Norwich City v Newcastle – Pre-season match preview.

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Carrow Road - The home of Norwich City.
Carrow Road - The home of Norwich City.
Game number two of our pre-season preparation takes place tomorrow as the city of Norwich prepares itself for a black and white invasion.

Newcastle fans get called many things, some of them unwarranted, but one thing that can’t be denied is that we travel in numbers, and I believe we will be doing much the same at Carrow Road tomorrow afternoon.

Newly promoted Norwich will represent a step up in class over last weeks opponents (Carlisle) and should provide a much sterner test for Newcastle as pre-season begins to get into full swing. One thing last weeks visit to Brunton Park does give us is an insight as to how the game will be approached, which does come in handy and means I won’t be fliying blind like I was last week for my match preview.

I probably won’t be able to guess the team line-up, but what I can say is that it is likely we will have two teams playing again – one for the first half and one for the second, although personnel may be switched around from last week at Carlisle.

Another thing I can tell you is who will be missing out for us. Obviously Steven Taylor won’t be playing as his shoulder injury is still being assesed. Tamas Kadar is another absentee as his groin injury means he will now miss most of pre-season and faces a race against time to be for the big kick-off on August 16th. They both join long-term injury victim Danny Simpson on the sidelines.

On a more positive note, Joans Gutierrez could make an appearance for Newcastle as he is now back with the squad after an extended rest period that was granted after his summer World Cup exploits with Argentina. Luckily he managed to avoid injury and should be a little bit fitter than the rest as he hasn’t had as much time off as the rest of them.

Yet again the result isn’t overly important, although a win would be nice to keep confidence high. I would expect Nile Ranger and Haris Vuckic to feature a bit more than they did last week as I believe their performance was good enough to warrant a starting place, but it really is a case of fitness first so there will be some rotation to ensure everyone gets a bit of workout whilst remaining fresh at the same time.

As ever, the usual pre-season politeness has reared it’s head as both managers take it in turns to talk up the opposition, say how imprtant pre-season is etc etc. Hughton can go first;

“We’re very much looking forward to coming down on Saturday, playing on a good pitch and building on our game at Carlisle on Saturday. Pre-season is all about getting your players ready for the big kick-off and that’s exactly what this game will do.”

“Like us, Norwich had an outstanding campaign last season and will be full of confidence being back in the Championship. They are renowned as a good footballing side and in Paul Lambert have a terrific young manager who did fantastically well in his first season at Carrow Road.

And now Norwich boss, Paul Lambert;

“This really is a great fixture for us to have – Newcastle are a huge club with a great fan-base and they enjoyed a terrific season last time out as they returned to the Premier League at the first time of asking. When you look at what Newcastle achieved at Championship level last season, this really is going to be a great test for us.”

“Chris has done a fantastic job at St James’ Park, regardless of the division you are in, if you want to achieve something you have to go out and win games week-in, week-out and that is never easy.”

That’s all well and good, but I want a win!

Howay the lads!

Date: Saturday, 24th July, 2010.

Time: 3:00pm.

Venue: Carrow Road, Norwich.

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62 Responses

  1. I think we should test out Smith/Guthrie and Barton/Nolan partnerships in the two halves. Smith and Nolan together in a 442 is not something I want to see.

    Anyone know if Xisco and Ameobi are fit to feature?

  2. Will there be any links to watch the game on video and not just commentary? Would appreciate it if someone would tell me. Hopefully Airey will play but I think he has some reserve duty to play. Also would want to see more of Haris Vuckic.

  3. There are no video or audio links for the game. Just keep up to date with SSN.

  4. shhh….don’t tell xXx we can see his posts…it’ll drive him bonkers…

    Wish I could see these games.

  5. Lmao hahaha thank u thank u now I’ll go off in peace toon toon from south n white we magpies till we die n life afta lol

  6. Sorry about going on about this again,
    Heard more rumblings about harper again.
    Something about him wanting a loyalty payment, bonus and a testimonial?
    Wish it would just get sorted once and for all.

  7. Seen on another site about getting cleverley and wellbeck on loan.
    Can’t see purple nose lending us both!

  8. I have no qualms about a testimonial, longest serving player, why not.
    loyalty payment? for what? getting 30k a week for doing close to nowt for 12 years, if so, sign me up, cuz i want one too.

  9. Wellbeck looks a really good player, should take him just so he doesn’t go to the scum

  10. Will be disappointed if Welbeck arrives. He isn’t that far ahead of Ranger in my eyes.

  11. red nose will want him playing every week that wont happen at the toon,see nowt in it

  12. I would be annoyed if we signed Welbeck, We need a 10-15 man not someone no better than what we have.

    The only loan signings we should be pushing for are Cleverley who can cover us on either wing and Van Aanholt and finally give us some cover at left back.

  13. Not sure how many of you are gamers, but I just read that on the new FIFA that is due to come out in October you can assign chants and songs to specific teams. Imagine the crowd bellowing “Black & white army, TOON! TOON!” for a short period after you score a goal, or the Blaydon Races playing whilst the team walk out of the tunnel. Sounds like a great feature to add, will really make the game more personal to the player.

  14. Don’t worry stu, just have to put up with me for another week then it’s me hols, and no way am I going to pay £120 for data roaming on iPhone!

  15. El Toro or you FCB get out of our club ;)
    Ice your right mate Fergie would only loan if they are going to be played regularly, and why should we give other teams player experience when we have to send our own young-uns out to get experience

  16. I see a little of Ameobi in Welbeck, where he looks a little awkward on the ball, so I can see the aversion to him. From what I’ve seen though he can run at defenders and is a big lad.

  17. I know proper wingers arent that popular in the premierleague nowadays but I would like another one in to cover Jonas and Routledge. Guthrie, Barton, Vuckic and Gosling could all be used on the flanks in the same way I think Cleverly would. (Man United played him in the centre in their most recent friendly)

  18. Big Dave

    “El Toro or you FCB get out of our club”

    I never actually thought of that. I am no Ashley hater, but that would actually be hilarious. I’m seriously thinking about buying the game just for that chant, haha!

  19. eltoro

    What’s with the name? There can only be TWO El Toro’s, mate. ME and young Jose ;)

  20. BIG DAVE dont really like loans unless its with a right to buy at loans end,but if our kids dont get a chance well?but to send a kid out on loan then take someone else on loan in same pos doenst make sense to me.
    then again if the fat man wont risk a bit of cash it doesnt say much does it

  21. Seriously though, Welbeck can stay where he is. Cleverly is another one I would rather avoid, but at least he would provide cover in some of the areas we need it.

  22. Ice I agree again :) im not a fan of Loans unless your a small club that has to rely on loans or its a try before you buy but otherwise we shouldn’t be giving other teams player exp when our own cant get a chance

  23. Xisco is fit, we need to see if he has owt to offer or get him off the payroll.

  24. BIG DAVE will have to be careful 3times we have agreed toonsy will start talking ;)
    but i have no faith in kids the chance never did in the ccc like

  25. Dead right Ice and Big Dave, we should only be loaning players if we have the option to buy them later, by loaning other clubs players we’re stunting the development of our own young players at the end of the day. Strange how things have developed, it seems that this borrowing option has only come about in the last few years, previously loans were looked at if players were seriously injured and you needed a stop gap solution. Now it seems as if loan players will form an integral part of the make up of the toon squad. Probably at the end of the day most clubs look at one or two loanees to balance the squad…

  26. icedog, it’s probably a case of if the bairns are good enough they’ll make it into the first team anyway. CH doesn’t want to take too many risks now were back in the PL, there’s too much at risk and it’ll cost him his job at the end of the day..

  27. evening El toro aka sypro aka dragonera etc etc…I might start calling you Prince mate, haha. Saw what you said about FIFA, brilliant idea. Could be rather amusing and i’m a huge fan of the series in general. For years my mates bundled on about pro Ev until they finally realised how far ahead FIFA10 was. The new world cup game also has improvements and is worth a play until 11 arrives.

    As for Welbeck, I agree with you about him and Ranger. Welbeck has cup experience and has scored a couple of great goals but lets be honest Ranger has scored some belters in the reserves and he could do the same in the first team. I’ve already said I do not want him going out on loan, at all.

    On another note, both the blue and white strips are growing on me bigtime. Considering purchasing the blue one as early as the ‘Gers game perhaps.

  28. M.M.aye m8 a lot of clubs will look at a couple of loans,i dont want to get into we are a big club we arnt a big club,but we have a billionare owner who has a bit of cash comeing in now in pl,why will he not risk 15mil or so to c.h.

  29. Munich Mag he didn’t take to many risks in the CCC either mate which was IMO one of the positives of being in the CCC I thought the young-uns would get a run but sadly they were only used when there was no other option

  30. dead right icedog, I reckon Ashley will provide the cash if called upon, and we can hopefully build sound foundations for the club. We aint a big club, the only thing big constant about the club is the fans..

  31. Good point Stuart, that 20 mill’s all been conveniently forgotten about. Wey man I cannot wait for the start of the new season, lets get on with it, I’m excited to see how our new team formation pans out ! Big Dave, in theory we should have blooded the bairns last year in the Fizzy Pop league, but again the big picture was getting promoted which we achieved comfortably at the end of the day. I think the big concern for most of the fans is that we all know we didn’t perform as world beaters during the Championship season, and wse are all a bit concerned how we perform against stronger opposition. We’re gonna find out soon though, howay the lads !

  32. if we ask where is the 20mil i can tell you what the reply will be,running costs to keep club going,always the same,tend to think what c.h. says we wont spend much

  33. Munich I cant wait aswell mate it seems like ages ago now.
    As for the 20 mill that was a printing error it was meant to say 2 mill and we have allready spent half on the Perch so we have 800k or so left so that will probably go towards paying loan fee’s :(

  34. the real El Toro –

    Apologies for stealing your name.

    To spare confusion I shall hereby go by “WhoTheVuckicHaris”.

  35. Munich Mag says:
    July 23, 2010 at 10:12 pm

    “I think the big concern for most of the fans is that we all know we didn’t perform as world beaters during the Championship season”

    We got 102 points on some dog rough pitches, Munich Mag.

  36. Welbeck and Cleverly are seriously talented players! Yes, we want to develop our own young guys, but we can send them out on loan. Our TOP priority is to finish as high as possible in the table; if we use another club’s players to do it, so be it.

    Say we finish in the top half with some Manure loaners: we’ll be more attractive to players next summer and in January!

  37. Dave, if we can get some more players in it’s surely possible. It’s a tired example but Birmingham City managed it last term. Carr and Bowyer weren’t exactly on demand by Premier League clubs and their CBs were both drafted from the championship.

    I say our playing style, though not the most pleasing on the eye, will lend itself well to the Premier.

  38. It’s not all about how talented the team is overall. Look at what happened when KK took over in 2008 — we played the best football this club has seen since the heady days when Roeder took over. The right system, direction, and inspiration can make up a world of difference.

  39. Talking to myself now, but last reason to bring in some loan players is essential because depth wins in this league. The Scum are a perfect example; a hot start gave way to a horrific finish after they lost some key players.

    Hull City was lost without Bullard (who’d have thought he’d go down) Arsenal couldn’t mount a title challenge because they had no strikers to replace Van Persie, Liverpool crashed out of the champions league places because Benitez had been failing to add players to the squad’s periphery.

  40. Lastly Tottenham finally (not that I was looking forward to it) made it to the champions league places because they had some fantastic players on their bench.

    Modric went down, but they still had Huddlestone, Palacios, Krancar, and Jenas in midfield. They ABSOLUTELY needed every one of those players last season. Bentley able to come in and do a job after Lennon went out, Bassong and Dawson ready to step in after Woodgate lived up to his rightful billing.

  41. FSS I understand what your saying and you make a few good points but I just dont think we will finish in the top half :( I will settle for 16th any where higher will be a bonus ;)

  42. I think Hughton is generally reluctant to try young players. If he is like that with our own I think it would be strange suddenly to be starting Man United’s younguns. I’d like us to bring in some more experience, perhaps someone from the championship and keep the three youngsters we have in Kadar, Vuckic and Ranger that I feel are good enough to play in the premierleague.

    I think it might be possible that some experienced premierleague players become available at the very last minute when their clubs need to register only 25players.
    Man City for example already have 30 players over 21 and with signings expected the likes of Onuoha, M.Johnson, Ireland, Bellamy, Wright-Phillips, Santa Cruz etc may all conceivably be squeezed out of the 25-man squad. If they can’t find a buyer in time a seasons loan may be possible on top quality players.

    Just a thought.

  43. Half,again, from last couple of posts. Stuart79 Just got in from my shift, never said in my earlier posts that we would be buying kids. Davy i again agree with on the point of everton buying cahill, jagiela etc (alhough jagielka had played a year in the prem). Aston villa i understand have spent signifacant money (Young,milner) But have added to the squad by maybe one or two significant signings each year. I do think though that we have got the best/most experianced squad to be promoted to the premiership in as long as i can remember. On the lone players topic.. I agree with free scoring smudge. Should we loan players that are better than we have and stay up/improve league position or give lads like donaldson a chance and just get relagated or perform worse. (Better league position=more money)

  44. WhoTheVuckicHaris, god damn your username is great haha.

    Anyone else find it funny that we have an owner that only wants to buy kids and a manager who doesn’t want to play any. Well not really funny.

  45. Workyticket@49, you’re dead right regarding the 102 point haul, and that promotion and the exceptional points haul were achieved in difficult circumstances. My point was the type of football we played, seeming to be “outplayed” sometimes football wise, but winning through in the end via attrition, and not too little skill,. It’s a question of whether this type of football will suceed in the PL, hence the consternation from the fans…or perhaps it’s only me who has doubts ! I still think we will be good enough to survive for sure, and to build for the future… roll on Man Utd !!

  46. Good point about Ashley Brendan Maloney @61 !

    You’ll maybe find that Toonsy flew the “WhoTheVuckicHaris” ditty a few weeks back in a blog post, it’s a classic !