Can Hughton cut it in the big league?

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Hughton - Can he cut? Maybe he can...
Hughton - Can he cut? Maybe he can...
After a brief flurry of transfer activity and rumour on the Newcastle front, things seem to have settled down a bit.

Dan Gosling, as yet, hasn’t signed, and our players have been away for a week training in Ireland. Obviously this has meant that Chris Hughton has been away with them as he tries to whip his troops into shape in preapration for the new season.

The knives are out for Newcastle, again, and amazingly it is some of our own fans who are ready to stick the blade in if we falter. Despite claims from Danny Guthrie the other day, which suggested that the players will be ignoring the critics, there is no doubt that it will end up cranking up the pressue on the players over time, and it will probably be Chris Hughton who will pay the ultimate price if things do start to get out of hand. That price will likely be his job, but is he good enough to avoid that situation arising in the first place?

I believe so, for a number of reasons. The first one is that I believe that Hughton will given a lighter ride by the fans. Don’t get me wrong, he wont escape criticism, that is for sure, but I believe that most of the criticism will be levelled at Mike Ashley as he is the one who has restricted the cashflow and left Hughton swimming against the tide on the transfer market.

The second reason is the experience that he would have gained from last season. Hughton has been a top flight coach and football player for decades now, so he does know the game. The question is, can he translate the experience he has gained throughout his career into results against some of the best managers in the business? Remember, this season he won’t have a squad that is the best in the league, unlike last time round!

The third reason, and possibly the most important one, is this team is his team. He has worked with them, gained their respect and trust, and knows what they can and can’t do, despite some fans claiming they could manage Newcastle and do better than Hughton. Maybe that was an exaggeration, but you kind of get my drift.

Cruelly, and rather disrespectfully, accusations have been made that claimed that anyone could have managed Newcastle to their title win last season, which is of course pure folly, fantasy if you will, especially when you look back at the mess we were around about 12 months ago.

Can he cut it? That is a question that is waiting to be answered. All I will say is that it is a good job he used to be a defender as that experience and midset could be tested quite often next season! He maybe a success and lead us to safety, he may fail miserably and pay the ultimate price, but one thing we can be certain of is that it won’t be from lack of effort on his part!

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327 Responses

  1. Don’t see why not.
    He knows it inside out.
    & is bedded in, in the job this time, not stepping into a emergency situation.
    The bottom half of the league will be more worried about us than they will against blackpool, wba et al coming up.

  2. 100% confident in Chris. If the fans can keep expectations under control for the next few season, I see him becoming a very successful manager for us, and what we need, a manager who can be here for the long haul.

  3. Evening gentry :)

    Doing sterling work, the lot of you. It’s far more intelligent debate than I manage ;)

    Arsholes ;)

    That’s better :lol:

    Be back on later. Thank fcuk I am gannin yem tomorrow. It’s been a nice meeting so far, but I would much rather be at home!

  4. It is pre-season & everyone is ready and able to win all three trophies. How good is NUFC? We don’t know because we don’t know how we match up in terms of speed strength or savvy against the rest of the league. We have big ? marks about who will make the step up from Championship to PL and hold their own. IMHO, CH will be as good as the physical capabilities, hearts and bodies he puts on the field. I don’t see players laying down on him, or making the squad with a disinterested attitude. So if the lads match up with the opposition on physical dimensions, it will be OK.
    Going forward, it remains to be seen if he has the ability to find the “extra gear” in his team, or to select a squad that will be better than the opposition, and by that I mean sitting a star down because one of the role players has the number of his opponent. That is the bold management that wins cups.

  5. toonsy,
    alreet marra.
    Hope it’s all going well mate.

    we definitely need a manager that lasts for 5 years or more mate. Any team doing well has.

  6. CLiNT – Fair to middling. Tomorrow is the big day mate. It’s looking good though so fingers crossed. My imperial Japanese paymasters have seemed impressed ;)

  7. So, do you think CH gets a contract extension before the end of the season, or does MA wait until December like to see where the team stands and whether or not to bring in new direction?

    Of course, MA may just wait until the end of the year given that he’s only paying 250K/yr to CH, correct? Why change that now? Of course any new manager would probably come on for more and have early termination compensation built into things, should that become a need.

    I hope he gets the whole season, and quite honestly, gets a long term offer soon. I would love to see stability at the top for a change. Since I’ve been watching (2002 and on), there’s been a whole lot of managers…perhaps enought to field a side. That needs to change.

  8. I don’t think he will,but there again nobody would with ashley running the club with his tight fisted policies.

  9. I guess my thought is that, may as well do it now. We know he’s good enough to get the team OUT of the Championship, so if the unthinkable happens, we know we have someone at the helm who can lead the charge back up. Plus, as a sign of appreciation from MA, the least he could do is offer him another 2 year contract with improved terms.

    Just my thoughts.

    I just can’t flippin wait to the first kick…I am very anxious. Mother-in-law is heading to London next week…will be picking up my new kit while there…saving me a few quid in shipping.

  10. Another Brian Clough, not the Leeds version though, but a little more restrained.

    Don’t know if its been done already, but if we could take any player from the WC to come to us who would you choose. My own choice would be Ramos.

  11. NorCal,
    but he does need to, so he’s gonna wait, i reckon.
    Cos if the crowd pressure gets too much, he won’t have a lot of choice. So if he’s gonna get forced out in that way, MA won’t wanna get stuck paying out more than he has to.
    Just my thoughts on his ‘possible’ thinking, if you know what i mean?

    Wear it with pride dood!

  12. Hughton will be fine over time, imo, he will build us in to a side that can challenge for Europe (so long as he has a reasonable transfer budget). You could argue at times he makes mistakes tactically (ie playing Nicky Butt), but he has done the most important thing which is achieving a good spirit with in the squad. If he can keep the spirit with in the squad this season which will be difficult because we won’t roll over teams like we did last year then for the seasons after we will be fine with Hughton in charge.

  13. I think CH should be able to step up the only thing I worry about is how he can rally the troops after a few hammerings which we will get. I dont really see the need in giving CH a new contract at the mo if he is happy enough to go along with the present arrangment then thats that sorted.

  14. SO69,
    the start of last season was way more fractious than this, we were in utter turmoil & CH almost single handedly pulled it all round to win the league with 102 points.
    Now you would hardly know that that had happened, that is an absolute miracle, that no one predicted, in fact they all said the opposite would happen.
    That team spirit won’t break down so easily.
    Yes, we’ll lose some games, but i reckon we can bounce back now. Not like the bunch in the last prem season.

  15. It’s good to see that people are already predicting hammerings.
    That’s what people said last year at this point.

  16. Alreet pals and gals? I think ch will be ok but of course if things go badly I think he will get hammer, from the press mainly. In an additional point about his contract, do you think if the chips are down and he is asking for that extra 10% people will give it to him? I know they say money isn’t a motivator, but in any other business the manager is the highest paid, and of course in this instance that is nowhere near the case.

    In addition to the point on the singing section, you could have the corner directly opposite the current signing bit

  17. CLINT think you could be right,bit of pride involed here maybe,but let us judge after our first defeat,its in the eating eh

  18. Aye, it’s difficult to gauge as the newcomers to the party now. We are down 30% in quality since the last Manure opener 2 years ago. But we have the momentum with us having come up, and a fantastic close – almost family – spirit which is pretty rare at the top level these days. Good shout – aye we could struggle for pace down the middle of the pitch, and I’m keen for us to sign a creative no.10 type striker with pace, and not just to rely on our wingers to get past opposition defenders then find none of our lads in the box – meanwhile nolan, barton and guthrie tear up the pitch trying to support.

    It’s tempting to celebrate the promotion and feel good factor with the offer of a new contract to Hughton. Based on previous experience though there is no desperate hurry. It makes sense all round to see how things go, and to re-assess mid-season. We’re a classic hormonal club – good/bad decisions made in a flash, and often followed up with even worse ones.

    Hughton has the (majority of) our complete faith and support after last season’s miraculous turnaround. Deep breaths, head’s doon and contracts can come later. As they say – act in haste, repent at leisure.

  19. dave where have been hideing m8.
    hope bother not near you mate,being a bit worryed about pal you old sod

  20. Clint are you predicting that we wont get a few Hammerings ?
    Ice hows you young Fella havn’t been on in a couple days mate, I thought we might have heard of something by now ;)

  21. Raffo/ice,
    Alreet lads.

    I think CH is well ready for defeats, i’m sure he knows we’ll lose.
    I reckon the big test is how he & the team react to the crowd getting on their backs, that’s harder to quantify.
    Although they played through a few disquieting games last season.
    The lads that stayed & fought last year now trust him & the new boys are his boys.
    I just hope he goes about it as he has so far.
    Unruffled, calm, dignified & determined.

  22. That’s right, the spirit will ne tested at some point, but we must be in a mentally stronger position for last season in terms of winning games, good feelings etc instead o the usual struggling seasons before.

    I am all for seeing how ch does before offering a better contract. As others m ruined earlier we have wasted plenty of money when sacking managers sorts see how he does

  23. summerof69 – In fairness, the idea of tactical mistakes is very subjective. Hughton hasn’t made too many in my book. The biggest all-round criticism I’ve heard is that he has been guilty of overlooking youth – which I think is a bit rich considering what he did in terms of galvanising the squad. Ranger had a fair crack last summer and he’ll get more I’ve no doubt – it’s up to him to the younguns to take it, it aint care in the community.

  24. Dave,
    na mate,
    i don’t do predictions.
    They just end up coming back to bite yo’ ass.
    All i’m saying is i’m glad others are predicting the same as last year, cos we all know how that turned out.
    Whey hey!

  25. Glad things by you are grand dave.

    Just seen chris eagles is talking to rangers, does anyone think he could do a job for us?

  26. RAFFO i see nowt wrong with yearly rolling contracts,keeps them on there toes so to speak,some will say it stops players comeing to club if manager hasnt got a long contract,players should come for the CLUB not manager if he moves on players say they arent happy and he wants to move more turmoil.its a no-win game imo

  27. Clint I have no doubts that we will get a few hammerings, I just think the important thing is how we respond to them we have to take them on the chin and dont let our heads drop. I do agree with Toonsy that I think and hope that the fans wont jump on CH as quick as usual and realise that he can only play with the hand he is dealt by the Fat Dealer MA

  28. chris hughton did a good job last season,and that there is no doubt.all in all last season could not have went better for chris,he had very little injury worries,not much in the way of a dip in form,possibly a couple of dodgy weeks.he pretty much sailed through the season without any crisis situations.
    this season will be interesting to see how he deals with the plethora of problems that will probably emerge during a tough campaign.
    i think a lot of fans will also agree,that they will have to hit the ground running,and get some early points on board.if they can do this,it will take the pressure off him a bit.
    i take your point toonsy in regard to the fans not getting on his back,but i seem to remember a certain mr roeder in the very same position,where the anger was directed towards shepherd,and not him.roeder still resigned as the pressure became too much,does chris hughton fall into that,thoroughly decent guy but…,only time will tell.
    one critisism i do have about chris,are his bizzare formations,and player rotations,it sometimes made life hard for them in some games last term.
    i think this season more at home,as i think away it will be 4-5-1,he needs to not rotate as much and try and get a winning side.
    on the other side of the coin there’s as much scope for it to all go pete tong,all it will take is to get off to a bad start,and the tensions that are still bubbling under the surface could quickly rise to the top.
    most of the venom will be directed at ashley,”YOU’RE JUST A FAT GREEDY B*****D”will throng the area outside the milburn stand.
    just trying to be balanced,as it will be a fine line between the two,and make no mistake.”BOYCOUTT”.

  29. How ice,
    when the chips are down, players will point to anything to get themselves off the hook, usually.

    So Dave,
    do you think we’ll turn anyone over aswell?

  30. Air pretty quiet mate. I don’t know what position but i seem to recall left wing and being pretty creative.

    I think the rate that managers are replaced etc there will be more and more on rolling deals to keep finances down. Look at real for example chopping and changing all the time would cost loads in compo

  31. EAGLES was big willys shout,good when in ccc but when stepped up to pl he was found wanting badly,hence looking aboot now

  32. The only flaw in Hughton I saw last season was a fear of making substitutions. Unless someone was injured, he seems scared to change. We have three changes to make per game – they should be used.

    If he would get past that, he would be fine. I have 100% faith in Hughton.

  33. another issue is whether hughton’s manager status,just titular,there is some talk about putting someone over the top of him like what happened with keegan.if this is the case that might be why he hasn’t been offered anything concrete by laurel and hardy,in the way of a could be that his management status is only a transitory thing,just a thought.

  34. Clint I do think we will see a few good matchs at home when we will turn over a few teams and have a decent home record. I can even see us surprise a few teams and a couple of decent away results ;)

  35. Yeah big dave, hopefully against wolves. First game u can get to. Thanks to sky and virgin trains :(

  36. normally 40 points sees you home and hose so its easy to see how many games to win/draw,but hay lets look a bit higher

  37. icedog,recent years show sometimes it’s lower than 40 required,but take what you’re saying better off aiming for 40,then anything after that’s a bonus.

  38. this all smacks of the smoggies for me… yo yo…. and look where they are now…. they were touted as having the best youth set up in Europe a few years back but have proved that little outlay and no experience means the pies and tickets are cheaper for the supporters come the next season.

    Dont get me wrong like… I like Chris Hughton and what he has done at NUFC…. I just dont know if it will be enough for where the game is now in the prem.

    Just like the last 32 yrs of my life I have great expectations for NUFC until porven otherwise.


  39. If Ashley won’t sack Hughton I reckon we might gather ~50 points, tho’ PRM is really tough, tougher than when we got relegated.

  40. RAFFO one thing that is sure at least 2 managers will lose there jobs this season who well its anyones guess,i do think s.bruce will be on thin ice if they start poorly

  41. Dingo,
    that’s where you’re going wrong mate, high expectations.

    there’s no way it’s a harder league than 2 years ago, what’s changed that’s made it so much harder?

  42. Fulham’s new manager might be under fire quite fast, depends on how well he starts the season. Mancini and Hodgson will be under pressure to perform, tho’ the second one will deliver. Bruce and Hughton also a possibilities… Rest of the managers, IMO, will stay where they are.

  43. CADBURY there is always a shock or so m8,guess we will have to wait what shocks we are infore

  44. How many new dawns have I seen at the toon since my first in 1948? Alas most of them have been false dawns.
    I must admit I enter this one with a little less enthusiasm.Never mind here we go lets hope there is more good bits than bad.

  45. Clint,

    well, I remember there used to be times, even when Newcastle struggled, I was thinking “this team, this team we can beat” (for example Fulham, Wigan, Bolton, Man City(without their money), Stoke, Birmingham) now I take a look at the table and I’m quite worried, Birmingham bought some good players in transfer market and are really playing well, Stoke always hard to beat, very physical, Wigan is some kind of a joker now, one day they “rape” Arsenal or some top team, another day they loose to some midfield team 5:1… Fulham was fantastic under Roy and I think they will do well anyways, Bolton getting to know some half attractive football under Coyle… Blackburn even under Big Sam, they are very hard to beat…. Also the top teams, except for Liverpool haven’t gone backwards.

    I do hope we will do well, but the times have really changed in PRM, tho’ for us they changed some time ago…

  46. I’m sure CH can cut it this year, we need a bit of luck with injuries, and perhaps a couple more signings, then we’ll be ok. Tactically he’ll adopt a safety first attitude, that’s for sure, steady lad is Chris.

  47. i wonder what will happen,if it does go wrong?would ashley be quick on the trigger?or would he give chris more time?if he does sack him the whole country would just be waiting to heap more humiliation on ashley,it could be a minefield.

  48. I do hope you guys are right and we will cause a positive shock, at least for ourselves. Also there is always a chance to do Reading (at their best season in PRM) and Birmingham last year, tho’ usually after rapid climbs, rapid falls follow.

  49. Who said a lucky manager is better than a good manager?CH was most certainly a lucky manager last season.Lets hope it lasts.

  50. cadbury,you can also look at the fact,that the last time we were in the prem we could not beat any of these so called lesser sides.we only took two points from stoke,1 from wigan,1 from hull,and this was with a team of supposed stars.we didn’t take much from the hammers,it wont be easy,that’s for sure.

  51. Dead right Trojan 69, it’ll be a tough first season back in the big league. Looking forward to the start of the new season though, I cannot recall a pre-season with such hesitancy and low expectation from the fans, it’s as if we’re just waiting to fail.

  52. I can see Mancini going simply down to him not being able to produce the world in two minutes.

    I also think Di Mateo may be under pressure too.

    Reet cheers for the crack today boys, same time same place on the mora!!


  53. to me things are not all bad,just a glance at fix at home there are 10 games we should hope to win and 3 we should draw thats 33pt,would think we should get at least 7pt away but it is the toon like

  54. In some way Newcastle is like England, or at least used to be, when we had all those star players in squad, everybody was waiting for us to perform, but we failed, maybe now when noone is expecting anything from us, including major part of our fans, we will finally get back on track.

  55. We were in a total mess last time.
    No team spirit, no manager or too many.
    Clueless prima donnas.

    westham, fulham have new managers.
    wba & blackpool are gonna struggle.
    liverpool could fly or dive, & there’s a whole bunch of also rans, mackems, bolton, wigan, blackburn, stoke, brum.
    Not saying they’re crap, they aren’t, but they won’t relish coming to SJP. Even the top 5/6 will be wary of us.
    Aye, we’ll get beat some times, but there’s a lot of pressure on everyone. Even some of the top bunch will have europe to contend with & therefore more injuries & rotations.
    It won’t be easy by any stretch, but if we get behind the lads at every game, we can make a difference, we done it before & we can do it again.

  56. There is no ambition being shown from “the top” That only leaves hope.To succeed you need to WANT to win not just hope to win.I fear like England at the world cup get the first bit wrong the pressure builds ????

  57. I reckon Everton are currently appealing against the Gosling affair, thats probably…hopefully… the reason why the toon haven’t announce his signing yet. At the end of the day, there’s been a flurry of speculation, but as yet STILL no new signings….are we having the piss taken out of us again ?!

  58. MM we heard this morning that him and perch arrived at some hotel today together,how true dont know,clint might tell you better m8.ime off later lads

  59. Cheers ice,
    we’re Toon, come what may.
    Call it blind faith, no faith, true faith.
    What are we gonna do?

    What can we do?
    All we can do is support the lads.
    They haven’t even kicked a ball yet, the window ain’t shut yet.
    Owt can still happen.

  60. I see bottom five like this –

    West Ham

    with us on about 39.

  61. I can see wolves finishing above wba.
    Also see fulham having another transitional season.
    Love to see the village of the damned down there.

  62. I think Wolves might have punched out last year and I just think WBA might surprise a few teams this year. I think Blackpool will too but won’t have enough in the tank.

    Fulham might well do that too. I toyed with the idea of WBA/Fulham but thought that was a little unfair hedging my bets.

    Mackems will probably finish 10th-13th.

  63. If wba can surprise a few, why can’t we?
    After all they finished well behind us & never really looked like being consistent enough to challenge.
    Plus there’s always at least one team that no one expected to be down there.
    I think you’re being a little kind to the queersiders there like too. Or is that a bit reverse psychology?

  64. No reason why we can’t, just my gut feeling is that we won’t. I think a combination of a few factors might result in us having a tougher time of it than WBA in some games.

    I think you could choose from Bimingham, Everton, Fulham and Liverpool for teams who could have a mare and flirt with danger before finishing 14th or 15th.

  65. Yes your right (Toonsy) Hughton has loads of experience as a coach and IMO has the tactical nous needed to manage this side.
    Question is, will he have the horses?
    Hopefully we will begin the season with both a larger squad and an improved one.
    His recent statement concerning the W/C winners reflects his understanding of the game and if last season is anything to go by, his transformation of a squad in chaos, to one that lost what ? 4 games.
    That says something about his all round ability tactically, picking the right team to face teams playing different styles and getting the players up for every game.
    Depending on who else comes into the side will be a big factor, but i think we may have the ability to survive this first season back, a lot depends on Houghton.

  66. Aaaaaaaaargh! You’s do my head in!
    How can anyone say we will end up mid table? How cam anyone believe in hooters?
    Who is gonna score? We must have the weakest strikeforce pre 1992/ 1993, since first joining the premier league. If not, which year was weaker? I’m intrigued!
    Hooters has bought cheap duds. Pancake, best and according to forest fans perch .
    Someone please explain.
    I predict our first game will be 6 nil to the mancs.

  67. Sure making predictions, without knowing who we will have playing for us is like betting on a race without knowing who all the runners are.
    We can only go by past practice and having seen what Hughton accomplished last season, just as soon have him in charge as any of our recent managere other than Sir Bobby.
    Whats up with Gosling ?
    Nobody signed Scharner yet?
    Looks like everyone`s playing a waiting game, unless there`s negotiations going on we are unaware of ?

  68. @toonchickennugget

    Just answer the question I posed instead of burying your head in the sand.
    Since promotion to the premier league at the beginning of the 90’s , which team had a weaker strikeforce than we’ve got now?

  69. Just noticed toonchickennugget last posted at 1.15am. No doubt he won’t rise til midday and have a joint before he gets out of bed.
    Same routine since he left school 20 yrs ago and blames society for not giving him a job.
    I pose the question in my previous post to others.

  70. @Mick G

    I think viduka , Owen , martins and shola were better than shola, Carroll , loverman and best.
    Get serious .

  71. Got a funny feeling about today!
    So took day off.
    First good signing on the way?

  72. Can see a quality midfielder coming in soon.
    Got told last week a player would be in for first friendly.
    As always though could be so wrong. And so could He!

  73. From the Journal:

    Hughton dismissed reports linking him with a move for Romania striker Andrei Cristea – and also says there is nothing in claims United have registered interest in Sporting Lisbon forward Yannick Djalo.

    “Those names are not even close,” he said. Tellingly, however, he said he was unable to comment on the subject of Dan Gosling, who The Journal understands has agreed to sign for Newcastle pending an appeal from Everton over the England under-21 midfielder’s contract situation.

  74. No doubt another cheap dud in the mold of Routledge and Williamson, eh Waddles?


  75. Yeah same here icedog, Djalo’s scoring record is pretty poor for Sporting and hadn’t heard of the other guy. Don’t think CH has dismissed the speculation about that other striker in France we had a 5m bid rejected for so we could well be after him.

    Looks like the deal for Gosling is in the final stages after what a couple of guys have said on here and ed’s blog which is good.

    I’d be happy if we brought in Van Aanholt, Scharner, a winger/creative midfielder and a striker.

  76. But more from the Journal……. still saying nowt of course! He’s teasing the fans!!

    ‘Hughton’s priority is finding a striker of international pedigree but is also looking for defensive cover. United have operated without back-up for Jose Enrique for the past couple of seasons and may turn to former loanee Patrick van Aanholt if Chelsea are willing to let him leave.

    “We’re still looking for one or two quality additions to the existing squad and I’m quite sure that we will have them in before the start of the season,” Hughton (pictured below) said.

    “I think the market has been very slow so far and perhaps understandably not many clubs have been doing business while the World Cup has been on.

    “But since that finished I’ve noticed that slowly but surely clubs are beginning to do their business – and that is better for all of us……..”.

  77. by xmas the energy will be zapped out of him and will not want to get out of his bed in the mornings.

    he’ll look like a rabbit in the headlights – a broken man.

    walk now chris before fatty has your life.

  78. Marnin’ smegs. Good article, and good to see such realism and support for our manager.

    Yes, he’ll cut it. But even if it all went completely spoons (which I do NOT believe it will) we should stick with him because he knows the club and has shown his abilities. Best of all, he’s done all that while everything around him was a turd-storm. The perfect NUFC manager!

    Anyone going to the match Satda? I’ll be in the Lakes, but I’m wondering if I can push my luck with da wife so far as to get the time off. If it’s that or getting out on the bike in the fells, then sorry fellas – bike it is!

    (Am I banned now?)

  79. Roy, you are such an inspiration. Ever considered a career in life coaching?


    (btw – what accent do you have? I find your posts funniest with a broad brummie one…)

  80. whimper & chicken shit – unlike 90% of posters on here. my accent is broad geordie.

    jimmy nail’ish.

  81. does anyone reckon the fakey for sale signs will go up again this season?,if ashley can’t get his way?the nigerians being wheeled out,oh hold on the south african diamond company want to buy it,llambias three parties have matched the asking price,3 month later mike’s not selling,nobody matched the bid,he thinks he’s the best man for the job,lets drive this club forwad together blah,blah,blah etc….lol,here we go again.

  82. TROJAN 69 says:
    July 15, 2010 at 10:20 am

    new signing today?surely it will be friday.

    Sh!te thought it was friday!!!!

  83. Haha – I bet Harold likes it when you wear your crocodile shoes in bed, Roy!

  84. Morning guys and gals!!!

    What news on the transfer front? A few more in the place with me today but still gona be on here all day like!!!

  85. waddles,in all honesty many a true word said in jest,wouldn’t put it past yeston to sign him.

  86. Waddles – there be the new number 9!!!

    any gen or just a feeling in the old water today?!

  87. if hughton was to become another fall guy for the fat one,what’s the betting on caldermug being the next ahem,manager,coach?.

  88. Has Nicky Butt Retire from football full stop ?,I heard he was siging for someone like.

  89. Jesús Krísto – didn’t take long for the good vibes of yesterday to melt away, did it!

  90. Atleast Roberts never gives up,Hes strong,Strong in the air,wins freekicks etc. thats why i like him.

  91. I think this window is going to be like the last. A bit frustrating, some odd names arriving out of the blue, nothing startling – yet enough of them coming good in the end. I’d settle for that.

    What chance of van Aarnholt back? That’d be a great move. Anyone know Chelski well enough to comment?

  92. all joking aside he’s a good reliable striker is jason roberts,does okay wherever he’s been.

  93. Roy Cropper says:
    July 15, 2010 at 10:24 am
    whimper & chicken shit – unlike 90% of posters on here. my accent is broad geordie.

    jimmy nail’ish.

    Roy – American ‘geordie’?

  94. Aw, Macas! Just the sort of pessimistic crud we’re trying to avoid!

    Our strikers did really well last year, and you can only beat what’s in front of you. Carroll, Loverboy, Nolan and yes – Shola – will all get their fair share next year, and I’d rather have that than one 20-goaler and some also-rans.

    Just because we don’t have one big name getting loads of goals (only a handful of teams do now), our lads get slated. Yet most of the bottom half of the prem would love to take them off our hands. Except possibly Best. Or Xisco. But you never know…

  95. WHUMPIE dont think we would have any chance of v.aarnholt seems he is in the first team group,and it looks like a.cole is on the way out

  96. ssn reports s.bruce is trying to sign d.welbeck,and w.b.a.trying to get ngog from l/pool on season loan,w.b.a.must be a bit short of cash as well

  97. …rather have van Arnie than that twunt Cole…

    His ex would be nice to have as a mascot, though.

  98. true ICe but it was mentioned that Chelski have lined up the mexican LB if cole does go. I think Van the man could be a goer on a season long with a view to buy depending how he does.

    Whumpie – I would love to give them Strolla!!!

  99. Cant see Welbeck going to the unwashed, Fergie rates him, though perhaps on a seasons loan maybe. Money is tight everywhere and WBA and Blackpool and those around us will also have limited budgets. Cant see anyone but Man Shitty, Chelski spending big, Man U on a striker maybe but apart from that no. LPool have got Hodgson for that very reason

  100. RAFFO aye m8 money not tight for city,just signed silva 24mil,to think they wanted to buy the toon before they bought city ashley said no at that time,we dont need there cash lol

  101. ice – money should not be tight at newcastle either – we have no loan repayments , low wage bill (CH £5K/WEEK WTF !!), turnover doubled ect ect.

    we should be spending decent money on decent players dont you think ? – not shopping at home bargains.

  102. @whumpie
    You really are a woodentop aren’t chew!
    Our 4 strikers are the worst we’ve had since the early 90’s and if you can name a year when we had a weaker set then I will acknowledge your superior talent as a football genius.
    High ham weighting four the souper fore.

  103. Whumpie – It’s just an honest opinion, not pessimistic crud. Roberts was getting slated yet he is still probably on a par with our best strikers, although obviously his age will be starting to catch up with him now. I’m not knocking our strkers, but if we are going to slate solid players who have always done a job in the Prem then our players shouldn’t be exempt from criticism. Carroll is still very much unproven, and while I like Lovenkrands I wouldn’t say he was any better than Roberts.

  104. Great to see we start pre season with only a forest gump as our only acquisition to the squad!

  105. Roy – what are you on man? We have loans to Ashley and Loans to the bank! Whatever we need to be self sufficient and I dont want them to waste money if its not neccessary, although Joe Cole would be an ideal splash of the cash

  106. ROY C,you ok m8 well i hope.
    we live in the live and times of fat man,could make a soap prog about him but nee body would belive it m8

  107. raffo – i’m on my 4th bacon sarnie ! what you on like ?.

    lambarse said his fat boss dont want his loans repaid – & we have a £20 million overdraft (that aint no prob )for a club with the toons turnover.

    keep up with things man – spen spend spend.

    ice – champion m8 ta.

  108. lol RC – pints of coffee, plays havoc with the bladder though like!!#

    Go on then who should we be spend spend spending on?!

  109. just been showing the spending on evil sports,it’s starting to hot up now,most of the clubs are putting their hands in their pockets.

  110. the only money wide-load spends is when he has to pay for his ball’s up’s – fat sam , king kev , shit head dwarf , no due dilegence.

    he’s a world class w@nker.

  111. You’ll find there is a mortgage on the stadium now and not an overdraught and it’s for alot more than before.

  112. So far this summer Premier League clubs have signed a total of 30 new players.

    The majority of those are free transfers.

    59 players have left their clubs.

    Still think there’s a long way to go before Sky can say things are “heating up”.

  113. Good news Toon Chicken – I think he needs to get some games.

    Looks as though Man Shitty are gona sell Bellamy, I know I would have him back in the no10 shirt, would anyone else?

  114. Raffo – aye, maybe if we could get his lips stitched up and his arms tied behind his back. ;)

  115. lol, but I think thats why I like him as a player cos he is on the edge. You cant argue that he would be a great addition but I doubt he would come back here over a move to the spuds

  116. toon chicken,i’m only saying it’s been slow thus far,now we’re starting to see some movement.i not casting any aspersions about newcastle’s spending ffs,you touchy f***er lol.

  117. never said you were T69 – thought you were just repeating what Sky said, hence why I referred to them and not you in my reply. ;)

  118. “ASHLEY TO SPEND BIG”on pies,i’m suprised ashley hasn’t got shares in tindale and stanton.

  119. By the way,The headline annoys me because end of the day its the players fault who dont play well but all the blame go’s on the manager who hasnt touch the football,I know that they set out tactics etc. but its the players who are playing !

  120. Aye raffo – if I was him (Welsh not Geordie – perish the thought) I’d go to Spuds right now. He didn’t exactly leave us on great terms so doubt he’d be keen to return anyway.

  121. Just did the maths on Dan Gosling,If it is true we have offered him 25k a week on a 4 year deal and he is out for 18 weeks

    18 x 25k = 450 000 wasted on him !

  122. yeah but that was mainly down to his relationship with Big Al wasnt it, and I think a little to do with Sir Bob

  123. That’s a canny angle ciaran.
    Now add up all the other money ‘wasted’ on all the other players we’ve ever had, forever & post it up mate.
    It’ll be interesting to see how much people like Shearer, owen, & the other big earners have cost us down the years with their wasteful injuries.

  124. True Ciaran, but we only need to sell 40,000 shirts with his name on and then its all equal ;-)

  125. just heard that heskey has retired from international football. Jumping before he is pushed!!!

  126. raffo,you must be kicking yourself losing your job at the bindippers,never mind the compo will come in handy lol.

  127. I see carlisle have promised to try & injure us in their game with us on sat.

  128. emile heskey retiring from international?didn’t he do that years ago,come to think of it,he retired from football years ago.

  129. CiaranTheGeordieLad says:
    July 15, 2010 at 1:09 pm
    Just did the maths on Dan Gosling,If it is true we have offered him 25k a week on a 4 year deal and he is out for 18 weeks

    18 x 25k = 450 000 wasted on him !

    Ciaran, wake up man. It aint £450k wasted it £459K invested in getting him before he’s fully fit, signed for someone else or evene in contract with Everton and thus commanding a fee of £millions plus wages!

    If he does sign for free or a smallish fee, then it’s money well spent I’d say.

    Thoughts anyone?

    PS – could Roy Crapper be the Moral Officer?

  130. Lesh – I agree with you mate, think of it in terms of a transfer fee then 450k for him is sound business if he is supposed to be worth £4million +

  131. Dont worry about Steven Harper,My Celtic mate Just prank call me ! Saying about Celtic has just signed him.

  132. Interesting Smudger and Strolla to go wouldnt be the worst thing, but did you read further down about De Guzman wants to come but holding out for a better deal, and that CH has persuaded Fat boy he needs to buy a top striker and Huntelaar to wear the no9 shirt!!!

    Ha I would be amazed if anything from that list happened but heres hopin!!

  133. RAFFO got to have something to wet the taste buds true or not,gets you ganning like

  134. 15 Jul 2010 00:28:59
    News coming out of Newcastle is that Hughton will be rewarded for last seasons efforts with a new 2 year deal. Also, money is there too spend, and after confirming the Gosling deal Newcastle will push through for Djalo or Erdinc before the season starts, probably going to cost them about £6million. Also Per Cijan Skjelbred again being mentioned, but the fact Rosenborg are looking for £7 million will put off Newcastle. Juan Albin or Jonathan De Guzman are being mention as frees, and it looks as though De Guzman may join the club on trial next week.
    Celtic taking serious look at Alan Smith, but his wage demands of £50,000 look too much.
    Also can confirm Newcastle had a significant 7 figure sum turned down last week for Mulumbu of West Brom.

    Also that from the same site LESH fella

  135. 15 Jul 2010 10:44:40
    Editor–any new Newcastle rumours? {editor’s note – nothing new as such, but I have been told that there will be a bid made for a new centre back this weekend. He wouldn’t give me a name but he did say don’t expect much as he reckons the maximum budget was £2.5m for a centre back, either signing fee or transfer fee. I don’t know if anyone else could have an idea who the defender could be?}

    and this ;-)

  136. yep I am!! ;-)

    Though the latter ones would seem to make more sense as 2.5million for a CB would be the ball aprk I would expect, though your not going to get anything decent for that price really.

    Huntelaar would be the king maker eh Trojan

  137. Also heard rumours that Klass Jan Huntelaar is set to come to newcastle in a 10m deal. Hughton has presuaded ashley that they need a top class striker. Huntelaar wants first team football and will be looking to wear no.9

    LOL At “Lesh” Site.

  138. Just something that is bothering me. If this De Guzman is sposed to be decent, why has he been released? Wouldnt he have been sold?

    Also, when do the squad numbers get released? I have to say I am a little bit of a traditionalist in that I would like to see S Taylor in the No 5 shirt. I just think that you should have your first choice 11 in the No’s 1 – 11 as Holland did.

  139. Took the day off today expecting something to happen.
    what a bummer.
    Quality Midfielder and striker ;)
    But who when time will tell.
    If your reading this (A) Text Me you Twaht

  140. Good innit Raffo….. they pay folk good money to tell jokes on TV – these guys do it for nowt!!!!

    I’m half expecting to hear that Bin Laden and the Pope are lined up too.

  141. Bin Laden?! He would be ok but I have heard he goes hiding halfway through the game ;-)

  142. Aye the Bar stewart. Taking the p!ss out of moi!!
    Love it when a plan comes together… :)

  143. Yup Raffo, you’re right about Osama hiding and the other one, well, he likes to be carried!

  144. he posts on .com, he works in a hotel and all NUFC players go in there. He said he saw Perch and Gossling yesterday in there

  145. craigcoozy // Jul 14, 2010 at 1:44 PM

    lads jus gt lastest dan gosling has just checked in at newcastle he’s just got flight bck from ireland and arrived at a hotel with perch and confirmed he has signed !! apprently he is quite small !! he said he will be training with 1st team squad tomorrow so expect confirmation nxt few hrs !!!

    Thats the last bit of genb he posted, though i aint come to fruitian yet

  146. aye nowt new, keeps saying something imminent!
    a couple?
    not saying who or what position.
    graham carr recommendation?

    That narrows it down to 55 players…..

  147. does your man work at the club or know someone there?

    Albin is a good shout but heard nothing on him for a good while

  148. got 2. one i just got a text from eventually!
    works for the club and says mega dodgey about spouting off rumours!!!!
    Other mate used to work for club but still in the loop (he told me about harper)

  149. What is the usual expiration date for players contracts in other European leagues? Maybe we are waiting for some players contracts to expire in Spain/France etc before they sign a deal with us. Could this maybe be the case with Albin?

  150. At the risk of being slated,

    My mate just spied Joe Cole at Newcastle Airport.

  151. Not teasing Raffo mate, honestly he did. Text me 10 mins ago. Lad wouldn’t lie.

  152. right im off yhem, see ya’s later on when Joe Cole will be at the ground to sign on the line!!


  153. To the mentions of this Juan Albin… Can anybody see Hughton even risking, nevermind buying an overseas player? Every player he’s signed so far has been playing over here (correct me if i’m wrong)?

    I back Hughton fully 100% as I recognise the importance of stability in the upcoming season, but I see his mentality of purchasing in the market as maybe being slightly 1 dimensional. He will sure take attitude or work rate over say ability, which is why I can’t see any ‘in the hole’ players coming in… in line with I can’t foresee Hughton excercising any other formations than the now seemingly outdated 4-4-2.

  154. Hughton again saying how vital harper is for next season.
    Must have had a bid in!!!!

  155. FTM, FYI, there will not be any booing from fans (ones with sense at least) when we “loose” our games (thought it was lose but i’ll give you benefit of the doubt)… The only time I would ever condone booing of our players is in the circumstances of blatant half arseing or not putting the effort in at all, especially in front of 52,000 people paying to be there, praying for a humble return with an acknowledging effort or even better a result.

    Us fans have no delusions for this season and I fully expect this to translate into even better support than in past years where I could admit I haven’t been overly joyed by some fans attitudes.

  156. Let’s hope cole is open minded, he seems to be wanting to move to a club who will love him and where he can play. That’s us in a nutshell so let’s see

  157. Just got back. Looks like I fluked it on the newsfront as there has been bugger all going on by the looks of it!

  158. poor toonsy must be haveing another hard one,he will be ok, nee fear for steady men

  159. Raffo – Well they bought into my ideas. I got a payrise, and another project to get on with ;)

    Whilst overseeing my current one :(

    Happy enough though, keeps me i work I guess.

  160. TOONSY told you would be fine,raffo me and couple of others being slaging each other off just to keep the blogs good name up like :)

  161. Good work toonsy! Hope ul still have time to do this!!

    Eagles would be a decent addition IMHO

  162. Raffo – Aye, no probs mate. Normal service should be resumed, if there is owt to write about anyway!

    Icedog – Could have been back ages ago mate had it not been for traffic :mad:

  163. RAFFO when eagles stepped up to the pl he could not hack it,been at a big club they moved him on

  164. Icedog – That is his puppy mate, nowt to do with me ;)

    I honestly can’t believe the lack of news about though. The local rags are spouting off about not a lot and the rumours seem to have dried up of late. There is no football to analyze either, which makes it tough :)

  165. Icedog – You didn’t offend mate, not at all :)

    Just saying the Faris Cup thing is something Worky has wanted to do for ages so I would imaging he would want to finish it, ie, its his puppy :)

    The rest is just me moening because there is bugger all about to write about, again :(

    Honestly mate, there was nothing you said that I could get offended about :)

  166. Nowt like a bit of slagging eh ice?!

    Maybe eagles ain’t all that hot then, but Gillespie wasn’t rated that highly when be came and he was very creative

  167. I’m struggling to see what I have done? All I said was Worky would be the one who wants the DVD more as he is the one who has been looking to do something with it for so long. Would be a bit shitty if I pinched it off him wouldn’t it?

  168. Poor young Ice getting abused by big nasty Toonsy.
    Toonsy glad to hear everything is good on the work front mate maybe now you can start doing a bit of work on here ;)
    Toonsy lad thought you didnt bite :lol:

  169. Well if people are going to talk shite then I have a duty to correct them, Dave ;)

    Yes, you Dave :lol:

  170. Lads it has been a sh1te few days I thought for sure there would be some new players in through the door by now, but maybe they are all going to be paraded tomoro

  171. Nice to see the half arsed attitude towards the fairs cup DVD, Ive spent the last 6 months searching for one of the feckers, Ice send it to me lad i’ll look after it for ya… ;)

  172. Dave is right there like ;)

    Ice has his fingers on the pulse. Sometimes Batty helps him out aswell :lol:

  173. Ice where are you mate come back
    Toonsy got that cheers will give it a blast tomoro and let you know what me thinks ;)

  174. Dave – My mate has the new away kit and says the badge is embroidered. Have to admit they didn’t look like it on the pics, but he has one in real life so I will take his word for it.

  175. I’m not surprised Eagles didn’t look too good last year, he was in a struggling team and seldom started any games often coming on as a sub when Burnley were already losing. Hardly the stuff to inspire confidence and let a player perform to his best. I seem to remember both Routledge and Williamson being in the same boat but they did ok when they came to us. It may well turn out that they don’t do as well in the EPL but personnaly I don’t think that will happen.
    Eagles is only 24 so may well still have his best years to come. Or he may be another who flatters to deceive. I still think is worth a punt however, the Gillespie analogy is a good one.

  176. Unsure about Eagles. I can sort of see both sides of the argument. Put it this way, if we signed him I wouldn’t be unhappy about it, but I wouldn’t be jumping through fire hoops either.

  177. Toonsy I would say if the away kit is embroidered then the home top should be too. my wee Lad was going on at me for the new kit earlier today but I would rather him wait and get the Home one then he says get both lol he is only 7yrs and im not paying £130.00 for to kits which I think is a rip off

  178. Well Icedog aint coming back, Ive seen on the telly about this online bullying but i never thought i would see it first hand… ;)

  179. Huntelaar would be sweet, I posted something about him earlier, from another site.

    Eagles would be a decent addition I think, how sweet would it be to get joe cole and huntelaar! Do you think mike would be loved again?!

  180. Lol prob true.

    No harm in dreaming is there, plus you’ll know before the lot of us won’t u wadds son ;-)

  181. Known for months :)
    Keep a eye on Spanish teams cast offs
    And French league wanna bees.
    As for premier league experience players.
    Who knows.
    Carr has been scouting all over Europe except England

  182. Sweet waddsy mate.

    Right I’m off, cheers for the crack ice, clint, wadds et al. I’m off now, mainly as my fingers hurt scrling down through near 300 posts on the iPhone!! Il chat with yas at work on the mora.

  183. We should offer Ameobi for Huntelaar would like to see AC Milans reaction ^^
    The only thing that stands in the way to Huntelaar is money… AC Milan will probably want a unrealistic amount for him, he is hungry to play regulary and once again be a big fish and the leader, like he used to be in Ajax, we could offer him all of this…

  184. Clint-Tell you what, that new thing the unwashed will be pulling over their heads next season looks like the type of thing up for grabs from a tombola! haha

  185. I reckon Shola and Best would score sh!tloads of goal in the Dutch league, don’t base Huntelaar’s potential on how he performed playing there. Apart from that I always thought he was one of the most gormless looking player I’ve ever seen, looks like a stranded guppy.

  186. Just been watching the homes from hell prog, does anyone else think a lot of Brits remove their Brains before travelling to mainland Europe.

  187. Another rumour from .com blog, not from the hotel guy but he admits he only knows when they check in at the hotel. But here it is, could be good if true

    The-Ciaran8 // Jul 15, 2010 at 10:37 PM

    Football Journalist:
    Your rumours are continue to fly in. Tom-Roger Storvik says reports in Norway are suggesting Newcastle United have bid in the range of £5 million for Ghana International Anthony Annan currently at Rosenborg BK.

  188. Annan would be a good signing but it would be yet another center midfielder. We’d need to get rid of MF’s if both Gosling and him arrived. Obviously its all just rumour at the moment like. He has been compared to the likes of Essien in the past though and is young. Who knows, the mental rumour mill is starting to pick up pace with random names being mentioned left right and center,lol

  189. Huntelaar, no way !
    Annan, eeaah!, not sure !
    See where McGaidy looks like he is in the shop window for whichever EPL side wants to pay Celtics asking price.

    Anyone pay attention to Hughtons analyses of the Spanish teams style recently.
    Gonna change the face and style of moden day football ?

    Lookt here`s Big Sam Football, theres Wenger football
    there`s Chelsea power teams, Man. Citeh galacticos, Arrys game @Spurs, I could go on, teams with different approacges to the game.

    There`s 4-4-2 —4-1-3-2—4-5-1, Any combination you like, well so it seems as long as there`s four accross the back.

    Do you think there have been tremendous changes and advances ? Will clubs imitate the German counter attacking style or the Arsenal/Spain short passing style.

    Do you belive the game has improved as a spectator sport or is it more synical.

    Which style would you like to see played by Newcastle ?

    A simple game, what, why and where is the game going ?
    Do you believe it is about to take a radical tactical turn ?

  190. The latest info from within SJP is that Joe cole is signing tomorrow for us and is going to go public that he is disgusted with the current situation with wages paid to footballers. He believes Newcastle are the future of English football in terms of the right way to run a football club. He is expected to agree to the max wage of £35k per week .
    Apparently the rest of the England squad were furious with him cos of his stance on wages!
    Lambias wanted a press conference but Ashley has put strict instructions that it’s going to go thro low key.
    Ashley is determined to raise Newcastle quietly but has aims to have us within the top 4 within 3 years.
    The Cole deal is paramount to the start of the revelation!

  191. Maybe I’m too old school, but I’ve always liked 442. Wingers who can cross and a couple of forwards who can put the ball in the back of the net. Also like the idea of a Beardo type role with somebody in the hole behind the front 2.

    As for too many CM’s, I’d get rd of Barton as I think he’s too much trouble, but I do accept he has some skill, yet to see it for 3 games in a row mind. Would be happy for Smith to be replaced as well to get pay costs down, but we do need somebody to fill in who has played there before and has a wise head on him. Only downside apart from high pay is the amoun of bookings he gets

  192. This info is nailed on!
    Ashley has been beavering away behind the scenes for weeks, trying to get his future across to established stars.
    Within football, everyone knows that big clubs are gonna implode within a year or so and top players are fully aware of the prospects!
    Joe Cole has been absolutely taken in with the size of the club and is determined to make others realise the frustrations of the fans over wages and that he is prepared to make a stance.
    Ashley knows this is a massive transfer in terms of setting the ball rolling and is determined to get others to follow.

  193. Is this the same Joe Cole who left Chelsea because they wouldn’t pay him £120,000 per week!

  194. Tino . As I have said times are a changing rapidly. The likes of ferdy, rooney, Torres are all gonna be on reduced contracts when they come to an end.
    I work within SJP and can guarantee you he is signing tomorrow afternoon!

  195. Off to bed but lookin forward to work tomorrow!
    It’s gonna be ashleys smack in the doubters faces tomorrow !

  196. jay jay – hollyoaks!? have you been stealing your nan’s medication again? I don’t mind you coming on here and coming out, man it’s 2010. But admitting to liking hollyoaks that’s a different matter. Shaaame. Ha love it.

  197. “The likes of ferdy, rooney, Torres are all gonna be on reduced contracts when they come to an end.”

  198. Toonsy what have you been doing post pictures of your ex on that mackem board. ;)

  199. Toonsy mate, these comments in the early hours, (as funny as they are) were not made by me. Who’s the thief?

  200. Jay Jay – No, I’ll just reitirate (not to you) that the practice of people imitating other posters will not be tolerated.