Total football! Newcastle 2-2 PSV Eindhoven.

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The view from the Gallowgate end.
The view from the Gallowgate end.
Newcastle were taught a lesson today as PSV Eindhoven took them apart at St James’ Park this afternoon. The scoreline didn’t reflect the superiority displayed by the Dutch, but I guees it is the result of 2-2 that counts.

The Dutch philosophy of ‘Total Football’ was reinforced as PSV controlled the ball and left the Newcastle players chasing shadows for large periods of the game.

I know it’s only pre-season, and it’s all about fitness etc, but these games should also serve as a warning to the management. Our starting eleven may be good enough for survival in my opinion, but if any of those starting eleven players are out through injury or suspension then we could struggle. New faces to add to the squad are still very much needed, all in my opinion of course.

Newcastle were missing a fair amount of regular players, most of them through injury. Wayne Routledge and Joey Barton were not risked as they were both carrying a slight injury. Sol Campbell wasn’t deemed fit enough to feature at all, Jonas Gutierrez was still absent after his World Cup exploits and Andy Carroll was only given a role on the bench. Add long-term injury victims Steven Taylor and Danny Simpson to that and you should be able to see that we are still very much not at full strength.

PSV started the game brightly, with their simple passing game giving Newcastle the run-around. That was to be expected though I guess as the Dutch domestic league kicks-off next week which means that PSV are near to the end of their pre-season preparations and are fitter as a consequence of it.

And it was the Dutch side who took the lead on 9 minutes. James Perch conceded a free-kick 25-yards from goal which PSV striker Ola Toivonen lashed into the corner of the net. There wasn’t much Harper could do about in fairness. 1-0 PSV.

PSV made it 2-0 on 39 minutes with another long range belter, this time from Hungarian winger Balázs Dzsudzsák although the distance was the much the same as the opener.

Newcastle looked second best, and to be brutally honest we were. It didn’t stop us pulling a goal back 8 minutes into the second half though. James Perch drove into the area and his shot on the angle was parried out to Ryan Taylor who smashed home form 6-yards. 1-2, game on.

Both teams had chances to score the next goal and PSV even hit the bar, albeit it was Newcastle player Mike Williamson who headed the ball towards his own goal in the first place. It was Newcastle who got the one that counted though, Leon Best equalising after heading home Ryan Taylor’s cross on 71 minutes. 2-2.

That’s how the game finished although PSV will feel that they had done enough to win the game. As has been said, a lot, not much should be read into pre-season games, although the way we were taken apart at times by a technically superior team could be cause for concern.

PSV are a good side, a regular European side, and Newcastle done well to come back from two goals down to draw a game that looked far far out of sight. Special mention to Xisco who impressed when he came on and showed that he could work out to be of some use this season.

Howay the lads!

NewcastleSteve Harper, James Perch, Jose Enrique, Fabricio Coloccini, Mike Williamson, Danny Guthrie, Kevin Nolan, Alan Smith, Ryan Taylor, Peter Lovenkrands, Shola Ameobi.

SubsAndy Carroll, Xisco, Leon Best, Kazenga LuaLua, Tim Krul, Haris Vuckic, Nile Ranger, Ryan Donaldson, James Tavernier.

PSVAndreas Isaksson, Carlos Salcido, Franciso Maza Rodriguez, Marcus Berg, Ola Toivonen, Orlando Engelaar, Jermaine Lens, Erik Pieters, Balazs Dzsudzsak, Stanislav Manolev, Otman Bakkal.

SubsCassio Ramos, Nordin Amrabat, Atiba Hutchinson, Stijn Wuytens, Stef Nijland, Wilfred Bouma, Funso Ojo, Zakaira Labyad, Jonathan Reis, Ospitaleri.

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96 Responses

  1. We need a big improvement, too many reminders of the negative points from last season: being over run through the middle by opponents exploiting our one pace midfield.

    It is very worrying, even if is is just pre-season.

  2. To be fair the midfield that started today would hopefully not be an unit that would get selected for premier league. The flair of Barton Routledge and Spidey would hopefully all get picked before the carthorses that were selected today. It backs up the call for players.

  3. Smith and Nolan, Nolan especially, are quite likely to start in the centre of our midfield, which is quite depressing (apart from Nolan’s goalscoring). One pace and no creativity.

  4. I dont want to harp on but yep the positions we need cover are there for all to see.

    Have there been any rumours today then?

  5. budalovesa nice word mate carthorses! made me laugh. ch keeps doing it how many times does he need to do it.what good comes out of it apart from him keep saying these players deserve a chance to play in the prem.. sorry but not for the sake of the team selection.

  6. what are peoples’ opinions on Aurelio? I don’t know much about him myself other than what’s on wikipedia; He’s a bit old (nearly 31) but he’s a free agent and could play LB/LW.

    perhaps worth a short contract?

  7. tom! we had the same last year i dont like saying this but i hope smith gets injuried or leaves.i always said last season the best thing that happened to us is butt getting injuried in pre season otherwise he would have been in the team and we got lucky would we be first mybe not.

  8. Haven’t heard much of the game besides the report here but from what I heard on talksport our back four looked flat footed alot of the time and struggled to deal with the pace of the game. To be expected, as psv are coming to the end of their pre season and will be in full swing, unlike us. However, the pace of the prem is alot quicker than the ccc and we’ll have to get used to that fairly quickly. Great to see best get another and a 2-2 draw is a good result even if it is a slightly lucky one. Improvement is needed clearly though. In saying that, if mike was actually there Which I doubt he’ll probably just see 2-2 and think “great, we’re getting along nicely then” lol.

  9. Its not a popular suggestion, but I really do think we need a dedicated defensive midfielder Asim. We need someone who can do Smith’s job, but better, as he doesn’t have the pace, awareness or ability to read the game which will suffice in the PL.

    We are in for a long hard season, there is no doubt about that, but it would be a bit easier if we had someone sitting in front of the back four. If we brought in a DM, winger cover and left back cover, I would be happy :)

  10. Toonsy – I just like to have rumour or two to cling to, but its sunday tomorrow so happy days!!

    I think another positive is that we came back from 2-0 down against a very good side.

  11. Yes the result looks good Toonsy, but it is the performance which matters at this point, and by all accounts, the performance wasn’t that good.

  12. Tom – agreed mate, I dont think we need another striker as even Xisco is looking ok. DM and cover for BOTH wings is essential IMHO.

  13. Gosling, although a good signing for the future, will not be fit until Christmas, and then has to regain his match fitness and work his way back in.

  14. The performance doesn’t matter. Not one bit. It’s a bonus, not a neccesity. What is important is fitness and keeping players fit.

  15. Rubbish, the performance might not be the be all and end all, but it is very important. We need to start playing th way will go into the new season.

  16. Striker is a must for me tbh. If, IF we do end up in a relegation scrap next season, we need a proven striker who will take the chances that could be few and far between to make sure we get the results needed. Hate bringing it up but we need someone like bent is to the scum. Good goalscorer and he takes his chances, he played a huge part in keeping them out a scrap last season. That’s what we need because with all due respect to Carroll and ameobi, whilst I think they’ll score goals, I don’t know if we could rely on them week in week out should things get tough.

  17. Who would you get shot of then Ross bud, cos we cant have 7 strikers in the squad

  18. Raffo- That’s the issue. Caroll, loven and ameobi won’t go anywhere. I still think xisco deserves a go, don’t want to see ranger go out on loan and best won’t go anywhere as we have to try justifying the fact we spent good money on him. In saying that though, looking at the names above, can you pick one and say “I’m confident he’d take the chances he was given, regularly, in a pressure situation”?

  19. Gos – Just going on what has been said by others, can’t remember who said it now, some journo.

    He went close at the end aswell, which is better than usual ;)

  20. Actually, when I think about xisco im not sure. He’s on disgusting money, threw a paddy when he was asked to play in the reserves and certainly hasn’t set sjp alight. I wouldn’t be overly bothered should he end up off the wage bill.

  21. I see a pattern….

    When starting,CH always put players that are not very fit on the left wing,maybe train up. cause wing players more running.hahahas.

    Rmb Lovekrands? He was playing left wing,till when ready..he was put into ST position.

    Guthrie…Same Case,eventually back to his favourite position.

    So Now,Xisco. ;)

  22. yeah gosling wont be fit for about half a season, but when he is, money spent now on another midfielder will look like a waste considering we have a lot of people who can play there already.

    i mean it’s not like MA would cough up enough funds to get someone who is a cut above the rest.

    The wings and left back are much more pressing concerns, and we’re not exactly flush with cash.

  23. Tom says:
    July 31, 2010 at 6:02 pm

    “Rubbish, the performance might not be the be all and end all, but it is very important. We need to start playing th way will go into the new season.”

    Performances come with a settled team, would that be fair to say?

    At the minute we don’t have one of those. We are playing square pegs in round holes, partly through having to, partly for making sure that everyone plays, everyone who is fit to play anyway.

    The players were wearing heart monitors which suggests to me that the match wasn’t a performance exercise and was more of a fitness exercise.

  24. ah cheers toonsy, would like to see him come good but think he will be gone this window or jan if not.

    too much money to waste on 4th or 5th choice striker.

    angelofdeath, you might be onto something there, it certainly would bring fitness levels up quickly.

  25. my main concern is ch just playing are central midfield on the wing in games say if we are winning and brings them just hands the other teams the way back becasue they are not fast enough to run back.he should stop playing these players in wrong postions just to keep them happey.which is wrong for the team and results.he must no by now not 1 of are midfielders can play their.but he keeps doing it.r.talyor is just a good free kick taker and passing is good. but never play him at right back or we will get beat all the time he has got no pace and just watches if teams break down his side.thats why he has made silly mastakes becasue he has got no common sence to play thier.

  26. I want Xisco to get until Jan at least. I think it will be unfair unless he gets a chance and a chance at CF NOT bloody LW. Thats been the problem with Guthrie, he had to fill in on the wing to accomodate him and didnt look all that good but when shifted back into CM he looks really good.

  27. Toonsy

    Don’t get me wrong, I understand that fitness in pre-season is crucial, but I just don’t want to see the lifeless insipid performances we had to deal with at times last season. We won’t get away with it this year like we did last.

    We should be better with players back (particularly Jonas and Routledge), and hopefully for the Rangers game or Deportivo game, we will see something more of what our first XI will be, be it 4-4-2 with Loverman partnering Carroll, or 4-5-1/4-4-1-1 with Nolan coming in just behind Carroll, but the return and continuing form/fitness of Jonas/Routledge will be crucial for us this season.

  28. Raffo-I’d love to see xisco come good because the more options we have of goalscorers the better. Just needs to happen soon, he’s on about 50k a week.

  29. Oh I agree with that Ross, cant wait forever, though as it has been said we are still waiting for Shola to come good arent we.

    I want to see Xisco play in the hole behind Carroll next game, with jonas, Guthrie, Barton, Routledge as the midfield.

    That is my first choice midfield if all fit.

  30. Tom – I agree. Both Jonas and Routledge could be the difference for us this season as they offer us something we don’t have a lot of – pace, directness and the ability to beat a man.

    I would like to see backup for the pair of them, but I fear that Ryan Taylor will be used as cover along with Guthrie and possibly Barton.

  31. Everything was far better when Guthrie played through the middle, just hope he can do that every game from now on, though not banking on it

  32. I cant see us getting another CM or CF without losing someone, either on loan or sell. If we get a CF I think Rangers off out on loan and Smith will prob be the one they look to shift to Blackburn if we get any other CM, esp of it is a CDM

  33. The only thing that annoys me about xisco is the wages. We were obviously desperate to get him but 50k or so a week is mental. Wise did well with the kids he got but that’s a bit of a clanger.

  34. Toonsy where were you educated ?

    “As has been said, a lot, not much should be read into pre-season games”

    “and Newcastle done well to come back from two goals down to draw”

    Dont give up your day job:)

    PS Admittedly this wasnt a good performance and PSV are ahead of us in terms of pre season preparation but it wasnt our First XI by any means – so give credit where it’s due for the fight back.

  35. Thats it, maybe he was on silly money at Deportivo and we had to offer him more to get him to come to us, though you cant blame Xisco for that. Give him some games, some time until Jan and see then. Dont we play Deportivo next week?

  36. Simon I have been saying that from last season Guthrie should allways be played in CM when available but so often he was dropped or played out of position to accomodate the senior players.
    Raffo @ 37 I agree but the only problem is you left Nolan out, and that won’t happen ;)

  37. lol Big Dave I know it wont, but in my team it would. I dont think anyone has a devine right to play in there and should earn it

  38. AndyMac – Cheers, you could have shared your razor sharp wit on blog no 1 and not blog no 320

    Are you suggesting that we didn’t do well to draw the match?

  39. Raffo-not saying you’re wrong mate, but deportivo are crazy people if they had a 21 or so year old lag on 60+k a week, lol. Xisco would always be in trouble here if he didn’t perform early. His wages and the fact he was the centre of the whole “YouTube” fiasco. You’ll find too fans that cite him as the reason kk walked out.

  40. To be fair to Xisco, he was actually pretty good today when he came on. He showed pace, and he beat the right-back in front of him on more than one occasion.

    The problem for the lad is that the attacks, when he came on were concentrated on the right flank, rather than the left. There was actually one clear instance when Guthrie had the ball, and Xisco was standing in acres of space, screaming for it, but the ball never came.

    Xisco is a good player. He will come good. Hughton needs to use him better. Plus, how bad was Perch? God. He made Tavernier look like Dani Alves, when he came off.

    Smith and Nolan playing in the centre is like two tortoises sitting on the shore enjoying the sun. I could live with Nolan, due to his stamina, strength and finishing, but what in the Lord’s name is Smith doing in the team?

    Shola, Shola, Shola. He was so so poor today. Best was twice the player he was, and the nickname Strolla was so appropriate today.

    The team was lucky that Harper was subbed. Krul was excellent today, and he pulled off a stunning save mid-way in the second half as well. The youngsters in Carroll, Best, Xisco, Vuckic, and Tavernier made their senior counterparts look very very ordinary.

    Hughton was wrong to play Guthrie on the left flank. Simple as that. We as fans have been critical of Xisco (myself included) but after watching the lad in the last two friendlies, I have eaten my words, and I am cheering for him. Sol, and Gosling will come good I hope. But a midfield of Jonas–Nolan–Barton–Routledge would be ideal for the Man Utd game.


  41. Dave – I am, but if people wish to take things out of context to make me look like a twat when it is abudantly clear what was meant, THEN question my education on top of that then I will bite.

    You know me Dave – No surrender ;)

  42. Hey m8’s whoever wants to see the highlights for the Psv vs Newcastle game on skysports now after the break they just said.

  43. “Toonsy Meow was that a bite there bud, I thought that you were passed that ;)” Soz Toonsy just kidding.

    But hell yeah we did OK for being behind the opposition in terms of preparation, quality and organisation.

    PS I loved Mehzeb’s appraisal of Perch !!! Maybe its too early to condemn him ?

  44. Watching all the goals from last season on Youtube made me feel like we will be world beaters. Today was a dose of reality, but I’m still positive on things.

  45. Have you put your claws away yet.

    I will start to worry if we get smashed by the jocks next week, With Campbell, Barton, Routledge, Jonas and Carroll in the starting line up.

  46. Toon XI – It’s a pre-season game, against a team that would be top 6/8 in the league if they played over here. We had a lot of first team players missing for us, nearly half a team, and were playing people out of position. We drew the match.

    I wouldn’t read too much into it as it’s only pre-season, but we did well to draw ;)

  47. Big Dave

    Aye I know he’s a bit of a scrunt but he is a step up from Smith and Nolan

  48. Toonsy –

    I am very positive. Not reading much into it at all. I just watched the videos last night and it got me fired up. I know the goals will not come as easy this season. I’ve said it all along – we only need to be better than one PL team from last season as I can’t see Blackpool or WBA staying up.

    The season will be tough, but I believe we will survive.

  49. Just saw the goals there. Both psv goals were excellent strikes but we clearly didn’t give up and. Best’s header was decent after a great ball in from Taylor.


    Juan Albin
    Stefan Keissling

    Also apparantly Nigel Rangers leaving for Barnsley… :lol:

  51. CC – That’s a contender for the worst collection of rumours I’ve seen.

    Even for that site it’s embarrassing.
    Albin who wasn’t actually a free transfer, Jenas who just got injured, Keissling who is just like all are other strikers and Beye who couldn’t be bothered to help us last year.

    I’m beginning to think we should give Ranger a loan if Best and Xisco are here to stay.

  52. toons, your still as bad as ever kidda. Ride it out man, ride it out.

    Who took the photo then? And what did they have to say for themselves about the game? Did they notice the clocks were missing from the boards as has been rumoured?

    Xisco and Best showing promise? I’ll need to see it first…

  53. My only problem from today was the midfield. As someone mentioned it is very slow with Smith and Nolan. They should never play together and it should be one of them with Barton or Guthrie. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad with a 4-5-1 but together its rubbish. Dzsudzsak was very good for PSV though. We could do with him instead of Jonas. :D

  54. “I am very positive. Not reading much into it at all. I just watched the videos last night and it got me fired up. I know the goals will not come as easy this season. I’ve said it all along – we only need to be better than one PL team from last season as I can’t see Blackpool or WBA staying up”

    and this doesnt look good for Blackpool’s team spirit ahead of the new season.

  55. Don’t think todays game has told us anything we didn’t already know about a central midfield that pairs smithy & nolan, especially against a quicker technically gifted team. We all know what a difference routledge & jonas make to the team when they both play, so its the lack of cover for these lads that worries me most.

    If that had been a epl fixture against a similar standard of team we would have probably packed the midfield & tryed to stop them playing with maybe barton/nolan/guthrie in the middle.

    cc, that rumour site serves 2 purposes.1) It’s a bit of a laugh 2) Written proof that care in the community has failed.

  56. wud love to see the team hughton considers his best start next game with xisco on as a STRIKER at half tym show what he can du,, we paid a load for him n its just been wasted wen hes only getting 15 minites in a diferent position,, i think he cud be a gud partner 4 carroll if he gets chance, but gud draw today, owa defence will get better with campbell in,, well b beter wen gutierez is back and routledge,, not bad wen you look how spread they were in positions tbf

  57. Anyone else think Jonas and Campbell might not make the Man United game – maybe Jonas off the bench. They are now a long way behind and it might be more of a risk to play them if they don’t get to fitness.

  58. “The Dutch philosophy of ‘Total Football’ was reinforced as PSV controlled the ball”

    Total Football is a very rare and beautiful thing, Toonsy, and a MUCH overused cliche, especially in relationship to Dutch teams. Did the Netherlands play ‘Total Football’ in the World Cup final?

  59. It’s a bit like ‘Finbarr Saunders’ on here the neet with all this stuff about Xisco “coming good” and “playing in the hole” etc.

  60. Well Best has now scored twice , ok its only pre season but maybe he is going to step up to the mark this season . How did he play today apart from the goal ?

  61. alright lads, went to the game today, xisco actually looked good, especially when he cut inside and just hit wide, best looked decent, as well as guthrie, good comeback and spirit from players today, good game today, i enjoyed it :)

  62. on another topic, i decided to make soem changes to my squad for the fantasy football thing, here is my team now:


    this league is mine :D

  63. We looked tremendously weak on the wings again today. No competition in those positions whatsoever! Alexander Hleb is still a Barca player and is sure not to be getting a game due to mr messi, he would certainly be worth a punt!

  64. beatski beatski says:
    July 31, 2010 at 5:51 pm

    what are peoples’ opinions on Aurelio? I don’t know much about him myself other than what’s on wikipedia; He’s a bit old (nearly 31) but he’s a free agent and could play LB/LW.

    perhaps worth a short contract?

    beatski, liverpool have just re-signed him on a two year deal

  65. We couldnt afford Hlebs wages. He was on about 40k when he was at Arsenal. I dread to think what he is on now. 60 or 70k knowing Barca’s poor financial management.

  66. oh well, there’s another option for the left out of the window.

    and as for deebo? i’ve got mind control over him:

  67. well my team for the fantasy league is