Newcastle make the best move ever!

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Newcastle have become the latest club to ban the Vuvuzela from inside their ground, thank god!

The most irritating thing of the summer so far dissapeared off of our television screens along with the World Cup but there had been a train of thought that suggested the Vuvuzela could make an appearance over here at Premier League grounds.

That idea was soon cut down to size when a whole host of clubs banned the Vuvuzela from their ground, with Newcastle becoming the latest one to do such a thing.

I understand these plastic horns are part of South African culture, but that doesn’t stop them being irritating. I personally hated them during the World Cup and feel it ruined my enjoyment of the neutral games.

Now it looks like they won’t get the chance to ruin my, and others, enjoyment of the new Premier League season, which is a relief to say the least.The only plus side of hearing them over the summer, for me anyway, is that I knew that I would only ever have to put with them for the four weeks of the tournament.

I apologise if it seems like I am being intolerant, I don’t mean to be, but they are bloody annoying. I’m glad, ecstatic in fact, that people enjoyed tooting away on them over the summer, but it isn’t my cup of tea, and thankfully it looks like others feel the same.

Peace, guaranteed, at last!

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86 Responses


  2. i undastand listenin ova da sounds like bees but in the ground its an electric atmosphere..url wont gues its the same everywer..for instance url sin god save da queen bt is it related 2 football or wen url sing at hme matches it sounds like songz frm the grease movies..all im sayin dnt judge..n one tng dat really irritates me..sme ppl tnk u gta b geordie to love fwm south africa the nly toon supporter fwm s.a i knw is j.j n datz on dis blog..da rest are united arsenal liverpool supporterz in millions bt im die hard thro n thro

  3. xXx
    no mate, you don’t have to be a Geordie to support Newcastle, no one cares where your from as long as you support the team. However writing in English might be an idea on an English blog, took me bloody five minutes to read your post! :D

  4. not a fan of them infernal vuvuzela’s,but banning them is a bit police state if you ask me.what i would like to see at st james’,is what they do in italy where you give the biggest nutter,loudest fan and give him a microphone to lead the chanting,and get everyone going.

  5. I dunno, I think the banning is silly–almost as silly as the vuvuzelas themselves.

    Not that I’m a fan of the things–i have enough ear damage from the old punk rock shows–but is there any real possibility they’ll wind up in English grounds anyway?

  6. fsoc….maybe not the proper sized ones but the smaller one which are equally as annoying………When we go to Madrid to see wor lasses family they have them at the match there,I s’pose it’s what you’re used to but its defo not for me…………………wouldn’t mind some SLF blaring out pre match though ;-)

  7. Does anyone know if you are allowed to take real instruments into SJP? I have often thought it would be good to have drums and brass to enhance the chants.

  8. when ya get to my age the music can’t damage my hearing anymore so I can have the Ipod full blast :-)

  9. They just make the noise by putting their hands together anyway. So it isn’t gonna stop the geordie vuvuzela chant for a while thats for sure.

    Who listens to the stewards anyway, officially your not allowed to take a can of pop in the ground, ‘incase its used as a weapon’. I pointed out why would I want to use it as a weapon against my own fans, I was nowhere near the away supporters. Yeah yeah Ashley it’s just because you want me to buy a bovril for £5 or summit.

  10. Ah, there it is. I’m just realizing that the album’s called Inflammable Material, but I forgot the song is “Suspect Device!”

    Ain’t it all sentimental? Now I got Barbra Streisand crooning “Memories… from the corners of my mind… misty water colored…” NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  11. Dick – Good question. I don’t know the anser to that in fairness.

    One thing I will say, ou som Vuvuzelas in the East Stand. That’ll fettle the coffin dodgers in there. It was alright in there but has become like a morgue nowadays. hame as I used to sit there all the time.

    I’ll be up with the charvers in level 7 for the next time I go :D

  12. DJG – Ashley diesn’t do the catering anymore. It’s outsourced. He just pays a flat fee and the caterers charge that amounts.

    Doesn’t Hall still have something to do with it aswell?

  13. Just remember lads, not everyone speaks English as first language, I struggle with it aswell :D

    If you read what xXx wrote it is all written phonteically, like it sounds when you speak it.

  14. FSOTC – It’s not just Newcastle, It’s everywhere. When I went to Wembley to watch Portsmouth win the FA Cup with my mrs and her Pompey loving family they took her 76-year old grandads sandwiches and bottle of water off of him on the way into the ground.

    Scandalous mate.

  15. any transfer rumours today?
    whats happening re Ben Arfa or Aveloa?
    are we getin a striker in?

  16. Toonsy, don’t be so naive: A sandwich in the hands of the right, motivated and highly trained 76 year old can be deadly.

    It only takes one crazed pensioner with an egg-salad on a pumpernickel bagel to take a life.

  17. fsotc…..aye I’ve got suspect device and alternative ulster somewhere on vinyl.

  18. Stiff little fingers? Each Dollar A Bullet + Beirut Moon are great songs too…

  19. They’ll never ban those damn horns here in the States. Our football is heavilly influenced by Latin America- meaning you can pretty much bring anything into the grounds and have a full brass and drum band playing in the stands.

  20. I wouldn’t mind hearing ‘gotta get away’ before k.o.
    Is this turning into an SLF blog??

  21. Jettson,
    I heard at lunchtime that Ben Arfa is in Newcastle today, he has had his medical and they are thrashing out personal terms.

    Not sure if loan or purchase but he is here, and may yet still talk to another prem club.

    Prob Everton I hink???

    Thats just rumour i heard from a usually reliable source!

  22. I have heard that Ben Arfa has been holed up in Newcastle for about 6 days running now :roll:

  23. Toonsy
    He played the other night for Marseille????

    Or was that you being visecious??? (is that a word and does it mean what mean it to mean>?)

  24. In me younger days at the ‘youth club’ I used to like ‘at the edge’…….happy days :-)

  25. fsotc,

    lol Lemmy is a great role model for these kids :D as he was for me… Now pass me that bottle of JD.

  26. Richie toon

    Was that back when you were young and they were talking at me??

    I never listened to a word they said!
    Always yap yap yap yap yap yap yapping at me

    living ON the edge!!!!!!!!

  27. 2n2n I think you mean facetious.

    facetious [fəˈsiːʃəs]
    1. characterized by levity of attitude and love of joking a facetious person
    2. jocular or amusing, esp at inappropriate times facetious remarks
    [from Old French facetieux, from facetie witty saying; see facetiae]
    facetiously adv
    facetiousness n

  28. 2n2n………. :lol: that’s the one got that on vinyl somewhere ………swapped it wi me mate for ‘2 pints of lager….’ by Splodgenessabounds(don’t know if spelt right)

  29. 2n 2n – Nah. I was just saying that I have heard the Ben Arfa thing lots of times now :)

    CC – :twisted:

  30. Think what his agent has been saying is he will only be going to a team that can potentially met the £7-8m price tag after a years lone, they are unsure if Newcastle or even Milan will be able to met this. Im surprised that Milan potentially couldn’t. I could be wrong.

  31. Toonsy a knaa
    Cannot see it me like, thats why i dint get too excited even though me source is usually quite reliable!!

    Friggin in the riggin eh?

  32. Personally i would bid 8mil for Rodallega……i think he would be the perfect fit for our team……..i feel like one of the big clubs should have signed him up.

  33. 2n 2n – I just don’t put too much faith in sources mate, never have. It’s nice to hear the rumour but inevitably it just ends up in disappointment.

    The last one that got called right to me by a source was Leon Best 8O

    Like I said, inevitably it just ends up in disappointment :lol:

  34. bit of a broken record…”if a good club with big ambitions comes in, i’ll move” “i’ve talked to my bosses so they know where i stand” balh blah blah blah…maybe he can join up with his old friends bruce and bramble at the mackems ;)

  35. chuck
    Submitted on 2010/07/30 at 2:35pm

    “Running out of steam, this the best you can come up with ?
    Ed`s gonna destroy you!”

    Just fished that out :roll:

    Statistics would suggest otherwise, but let’s not let facts get in the way ;)

    How are those lemons Chuck? Bitter? :lol:

  36. black flag okay,dead kennedys,circle jerks,but you cannot whack british street punk and oi.
    angelic upstarts,
    cock sparrer,
    cockney rejects,
    the warriors,
    the exploited,
    uk subs,
    red alert,
    crashed out,
    the 4 skins,
    the last resort,
    the blood,
    the partizans,
    the adicts,
    max splodge,
    slaughter and the dogs,
    the ruts,
    red london,
    the business,
    east end baddoes,
    good american bands
    crucial change,
    iron cross,
    agnostic front,
    the bruisers,
    dropkick murphy’s early days,
    boot party,
    and loads of others.

  37. Westerman stays at Shalke after Sunderland interest cools
    Upson stays at West Ham after Sunderland interest cools
    Gosling to Newcastle after Sunderland interest cools
    Campbell to Newcastle after Sunderland interest cools
    James to Bristol City after Sunderland interest cools

    Do i see a pattern emerging :lol:

    Im fully expecting their interest in N’Zogbia, Welbeck and Figueroa to “cool” in the next week, Fcuking hell Harrods is closing soon brucie better get to Asda before the oops sections empty…

  38. You got 8 million then tinytim? Glad they banned them shite horns, getting my ticket for the wolves game ordered Monday, happy days :)

  39. Dead Kennedys… good lord how did I forget to name-check them. What a band!

    I have to confess that I know some of the bands you list by name only and some not at all. Would be nice to have time & scratch to check them all out…

  40. 8 mill for Rodallega is good business… pretty sure we could muster up some cash for a good player…..of course we would have to get any future players on loan then.

  41. Richie

    Dont know yet, Was all set for it this morning but im just starting to put mesel of with the thought of the car trip…

  42. CC ………..was thinking about it but then still didnt see anything about the club donating owt to Sir Bobby’s fund. So binned it now and moving the stuff out of a house I was renting………which reminds me,have to go and pick up the Luton soon.

  43. ritchie, i am, got my tickets with my mates as soon as they were available last month or something :D

  44. Toonsy – maybe hes got energy though, i think he would complement Carroll…..i would like that lineup.

    Carroll Rodallega

    Routledge Nolan Smith Jonas

    Enrique Colo Campbell Perch

  45. Aye toonsy, don’t know whether to protect myself from solid items or spit and piss? Probably the latter ;)

  46. Piss, I would say :)

    They have a habit of that. I hear that is how they originally got gold shirts :D

  47. Hahahaha…

    I actually agree. By and large the Vuvuzela can be irritating if you arn’t the one blowing it. And it has absolutely nothing to do with UK Footballing Culture. It would be ridiculous if they allowed them in the grounds.

    I would even have understood if they banned them from matches in the World Cup not involving South Africa. Until I noticed 80% of the people using them were foreigners just caught up in the vibe which unless you were in South Africa at the time, you would never understand.

    Premier league football has a unique culture of its own. And vuvuzelas would only ruin that.

    I’m just as relieved to see them banning them from our rugby and cricket stadia here in South Africa. Its a local football culture and shouldnt be allowed to become purely a marketing gimmick.

  48. With our current financial state I dont think we’ll get a better striker than Rodallega.

  49. JJ he is for sale for 8mill,dont think that fits our budget,would much pefer gyan at 6mil,wont get ethier of them like

  50. I think Gyan is a bit overated after the World Cup performances.

    If we had to go for any of the African strikers. The best buy would be Gervinho of Ivory Coast. Class player that.

  51. JJ gyan was picked on his club showing so w.c.didnt come into it,was canny like,there was a couple of I.C. players that did well like,but then again w.c.

  52. Vuvuzela’s banned! I’m so happy right now I might have to ‘do a little dance’! :) I hate those things with a passion and had to watch the World Cup without sound because of them :(

  53. Anyone think darius vassell would be a good signing? lots of pace and experience, could be good backup for lovenkrands and would play well alongside carroll

  54. JJ ya’ll be long gone but hows you?………….must be all quiet over there since the W.C finished?