Nolan, Barton, Guthrie (HBA?)
    LW: Gutierrez, Xisco has been used there too
    F: Carroll, Lovenkrands, Xisco, Ameobi, Best, Ranger

    Plus the youth that played the other night like Vuckic, Tavernier, Donaldson, Lua Lua etc.

    If we were to sign Robbie Keane, Id be overjoyed, but if not, Im confident in our team.

  78. Herw Whump…. why don’t you bring your good lady up to Jez and share an anniversary dinner with Magpie6699 and his gfood lady – if the mood’s right, the club’ll pick up the tab for the four of you.

    Enjoy your anniversaries, all four of you

  79. JT: Gosling!! I forgot him aswell, late night last night lads! haha, where would he fit in? Guthrie is going imo, doubts over Smith come January / end of season when Gosling is fit.

  80. for me its;




    —–anyone who isnt Shola——Carroll


  81. not being funny but ive got a feeling newcastle could get in to europe this season and we could end up above liverpool

  82. I’m not so worried about having “too many” mid-fielders and I can’t see CH selling a young promising player like Guthrie. It’s amazing how quickly you can look short in a department when the injuries and suspensions kick in – and the quality teams always have a strong bench.
    Completely off tack – watching the Acc Stan match the other night, I was impressed by Tavernier – first long look at him that I’ve had – he seemed to be quick and have ability.

  83. Cheers Lesh – though I’m not sure if a shared table at JD with the Whumpies would go down well – might mean it would be our last anniversary (nothing personal, Whumpy!)

  84. Damn how i would love to see bellamy alongside ben arfa because a guy with his pace would thrive playing in front hatem with his vision and great passing ability.

  85. The Hughton translator:

    Anyone else notice that CH’s words are always a step below the reality:

    “it’s just speculation”: we are in discussions for the player

    “we are in discussions but nothing is final, we hope something can be done”: deal is done but we are awaiting the formalities of a medial and signature

    Should come in handy in future windows

  86. Mark – I think you’ve just shown how good a squad we now have. If Benny arrives, we have good competition everywhere except LB. I know that’s been the case for years, but I’d like to think CH has it in hand.

    Apart from that, and any more genius purchases of early talent (a-la-Ranger) I think we’re done. Assuming Benny’s in, of course. To be honest, with Guthrie and Barton fighting in the middle and Kaz coming through, I won’t cry if that falls through either.

    Is it just me, or does anyone else like the idea of seeing what we can achieve with the guys that romped the CCC for us? For me, that’s what made the Villa thrashing so special.

  87. Reet lads the Marseille flight to Gatwick landed at 11.31.

    Next flight to Newcastle from Gatwick is at 12:20

    Anyone off work, bored, with a phone where this site works, could maybe, if possible, go to the Airport and stake out??? Cheers lads.

  88. I am generally not worried anymore with Mid-fielder department,even a large injury crisis happens,i can put faith to those youngster too….Haris though quiet in CM,but played quite Ok.

    We have gosling,Guthrie,Nolan,Smith,Barton,tiote.

    As for Xisco,i wonder if CH would play him on wings for Permt or in later part,back to his striker position…

    If back to striker position,We have 6 of them.

    Carroll,Peter,Shola,Best,Xisco,Ranger.(In Order of game time)

    Which means,Ranger ain’t gonna play much in PL games.

    So If Keane/Or some says Emmanuel Adebayor comes in,then Ranger should go out loan,and try to either sell one striker,or loan out another.

  89. Lesh – nice suggestion, but not sure wor missus is up for a foursome. She’s brilliant… but not that brilliant.

    Besides; we’re 350 miles away right now :(

    These days I live 7 miles from the St James’s Park football ground. Unfortunately, the one in Exeter…

  90. magpie6699 says:
    August 27, 2010 at 11:36 am
    I’m not so worried about having “too many” mid-fielders and I can’t see CH selling a young promising player like Guthrie. It’s amazing how quickly you can look short in a department when the injuries and suspensions kick in – and the quality teams always have a strong bench.
    Completely off tack – watching the Acc Stan match the other night, I was impressed by Tavernier – first long look at him that I’ve had – he seemed to be quick and have ability

    I only seen second half but yeah i thought he done very well and looks promising , I was a little dissapointed with Vuckic tho , anyone else?

  91. I think Ranger may leapfrog up a couple of places. Looked full of fight on Weds, if a bit rough at the edges yet. Not doing to beat top defences for a year or two, but definitely has the talent.

    Still don’t want another striker. May change my mind after failing to score against the top teams, mind! Frankly, I just totally trust CH’s judgement these days. Just look at the likes of Williamson and Routledge; he knows how to spot an underrated player.

  92. craigcoozy on the other blog has confirmed he has checked in at the hotel where he was last time he was here.

    craig only posts when players are in that hotel as he does not have inside info but does know someone who works in the hotel.

  93. Mark Scott………….or he could fly to London then Ashleys chopper straight to the training ground ;-)

  94. @AngelofDeath – 143

    If Adebayor came it would be amazing, yes he is quite lazy, but even being lazy he gets you 15-20 goals easily, he is a class act.

    Ben Arfa is going to have Stoke, Blackpool and Wigans defences doing silly dances.

  95. wtf?
    why are people actually taking the time to look at flights? Nee one even knows where the guy is, never mind giving us destinations and times etc.
    Howay man lads, lets get a grip eh

  96. Johno Toon- we discussed the Vuckic thing the other dy, and the consensus seemed to be that he was played out of position at CM and is probably est used in the Nolan role off a lone striker. He seemed most comfortable in the box, but less so in space. Still, I believe he just turned 18.

    Tavernier and Fergusen are exciting young players that I never saw play until this year…

  97. Magpie6699 @ 135 Yes, like you I was at Accie and young Tavernier seriously impressed me too. The three I would pick out from that match – Tavernier, Lua Lua and Shane Ferguson.

    Wow the transfer market is really beginning to bubble now, I cannot wait for the news that we have finally got HBA as our player. Yeaah :D

    Anything / anyone else after that will be a bonus for me. :D

  98. @I love Mike

    Because I am bored, and going off reports this is how he is getting here. Do you think Im actually taking it all seriously? Read other comments above where I refer to myself as D.S.I Scotty.

  99. lads he always plays players out of postion..look at ranger he played out on the wing and still looked are best forward..harris the same..we dont need that many forwards becasue we are going to play 1 upfront most of the time..if carrol gets injuried i see him playing ben arfa up thier on his own becasue apart from ranger they are just average players who wont be able to play that role.

  100. Yeah that seems logical enogh MDS , n im prob to blame for my dissapointment myself as i had it in my head he was going to dominate the game , he didnt play bad , he had a few new touches n that and as u said 18 is still a very good prospect!

  101. 153 Mark Scott says:
    August 27, 2010 at 12:20 pm
    @I love Mike

    Because I am bored, and going off reports this is how he is getting here. Do you think Im actually taking it all seriously? Read other comments above where I refer to myself as D.S.I Scotty.

    Your not serious? Ive just flown in from dublin for the stakeout….. :)

  102. @155. it wasn’t just you- a lot of us were expecting a lot from Vuckic, and were left a bit disappointed. I guess the same could be said for Donaldson, though others said CM is not his position as well.

  103. Haha Johno, well dont spend all your time, as tempting as it is, in Greggs or magazine browsing in WH Smith, he should be on the plane now, keep your eyes peeled!

    Just read Robbie Keane asked for assurances for his future, which werent given, and now he has asked to speak to a club which has bid for him. Not clear on the club though so could be anyone! Hopefully us.

    Fingers crossed for Benny, Keano and Boyata

  104. It was the first time ive had a chance to see him play , he didnt play bad as i said just expected more from him which is complety unfair on the lad!

  105. probably to early though, didnt see anything, just saw it fly overhead, and land.

    Let ya rumour train begin i suppose.

  106. OMG BLOONSBY ITS BEN ARFA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Did it actually land in Benton? Cos it might have Keane in it aswell. OMG OMG

  107. Thought, I just spotted Ben Arfa over here… Turns out is was only Bin Laden. I’ll keep everyone posted.

    I see Liverpool paper says our striker Steven Taylor might leave… on the ball these guys are arn’t they.

  108. Mark Scott says:
    August 27, 2010 at 12:20 pm

    “Because I am bored”
    You look at plane time tables when your bored? Jesus mate, when im bored I pass my time with Sasha Grey and a towel.

    “Do you think Im actually taking it all seriously?”
    So now you look at plane time tables for a laugh? Mate, you need to get out more.

    Fair enough mate being bored n all that, god knows I hate it, but my point was that there is a difference between filling your time and wasting your time, my point is your doing the latter by looking at plane time tables.

    But whatever makes you happy ehh

    Come here Sasha…

  109. Bloonsby, run to the landing site quickly!!! If he comes out the chopper doing step overs and his lip is dragging on the floor, its def Ben Arfa!

  110. Probably a copper chopper near Benton lol
    On a serious note I think we do need an out and out goal poacher, something in the Andy Cole mould for when a game is tight we have someone to grab a goal from a half chance.
    I think Xisco will be one to leave if not in next few days then certainly before end of season.

  111. Waaaah it is a copper chopper… come to arrest Shola Ameobi for impersonating a footballer!!!

  112. @I Love Mike – 170

    Yeah when its in relation to a transfer story so I can try and have a laugh with fellow NUFC fans on here, while Im at work and its quiet.

    I get out for a drink twice a week, go to the pics on a weds with wor lass, and play football sundays and thursdays. I get out enough thanks, I live a full life, of that Im sure.

    You know there is a website you may be better suited to. Similar name to this one, just type .Com at the end, ou might meet people who are as hostile and sarcastic as you are. Im here to try and have a bit banter with fans while Im at work, not to argue with you over me trying to have a laugh.

  113. Mark Scott – Divvn’t worry man, I’m looking at train timetables as we speak. Fecking sexy as fook man. ILM is just jealous ;)

  114. The soil in Pakistan has lost vital nutrients, washed away by the floods, maybe waddles mullet can piss off over there and talk to the ground and fill it with shit, he does enough of it over here, just a thought?

  115. Tell ye what, if we end up with Ben Arfa we will have quite an impressive squad of players 8O

  116. Here lads, make of this what you will. But FlyBe flight 464, departing Gatwick at 12:20, landing here 13:45, has been cancelled. Dramatic developments here. My heart goes out to Johno, who now has to hang on in the tense airport, hoping he comes on the Gatwick flight later today, landing 17:45 or the Heathrow one, landing 16:55

  117. Toonsy you are right, heres me wasting my time with plane timetables, when the cream of the crop is just on the GNER website :P

  118. ben arfa gosling and tiote in midfield..never thought that in my wildest dreams..knock knock are u about stuart love u ..never see u when we sign some1 we anit getting nobdy u always say..

  119. forget time tables! he is in newcastle..just seen with ch and is heading for dinner at pizza hut.

  120. Sorry guys, I live in London, I saw no chopper. I just was getting so tired of HBA talk that i thought i would practice my Geordie sacrcasim.

    Ben arfa would be good in the team, I just wanted to be famous like the twitter people…. :(

  121. whey thats my B&B booked in Chester for the weekend of the Everton game…happy days

  122. TOONSY any idea what this 5% fee to fifa is all aboot IF deal goes through,as to terms if its loan we pay wages hes on at o.m correct,so whats rags on aboot over per/terms to be agreed,strange one like

  123. the one guy who i feel is likely to miss out is routledge if hba comes in i feel like routledge is the one to be replaced would be a shame if that happens wouldnt really be giving him a real chance in the top flight and show what he can do

  124. Asim – Bull. He’s behind me in the queue at Greggs.

    Oh, sorry love, err, 1 cheese and onion and a corned beef pasty.

  125. Would you rather be like we are at the moment?

    Or like Manchester City.

    Personally Id love the money, but not the style. You sign a player, Adebayor, Bellamy, Wayne Bridge, Given, Robinho. Excitement of the “wetting pants” level, they flop, 6 months later bye bye. It would just be frustrating as hell.

  126. Mark Scott – If we get Ben Arfa and tie down Taylor to a new deal then I would say it has been a great window.

    The BIGGER question is…. If Taylor gets sold, but we bring in Ben Arfa, Tiote, Gosling, Campbell, Perch, woudld that be a good window?

  127. Toonsy – I should coco. We haven’t missed Taylor at all. Rather we kept him as we need cover for injuries, etc.. but in my mind I’m not too fussed. If it was someone like Carroll, Barton or one of our promising kids, then I would be bothered.

    Taylor’s dying swan routine and hand balls won’t be missed by me.

  128. Toonsy – Yes I would still say it would have been. Williamson, Colo, Sol and Kadar would be good enough for me, at least until January. Perch can also cover centre half.

    We havent missed him like Micky Toon says, and his final line sums Taylor up, and I echo it.

    “Taylor’s dying swan routine and hand balls won’t be missed by me.”

  129. Tiote and Smith will compete as the holding midfielder. I made the same point previously as Mark Scott, that HBA and Jonas could alternate flanks, or even have one holding midfielder with three switching positions. I like Nolan behind Carroll, he gets as many goals as other second strikers.

    I think we need CB and LB cover as Kadar is more of a CB and Tozer has gone I think.

  130. Mark Scott says:
    August 27, 2010 at 1:25 pm

    Big Question! Does Mike Ashley deserve credit for this transfer window?

    Who else’s pocket’s the money come from? Please don’t say the fans as the club’s in debt!

  131. Lesh – I would say he does deserve the credit, he gave Gosling 25k a week, signed us Sol, Perch and now has put his hand in his pocket for Tiote at £3.5m, add Ben Arfa to that, and Hughton wants one other (as he said 2 after Tiote, post match interview for Villa), maybe Robbie Keane, and Ashley hasnt made a profit which should shut the doubters up, for a while.

  132. Totlly agree Mark @200 (bingo!) and given there has been investment in strengthening without selling the core of the squad, we should really learn to appreciate that MA’s stratgegy is going in the right direction – consolidation and break even in a few years.

    Assuming we stay in the Prem, progress upwards and achieve EUFA’s finiancial requirements to be allowed to compete in he Europa Cup or, ambitiously the European Champions League, it’ll be job done. At that point, the penny might drop with the anti-Ashley brigade and he may be appreciated.

  133. Yeah I mean I was against Ashley, thinking what the hell is he playing at, but this Window and even the January one, where he signed Routledge, Williamson, he has turned me round, I think his strategy could work, if say we achieve 12-17th this season, great, we stay in the league, bit more money, then its easier, you sign 2 or 3 players to give the squad a bit more. Next season you push at Europe, you may come 10th or 11th, but youve pushed, and stayed in the league, more money, then we will be on a sounder financial footing, we could sign a player or 2 who could be great for us, and seriously push for Europe and achieve that. Slowly and Surely. Building Rome day by day :D

  134. against Ashley, for Ashley
    it’s all f*cking pathetic if you ask me.

    As long as the club is going in the right direction, thats all im worried about, and it seems like it is, so im content.

    But then again, if you think the club is going in the right direction is relative to your own agenda really isn’t it. Que batty…

  135. lesh (201)- agree. See the NUST have crawled out from under their stones again re the Sports Direct signs at the ground. Wish these people would get a life and stop embarrasing us

  136. @200 – agreed, we’re investing wisely for a change – tho ashley probably knows thats the only way he’ll ever have of getting his cash back

    on a different topic – did anyone see Beye for aston villa last night, he had a shocker and was directly responsible for 2 goals – he was playing at left back but with his experience he should have been able to cope – can’t remember how much we got for him but loks a good deal now

  137. A mate of mine has just sent me a text saying a blood sample from Ben Arfa has been delivered to the Freeman for checks…..he’s on his way.

  138. geordie deb says:
    August 27, 2010 at 2:50 pm
    lesh (201)- agree. See the NUST have crawled out from under their stones again re the Sports Direct signs at the ground. Wish these people would get a life and stop embarrasing us.

    NUST? They’ll be painting the slogans on their sheets as we speak! When are these guys going to come into the real commercial world an appreciated= that the signs are going up to show the potential for advertising (and incoming dosh)to the business world at large.

    Whumpie – if we’re now callinhg Arfa Benny, does that mean he’s at the Crossroads of his career?

    Whump, don’t worry about you two getting to Jesmond Dene, Ashley’s chopper’s in the air flying south west. There’ll be a knock on your door in an hour or so. So, get yasel washed, put some clean socks on and decide whether you want to stay over and all flour of you be flown to Wolves for the match. That’ll cheer the girls up I’m sure!

    Enjoy the weekend