The press are trying to stir up trouble, again!

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Blah blah bloody blah!
Blah blah bloody blah!
The press have a nasty habit of conjuring up fairy stories with very little substance, and they particularly seem to enjoy trying to make Newcastle look silly with them.

For years and years now we have been the subject of unfair, unjustified and down right ridiculous stories in the press. Some of them have been true, but the vast majority have either been false or have been hyped up to the point where they are bordering on becoming false.

So I had to have a giggle this morning when I looked at the early morning edition of The Daily Star. Now I know it is a newspaper that doesn’t generally bother about accurate or realistic reporting, in fact if they ran a story saying that the sky is blue I would have to look outside to double check, but this latest piece of troublemaking is tenuous to say the least, and that is being kind!

The headline reads “Newcastle’s Chris Hughton and Everton’s David Moyes at war”, which is news to me, in fact I think it is news to all of us as I personally have not heard a peep from either Everton or David Moyes regarding Newcastle or Chris Hughton.

You’ll probably have guessed that the driver behind the article in The Daily Star is the acrimonious, and now infamous, Dan Gosling transfer. The details of how Gosling left Everton have been covered many times now so I won’t go into them again, but long story short he is now our player.

Anyway, in this apparent war of words over Dan Gosling, Hughton has felt the need to “rush to the defence of the club” by saying;

“We are ­fortunate to have signed Dan and we are ­delighted to have him on board. We are 100 per cent sure that we’ve done everything ­appropriately.”

That is all that was said.

I would suggest that if The Daily Star call that a war of words then perhaps they should get out into the real world a bit more. All they are trying to do is stir up trouble and controversy between fans where there is really none to be had.

Everton have an issue with Dan Gosling’s agent and maybe with the player himself to an extent. They don’t have an issue with Newcastle, or Chris Hughton, certainly not that I have read anywhere anyway.

The problem is that people will believe it. They will see it written and take it as gospel, and then it will catch on and snowball from there. Perhaps that is what the paper are trying to do? Give it enough legs and hope it turns into a self-fulfilling prophecy?

It just seems to me to be a low blow by the red top. Poor form. Poor form indeed!

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57 Responses

  1. incidentally toonsy…this is the exact garbage i was talking about on yesterdays post. the witch-hunt attitude of the press is unlikely to ever die down. all we are to them is a particular target for ridicule for their amusement and to fill up space in the rags they call tabloids…

  2. Hope a deal is completed for the playmaker before I go on holiday tomorrow!

  3. To be fair, even the daftest of readers tend to know The Star’s full of bovine excrement. And Star readers tend to be more interested in the underdressed Katie, 22, 36DD from Essex anyway.

  4. Hughd d P……… you have a link for Katie ;-)
    It’s been open season n the Toon ever since FFS and the Spanish brothel,and that wont change anytime soon.We should be flattered I s’pose(tongue firmly in cheek) if all the rags still think we’re the club that sells papers.As Trojan said on one of the other threads,maybe thats why we’re on tv so often at the start of the season as the media are waitning for things to go wrong for us so they can attack again……..oh well,”no one likes us and we don’t care” :-)

  5. Hope so Waddles,off anywhere nice?

    Hey Toonsy,keep up Ed’s banged out another quick 4 ;-)

  6. Raffo…..waddles mentioned the other day about signing a creative midfielder by Monday at the latest,maybe thats the one he’s hoping for?

  7. Rich – I think I remember seeing something, would be nice if we could like. The earlier the better. I am still not convinced that we will go into the season without a departure or two though.

  8. you might be right,I thought there would have been more links with clubs after some of our players by now.

  9. Going to Tuscany.
    Raff. A bit of both cause everytime I go away we get heavily linked with a great player in talks travels to club then bang nothing falls through and £150 on Internet charges for wadds!!!

  10. have a good un…..when I was in Spain I just took the laptop,free wi fi at McD’s to keep up with any transfer talk.sorted.

  11. Here’s the latest crop from the rumour mill……

    29 Jul 2010 16:34:19
    Newcastle to sign Jloyd Samuel from Bolton as cover for Enrique.

    Also tom cleverly and Hatem ben arfa to join!

    Also Hughton wants a cf and he’s lookin at Rodallega as a dream target but David Ngog on loan may be an option.

    Meanwhile he is lookin at Jason Roberts as a proven goal scorer

    The striker ones just don’t add up but ne’er mind eh fertile imaginations in abundance!!!

  12. Aye lesh hodgson says he never considered lettin N’gog go on loan and Cleverly may stay at Man Utd after scoring and even if he does I think Fergie will want a guarantee that he plays………..would love ben arfa tho(if his days of fighting with teamates are behind him).

  13. lol that sites just for liverpool plums and man city. theres only a little bit on anyone else.

    Wadds – we shall see in the fullness of time wonrt we!!!

  14. Lesh, do you have some connection with that football rumours site? Seem to remember someone on here saying it was your old site.

    Poor, poor harry moaning already about fixtures. How will he cope with that little squad of his. Has a point about the international fixture tho.

  15. No problems richie, whether Ben Arfer’s fighting days are over or not and if he comes, he’ll be sharing the dressing room with some our more studious and calming characters.

    I’m confident that Barton, Carroll and Smifffy should be able to act as his spiritual mentors and help him understand the meaning of life at Newcastle United!

  16. Noir9,

    No chance, I have absolutely no connection with that football rumours site?

    For reasons beyond my ken, some of this site’s posters began to refer to that site as the ‘lesh site’

    Beats me Noir9!

  17. Toonsy, do you think many people are interested in that story or give it a second glance? I mean if you saw a headline Mick Mcarthy in war of words with Tony Pulis would you be bothered?Itis what it is insignificant garbage.

  18. Richie@18, If Ben Arfer’s fighting days aren’t over, if he joins us, he’ll share a dressing room with some real calming influences.

    I’m sure that Barton, Carroll and Smifffy will help him understand the meaning of life at Newcastle United!

  19. the old Lesh site!! I coined that as it was you who first directed me to it I think so I shall take the credit for that one!!

  20. Apologiess for a near double post @ 24.

    21 obviously took a while to load and I’d assumed it had disappeared in the ether.

  21. lesh & raffo, you’ve got to laugh at the stuff on there….and people say we’re deluded!

  22. Well lads and lasses ppl with glasses. A think al take a trip up the trainin ground c if a can see out new. Any gossip lads

  23. Further evidence that the media still like to mention our name……
    It’s not often Sky Sports News provides genuinely compelling television.

    Their idea of drama is David Craig standing outside St James’ Park surrounded by kids bunking off school, prattling about the imminent arrival of some Sporting Gijon player signed on the strength of a couple of YouTube clips.

  24. Noir9, as long as folk understand that thh comments on it’s the product of folk with fertile imaginations who draw pleasure from seeing their work spread throughought the universe, they’ll understand where it’s coming from and treat it as a souce of amusement

  25. Who is Egidio Arevalo Rangerman? Any use? Where does he play? Any chance of it been true?

  26. He was the short bald dude that played in the holding role for Uruguay in the World cup.

    Good chance I think, all of the talk seems to be coming out of Uruguay but it hasn’t been picked up over here yet, I posted an article the other day where they said we were interested and were pushing for a deal when he came back from his holidays and I’ve just read an article saying Juan Pedro Damiani was approached by businessmen (presumably those that own half his contract) asking to be allowed permission to negotiate a deal to bring him to us.

  27. Press ramblings where headlines sell papers, nothing more and nothing less. But we’ve attracted it for good (sic) reason in the past with our previous misdemeanours. And when we’re seen to ‘take advantage’ of situations, as with Jonas and now Gosling, the press jump on it.

    Probably the tiniest fraction of truth in Everton being huffed with us and Hughton but whadayagannadee?

  28. That little baldy fella for Uruguay was a cracking tackler if I remember rightly?

  29. Yeah, reminded me of Mascherano the way he went about his job.

    The impressive thing about Uruguay was their ability to shut games down so they didn’t look like letting any in and he played a large part in that.

  30. arevalo would be a great signing i definetley think houghton wants a defencsive midfielder before ppl say smith he is good but we cud get better and all are other midfielders are more attacking, if reports are true we hav been in talks for well over aweek now for ben arfa anyone c the marsille president say he thinks newcastle would be the best move ben arfa

  31. id like to get a couple more players within the next few days like to get a bit pre season under there belts b4 man u

  32. I stopped being botherd what the press & other supporters think or say about the Toon a long time ago, everytime most of them write or say something just confirms how little they really know about our club.

    If good old arry had signed gosling they would be saying its a shrewd move. Stuff them all!

  33. I hate harry redknapp, always talks about players under contract at other clubs, he just tries to unsettle players, twat.

  34. wouldn’t mind arevalo t.b.h. however, i honestly don’t think a defensive midfielder is a priority for us. or if he came in would like smith to be shipped out. same age, at 28. & would probably be on half smith’s wages. prefer bringing in someone with a bit of spark…dos santos for instance…

  35. i think that Redknapp may think about keeping dos santos as he doesnt need to be registered as he is 21 and birthday is at the end of the season, but if a deal was possible it would be great as i don’t think routledge can cut it in the prem.

  36. The uruguyan midfielder would be a good signing I reckon.

    Could be that Hughton would try playing two defensive midfielders like Holland did in their 4-2-3-1. You don’t see it in the premierleague and it doesn’t sound the best for playing decent football, but could be effective.

    I don’t think we could play it with Nolan but if we picked up a creative no 10 player it might be the only way Chris would consider giving him and the wingers attacking freedom.

    Everyone says we are well off for players in central midfield but its only Smith, Barton, Guthrie and Nolan really for 2 or 3 starting positions. Shows the squads imbalance when there’s 6 or 7 options for a place in the front 1 or 2.

  37. i think he could go with the 4-2-3-1 also, as AC is the perfect target man, when you play that formation you normally have a box to box type as one of the 2 and a crab like player who just does the makelele role, barton for dm maybe and guthrie alongside. I don’t think Nolan is fast enough for the prem

  38. @ WhoTheVuckicHaris: you forget we also have your namesake, gosling: who claims it’s his preferred position, & perch who can apparently cover there, so not much of a dearth of central midfielders really…

  39. toonsy,that bastian of the truth,the sun, are running a similar story,with hughton defending newcastle’s conduct in the gosling transfer,everton are supposed to be fuming etc.they me be an element of truth to it,unless these lazy b*****d hacks,copy each others stories.

  40. well in the case of gosling,what’s good enough for the goose,is good enough for the gander,i’ll get my coat.

  41. I did forget about Gosling tbh. But I don’t think Vuckic will be used that often. I still doubt Hughton’s faith in the young players and expect Ranger to go out on loan and maybe Vuckic too. He didn’t throw them into the championship, I can’t imaging him playin them in the relegation battle.

    Perch will probably starting right back for the first month unchallenged and Gosling of course won’t be back til 2011. I’d still like more options – Cleverley in particular as he’d cover the wings too.

  42. das sontas couldnt cut it the prem league! he had a couuple of good games in the world cup and u are talking about that.routlegde has got 3 things we are missing pace goals and the most important thing passed the ball and put great throu balls which we scored from.the prem league doesnt worry me mate becasue defending is not up to scratch anymore.the boy has improved by his passing that what we got out of him the most.the final ball is the most important thing they wont be able to cope with his pace.

  43. Great news about no Vuvuzeulas at SJP. I do know where I would like to hear them though & that is on an airplane when the cabin crew says its OK to use the cell phones. I’m sick to death of hearing the worthless crap that gets spewed endlessly into those phones. A vuvu would work wonders on keeping that noise down.

  44. so they based their headline on that quote from CH? Pathetic that isn’t it

  45. Tino…just the link i was going to post.

    Where does it say he had to beg ashley to sign him in the article or quotes?

    Suppose they are bitter for the ban.