One down, two to go!

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Timmy, Timmy Krul. Timmy, Timmy Kruuuul.
Timmy, Timmy Krul. Timmy, Timmy Kruuuul.
Contract talks have featured fairly frequently over the summer so far, although admittedly they have only made brief appearances in the news.

Steven Taylor, Andy Carroll and Tim Krul have are three players that have been linked with signing new deals at St James’ Park, although in fairness the Andy Carrol deal is not of the highest priority.

The deals regarding Tim Krul and Steven Taylor are of a high priority however as they have both entered into the last 12-months of their respective contracts. Talks have supposedly been ongoing between the club and all the relevant parties, and those talks appear to have come to fruition today as Tim Krul committed himself to a new four-year contract on Tyneside.

“I am delighted to commit my future to Newcastle United, hopefully I can fulfill my dream by becoming the future number one goalkeeper as well as getting into the Dutch national team squad,” Krul told

“I have been at the club five years and it feels like home. I would like to thank Harps and Paul Barron for the guidance that they have shown me too date.”

It’s a great bit of business from the club and should ensure that we continue to have a strong goalkeeping setup for the next few years. Harper is getting on a bit, and whilst he is still number one at the moment, he will unfortunately need replacimg at some point.

Krul is pretty universally regarded as a hot prospect between the sticks and has attracted interest from clubs at home and on the continent. This new contract ensures that we won’t lose him next summer, or if we do then it will only be for a hefty fee.

The 22-year old Dutchman seems to love life on Tyneside, and he even has his own little set of groupies. I never knew that until I went to Anfield in our relegation season. There was a group of girls and they were going all giggly and screaming his name whilst he was warming up pre kick-off. They were positively frothing about him fact, which made me giggle a bit whilst hurting my feelings at the same time – I thought I would be the object of their desire?

Anyway, I digress. Of the three players mooted as possibilities for a new contract we have secured one, now we just have to work on the other two. If we can do that it will be a bonus, and the club will do well to remember to keep an eye on a few other players who will be entering the last 12-months of their contract at the end of the season.

One down, two to go!

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75 Responses

  1. Obligatory comment about how many blogs Toonsy’s posted today. What is this .com ? lol

  2. :D

    Four today, and that’s yer lot. Combination of me having the time, waking up early enough and enough news and stuff give my opinion on.

  3. I’ve found two vids with all of our goals from The Championship on them. Good watching it tbh and show we were a little bit more than functional and that we could actually play football.

  4. Great to see get s Taylor sorted next.

    Going back to the skipper idea, I know that Hartlepool have 2, an on field captain and a club captain, who deals with all off field stuff and is a highly regarded or long serving member for the corporate crap. I would vote for barron as on field skipper and harps as club captain. I don’t think Nolan has this divine right to be captain and I frankly would like Barton to play week in week out

  5. Big Dave says:
    ‘FSS he is trying to catch Uncle Ed the uziblogger’

    Edward Uziblog 9mm

  6. Fair enough it’s an honour to be team captain but the role of captain is really not that important we have several players in the squad who will keep the rest of the team on theirs toes. It’s not as if he’ll have to collect a trophy is it.

  7. Is it worth putting up something featuring all of our goals in The Championship? Or is it too late to bother?

    You decide.

  8. Also, just looked at Newsnow. Sol Campbell is getting coverage from all over the place. A bit OTT IMO ;)

  9. Toonsy

    Never too late, Ive watched both legs of the fairs cup twice since it arrived last week and thats my plan for saturday morning as well.

    Never too late to relive the good memories, Weve had enough bad ones to last a life time…

  10. Rich – I wasn’t, then I was, then I wasn’t, but when I got promoted I was supposed to be on days. Then I had that project I have been doing which could be done anytime. I just used nights because of the travelling, you can get further at night than you can during the day ;) ;)

    Whilst I was doing that I cottoned onto the fact that eveything was getting done quicker as decisions could be made there and then (my division is a night-time operation) rather than having a problem, waiting for me to sort it during the day, then seeing if it’s resolved the next night. It just makes things run smoother and cuts out 24 hours of delays.

    So, yes. Permanent nights through my own choice and for business reasons. I don’t mind it to be honest mate.

  11. I’ve done nights before but i could never sleep more than 3 or 4 hours so it soon catches up on me………was good when I was with me ex tho cos didnt get to see her much :-)

  12. Yeah it can be tough nights, I do it regularly but not all the time so it mucks my sleep pattern that way. It
    also doesn’t help when the Hoover kicks up at 4 in the afternoon either!!!

  13. fely sorry for my ex girlfriends dad, he was a copper, 25 years or something as a PC, hated his life and his job. Because coppers do something like 9 night shifts in a row or something, when he finished them he had to get completely wrecked to knock himself out in order to get into some sort of normal sleeping pattern. Ended up turning into a bit of a problem unfortunately, sad really he was a sound bloke, shows what sleep, or lack of, can do to you.

  14. Who in their right mind would want Barton as Captain??? The guys played a handful of games when he hasn’t been injured, in prison or suspended, so what in the world would you want to hand the captains armband to him for???

  15. Cyprus-Toon says:
    July 29, 2010 at 8:31 pm

    “Who in their right mind would want Barton as Captain???”

    Adrenaline junkies who like a bit of danger?

  16. jay jay :lol: imo it shouldn’t make any difference who is captain,talkers/shouters and leaders on the pitch will do it regardless of whether they’re wearing an armband or not.

  17. Is this a football blog or an employment forum?
    My god, yous really are boring .
    I’m surprised none of yous

  18. Is this a football blog or an employment forum?
    My god, yous really are boring .
    I’m surprised none of yous have suggested buying Marlon King who gets out of jail today for sex offences. He’s looking for a new club.
    Fits in with Ashleys crieria! Useless, free, and has been living in Durham for 9 months!

  19. OK, I have to ask because I am just so curious.

    Who do you support BS #9? Did Mike Ashley hurt you in some way…maybe an inappropriate touching incident?

    You seem to be one of the most negative posters on here…which begs the question…why post here at all?

    Obviously yuo and everyone else have every right to do that without a personal attack or something…something I am sure I will get now…so be it.

    What’s your ideal team and honest opinion on some of the topics Toonsy has kindly put up for us to discuss?

    It seems your posts are far more of an emotional (negative at that) kind. Just curious about what your real thoughts are?


  20. im reading comments on the chronicle website and this words really bugs me cos i dont know what it means, what does ‘HWTL’ mean?

  21. Was that DG aimed at me? Sorry. I’ll stop…and disappear for a while.

  22. Toonsy, how about putting together a team depth chart? Who you think will be the starting squad & their back-ups. Maybe you can follow that up on how each of our starters stands up against the starting counterparts in the league, ranking from the best at #1 (do we have any in that class?) on down to bottom of the heap at #20. This should keep you awake, alert and stoke the blogging fires.

  23. oh, the what does HTWL mean…
    Yeah, i didn’t respond because i thought it may have been a joke.

  24. @norcal

    I am a passionate toon fan and because I disagree with yous

  25. Bobby Shinton number 9 says:
    July 29, 2010 at 9:35 pm

    “I am a passionate toon fan and because I disagree with yous”

    You’re a WUM, Stavers.

  26. @norcal
    I am a passionate toon fan and just because I disagree with yous so vehemently it does not mean I am deliberately being argumentative for the sake of it.
    I have posted on this and the other nufc blog for a couple of years.
    I despise Ashley for the way he treats the fans and runs the club and I find many of the bloggers views verging on the delusional. I put this down to my experience and their inexperience.
    But most of all I’m clearly more intelligent.

  27. Barton would probably do ten times better than Owen did.
    I’ve been thinking about Barton as a captain and there might be some huge benefits from that, with extra responsibility he might mature and learn to control himself, he might be a true leader. I think he might be a vice-captain this season.

  28. Worky – You promised you wouldn’t say anything :lol:

    Its in tribute to my dad who was a paratrooper. He is still alive, I just fancied paying tribute to the man who created god (aka toonsy) ;)

  29. BS9…….theres nowt wrong with disagreeing with people and as I said on one of the the other threads I can understand people being pessimistic especially with whats gone on in the past but where all Toon fans so do we need to hurl abuse to get a point across?
    As I’ve said before I don’t like Ashley but unfortunately I think he’s here til he gets his money back then he’ll be able to sell up and go.Until then all I can do is support my team which I have always done and thru worse times than these.I think and hope we’ll stay up that’s just my opinion but just cos I think that it doesnt make me pro Ashley just pro NUFC.You think we’ll go down,I’m assuming your not pro Ashley ;-) but you’re still pro NUFC…………and completely off subject BS9 ya sound like ya from my era ish try a book called Black and White Daft its reports and anecdotes from all the Toon Matches ’79 to ’84,it’s a good read.

  30. I’m gona throw this out there, but bobby shinton could be stardust!! Just because you have a different view doesn’t make that the right idea, and more importantly doesn’t make you more intelligent.

  31. Rich – I’m hurt and upset by that remark. Unless you are calling me the honey monster, which is ok I guess ;)

  32. Good evening Lads I take it no one else is signed yet , where is Icedog I want to know what happened the new signing for today you Rascal.
    Bobby Shinton number 9 if you expect bloggers to take you serious why do you not use your original username of Troy Stavers is it because allmost everybody on here allready knows that you are bullshitting WUM ? Hows your Bro by the way know the one that was in Afghanistan

  33. And if he is troy then he is stardust!! I was right!!

    I’m all for arguments and debate but not when people get all self important

  34. Alreet Dave……….other than Krul signing a new contract its been a quiet day.

  35. Raffo im 99% sure that Troy and Stardust were different bloggers mate.
    Richie maybe tomoro will be the day ;) I havn’t noticed if Ice has ben on today but then Toonsy has been typing his fingers to the bone today trying for a new record as he has beat everyone else’s on here so he is out after ED’s record :lol:

  36. Uncle Ed is the undisputed Uziblogging world champion ;) Richie im off mate to get some food then kip, take it easy mate and dont be up to late mate you need your beauty sleep ;) catch you tomoro

  37. Edward Uziblog 9mm

    ‘I’v been visiting Alnwick Castle and Alnwick Garden today with my wife and sister-in-law, and while I usually quietly disappear into a coffee shop with a wireless network to get in some articles – it seems that wireless technology has not yet infiltrated that beautiful town – yet.’

    Loves the blog more than his family. :)

  38. richietoon says:
    July 29, 2010 at 11:17 pm
    Ed banged out 4 in less than an hour

    Just realised how rude that sounds. :lol:

  39. Big dave – I read him posting on eds blog when there was a bit of blog wars that he wrote as troy and was winding pol up with wor donna

  40. DJG-I have seen Ed Knock out 8 big ones before……….in quick succession as well :lol:

  41. hey sjt where ya been hiding?………..nowt wrong wi knockin out a few quick ones :-)

  42. Could we see anyone through the doors today then?

    Has Albin been snapped up by anybody yet? I cant say that I have seen anything on him in the press.

    Barton for Skipper!!!

  43. @ raffo
    Donna was stardusts sister or cousin . If you recall I hate stardusts views tho am good mates with him . @ little Dave , I’m not Troy Stavers. I don’t have a bmx and big Mick is not seeing me mother.