Guthrie ignores knockers.

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Guthrie will ignore the critics.
Guthrie will ignore the critics.
Danny Guthrie has turned tubthumper today as he and his team-mates prepare to defy the pre-season critics who are drooling over the prospect of failure for Newcastle next season.

I have no doubts that this season won’t be the cakewalk the last season ended up being, but I do believe we have what it takes to survive, whilst not pulling up any trees so to speak.

Danny Guthrie believes the same, and has today sent out a message to those who are knocking the team before they have even kicked a ball in the new season. That message is “we’ll just ignore them”. A good message then, although everyone is aware that they will need to step up their game if we are to survive and thrive in the Premier League.

It looks like the squad is slowly starting to be preapred for life in the Premier League, and with the alleged arrival of Dan Gosling apparently just around the corner, that will begin to add more competition into a position where we already have a number of options.

Assuming we do sign Gosling, that will leave Gosling himself, Danny Guthrie, Kevin Nolan, Joey Barton, Alan Smith aswell as highly rated youngster, Haris Vuckic all vying for a position in the middle of the park. Ok, chances are that they will wil used in different capacities, some attacking, some defending, but there are six players capable of operating in a number of central midfield roles.

That should breed competition for places which can only be a good things as Newcastle will need all their players peforming to their potential next season as they readjust for life back in the Premier League.

“Last year, we were the team everybody wanted to beat, the scalp everyone wanted to take. It’ll be completely different coming back into the Premier League,” Guthrie told The Northern Echo.

“We were the top team in the Championship, but the roles are going to be slightly different this season. We know it’s going to be a lot harder for us, home and away, but we’ll still go into every game believing we can win it.”

I’ve said it before, and I will continue saying it – next season will be tough, and there will be times we are on the end of a defeat, possibly a heavy one every now and again, but we won’t be the only ones. No doubt if that does happen then the critics will be out in force with their “I told you so” prophecies of doom spread across the back pages of the papers. As Guthrie said though, the squad will just be ignoring them, something that they learned to do last season.

“A lot of people wrote us off before a ball had been kicked in the Championship, so whatever is thrown at us in terms of pre-season predictions, we’ll just ignore it. We have to,” Guthrie said.

“If we had worried about what people were saying about us 12 months ago, we might never have got promoted. There was so much doubt last year, it doesn’t bother us if people are saying we’re going to struggle in the Premier League. It was nice to prove people wrong and hopefully we can do that again this season.”

We all want Newcastle to surive and do well, well most of us do, certainly us fans do and so it seems, do the players. For once we have a team who gives a toss about the club, almost to the same level us fans do. Alright, maybe not, but we have a squad who will try their hardest to not let us down whilst they are here.

I can’t ask anymore from the players than that.

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198 Responses

  1. I’m expecting big things from Guthrie this year. He really impressed once moved back to the middle last year. Let’s see if he can do it in the prem

  2. Just play the lad in the middle, where he belongs, when he plays.
    He has a decent cross on him, gets stuck in, can pass & scores the odd goal.

  3. on the right of a 3 man midfield, perfect position.
    Cant wait for the season to start

  4. Though if he bumps into a ‘big lass’ he finds it very difficult to ignore.
    Being somewhat vertically challenged.

  5. I think Hughton should be looking to build a team around Guthrie tbh. When played in CM and on good form he is the player that makes things happen for us, similar to Barton. I think this formation will get us results next season away from home.


  6. Seems most fans are excited with the likes of Gosling comming to the club and probably rightly so, a possible future star player for (hopefully nowt)unless as in Jonas`s case there`s a re imbursement to Everton ?
    Would have liked to see Paul Scharner brought in unfortunately believe Liverpool want him, great pro.
    would have been a great addition, would have added a bit of physical presence, plus a ninety minute player.
    Seeing we have a number of young players attempting to break into the side and a possibility of some coming in on loan, perhaps we should be looking at a couple of experienced pro`s. as it`s a fairly young side overall.

  7. @ beatski/clint: nice one. always thought that guthrie is developing in the stevie g sort of mould. hope he hangs around for years to come could be one of the core members of the squad we build for years to come…

  8. Hey fernando666,
    let’s hope he doesn’t develop into thug boy’s ways of beating up club owners though.
    Or saying ‘airm’ every ‘airm’ other ‘airm’ word.

  9. DJG-I’m in full agreement with that formation, so long as Guti and Routledge are free to attack. Then start grooming Vuckic for Nolan’s spot, Gosling (if signed) as the first reserve CM, save Smith for late match defensive replacement and Loven as a change of pace offensive sub.

  10. CLiNT – Guthrie is from Shrewsbury mate. More chance of him saying “baaa baaaa” (like a sheep) to be honest ;)

  11. He used to knock about with thug boy.
    Wasn’t suggesting he was a scouser.
    Just hoping that scouser ways weren’t rubbing off on him.

  12. CC – I doubt we will hear anything definate until this appeal goes away in fairness.

    Of course, it is being claimed elsewhere that he has signed, with details of his wages aswell, which is very impressive considering the club don’t even know yet ;)

  13. Icedog – Just checked and the mrs has packed it for me 8O

    Bet she has been dying to do that for a while now :lol:

  14. “Any news of the Gosling deal, heard some fowl rumours about bolton nabbing him…”

    heh heh…

  15. the joke is all the papers were saying the last 2 days first west ham have won the race then sunderland came at the last minute and won the race. but i had been told by a club player of a mate of mind that he had talked to us and others last wnesday and then came back on friday to talk to us again and nobdy else. hope he has signed that would be good news for us which i didnt think we would be getting young players like that for at least a few years.

  16. aye clint…those would be pretty shrewd post-match interviews…Quite a struggle understanding steve sometimes…most times…Wonder how the lads on the pitch follow their captains instructions. Maybe that’s why their season was in shambles last years campaign… :P

  17. I see that only season ticket holders and members can get tickets for the leazes corner this season.

  18. There are two different Guthries- the one that plays RM and the one that plays CM. No comparison between the two really

  19. I think if Guthrie keeps improving then he will get into the England squad before the end of next season . imo he is our best central midfielder and cant wait too see him and a fully fit Barton starting together in the middle of the park , that duo would go a long way to ensuring a mid table finish .

  20. Yes :)

    I’ve seen into the future, you can bookmark this thread for proof of my physic abilities ;)

  21. Where do we end up then toonsy?
    What signings do we make?
    Who leaves?
    Who gets injured?
    Who’s top scorer?

  22. Like the idea of Gosling – young player and apparently well thought of – but not counting my chickens (duckings? goslings?) till he’s nailed on.
    Are we only signing members of the animal kingdom this close season? First Perch and then Gosling!
    Who’s next? Sol Camel – oh no, he’s going to the Makems.

  23. CLiNT – 15th
    Michael Owen (because he is expensive so he must be good :roll: )
    Kevin Nolan – 3rd degree pie burns
    Andy Carroll – 11 goals


  24. @36: ‘…that duo would go a long way to ensuring a mid table finish.’

    We need to take this coming campaign as the first step in a 4 year plan of fully blooding and integrating the current ‘Development Squad’ (Vukic et al) into being formidable first team regulars. As long as we miss the drop by 10 points (say 50 points = W13 D11 L14), and achieve it by using our own resources (as opposed to loan players who then vanish) then I’ll be delighted.

    Resorting to loan players can be dangerously addictive, not unlike water wings, bike stabilisers, prescription drugs and certain illegal substances.

  25. I’d chuffed with 40 points as that would guarantee us safety pretty much. 50 would mean we would do it comfortably, which I like even more :D

  26. Who was it earlier saying that Harper is close to signing for Celtic? Well something may be on with that like as Artur Boruc has just signed for Fiorentina subject to a medical.

    Have they let him go as they have a deal for Harper in place?

    I wonder…

  27. haha ohh dear, well, we’ll see in the next couple of days I guess, for what its worth though, if he leaves, I think we would be in safe hands….. :)

  28. So boruc has had a medical etc? Who is celtics second choice keeper? A post on eds site reckons that s Taylor was very influential in persuading gosling to sign for us, which if true is a decent sign he’s staying

  29. And how quick was I this morning about PSG signing.
    Waddles mullet:
    July 12th, 2010 at 11:26 am
    PSG have signed a striker NENE
    Does this mean erding bid accepted?

    Not bad for being at work!

  30. U are indeed a fountain waddles bud, now gimme more!!! I’m hungry for truthful developments!!

  31. Toonsy-

    What’s the latest on the Gosling situation? I think the lad has shown some promise as a footballer and God knows we need some of that…

  32. OHURLEY long time no hear,been drunk since the final like m8,still nowt def on signing yet

  33. Just a warning guys but I might not be around as much these next few days as I have a big meeting about my career (some of you may know) over the next few days.

    I’ll still be about as I will be holed up in a hotel room, bored, with internet access. But I probably won’t be around so much during the day, unless they lay me off first thing tomorrow :D

    The articles will still be there, just a bit earlier and later in the day than usual, hope you all understand :)

  34. A local journo will run a piece about harps and poss erding later.
    And you know who tipped him don’t you.

  35. Good to see y’all too lads! I’ve been oot n aboot like :D

    Watched the final yesterday at our gridiron stadium here in Nashville. Might even wind up hosting some games there in 2018/22. Went with my Nigerian m8 and my two jerry m8s. We had a blast lol. Was pullin’ for the Dutch though. I thought they played more attractive football throughout the tournament. Thought the Spaniards play lazy, just enough to win their games without any real flare

  36. All the best toonsy, where’s the old
    meeting? Your not gona ge the shove bud, but if you do then it’s full time bloging for you!!

  37. TOONSY nee worrys m8,didnt worry you will be right,feel it in my water,you pick up all sorts in “those”hotels m8,contacts i mean cough ;)

  38. Why or why would Gosdling come to NUFC where he would be just as hard pressed to get on the pitch as he was at Everton? Only money could do that, I’d say. Aren’t we all sick of the “money first” men? Let him go to a side that will play him. I think our crop of middiles would eat him up when we come head to head. Anyway I also think Everton gave up on him & are hoping the PL awards them some compo – money they would not have got from damaged goods.

  39. Bloody he’ll that’s a bit strong!
    Been cutting grass all day and that’s the thanks you get.

  40. I personally dont think Goslings better than Guthrie, And I agree that Everton possibly gave up on him and were hoping for compo.

  41. One thing that might scupper the harper deal,
    He has just spent nearly 16 months and a shed load of money on extending and revamping his house in darras.
    But then again he could do what tommo is doing and leaving family here and commute.
    Just thought :/

  42. aye, maybe what? 3 hour drive to Glasgow?
    What journo you spoke to anyway Waddles about the stories?

  43. Find out if he goes to print or online with it tomoz
    If let you know later,

  44. Gates.
    Everyone has a price under MA.
    Don’t forget KK saying Milner not for sale.
    How much power do you think CH has?
    Hope the rumours are wrong and CH gets the respect he deserves!!!!

  45. ohh on a different note, does anyone else think Howard Webb actually done a really god job last night? I thought he done well bearing in mid the bunch of childish ar*eholes he had to officiate, could believe the criticism ive been reading today.

    Saying that like, they’ve mainly been Dutch aligned…

  46. Good luck with the meeting toonsy. Don’t worry about the posts unless u get so bored. Mind u, when we sign somebody, u have to excuse urself from the meeting and get one written!!
    Seriously tho, good luck, but sure it will all be fine

  47. I think CH and MA have an understanding. Apart from Mike saying jump n Hughton replying how high. I do actually thinks a mutual respect between them

  48. Your right toonsy until it’s on official site everything is a rumour!
    But it is exciting reading blogs, getting texts and reading the different sites all over the globe about our small club.

  49. @mike 80. I also thought Webb done a good job yesterday, i do think De Jong was lucky not to see red but I think he only had eyes for the ball.

  50. Simon – Cheers mate. I’m pretty sure I’ll be fine but it’s just the niggling doubt of nor knowing, and I hate that :D

    Like I said mate, I’ll still get the stuff out, just at different times :)

  51. I think Holland took the piss out of Webb a bit. They knew he didn’t want to send anyone off, put in a couple of shady tackles that could have got people sent off, but didn’t, so they carried on.

    How Cruyff and his total football phlosophy must have baulked at them last night.

    I did have a line about Cruyff turn’ing in his grave, but he isn’t dead yet so it’s kind of pointless ;)

  52. Might aswell crack that line now, because it may be a wasted one if he outlives us all.

  53. I think Icedog is thinking from the perspective of Webb disallowing the goal against Fulham for no reason ;)

  54. ahhhh, well then, forgot about that,Webb was awful lastnight in that case, sack him

  55. Those freakin dirty cloggies, I must admit I usually like the way the cloggys play, good football normally, but the Kung Fu bollocks they resorted to on Sunday was horrendous ! De Jong and Van Bommel, useless, Van Bommel’s been kicking lumps out of people all season the knacker…

  56. MM agree m8 guess was managers tatics on this one went tits up this time, should have stuck with normal game imo

  57. Van Bommels some you love to hate but youd love him in your team. Very dirty but quality

  58. I think Webb had a great game. Toonsy it must be a comfort to have a few options. Waddles I’m excited
    with the old rumour

  59. ice the cloggy manager is a numpty too, never made it at Dortmund, surprise choice for manager if you ask me. Not only did they play dirty but they spent the whole game winging like flock, horrendous. Both sides were all too buddy like and familiar with the ref as well if you ask me, he muffed it big time. Not one of the best WC’s if you ask me, at least froma footballing perspective. Also thought that the presentation of the WC to the Spaniolis was a bit naff too, with the stupid litle podium were iveryone was squashed in there..

  60. Webb had a crap game, he should have sent both De Jong and Van Bommel off, Schneider and Robben were also lucky to survive. He didn’t have the nads to make the tough calls…

  61. GatesheadMag…I agree mate Van Bommell IS a great footballer, that’s what disapponted me so much. But at the and of the day I think he was chasing shadows a bit, and following his time spent at Barca he was probably dreading the piss taking from the Barca boys..

  62. Van Bommel has been kicking lumps out of the opposition since day one, he’s a dirty little sh!te and his antics in the final were terrible. De Jong’s Cantona impression was also embarrassing, both should have left the field in the first half.

    In saying that though, I dont like Howard Webb but he was in a lose/lose situation. Imagine him going by the book and leaving Holland with 9 men (eventually 8) for the second 45 minutes. All we’d hear is “English referee ruined the World Cup Final” etc, something FIFA would no doubt secretly enjoy regardless. I think he tried to give Holland the benefit of the doubt but in reality VB and DJ should have both been shown straight red’s. I actually sat down to watch the game not caring who would win it, but after the first 30 minutes was fully behind Spain. It was billed as a “total football” final and that was thrown right out the window when it quickly became apparent Holland would happily resort to kicking lumps out of the likes of Iniesta should he start to run the game and make them look a bit silly.

    In saying that, the second yellow for the sending off was weak and it’s always massively dissappointing to see a player with the talent Iniesta has to turn round and start waving the imaginary card like. It’s seemingly standard behaviour in the likes of Spain but it’s still canny annoying. You do your job and let the referee get on with his. If you want to start demanding players be sent off, watch from the stands or take up Refereeing instead!

  63. I’d personally sell him if the price is right! Krul is very good as is Foster, about time we gave these ‘kids’ a fighting chance! Harps saved our ass last season on more than one occasion but I can’t see the young ens hanging round for their chance in 2 or 3 seasons when they’re ready now.
    Looking at the youth coming through, if they live up to their potential were going to be one cracking team.
    As much as I despise the fat one, we are being steered in the right direction. Just hope he doesn’t cash in on some of our players!!

  64. looks gud on paper – but games and experience is needed now for them, slow and steady rebuilding reqd, with a good mixture of youth potential and experience!

  65. So, Guthrie ignores knockers eh?

    He’s obviously the sort who likes to look at a girl’s eyes before anything else!

  66. Harper moved blocked to Celtic.Offer them Krul instead, should suit all parties.Look a posting that doesn’t make reference to knockers being another word for”tits”

  67. I like wor Danny; brings a spark when he plays in the middle. A bit woeful on the RW, but that’s just not his job despite having a good cross.

    Apart from Routledge (and R.Taylor when pushed) we don’t have any options on the RW, and I’d like that rectified. I believe Vukic can play there, but we really need more competition out wide in general.

    Any ideas?

  68. Does anyone know what the crack is Cleverly? The story seems to have gone cold a bit hasn’t it?

  69. Get a winger in?

    Sorry mate,
    But anyhoo, that would suggest we play 442, with 2 wingers.
    I don’t think that’s the way to go.
    Several on here have been banging on about 433, 4231, 451, 4411 etc. for months now.
    442 is just one option, that we could employ ‘during’ a game.
    We need to be far more fluid in our formation. Rigid forms are long dead, for years really.
    CH seems to understand this, with his purchase of players that can occupy several positions.
    I like!

  70. I’ve heard and read nowt on Cleverley recently. But if we do get Gosling, I we’ll already be totally overloaded with midfielders.

    I’d much rather see a LB and a RW in; we’re very thin there.

  71. I see what you’re saying, Clint – but you still need specialist wingers; they’re a breed apart. At present, if Routledge is out, we have nobody with that particular skill-set. Midfielders who can be pretty ineffective out on the RW, we have lots of, as we saw many times last year.

    I want the Nobster back. Only 10 years younger…

    Hull had better look after him and his trumpet!

  72. ILM,
    CH was reported as saying that loan deals will probably be done late in the transfer window, as teams will be looking at whose going out on loan & whose staying to fight for a place in the squad.
    I guess that means he will be doing the same with our young ‘uns too.
    That was reported yesterday
    I think cleverley falls into that camp?

  73. Whumpie,
    maybe we have a couple of youngsters almost ready for the step up, maybe not?
    But more especialy, i reckon we need someone real quick, that can break away a la bellamy.
    I don’t necessarily think they have to be an out & out winger though.
    You get me?

  74. Yep, we could do with that. People are shouting for a small, quick striker, but I think the ‘small and quick’ are more important than the exact position, tbh.

    Bellamy without any aspect of Bellamy’s personality would be good. Oh, and with a neck. :)

  75. well i was called deluded yesterday for even suggesting the team needed strenghening,it’s a funny old world lol.

  76. :)

    Definitely mate.

    If they’ve got top speed on their side, i don’t think it matters too much where they break from.
    Sometimes they’ll be forced out wide, so a cross in the armoury would help like.
    But if they’re quick enough, it should matter less.

  77. I want to see us play with fluidity as Clint has said, I think we should have 2 holding midfielders, 3 in the middle with Carrol up top on his bill.

    I think this would allow us to have extra support for the defence and we are going to need it, but also with the players at our disposal would be a great fit.

    If we are looking at cheap options with experience I think Pennant is available, and whilst I know he isnt a world beater Arsenal and Liverpool must have seen something in him. But my point is to really throw down the gauntlet and how about for the RW backup we spend ZERO and use the bloody kids?!?! Lua Lua? What is the point in having Vuckic and Kadar and Lua Lua and Airey if we arent going to even make them 3rd choice?

  78. Nah, Trojan – you got sniped at because you were asking for more in the mould of SBR signings at several mil a pop.

    Just one would be nice, though, eh? And if we were to have one, I’d like it to be that small, quick player – wing or striker.

    But back in the real world, another Wayne Routledge and Van Aarnholt back would be brilliant.

  79. And by the way it is all fans that get on players backs, not just us which I find dissapointing. Hartlepool are just as bad as us

  80. Trojan,
    gerraway man. :)
    You come out with some good stuff mate.
    I don’t think anyone thinks we don’t need strengthening mate, we just have to do it within our means.
    But next on the list has to be a quick forward.
    They don’t ‘have’ to be a winger, they don’t have to be a CF, just forward thinking & quick.
    Oh yea, & a few goals & assists in him.

  81. Trojan – I believe I opposed you yesterday mate, just in terms of spending big though


  82. Whumpie
    You saying Lovenkrands is not primarily a winger ?
    Just because he has been playing up front for us ?

    Soh! appears we are to sign Gosling on a long term contract @ £25k. per week, not the £15m on offer from Everton.
    But he insists his heart is set on a move to Newcastle,
    of course the additional £10k. had nothing to do with it and he will be kissing the badge on a regular basis.
    Get used to it, it`s just the reality of modern day football.
    It`s about money !

    Get Scharner, now that would be a buy !
    A physical presence, plays the full 90mins.can play either defense or midfield, an experienced pro, not some no name kid.

  83. Scharner wants to go to liverpool mate – but of course your right, and its a bit of a shame that Gosling will be viewed as coming here for the money, but to be fair if Nolan or Smudger leave then I can see him getting games, and he is 8 years younger than those two, has energy and youth and hunger on his side and hopefully CH can coach him well

  84. trojan – there’s plenty money swilling around at the toon – this season the turnover will shoot up toward the £100 mill mark – the wage bill has dropped through the floor and according to shit face , fat tits doesn’t want his loaned repayed yet – and i recall him saying he will put £20 mill of his own cash in every season as a gift.

    with that we should expect proper money being spent on team strengthening before we kick off next month.

    top 6 finish here we come..

  85. Raffo – get your point on the kids, but 3rd choice is right – not 2nd. I’m a big supporter of the players you’ve mentioned (saw Lua Lua play when he was 15) but even I could see how out of their depth some of them were when they were given sight of 1st-team action.

    I just think we need one more person who exists solely to beat their man down the right wing and get a cross in. Routledge won’t play all the matches, and we have nada in terms of options.

  86. chuck,
    Lovenkrands is not a winger.
    He says so himself.

    We need a quick forward not a workhorse, we’ve got some of them already.
    Speed is what we should be looking for now.

  87. the trouble is lads,i never advocated any figures or what ashley should spend.personally i do think we need strengthening,ideally i think if ashley gave us 20 million war chest a season plus adding to the academy,would do me.i dont think that is too much to ask to be honest,rightly or wrongly the premier league is about money now,if we’re not part of that we’ll be left behind.

  88. Whumpie – I was using R Taylor for back up on the RW, as I cant see him playing RB and if he isnt viewed as backup we should sell him. The LW would be higher up my priority list as I dont think we have anyone to back up Jonas at all. Certainly not a natural left footer, although if pressed you could stick McLovin out there but that wouldnt be ideal.

    What you would hope is that CH can buy a left footed, pacey stricker who could be used out on the LW if needed, but ideally I would want a natural decent back up option.

    That is why I think the 4-2-3-1 formation utilised by all the successful teams this world cup would be my preferred formation

  89. Gosling on 25k for the next few years, big wow!
    He was offered 15k at everton, verbally, was always gonna leave for more.
    A.N.other team obviously offered him 20-25k, so we probably have too.
    & he sees a move to a great club like NUFC as better than the others in for him.
    He would rather play at NUFC for the same cash.
    Most would, unless manUSA, arse, chelsea come in for you.
    & even then, would a youngster get a game with them, or just sit on the bench?

    Depends on your agenda which angle you take, i guess.
    Please stop trying to have a go at players we haven’t even signed yet.
    At least wait ’til we’ve signed ’em before you slag ’em.
    This is possibly a new nadir.

  90. Someone in the mould of a player like Defoe is who i’d want to see arrive as far as our striker search is concerned. Small, quick, with an eye for goal. As for whom this perfect foil for Carroll is? No idea, lol.

  91. raffo,all you need to do with ryan taylor,is cast your mind back to the 5 goal drubbing liverpool put on us in the relegatiobn season.everyone will remember his pitiful attempt to chest the ball back to given,when he fell flat on his face.anyone remember the away gamew at stoke,when he picked the ball up in space,with acres to run into asnd he fell over the ball.he’s completely useless,the only time he would be any good is if it was like the nfl,where you could just bring him on for a freekick.

  92. How about we dont slag players off at all? a la my point about Hartlepool fans slaggin off my bro before hes even played. Perhaps it is because it is him but it is starting to boil my piss.

  93. Yea, but defoe does very little in a game.
    When he’s on song he knows where the net is, but does little else.
    Don’t think there’s much about with regards english, known strikers like.
    Someone coming through would probably work, maynard, austin et al.

  94. even then I dont think his freekicks are all that good Trojan mate.

    I agree that he isnt the best player we have and he would be on the list for me to part with should we need to raise funds to improve the squad

  95. Raffo,
    too right mate.

    It’s so easy to say this or that player played shite in this or that game.
    Course they did, ALL players have the odd shite game, ALL PLAYERS.

    Try talking about R Taylor’s assists, crosses, corners, handful of goals.

  96. He’s good solid, experienced back up.
    We need that, there’s more to football than the 11 on the pitch.

    ALL the lads need ALL our support.

  97. Who do you think is worth a go then Troj mate?

    Do you think Pennant would be worth a punt, or do you think Guthrie and Barton provide enough cover? I personally think LW backup is more important

  98. CLiNT-aye, I more just meant someone his size with his pace really. Maybe someone just slightly taller aswell, haha. I do rate him infront of goal though, he’s good in and around the box.

    What happened to the Djalo rumours? They disappeared too? Did his agent not say we’d bid for him?

  99. Ross,
    aye mate,
    sorry, i didn’t mean it to sound like an argument mate.
    I generally agree man.
    On Djalo, we don’t know if any of that is true, as it’s in the press.
    & CH is trying real hard to keep these things under wraps.

  100. Good point about the left-sider, Clint.

    What about Perch? Where is he likely to play in our setup?

    And in terms of Defoe types, I hate to admit it, but Bellend had his pace but worked his ugly little tits off too. Just a shame he’s a total and utter twunt.

  101. Whumpie,
    Bellamy is probably the one old boy i would have back.
    I reckon he loved his time at the Toon.
    Great player.
    One of the players of the year in the prem last time out.

    ps…Raffo also was on about the left footer too.
    Credit where it’s due like.

    Hey Raffo?

  102. Clint-don’t worry yourself mate I didn’t take it as one! Haha. I actually agree with you that he can go missing and was more just saying that upon you mentioning it, my only real comparison to Defoe was down to his size and pace. Know what you mean regarding djalo aswell, his agent mouthing off will most probably be to purely drum up interest aswell!

  103. Sweet Ross,
    aye agents are right twisters, i guess they’re only doing their jobs ‘n all that, but should they even have a job in the first place?
    Sucking money out of the game, to$$ers.
    That’s one of the reasons why buying players should end.

  104. Can i please mention left back-if we go into one more season with 1 left back i shall be very concerned. Its happened probably for the last 4 seasons. A squad must have balance-22 players-2 in each position.
    If we are signing Gosling that probably means Guthrie is going to play back up to Routledge.
    We have no back up for Jonas although if anyone has seen Ferguson in the Reserves he is a good prospect.
    I get the impression we are getting players who the owner thinks will increase in value and it doesnt matter where they play.

  105. Clint-they’re all about the cash. Don’t care what anyone says, unless your agent is your dad it’s all money related, even then im sure if I was a professional footballer and my old man was my agent he’d want a canny chunk aswell, lol.
    As for Bellamy I’d love to have him back. He might still have an attitude on him but there’s also a chance he might have grown up a bit aswell. Showed last season he still had it and he’s exactly what we need.

  106. cheers for that Clint I was about to shout up!!!

    Sam I think Kadar has proven to be an able deputy, but thats what I mean about the lefty, we have noone, whereas we can play Guthrie and Barton if we were desperate

  107. Sam,
    Guthrie back up for Routledge, how?
    He’s no winger, he’s CM or RCM.
    Though i do agree about LB back up.

  108. No prob Raffo,
    like i said: Credit where it’s due mate.
    & you seem to know what you’re on about man, good stuff.

  109. I agree with all this “leftie” business. It does concern me thta out of the dozens of plaers we’ve been linked with (granted most are agent nonsense anyway) none appear to fit the bill. An injry to Jonas or the Bull and we would lose the great attacking promise down te left.

    LB/LM cover, a striker, and Gosling and I would tip my hat and consider this a good window.

  110. Cheers Clint, et toi matey et toi.

    MDS – I agree with you in terms of a striker and leftie cover, though I think Kadar is more than capable of handling the LB cover slot. I think it would be great to try and play with 4-2-3-1, and have Jonas in a more central role on the left of the three. That way he can use his direct running abit more, and lets be honest his crossing ability is pretty crap for a winger!!!

    We wouldnt feel his absence too much when he is out of the team too. I was hoping Pederson would still be available on a free but he has since signed a new deal at Blackburn.

  111. Raffo,
    again i agree with you on playing Jonas in a more central role & of course the 4231 approach.
    I reckon that could make him far more effective, his short, quick, incisive passing is wasted on the wing. He knows how to quickly free up a running forward into the box.

  112. Clint/Raffo- I am with you that the 4-2-3-1 is the way forward with our current personnel. Just curous- who would you start as the holding mids? Barton likely, plus Nolan, with Guthrie in front?

    I love Kadar and he filled in admirably at LB for us. But he sems to e more suited for CB sice hedoesn’t comeforward the way I tend to like my fullbacks to do…

  113. Fullbacks primary concern has to be defending.
    Ask england about that, their cavalier attitude v germany showed how naive it is to have your defenders trying too hard to add to the attack, while leaving it wide open at the back.
    4 defenders leaves 6 to push on when needed, i think that’ll do in most situations.
    Football has changed, yet some of us just seem to want every player to attack throughout the game, home or away.
    Not on about you MDS btw.

  114. I think I would have Barton and Guthrie in there. Both hard working and energetic, plus they would then have the time to play some decent passes with a bit extra time on the ball.

    I would have maybe Gosling flanked by Routledge and Jonas. I wouldnt have Nolan in there at the moment as I think he may be off. Of course this does mean we can have the wingers going wide if needs be too and theres alot more flexibility

  115. Understood Clint, but does Kadar have the speed to deal with a pacey winger in space? (I honestly don’t know as I didn’t get to see as many matches last year) We saw what happened with Simpson last year when he was playing with a knock..

  116. Hope not, his club loaned him out to a club at the bottom end of the league, they don’t have much faith in him. How would he do in the Prem?

  117. Kadar is no defender; hopefully he’s coming through fast enough to be that wing backup we’re all on about. CH seems to think that’s likely from his recent comments.

    I still think we seem to have too many “quite good” midfielders, with not enough difference in style between them to justify the numbers. Perhaps there’s a deal in the offing to offload one of them.

    We mustn’t lose sight of what CH has said about maintaining that core, though – too many new faces and the team spirit that got us here soon evaporates. People give the likes of Smudge stick, but IMHO he was a huge part in establishing the ethos of the team which got us that cup.

  118. Howay then lads, see the convo is getting a bit on here like, best team with the squad NOW then ehh?




    Enrique—Colo—Williamson—S. Taylor


  119. 184-

    Probably the team I would chose at the moment, with my preferred formation. there might be a call to flop Nolan and Guthrie, but I prefer Nolan off the striker. Let Vuckic get some minutes there as well if he’s reading then have Smudger as an extra holding mid and hopefully Gosling providing cover at either CM position and maybe even on the right. Loven could play up top of in Jonas spot, or come on as an extra striker when a goal is needed. The formation probably lets you loan out Ranger and possibly offload Best or Xisco at some point.

    Still think/hope another winger is coming.

  120. Well I just posted mine and it hasn’t appeared :(

    Wasn’t too disimilar to yours ILM except I had Lovenkrands in the hole behind Carrol and Nolan sitting a little deeper.

    I fcuking hate Barton with a passion so no chance he’d get anywhere near my best squad. Plus I think he’s done fcuk all to justify a starting spot anyway and if he naver plays for the Toon again it will be too soon!

  121. ————–Carroll—————






    See if it works this time…

  122. Well, day one of the meeting has been pants :(

    My internet access is limited to 30 minutes a time :(

    The food is a la carte so keeping up my traditon of being encouth I am drinking cans of warm Fosters inmy hotel room :(

    Andi it doesn’t look like I have missed much on the Newcastle front :(

  123. Welcome Toonsy- as you can see we’ve tried to keep up the site by arguing for the 4-2-3-1 formation and the need for a left sider…

  124. sounds bad crack that like Toonsy lad.

    ILM – pretty much the same as I described earlier though I have my doubts as to whether Nolan will stay or not. I would rather see Gosling or Vuckic in instead of him but a bit of experience for the big games etc.

    I am starting to be turned in favour of ST being the RB and having Collo and Williamson as the CB pairing. He can get forward and he can defend which is obviously a bonus

  125. Raffo- I like ST at RB too, but someone posted some stats on here the other week showing us giving up a lot less goals per match with Collo/Taylor rather than Collo/Williamson which made me rethink it a bit.

  126. MDS/Raffo – Cheers lads.

    You’ve all been doing sterling work, even you Chuck ;)

    As you’re in the debating mood, I have just put another topic of discussion up for you :)

  127. have said for i dont how long we are missing a left-sided m/fieldera g.speed at times emre mould,too many right-sided players in midfield imo

  128. Emre?

    Kinell – he was another who flattered to deceive – waste of space 9 times out of 10.

  129. T.C.i agree but it is the type of roll i was refering to,think emre worth one shout if only for his goal against the dark-side,rest of the time he was fitness shy